Adam and Chase  -  Chap. 2

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I awoke the next morning with something sticking in my back. Jumping, I sat up in bed and tired to rub the sleep out of my eyes. Turning around I tried to see what the hell it was that was sticking in my back. I saw Chase grinning back at me. He had gotten an empty bottle from downstairs and was jabbing it into my back.

"That's what you get for getting up under the covers with me." He said jokingly. "Either you're cold, or you're some kinda faggot."

I was still dazed and responded with a slight chuckle.

"Get up, we need to clean up the place before Josh's parents and his brother get home. Plus Josh is completely out of it still."

"OK, I'll be down in a minute."

Looking over, I saw the clock on the table reading 12:00. I managed to roll out of bed and put on the pants I had worn the night before.

As I came downstairs, Josh was sitting in the basement with a slight hangover. He looked like shit. His hair was all messed up, not as perfect as usual and his eyes were clearly bloodshot. As we started to clean, I could see that Josh was gonna be no help at all. I began to follow Chase, picking up the junk on the floor. Josh had a big house, so we knew that we had to work fast.

"Josh, what time are your parents suppose to get back?" I asked.

He stared at me for a second, not understanding. Then the power of speech finally returned to him.

"They said around 4:15 or something. We gotta get this place cleaned up or they'll kill me!"

We worked for about 3 hours and the place was starting to come back to its old clean self. This was amazing, since it was spotless when I came in last night at 7:30 and we needed to get it back to that state.

We eventually finished cleaning around 3:45 and collapsed on the sofa in a heap. I was enjoying having my head resting on Chase's stomach when he started to speak.

"Well Josh. I gotta get going. My parents might start to worry."

"Alright, man." I worked up the nerve to say something.

"Um... Chase, how are you getting home?" I managed to get out at last.

He kinda looked at me weird. "Helicopter. By ferry what do you think, dickwad?" He grinned. I felt kinda stupid.

"Well, I could have my mom or dad drop you off. I'm sure they wouldn't mind." I said, blushing.

He brightened.

"Are you sure? I mean I don't want to be a burden. That'd be great, I kinda didn't want to walk." Damn he was so cute when he was trying to be nice.

"Sure, no problem. Let me give them a call."

"Hey, Adam, why don't you see if you can sleep over tonight?" Chase asked. I think my heart did two somersaults.

"Sure, that would be great." I managed to keep it cool.

I walked into the kitchen to use the phone. I had been over Josh's so many times I knew where everything was, and I basically lived there during the summer. It had a pool so you couldn't keep me away.

I picked up the receiver and dialed home.

"Hello?" My dad had answered the phone.

"Hey dad, I'm ready"

"OK son, I'll be there in about 20 minutes."

"OK, oh yeah. Can you give my friend Chase a ride home, he lives over in Manhattan, but if you could drop him off at the Ferry. I told him that you wouldn't mind... and can you pack me some clothes cuz he's asked me to spend the night. Pleeeeease!"

"Sure, I don't see why that would be a problem. I'll be over soon to pick the both of you up."

"Thanks dad. Love you."

I hung up with my dad and made myself known back in the den.

"He said he'll be here in about 20 minutes. Oh and Chase? Yeah I can stay."


"We can have a little time to talk then." Josh began. "Did you see that hot girl Jessica at the party? She was fucking hot ass hell. I wouldn't mind banging her."

"Yeah, she was alright." Said Chase. "I've seen better I think."

"Yeah right! You know you want to bang her. Whats wrong with you man, you've been acting sort of different lately? Is everything alright?"

Chase was looking far from alright.

"Yeah, dude. Everything's fine. Just cuz I don't wanna bang every girl you want to doesn't mean that something is wrong with me."

"Sorry, dude. You just seem sorta out of it today."

"You're not exactly `in' it yourself." He shot back

Chase glanced over at me and gave me a weak smile. Josh and he continued talking until my dad came, and honked the horn outside.

We both said goodbye to Josh and got in the car. I sat in the backseat with Chase so he wouldn't feel uncomfortable. Actually, it might have been more to do with the fact that he was the hottest guy on the planet and I wanted to be next to him. Either way, I got in the back.

Josh's parents pulled into the drive just as we finished turning in the road. We both waved and began to drive to the terminal.

"So are you going to introduce me to your friend, Adam? Or doesn't he have a name?" My dad was looking at me in the rear-view mirror.

"This is Chase." They said their hellos. "Dad, Chase here goes to that performing arts school over in Manhattan. It's really cool, he's got these record deals and everything."

I looked over at Chase; he was blushing badly. With his cheeks flushed he looked so cute. I flashed him a quick smile, and he flashed me one back. Maybe I had a chance with him after all. I snapped the thought out of my head and went back to reality.

As we reached the ferry, I told my dad good-bye and we slipped out of the car. The ferry wasn't that crowded and I was glad because I get seasick. I had never rode the ferry to Manhattan before. This was mainly because of the seasickness, but for Chase I'd jump through hoops backwards while whistling the theme-tune from Oklahoma.

"First time on the ferry?" Chase asked. I hadn't told him so I wondered how he knew.

"Yeah." I responded nervously. He just laughed at me, I know I had made a fool of myself, but I didn't particularly care.

"So, if you don't mind me asking, what do your parents do?" I tried to take my mind off the water making the boat struggle up and down in the wind.

"Well, my dad is my manager. My mom does something in the New York Times; official ass-kicker or something." He grinned. "She makes enough out of it, so I don't complain."

"Wow, that's so cool."

We were passing the Statue of Liberty.

"What does your parents do?" he asked.

"Well my dad's a director at the NYSE and my mom owns a jewelry store."

"Sweet man." He smiled again. I loved his smile.

The wind was blowing through his blonde hair and he had to reach up and push it back over his ears. I wanted to kiss him right here on the ferry. Just then the ferry hit the terminal and we had to get off.

We took the metro up to midtown and climbed off at Columbus Circle. His apartment wasn't far, just on the corner of 57th and Broadway. It looked an expensive area. The houses weren't as big, but right in the heart of Theatreland has gotta rake in big bucks.

When we finally got to his place we climbed into the elevator and rode up to the fourth floor. The apartment was huge, taking up most of the floor. They'd also knocked through to the apartment above and had a set of stairs put in. Two whole floors! This place must cost the earth! The living room was open, with a wooden floor and the kitchen could be seen shrinking off from it at one corner. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs and led me into his room.

Teenage paradise! This room had everything except pole dancers. There was a queen size bed against one wall with a yankees' bedspread on it. There were baseball pictures all over the wall. In one corner there was a stereo that hooked up to a TV and DVD.

Over the other side of the room though was something out of the ordinary. The wall was plastered from the floor to the ceiling with a mirror and there was a handrail by the side of it. When I asked him, he had already jumped on the bed and was hanging off the edge searching for his second PS2 controller under it. His ass was in full view and I couldn't help but stare at it.

"Oh. My dancing." He said. "I take a fourth of my classes at high school in dance and voice."

I nodded and dumped my stuff in a corner.

"You wanna play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City?"

"Sure!" I said. "I heard that game was cool."

We played for about an hour. It was kinda addictive. Each time either of us would die, we would switch off. I walked around killing people just for the hell of it. My PS2 was all messed up so I got an x-box instead.

"Where are your brother and sister?" I asked.

"Must be at friend's." He didn't seem that bothered. We heard the front door open and close with a bang. He jumped up and pulled me by the arm.

"Come on, I want you to meet my folks." He said.

"Wha... Wha... Meet your parents?" I stammered.

"No dickwad, my teachers. You are so dumb. Come on they don't bite."

We walked downstairs into the living room. His mom was watching TV and his dad was next to her drinking a glass of wine. They looked up as Chase managed to stumble and fall down the last three steps pulling me behind him.

"And this is?" His dad shot a glance at me.

"This is my friend, Adam. I met him at Josh's party last night."

"Hi." I said nervously.

"How are you, Adam?" Chase's mom smiled at me, but his dad still looked suspicious.

"I'm doing just fine, you?" I said trying to be polite.

"Good, thank you." She glanced over at Chase's dad.

After a second he got up and came to shake my hand. It was a cast-iron grip and I thought that he was gonna squeeze the life out of it. Eventually we escaped and managed to get back into the safety of his room.

"Dinner will be done in about 30 minutes, baby." his mom called up to us as we ascended up the stairs.

I watched his cute ass wiggle up the stairs in front of me. Soon, I was sporting a major tent in my shorts and couldn't keep it down. When we got into his room, we lay on his bed and talked. I had no Idea what we were talking about. Looking over I was in a daydream, just watching his lips move; thinking about how it would feel to have them pressed against mine. After ten minutes of torture I couldn't contain myself. Leaning in I kissed him on the lips, brushing my tongue over them. He didn't break the kiss immediately. We stayed that way for about 5 seconds.

Then he came to his senses.

"You fucking faggot." He shouted as he pushed me away from him. I fell back off the bed and onto the floor. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" He demanded, looking angry.

"I'm... I'm sorry. Chase, I... I don't know what came over me. Just forget it happened." I mumbled looking down at the floor as tears started to well up in my eyes.

I got up and ran into his bathroom, slamming and locking the door behind me. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a red eyed, fucked up teenager staring back.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I interrogated myself.

"Adam... Chase... Dinner is ready!" His mom called from downstairs. This was all I needed.

I got up and tried to make myself look decent in the mirror. I smiled and made myself look happy as if I hadn't been crying. Eventually I emerged from the bathroom and Chase was still sitting on the bed. He stared at me when I came out and made me feel about as valued as algae on pondweed.

"Dinner is ready, faggot." He shot at me. "You sure you can eat steak? Or is it too manly for you?"

I tried as hard as I could to hold back the tears that wanted to break lose and stream down my already red cheeks. Why was he being so horrible to me? I made up the courage and dragged myself to the table. Dinner was actually great. We had steak and potatoes, just like Chase had said. He did nothing but shoot me evil glances all during dinner.

"What's wrong with you two? After all the noise you were making upstairs earlier, I thought dinner was going to be interesting." Chase's dad had noticed it.

"We're just tired, dad. That's all." Chase smiled at his dad.

After dinner we both stayed downstairs to watch TV. I had made to go back up but he'd called me back and made sure his parents were out of hearing.

"Listen here, pretty boy. We stay down here where you aren't gonna try anything. And if you think you're sleeping in my room you gotta be shitting me."

Around midnight his parents went off to bed and said good night to us both. He smiled back at them and then glared at me once they were gone. I followed him up the stairs, this time the tent was noticeably absent. 

When he reached the top he just pointed down the hall. Take either of the three, just don't come in this one. With that, he took off into his room and I heard the key turn in the lock.

I knocked gently on the door and when he didn't respond I started talking anyway.

"Chase, look. I'm really sorry. I hope that none of this will change our friendship with each other."

Disheartened, I trudged down the hall and went into the first room. Clicking on the light I saw a room about half as big as Chase's with football stuff all over the walls. New York Giants, it seemed from most of them. This must be his brother's room. I couldn't care less. I fell on the bed and started to cry. Eventually, I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is being shaken awake.

Well that's it for now. What will happen between Chase and Adam... I guess u will have to stick around and find out. Chapter 3 should be out soon. Until then. Take care.