Adam and Chase  -  Chap. 3

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I fell on the bed and started to cry. Eventually, I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is being shaken awake.

I looked up with sleep still in my eyes and couldn't make anything out. I rubbed them clean and saw Chase sitting there staring down at me. For a second I thought he was going to hit me or something, but the glaring look that he had before had disappeared. He looked almost concerned.

"What time is it?" I managed to say after a yawn.

"About 6am. Look Adam I gotta talk to you."

"Fuck, Chase! I've never even seen 6am before, let me alone!" I turned over and tried to go back to sleep.

His face dropped and I felt him get up. I called him back, figuring if he wants to talk then I may as well let him. At least it's got to be better than having him hate him and not talk to me. Catching his arm, I pulled him back down onto the bed and shuffled over to one side. He climbed on and sat up, next to me; his back resting on the headboard.

"Look, Adam. I'm sorry about last night. I freaked."

"You're telling me. What is it I am? A fucking faggot?" I was beginning to get angry with him for treating me like that.

"I'm sorry. I was just kinda scared that's all. I mean, I've never known anyone who's... well gay. You are gay right?"

I looked down at the bed. Should I tell him that I was, or that it was just some spur of the moment action that I regretted. Either way he's not going to come out and tell me he's gay and we'll live happily ever after, but I would like someone I could talk to about it. Josh is totally out of the question. He's already told me hundreds of times how he hates homos. One time, when we were chatting on AOL, I talked to him under a s/n I had just made up and asked him what he'd do if he knew that one of his friends were gay. After a pause he said he'd kill the bastard.

Chase didn't seem as hard about it as Josh would be. Last night he did exactly what I imagined my best friend would do, but now he seems different. I decided to bite my tongue and tell him.

"Yeah." It wasn't much, but it got the job done.

"OK, that's cool." He said, staring into space. Then, after a while... "And I guess you like me too huh?"

Again the same series of thoughts raced through my head. Should I answer this truthfully or not? I decided to fuck everything. Anything Chase asked me right now, I'd tell him the truth.

"I've think you're the hottest guy I've ever seen in my life."

He quickly brought his hand up and I ducked thinking he was going to hit me, but all he was doing was pushing his hair back over his ears like on the ferry. Looking out the corner of is eye, he'd seen what I had done and started to giggle.

"Lil' fag boy scared of the big straight guy, huh?" He was smiling, and I took it as a joke, smiling back. "Look dude. As a friend I think you're really great. I'm sorry I overreacted last night. I shouldn't have said all those horrible things to you and I know I made you feel like shit. But, I'm straight, man. I can't... you know... do anything with you."

My heart sank. Yesterday it was turning somersaults at the thought of myself with this god's lips pressed against mine, and now it was hardly beating.

I must have shown a look of disappointment because he scooted over and put his arms around me. He hugged me tightly.

"Look, Adam. I don't give a fuck who you like to... sleep with. You're my friend and I'm not gonna judge you or hate you or anything like that. We're just gonna have a normal friendship ok? Whatever happens with you, whether you get a... boyfriend or whatever, I'll still like you and we'll still hang out."

He planted a small kiss on my forehead and I smiled back up at him, relived that I hadn't lost a friend that I had just met.

"Just don't dare give me any fashion tips or take me to see musicals." He laughed and hugged me tight.

We must have stayed in his Brother's room just talking for a long time, because soon the sun began to shine through the apartment window and the streets were beginning to become much more nosier. I had forgotten that it was Monday morning and was thankful that this week was our Spring Break.

Chase glanced at his watched. Shouted and flew off the bed and out of the door. I stared after him and then got up. Because I had slept in my clothes, I had to undress to get into the shower and after a few minutes heard Chase banging on the door shouting at me to get a move on.

I looked at my watch, it was only 7.30. What the hell were we going to do at 7.30 in the morning? I usually had a really long shower, so reluctantly I reached for the dial and turned the shower off, stepped out and dried myself. Opening the door, I found Chase waiting for me fully dressed with a sports bag slung over his back.

"Where are we going?" I asked, looking very confused.

"You'll see."

He laughed and pulled me out of the bathroom. My towel caught under my left foot and I began to fall to the floor. Arms closed around me and held me up. Chase pulled me to my feet and then just stood there staring. I wondered what the hell he was doing until I realized that when I came out of the bathroom I had a towel around my waist, and now...

"Um... nice, dude. You're gonna make some guy very happy..." He grinned.

I blushed a violent shade of red and retrieved the towel quickly, wrapping it around my previously exposed body.

"...He's gonna be in pain with something that big... but definitely happy." Chase laughed and I punched him in the arm.

Whatever had just happened, the main thing was that Chase hadn't freaked out on me, and even managed to make a joke out of it. If he couldn't be gay, then I wanted him like this - accepting me for what I was, and not some nymphomanic freak.

He left me to get dressed, but told me to hurry up. I found him at the bottom of the stairs. As I got to the bottom, I turned left to go into the kitchen, where I thought we were gonna eat, but he grabbed my arm.

"Where you going?" He looked puzzled.

"Um... breakfast?"

He threw back his head and laughed, dragging me out the door and closing it behind him.

We stepped out onto 57th street and turned the corner onto Broadway. I had no idea where the hell he was taking me. I mean, it could have been anywhere and I wouldn't have known... a back alley somewhere that we could have mad, passionate sex. Ugh, I was dreaming again.

"Snap outta it, Adam." I said to myself, under my breath. Chase obviously heard it.

"Snap outta what?" He looked confused.

"Nothing." I said, trying not to blush.

Trying to push through all the people on Broadway was a challenge as usual. Chase looked used to it as he had a great way of ducking through the thinnest of gaps to get where he wanted to go. This was great for him, but not for me, because I really didn't want to lose him here.

Chase was in front of me and there was almost a barrier of people in front of him. A gap opened between two of them and he shot forward a disappeared. I jumped up to look over them, but couldn't see him. I stepped out into the road to go around them, but when I managed to, I couldn't see Chase anywhere. He'd gone. I pushed through people, trying to find him and must have gone two blocks when I finally realized there was no more point to this.

The panic hit me.

Not only had I lost Chase, but I had no money and couldn't remember the exact way back to his place.

"Fuck!" I kicked a trashcan, got pushed by a man in a hurry and spun around. Finally I ended up getting pulled along with the rush hour crowd anyway, and I figured there was no where else to go so I might as well go with it.

A hand grasped mine tightly and pulled me off the street, into a building. I looked up to see Chase grinning at me.

"Islanders huh? Can't hack downtown."

I smiled and realized that I'd actually been close to tears. He saw this and then his face fell.

"Aww, I'm sorry. I had sight of you the whole time, man. You wouldn't have gone anywhere." Then he brightened. "Though you gotta admit, it was funny to see u give hell to that trash can."

I laughed at this, then realized he still had my hand in his. I took another step towards him. A frown crossed his face and he let my hand drop.

"Well..." He started to say. "...I guess we should get going."

He turned and began to walk down the corridor. There was a big sign over the booth to our left.

Majestic Theatre

Box Office 9.00am - 11.30pm


The place was really ornate and since I'd never actually wanted to come out here and see a show, I'd never laid eyes on the inside of any of the theatres before. See before you jump to all kinds of conclusions, I'm not you're typical gay teenager and all - you know, completely camp and feminine... yuck! I did a pretty good job at playing it straight most of the time. I'm pretty sure Josh didn't suspect anything and he'd been my best friend since forever. Anyway, the point is I didn't like dresses or know all the words to every musical ever written and sing along to them at night in my room. I preferred R & B and stuff like that. Sure, I thought guys were hot, but I wasn't a "girl".

I followed Chase down a few corridors and eventually into the auditorium. The set was massive, much larger than I thought a theatre could be. Looking up at the ceiling I saw a heavy chandelier hanging precariously from a wire. He followed my gaze and explained.

"They do Phantom of the Opera here, dude. That chandelier falls onto the stage at the end of the first act and shatters."

"Oh." I was kinda interested at how they managed to do that each night, but Chase had disappeared through a black door by the stage and I followed him.

It led down to a small room and off this were dressing rooms and at the end a small wooden floored room with mirror panelling on one side of the wall. 

"I gotta practice a new dance routine." He said. "And you're gonna help me."

I was shocked. "Me? What am I gonna do?"

He laughed.

"Don't worry you don't have to dance. Just tell me if I look ok or not."

That was a stupid question. If he'd have just crawled out of bed and had absolutely no rhythm, he'd still look like the sun god.

I almost fainted. Right in front of me, Chase started to take his clothes off. He looked back at me to gauge my reaction.

"Um... if you're uncomfortable, dude, you can go wait in one of the dressing rooms. I just wanted to show you that I didn't care you were gay and shit."

I nodded, still staring at his bare chest. It was perfect. Casting my eyes down I could see that he worked out a lot. It must be the dance or something, but he had a small four-pack. It wasn't heavily defined, so it must be real. I shook the thought out of my head and went to look at the posters on the wall.

Slipping a cassette into the stereo at the side of the room, a dance beat began to fill the room... and I thought it was going to be something gay like ballet or something. Looking at him, even though I didn't know anything about dancing, I could tell he was good. His body just seemed to move to the music so precisely and was always controlled. He never once overbalanced, or at least, not that I noticed. All the way through his eyes stared straight ahead.

After an hour of practice and me giving very unhelpful advice he clicked off the stereo and walked over to me. The sweat had formed in tight beads on his chest and were beginning to trickle down to his abdomen. I couldn't stop myself. I had to stop myself. I had to get out of here or I would ruin our friendship forever.

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