Admire Me 2


Chapter 2. Alpha Code


OhMyGosh! OhMyGosh! OhMyGosh!

I rushed through the house, getting dressed and pretty for school. I was trying to hurry because I was running late.

My alarm clock didn't go off. So here I was trying to beat the clock that never went off. My clock was set for 6pm instead of 6am. Luckily I was able to get up at 6:40am. It wasn't good, but it was waaay better than waking up at 6:00pm.

It's never good to be in a rush in the mornings. There is always something you feel like you are forgetting when you walk out the door.

I had to really get a move on it. I know Jade and Korbyn will be outside waiting for me soon. If I'm not ready by then they can't get mad. As their alpha, I've always told them `beauty can't be rushed.' So, they better wait or suffer consequences... my consequences.

I was putting on my shoe when I heard someone knocking on the door. It couldn't be Korbyn or Jade. I specifically told them never to knock on my door. Just wait for my call or my arrival. So it can't be them. Another reason I told them not to knock is because, if Jason answers the door, they could be in for a rude awakening.

I put my shoes on quickly, slinging my bag over my shoulder. When I got to the front door, Jason had already opened it. He was staring at someone crazy, and talking to them. It was probably one of his friends.

It better not be one of my friends. I gave them direct orders not to knock. It had to be someone else.

"He will be out in a minute. I think he woke up late." Jason said lazily, he closed the door, but stopped halfway when he saw me standing there.

"Who is that??" from what he said at the door, I didn't want to think or even dream it was who I thought. It couldn't be anyone for me. It just couldn't be! I told them not to...

"I don't know," Jason retorted in irritation. "It was one of your `little' friends." He was being funny saying `little' friends like he knew more than what he was saying.

I stepped pass Jason swinging the door open.

Korbyn's blond spikes, green eyes, and silver braces met me in the door. He was waiting for me on the porch. His eyes were brighter green than normal this morning. He smiled when he saw me, "Are you ready?" he jingled his car keys. "We have to get going."

Who was he to knock or say, `what we need to do'? He broke a rule! There was nothing to smile about. This was a total violation. Just because he is my boyfriend doesn't mean he can get away with breaking rules. It's not going to work!

When I sat in his car a wave of heat came over me. I liked Korbyn being in our clique. I liked him as a boyfriend but he has problems obeying my orders. If he can't learn who's in control, I'll end everything with him. He knew what he signed up for when he joined, and he knew what came with me when he approached my window wanting to be with me.

When we were on the road for a good while. I lashed out. "Korbyn, I told you and Jade specifically: Never knock on my door! You disobeyed what I said, and did it anyway. Why?"

"Well you were taking too long, so I did what I thought was necessary." He implied, driving. "Hey, I had to make sure we all weren't going to be late."

"I tried to tell him five times," Jade said sitting in the back, "but noooo, he wanted to be the boss and go knocking for trouble."

"You should have listened to Jade, Korbyn." I griped more. I was getting so tired of him making mistakes. "You don't jump up and make decisions like that. It's not your place... There are reasons why I tell you not to do something. I just don't say it, just to say it."

"Well what else was I to do? Huh?" He started to get a little rash with the comment. "I thought you might be sleep, or something so I knocked hoping that I could wake you up if you were sleep."

"Well that wasn't the case now was it?" I was about to slap him. You don't defy me and then catch an attitude when I get on your case. "I have everything under control. I don't need any help making these decisions, I just need for you to follow them."

"Okay, I hear you." Korbyn wanted to remain calm but it was getting to him. I could see his face getting more strained.

"Just never do that again."  I threatened him.

I didn't know why it was so hard for him to understand orders. I shouldn't have to repeat myself.

"Why not?" He said steering through traffic.

Jade's mouth was gaping at him. I'm sure he was thinking, what I was thinking: `How dare Korbyn question my orders?' what does he mean by, `Why not?'

"First of all, because I said so," I attacked turning my body to face the driver's seat. "Secondly, my brother Jason could suspect something about you guys and I don't want him in my business, period." I fumed crossing my arms. His mouth better be shut soon, "and third of all, I don't have to answer to you."

"He wouldn't know if we were gay or not." Korbyn went on disagreeing. His temper rose and so did his volume, "and if you think about, it nobody thinks that about his friends when they knock on your door!" He looked at me for a second then turned back to the road. "I think it's an excuse that you use."

"That isn't the point dummy!" I was close to hitting him so hard in his sarcastic lips. "What I say is final. Never knock on my door. Jason might think something and if he gets any idea that you are gay he will know that I am too." It was like talking to a first grader, "and what would I be making an excuse for?"

"I think you are assuming stuff." Korbyn said plainly. "You are assuming too deep into the situation."

"Assuming?" I scoffed, it offended me. "Korbyn, sweetheart, I think you have forgotten your place! I am the alpha in the clique." I started leaning into the driver seat, staring him directly at the side of his face. "What Braylon says is final. Don't' ever tell me I'm assuming anything!" I was stretched over shouting in his ear. If the cops saw us we would get pulled over. "I have to live with Jason unlike you. If he thinks or suspects or finds out anything about me being gay I don't think I will be alive."

Jade was in the back seat nodding his head agreeing with me. He knew how my brother was. Even though it might not be hard to tell that I am gay. I don't like my family in my personal business.

Korbyn stopped the car. The school was right in front of us waiting for our arrival.  Korbyn sighed turning the engine off and latching his green eyes on me, "Anything else?"

"Yes. When I'm talking shut your mouth!" I demanded of him. "When I speak you listen. Don't think it's okay to argue back with me." I clarified ending the argument.

Moving his face closer to mine staring at me, there was a small space between us and it began to burn the air, because of our tempers. That's when he whispered, "I'm sorry baby." He kept looking in my eyes trying to calm me. I could tell he regretted the whole car argument. "I thought you didn't want me knocking because you were ashamed of me."

His response was so strong and endearing when he said it. I started to lose the anger for him suddenly. It was like his feelings of me being ashamed of him was something real. I don't want him to feel that way. I was his baby, and when I hear this sexy Hollister boy call me `baby' it made my steam blow away.

I didn't say anything to him. All I could do was stare at his red lips while he spoke, and listen to his medium deep voice try to make things okay. "Don't stay mad at me, I'm sorry baby." He was trying to get me to remember we were a couple and not just friends. I tried to stay mad but it was getting harder as I looked into his promising green eyes.

`Braylon snap out of it! Tell him how you feel. If you don't, he will continue to disobey you.' I was almost pulled under his sexy spell but I had to uphold my power.

"Next time, I will commence to punishing you." I gave a fair warning. "The only reason I haven't kicked you out of the clique and demolished your reputation is because you are my boyfriend." As I talked we didn't move out of the close range of each other's face. It was a little passionate heat there, as well as anger. So we were transfixed on one another in the car.

"I'm sorry Braylon." He sincerely said. "I'll act better. It's just that I'm having trouble learning all the rules to the clique, but I'm getting it down." He admitted to me. Then he puckered his lips wanting a kiss.

I knew one thing, if I didn't know anything: no matter how I argued with Korbyn, he will always come around and try to keep our relationship off the rocks. I liked that about him too.

I pecked Korbyn's lips. Then stepped out of the car.

"Come on! What was that?" He said unhappy with the peck.

"That was a peck. When you recognize who's boss, then I can give you a real kiss." I walked ahead preparing for my entrance into the school building.

When the three of us got to the school doors, we threw them open. I had went over our walk a thousand times. Every step was synchronized. I planned this and planned it. They knew to treat the halls like our very own cat walk. Everyone would clear the way or step aside when we strutted by.

That was procedure. These whimpering low lives knew we were untouchables. Lowering to their lockers, making way for our greatness was all they were good for.

The secret to us staying in sync was playing `paparazzi by Lady Gaga' in our heads. I figured it was the perfect song to give us the right amount of speed to be seen, and worshiped. Our heads held high and our bodies straight, they wouldn't be able to stop us. This was the best runway song. (So I thought) it also explained in so many words how the school felt about my popularity.

{We are the crowd, we're c-c-coming out.

Got my flash on, it's true,

Need that picture of you


I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me,

Papa, paparazzi

Baby, there's no other superstar, you know that I'll be

Your papa, paparazzi.}


The song ran through my head guiding my footsteps until I sat down at the breakfast table. Once again a flawless entry to the table. I am a wonderful leader I should say. Who else would think of that?

Jade immediately started to gossip. His voice sounded down about something as he spoke, I couldn't help but notice. Korbyn didn't care about what Jade was saying or how he sounded. He was to worried about touching me and being close after our fight in the car. He just kept trying to find excuses to rub my back or graze my thigh. He was so sneaky with it, that people around us, mistook the touching as nothing.

It was arousing. He did arouse me when he did things like that right in public under their noses... I was supposed to be mad. I had to peel myself from his hands and break myself from the red hot lust that was wanting me to do something sexual with him this early in the morning.

Korbyn's soft touching was seeping into my body, and I had to find an excuse to break the connection. "Jade what's wrong?" I asked, trying to keep my normal voice. I remembered last night when Korbyn, Jade and I were on three way, Jade was sad about C.J. again.

Jade put his hand on the side of his face. Lightly letting his skinny fingers tap against his hair. I could see worry taking his eyes as he tried to ignore my question, but I could see his face breaking from the pain of the emotion behind it.

"So I found out, last night. The boy who lives up the street from me, has five women living with him in his house and he never lets the girls leave the house." Jade continued gossiping lowly. "Well last night, one of the girls wanted to make a break for it, but that crazy guy shot her in the leg, and locked the door."

"What!" Korbyn and I both were into this story. We hadn't even heard this on the news yet so this was extra juicy. I was surprised Korbyn had a reaction. He normally doesn't listen to gossip.

"I know, I know. That is not the bad part." Jade's voice was still sounding pain struck. "When she asked to go to the hospital because she was losing blood and her leg was hurting, he told her, `No!'"

"What happened after that?" Korbyn pressed on before I could. His whole body was into it. "Did anyone come?"

"Well instead of letting anyone leave and break his golden rule. The guy decided he would pick the bullet out of her leg himself. After he did that with he wrapped a shirt over he wound." Jade ended giving us a serious look. "That's the latest I have heard on it."

"Ooh my God! That is the craziest thing I have heard in years." I said holding my chest. Even though I know Jade would rather gossip that talk about what was really bothering him.

Korbyn sat there still rubbing my thigh and agreeing at the same time. When the story ended Jade went back into his depressing stare.

"What is bother you, Jade. I can't sit here and watch you like this." It was hard for me to see him not energetic and happy. It was affecting my mood. "Don't try to switch the subject either."

"Nothing really... just C.J." He mumbled, "I've been having mixed feelings about everything we shared." He sorrowfully added, putting his head on the table. "Before we walked in the school just now, I saw Candice laughing with her friends about something."

"Aww Jade. Don't feel down." I comforted him the best I could. "C.J. is a male whore. He has issues coming to terms with his sexuality. He is confused, so you may feel like you are having mixed feelings because of his uncertainty. By the way just think of Candice as his puppy." I coached him, hoping what I was telling him would help.

Jade nodded his head taking my advice. Then before he could say another word the bell sounded.

We got up from our table, walking together. When we walked through the halls I had to hold Jade up.

He almost fainted at the sight of Candice and C.J. hugging before class. Then I had to give him more comforting advice. He just kept saying, `that was supposed to be me, that was supposed to be me... hugging him.'



Throughout classes, Jade was sending me text messages about how he was hurting more and more. My thumbs were sore from writing notes for class, and texting back to him. I had to continuously tell Jade positive things. I hated that he had to deal with a guy like C.J.

Lunch came around, as we ate Jade's light skin seemed to be dull. He was in a gloomy mood. The whole clique seemed darker and gray without the beta's entertaining news for the day. It was so off.

Korbyn on the other hand was trying to sit as close as he could to me. for a minute, it felt like we were joined at the hip twins.

He was in one of those romantic fits. I could see a spark sizzling in the green iris's. He cupped his hands around my ear, "Can I feed you?"

"No, people are watching," I reminded him, I don't know why he asks me that all the time. It's the same answer. Although it is pretty hot.

Then I saw Jade's eyes shifting. "I heard that," He pointed at Korbyn and said, "Braylon isn't going to eat anything you feed him anyway... remember he is on a diet." Jade seemed to be coming back, but I could still see something bothering him. He pointed his head down at my salad for Korbyn to catch the clue.

"Thank you Jade." It was good Jade wasn't too hurt to support his alpha. His loyalty was very strong. He remembered the diet when no one did. Korbyn seems to live in a blind world. I think he believes no one is watching him or listening because a guy feeding another guy attracts attention. He thinks he can get away with it for some reason. I just don't think he is ready for that type of display yet.

"Hey Braylon!" a voice chirped. It was a distant tone that I knew and had not heard in some time. It was so familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, that I didn't think I knew who it belonged to.

Jade's head turned at the sound of my name. Korbyn stopped his flirty sayings and looked to see who this could be. We all were on alert.

When I saw who the voice belonged to, who actually said my name... I knew something wasn't right.



She walked to our table without permission. "Hey Missy," I acknowledged with a fake smile. Old thoughts of unfinished business was moving in my head. It was crazy I had to remind myself of the treaty at this moment.

Missy the alpha for the girl plastics was at our table. Surrounding her was the usual followers: Sarah, Hannah and the new girl Andrea. They all wore pink skirts and light pink lip gloss.

What could they want? I haven't talked to her in years.

Missy stood around making small talk. She wasn't talking about anything in particular which was strange. I knew this had a different meaning than trying to be friends. We were both alphas. There was something only I could see glinting in her eyes. Something I didn't like at all. It was an old look I remembered her giving.

She wasn't here to say `hi' like she wanted me to believe. She wants something from me. That is the only reason I would talk to someone I haven't spoken to in years.

She made a few more attempts to make me laugh and get on my good side. I played her game analyzing her words for any hints of what she wanted.

Her clique was silently staring at my clique. There was tension there. Jade and Korbyn were giving Sarah, Hannah, and Andrea unwelcoming glares as their alpha talked. Missy's girls shared a couple of whispers between themselves.

What was Missy here for? Out of all the days she could have spoken to me, she didn't. All those years and she picks now.

I kept following her eyes as she talked. I noticed she was watching Jade, and Korbyn, almost as if she was studying how I ran my boys. This is why I was so hard on them. It was times like these they had to be ready for anything.

"I think it's lovely how you have full alpha control over these two boys. I see these guys won't budge without your consent." She gleamed at them, tapping her French pink nails on my table. It was annoying.

I studied her girls, seeing that she had the same power over them as I had over my boys. "I could say the same concerning you."

Hannah sat down. She was a bleach blond. Her hair fell down her back. Her medium blue eyes scanned Jade, and Korbyn for a closer examination. Her thin layer of make-up was neatly placed. Sarah sat down at the table next. She was a dirty blond haired girl, but always wore her hair pinned up. She had big puppy eyes covered with mascara. Underneath our table I could hear her flip-flop clicking. It was a sign of impatience. So I knew Missy hadn't pronounced why she was her yet.

Andrea's light brown eyes were searching for something. When she sat down, whatever they were looking for didn't have much to do with me. She had eyes that wouldn't be still. She seemed nervous or just new to this all.

They had just invaded our domain without asking and sat down. These girls were disrespectful and brave for the most part. Jade better be paying attention, so should Korbyn, this is serious. I might need them.

Missy continued to talk, "I guess we train our members with the same discipline." Her glossed lips smiled again.

"I wouldn't say that exactly, but I get your point." I countered quickly, telling her in so many words that her girls were on my property. She was an alpha like me, the way she was acting showed she wanted something more than a conversation.

I was done talking nonsense, I wanted to know the reason she came to my table. If she wanted to interview me she should have scheduled an appointment.

"Missy what do you want?" I cut to the point. Her girls not used to hearing someone coming at Missy with such force eyes opened wide. Jade smiled at my bluntness, but Hannah and Sarah were shocked.

"Well since you say it like that." Missy came down from her acting so innocent and nice act and got to the point. "You know the `new girl' Andrea. She wanted me to talk to you about something." her face seemed to twist with old distorted feelings. "So could you call your boys off for a minute, please."

Discomforting eyes were exchanged between both cliques. No trust was there, and it was felt by us all. I gave Korbyn and Jade the `Okay' to leave. They didn't seem to want to leave me here alone, but they respected my orders.

Korbyn looked back at me checking to see if I was okay, but I gave him knowing eyes. Letting him see that I knew what I was doing. Jade took the initiative seeming to read my mind he knew exactly where I would want them to sit as if it came out of my mouth.

Both of my boys went to sit at the `girl plastics table. Which was empty due to them sitting here. it was a chess move, a way of telling Missy that she had no power here.

Most alpha moves made were given in a series of movements eye contact, and special coded words. Everything your clique members must know or recognize in case times like these. Nonverbal communication was an alphas go-to code when they couldn't say what they needed to out loud.

Missy watched them go, seeming not so happy with where they chose to sit. She still tried to play it calm. The only thing an alpha would do in a crisis.

Suddenly she snapped her finger and immediately her girls stood up from my table, filing out in a line. When they left I wasn't surprised to see her girls sitting at their own table now. Nice move.

Leaving just Missy and I for one-on-one talk. Alpha to Alpha.

"What is it?" I hastily asked, wondering what could the new girl Andrea, want from me. Missy being the one that recruited her, probably wanted her to feel like if she stuck with the girl plastics she was guaranteed anything she wanted.

"Well you know after so many years of not talking, this would be the last place on earth I would rather be." She said sounding like herself. This is the Missy I remember. "Andrea being the new girl in the clique, wanted something. Something I know I can't give her. Something I tried to talk her out of, to avoid us sitting here now."

"What is it?" I grew impatient. What was this about? What could I grant her that Missy couldn't? That Missy had to do something she hated to get it?

"Of all things in the world Andrea wants something you have." Missy swallowed readying herself to say the unthinkable. "As her alpha I have to see to it that my girls get what they want."

"So what is it that she wants?" It came out arrogantly with a smile. I guess her girls even new the true social leader when they saw him.

In one breath Missy said, "Andrea has a big crush on Korbyn."

"What?! Korbyn is my..." I stopped myself before saying boyfriend. At that instant I almost died. Of all guys, and all people she wanted what was mine? No way! "Korbyn is in my clique." I hurried to fix the sentence.

This was wrong on all accounts. That's why the girls were sitting here whispering with shifty eyes. It was something not right about the whole set up. She can't have my boyfriend. Not ever!

"I know right!" Missy replied with her hand out agreeing with me. "I didn't want this. I tried talking her out of it but she was pretty sure of what she wanted, so I told her I would have a talk with his alpha about it." She explained through a pink glossy pair of lips.

"I say, NO." I responded hotly. The thought of Korbyn with someone else was eating me alive. I was losing my composure. "Korbyn doesn't have my consent to date her."  So that is why the girls were eyeing my clique... well Korbyn at least. "Plus he is still learning the rules to how things function. So I have to keep a close eye on him."

A twisted sense of realization, and spite crawled through my mind. Andrea you little girl, you are lost. Going for my boyfriend isn't going to happen.

Through the fake smile I gave Missy I couldn't stop myself from wanting to hurt Andrea. How could she?

Looking over at the girl plastic's table, I began to worry that Andrea was trying to make her move on Korbyn while I negotiated the terms with Missy. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted my members to hurry back here.

"Well I'll go tell her what you said." Missy announced, shrugging her shoulders, "I tried." She walked to her table whispering something in Sarah's ear. Sarah passed it down to Hannah, and Hannah passed the word down to Andrea.

By that time Korbyn and Jade were already sitting at our regular lunch table again. It was a golden relief to have Korbyn back at my side. I couldn't lose him. I would let him feed me or touch me in public if he wanted. Just don't go to that Andrea nut case.

"Okay what was that all about?" Jade wondered coming alive and leaving his depression behind. "Missy has never done this. I have a weird feeling."

"Those girls are weird." Korbyn's face looked distasteful. "The whole time they just kept staring at me. Not saying anything." When he said that another switch clicked in my head.

I knew this would be dreadful. I was trying to decide if leaving the situation alone or planning Andrea's destruction was the best option. The thoughts kept pestering me, I wanted to ruin Andrea for even having the thought she had about Korbyn.

"Andrea." Before I knew it, I said her name. I snarled bawling up my fists staring at her as she giggled at something Sarah was saying. "Likes... K-K-Korbyn." I stammered fighting myself not to say it out loud.

"Are you..."

"It can't be, it's impossible."

"That's what Missy was here about?"

Jade and Korbyn's reactions were baffled. It caught them off guard too. They were talking at the same time and I didn't know who was saying what at the time.

"That's why they were staring so hard at me." Korbyn pieced together

"I think that is trifling." Jade said. "What did you say to Missy about it?" he asked me.

"I told her `No!'"

Korbyn was still thrown off balance about everything.

He better stay close to me, because I am not taking any chances with Andrea. If I catch her attempting a flirt on Korbyn she is a goner. I don't care if that means Missy and I Battling all over again, I won't let this happen.

Korbyn sat there eating quietly. His face was pure and pretty. His gold spikes, and green eyes were lovelier than usual. He was mine. Losing him was not something I was ready to take on. I won't let it happen.

Jade was asking me numerous questions. He was worried there was more to the plot than what was given. It was like him to make sure I was calculating every move before it happened. It was good that he kept me in the game. This might get ugly.

"So, do we attack her or what?" Jade whispered his brown eyes, looking at Andrea, and waiting on my approval.

"Not yet." I smirked coolly, maintaining my head. Korbyn took my hand into his, under the table. "I'll give her one chance to get the message. If she doesn't get it then we socially cripple her."

"Got it." Jade was the first to say. He fought many wars with me, so he was always ready.

"I,I, captain." Korbyn laughed showing his braces giving me lovey, dovey eyes. This Hollister model was worth world war 3,4 and 5. I won't sit so easily knowing I have someone after him.



Andrea is digging her own grave, very fast and deep. If she makes one wrong step, I will push her in, and bury her.



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