Finally, after err...two months, chapter 2 of Adrien and Me is finally done! I'd just like to tell you that this is seen through Adrien's eyes. If you don't know who he is, then refer back to chapter 1 of this story!

Adrien and Me Chapter 2:

To Trust Someone

Gosh, is it me or is Eric becoming cuter every minute? He looks so cute that I want to kiss his angelic face again and again until my lips becomes really dry and numb. As he slept close to me, bubbly spit came out of his mouth and he made this high-pitch squirm when I slightly rubbed his cheeks back and forth with the back of my fingers. For the first time in my life, I didn't regret touching my guy! So delicate, so lovely, so god DAMN fine! His deep blue eyes, his face was way beyond perfection eventhough he doesn't want to admit it. Low self-esteem I guess. His blonde hair is so friggin' silky and he's completely hairless...well except down on his private area! But hey, he's only 15...since...hmmm...let me check. 7 days, 2 hours and 5 minutes right!

I can't believe how lucky I am to catch him...well..more like he caught me! I don't know how I could describe what I felt the day told me he couldn't hide his feelings towards me anymore. Finally, all those wishing on those shooting stars, birthday wishes, wishing fountains finally came true. Eric is my boyfriend. Eric is my boyfriend! Wow! Out of all the cute guys out there, he fell in love with me. I am so lucky!>

Eric groaned as he got closer to me crawling into ball. His arms flew and rested on top of me as I did mine. I kissed him on his sweaty forehead before I went back to my dreamy sleep.

The October sun slowly woke me up to a new fresh day but I was so sleepy to even open my eyes. I hugged Eric in my arms tightly but I noticed that he became softer than usual. I opened my eyes and found out I was hugging a bundled blanket beside me.


There was no answer. I called out his name again, but I didn't hear his voice call back. I rose out of my bed and noticed that his bag and his clothes were gone. Not a trace of him. Huh...did I dream all that week being with Eric all along? No, it can't be! It felt so real and I could remember everything what had happened. I rolled out of my bed and walked like a drunk man to get my boxers on the floor. Nope, it wasn't a dream. He left his brief below my bed. I tried to resist smelling that boy scent he always leaves out after we have that...intimate relationship, but I couldn't help it. I brang it and stuffed it on my nose, smelling a strong scent that only came from him. Man, someone should create a cologne or something that smells exactly like this. I crunched the briefs into a ball and shot it on the laundry basket. Missed. Oh well.

There was a small note in my monitor. It was Eric's writing:

"I'm so sorry I left early without telling you. You were like sleeping so peacefully that I didn't have the heart to wake you up...and I felt something hard down there! What were you dreamin' love muffin?! Heheh! Anyways, I had to go 'cause of my parents just told me that my relatives are leaving. I'll be home at about 12:00 pm so give me a call when you want to go out or something, alrite? I love you ~Eric"

Twelve?!! Geez, it's already two pm. I quickly dialed his number on my cordless. He answered halfway of the first ring. "Hello?!"

"Gee, Eric. I thought you're going to play hard to get!"

He giggled a bit, "I missed you! I was waiting for your call for hours!"

"Just woke up luv. I just read your note. Where should we go today?"

"Mall! I have like tons of money in my pocket waiting to get spent!"

I agreed with his idea and soon after we said the goodbyes which took forever since neither of us wanted to hang the phone up, we both hanged up the phone and got ready. I waited for him in our usual meeting place in the mall, the food court, for seems like hours when he actually came 10 minutes after I did. He was wearing a black pants with a gray sweatshirt. I stood up and smiled as he walked hastily closer towards me. He smiled back and apologized that he was late. I told him I didn't mind at all.

Right there, both of us wanted to kiss each other and hold hands, but I insisted not to. He was a bit hurt but he understood why. There was a lot of teenagers on the mall and one action could make our lives a living torture. There we were walking so close to each other through the mall window shopping as usual. Suddenly, his hand touched mine and we ended up holding our hands walking around the mall. I wasn't scared nor care what other people thinks about us. I loved him. If this is the least I can do to express my love, I would do this. I took a glance at his angelic face as we walked through the crowded place. He whispered barely hearing what he said, "What is it?"

I grinned and explained, "Nothing. I just feel so lucky to have you."

He blushed and looked down on the floor. He whispered, "I don't think this is the place where we should say this things!"

"What do you mean? You're the one who's holding my hand!"

"No.....I'm not!" he argued.

"Eric, I'm holding your hands right now!" He stopped and faced me. He rose both of his hands up to my face explaining, "See! I'm not holding your hands!"

Wha...? Then who the hell? I looked down where my hands where and I found out what I was holding onto. A little girl with a pink bonnet on her head and a little SailorMoon watch on her left hand stood behind my legs holding my hand. Her eyes gazed at a small toy shop. My eyes widened in shock and my mouth dropped open. I gazed at Eric who was also in shock. Both of us in the same time shouted, "Oh shit!!"

Eric quickly kneeled down and smiled at the little girl. She hid away behind my legs just as Eric reached out with his hand. Eric giggled, "I'm not gonna bite little girl!"

I stood there watching Eric trying to convey the little girl that he's a good guy. I laughed as the girl gave the pink eye to Eric. In turn I turned around and kneeled down. She looked at me in shock. She backed away one step before explaining, "Oh my Gaw'! You're not my brother!"

She ran away but I manage to catch her and lifted her up to my arms. Eric got up and walked closer to me. Confused as I am, Eric whispered to my ear, "Adrien! Who does she belong to?"

I didn't answer him. I smiled and asked the little girl who was now starting to tear up. I asked her calmly, "What's your name little girl and what's wrong?"

Her head rested on my shoulder and cried and cried. Eric looked away getting jealous at our scene. I asked again what's wrong and she asked panting, "I-I g-git lost when I wuz following tis cute puppy and...and I couldn't find my brother ind I thought it wuz you!"

She began crying again and I tried to quiet her down by giving her a sip of my Nestea. Eric, this girl and I went to the nearest bench where we sat down comforting the little girl asking her bunch of question. Her name was Annie and she was about 5 years old. She finally got used to Eric and soon, she was on his lap sleeping on his chest using her bonnet as a pillow. Eric smiled as he brushed the little girl's dirty-blonde hair with his fingers.

"Man! I think her brother's an asshole Eric! Leaving her like this! " I shouted. Eric frowned at me and told me to be quiet. He whispered, "Don't worry. I'm sure he's looking for her right now. We should stay here until whoever he is finds her here!"

"Yeah, you're right."

We waited there for 2 hours straight sitting on the same bench waiting for any guy to come up to us and say, "You found my sister!" But unluckily, no one came. The mall already went silent and both Eric and Annie fell asleep already and I couldn't take it since my bladder was about to burst. I woke Eric who was really out of it. He groaned, "Wha...wha? Is he here?!"

"No, but I really need to go to the washroom for a sec!"

"Yeah...yeah..zzzz..." he fell back asleep with Annie on sleeping cozily on his chest. I stood up and I stretched since my back ached so bad. I quickly went to one of the public washrooms there. It was really, really dirty. I saw cockroaches crawling around and piss change the blue color wall into dark green. But now is not the time to be disgusted. I unzipped my blue jeans and pushed my brief down. My dick flopped out and soon, it streamed out a yellowish liquid giving me an incredible sensation as good as having orgasm filling up the gray toilet. As far as I know, this was one of the longest time it ever take me to take a piss.

I got out of the washroom quickly and I walked back where Eric was. As soon as I spotted him, I was completely shocked. He was standing right up smiling so sweetly to a guy he didn't even know. I walked closer and closer until he saw me. He smiled and waved at me to come closer. I smiled back eventhough inside me...I felt jealous. This guy is completely a hunk! He's a few inches taller than me and he had a short light brown hair curled on the front and he was also wearing the same spring jacket I was wearing. No wonder Annie thought I was him. Annie was below him and she held his hand. He looked at me with his gorgeous blue eyes and struck out a wicked grin that I know will surely make every girl or gay guys out there drool. But not me.

"Matt, this is my friend Adrien. He's the one who sorta found your little sister!" Eric cheerily said. Matt smiled again and offered his hand for a handshake. He said to me, "I don't know how to thank you man! I mean both of you. I was like freaking out when I couldn't find her anywhere!"

"Yeah...well, don't ever do that again. You practically freaked us out too!" I explained as I shook his hand. He looked down on the floor and picked Annie up. Annie hugged him. For a minute there, the scene almost looked like it was his daughter on her arms. He apologized, "I'm sorry and I swear! I'll never EVER do that again!"

He took a glimpse on his watch and freaked out a little. "Oh man! It's already 7! Parents are gonna get tantrum if I don't bring her home before dinner time! Thank you, thank you so much!"

"No problem Matt! It was worth it. I kinda learned something today!" said Eric.

"Oh what would that be?" Matt asked. Eric giggled and blushed in the same time. He muttered looking at me, "Oh, it's kinda personal!"

Matt grinned then he blushed a little before he said, "Oh, okay! And me later okay? So we could like...we can chat about stuff or like....go, whatever!"

What?! Is he actually asking my boyfriend to call him?! Calling a complete stranger?! This is too unreal! Eric can't even see it! I decided not to interfere since I might be wrong about this. Eric snickered and nodded, "Yeah, don't worry man! I'll call you!"

Matt's grin widened from ear to ear and I could tell that he was about to explode. Why?! Well, he almost dropped Annie! He blushed uncontrollably and muttered, "Great! Well, I guess I'll see you both around! And thank you again for finding her for me!"

He waved at us before he left. Eric locked his eyes on him until he was completely out of our site. Inside me, I was really hurt. He was totally out of it when Matt and Annie left. It was like, he was...falling in love with Matt. No, stop it! He's not in love with him!! After about an hour, Eric finally wasted all his money and soon, we were walking down the street heading home. He probably noticed it by now since I didn't talk or say a word. He looked at me and saw me breathing heavily. He asked what was wrong but I manage to hide my feelings away from him.

I wanted to ask if he was still interested in me or if he's in love with that guy he just met, but I couldn't. "Err...nothing, I was just thinking of what you said earlier."

"Oh about what I learned?! Well, it's really kinda gay!" he said.

"Funny! I thought we're gay?" I giggled.

"Ok, ok. I was about to tell you anyways. Well...I kinda want a baby!" he mumbled followed a few shy giggles. My mind got a quick jolt of surprise. He continued, "I know I know! It's stupid but I don't know! When Annie slept on top of me, it felt like, I don't know, it's like, gawd! It's so hard to explain!"

Baby at this time of age?! Did I piss that long?! I looked at him shockingly and weirdly as he went on and on explaining why. "Dude! We got three reasons why baby is a BIG problem. First, we're definitely underage, we don't have a JOB and don't think it will last between us do you?"

Shit, he stared at me furiously. Where the hell did those words come from?!! "What? Excuse me?? You don't think this thing between us will last forever?! Where'd you get that fucking idea?! Are you trying to break up with me?"

"I never really meant to say that! You know, I know that I can't stop loving you! And that's fact! I'm just scared! By the way you looked and...smiled at that GUY...god I felt like I was getting pulled away from you."

Thinking of Eric leaving me created tears on my eyes. I hid them away with my hand but he held them gently moving it away. He smiled and his eyes locked into mine. "No, no, no! I love you Adrien and I'll never stop loving you! I don't know why you thought of that! C'mere!"

There in public, where people from all ages walked down, I hugged him. I dropped the shopping bags down on the sidewalk and wrapped my arms around him embracefully. >

"I'm so sorry I shouted at you!" he mumbled in my ear.

I hugged him tight for all I was worth. Somehow, I didn't care what people will think of us anymore. I love him and that's all I cared about. I moaned to his ears, "Eric, I love you."

He unwrapped his arms and kissed me on the lips. Well, more like a peck. Frightful feeling came into me. Hug is almost like nothing but a guy and guy kiss on the street is really scary! Everyone who saw looked at us gasping for a breath. Two girls across from the street giggled at us. Eric broke a smile and laughed as he saw me shaking with fear.

"Hahahahaha!!! Let's go before things gets worse here!" he immediately said taking my hand as he run fast through the streets. We got to his house out of breath from running. He giggled and kissed me again unexpectedly. I kissed him back and we soon ended up in embrace madly mashing our tongues together in our mouth. I felt his deep groan while he kissed me.

"...(kiss)...I should...(kiss)...go...(kiss)!"

I begged not to go yet but as soon as the 56th(yes, I counted) planted down my lower lip he pulled himself away from me forcefully. He smiled and he grabbed his shopping bags. He apologized, "Sorry babe! Kinda sneaked out just to go to the mall! I'm really sorry!"

"Man, it's alright! I can wait...sorta!" he giggled as he pushed himself into me giving me another kiss on the lips. He smiled, "That'll be the LAST one tonight! I really have to go inside!"

"Heheh! I understand!" I leaned closer planting another kiss. "I love you."

"I love you. Now go!"

I walked out of the porch tucking my hands inside the pant's pockets. I turned around and I saw him still standing on the porch. Just barely, I saw him smiling waving at me. I smiled back and went onward to home. I'm so glad that he's not at least one bit have a crush with Matt. Well, he never actually said that but I know he doesn't. He never said anything about him, never really explained why he smiled so...sweetly. No, he can't be.

I started to get worried. What if he's not telling the truth after all? What if he's just going out with me just because he has no one turn to? Hesitantly, I called Eric. After I dialed the number, I waited for him to pick up. By the seventh ring, I was about to hang up the phone until I heard his voice on the line.

"Hello?!" Eric answered sounding like he was pissed.

"Hi Eric. I'm so sorry if I caught you in a bad time! I just want to ask something..."

"Oh Adrien! I'm sorry! I was just talking to Matthew and..." he said but I cut him off. I asked, "Matthew?"

"Yeah I forgot! That's Matt's real name! Listen, he's definitely waiting in the other line!"

"Oh, alright. I guess you wanna talk to him more than me...that's fine...yeah it's fine." I whispered trying not to know that I was starting to cry.

"I promise I'll call you right after he hangs up the phone! Alright?" "Y-Yeah...bye," I turned off the cordless and I covered my face with my pillow and let out the burning tears that was waiting to escape. He picked him over me. He wanted to talk to him more than me. I didn't need to know what answer the outcome is. He likes him and there's no doubt to that. He just won't tell me 'cause he knows it'll make me mad. Well Eric, I'm not mad, more like I'm hurt and jealous.

I waited all night until I could see a the sky turning bright blue. He never called. Maybe he had a good reason. Maybe he was forced to go to sleep. I mean today is school day. He has to have a good reason making me wait that long for his phone call. That morning made me even more nervous. Eric left his house already and I had to go to school all by myself. When I soon got there and to our locker, I saw him with him again. Funny, I've never knew Matt's face in this school before.

I pretended that I didn't see Eric down the hallway, laughing and talking with Matt. I tried not to think that he liked him but everytime I took a glimpse, his arm left touched Matt's right arm while they walked down the hallway. In my head, I chanted, `Eric loves me, no one else!' As soon as they got closer and noticing me, Eric shouted trying to get my attention, "Hey Adrien! Guess who's here?"

I looked at them both and I acted surprise. "Oh, hey Matt! I didn't know you go to this school!"

"Same as you two both! But I see a reason why you don't see me. I don't think library is one cool hangout place."

"Oh..." I couldn't say anymore. I wanted to laugh but as I looked at Eric losing his soul to Matt, deep pain struck again. Matt smiled and he said, "I should probably go. I still have to get my books and stuff. See ya Eric."

Eric said bye and quickly ran up his fingers up to my chest and meeting my chin on the top. I ignored and took my books stuffing it in my backpack. I didn't to look at him while he asked what's wrong. I didn't respond and tried to think that he didn't even exist. But then, I gazed into his blue eyes. "Eric, you didn't call me last night."

"Oh that! Whew! You gave me a scare big time! I was on the phone all night with Matt man!" he explained patting my back. Was that suppose to feel better?! I pushed his elbow away and I gazed away trying not to let him see how hurt I was.

"Why can't you tell me that you like that guy?!" I asked.

"Like Matt...what are you talking about?"

"Please don't lie to me Eric. I saw it yesterday, how you smiled at him the way, how you almost melted when you kept staring at him, and when last actually chose him to talk to on the phone! It's okay...I guess. I understand if I'm not the guy you're really interested in. I mean I'm not the perfect guy in the world. Between him and me, I'm just a loser." I stuck my head inside my locker not letting him see the tears starting to pour down my face.

"Man, you got it all wrong! Yeah he's cute but that wasn't the reason that I almost ga-gad over him! Dude, I'm trying to cheer him up man! He has a lot fucking problems and he doesn't even have anyone to run to for help."

He rubbed my back, back and forth with his hand. He whispered trying not to let anyone who passed by hear it, "Adrien look, I'll say this over again alright? I love you and I always will. I'm not one bit in love with him and I don't want to be. You're right, you are not perfect, but nobody is! But, you're the only one who could ever make my life feel this perfect!"

Inside the locker, there was a wide grin that grew on my face. I couldn't resist taking in his words in my heart. My tears changed...eventhough it wouldn't stop, the reason was different. Then he started giggling, "Besides, haven't you ever thought that Matt's straight?"

I pulled my head out of my locker and hid my eyes drying them with the uniform sleeve. Then I turned around facing him. He smiled showing a bit of his front white teeth. I said in relief, "Yeah! Look...I'm sorry. I'm acting like a bullshit am I?">

"Hehheh, no, more like a mom! Look I gotta go alright. I still have an appointment with my chancellor about that 2nd semester thing!"

"Alright! I'll meet you later!"

Before he went to his first period, he said to me, "Just remember..." he lipped, "...I love you."

For the rest of the day, I was happy...well yeah sort of. With Eric beside me the first and second period, I feel like I'm actually I'm in bliss. We endlessly stare at each other...until Matt joined us soon at lunch. That's when I felt I was totally I out of the picture. They would talk about stuff they only knew about. The next day, and the following after that, practically every day of that whole week, the only time I saw Eric are in my classes, never in lunch and if I do he's always with Matt. When I see him in the hallways, in the cafeteria, in the library, not once seeing his eyes turn to me, giving me a sign that I'm at least someone in his life.

I don't know if what he's doing...what I'm letting him do is right anymore. Am I too boring to hang out with? Is the fire of our relationship finally ceased to exist turning us into a complete two strangers trying to figure what should the next step be? I don't know. I'm so confuse. I couldn't take anymore either! It wasn't just the sex that I really missed, I also missed his presence around me, how he giggled and compliments on my singing, how he cuddles me at night like an afraid young child, the way he moves me with his simple sweet talk...sigh...I feel like the old me who was obsessed with him before I found out he was gay.

Minutes seems like eternity passed by on the clock at the top of the blackboard as I tried to think rather more about school work than the doubts I have. I gazed at the empty cold brown chair beside me unused for a long time. Where is he? This is the fifth time this week. Is he trying to avoid me? I haven't had a complete conversation about something with him rather than Matt as the main topic...and now this. I tried so hard to keep this doubt inside me...but all these thing he's doing behind my back, concentrating about Matt more than me as if Matt's his love life.

Eric barged inside the classroom, his hair all messed up. His body puffing and heaving for air. His cheeks and his ear were red. As he gazed at me, he shot up a sexy half smile, sitting down beside me soon after he gave the late slip to our teacher. Fifth time he's late. Wonder what's keeping him up late.

His seat creaked as he sat down. He moved his desk connecting it to my desk trying to get closer to me. I felt his hand slowly creeping on my leg. I frowned as I grabbed his hand throwing it backs where it belong. "Woah?! What's with the attitude? Woke up in the wrong side of the bed?"

"Yeah I did! I woke up for the 100th time in your side of my bed!" I growled in whispers. Beads of tears trickled down my cheeks as I rested my head on the desk covering it with my arms. "God, am I still alive in you?! I-I feel like we haven't talked for years!"

"I'm sorry alright? I've been totally busy and all this past week! I didn't have the time for myself!" he apologized.

"Lame excuse! If you didn't have time for me then...why didn't you even at least be with me in school?" I asked burning in anger. I tried to keep it in, but now I can't hold it anymore. My heart ached from missing him. I wanted to know now rather wasting my time waiting for him and finding out in the end...I'm just a waste of time to him.

"Adrien...did you remember what I told you last week? When you were in your locker?"

I knew what he said that day but I sat there silent. "Okay, I'll take that long silence as a no. I'll rephrase what I meant that day. I love you. I love you Adrien. Before, Now and forever. I will always do. Nothing can ever keep us apart. Not even Death itself can break our love. I know that 'cause I trust you with all my soul. And because of that, I know that you'll never ever hurt me. Do you trust what I'm saying to you?"

He's so romantic!! My heart ached again from those lovely words. I quietly sniffed the oozing mucus on my nose. My fingers numbed from being this happy. I joked, "I know that something in me want to thrust something in you!"

He croaked and laughed so hard that all the teens around us gazed at us strangely. He quiet down afterwards from embarrassments and copied me by resting his head on his desk covering it with both of his arms. He was still giggling but quietly. After a few minutes, he turned his head to look at me. " you?"

"Eric, I've trusted you ever since the first day we met. It's just...meant to be," I whispered. "I love you Eric." I wasn't expecting any answer but he said I love you too. All day in school, his presence was always close to me. Matt...well, the reason why he hanged out with him for the whole week is that he was late comer in this school so he really didn't have any friends. So Eric tried to introduce him to everyone he knew in the whole school. I told him that finally, I understood why he had to hang out with Matt, but he insisted that he felt so sorry for how he hurt me making me think that he finally lost the interest on me. Matt still joined us in lunch period but for all I remembered, he left quickly because of some business he had to take care of. Whatever.

All I cared about now is Eric and trusting him completely. I love him so much I don't even know how I could outlive a day without knowing him. I wish he feels the same way towards me. I think he does, his blue eyes glitters everytime it locks into my blue eyes. We were in fourth period and I couldn't take it anymore. Just looking at him wasn't enough, I wanted to eat him! Just thinking of kissing him is making me hard. He noticed when his hands crept down my leg like always feeling the hardness through my gray uniform pants. He snickered and shot another wicked grin before blowing to my ears, "Adrien, I-I can't take it either!"

"Let's get outta here!" I whispered back. He gave me a surprised look, "You mean skip the rest of the classes?!"

"Yeah..." I groaned on his ears. A devilish smile appeared before rising up from the table. We both quickly left the cafeteria running down the street catching the bus taking us to his house. We didn't talk on the bus...yet, our eyes told me a million things to each other just by looking at it. He smiled as his eyes gazed upon mine. His pupil quickly diluted and his cheeks quickly turned pinkish red as I wrapped my right arm around his shoulder. No one noticed really since we were sitting far in the back. He gave out a long deep sigh before resting his head on my side. After a few minutes, bus stopped and dropped us off at the bus station. Slowly, we walked down the sidewalk, taking time since we have all day to make love.

Slowly, we went inside his house, no one was at home...just the two of us and the house all to ourselves. Walking the basement steps, he turned around brushing the strands of blonde hair from his face. He smiled looking away for a minute then turned his eyes to look at me. He muttered, " we ar....hmmpphh!"

I couldn't take it. The lustful Adrien got in control hungry for his taste. I grabbed him and our lips met in a heartbeat. Not one bit did he resisted, instead, he wrapped his arms around me, so did his legs. I kept him up in the air, not letting his feet touch the ground. He kissed me violently, not caring where his lips lands on my face. Quickly, I walked down the steps carrying his weight. I put him down on the bed and hastily, we removed every piece of clothing we had. My dick finally felt free from being jailed from my briefs. Eric was already naked touching his hard member, slowing stroking it. I could smell the unique fragrance of his boyhood. My lust became even more powerful as I got on top of him. The pink head of my erected pole landed down on his navel. As I dropped a kiss on his lips, I nibbled on his bottom lip as he groaned rubbing my back with his soft delicate hands. Grabbing my ass, my ass clenched, tightening up making my ass cheeks hard. My lips entered his mouth, swimming in his warm, sweet saliva. So horny and so hungry, my tongue explored his mouth for seems like the hundredth time tasting him, feeling him, showing what I have to offer him. I felt his hot rod getting hard as I slowly pinch his nipples one by one. He groaned chanting, "I want you! God! I want you." That certainly made me want him alright! I moved to his neck and my tongue lashed out sliding and feeling his adam's apple moving up and down as he swallow my saliva and his saliva. I felt his heart beating so fast as my lips touched his gorgeous hairless chest. the trunk of my body crushed his hard on. He moaned and whimpered as I moved my body in circle feeling his long hard dick on my abdomen twitching, getting hard then getting soft then back. I sat down just behind hiscock. Sluggishly, my hand grasped his meat. He gasped outloud, as I gripped harder, squeezing it. My thumb automatically rubbed the pink head driving him to the edge. His bucked as I continuously ran my thumb around the top. Groaning intensely, I stopped knowing he'll explode any moment soon. He panted and sat straight up. His legs was open wide telling me to keep on going. I stroke his magnificent magical rod as he brought his lips to mine french kissing me. His tongue forced its way in my mouth playing with my tongue. My hips jerked upward when I felt his frigid hand creeping up my pole wrapping each finger slowly and carefully. We started to pump each other in the same rhythm. His other hand rested around my shoulders pulling me closer to me as. My dick ached as it got harder from the quick strokes Eric did. I jerked my hands up and down rapidly his shaft slipping once or twice from the precum oozing out of the slit. He yelped moaning inside my mouth. "D-don't stop! I'm almost there!"

I gripped tighter hearing sharp cries from him as I stroke harder and harder. He released the pain by grasping my intensively. Soon both of us stopped kissing and instead, we listen to each other groans and moans. He whispered throwing his head back, looking at the ceiling, "OH GOD!!!"

He shouted my name as long white ropes of cum leaped out of his dick into the air dropping down to his chest, followed by small beads of cum landing on his navel and on his small golden bush of pubes. The rest oozed out of the head down to my fingers. He gasped from the orgasm he just went. With a few strokes, his cock cringed shrinking back to it's normal size. He continued to kiss me as he stroke my cock back and forth driving me insane again. I felt sweat droplets trickled on my side burns when I was feeling myself going to climax. I looked down to my swollen cock getting swallowed by his hand. I closed my eyes as I prepared for the incoming. "Nnnngghh!!"

For a moment or two, I felt so light. Everything around me went black. Then, almost every image of Eric inside my head flashed before my eyes, the first day we met, the first time I saw him crying, the time when he fell down on his porch and had to go to the doctor since he broke his ankle, the night when he cried when he said...I love you So much images flashed on my head reminding me of every single moment I had with Eric. Then, I finally got back to reality. Opening my eyes, I saw Eric slapping my face. He sighed in relief when he saw my eyelids opening. "Thank God! You're alive!"

"Was that a major orgasm or what?! You flopped back on the bed when your cum came out! I was scared man! I thought I killed you with my sexual powers!"

"Heheh, definitely major 'cause when I was almo..."


He got up and answered the phone, "Hello.....oh HEY man!"

He looked at me while answering the phone, "No, I can't. I'm...busy. I have to go alright?....bye!" He went back on the bed snuggling under my armpits. "Who was it?"

"Just Matt. He wanted help with his math homework! But I said I was busy."

"Busy, but you're just lying here and...oh!" I finally realized. Stupid me. He meant that he wanted to be alone with me. He giggled and kissed me on the cheek cuddling to me to get some rest. Brushing his hair with my fingers, I thought of how lucky I am to have him in my life. Sigh...thank you God for putting him in my life, the sunlight of my dark life, my love, my Eric.

Heheh! My Christmas, or Hanukah or whatever religion you are, gift to all of you people. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch for awhile. Busy with school as always! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!