After The Dance
By: Eric Case

The following story contains descriptions of graphic sexual acts between two consenting teenagers. It is a "fictional" story, and any likeness to events which may have happened in real life is coincidental. Do not read if you're under 18, don't wanna read about gay people doing that kinda stuff (why the HELL are you here then?!?!?!), or if it is illegal to read this type material where you are reading this!
Copyright © 1999 - Eric Case.

I saw him dancing with Shannon. I had never seen him before, but he caught my eye. He had brown hair that was slicked back, and the softest brown eyes I have ever seen. He was around the same height as me at 5'5'' and I figured he was around 15 like me too. But he was dancing with Shannon McKarthy, the biggest skank in our school. "Well I lost him and I don't even know who he is!" I thought to myself as our eyes met for a moment. He looked right at me and down at Shannon and shrugged his shoulders and laughed. I couldn't help but laugh as I silently let out a sigh of relief since it was obvious he at least wasn't interested in Shannon.

My eyes moved down to look at his firm chest showing through his tight shirt. He wasn't all that built I suppose, but he was well defined and you could see that he had a six-pack through that shirt! Then my eyes moved down to his firm rear end that was packed into the most amazingly revealing (yet concealing) pair of khaki's I had ever seen. I looked back up to see him looking at me like he was checking me out too. His eyes met mine again and he gave me a bashful smile. I couldn't believe it at the time.. the idea of this god-like teen, checking ME out while he was dancing with an easy piece? It couldn't be, so I brushed it off quickly as wishful thinking.

I figured I better not stare all night, so I went back to the usual socializing routine, pretending not to be "the gay kid". No one else knew about me of course since I was quite happily closeted. I danced with a few of my friends (girls) and pretty much had a good time. I noticed him a few more times over the course of the evening, and our eyes met over and over. Each time our eyes met, they seemed to lock, and our glances turned to gazes, and built in intensity. I still didn't believe this guy was looking at me like that and I checked behind me a couple times to see if there was some hot girl standing there, but by the end of the evening when the dance was ending I worked up the courage to walk over and say hello.

"Hi.. uhh.. I'm..uhh... my name's Chris," I said looking at the floor. REAL SMOOTH CHRISTOPHER, I thought to myself.

"I'm Jason.." he said slowly reaching out a hand. "It's nice to fi.. to like.. meet you Chris."

I reached out with my own hand and as I took his to shake it, I looked up into those soft brown eyes again. Chills ran up and down my spine, and my knees got weaker when we touched. I hadn't believed in love at first sight, but in my case I was starting to believe it with Jason. It was hard to hear over the blaring music, but from our little conversation I learned that Jason didn't go to our school, but would be transferring to it in the fall and a few of his friends had asked him if he wanted to go to the dance to meet people. He had accepted and it was that long chain of events that had landed this angel in my highschool's gymnasium.

As the last song came to an end, he smiled the most beautiful smile I have ever seen and said "it was great getting to meet you Chris.. do you think we can hang out this fall?"

How could I refuse him? "It was great meeting you too Jason, I'll be lookin forward to hangin out this fall!" I said. I was getting a little down thinking that I'd have to wait until September to see this beautiful boy again. Oh well.. we shook hands again, exchanged one more smile and look, and parted ways. I went to hang out with my friends for awhile, and he went back to Shannon who I had found out was a friend of his, and that he had no interest in her whatsoever since he was well aware of her... habits. My friends were headed to a party where everyone would get blasted out of their minds, then stoned, and then they'd all pass out. That kinda "fun" wasn't my thing, so I said I'd catch them later and went out the main exit to the parking lot. When I got outside, the warm summer breeze warmed m up instantly since I had been a little cold in the air-conditioned school. I started walking across the parking lot when I saw Jason walking towards me kind of timidly.

"Hey Jason," I said smiling. I couldn't help but smile at him.

"Hey Chris," he said then paused not knowing how to put what he wanted to say. "Shannon, and Becky are going to this party, and all they're gonna do is.. well you know how Shannon is," he held back his laughter. "It's just not something I want to witness today, ya know? So.. I was just, you know wondering if you wanted to grab a burger or something?" The look on his face was so hopeful, with his eyebrows slightly raised, that I immediately accepted his offer. Now that we were outside and there wasn't a hundred decibels of background noise, I could actually hear his voice. It was a little deeper than mine with a sexy rasp to it. We walked down the street chatting back and forward about what our schools were like, and what we did for fun. We made a detour onto my street so I could pick up some extra money from my house and I pulled out my key to unlock the door. I had forgotten to leave the porch light on, and our house is set back from the road so there was nearly no light, so I had to fumble around with the key to find the hole. We were still talking as we got inside, when we got onto the topic of girls.

"So who are the hot chicks in the school?" he asked.

Lost him! I thought but kept the conversation going. "Well Rachel Meyers is pretty hot," I said bringing up the girl who everyone talked about.

"Is that the girl with the long brown hair, that was wearing the red dress?" He asked.

"Yup, that's Rachel," I said.

"Yeah she's okay I guess.." he said quietly staring off into space as we walked.

"You don't like her?" I asked in disbelief. All I ever heard from nearly every guy in school was about how unbelievably hot Rachel was.

"She's alright.. I dunno.. I guess I'm just kinda picky," he said.

"Well then who did you like? Maybe I could give you a name!" I said smiling.

"Oh I already have the name, it just wouldn't work out," he said breaking out into laughter.

"Who is it?" I asked also laughing. "Catherine? Erica? Lesley?" I asked, tossing out a few more of the 'she's so hot' names.

Jason stopped and looked me square in the eyes and I already knew the answer. "Please don't tell me I'm just imagining this.. I've waited my whole life to feel like this." He said with a pleading look on his face.

"Umm.. what uh.. what do you mean?" I asked, hoping he was talking about what I thought he was talking about.

"Shit," he said starting to tear up. "Why can't I ever find somebody!" I put my arm over his shoulder, not sure what was going on. "I don't care anymore!" He shouted out into my nearly empty house, then he turned to me. "I'm gay alright? I'm a fag, a queer, and a hundred other stupid names! I saw you at the dance and I dunno... I thought maybe.. well I felt something and I hoped you felt it too but you didn't, so I'll just spend the next fifteen years of my life alone!" He had quieted down a lot and was now slowing the crying down. He had turned into me and had his face buried in my chest while I had my arms wrapped around him gently trying to comfort my new friend. Then his words hit me.

I couldn't believe my ears! "You felt something for me?" I asked softly. He just whimpered and nodded. I paused a moment then said "for real?" I pushed him away slightly so I could look at his face. He had thought I was about to kill him I guess since he started crying again. "Ssshhhhhh..." I said softly. "So you're totally serious that you felt something for me too?" I asked. He looked shocked for a moment after I said "for me too" then his face turned from it's dismal look to a half smile. He looked at me from underneath his eyebrows with those big brown eyes of his. "Umm.. no one's gonna be home at my place all weekend if you wanna sleep over.. we can talk about it."

He smiled widely at this, his eyes lighting up. "So you uhh.. like guys too?" He asked softly.

"Well not all guys, but there's one I just met who's caught my eye," I said smiling back at him as we inched closer together.

Jason reached forward and pulled me to him and held me close, resting his head on my shoulder. "Thank you Chris," he whispered.

"For what?" I asked.

"For liking me back," he said tightening his grip slightly.

"Liking you back?" I asked. "I've only known you for a couple of hours, but I'm already in love with you Jason!" It was true, although my feelings then were shallow compared to how deeply I love Jason today, but still, I was in love. "I love you," I whispered into his hear.

He pulled his head back and pressed his lips to mine. I melted into his arms, my legs went limp and I nearly passed out. Finally after all this time, after all the people I had set up together, after all the friends I had seen find people to love.. I had my somebody! I saw dancing lights, fireworks, stars, hell it coulda been tweety birds, but for the first time in my life, I felt deep down love. I loved Jason, and Jason loved me. He broke our kiss, teary eyed, to say "I love you too Christopher Mitchell."

"How do you know my last name?" I asked surprised. I had never mentioned my last name.
"I saw your picture in Shannon's yearbook last year. Your face kinda stood out on the page so I checked to see what your name was. When I first saw you tonight and saw you looking at me I was so nervous I almost puked!" He giggled holding his arms wrapped around my neck. He tilted his head slightly and planted a tender kiss on my lips. "I've wanted to do that since the first time I saw your picture in that yearbook Chris."
I gently kissed him back. "I almost didn't go to the dance tonight," I said softy. "I was kinda sick of watching everyone else slow dance with someone who they actually wanted to slow dance with!" I laughed out loud and Jason chucked softy too. Our arms were wrapped lightly around one another waists as we stared deeply into each other's eyes. I couldn't believe how soft and gentle his eyes were. "Well Jason, now that we've found each other, what do you think we should do?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"I dunno," he said softly. "I didn't expect to find a boyfriend tonight, especially not 'Chris from the yearbook'!" he laughed.

"Am I your boyfriend then?" I asked.

"If you wanna be!" He said excitedly.

"Do you wanna be mine?" I giggled at his enthusiasm. I was still in in a daze myself and my mind was moving slowly.

"Of course I do Christopher, I love you." He maintaining his excited manner.

"I love you too Jason and I wanna be your boyfriend too." I answered. I was starting to come out of my daze and realize that I was going out with Jason now.. what should I do? What should I say? "Umm.. okay Jason.. my boyfriend.." I paused smiling at him. "What do ya wanna do now?" I asked. "Watch TV? Play some video games? Go grab a burger? What do ya wanna do babe?" He was by now killing himself laughing and hugged me tightly again. Then he pulled back and gave me a funny look. I took a wild guess. "Wanna see my room?" I asked raising an eyebrow. His smile gave me his answer and I led him by the hand up the stairs to my bedroom.

We walked inside and his eyes surveyed his surroundings for a moment and he smiled. "It's perfect," he said softly. He took me over to my bed and sat me down in front of him. I just sat there looking up at his beautiful face smiling down at me as he leaned forward resting his knee between my legs and pressed his lips to mine. I laid back on my bed with Jason's lips pressed to mine gently, as our mouths opened, and Jason's tongue worked it's way into my mouth. Chills ran over my body as my mind reeled with passion and love for this boy who I truly did love. If someone had told me before that moment that you could meet someone and fall that deeply in love in one day, I'd have told them they were a liar and an idiot. Jason was the most perfect human being I had ever seen, and he was warm and caring as well. In retrospect, I guess it does look a bit shallow. Jason had a great body, and was extremely good looking, but we had this weird connection right from the start. It was fireworks from the moment we laid eyes on each other.

We started undoing buttons on clothes, but it wasn't some mad, 'ripping clothes off' or anything similar. It was slow, and loving. We kissed gently but passionately, or looked deeply into one anthers eyes the whole time and it was love I felt. We broke our gaze long enough to get Jason's and my shirts off, and spent the next five minutes running fingers gently over one another's back's and shoulders, chests and stomachs. I was laying on top of Jason between his legs as we ground our hips into each other. Jason began sucking on my ear as he reached between us to undo the front of my jeans. "Uhhn.. Jason!" I moaned as the strongest feelings of pleasure I had ever experienced coursed through my body. Jason's smooth chest was pressed against mine as he rolled over on top of me and slid himself down and straddled my legs and sat up. He finished undoing my pants while I reached up to undo his; our hands and arms rubbed against each other.

Our eyes met one another's and Jason gave me his unbelievable smile. I sat up and held him to me before he pushed me back to the bed. He had a sly, sexy grin on his face as he slid himself down to the bottom of my bed taking my pants with him. Then he stood and let his own khaki's fall to the ground and stepped out of them. We were now only clothed in our underwear; mine were boxers, while Jason's pants were an unbelievably sexy pair of white boxer-briefs. He then advanced on me and kissed me deeply while groaping my crotch. I rubbed my hands up and down his back while he licked and kissed my neck. Then he moved down to my chest teasing each of my nipples until they became erect. Then he moved down to my stomach kissing me all over and tonguing my belly button. He skipped past my groin and kissed up the inside of my thigh  I was whimpering now, drenched in sweat, and leaking pre-cum like crazy as he reached my ball sac and began licking and sucking on it. He moved all around my engorged, throbbing penis and then licked up the underside of my cock to the tip.

Jason lifted his head to look up at me, eyes tightly shut, clenching my bed sheets with my hands reached out at my sides. I opened my eyes to look down at him and he smiled and slowly kissed the head of my cock and enveloped the head in his hot, wet mouth. I thought I would blow my load right there, but I managed to hold on for a minute or two while he slowly worked his head up and down. Just when I knew I could take no more, he pulled off. I moaned loudly. I couldn't believe how good this felt. The pleasure almost hurt! My whole body was on fire when Jason said "Roll over Chris." With no hesitation I was rolling over onto my stomach when I felt him spread my cheeks. I buried my face in my pillow thanking God for sending Jason to me, since a gift so great as Jason's love, could only be God sent. I felt Jason licking the base of my balls then slowly work up my crack to my hole which he started kissing and licking. I couldn't believe something could feel so good and at that moment there was only one thing I could think of.

"Jason," I said almost in a whisper while pushing my ass back at him. "Uhhn... Jason... fuck me Jason please!" I whimpered. I reached into my night table drawer and pulled out my tube of KY I kept in there just in case I was ever in this situation. It had been a faint hope at the time, but the hopeful forethought had paid off now as I felt Jason's naked body against my back as he leaned forward to take the tube from me. I then felt a finger, greased with the lube, gently rubbing and massaging my love hole. Jason slowly inserted one, then two fingers, and slid them in and out of me driving me mad.

Then he pulled his fingers out and stood up to slide his underwear off. While he greased his 6 inch cock with lube, I rolled onto my back and put a pillow under my hips and waited as Jason crawled back onto the bed. I had my legs bent so that my knees were in the air, and Jason moved up between them and pressed his lips to mine. Then he pulled back and I could see his angry red knob. "Do it Jason.." I said softly as he lifted my legs onto his shoulders and pressed the head of his cock against my awaiting opening.

"Tell me if it hurts and I'll stop," he said quietly. I nodded and he pressed lightly against me and the head of his cock started sliding into me. He paused for a moment and then pushed a little more forcefully and the head popped inside me. I gasped slightly as it slid in and Jason froze. "Are you okay Chris??" He asked with a look of concern.

"Yeah baby," I said softly smiling up at my lover. "Keep going, it was only uncomfortable for a second." Jason smiled and slowly pressed another inch of himself into me. "Mmmmm.. yeah that's it Jason," I moaned my voice's volume growing in excitement. He rested like that for another moment gently rubbing up and down my legs, then he pressed again sliding another inch into me. Then he started a gentle fucking motion pushing in a little more with each thrust. I pulled my legs back towards me and Jason turned so that I was positioned at the edge of the bed and he stood to thrust more of himself into me. We were both moaning now, Jason's eyes partly closed while he bit his bottom lip as the pleasurable feelings in his nether regions built in intensity. He picked up speed thrusting into me harder and harder, and his meaty 6 incher rubbed against my prostate again and again.

Jason leaned forward and kissed me and I wrapped my legs around his back, and my arms around his neck. I threw my head back and moaned loudly when he reached between us and took my penis in his hand. He greased my cock with the puddle of pre cum that had formed on my stomach and fucked me harder as he neared orgasm. I looked up at him again and saw his brown eyes looking into mine and we locked lips as Jason's orgasm overtook him. His hips shuddered and his thrusts became erotic, and he began sucking on my tongue as he sucked in air through his nose, and through his mouth that was pressed firmly to mine. This combined with him stroking me like a madman, and the feeling of his searing hot cum filling my bowels set my orgasm off and I cried out in the night. My heart pounded and I couldn't breath as my entire body began to shake, as Jason's body went limp and he collapsed on top of me. I held onto him tightly. When we were both spent a moment later we just lay there panting, kissing one another gently.

Jason pulled out of me and wiped himself off with my underwear from the bedside and came back to lay down and cuddle me. We held onto one another talking about this and that happy with the world, and happy to have found our love after the dance.

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