Age Doesnt Matter: Chapter 1
By Kevie192

WARNING: This story contains scenes of explicit homosexual activity. If you are in any way offended by this then I would strongly request you do not read any further. Also, if it is in anyway illegal for you to read this story, I will urge you to try your best to avoid getting caught.

NOTE: This story is based on my very own experiences. Names and places, however, have been changed to respect the privacy of the characters involved.

*DING* the computer notified Scott that he was now online. He loved the freedom of the internet. He considered himself one of the good guys in the chat rooms, he hated to lie to other people about himself.

Scott logged onto one of his favourite chat rooms and quickly scanned other members profiles, trying to find some hot males. There was one boy who really stood out from the crowd. He knew that he liked this boy, as he stared at the picture he noticed a bulge start to appear in his boxer shorts. This boy was making him hard.

"Hi... A/S/L?" he said, anxiously waiting for a relply.
"18/M/UK Birmingham, u?" came the reply. Scott was VERY surprised to find that this georgeous hunk came from the same city as him. They continued to chat for a while and they found out a lot about each other. Scott liked the internet, he had found the boy of his dreams and he lived only about 10 miles away! This boys name was Joe and he was 18. He told Scott all about a gay youth group which he attends regularly and urged him to go. They were going to meet tomorrow and attend the club. Scott knew that he was going to have a good time.

They said their goodbyes and Scott logged off. He went to bed, wondering what tomorrow had in store for him.

Scott was alerted by a loud ringing. He looked at his watch and saw that it was 5:30PM Quickly, he realised it was his mobile phone ringing. He looked at the screen, which announced it was "Joe". He answered it quickly.

"Hello?" He said, trying to sound as cheerful as possible.
"Hi. Is that Scott? Im parked just over the road from you I think. Come and get in!" Scott was bowled over. Joe's voice was even more sexy and camp than he could have imagined.
"OK, seeya in a bit!" He hung up the phone and ran over to Joe's car. He jumped in and Joe drove to the club. They hardly spoke on the way, they didn't know what to say!

They arrived at the club and rang the doorbell. Scott was introduced to the care workers and decided that they were nice enough. He sat in the corner, petrified of what was about to happen.

6:00PM arrived and all the other members were let in. Scott was introduced to all of them and was beginning to feel a little better. The few, well placed, smiles he was given from Joe helped too.

At 7:30PM all of the members of the club decided to walk to the local gay bar. Scott was quite anxious about this but after receiving a kiss on the cheek from another member, Paul, he decided to go along.

At the bar, they were chatting and eyeing up the local talent. At 8:30 Scott announced to the group that he needed to leave for home. Joe offered to give him a lift and he accepted.

On the way home, chat turned round to their feelings for each other. They both announced that they really like each other, but with Scott being only 14, Joe had decided that he was too young. Scott was directing Joe to where he would like to be dropped off, about a 5-minute walk from his house.

Joe stopped the car to announce that they had arrived. Slowly, Scott reached over to Joe and kissed him, slowly. They indulged in around 3 minutes of passionate kissing and groping before they had to break off for Scott to leave. They said their goodbyes and Scott started to walk home.

Lying in bed later that night, Scott realised that Joe was the best kisser ever and he fell asleep thinking about what he would like Joe to do to him...

Hope you like the first part of my story. I will apologise for the VERY slow start... it will get better, honest! Please Email ANY comments, good or bad, to: