Al and I

It was Al on the phone. "Do you want to do our homework together... and then maybe...well just come over as soon as you can." I said I did and I would-the freshman algebra was a little tough and he was better at math than I was. I could use the help, and..., was he hinting at something more interesting?

I got to his house at about 7:00 pm. His mother and father were watching TV and I just said a quick hi to them as we went up to Al's bedroom. Why was a sleeping bag on the floor in the middle of the room? I turned to ask him just as he was shutting and locking the door. Then I thought I knew, but I asked anyway. "What's the sleeping bag out for?"

"I supposed we would get into it," he said, matter of factly.

"What would we do?" I asked, innocently.

"I think you know," he said. "Shall we get to the business at hand?"

He started undressing, so I did too.

"Are you going to take everything off?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied.

This was great! Just what I had hoped-we were going to get sexy with each other again. The first time we did it was about a month ago in my basement. We were just fooling around, kind of wrestling on the old couch and our dicks accidentally touched; they were both hard. I had known that mine was even though I didn't know why, but I was surprised that he was hard too. When they touched it was like a bolt of electricity shooting into mine. Even though we were at a very horny age, we knew nothing about sex, but that accidental touch was all it took--we were ready to experiment. The next time our dicks collided it wasn't an accident, and he said, "Let's take off our pants. At that point we were too modest to take down our underpants, but it still felt really great when our hard-ons met. It was all I could do to keep from ejaculating and I would have if we hadn't quit. It must have been the same for him because were both ready to pull up our pants after about a minute.

The next two times we did it were on his bed after dark, still too modest to let our naked bodies be seen. We did get completed naked and lay together side by side with our hard cocks together. I was amazed how good it felt, the hard smooth flesh of his penis pressed against mine. But I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to hold it and both times we only did it for a few minutes. Looking back, I wonder why we tried so hard not to let go with an orgasm. I guess we were just way too naive and completely clueless.

But this time it was light in his room. Dim from just a desk light on, but still light. So, this was going to be the first time we would be naked together where we could actually see each other, except for the locker room of course, but that didn't count. Scary. As we undressed I snuck as many looks at his erection as I could without trying to appear too interested. His dick was a little lighter in color, but circumcised like mine. Mine curved slightly back toward my body and his was perfectly straight. I could see he was looking at me too and it made me a little edgy, but at the same time it was very titillating to have someone checking me out with such obvious interest. No one had ever seen my penis erect before, and, I'd never seen another hard-on either. It was very sexy. I was nervous as a cat.

Quickly we wriggled into the bag face to face. It was pretty cozy and we couldn't get away from each other but then that was the idea. Our cocks touched and the sensation was so fine, tucked cosily into that warm bag. I was amazed all over again just how wonderful it felt. We pressed tighter, self consciously wrapping our arms around each other--where else could we put them? Our cocks huge, pinned firmly together between our bodies, we settled in. I lay perfectly still trying to get under control, trying to hold down that rising sensation in my groin. We must have lain there like that for several minutes. Then something really, really amazing happened. I opened my eyes and looked into his, just inches away. Some kind of nonverbal communication happened that I can't explain. We began to move closer as if some magnetic force was very slowly pulling. Our lips touched so softly that I could barely feel it. At first I was aware of a very soft pressure on my lips which gradually increased until, we were kissing. Neither of us had ever kissed anyone before but it came naturally enough. It wasn't perfect at first but improved rapidly. I don't know how long or how many times we kissed. It seemed like hours but it was probably a minute. The first ones were dry, our lips puckered too tightly for any real appreciation of the sensation. But then we relaxed a little and the kisses became softer, moister. I was really getting excited, totally aroused as our soft puffy lips melted together. I wanted nothing more than to keep pressing my lips against his, to devour him, but suddenly I felt his cock convulse against mine and immediately mine answered. I tried hard but there was no stopping the orgasm. It came in several huge pulses and then it was over. Our lips still together, parted slowly. Again, we lay quietly, not knowing what to do or say. I thought he had come too, but I wasn't sure. If he hadn't what was I going to say. The silence was deafening.

"I think you came too didn't you?" he asked finally.

With great relief I said, "Yes, I couldn't hold it. Sorry"

"Sorry? Why sorry. It felt good didn't it? he said.

"Oh yeah!" It felt fantastic," I said.

"It surely did. But we'd better get out of here now I guess," he said. "Try to keep the stuff off the bag. Boy there is a lot of it!"

He'd unzipped the bag and thrown the top back so we could see the big gob of semen pooled where our stomachs were still pressed together. Our cocks were still fully erect, but abruptly they held no interest for me. My sexual desire, so recently raging, was mysteriously gone. The two turgid dicks were no more interesting now than a couple of weiners. It's an odd thing, the refractory period that follows orgasm. Why did nature design us to flip-flop from orgasm to almost immediate lack of interest in sex? Being my first experience, I wondered what was wrong. Why had I gone from being horny as hell to couldn't care less about doing it again. But I was also about to learn that the loss of sexual desire doesn't last long in teenage boys.

Dressed, we approached the homework which now seemed like pure drudgery. Who could concentrate on school work after a mind-blowing, life-changing experience? But then after half-hour of plodding through most of the algebra problems and acting like nothing had happened between us, Al suggested that if we get the homework done we might return to the bag for an encore. My dick, even limp, tingled at the thought. The refractory period, it seemed, was short. Another half-hour finished off the homework and Al said "Shall we.....?" gesturing with his head toward the bag.

"I guess so," I said, coyly like I didn't care. In truth I wanted to get back in the bag so badly I could taste it, and I surely wanted to taste his lips some more. Not only was I ready again, I couldn't wait now that I had tried real sex. We undressed in a flash and had barely snuggled back into the bag when our mouths were locked in a ferocious kiss, lips fused. Neither of us had said a word about the kissing. It didn't seem to be necessary because we were going at it like a pair of old lovers on a Saturday night. We kissed for probably 10 minutes without stopping, getting hotter and hotter. My hand wandered slowly down his back as we kissed. I had to feel his cock. My hand slipped between us and around his hard shaft, but once there I froze. He rolled slightly to give me more room, and a little moan muffled by my lips escaped from his mouth. Emboldened by his obvious pleasure, I stroked the soft skin of his turgid member, exploring its surface, comparing it in my mind to my own more familiar organ. He arched his back pushing the phallus into my hand. My cock needed some attention too and I brought the two together feeling that old electric jolt as his frenulum kissed mine. If we hadn't had an orgasm about an hour ago I'd of blown it right then. I knew I couldn't hold it too much longer anyway. But by then the hot kissing and cock-on-cock friction was too much. Suddenly we were out of control, out of our minds. We thrust wildly, grinding the two engorged organs back and forth, the two phalluses making passionate love. The second stupendous orgasm of the evening erupted, and this time no one was worrying about keeping the bag clean. Lust trumped caution and our wild thrusting continued long after the last tiny dribble of semen oozed out of our cocks. Eventually we stopped, satiated.

We lay there spent, for a long time not wanting to talk or move. Eventually, though, reality prevailed and we emerged from the bag. We dressed without talking, and I gathered up my homework. Finally I spoke. "I'll see you tomorrow at school," I said.

"Yeah, see you then," he said, and I left.

By the time I got home, showered, and got into bed, the memory of the sleeping bag adventures brought my penis to life once again. I ached to feel his lips on my lips, his cock rubbing mine, but I had to settle for jerking myself off. As I drifted into sleep, I hoped that this evening was just the start of something fantastically wild and wonderful and that things would only get better.

After our that night we couldn't get enough of each other. It was pure, unadulterated lust.

The next day after school Al asked me "Is anyone home at your house?"

That simple question sent shivers up my spine and I replied that the house was empty. "Do you want to go there?" I asked.

"You bet I do. I've been thinking about last night all day. Could hardly concentrate on my school work."

"Me too," I replied.

In my room we sat on my bed for several moments nervously uncertain of how to get started, but it wasn't long before that mysterious magnetic force drew us together. Our lips met, gently for a second and then crushing together in a ferocious if amateurish kiss. Falling back we continued to kiss as we groped at each other's clothes. In no time our nude bodies were locked together from mouth to toe. Our mouths fused in a continuous hot kiss as we rolled around, first me on top and then Al. In that wild thrashing, our cocks slammed together and then separated as we thrashed only to collide again. Eventually we got situated for some serious fucking, Al on top with his knees between my spread legs, our mouths still locked. Al got in a rhythm I really liked. On each stroke he drew his hips back slowly and then quickly thrust forward sliding his hard schlong along mine followed by a slap as his heavy balls swung forward in their pendulous scrotum to collide with mine. Cock rested on cock and balls rested on balls for a second and then retreat, slide, slap, rest, retreat, slide, slap, rest. I was truly enjoying this and my concentration was on the delicious sensation in my penis when I felt Al's tongue slip between my lips. The surprise of it almost made me pull away but the brash intrusion of his tongue was too provocative. I pushed my own tongue against his and the two glossa explored each other. The texture was intriguing, captivating. Our first experiment with French kissing was instantly approved by both. Suddenly I had a whole mouthful of his tongue as he pressed the attack. For five minutes, I bet, our tongues wrestled in my mouth and then in his, our cocks temporarily forgotten in competition with this new discovery, but not for long. I felt a stirring in mine reminding me that it needed attention, and I arched up against the weight of Al's body heavily pressing our dicks together. He thrust back and we were off, grinding the two turgid organs together harder and harder while our tongues continued their wet battle in the hot moist cavity of our conjoined mouths. The orgasm that erupted from my penis was the most exquisite one yet. I couldn't tell for sure if Al was coming too until my tongue was released from his lips. He uttered a low moan and unleashed four or five potent pelvic thrusts stroking our long cocks together, reinvigorating my orgasm enough to eject a couple of more weak spurts. For several minutes we were perfectly still, his body dead weight on mine. I could feel a large area of wetness between our bellies-the semen so recently spilled in our carnal activity.

Finally I said, "What did you think of that?"

I liked it a lot," he answered. "It just keeps getting better. How are we going to top that?"

"I'd be satisfied with another one just like it." I said.

"Yeah. Me too."

But it was almost 5:00 p.m. by then and my parents would be home soon so we had to be satisfied with a single on that day.

I don't know why but we didn't do much French kissing for a while. Sure, there was always some tongue contact every time we did anything, but nothing really deep or intense. Then one night Al has his father's car and we were ridding around town just killing time. By the time it got dark, we had arrived at the isolated place were seeking. Al parked and we started right in necking in the front seat. Things heated up pretty fast and Al was kissing me with unusual intensity. I took this as a sign of good things to come-I expected to enjoy myself tonight. He didn't disappoint. Straddling me, his head was higher than mine which rested on the back of the seat. Tilting my head back his lips were all over mine with kisses intense and impassioned. Then his tongue was in my mouth, way in my mouth probing, slipping between my lips and gums. I didn't know he could stick out his tongue that far-the tip of it raced widely around my mouth. I opened as wide as I could to accept his erotic attack. Then his tongue snuck under mine, pushed it up to the top of my mouth, and oscillated wildly over its slick underside. The two tongues wrestled, one on top and then the other, each trying to pin the other and pummel it unmercifully.. Taking the offensive, my lips closed around his extended glossa and I entered his open mouth to capture his tongue clear to its roots. I tried to hold it but it withdrew but before I could be disappointed, stabbed back through my pursed lips deep into my mouth, and then again and again. It was like he was fucking my mouth. Al was hotter than ever that night and wanted to take off our clothes and go all the way right there in the front seat. I wanted it too but I was more cautious-I sure didn't want to get caught with my pants down kissing another boy.

Oddly, we had sex probably ten more times before Al actually put his hand on my penis, unexpected since I touched his that night in his sleeping bag, but not since. The day he first touched mine we masturbated each other to orgasm. I remember how strange it seemed because we did each other at the same time. It was almost like jacking myself off only I was pumping a penis that felt a little different than mine and the hand on mine felt different too. It was almost surreal. The next day Al wanted to double jack us. After we made out for a while, we lay face to face I felt his hand pulling my cock to his. He rubbed them together fast and hard and I could feel his dick pulsing, throbbing against mine. He kept rubbing them for quite a while even though they were done. That was one of those defining moments. I suddenly knew that cock-to-cock sex was for me. I loved the sight of it almost as much as I enjoyed the thrill of his flesh rubbing mine. In my mind I could still see the two cocks coupling, their swollen heads contorted by pressure as they were squeezed together, their long shafts gliding back and forth.

Strangely, just then I had a flash back to a fantasy I had before Al and I started having sex. This fantasy was that he and I would get naked and our penises would wrap around each other like two snakes and it would feel so good. It should have occurred to me that the only way two penises could wrap around each other was if they were limp and they surely wouldn't stay limp long. But what I was experiencing now, my very stiff cock rubbing against his very stiff cock, certainly exceeded my fondest fantasies. Maybe someday I could get him to wrap our limp dicks around each other, briefly that is, to see if that fantasy was really any good. Anyway, as much as I was enjoying the sight and having him do all the work, I decided I should participate. I slipped my left hand between us capturing the four balls and gently rolled them back and forth. The friction was about to bring me to the point of no return, Al stroking harder and me squeezing harder, and the hot wet kiss we shared at that instant was the final stray.

It was my turn to doublejack the next day. The feel of his silky flesh on mine and my hand full of big cocks were equally pleasing. As I rubbed them together I was struck with the erection conundrum: how can an erect penis be both hard and soft at the same time? The answer is evident when two cocks meet. Even though evolution didn't intend two penises to mate, they certainly do it well. Their hardness pushes the most sensitive parts out there where their soft, smooth surfaces can glide together for mutual stimulation. In fact, two erect penises are ideally suited for mutual arousal, not only as foreplay but also for all out orgasmic sex.

Over the next several months, with lots of hard practice, we continually refined our mutual pleasuring in the most intimate way. I remember one day as an example--it was in the summer so we had a house to ourselves all afternoon. We hadn't done anything for a few days and the first time was a wild, almost out of control fuck. We went at each other like heavy weight wrestlers, exchanging all kinds of bodily fluids, and ended in a gut wrenching, absolutely simultaneous cock-to-cock orgasm that mixed an incredible volume of semen. It was an exhausting match and we both collapsed afterwards and might have even drifted off for a little nap. I woke later to the sensation of something stimulating my limp dick. Al was gently stroking it pulling it slowly through his fingers. I glanced at his penis which was beginning to rise to the occasion just as mine was. For several minutes we fondled the other's phallus coaxing them to full erection again, and then teasingly caressing the stiff rods with the softest slowest touch. The crazy, pounding sexual bout earlier hadn't extinguished our desire, but blunted it so this session was to be soft, languid, and drawn out. We kissed softly and slowly, full lips joined with light pressure, tongues gently probing, slipping between lip and gum, twirling wetly around each other. We carried on like that for a good hour or more, slowly, very slowly building intensity. Lying face to face, our penises pressed together between us, we kissed and kissed. By that point in our relationship our orgasms were almost always simultaneous. Not only did we require about the same amount of stimulation to achieve climax, but we were acutely aware of the subtle cues we gave that we were about to come. Our love making still rather dreamy, I finally felt the unmistakable feeling of an orgasm starting. The slightest hesitation in a kiss told me Al was at the same point. Two or three hip thrusts were all it took to finish with an orgasm that was also strangely relaxing.

Every time we thought it couldn't get better, it seemed like we discovered something that contradicted that thought. One of those was the use of lubrication. We discovered this one day in a double jackoff. I was doing the jacking and I got ahead of Al because he had masturbated himself several times the day before and once already today and wasn't quite as sharp as I was. So, I came on schedule but he didn't. I could see that he hadn't come yet so I kept rubbing the two organs together even though I was finished. Some of my semen got between the two cocks and suddenly they were gliding together with no friction. It felt good to me even though my orgasm was over and it was what finally set Al.

I remember he said "That was amazing. I didn't think I was going to get if off and all of the sudden when things got slick it was a different story."

Based on that, I began to experiment on my own with lubrication, trying several things in our medicine cabinet: Vaseline, hand lotion, and soap. They all worked and I began to masturbate only with lubrication because it felt much better than dry. But then I discovered the best while snooping in my parents bedside table where I found a bottle of something called personal lubricant. At little rubbed between my thumb and finger was amazing. It was so slick it made Vaseline feel like peanut butter. Copping a little I rushed back to my room and gave it a try. Wow! My hand fairly flew up and down my dick. The sensation was wonderful.

"You won't believe what I discovered," I said to Al.

"What? Tell me?" he replied.

"Personal lubricant. I think it's made for sex. I found it in my parents' room by their bed."

"You tried it?" asked Al.

"Yeah and we've got to get some."

Well, we bought a bottle and tried it immediately, of course. With both of us lubed up, I got on top and started thrusting my dick back on forth of his. The cocks were so slick they slid off each other at every stroke. Frustrated, I held them together and frenetically thrust mine against his. Pump, pump, pump. I let my lips explore, slipping slowly over his, softly slowly. Gradually we heated up, kissing harder, our lips molding, mashing firmly together. Then I slipped my tongue into his mouth. Did I mention what an unusual texture a tongue has? How great his feels in my mouth? I never got tired of playing mine over his, circling around the slick, smooth underside and across the slightly rougher top. Our tongues parried and pushed, slipping and sliding. Finally, I pushed his back into his mouth and pursued it to continue the duel there. He wrapped his lips around my extended tongue and drew it deep into his mouth. His tongue raced over mine, darting back and forth. Until our orgasm exploded together. Oh, it was good.