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Thunder. That's what he was most scared of. Thunder. Tristan couldn't stand it. Even at fourteen he still crawled deep underneath the covers in attempt to hide from the lightning. That only made his twin sister, Kristen, laugh and tease him that much more. For Tristan and Kristen, it was all about saving as much money as they could. Their family wasn't the richest in the world and especially with their father losing his job and their mother having to work two jobs, being a waitress by day and a bartender at night. She was never home all that much but at least they knew that they could eat for another week if she worked all those double shifts. From the start, the twins's parents only wanted one child as they knew that they could never afford another. When they discovered that the `baby' was actually `babies' they actually pondered at the idea of giving one away for adoption, money was very tight and still is to this day and two more mouths to feed would not be cheap. But once Mr and Mrs McGregor held their babies in their arms, there was not one more thought about any of that. They vowed that somehow they'll make it work. Now fourteen years later, Tristan and Kristen did not turn out bad at all. They were very close and everyone knew that. A week before the twins's fifth birthday, the family moved to a smaller house in the suburbs. And that's where the twins met Jamie Porterfield.

Jamie was a great kid and a great friend to the twins. All three of them used to play day in and day out, running, swimming, cycling and just being kids. They would do anything for eachother, including hiding secrets from their respective parents. Things really changed after a couple of years, when the twins and Jamie entered Highschool. Everything was different. There it didn't matter who you were or how you did anything, if you were poor, you were an outcast. Kristen really struggled to make friends and mostly spend her time with the two boys, but later on she craved to be one of those girls who always talked about hair, boys, make up etc. Tristian noticed this, but what could he do? Luckily, because of his skills on the soccer field, he gained most of the boys's respect on and off the team. It was after soccer practice one afternoon that Jamie wanted to speak with Tristan in private.

"Dude, I have to talk to you about something. I have to make sure it's gonna be okay with you."

"Sure, buddy. Sounds serious though."

"It is. How would you feel if I dated Kristen?

Tristan was kinda shocked. Jamie...interested in dating Kristen?

"I suppose I won't mind, but dude, she's like your sister, you've known us like forever. Why now? Gotta be honest, this is the last thing I expected."

"Why now? Since I've discovered that Kristen is real hot, man! I know she's your sister, but dude, she is really sexy. I just didn't want you to be, like, angry with me."

"Jamie, you're my best friend apart from Kristen. I trust you, dude. You have my blessing, or whatever you call it."

"Thanks, man. I promise if she says yes, ill be good. LOL!"

And that was six weeks ago. Kristen said yes to Jamie asking her out and they were now officially dating. Being in a relationship with Jamie was the best thing that could have happened to Kristen. That gave her popularity since Jamie was concidered to be shitting hot by some of the girls. Funny, not one would give Tristan a second look, even if he scored a hatrick in a match.

Jamie never let his relationship with Kristen mess up his friendship with Tristan. He knew what both had meant to him over the years. One day a secretary came into their class and told Tristan that there was a phone call for him. It was his mother. Their father had passed away that morning. He was run over by a speeding car and killed instantly.

Tristan couldn't remember a time when the house was so full of misery. He was the man of the house now, and he had the responcibility of keeping some sanity in the situation. His mom was constantly crying and Kristen refused to come out of their room. She wouldn't even let Jamie talk to her. Jamie was there though and he brought Tristan a cup of tea as he thought it would help him be calm. Tristan gave Jamie a little smile as he accepted it.

"This is probably a stupid question, but are you feeling okay?"

"No. You know me too well, Jamie. I can't understand why the hell this should have happened now.  I...don't know what's gonna happen to us, Jamie.  Kristen is locked in our room and my mom is so...so heartbroken by all this I don't know..."

A small tear escaped out of Tristan's eye and rolled down his cheek. He didn't want to cry before his best friend, but this was more than he could handle. Images of their dad and how much fun they used to have kept on running through his mind. Jamie didn't think twice about pulling Tristan closer to him and letting his head rest on his shoulder. Tristian cried uncontrollably while Jamie was rubbing his back and whispering comforting words in his ear. Some how Tristan's head landed in Jamie's neck, but instead of being freaked out or anything, he kept it there and he pulled Tristian closer to him. There was nothing that he wouldn't do for these two best friends of his. Jamie did what his mom always did when he was sad. He softly kissed Tristan on his forehead. Tristan looked up at Jamie through his tears. He reached for Jamie's hand and he held it tight. Then he brought it up to his heart and held it there. For Jamie, this wasn't weird at all, since he thought that Tristan really needed a male friend in his life right now and mistakenly thought that Tristan did this to say thank you. Tristan though, who had never had any kind of feelings towards a girl or a boy, for that matter, suddenly felt this uncontrollable love for his best friend. As he looked at Jamie and held his hand to his chest, he realised just what he was doing. He was holding his best friend...and his sister's boyfriend's hand in his. He gently let go of Jamie's hand and got up to take a shower. When he came down after, his mom told him that Jamie had gone home.

There was more bad news. According to certain documents of their father, he had a lot of outstanding debt of which their mom didn't know about. The twins didn't quite understand but after their mom had explained it to them on the verge of tears, it finally sunk in. If they didn't pay the outstanding amount within two months, their house and belongings would be sold to pay for it. Even at fourteen, both Kristen and Tristan knew that the amount that was asked was far too much; they would never be able to get that much together in two months. There was a chance that one of maybe both of them would have to leave school as they couldn't afford to pay for two anymore. Tristan immediately decided thae he would go find a job somewhere, but that Kristen would stay in school and get her education.

The coach and the other players was devistated to hear that Tristan would be leaving school and therefore quitting the team. He would however get a chance to play a final home game. That Saturday Kristen and their mom came to watch Tristan and Jamie play. For Jamie, it was just another match that needed to be won. For Tristan, it would be his final game of soccer for some time. The crowd went wild as Jamie passed the ball smoothly to Tristan, would scored the first goal with a cracking header.  Another two goals was added to win the game 3-0.

After the game, there was a little BBQ held for all the players and their families. Jamie stood with Tristan the whole time. He didn't know why, but he had this feeling that he shouldn't leave Tristan. He was right. As he turned his back for about ten seconds, Tristan was gone. All he saw was soccer boots that was running in the direction of the dressing room. He really hoped and prayed that Tristan wasn't thinking of doing something stupid and he followed him as quick as he could. As Jamie entered, he saw Tristan sitting on the floor beneath his locker and he was sobbing quietly with his head in his hands. Jamie walked up to him and sat down beside him. He put his arm around Tristan and hugged him towards his chest. He slowly stroked the other boy's hair as he cried. Jamie didn't even realise that this was the closest that he had ever been to another boy. Maybe because Tristian wasn't just another boy, he was his best friend. He once again kissed Tristan's forehead and continued to rub his back. Tristan felt the warmth that his best friend was giving to him and he felt so...safe and protected. It wasn't just because he missed a father figure; this was the friend who has always been there for him,  for as long as he could remember...

He felt Jamie's fingers under his chin, lifting his head up. Jamie softly wiped away the tears on Tristan's face. Tristan was frozen solid...

Jamie put his hand behind Tristan's neck and breathed deeply. He felt Tristan's hand creeping up and being placed softly and unsurely on his face. The two life long best friends stared into eachother's eyes, holding eachother's faces and then Tristan quickly stood up and walked out. He almost kissed his sister's boyfriend! His damn best friend!

Still sitting inside the dressing room, Jamie finally came to terms with what he had just done. This could never be allowed to go this far ever again. He tried to think of Kristen, but somehow the image turned into her twin brother...and the knowledge that he had probably just lost his best friend.

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