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"Jamie, stop staring at your food and eat something," his mother's voice echoed in his head. Jamie kept his head down. It has been three days since he had almost kissed his best friend, Tristan, who just so happened to be his girlfriend's twin brother. Jamie didn't know what the hell these feelings had meant. He was happy going out with Kristen, Tristan's sister. Infact he had been jerking off to images and flashes of her ever since she had said yes when he had asked her out. But when the twins' father had died, everything changed. What he expected to feel for the twins was pity and sorrow; it wasn't supposed to let him get these...whatever you call it about his best friend. Tristan had also not called or visited him since that day in the dressing room where they had come so close to actually kissing.  Jamie knew that he had to do something as he did not want to lose neither Tristan nor Kristen.

Tristan had just come back from another job interview when his mother looked up from her washing. She hated the fact that her fourteen year old son had to look for work because of the financial fuckup that her husband had left them with. If they could not come up with the estimated amount, their house and stuff would simply be sold to pay their debts. Tristan flopped down on the couch and sighed.

"They must think im a total pratt! A kid that should be in school coming for an interview! Where's Kristen?"

"She has gone over to Jamie. Things between them aren't what they used to be. I hope they can work it out. Excuse me; I think the washing is just about done."

At the mere mention of Jamie's name Tristan became as cold as ice. What the hell was he playing at anyway? For a few moments he relieved the scene in the dressing room...Jamie putting his hand behind his neck, him putting his hand on Jamie's face, and then when they had stared into eachother's eyes like nothing else in the world had existed, just for that perfect moment...ENOUGH!

"Jamie and Kristen are in love. He is your fucking best mate. Remember that,"" Tristan said to himself and got up to help his mother with ther washing.

On a Friday evening, just before the soccer team's first match without Tristan, there was a knock on the door and Tristan, who had been reading in the livingroom, stood up to open it. It was Jamie. The two had tried to hide away from eachother in the last couple of days and now they were face to face for the first time since...Tristan shook his head.

"Something wrong, Tris?" Jamie asked.

"No, it's...it's nothing. Kristen is in her room, you know the way."

"I actually came to see you. I'd really like you to be there tomorrow, cheering us on. That's if you want to ofcourse."

Oh! Yeah sure, ill be there. Tomorrow."

From the time that they had first met eachother, there was never a single moment where things between them had been so fucked up that they had nothing to say to eachother, but this was the first. They both stared at eachother before Jamie turned around and smiled.

"Okay then, Tomorrow. Don't forget."

"I won't."

Tristan closed the door and ran up to his room. He fell on his bed and he started to cry. He just couldn't get over the fact that this had to happen to him. Why the fuck did he have to feel what he did for Jamie? Why the fuck now? They had been friends for so long and now everything was a total mess. Tristan started to beat his bed with his fists as he cried of how unfair life could be. What he didn't know was that at that very moment, Jamie was also lying in his bed, not crying, but feeling really bad. He had a beautiful girlfriend, a nice life, good friends and he was a jewel on the soccer field so why the fuck did he feel that there was something missing? Why was he so excited to know that Tristan was coming tomorrow, he was going to watch him play...Jamie gasped! He didn't want to look, but he didn't really have to. He could feel that his cock was now at its full five inches and that it was stone hard. And who had he been thinking of?

His best friend in this whole world.

For Tristan, Jamie had been the last thing that he thought of when he went to sleep the previous night, and the first thing that he thought of when he woke up. He simply couldn't get Jamie Porterfield out of his mind.

Tristan and Kristen arrived at the game five minutes before the start. As they got some decent seats in the stands, the feeling of jealousy slowly started to arrise in Tristan's body. He was sitting in the stands...he was still playing only a week ago...As the players walked out onto the field, Tristan noticed that Kristen was very quiet and didn't cheer Jamie on as she always used to. He decided he would talk to her later. The game began and from the word go it was fast touches and quick passes. It was like the team wanted to show that they could cope without Tristan, who had scored thirteen goals for them before quitting school. They played their hearts out.

At half time the score was still 0 -- 0 after the team had missed numerous chances, especially one from Jamie and Tristan made his way to the dressing rooms. He just had to be there. That's where his body was leading him to. As he passed the toilet, he heard someone crying. What the hell? He stepped inside the bathroom, made his way passed the showers and followed the crying noise straight to the last door where his heart melted as he saw Jamie sitting on the loo, with his face in his hands. Tristan wanted so desperately to comfort him...

Jamie looked up and saw his best friend standing there. He looked straight into Tristan's eyes and Tristan couldn't keep his eyes of Jamie either. Slowly Jamie, his face glistering from his tears, stood up as Tristan got closer. Jamie leaned in with his head and put into the crook of Tristan's neck. Tristan put his hands around his sobbing friend and held him tight. Before he knew what had hit him, he felt Jamie's hands on his chest, slowly gliding down to his waist. Tristan rubbed Jamie's back all while struggling to breathe. This was so fucking intense...Jamie looked up from Tristan's chest and he smiled at him. Tristan smiled back and the two boys pressed their foreheads against eachother. The one could feel the breath coming out of the other. With their hands still around eachother, Jamie slowly leaned in and kissed Tristan's cheek. Tristan clung to Jamie more tightly and moaned with relief. He so wanted this so much. Tristan lifted up Jamie's face and looked into his eyes.

"My dearest friend..." he said before he kissed Jamie on his soft lips.

For Jamie this was otherworldy, being kissed by his best friend and during the kiss he came to realise that this was what he wanted all this time. Jamie sucked tenderly in Tristan's lips as they kissed and Tristan pulled him closer to him.

When they heard the coach yelling, they pulled apart. They couldn't look away from eachother though and finally Jamie walked out of the door.

Seconds later he was back and he jumped into Tristan's arms and the two boys kissed passionatly once more. This was where Jamie always wanted to be, in Tristan's arms.

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