by tim

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Allen - by tim

Part 11

The holidays went well at the Cooper house. Rusty and Allen spent most of their time together, playing and being boys. Rusty did everything he could to raise his best buddy's spirits, and soon Allen was returning to his happy, playful, self. This also meant that they did not speak to Calvin and Ricky over the holidays.

Calvin did notice this, and could not understand why his two friends would be avoiding him. Calvin did have Ricky though, and the two boys were falling more in love every day. As a matter of fact, on New Years Eve Calvin and Ricky took their relationship to the next level.

While the two boys were laying in Calvin's bed, Ricky said "Calvin babe, I want to feel you inside me. I've never done that with anyone before, but I know I need to do it with you."

"Are you sure you want to do that, my angel?" asked Calvin.

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life." responded Ricky softly.

So Calvin reached over to his bedside table and retrieved a bottle of lube that Tom had bought them, in the event they decided to take their lovemaking to this level. First Calvin bathed Ricky's opening with his tongue, occasionally poking his tongue inside his lover. Ricky moaned in ecstasy as Calvin prepared him for the union of their two bodies.

Then Calvin placed the mouth of the bottle tightly to Ricky's hole and squeezed some of the liquid inside of him. This made Ricky shudder in delight. Calvin put some lube on his fingers and Ricky's rosebud, then began massaging the lube into his chute. At first Calvin used one finger and pushed it deeply inside his boy. Then Calvin added another finger to begin gently stretching the opening. Finally Calvin added a third finger and it drove Ricky wild with lust.

Calvin then spread some of the liquid over his straining erection and placed it at the entrance to his lover. "Please tell me if this hurts too much baby." cooed Calvin. Then he pressed firmly but gently on Ricky's opening.

As the head of Calvin's penis slipped in, Ricky groaned "Ow! Ow! Don't take it out, just hold it still for a moment until I adjust to it." After a few moments the pain subsided and was replaced by extreme pleasure. Ricky begged, "Please give it to me now Calvin. I want all of you in me."

So Calvin slowly pushed himself inside Ricky until he was as far inside of his lover as he could be. Both boys laid there for a few minutes feeling sensations they had never felt before. Then Calvin slowly pulled back almost all the way, and pushed his cock fully back inside Ricky. Ricky groaned with the most intense pleasure he had ever felt. Calvin continued to pump the sweet ass of his lover, as Ricky continued to moan and groan, louder and louder.

They were now almost one boy, as Calvin's climax approached closer and closer. At the same time Ricky felt himself nearing his climax without even touching himself.

Calvin was approaching the point where he could hold back no longer, as Ricky screamed "I want you to fill me with you juice now. Please baby, become a part of me forever."

Calvin could no longer hold back as his cum began shooting inside the squirming boy beneath him. At the same time Ricky was shooting the largest load of his life onto Calvin's bed. As soon as the last drops had shot out of both boys, they both collapsed onto the bed. Several minutes later the boys separated and fell into a blissful, contented, sleep.

Robert Wilson also had a satisfying New Years Eve. He had fashioned a working model of the ball at Times Square, and underneath the ball he placed a soft clay sculpture representing Calvin's head. When the countdown wound down and the ball dropped, it dropped onto the sculpture. The bust of Calvin's head was completely smashed, as Robert yelled out "Yeah! Happy fucking New Year!" He then laughed as he drank himself into unconsciousness.

The boys returned to school after the New Year, but there seemed to be a wall between the two sets of boys. Calvin tried desperately to talk to Rusty and Allen, but both boys obviously were ignoring him. Ricky would always be there to console his sweetheart though. Ricky was a source of strength for Calvin during this period, but he was getting tired of the hurt feelings between Calvin, Rusty, and Allen. Two weeks after the start of the new year, Ricky cornered Rusty outside of the cafeteria during lunch.

"Hey, Rusty." said Ricky. "We need to talk."

"I don't think we have anything to talk about." replied Rusty.

"Don't hand me that crap!" exclaimed Ricky. "I don't know the whole story between you guys, but I thought it had been put behind all of you. Why do you guys still hate Calvin?"

"I don't hate Calvin, but you two hurt Allen." said Rusty. "The worst part is, you don't even realize you did it! I'm just not ready to talk to you yet."

"What are you talking about?" asked Ricky. "How do you think we hurt Allen?"

"Do you even know that another boy had feelings for Calvin before you came along?" asked Rusty. "The other boy was Allen, and I'm sure you know what happened next. Then Allen sees the two of you trying to swallow each others tongues after school. Can you even imagine how much that hurt him? You guys were so busy, you didn't realize someone had seen you, did you? I'm sorry, I just can't talk to you guys right now. Not while Allen is still hurting." With that, Rusty walked off and left Ricky speechless.

The next day was a very important day. First, Allen missed school for a doctors appointment to have the wires removed from his jaw. After the doctor examined and x-rayed Allen, the doctor told Allen that he was healing well and to take it easy for the next month. Allen was so happy to have the wires off his jaw that he had Emily stop on the way home to eat something. He could still only eat soft food for the next week, so he wanted some ice cream.

Next, Dr. Milner was finishing another appointment with Judith and Ben. He was very happy with the progress being made with Judith, but Ben was another story. No matter how hard he tried, he could not find the root of Ben's problem. He wasn't afraid of Ben hurting Allen, he just wasn't sure of Ben's ability to take care of Allen. He was however becoming convinced that Ben's brother had something to do with this case. He thought maybe if he had Allen sit in on a session, it might help bring something out.

Rusty was also having a very interesting day at school. During lunch he was approached by a girl named Jennifer.

"Hi Rusty." said Jennifer. "Can we talk for a minute?"

"Sure Jennifer." replied Rusty. "You can talk to me anytime."

"I was wondering, if you don't have any plans yet would you like to go to the Valentine's Day dance with me next month?" asked Jennifer. "I've had my eye on you for a while now, and I think you're cute."

"I would love to go to the dance with you." replied a blushing Rusty.

"Good!" exclaimed Jennifer. "Maybe we can go on a date before then, to get to know each other better."

"That would be awesome." said Rusty. "I've also got a birthday party coming up on February 7th, if you would like to come to that."

"I would love to." responded Jennifer. "Here's my number. Give me a call this week and we'll work out the details."

Rusty was so excited about having a date, that was all he could think about for the rest of the day.

Robert Wilson also had a good day. That evening he finally came up with a plan to solve his problems. He knew if he dealt directly with Calvin, he would have to kill Calvin to keep him quiet. That wouldn't do him any good, in spite of how tempting it sounded. His goal here was to stay out of prison.

So he decided that maybe Calvin would keep quiet if he thought one of his friends would die if he didn't. That's what Robert was going to do, he was going to kidnap one of Calvin's friends and force Calvin to agree not to testify against him. Which one would he snatch though? This was going to take some planning, but Robert felt that this would work out.

That evening after dinner, Allen and Rusty were talking in Rusty's room. Rusty said "I'm sure glad you finally got those wires out of your jaw."

"If you think you're glad, you should try being me." exclaimed Allen. "You have no idea how it feels to be able to eat real food again. Besides, now I can do this again." Allen then made the most grotesque face he could think of, which had Rusty doubled over laughing.

"Now you can have cake and ice cream at my birthday party too." chuckled Rusty. "And guess what? If everything goes well, I may be able to introduce everyone to my new girlfriend at the party."

"You have a new girlfriend?" asked Allen, as the happiness began to drain from his face.

"Yeah!" replied Rusty, enthusiastically. "You know Jennifer from our biology class? She asked me to the Valentine's Day dance, and she wants to go out on a date before then."

"Wow, that's really cool." replied a dejected Allen. Allen was now becoming depressed again. "How come everyone can find someone to love except me?" thought Allen to himself. Everyone Allen knew had moved on to someone else now, and Allen was feeling very alone.

Rusty called Jennifer the next day and arranged to go on a date on Saturday. As the week wore on, Allen's mood did not improve and he kept mostly to himself. He did talk to his mother during the week and she told Allen that their therapist wanted to have a session, including him. Allen and Judith agreed on the week before Valentine's Day. By Friday Allen's mood had not improved so Rusty decided to have a talk with him after dinner.

"Hey buddy," said Rusty "what's up? You've looked pretty down in the dumps all week."

Allen replied, "Nothing. I don't really want to talk about it now."

"Why not?" asked Rusty. "I thought we were best buddies and could talk about anything."

"Yeah, we are." replied Allen. "But this is not going to sound very good right now. I guess I'm just bummed out because everyone has someone right now except me."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Rusty. "You have a lot of people who care about you."

"I'm not talking about people that care about me." responded Allen. "I mean everyone has someone that they have special feelings about."

"If this is about me finding a girlfriend, you know I'm straight dude." said Rusty. "Eventually I had to start dating at some point."

"I know." said Allen. "It's just the timing really sucks, you know? Don't get me wrong Russ, I don't want you to not go out. It would just be a lot easier if I had someone like that too."

"Well, maybe Jennifer has a girlfriend that we could set you up with." Rusty said with a smile.

"Very funny dude." remarked Allen. "You know I can't be something that I'm not."

"I'm sorry." apologized Rusty. "It was just a joke. Okay, it was a really bad joke. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"

Allen got an evil glint in his eye as he responded, "Well, I know you're totally straight and everything, but I was thinking maybe we could jack-off together. I know it wouldn't really mean anything, but it would make me feel better. And who knows, it might make you feel better too."

Rusty was very nervous as he thought over Allen's proposition. He knew this would come up eventually, but he still didn't know how he would handle it. Then he looked over and saw the pleading look in Allen's eyes. "What the heck." thought Rusty, "as long as it's just this one time."

"Okay." said Rusty. "But you have to know that it's just this one time. After this, you need to get out and find yourself a boyfriend."

"I'll start working on it right away." said an eager Allen.

Rusty got up and went over to lock his door, then he got them a towel to clean up with. Rusty was nervous as hell, but Allen already had his pants and boxers off by the time Rusty returned to the bed. At first Rusty thought they were just going to work on their own dicks, but then Allen reached over to grab ahold of his best friend's best friend. Then Rusty hesitantly took ahold of Allen's erection. Both boys went to work on each other's pride and joy, and after a few minutes Rusty had to admit that it felt pretty nice. Then Allen began to lean down towards Rusty's dick.

"We'll have none of that funny business." Rusty managed to get out.

"Don't worry." said Allen. "I won't suck it, I just want to give it a quick kiss to see what it tastes like."

Rusty was in no condition to put up a fight at this time, so Allen continued. True to his word, Allen only put his lips against the head and gave a light kiss while managing to swipe his tongue lightly across the piss slit. He probably could have gotten away with a little bit more, but he didn't want to take advantage of the situation. Both boys continued jacking each other towards their climax.

Allen was the first to shoot, as Rusty skillfully aimed Allen's cum at the towel in front of them. Then it was Rusty's turn to shoot, as Allen skillfully aimed at his own target. The first shot hit Allen directly in the face and the rest went straight up and came back down on Allen's hand.

"Oh dude," panted Rusty, "you made a mess, didn't you?"

"That's okay." said Allen. "I can clean it up." With that, Allen proceeded to lick his hand clean, and then scooped what was on his face towards his mouth.

"Dude!" exclaimed Rusty. "That's gross! What did you do that for?"

"I just wanted to see how it tastes." replied Allen. "Actually, your cum doesn't taste that bad at all."

Rusty shook his head at Allen and said, "Okay, now you have to live up to your end of the deal and go out and get yourself a boyfriend."

"Okay." said Allen contentedly. "I'll start working on it right away."

Both boys went to sleep that night and didn't say anything else about what they had done. Rusty did toss and turn a little bit before going to sleep though. He couldn't figure out why he wasn't freaked out by what had happened. On the other side of the room, Allen went to sleep with a smile on his face and the taste of Rusty's cum on his lips.

That's part 11. I know, I know. Now all the "Allen and Rusty as a couple" fans are going wild. But don't forget about Rusty's date in part 12, and the big dance in part 13. That was mean of me, wasn't it? Don't forget, you can e-mail me at . See you all later and have a happy.