by tim

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Allen - by tim

Part 14

Before Rusty's car could come to a complete stop, he scrambled out of the passenger's door and instantly disappeared into the hospital. A few minutes later Emily caught back up to Rusty, who was crying in his father's arms.

Mike filled Rusty and Emily in on Allen's condition, while holding his son. "Allen was taken into surgery about 15 minutes ago." said Mike. "Robert hit Allen in the head with some object hard enough to cause a serious concussion and a fractured skull. The doctor said they will do everything they can for Allen, and all we can do now is wait."

Rusty continued crying even harder into his father's arms. After a few minutes Calvin and Ricky came over and took Rusty from Mike's arms, so the adults could talk. They both took turns holding and comforting Rusty.

Then, with tears in his eyes, Calvin said, "I'm so sorry Rusty. I had no idea my father would do something like this. I would trade places with Allen right now if I could. I feel like this is all my fault."

Rusty sobbed, "Don't blame yourself Calvin, your dad is insane."

Calvin said, "Well, we won't have to worry about that anymore. The cop shot dad right between the eyes and killed him."

Rusty straightened up a little and said, "I'm sorry Calvin, I didn't know."

"You didn't know what?" asked Calvin. "That the sick bastard got what he was asking for? Don't worry Rusty, he was insane and I should have told someone that a long time ago. You really love Allen like I love Ricky, don't you Rusty?"

"So much it hurts now." said Rusty.

The three boys stood in the waiting room in a three way hug while they waited for news on Allen. Ricky offered words of comfort to Rusty and Calvin. To cheer Rusty up he talked about what their friendship would be like when Allen came out of surgery, and had recovered from his injuries.

By the time the doctor emerged from the operating room two hours later, the group had been joined by Judith. The doctor said, "Allen is stable now, so we will be moving him to a room shortly. We had to fix several broken blood vessels in Allen's head and control the swelling of fluid around his brain. We also had to use a plate to stabilize the skull fracture. Although he is stable now and in no danger, we have not been able to wake him up. Right now it's probably just as well, it will give his brain a chance to heal. But also in cases like this, we have no idea how long he may be unconscious. When he has been set up in his room we will let people in to see him, but no more than two at a time."

When visitors were allowed to see Allen, Emily went in with Judith. As Judith looked down at her son she asked, "Why are these things happening to my son? Did me and Ben do something to bring this on him?"

Judith cried as Emily tried to ease her pain. Emily did not have an answer for Judith's questions though. She couldn't understand why this was happening herself. She did tell Judith of Rusty's feelings for Allen though. The two mothers discussed how they both felt about the boys relationship, and decided they looked forward to the two families being bonded together.

Calvin and Ricky were the next two to see Allen. Calvin looked at Allen with his head bandaged and tubes coming from him, as tears came to Calvin's eyes. Calvin took Allen's limp hand and said, "I'm so sorry Allen. I know I've hurt you yet again, but I promise it will never happen again. I do love you dude, and I'm going to start proving it to you instead of hurting you."

Ricky put his arms around Calvin from behind, as Calvin held Allen's hand and cried. Finally Tom poked his head into the room to tell the boys that they should be going soon, so they could get some rest. Both boys made their good-byes to Allen, and joined Tom in the waiting room.

Mike knew how Rusty felt about Allen, so he decided to let his son see the boy he loved by himself. Rusty pulled a chair up next to the bed of his battered friend, then gently took Allen's hand in his and began crying. Meanwhile Mike and Emily filled the hospital staff in on the situation between the two boys. The staff seemed very understanding, and promised not to disturb them.

Before Mike and Emily left, Emily went in Allen's room to talk to Rusty. "Here's your keys, son." said Emily. "We're going home to get some rest. Please don't drive the car until you feel better, okay son?"

Rusty replied, "Don't worry mom, I'm not leaving Allen anytime soon."

Emily kissed her son on the forehead and said, "I know son. Take care of yourself and Allen."

A soon as Emily left the room Rusty kissed Allen on the cheek and said, "I'm not leaving you until you wake up Allen, so I can tell you how much I love you. Please come back to me soon my angel." Rusty again took Allen's hand in his and sat down, as he held Allen's hand against his face.

At about 4 a.m. an orderly looked in on the boys to see how they were doing. He saw Rusty sitting in the chair asleep, holding Allen's hand. The orderly moved the other empty bed in the room next to Allen's and then picked Rusty up and laid him in the bed. Before he left the room he placed the boys hands back in each other's hand.

Ricky awoke Sunday to find Calvin already gone. He checked with Tom, but Tom had no idea where Calvin had gone. This gave Ricky time to think about himself and Calvin. After last night in Allen's room, he was sure that Calvin still had feelings for Allen. He decided if that is what was meant to happen, then he was not going to stand in the way for now. Once Calvin realized that Allen now had Rusty, he would still be there for his boy.

A few hours later Calvin came back and took Ricky to his room. Ricky said, "Calvin, I know you've known Allen much longer than me. If you still have feelings for him, I don't want to be in the way of you two."

"Baby, you've got it all wrong." said Calvin. "I do have feelings for Allen, but they're not what you think. Allen is one of the dearest friends I have, but nothing more. Please sit right there, I have something else to say to you." Calvin grabbed his guitar and began playing, as he sang:

In your arms, I can still feel the way you want me when you hold me.

I can still hear the words you whispered when you told me,

I can stay right here forever in your arms.

And there ain't no way, I'm letting you go now.

And there ain't no way, and there ain't no how.

I'll never see that day.

'Cause I'm keeping you forever and for always.

We will be together all of our days.

Wanna wake up every morning to your sweet face, always.

In your heart, I can still hear a beat for every time you kiss me.

And when we're apart, I know how much you miss me.

I can feel your love for me in your heart.

And there ain't no way, I'm letting you go now.

And there ain't no way, and there ain't no how.

I'll never see that day.

'Cause I'm keeping you forever and for always.

We will be together all of our days.

Wanna wake up every morning to your sweet face, always.

Wanna wake up every morning.

In your eyes, I can still see the look of the one who really loves me.

The one who wouldn't put anything else in the world above me.

I can still see your love for me in your eyes.

And there ain't no way, I'm letting you go now.

And there ain't no way, and there ain't no how.

I'll never see that day.

'Cause I'm keeping you forever and for always.

We will be together all of our days.

Wanna wake up every morning to your sweet face.

I'm keeping you forever and for always.

We will be together all of our days.

Wanna wake up every morning to your sweet face.

I'm keeping you forever and for always.

*Forever And For Always - written by Shania Twain and R. J. Lange. From the album "Up!" by Shania Twain. © 2002 Universal-Songs of PolyGram Intl. Inc./ Loon Echo Inc.

By the time Calvin had finished playing, Ricky's face was wet with tears. Ricky said, "I'm so sorry I doubted you baby, that was so beautiful."

Calvin wrapped his arms around Ricky and replied, "When I said I wanted to marry you yesterday, I wasn't just saying it to piss my dad off. I was completely serious my angel." Then Calvin produced a small box from his pocket, and opened it to show Ricky the ring inside. "Ricky, will you be with me forever and for always?"

Ricky gave several kisses repeatedly to Calvin's face, as he sobbed "Yes" over and over.

Rusty woke up Sunday to find himself in a bed that had been placed next to Allen's bed. He was also still holding Allen's hand. He got up and went around to sit on the other side of Allen's bed, and took the boy's hand back into his again. Rusty spent most of the day telling Allen how much he loved him, and begging Allen to come back.

Rusty was joined just before noon by his parents and Allen's mom. Mike and Emily knew they had to have a talk with Rusty. At the end of the talk they agreed to let Rusty stay one more night if Allen didn't wake up, but he would have to return to school on Tuesday. Rusty reluctantly agreed.

When Mike and Emily left the room, it was Judith's turn to go in. She spent a few moments watching Rusty with her son, and then went up to Rusty. Judith asked, "How are you holding up, Rusty?"

Rusty replied, "I just want him to wake up so much."

"We all do, Russ." said Judith.

"Yeah," said Rusty "but Allen knows how everyone else feels about him. I haven't had the chance to tell him how much I love him yet."

Judith put her arm around Rusty and said, "I believe that deep-down, he knows. It may not be something that has been talked about, or that he even realizes, but I think he knows."

Rusty looked up at Judith and asked, "With what happened with Calvin, you're not upset that I love Allen, are you?"

"No." said Judith. "I'm not the least bit upset. I know you will never hurt my son. Considering the fact that he is gay and is going to have a boyfriend in his life at some point, I can't think of anyone else I would rather see him with."

Rusty smiled and hugged Allen's mom as he said, "I think I need to give you some time alone with Allen. I should get out of this room for a little while anyway, and get something to eat while I'm at it."

As Rusty was on his way out to get something to eat, he ran across Tom, Calvin and Ricky coming into the hospital. Calvin and Ricky decided to join Rusty, so they all piled into Rusty's car. When they got to the restaurant they all slid into a booth, sitting close together with Rusty in the middle. The waitress smiled at the boys as she took their orders.

"So," said Calvin "how are you holding up Rusty?" He then put his arm across Rusty's shoulders.

Rusty replied, "It's really hard to just look at him, knowing there's nothing I can do about it. I really, really want to tell him how much I love him."

Ricky placed his hand on Rusty's leg and said, "Go ahead and do it then. You never know, he may be able to hear you."

"I don't know what I would do right now if I didn't have you two as my friends." said Rusty. "I don't know if I can go through this by myself."

Calvin rubbed Rusty's shoulders and said, "You're not alone, you've got two of the coolest parents in the world."

"I know." said Rusty. "It's still not the same as having someone your own age that you can relate to though."

As Ricky rubbed his friend's leg he said, "You know you can count on us for anything Rusty."

At that point Calvin and Ricky planted a wet, passionate kiss on both of Rusty's cheeks. They had to break it off though when the food arrived at their table. Rusty was somewhat relieved by the timing of the service, as his dick was beginning to stiffen a little by that time.

When the meal was finished Calvin and Ricky both put their arms around Rusty's shoulders, while Calvin said, "Rusty, I hope you don't think we're trying to come on to you. If you want to learn what to do with Allen when he wakes up though, me and Ricky would be more than happy to teach you."

Suddenly, Rusty could barely breathe. He didn't know what to think of Calvin and Ricky's offer. After all, he was nervous about how he would handle all the implications of being Allen's boyfriend, and he didn't want to seem uneasy when he did get to the point of doing something with Allen. He just couldn't shake the feeling that he would be cheating on Allen before their relationship was even official though. But he had to admit, Calvin and Ricky did seem sincere and cute as hell.

Rusty said, "I appreciate the offer, but it would seem like I'm cheating on Allen before we've even done anything. Don't get me wrong because I love you guys, and if I did do it with other boys you two would be at the top of the list."

"First," said Ricky "you and Allen aren't even boyfriends yet. You don't even know if you will be for sure until he wakes up."

"And next," said Calvin "it's not like we want you to be our boyfriend. We just want to show you how to be one to Allen." He looked at Ricky and said, "Show him the ring baby."

Ricky stuck his hand out and said, "This shows me how much my lover is committed to me. If it ever becomes legal for us to be married, we will be. Until then, as far as we're concerned we are married. We plan on having some kind of ceremony when we get older."

Calvin was smiling ear to ear as he said, "This is how good it can be, but it almost wasn't. The first time we did anything freaked me out so much, that it was almost the last time, at least for me. We don't want to see that happen with you, we want to see you and Allen as happy as we are now. Do you want to have with Allen, what we have together Rusty?"

Rusty thought about it and replied, "Yeah, I do want it to be like that with Allen. I guess I'll let you teach me how to make it that way."

With that, the three boys got into Rusty's car and headed toward Calvin's house. Rusty called his mom on the cell phone to tell her that they wouldn't be back as soon as planned. He told her that they had something very important to take care of.

Once they arrived at Calvin's house, Calvin and Ricky led Rusty to Calvin's room. Then the two lovers proceeded to slowly undress Rusty, and then themselves.

Ricky explained, "You have to take undressing your boyfriend really slow. It builds up the excitement, and keeps both people from reaching their climax too soon."

Once all three boys were naked, Calvin and Ricky laid Rusty back onto the bed. Then Calvin began kissing Rusty. Rusty was a little hesitant at first, but when Calvin started pushing his tongue into Rusty's mouth, he began to relax. Both boys took turns kissing Rusty as passionately as they could, then began heading downward. Calvin took one of Rusty's nipples into his mouth, while Ricky worked on the other one. In no time Rusty was moaning with a pleasure he had never felt before.

Soon the two boys began working their way to Rusty's pride and joy. Ricky stopped to tongue Rusty's navel, so Calvin was first to taste Rusty's cock. Seeing what was happening, Ricky immediately went to suck on Rusty's balls. At this point there was no turning back for Rusty. He was starting to feel sensations he never dreamed possible. He was also moaning the most wonderful sounds of pleasure that anyone in the room had ever heard before.

After a few moments Calvin and Ricky exchanged places. Ricky began lovingly sucking on Rusty, while Calvin bathed Rusty's balls with his mouth. Then Calvin wet his finger and placed it at the opening to Rusty's chute. When Calvin pushed the finger in, Rusty saw stars. At first it was uncomfortable, but Rusty adapted to the finger very quickly.

Rusty moaned out, "You guys are going to make me feel so fantastic that I'm going to die." Ricky and Calvin both smiled as much as they could with their mouths full.

After Calvin had fingered Rusty's hole for a few minutes, Ricky motioned for Calvin to take over on Rusty's cock. Rusty was now writhing in pleasure as Ricky made his way on his knees up toward Rusty's head.

Ricky softly asked, "Are you ready to try something new?" Then he pointed his cock at Rusty's head.

Rusty examined what was offered to him for a moment, and then tentatively licked the head with his tongue. He immediately fell in love with the taste, and took the rest of Ricky's cock into his mouth. This did not last long, as Ricky had already been jacking himself. He unloaded his cum into Rusty's mouth. At first Rusty had no idea what to do, but then he decided that the taste was a huge turn-on so he began swallowing. Then as soon as the last drops had been drained from Ricky, Rusty began shooting into Calvin's mouth. Calvin hungrily swallowed Rusty's load, then laid back on the bed.

Ricky decided that his boy needed to cum too, so he began sucking on Calvin. Once Rusty had recovered from his climax, he got down close and watched in wonder as Ricky sucked Calvin's cock. In just a few minutes Calvin was the last of the boys to release his cum, which Ricky swallowed greedily.

After the boys had relaxed for a few minutes Calvin asked, "How are you feeling Rusty?"

Rusty replied, "I have never dreamed of feeling anything like that, even in my wildest fantasies. I can't wait to be able to make love to my boyfriend now."

"Well then," said Ricky "I think we better get back to him."

All three boys then redressed and headed out to the car. On the way back to the hospital, Rusty still could not imagine how anything could have felt as good as what he had experienced today.

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