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Allen - by tim

Part 15

When Rusty returned to the hospital, he became a little quieter. He was sure that Allen had been saving himself for a special person, how would Allen feel if he knew what had happened. His previous feelings of cheating on Allen had returned. Ricky and Calvin noticed the change in Rusty's behavior as they went in to see Allen, and wondered if they may have taken advantage of Rusty while he was in a confused state. They still did not regret what they had done though. They had decided earlier that they needed to have an experience with someone else, so that they wouldn't have any doubts about their commitment to each other.

When no one else was paying attention, Calvin leaned over and whispered in Allen's ear, "When you find out what happened please don't be mad at us. And don't be mad at Rusty, it wasn't his fault."

As people began leaving, Rusty moved from the window he had been staring out of, over to Allen's bedside. Even after everyone had left the room Rusty still could not say anything to Allen, his guilt was growing more by the moment.

Finally Rusty was able to speak again as he said, "Dude, you know I love you very much and I wish you would come back right now. I don't know why I did what I did, or why I liked it. Please forgive me someday." Rusty then cried as he held Allen's hand.

A few hours later Mike came back to check on the boys. When he looked into Allen's room, Rusty was crying with his head buried in his hands. Mike went over and put his hands on Rusty's shoulders as he asked, "What's wrong son?"

Rusty sobbed, "Dad, I did something I shouldn't have and I don't think I deserve Allen anymore."

"What did you do son?" asked Mike. "What could be so bad that you would feel that way?" Mike waited for an answer but Rusty only looked at him and cried, so he asked, "Does this have anything with what you, Calvin, and Ricky had to do this afternoon?"

Rusty cried, "I don't know why I did it dad! I didn't leave here today thinking I was going to do something like that, it just happened. I know Allen is going to hate me when he wakes up."

Mike suddenly got an understanding look on his face and asked, "Did you have sex with Calvin and Ricky today?"

Rusty cried out, "I didn't mean to do it dad! How can I keep Allen from hating me now?"

Mike had Rusty stand up out of the chair. Once Mike was seated he had Rusty sit in his lap, then he put his arm around Rusty and held his son close.

"First of all," said Mike, "I don't believe Allen will hate you when he finds out. He might be hurt or mad, but I don't think he will hate you. I think you might have done what you did with Calvin and Ricky because you were afraid of what it would be like when you had sex with Allen for the first time."

"That doesn't make any sense dad." said Rusty.

"Yes it does." said Mike. "People very seldom spend their whole lives with the first person they have sex with these days son. Do you think your mother was the first person I had sex with. Your mother and I didn't meet until our third year of college. Do you honestly think I was a virgin at that time? Or your mother for that matter? To be honest with you, there isn't a whole lot of twenty year old virgins running around out there."

"Yeah dad, I suppose you're right." said Rusty. "But I know I love Allen and he's the person I want to be with."

"I hope you're right son." said Mike. "I hope you and Allen can be happy together for a very long time. Besides, have you ever talked to Allen about his sexual experiences? Maybe he's not as pure as you thought, and will understand what happened."

"Dad!" exclaimed Rusty. "How could I talk to Allen about something like that? After all, as far as he's concerned I'm straight."

"That's my point exactly." said Mike. "You two have a lot to talk about because right now, you know as much about him as he does about you. When you do talk you might find out that things aren't as bad as they seem."

"What about Calvin and Ricky then?" asked Rusty. "Are you saying that they won't make it as a couple?"

"I think they might have taken advantage of your situation and used you son." said Mike. "I seem to recall that Ricky had himself a reputation before he got together with Calvin, so I'm going to assume that he does have some experience. As far as Calvin goes, Ricky probably was his first time but look at how that turned out. Calvin was about to kill himself if Tom hadn't come along. That's not exactly a normal reaction to your first time. I think deep down Calvin used you to see if he really wanted to be committed to Ricky."

"They wouldn't do that." said Rusty. "They were just trying to help."

"That may be how they justified doing it." said Mike. "They may also have meant it, as a way of going through with it. That doesn't mean it's the only reason they did it though."

"Are you mad at them dad?" asked Rusty. "Should I be mad at them?"

"No son." said Mike. "I'm not mad at them, and you shouldn't be either. You are all still just boys, and you all have a lot of things left to learn. You guys may not always do the right thing, but that's no reason to get mad as long as you learn from it. I expect right about now, Calvin and Ricky are starting to feel guilty about what they did today. Just look on the bright side son. When you do make love to Allen, now you'll have an experience that will hopefully show you how good it really is."

Rusty blushed a bright red as he heard his dad talk about him and Allen that way. As his embarrassment faded he asked, "How did I ever get so lucky to have a dad like you?"

Mike replied, "You're no more lucky than me, for having a son like you Russ."

Rusty and his dad hugged tightly for several minutes. After Mike had kissed his son on the head and left, Rusty took Allen's hand again and stared at the boy he now longed for more that anything else. Rusty was now determined that he wouldn't let any of the problems he had gone through recently come in between him and Allen.

Before Rusty climbed into the bed next to Allen he said, "Please Allen, please come back. I know we have a lot of things to talk about, but I'll do anything I can to help us get through the next few months. In spite of what's happened, I still love you so much it hurts." After that, Rusty climbed into the bed and held Allen's other hand as he drifted off to sleep.

"Mondays suck!" thought the coroner to himself, as he made his way to the door of the county morgue. Mondays always brought a lot of grieving people, claiming the bodies of loved ones who had been dropped off over the weekend. Sure enough, there was already someone waiting at his door. The coroner deactivated his alarm and unlocked the door, then showed the young man into his office.

"How may I be of help to you today young man?" asked the coroner.

"I'm here to claim my father." said the young man. "He was brought in Saturday evening."

"I'm so sorry to hear that." said the coroner. "I'll just need your name, and the name of your father. And once again I'm sorry for your loss."

"What loss!" said the young man. "The only thing I've lost is time from college to have to take care of this shit! My name is Theodore Wilson, but no one calls me Theodore. Call me Ted instead. My father's name is Robert Wilson."

Ted Wilson had managed to do well for himself, after leaving home at 16. He managed to find people who would help him sober up, and take care of him. He even managed to finish high school and go onto college. He knew if he had stayed at home that never would have happened.

"Okay," said the coroner, "follow me this way. You'll have to identify the body and sign some papers." The coroner pulled a table out from the wall, and pulled the cover back from the body.

"Damn!" said Ted. "They made a mess of him, didn't they? Yeah, that's dad all right. Gees dad! What did you do to make them shoot you in the face like that?"

The coroner said, "Once again, I'm sorry. I know how difficult it must be to see him like that."

"Don't worry about it." said Ted. "Knowing him, he probably asked for it. I'll make the arrangements to have him taken care of right away. I'll have to find out what part my little bro had in this over my summer break. I have to get back to college now before my roommate misses his Teddy Bear."

With that, Ted walked out of the coroner's office leaving the coroner with his mouth hanging open.

Calvin and Ricky were walking to school that morning with their arms around each other and talking. They were both starting to feel guilty about what they had talked Rusty into doing yesterday, and didn't get much sleep last night. Calvin was feeling slightly more guilty than Ricky because he knew the reason he wanted to do it was wrong. As they walked, they decided they would have to have a long talk with Rusty when they went to the hospital after school.

Back at the hospital Rusty was staying by Allen's bed, and talking to his boy. Emily and Judith came in and out several times. Emily was also at the hospital for tests that would show the sex of her expected child. Whatever it was going to be, it felt huge. By mid-afternoon all the tests were complete and Emily knew she was going to have twins, one boy and one girl. She couldn't wait to tell the news to her family.

When Emily and Judith came back to the room, Rusty could see Emily had a big smile on her face. Even though Rusty asked over and over what was going on, Emily did not want to say anything until the whole family was together. Rusty finally gave up and decided to give his mom and Judith some time alone with Allen. He had been in the room for so long that he needed some fresh air anyway.

Rusty stepped into the elevator on the third floor and pressed the button for the lobby. As the pulleys for the elevator engaged, all of the cables snapped from the pressure. The emergency brake immediately kicked in causing the elevator to lurch sharply, and knocking Rusty to the floor of the elevator. Rusty got up from the floor in complete darkness and said, "Okay Russ, don't panic. All I have to do is find the emergency phone, and call someone to get me out of here."

Rusty groped around in the dark trying to find the phone, as the elevator occasionally creaked and groaned. At last Rusty finally found the phone. As he picked the handset up, the emergency brake failed. The elevator, and Rusty, plunged forty feet to the bottom of the shaft.

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