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Allen - by tim

Part 16

Rusty always loved the beach, he just couldn't figure out how he had come to be on this beach right now. It was beautiful though as Rusty looked around himself. There was not a building or road in sight. "No people either." thought Rusty. As he looked around more carefully though, he did see a person sitting in the sand a little further down the beach. As Rusty approached the person he could tell it was another boy, and the boy was naked. Rusty thought "That's odd! Why would that boy be sitting there naked." It was then that Rusty noticed he was also naked.

Without looking back, the boy sitting in the sand motioned for Rusty to come join him. Rusty cautiously approached the boy. He had about a million questions and this boy was the only one who could answer them. As Rusty drew closer, the boy suddenly turned to face him.

"Allen!" screamed Rusty.

"It's about time you got here dude!" replied Allen. "Do you know how long I've been waiting for you?"

The moment Allen stood up, Rusty threw his arms around the boy. Allen put his arms around Rusty, then brought his lips to Rusty's. The two boys stood in the sand, locked in a kiss that neither one wanted to break.

Finally Rusty broke the kiss and began crying as he said, "I'm so sorry Allen. I don't deserve that kind of reaction from you. After I admitted to myself that I loved you as a mate, I went out and had sex with Calvin and Ricky. Please don't hate me Allen, I'm so sorry."

"But you didn't make love to them, right?" asked Allen.

"No way!" said Rusty. "It could never be called making love with anyone except you."

"That's good," said Allen, "because it was really hot watching you guys!"

"What!?" exclaimed Rusty. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm sorry." said Allen. "I couldn't help myself. I had to watch. Really though dude, you have to learn to listen to your dad. He's pretty smart, as well as cool."

"What do you mean, Allen?" asked Rusty.

"You're just recently learning about sex, I've known about it for a little while now." said Allen. "You don't honestly think I'm a virgin do you? Did you know that at your sister's birthday party, I was playing 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine' with one of her nine year old friends?"

"That's not exactly having sex though dude." said Rusty.

"Yeah, you're right." said Allen. "Do you remember the kid Ricky got caught having sex with last year though, when everyone found out he was gay? Before his parents moved him away from Ricky last summer, we had sex. We did everything but anal sex, I was still a little scared to do that. Then at your birthday party, me and Shane slipped away and traded blow jobs. Do you know Greg let him get some really cool nipple rings?"

When Allen finished with his confession, Rusty was looking at him with his jaw practically dropped to the ground.

"Don't look at me that way dude." said Allen. "None of that was love, it was just sex. I get horny just like anyone else. Besides, I always knew someday love would come along. I hope that's going to be you, or we're going to have a miserable time while we're here." As Allen said that, he had the cutest mischievous smile on his face.

"You don't have any idea how much I want that Allen." said Rusty.

"Yes I do." replied Allen. "I was always watching you when you were alone with me. I love how you slept with me dude."

"If you could see me then why didn't you come back?" asked Rusty. "I was begging for you to come back to me!"

Allen replied, "Because I knew you were going to be coming here and I couldn't stop it, I couldn't stand the idea of you being here alone. Besides, my body still needs some more time to heal. Robert really messed up my head."

"What is this place?" asked Rusty. "How did we get here? Are we dead?"

"Whoa, Rusty!" said Allen. "I'll answer all of your questions, but first we have to do something."

"What's that?" asked Rusty.

"Every once in a while we have to go back to recharge our brains." said Allen. "That way the people back there won't think we've vegged out, and pull the plug on us. I have to warn you though my love, you may not like what you see. Don't worry, I'll be with you and tell you what to do all the way."

"Okay." said a nervous Rusty. "What do we do?"

Allen said, "Okay, we're going to go to me first, so I can show you what to do. First, hold my hands and close your eyes."

"Okay." said Rusty. "Why do I have to hold your hands for this?"

"You don't," said Allen, "I just like holding your nice hands. Now, really concentrate hard and think of me."

Suddenly the boys were standing in Allen's hospital room. Allen was laying in his bed with Judith, Calvin, and Ricky at his bedside. Allen went over to his body's free hand, and took hold of his body's hand. Rusty could see something transfer from the nude Allen to the unconscious Allen. Then Allen went back over to Rusty.

"Kinda creepy the first time you do it, ain't it?" asked Allen. "Don't worry, you'll get use to all this really quick. I don't suppose I have to tell you that no one can see or hear us, do I?"

Rusty snapped out of his state of shock and replied, "I kinda figured that one out already. Why ain't I in here with you?"

"Because dude, you made the big time!" said Allen. "You're still in ICU. Let's go ahead and walk over there to see you."

"Can't we just think our way over there?" asked Rusty.

"I guess we could." said Allen. "I've always wanted to walk through a busy hospital naked though." Allen ran over to the door. "Come on buddy, let's go! Don't worry, we'll take the stairs down to ICU." Allen began laughing hysterically and Rusty had no choice to follow.

When Rusty finally caught up to Allen he said, "I'm glad you find my near demise so amusing. I still can't believe an elevator of all things!"

"Well," said Allen, "you'll be happy to know that the elevator maintenance company is going to be paying through the nose for this."

"I'm thrilled." said Rusty sarcastically.

The boys finally arrived at the ICU. Rusty was shocked motionless as he saw his battered body laying there. His head was bandaged, his neck was in a brace, and both legs and his right arm were in a cast. He also had tubes and wires running from every part of his body that was accessible.

"Looks pretty bad, don't it?" asked Allen. "They actually had to resuscitate you twice. Don't worry though, your body will heal completely even if it don't look like it." Allen gave Rusty a few more moments to adjust, then said, "We have to get going back soon Rusty. You need to go over and take ahold of your hand."

Rusty did as he was told, and actually felt a little energy transfer from him to his motionless body. He then went back to Allen.

"Don't worry." said Allen. "Like I said, you'll get use to all this before too long. Now hold my hands and close your eyes." When Rusty's eyes were closed Allen said, "Now, think about our beach and concentrate really hard."

When Rusty heard the sound of waves he opened his eyes, and he and Allen were holding hands on the empty beach.

"Wow!" exclaimed Rusty. "That was a really weird experience. Now, why don't you tell me what's going on here?"

"Okay, here goes." said Allen. "When I first got here, there was a man here too. He had set this whole place up for us, so we would have someplace to be while our bodies are healing. If we were back there with our bodies, the pain would be unbearable. He said he wanted us to be spared that pain, so now we have a place just for us, where we can be happy until we're ready to go back."

"Who was this man you were talking about?" asked Rusty. "Was it God?"

"Not exactly." replied Allen. "It was Calvin's father, Robert. He has an awful lot of terrible things to make up for, before his soul can rest. This is only the beginning of what he has to do. He also has to make sure Calvin and Ricky stay together, because that's the way they were meant to be. There was also something about his other son, but I don't remember what that was."

"Anyway, he gave us some rules we have to follow while we're here." said Allen. "First, we have to go back every other day to recharge our bodies brain, like we just did. Next, you have to remain here at least until you are released from the hospital. It seems as though Calvin might have feelings for you, and we can't interfere with his and Ricky's relationship. They have to stay together. Finally, we can't go past the top of the dune or more than a quarter of a mile out in the water, until we are ready to return to our bodies. That's how we get back permanently. Also we don't have to eat or go to the toilet, and we don't have to sleep unless we want to. These bodies are a little different than our real bodies."

"What if we decide we don't want to go back?" asked Rusty.

"I doubt that will happen." said Allen. "If it does though, this place will last as long as we need it. You don't feel that way, do you Rusty?"

"I don't know right now." said Rusty. "All I do know is that I want to be alone with you for now. I still don't know how you can forgive what I did so easily though."

"Rusty, it was your time to learn about sex." explained Allen. "I wish I could have been there for it, but I didn't have any choice. I'm glad Calvin and Ricky were there though. They do care about you, and it could have been so much worse if you had been with someone who didn't. Besides like I said before, you three were pretty hot together."

Rusty turned three shades of red at once when Allen said that. When Rusty started to recover from his blush he asked, "So, what do we do now?"

"We can do anything at all that we want to." said Allen. "We can run, play, laugh, or just be two boys who are madly in love. I know what I want to do now though."

"What's that?" asked Rusty.

"I want to kiss you again." said Allen. "I've always been in love with you Rusty, I just never thought I could have you until now. Now, lay down on the sand for me."

Rusty did as Allen asked, then Allen laid down with him. Allen put his lips up to the softest lips he had ever felt in his life, then both boys began kissing. It felt so good and right to Rusty that he slipped his tongue into Allen's mouth. Allen sucked hungrily at Rusty's tongue. He wanted to suck every inch of Rusty's body before they left this beach for good, but right now he had the wettest and hottest tongue imaginable in his mouth, and he wanted to suck that for all it was worth. Finally, he released Rusty's tongue so it could explore the inside of his mouth.

Rusty rubbed his tongue all over the inside of Allen's mouth. Then he began stroking Allen's tongue with his own. Both boys were now in paradise, and moaned their love for each other. Allen decided it was time to do some exploring with his tongue, so he slipped it into Rusty's mouth as far as he could. Rusty's lust took over as the two boys held each other in the sand as tightly as they could. Rusty furiously sucked on Allen's tongue. After what seemed like a joyful eternity, both boys broke the kiss and laid in each others arms.

"G... G... God!... That was so hot!" panted Rusty. "I almost shot a load of cum all over us!"

Allen laid there with a gorgeous smile on his face and replied, "I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you. The one bodily function we do have is the ability to orgasm. That would have been so cool though, if I could have made you shoot by kissing you!"

"I think if you gave it three good strokes right now, that would probably finish the job." begged Rusty.

"Cool!" exclaimed Allen. "Let's find out!"

Instead of grasping Rusty's erection, Allen slipped down and wrapped his mouth around it. He gave it no more than one stroke with his lips when Rusty began moaning, "Ahhh!....Unngh!....All...en!" As Rusty began shooting, Allen sucked on his cock as hard as he could. He wanted to suck every drop out of Rusty's body.

As soon as Rusty had recovered he had Allen turn over on his back. Rusty slowly lowered himself down Allen's body, and lovingly took Allen's cock into his hand. After Rusty had admired Allen's pride and joy for a few moments, he leaned down and wrapped his lips around it.

Allen softly moaned, "Oh Russ, I've been dreaming of this moment forever. I love you so much dude."

Rusty began gently sucking Allen's cock, and putting Allen in the highest state of ecstasy imaginable. Allen had been waiting so long to make love to his best friend though, that he couldn't last very long himself. Soon Rusty felt Allen's cum hitting the inside of his mouth. After Rusty let Allen's cock slide from his mouth, he swirled the cum around the inside of his mouth with his tongue and then swallowed.

Rusty looked up at Allen with a little bit of cum around the outside of his lip and said, "That tasted better than I could have ever imagined."

Allen took one look at Rusty and began giggling. He then said, "Come here and kiss me, you fool."

After the boys had laid on the beach kissing and hugging until they were content, Allen got a mischievous look in his eye. He got up to hold his hand out to Rusty and said, "Come on Rusty, get up. I have an idea." After Rusty had got to his feet, Allen reached out and touched Rusty on the shoulder. Then he yelled, "Tag! You're it!"

Allen took off down the beach laughing madly, while Rusty gave chase. When he caught up to Allen, he put his arms around his boyfriend and harmlessly tackled him to the sand. When Rusty got up off of Allen he looked down and said, "I guess you're it now!" He then took off back up the beach, with Allen close behind.

Both boys were now laughing wildly, as they spent the rest of the day playing on the beach. After night had fallen both boys laid down on the sand and fell asleep in each others arms, under the stars.

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