by tim

© 2004

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Allen - by tim

Part 17

Rusty awoke in the morning, with himself and Allen wrapped in each other's arms. He thought to himself, "Hmmm, I could get use to this very easily." Rusty then decided to wake up Allen, by waking up little Allen first. He grabbed ahold of Allen's shaft and began stroking gently. He smiled as he felt Allen's cock stiffen in his hand.

"Oh Rusty!" moaned Allen. "As much as I like the attention, I think we should rinse the sand off ourselves first."

Both boys giggled at Allen's remark, then began a long and loving good morning kiss. Once they had extracted their tongues from each others mouths, they walked down to the water to rinse the sand off their smooth, naked bodies. Finally their gleaming bodies emerged from the water, and they stood in the morning sun to dry themselves off.

Allen looked at Rusty's body and remarked, "God, you look delicious."

"You look pretty yummy yourself, dude." responded Rusty. Both boys smiled at each other as Rusty continued, "So, what can we do today?"

"We can do whatever we want." said Allen. "Let me give it some thought. In the meantime, can I ask you something?"

"Ask away!" chirped Rusty.

"Okay." said Allen. "How long have you been in love with me?"

"Oh wow!" remarked Rusty. "That's a tough question." Rusty thought about the question for a few moments, then continued, "If I have to be honest, I would say it started a month or so after you told me that you were gay. Now, how about you?"

"That's an easy one for me." said Allen. "I've been in love with you all of my life. It took me a long time to get use to the idea that I would never have you like that. When I did, that's when I came out to you. Now, I love you more than I could ever express with words."

"That's so cool dude." said Rusty. "I love you more than I ever thought I could ever love anyone, in spite of what happened before I came here. I love this place too, it gave me something I never thought I would have."

"I know, Russ. I can see it in your eyes." said Allen. "Now, I have an idea on what to do. I'll go around that little bend in the beach down there, and build a sand castle. You stay here and do the same, and we'll see who can build the best sand castle."

"That sounds like fun!" exclaimed Rusty.

So both boys set about building their castles in the sand. Both boys worked feverishly at their creations, calling out to each other every so often to drive each other on. Allen thought he was doing a very good job on his, and he was. By midday his castle had topped out at about three feet, and was taking on some very intricate detail. A little past midday Allen decided he was finished, and stepped back to admire his handiwork.

Allen then called out to Rusty, "Hey Rusty! Are you finished yet?"

"No. Not quite yet dude!" came the reply.

So Allen waited, and waited, and waited. After what seemed like forever, Allen called out, "Come on buddy! I didn't wait as long as I did for you to get here, so I could be by myself."

Rusty called back, "Just give me a little longer dude. I'll be finished soon."

"Okay Russ, just hurry." yelled Allen. So Allen waited for his friend to finish. He waited a long time, or so it seemed. Finally, as afternoon was beginning to wane, Allen was getting ready to call out to Rusty again. Before he could though, Rusty appeared from around the bend.

"It's about time, slow poke." said Allen.

Rusty looked mischievously at Allen and replied, "Sorry babe, I got caught up in building the sand castle and just couldn't stop until it was done. Let's see what you made." Rusty examined his friend's castle carefully and said, "Wow! That's pretty good. Your's has a lot more detail than mine."

Allen beamed with pride and said, "All I did was think of you, and the castle came out just as beautiful."

"It is beautiful," said Rusty, "but I can't believe that I could be the inspiration for something that beautiful."

"Dude, you are more beautiful than any pile of sand could ever be." said Allen. "Now, let's go see what took you so long, my love."

The boys held each other's hand as they walked back toward Rusty's castle. As they rounded the bend in the beach, Allen froze in place and his jaw dropped almost to the sand.

Rusty shook Allen's arm and said, "Allen! What's wrong? Speak to me dude!"

When Allen could speak again he said, "Dude! That hospital really has to reduce your medication just a bit! How in the world did you even do something like that?"

Before the boys stood a castle that stood at least ten feet in height at the spires. It had doorways in the exterior and interior walls that were high enough for the boys to walk through. Allen examined the castle outside and inside. The interior doorways were built to the sides of the castle, while the exterior door was in the front. That way, when you were inside the castle you could not be seen from the outside.

When Rusty joined Allen inside the castle, Allen said, "You know, we don't exactly need privacy here. We are the only two on this beach."

"I thought it would be kind of nice though." said Rusty. "It will seem a little more intimate when we do certain things." Rusty gave Allen a seductive grin, which made Allen begin giggling.

"I'm sorry." said Allen. "I didn't mean it like that. I'm just trying to understand how you built something so grand."

"That's easy." said Rusty. "All I did was think of you."

With that, the boys wrapped their arms around each other and began a passionate, lustful kiss. Their tongues bathed each other's tongue and mouth for many long moments. Then both boys slowly sunk to their knees, still locked in their kiss. Finally, both boys were laying on their sides. Allen turned around and the boys took each other's shaft into their mouths at the same time. Allen and Rusty made slow, passionate love to each other in their castle in the sand. They climaxed at the same time and drank each other's nectar in gratitude for their love for each other.

The rest of the evening and most of the night was filled with the beautiful sound of young laughter, as the boys hugged and joked around with each other until way into the night.

The next day Allen advised Rusty that it was once again time to recharge their real bodies. After his first experience, Rusty wasn't exactly thrilled. He did realize however, that it needed to be done. Once again the boys held hands and thought really hard about Allen. When they opened their eyes they were in Allen's hospital room along with Allen, Calvin, and Ricky. Calvin and Ricky were holding hands and talking to Allen's unconscious body.

"Oh!" exclaimed Rusty. "This could be interesting stuff here!" So Allen and Rusty decided to listen in for a while.

Ricky held Calvin's hand as Calvin said, "I hope you can hear me Allen, because me and Ricky have come to a decision. You and Rusty are going to be together and no one is going to interfere again, not even us." He turned to Ricky and the two boys kissed before he continued, "That's why as soon as you and Rusty wake up, we are going to have a commitment ceremony. You are going to be my best man, and Rusty will be Ricky's best man." This time Calvin and Ricky engaged in a long, deep, kiss.

Allen turned to Rusty with a wicked grin and said, "You stud! You must have made an impression on someone, or at least on his cock." Then Allen giggled like a little boy.

"I did not!" protested Rusty. "I don't want to make an impression on anyone except you!"

"Oh come on Rusty," said Allen, "I was only teasing. You really should realize that I'm not mad at you about that. As a matter of fact, I'm happy that you guys did that. It made me cum without even touching myself. Try to look back at it as something that was fun, but you won't be doing again because you have me now."

Rusty blushed as he said, "Okay babe, I'll try." He then gave Allen a warm hug.

After the hug was over Allen exclaimed, "Wow! They're still going at it. I wonder who can kiss longer, you and me or Calvin and Ricky?"

Rusty answered, "We could beat them without even breaking a sweat!" Both boys laughed at Rusty's answer.

Finally Calvin and Ricky came up for air, so Allen said, "Hey Rusty, you wanna have a little fun with them?"

"How do we do that?" asked Rusty.

"Just watch!" said Allen. First Allen completed the transfer of energy to his unconscious body. Then he lifted his unconscious finger and let it back down.

"OH MY GOD!!" screamed Calvin. "Did you see that, Ricky?"

"See what babe?" asked Ricky.

"Allen just moved his freakin' finger!" exclaimed Calvin.

"It was probably just an involuntary nerve reaction baby." said Ricky. "Don't pee your pants just yet, wait until the doctor says you have a reason to."

"It's not an involuntary reaction!" said Calvin. "I know what it means! It means he can hear me somehow."

"You may be right baby." said Ricky. "I just wish we had some way to know for sure."

"Oh-oh!" said Allen. "I think I just blew our cover. Let's get the heck out of here and get to your bed!" Rusty chuckled at Allen's predicament as he followed his boy from the room.

As Allen and Rusty were leaving the room, Calvin was kissing Allen's body on the forehead and saying, "I know you can hear me dude. Hurry up and come back to us when you're ready."

Rusty caught up to Allen and said, "You know, what you did back there was kind of mean."

"I'm sorry." said Allen. "I didn't know he would react like that. I thought it might be kind of funny."

Rusty could see his friend needed cheering up, so he said, "Don't worry about it babe. At least now we know how much Calvin and Ricky care about us. It does kind of make me homesick to come back though."

"No Rusty!" exclaimed Allen. "Remember what Robert said, we can't do that yet. It could break up Calvin and Ricky."

"Yeah, you're right." said Rusty. "If we were to come back right now, Calvin would jump your bones for sure." Rusty smiled mischievously at Allen as he said that, causing Allen to blush.

"Well." said Allen, "we'll have to check on Calvin and Ricky tonight to make sure they're okay."

The boys continued on to ICU to take care of Rusty's body. When they arrived at Rusty's bed they found Rusty, Mike, and Emily there.

"Please baby," begged Emily, "come back to us honey. You know we love you so much." Tears were streaming down Emily's face as she talked to her boy.

Mike choked back his emotions and took over, "Please son, if you can hear us, please come home." Mike began to cry slightly, so he took a few moments to compose himself, then continued. "I remember the talk we had the day before the accident. I wish we had started having those talks long ago my boy. I'll give anything for you to come back so we can do that again." With that Mike broke down and began crying like he had never cried before.

Allen looked over to Rusty, who was also crying now.

"Please!" begged Rusty. "Let's do this and get back, or I'm not going to make it."

Allen guided his friend over to the bed. Rusty had a hard time getting to his hand because his dad was now holding onto it. As soon as the transfer was complete Rusty wanted to send a message to his dad, so he gave his hand the slightest squeeze. This caused his body's hand to squeeze Mike's hand very slightly.

Mike looked at his son and smiled as he said, "Thanks son, I know you're trying as hard as you can."

Rusty pulled back from the bed and wrapped his arms around Allen tightly, then said, "Let's go now babe, I gotta get back to our beach."

Both boys thought hard about their beach and were back there immediately. Allen said, "Don't worry my dear, it will get easier. Just give it a little time."

"Just kiss me and make it feel better." said Rusty. Allen and Rusty stood on the beach holding each other with all their might, locked in a passion filled kiss that lasted into the evening.

After what seemed as though an eternity had passed, Allen broke the kiss and asked, "What do say we go check on Calvin and Ricky now?"

"Okay." replied Rusty. "I feel much better now."

"Okay then," said Allen, "let's hold on tight and think about Calvin." In an instant Allen and Rusty were standing in Tom's living room.

Calvin and Ricky both got up and turned to Tom, as Calvin said, "I think Ricky and me will be going to my room now."

"Okay." said Tom. "Have fun, and don't forget you have to start training this week for the tournament that's coming up soon."

"I'll start training tomorrow." said Calvin. "Good night dad, and thanks for being there for us through all of this."

"Good night Mr. D," said Ricky, "and thanks from me too."

"You boys are so welcome that I don't even know where to start." said Tom. "I appreciate your sticking by Calvin through this, Ricky. Now, good night you two love birds."

Calvin and Ricky both blushed at Tom's comment as they headed to Calvin's room. Rusty and Allen followed closely behind the pair of boys. Once everyone was in the room, Calvin remembered to go back over and shut the door.

"I take it someone is feeling frisky tonight." said Ricky as he undressed completely. "That's good because I need you inside me so badly tonight Calvin." Ricky then smiled seductively at his lover.

Calvin began undressing too as he said, "That's great because nothing would please me more than to feel you wrapped around me right now."

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Rusty. "This IS going to be interesting!"

"Okay," said Allen, "I think we should go now and let them be alone."

"You've got to be kidding, right?" asked Rusty. "How could you possibly want to leave right now?"

"Of course I'm kidding, dude." said Allen. "Do you really think I would pass up a chance to watch this?" Then Allen began laughing.

"You had me scared there for a second." chuckled Rusty.

Both boys watched in awe as Calvin lubed his shaft and gently slid it inside Ricky. Ricky began moaning and telling Calvin how great it felt to have Calvin's cock inside of him. Rusty and Allen were now rubbing themselves gently, and beginning to stiffen. Calvin was slowly pulling his 7 ½ inches almost completely out of Ricky and then firmly pushing it back inside the squirming boy's rectum. Ricky would moan, "Uuuunghh!" on every stroke, as Calvin hit his prostate.

Allen could take no more, and slowly went to his knees in front of Rusty. Allen wrapped his mouth around Rusty's cock, as Rusty gazed at the sight on the bed. With the flexing of Calvin's ass as he pumped, and Ricky's lustful moaning, Rusty could not last long as Allen hungrily sucked his cock. Rusty suddenly blasted shot after shot down Allen's throat.

When Rusty had finished cumming, Allen stood up and said, "That was so delicious I don't ever want to eat anything besides that." He then rubbed his belly and giggled.

Rusty then said, "It's my turn dude." He then sank to his knees in front of Allen and immediately bathed Allen's cock with the inside of his mouth. Rusty lovingly sucked Allen, as Calvin pumped in and out of Ricky on the bed. Allen and Calvin both felt the beginnings of their orgasms at the same time. Then Allen and Calvin both moaned that they couldn't hold back any longer. As Allen shot his juice down Rusty's throat, Calvin exploded his cum into Ricky. Ricky and Rusty both moaned their appreciation for the sudden additions to their bodies.

Calvin collapsed onto Ricky and wrapped the satisfied boy in his arms. At the same time Rusty and Allen were lovingly hugging each other, with their mouths locked together. The kiss made both boys think of their beach. They broke their kiss to the sound of waves gently pounding on the shore.

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