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In the interest of fairness I must now present an opposing point of view on behalf of the gnomes. I now present Mr. William Kozarski from the Institute For Gnome/Human Relations.

Hello. My name is William Kozarski and I am the director at the Institute For Gnome/Human Relations. We at the Institute vehemently oppose Tim's treatment of Baldisore and his compatriots. Gnomes deserve the same respect and treatment that we would give any human. Gnomes have been misunderstood and mistreated for years, and we believe it's time to put a stop to this. Do you know Tim has Baldisore and the other gnomes tied up right now, and is treating them as sex slaves to satisfy his own nasty perversion? This is a horrible injustice, and should be stopped right now. If I weren't so civilized I would take Tim out right now and give him a proper thrashing! So what, if the gnomes did have him tied up! They wouldn't have hurt him, they were just being extremely horny. That is the natural nature of gnomes. It is certainly no reason to treat them in such an uncivilized manner. I will not rest until Tim realizes the error of his ways, and begins treating gnomes with proper respect. Tim, I have not yet begun to fight you on this, you barbarian.

Well, that was interesting, wasn't it? Now it is time for my rebuttal to Mr. Kozarski. Bite me Billy! The reason you do not take me out and thrash me is not because you are too civilized. It is because you are a chicken-shit who doesn't want to get his ass kicked! If you love gnomes so much, why don't you let them tie you up and take over your life? I didn't think so, you schmuck! Sorry about that everyone, let's move on now.

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Allen - by tim

Part 19

Rusty slowly opened his eyes, and found himself in a hospital bed. He saw his mother sitting beside his bed and hoarsely croaked out, "Hi mom."

Emily's attention immediately snapped to the bed as she screamed, "My baby! You're back!" She cried as she hugged her son tightly.

Ben, who was sitting with Allen, noticed the commotion and sat upright. He looked longingly at his son's bed and rubbed Allen's hand as he said, "Come on home now son. I know you can make it back if Rusty did. Please son." Ben began sobbing as he begged, "Please son, you have to come home now. Please wake up." Suddenly Allen's hand squeezed his father's, causing Ben to focus on Allen's face in time to see his eyes slowly open. As Ben embraced his son he shouted, "Thank you God! Thank you for bringing my boy back safely!"

Soon the room was a flurry of activity with doctors examining the two boys as best they could with two overjoyed parents in the same room. Eventually the doctors had to have Emily and Ben step out into the hallway. While in the hallway Ben phoned Judith at work, while Emily phoned Mike at work and then Calvin at school. Judith and Mike immediately excused themselves from their respective workplaces, while Calvin and Ricky left school as soon as Calvin received the news about Rusty and Allen.

Mike was the first to arrive at the hospital. When he got there Emily and Ben were still waiting in the hallway. Mike hugged his wife and asked, "Is he okay? How did he seem when he woke up? How about Allen?"

Emily said, "Russ seems tired but okay."

Mike turned to Ben and asked, "How about Allen?"

Ben replied, "He still seems a bit out of it, but I'm sure he'll be okay."

Judith arrived in the hallway just as one of the doctors was coming out of the room. Everyone immediately focused on the doctor. "Well," started the doctor, "I don't see any reason why both boys can't still go home tomorrow. Rusty seems to be coming around well. We do have some concerns about the effects of damage that may have been caused during Allen's attack though. We want to run some tests this afternoon, but we still feel confident that he will be able to go home as well. He may have some therapy to go through, as there seems to be some impairment of his motor functions and his speech. I believe his therapy can be done on an outpatient basis as long as he has someone to help him at home."

"Can we go in and see them now?" asked Emily.

"Yes." replied the doctor. "We won't be ready for the first of Allen's tests for about an hour. I'll just get my staff and we'll give you some time with them."

Calvin and Ricky showed up just as everyone was going back into the room. Once in the room Calvin rushed to Allen's bed and asked, "How are you feeling dude?"

"I f-feel like I've b-been run over by a tr-truck." stuttered Allen.

Rusty heard Allen's response to Calvin and thought, "Thank you God for getting us together. He's going to need me now more than ever." Rusty looked over at Allen and said, "I love you dude."

"I n-know." replied a smiling Allen. "Th-that's all you c-could say while the d-doctors were looking at us."

"I know," said Rusty, "but it feels so good to say it."

Everyone talked and laughed while waiting for the nurse to come get Allen for his tests. The amazing thing was, Rusty could remember being on a beach with Allen while they were unconscious. It was so real that it seemed to him like they were both there. He could even remember having sex in the sand with Allen on many occasions. That thought brought a wide smile to his face.

Allen could also remember being on a beach with Rusty. He too had fond memories of making love to Rusty on many occasions. It seemed so perfect to him then, but now he felt that something like that could not possibly be as good. Not only was it hard for him to control his own body, but he couldn't even speak right either. No one could possibly want him in this condition. He wondered why this had to happen just as he was about to have everything he always wanted.

Later that evening after all the tests had been completed, the nurse took Allen back to his room. Everyone was still there waiting for him, and soon they were joined by Allen's doctor.

"Well, I suppose everyone wants to hear what I have to say." stated the doctor. Everyone in the room answered yes, so the doctor continued. "There was some tissue damage to the brain when Allen was attacked. That's not unusual for someone who had such a severe skull fracture as Allen. The damaged tissue has healed, so there's no reason to think that any impairment will be permanent. We will set him up on a therapy program, which should eventually help quite a bit. Otherwise he is in good health now."

Everyone in the room looked relieved at the news, except for Allen. Allen felt very tired, and wished everyone would give him a little peace and rest. Eventually everyone did finally leave to prepare for the big homecoming tomorrow. Allen laid in his bed after everyone had gone, trying not to cry in front of Rusty.

Rusty did notice that something was bothering Allen so he asked, "What's wrong dude? We're awake now and we have each other. I don't know about you, but that's everything I've wanted since that day."

Allen knew he had to talk to Rusty, after all Rusty had been his one true friend for his entire life. He just hoped he could get through this as he began, "It m-may be everything y-you wished f-for, but I d-didn't hope to come b-back from that b-beach just to be some kind of f-freak. I w-wish we would have st-stayed there. At least I c-could talk right th-then."

"Whoa dude!" exclaimed Rusty. "You remember the beach too? That means we really were there! Then you know I will do everything I can to help you get better my love."

"R-Rusty, you shouldn't p-put yourself through th-this." said Allen. "Y-you deserve b-better than some k-kind of fr-freak. Y-you should go out and f-find someone n-normal." By this time Allen was starting to cry.

"Allen," begged Rusty, "please don't say those kinds of things about yourself. You are not a freak! You are the nicest and sweetest person I have ever known. You're also my very best friend and my one true love. Do you remember the things we did on our beach? I did those things because I love who you are, and now I'll never be able to feel that way about anyone else. My opinion of you will never change Allen, so please don't try to push me away, I don't think I could live without you right now. Whatever you have to go through, I will be right there with you at all times. What I said on the beach will always be true, Allen Martin I love you more than I love my life itself." Rusty was now sobbing softly.

"I j-just don't want either of us t-to be hurt when th-this doesn't w-work out." croaked Allen.

Rusty emotionally replied, "Well it does hurt when you try to push me away. You will get better Allen, and I want to be here with you so much. You're never going to have to go through anything alone babe."

With that, Rusty slowly sat up in his bed. He carefully put his feet on the floor and tested his weight. After catching himself a few times, he finally managed to stand on his own. Slowly and carefully he made his way to Allen's bed, and helped Allen to move over a bit. Then Rusty gingerly climbed into Allen's bed.

"That's the first time I've walked in two months." said Rusty. "If I can do that for you, then there's nothing we can't do together dude." Rusty wrapped his arms around Allen and the two boys locked their lips together in a kiss that was nothing but pure and beautiful love. Allen and Rusty fell asleep crying in each other's arms.

The next morning, when the parents arrived to take their boys home, they walked into the room with Rusty and Allen asleep in each others arms. Everyone smiled at the sight and almost started laughing.

"This is such a Kodak moment." said Judith.

"Yes it is." said Emily. "It's a darn good thing I have my camera with me." She then began laughing as she snapped a picture of the two boys.

Rusty awoke with a start as the flash went off, and turned every shade of red imaginable. He choked out, "Um, ..I, ..uh, ..we."

Mike chuckled as he said, "Don't worry about it son. You two looked so cute like that, we almost didn't have the heart to wake you!"

Allen awoke to the commotion and realized that Rusty and he were in bed together with an audience. "Oh sh-shit!" he yelled, as he pulled the blankets over his head.

After all the excitement had died down, Mike and Ben went to get the boys discharged from the hospital. Two nurses wheeled the boys down to the waiting cars in front of the hospital. On the way down, Rusty turned pale as a ghost when he realized he would have to take the elevator downstairs. Everyone did make it down safely though.

The adults had planned for the homecoming to be at the Cooper home. Later that night Rusty and Allen would spend at least their first night out of the hospital in their own homes. When they arrived home they found Tom with Calvin and Ricky, along with Greg and Shane. The following party was a joyous occasion for everyone. Rusty felt himself getting more stable on his feet as the afternoon went on, however Allen still mostly needed to use the wheelchair that the hospital had provided. He could occasionally stand for a few moments, but Rusty was always right there in case Allen needed him.

At one point Rusty asked Allen, "So, are we okay on what we talked about last night?"

"I g-guess we will be." replied Allen. "I st-still think you would be b-better off with someone n-normal though. I don't s-see how you could want to b-be with someone in my c-condition."

"I think I can answer that for you." said Rusty. He then leaned down and hugged Allen as he locked his boy in a passionate and lustful kiss. The other boys in the room hooted and cheered as Rusty tried to swallow Allen's tongue. When Rusty pulled back he asked, "Any questions?"

"N-no," replied a blushing Allen, "Not right n-now."

The rest of the evening went well. Tom and Greg seemed to be striking up quite a friendship, much to the pleasure of Calvin and Ricky. Mike also volunteered to assist Greg in any way possible with his custody of Shane. Also, Shane was becoming comfortable around his new friends. Ben and Judith were happy to be a family once again, and to have Allen out of his coma. They also seemed to look forward to the idea of having an unofficial son-in-law. And finally, Emily and Mike were pleased to have things beginning to return to normal.

The next few weeks were hectic, with everyone trying to get things back to normal. Rusty and Allen discovered that they would have to attend summer classes if they wished to move on to the 11th grade with their friends. After 1 ½ weeks Rusty felt recovered enough to begin driving again. This would help greatly as Allen was attending physical and speech therapy three days per week. Since he would already be attending summer school, Rusty got himself excused to take Allen to his therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Rusty and Allen did begin spending some nights together and although their lovemaking wasn't non-existent, Rusty felt Allen was still being a little distant towards him. Also, they had still not consummated the final act of their love.

Also, returning to school was not easy, as was made clear one day in second period English. Rusty, Allen, and Calvin were talking before class when the class jerk named Joe came up behind them.

"Aw!" said Joe. "Isn't that sweet. Allen has finally learned to talk like a baby!"

Rusty jumped from his seat, grabbing Joe by the collar of his shirt. "You better apologize to my friend right now you asshole. What he went through isn't the least bit funny. Would you like to find out for yourself?"

Joe shook himself loose from Rusty and said, "You're going to do it? Huh! You and what army?"

Then Calvin stood up and said, "I don't think we need an army you chump!"

Joe looked at Calvin and said, "You lay one finger on me Mr. Boxing Champ and I'll have you arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Yeah, I got your number smart-ass."

"Well then," said Rusty, "maybe you should just worry about me!" Rusty then landed a punch to Joe's face, sending the boy falling back to the floor.

As Joe got up and scampered away he said, "You just wait Cooper! This ain't over yet."

Calvin looked at Rusty and said, "Damn dude, I think you just made an enemy. On a positive note, you should come out and spar with me at the gym sometime. I think you might be able to give me a run for my money." Calvin chuckled at the last remark he made to Rusty.

Rusty was thinking Calvin might be right though. After all, he may have to deal with Joe during summer school. Joe seemed to be a permanent fixture there. Maybe a little training with Calvin wouldn't be a bad idea.

The one bright spot of the weeks following Rusty and Allen's release from the hospital was Calvin and Ricky's commitment ceremony. As planned during the comas, Allen was Calvin's best man and Rusty was Ricky's best man. Tom and Mike had concerns about how this may affect Tom's possible adoption of Calvin, but in the end they were convinced that it would be unfair to keep the boys from going through with the ceremony.

Calvin was the first to recite his vows to Ricky. "I, Calvin Wilson, take Ricky Mackenzie to be my one and only mate. I could never be a whole person without Ricky in my life, as he is my strength and my reason for being who I am. I promise to love and honor Ricky for the rest of our lives, and to prove to him every day that he is the greatest love of my life."

Next, Ricky recited his vows to Calvin. "I, Ricky Mackenzie, take Calvin Wilson as the only mate I would ever want in my life. Calvin came to me at a time in my life when I had very few friends. He showed me how great love can be. Without Calvin, I would still be that scared little boy sitting all alone. Calvin, you gave me a life worth living and I promise to return that love to you tenfold. I promise to love and honor you until our final days."

After Ricky finished his vows, there were very few dry eyes left in the house. Even Ricky's parents, who were not exactly thrilled with the idea, realized the love Ricky and Calvin had for each other was the right thing. Ricky had changed so much since meeting Calvin, and it was all for the better. They knew there was no way they could stand in Ricky's way. Once the rings were exchanged and the proclamation was made, Calvin and Ricky embraced and locked themselves in a love-filled kiss that very few have ever witnessed in their lives.

After the ceremony, Rusty went to Calvin to talk about the problem with Allen. "Calvin, I know what I'm going to tell you is going to sound crazy, but you're the only one I know that I can talk to this about. While Allen and me were in a coma, we were together in a place that had been set up just for us. While we were there we were so in love with each other. Now though, Allen seems to feel that he isn't good enough for me. I can tell that Allen is getting better all the time, but he can't see it. He is going to end up being the same sweet and beautiful person that he was before he was attacked, but he is trying to push me away before that happens. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I want to curl up and cry like a baby. Can you think of anything that might help me convince him of how much I love him?"

"Wow!" exclaimed Calvin. "I know what you said sounds unbelievable Rusty, but I do believe you buddy. You've never lied to me before, and I can't imagine you starting to anytime soon."

"Is there anything you can think of then?" asked Rusty.

"I think I might have an idea." said Calvin. "Can you sing dude?"

"What are you talking about?" asked a confused Rusty. "I've never really thought about it, but I haven't heard any complaints when I've been caught doing it."

"There's a talent show coming up before the end of the school year." explained Calvin. "I can play the guitar and Ricky can play the keyboards, so if you can sing I know a song that might just help the situation between you guys." Rusty listened on with interest as Calvin continued to explain his plan.

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