The Grande Finale

by tim

Hello Earthlings, this is Nador from the planet Xailon. We have been monitoring the situation between Tim and Baldisore. We have taken the gnomes into our custody and will be performing anal probes on them. Anal probes tell us absolutely nothing about our subjects, we just like to perform them. Tee-hee-hee. Once we finish with Baldisore we plan on abducting some Earthlings and performing anal probes on them. Oh-no Xailonians, it's Tim! Watch out, he has a slingshot! Run for your lives! Damn, he's freed the gnomes. Don't let the gnomes escape. Watch out! He's going to fire the slingshot! Oh no, he's killing us! The gnomes have escaped, there goes our quota of anal probes. Retreat Xailonians, retreat! You Earthlings and your damn weapons of mass destruction! You will learn your lesson someday. It won't stop with slingshots you know. Someday you will destroy yourselves, possibly with b-b guns, and we will not come back to help by performing anal probes.

Whew! That was a close one, but I managed to rescue Baldisore and the other gnomes. Unfortunately the alien invasion cut into the disclaimer, so I'm going to have to shorten it a bit. © 2004 by tim. Protected by law. Don't distribute. Don't post. Fictional story. Similarities coincidental. Teen male sex. Offended? Shouldn't read? Bye! Write me: or . Please note that the aol address will probably not be around when I start Allen II.

I would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement during my down time. You folks (with the exception of the one who wiped out my system) are the greatest readers an author could ever dream of having. Now, Baldisore and me are going to sit down with a nice bottle of champagne and see if we can work out our differences.

Allen - by tim

Part 20: The Grande Finale

Calvin gave Rusty a CD with the song he had in mind, so Rusty could study it. After Rusty became comfortable with the lyrics, the three boys would be able to practice it together. The night after the ceremony Allen spent the night at Rusty's house.

As they were laying in bed together, Rusty was gently rubbing Allen's leg from his knee to his crotch. "You're coming along pretty well with your therapy dude." said Rusty.

"Y-you really think so?" asked Allen.

"Of course you are dude!" said Rusty. "The stuttering is getting to be a lot less, and you're out of the wheelchair quite a bit now."

"Th-thanks," said Allen, "but it don't seem th-that way sometimes."

"Well, I can make you feel a lot better if you'll let me." said Rusty.

"I just don't kn-know if I feel up to it right now Rusty." said Allen.

Rusty kissed Allen then said, "Come on dude, I just want to love the guy I want to be with for the rest of my life. Why can't we be like we were on the beach?"

"B-because," said Allen, "the beach wasn't real. While w-we were on that beach,our real bodies were laying in th-that hospital. That's what was real. I didn't plan on m-my head being so smashed in that I couldn't even t-talk right anymore."

"How can you say the beach wasn't real?" asked Rusty. "We were there! I can still remember how you tasted when we made love in our castle dude. I love you now as much as I did while we were on our beach. You said back then that you were going to have some problems, and I told you I would be right beside you all the way. It really hurts me when you keep trying to push me away."

"I'm sorry Rusty." said Allen. "I d-don't mean to hurt you, you've been g-great since we came home. It's just harder to d-deal with this stuff than I thought it would b-be."

"Well," said Rusty, "you don't have to deal with it by yourself. I'm here for anything you need, and I mean anything. I love you so much that I'll never let you down, or let you go."

"Th-thanks Rusty." said Allen. "I'll really try to deal with everything a little b-better. I love you too dude."

Allen and Rusty fell asleep that night wrapped in each others arms. The next few weeks seemed to be a little easier for the boys, but Rusty still wanted everything to be like it was on the beach. Rusty did find some time to practice the song he would sing to Allen at the school talent show. He did have to tell Allen once or twice that what he was doing would have to be a surprise. It was decided by Rusty, Calvin, and Ricky that Calvin and Ricky would sing back-up vocals during the song as well as playing their instruments.

Tom also had another date with Greg, and seemed to be happier than he had been in years. Of course Calvin and Ricky were all for it, even supplying whistles and cat-calls when Tom and Greg were together. Tom took their brand of encouragement in stride, although Greg didn't quite know what to make of it. He had never been in an atmosphere that was so open until Shane had come into his life. Tom did take the time to explain the boys enthusiasm though, and Greg became more comfortable with the situation. He even told the boys that they were just jealous, which caught Ricky and Calvin off guard somewhat.

The day before the talent show Rusty, Allen, and Calvin walked into second period English.

"Hey Rusty!" called out Chris. "I hear you're going to sing a song tomorrow. Tell me about it dude."

"I w-wish he would say something about it." said Allen. "I'm his b-best friend and he hasn't told me anything about it."

Rusty blushed slightly as he said, "It's just going to have to be a surprise to everyone. I can tell you that I wouldn't be able to do it though without Calvin and Ricky's help, or without Allen's friendship as an inspiration." Now it was Allen's turn to blush as Rusty continued, "I also heard that you have a little act put together Chris."

"Yeah," said Chris, "it's just a little juggling thing I do. I'm hoping to get a few laughs out of it, plus I want to go for a personal record."

"That's cool." said Rusty as the boys took their seats. While the boys were being seated, Joe was giving Rusty the evil eye but remained quiet.

Finally, the day of the talent show had arrived. Rusty was nervous as hell because he knew the song he was singing would pretty much out him to the rest of the school. Fortunately there was only one week left in the regular school year after today, so he wouldn't see too much of his friends at school until the fall. He also knew that this would not help him deal with Joe during summer school though.

Afternoon classes had been canceled for the show, and the entire student body seemed to be in attendance today. Rusty did manage to save Allen a front row seat, before going backstage to prepare with Calvin and Ricky. The first ten acts were very nice for the most part, although it seemed as though a few people didn't prepare quite as much as they should have.

Then it was Chris's turn. He came out confidently and introduced himself, then explained a little bit about the juggling act he was going to do. As he was starting he went on to explain, "I'm just going to start off slow, to get warmed up." He started off by juggling four balls, then added more one at a time until he was juggling seven balls. While he was juggling he went on to explain, "I was going to do this with bowling balls, but the insurance company advised me against it." This brought a bit of laughter from the audience, which pleased Chris.

"Now I'm going to try something a bit different." said Chris as he brought out four hatchets. This brought a small roar of laughter from the crowd. As he was holding the hatchets ready he said, "I sure hope I don't screw this up!" The entire audience laughed again. Then Chris looked as though he were about to start, but he pulled up and said, "Wait! Whew, this is going to be tougher than I thought." That brought even more laughter. Finally Chris began juggling the hatchets. After about a minute and after throwing in a little fancy hand work, he caught all four hatchets and took a small bow to a generous applause.

"Finally, I would like to go for a personal record today." said Chris. "I am going to try to juggle twenty balls at one time." This brought a collective "ooh" from the audience. "I'll need a little help for this though, come on out here Jimmy." Chris's best friend Jimmy joined him on the stage. "This is my best friend Jimmy everyone. Give him a hand for helping me with this." Everyone gave Jimmy a polite applause. "Now," continued Chris, "I'm going to get started, then Jimmy is going to start feeding me more balls until I get up to twenty."

Chris began juggling, and Jimmy began feeding balls in. The act went flawlessly and after a few minutes Chris was juggling all twenty balls. The audience began applauding this feat. Then Jimmy stepped up to the microphone and said, "The only problem is, we haven't figured out a good way to stop this many balls." Suddenly Chris got all the balls in the air at the same time and covered his head. All twenty balls rained down on Chris, as the audience roared in laughter.

Chris stepped up to the microphone and said, "Thanks everyone." Chris and Jimmy bowed to a generous applause from the audience, then went backstage.

As Chris came backstage Calvin slapped him on the back in a friendly gesture and said, "Oh man, you killed me dude! That was hilarious." Chris thanked Calvin for his compliment.

Now it was time for Rusty, Calvin, and Ricky. Calvin and Ricky set up their instruments, while Rusty closed his eyes and took a few very deep breaths. Once the instruments and microphones had been set up, Rusty looked over to Calvin and Ricky. Calvin and Ricky smiled and gave Rusty a thumbs up signal.

Rusty nervously stepped up to the microphone and said, "Hello everyone, I'm Rusty. I'm going to sing a song today. Helping me by playing guitar and singing back-up vocals is Calvin." Rusty pointed to Calvin, who waved to the audience. "And helping on keyboards and back-up vocals is Ricky." Rusty pointed to Ricky who waved to the audience. "I'm going to be singing this song for a very special friend of mine. I hope he realizes exactly what he means to me after this."

Calvin and Ricky began playing as Rusty took hold of the microphone and prepared to sing.

If I were the moon, I could catch your eye. I'm jealous of the moon.

If I were the wind, I would make you fly. I'm jealous of that too.

Calvin and Ricky picked up the intensity of their playing during a brief instrumental section.

Yeah, yeah.

I wish I were the sun shining on your face. Caressing like a lover.

I would wrap you up in a warm embrace. We'd be holding one another.

(Jealous of the sun.) I'm jealous of the sun.

(Jealous of the sun.) Oh, I'm jealous of the sun.

Oh, I don't want to share you with nothing else. I gotta have you to myself.

Oh, I can't help it. I'm so in love. I just can't get you close enough, no.

When the sun's on your skin.

I can't hold it in.

And I know it's a sin,

but I'm jealous of the sun.

I wish I were the rain runnin' down your neck, and drippin' from your fingers.

Then I could be the drops rollin' off your back. I'd love to let it linger.

(Jealous of the rain.) Oh, I'm jealous of the rain.

Oh, I don't want to share you with nothing else. I gotta have you to myself.

Oh, I can't help it. I'm so in love. I just can't get you close enough, no.

When it rains on your face. (I almost can taste.)

I almost can taste. (I almost can taste.)

Your beauty, your grace. (So beautiful.)

I'm jealous of the rain.

At this point Ricky began playing a brief keyboard solo. Ricky's solo was followed by a slightly longer guitar solo from Calvin. Then both boys rejoined each other. During the solos Rusty was concentrating on holding himself together long enough to finish the song. He reopened his eyes as the solos were finishing.

When the wind's in your hair. (I can feel it blowin'.)

The way it blows through the air. (It' so unfair.)

Oh, it seems so unfair, yeah.

When the moon's in your eyes. (The moon's in your eyes.)

You seem to light up the skies, (Light up the skies.) yeah.

And I realize, I'm even jealous of the moon.

I'm Jealous - written by Shania Twain and R. J. Lange. © 2002 by Universal - Songs of Polygram Intl. Inc./Loon Echo Inc. From the album Up! By Shania Twain.

As soon as Calvin and Ricky had struck the last note, Rusty rushed from the stage. He was followed shortly by Calvin and Ricky with the equipment. The boys had left the stage to a thunderous applause. Everyone was standing and cheering, even Allen who had tears streaming down his face. Allen suddenly ran to the backstage area as fast as he could.

"Dude!" exclaimed Chris while patting Rusty on the back. "That was really great. You're really in love with Allen, aren't you?"

Rusty choked back a few tears and replied, "More than you could ever know, Chris."

"Well," said Chris, "that's alright with me dude. My oldest brother is gay too. If you guys love each other, I think that's great."

"Thanks Chris," said Rusty, "I always knew deep down that you were a good friend."

Suddenly Allen appeared backstage, and nothing could get between him and Rusty. The boys threw their arms around each other and gave each other a loving and passionate kiss. Neither boy cared if anyone was staring at them, they had a lot of lost time to make up for. Later that evening, both boys found themselves in Rusty's room.

"I'm so s-sorry." said Allen, with his face nuzzled into Rusty's chest. "I forgot how much you really care about m-me. I swear it will never happen again. Do you really feel the w-way you sang about today?"

"Yes, I do." said Rusty, as he was running his hand through Allen's hair. "There's also another way I'd like to feel though. Will you do something very special for me Allen?"

"You don't even have to ask dude." replied Allen. He then moved up and placed his lips over Rusty's. He kissed the boy he loved more than any other, as deeply as he could. Rusty moaned as Allen's tongue caressed the inside of his mouth. The boys squeezed their bodies together as tightly as they could.

Allen pulled away from Rusty breathlessly, and then began kissing his way down Rusty's body. Rusty moaned as Allen stopped at his nipples, sucking each one gently until they were erect. Rusty was now writhing on the bed helpless, but he didn't want any help. He wanted Allen to continue until he could feel Allen in a way he never had before.

Allen did continue, as he rolled Rusty over onto his stomach. Allen then nuzzled his face between Rusty's cheeks and licked at the current object of his deepest desire. Rusty moaned loudly and gave himself over to the only boy he could ever love this deeply.

"Please remember to be gentle baby." moaned Rusty. "This is my first time, but I want this more than anything."

"I'll treat you like the prince that you are." cooed Allen. "That's what you are Russ, my sweet prince who has come to save me." Allen retrieved a small tube of KY from his pants on the floor, and went back to work on his true love.

First Allen worked some more on Rusty's rosebud with his tongue. He finally managed to loosen up his lover enough to get his tongue inside Rusty. Rusty practically howled from pleasure. After Allen had gotten his fill of rimming his lover, he lubed his forefinger with the KY. Then he gently slipped his finger inside of Rusty and asked, "How does that feel my love?"

"Oh god!" exclaimed Rusty. "I can't believe how it feels. I can't wait to feel more of you now."

Allen was eager to please his prince, as he continued to gently massage Rusty's opening with one finger. Then Allen lubed his index finger and gently tried to slip both fingers into Rusty. There was some resistance at first, so Allen put a little more pressure behind his fingers. Suddenly Rusty's pucker began to give in and Allen's fingers lunged into him. Rusty quietly cried out from the sensation.

"I'm sorry baby, did I hurt you?" asked Allen.

"It did a little bit, for only an instant." replied Rusty. "Now it's beginning to feel really exciting."

"Cool!" responded Allen. "I'll take it easy until you adjust to it." Allen slowly massaged Rusty with both fingers. After a few minutes he began roaming around inside Rusty's anus and hit the boy's prostate, sending a shiver of delight through Rusty.

"Oh my god, baby!" exclaimed Rusty. "That was incredible. I'm ready for you now. Please put yourself inside me!"

Allen needed no further encouragement. He rubbed a generous amount of lube into Rusty's rosebud, and then greased up his straining erection. Allen placed the head of his cock against Rusty's opening, then applied a gentle pressure. Rusty was loose enough by this point that Allen's cock slipped into him easily.

"Ooohh. Mmmm!" moaned Rusty. "That feels like a dream come true baby, don't ever take yourself out of me."

Allen laughed gently as he said, "I think we may have to separate eventually. I'm afraid this wouldn't look good in front of others." Then Allen gently slipped himself all the way inside of Rusty. When Rusty gently moaned in pleasure, Allen took that as a signal to begin pleasuring his lover. Allen slid out and back in slowly at first, picking up the pace as Rusty's moans grew louder. Allen was approaching his climax as the unimaginable happened to Rusty. Suddenly the sensations got to be so much for Rusty, that he exploded all over the bed without even touching himself! This caused Rusty's rectum to spasm around Allen's cock, and that was all it took for Allen. He pumped more sperm into Rusty than he had ever produced in his life.

When both orgasms were over Allen collapsed on top of Rusty. When Rusty felt Allen's deflating cock finally slip out of him, he rolled over and wrapped his lover in his arms. Allen and Rusty finally fell into a contented sleep with their lips pressed together.

The next day both boys woke up at the same time, and wisely agreed on a shower. They got into the shower together, then kissed and showered. Then they massaged each other and showered. Finally they cummed all over each other and had to shower again. When they were finally done showering, Rusty also changed his bedding. That also seemed to be a wise decision.

That evening Rusty and Allen picked up Calvin and Ricky, and they went cruising together. The boys decided to stop at a local drive in restaurant, which was a popular teen hangout. The restaurant happened to be at the beginning of a long industrial drive which had been known to be used for street racing. Suddenly a car pulled up beside Rusty.

"Hey faggot!" yelled Joe out his window. "You want to race me and see what a real man can do?"

"No thanks shmuck." said Rusty.

"What's the matter?" asked Joe. "You don't have the guts to take on a real man, or has your girlfriend there got you around the balls now?"

"No." said Rusty. "It's because street racing is an incredibly stupid thing to do. That's why I'm not surprised you would want to do it."

"Go fuck yourself, pansy!" yelled Joe. "I'll get you sooner or later."

About fifteen minutes later it seemed that Joe was able to coax someone into racing him. Rusty pulled out to where the cars were lining up when he saw that Jimmy was lining up against Joe. Rusty got out of his car and went to talk to Jimmy and Chris, who was with Jimmy.

"What are you guys doing?" asked Rusty. "Don't you know how crazy and dangerous it is to do this?"

"Relax dude." said Jimmy. "I know what I'm doing."

"Yeah." said Chris. "Jimmy is a great driver, he hasn't even got a parking ticket against him."

"Well," said Rusty, "if something goes wrong he could get more than just a parking ticket. Maybe even worse. This is such a dangerous thing to be doing Jimmy, please don't do it."

"Now you're starting to sound like my mother." chuckled Jimmy. "Nothing is going to happen, except that I'm going to put loudmouth Joe in his place."

"Hey Jimmy," said Chris, "maybe Rusty is right. There's better ways to put Joe in his place. He's such a moron at times that he makes it easy."

"Oh crap!" said Jimmy. "Not you too! If you don't want to do this with me, get out. I'll come back and pick you up when I take care of Joe."

"But Jimmy............" started Chris.

"No." said Jimmy, cutting Chris off. "You're just going to be a distraction, so get out!"

Chris climbed out of the car, then he and Rusty begged one last time, "Please Jimmy, don't do this!"

"Don't worry buddies," said Jimmy, "I swear that I know what I'm doing."

With that, one of Joe's friends waved his arms and both cars took off. About a quarter of a mile down the road both cars were doing over 100 miles per hour. Suddenly a car pulled in front of Joe's car. Joe swerved to avoid the car, but clipped Jimmy's car. This sent Jimmy's car flipping at over 100, as Joe sped away from the scene. The boy's car flipped three and one quarter times before smashing into a concrete signpost, roof first.

The boys at the drive in saw what happened and sped to Jimmy to see if they could help. When they peered inside of what was left of Jimmy's car, they saw that the boy had been decapitated at the neck. The sight made the boys violently ill, as Chris clung to Rusty crying hysterically that Rusty had saved his life. The boys watched in horror as emergency crews tried to pry the twisted mass of metal from around the signpost. They already knew though that their friend was gone forever.

End of Book One

I'm sorry to end the first book of Allen on a down note, but I felt I had to say something about the recent rash of fatalities around the country. The toll in this area has been tremendous over the past month, and not one of the young people who have died ever thought it would happen to them. Rusty did save Chris's life because street racing is an incredibly reckless thing to do. Production automobiles offer no protection whatsoever at high rates of speed. If you know someone who engages in this practice, save their life. They will thank you eventually.

Once again, I apologize for the lateness of getting this chapter out. I also thank all my wonderful readers for their support in this project. I don't wish to offend anyone because all of my readers have been so great, but there are three guys who have lended me invaluable support, and I wish to give them a special thank you. Jim, John, and Henry, you three are angels in my book. You have my undying thanks and friendship. I will now do some work on my story in the adult/youth section called Training Day, but don't worry, the boys will return very soon in Allen II: Summer of Love. See you all very soon and thanks again, you folks are great!