Summer Of Love

by tim

Hello Earthlings, this is Nador again from the planet Xailon. We have overcome your puny slingshot defenses and have Tim tied up. We are now about to perform a very extensive anal probe on him. That should teach him not to write about our friends who were found in an embrace aboard their crashed spaceship. They weren't gay, just terribly afraid. We also did not like it when he had two more of our friends killed by a train while writing his story. Now for an anal probe that he won't ever forget. Guards! How did that gnome get in here??? Get the gnome before he ruins our anal probe! Watch out! The gnome has a stick with a rock tied to the end of it! Oh no! He's killed the guards and is getting away with Tim! Stop him! You Earthlings and your damn weapons of mass destruction! Someday you will learn your lesson. I promise I will be back someday!

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Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim

Part 10

Rusty woke up and looked at the damn alarm clock that was going off in his ear. "Oh no!" thought Rusty. "It just can't be school day already!"

Rusty rolled over in bed and woke up Allen next to him. "Hey dude!" said Rusty groggily. "Get up man, we have to go to school today!"

"Aw fuck!" groaned Allen. "Do we have to?"

Of course Allen already knew the answer to that question, so the two boys got up and began getting ready. They decided on separate showers because they didn't want to be late for the first day of summer school. There was no way that they were going to take a chance on ever having to do this again. Once they were dressed, Rusty and Allen made their way to the main part of the house.

"Wow!" exclaimed Mike. "You two boys look ready and eager to go to school today."

"Can it dad!" said Rusty. "This is all that stupid elevator's fault anyway. >From now on I'll only get into smart elevators."

First Allen began to giggle, followed shortly by Mike. Then Rusty gave in and finally began laughing too. After Rusty apologized to Mike for snapping at him, then told his dad that he loved him, Allen and Rusty were out the door and headed toward school.

"I hope most of our classes are with Shane, Terry, and Snoopy." said Allen.

"Yeah babe," agreed Rusty, "we may all need to stick together this summer."

"You don't think we're going to have any trouble, do you?" asked Allen.

"I sure hope not." said Rusty. "With most of Joe's friends there though, the chances of trouble go way up."

"Well, at least Chris doesn't have to go through this." said Allen.

The rest of the walk was spent with Allen and Rusty wondering what summer school would be like. Finally they arrived at the school and went on in. The first half hour would be an assembly where they would find out their homeroom assignments. Then the rest of first period would be in their homeroom. When they got to the auditorium they looked around for Shane and the gang. Even though Shane was one grade below the rest of the group, Rusty and Allen knew that in their school, not too much attention was given to grade levels during summer school. There was a chance that they would be in some classes together. Rusty and Allen finally spotted the gang, and made their way to them.

"Hey dudes," said Rusty, "how are you guys doing?"

"A little nervous." said Shane. "I'd like to have a lot of classes with you guys, but I'm one grade lower than everyone else."

"Don't worry about that." said Allen. "Most of the time they just throw us in a room together regardless of our grade and hope we learn something." This got a laugh from all of the boys just before the bell rang.

The principal came into the auditorium and started trying to bore all the students with what would be expected of them in summer school. Rusty and Allen were correct that the two grades that the boys were in would be combined, so they stood a chance of having some classes with Shane. They were surprised though when the homeroom assignments were announced, and they found out that Shane would be in their homeroom along with Terry and Snoopy. Finally the assembly was over, and the boys headed toward their homeroom. Rusty rolled his eyes when he walked into the room and saw Steve Finnegan. Steve was Joe's best friend, and both of them were trouble waiting to happen. When the bell rang without the teacher showing up, Rusty began to get nervous. Then Steve stood up.

"Well," said Steve, "I guess there's no teacher today so I'll have to get the class started. Let me take roll call first. Hmm, he's here. He's here too. I guess this dork is here, I don't recognize his name. What about fag one? Is fag one here? Oh yeah, there he is." Steve pointed at Allen before continuing, "And that must be fag two sitting next to fag one. That would just about figure." Steve walked toward Rusty and asked, "Are you fag two?"

"Why don't you put a sock in it, jackass!" snarled Rusty.

"What a feisty little fag." said Steve. Then Steve picked Rusty up out of his chair by his collar. "Listen here fag! You give me any trouble and I'll turn you into the class bitch, right in front of your faggy little boyfriend."

Suddenly a book struck Steve in the back of the head. Steve turned around, still holding Rusty in the air, and yelled, "Who's the fag lover that did that! What's the matter, don't have the balls to fess up like a man? I'll find out, then you'll get what this little faggot is going to get!"

Steve heard another noise behind him and wheeled around, with Rusty still being held in the air.

"Mr. Finnegan!" yelled Mr. Smith, the teacher. "I thought after last summer you would have learned something!"

Rusty took that opportunity to raise his knee into Steve's balls. Steve grimaced as he dropped Rusty.

"Are you going to let him get away with that?" gasped Steve.

"Get away with what Mr. Finnegan?" asked Mr. Smith. "I didn't see anything. I guess my view must have been blocked by someone who now has detention for the entire summer!"

"What!" yelled Steve at the teacher.

"One more word Mr. Finnegan, and you won't be playing football this fall either!" said Mr. Smith sternly. "You should know by now that I'm not going to be putting up with any crap from you, or do you want me to call your daddy again?"

By this time the entire class was snickering at Steve's expense. Steve quietly limped back to his seat. Upon sitting down Steve gave the entire class an evil glare.

"Are you okay Mr.? Mr.?" started Mr. Smith.

Rusty got off the floor and replied, "Cooper, Rusty Cooper. I'm okay. Fortunately Steve is as quick as he is bright."

Mr. Smith smiled at Rusty and said, "Okay then, let's get back in our seats and get homeroom started before it's over." Once Rusty had returned to his seat, the teacher started. "My name is Mr. Smith for those of you who've never been in any of my classes before. I see a lot of new faces out there this summer so why doesn't everyone introduce themselves, and if I hear so much as a peep from you Mr. Finnegan it will be a very long summer for you. Why don't we start with you, Mr. Cooper?"

Rusty stood up and said, "I guess some of you remember me from the talent show last month." Then Rusty glanced toward Steve before continuing. "My name is Rusty Cooper. I don't want to start the summer off with a lie so I'll tell everyone now, in case they haven't figured it out. Yes, I am gay. I never realized it until this past year, but I'm still the same guy that a lot of you have known for a long time. I hope this isn't a problem for most of you, but it apparently is for some. I missed most of the spring because of some freak accident, so now I'm in summer school. I just want to get this summer behind me and get on with my life, and I hope a lot of you won't be afraid to still be my friend."

As soon as Rusty was seated Allen began to applaud his boyfriend. Soon, others in the class were joining in. By the time it was over the entire class, including Mr. Smith but except for Steve, was applauding Rusty. Steve was now the only one in homeroom who showed any ill will toward Rusty.

"You're a very brave young man Mr. Cooper." said Mr. Smith. "Some people in this school think they know what bravery is, but they are dead wrong. What you just did took more bravery than I've seen in quite some time. Anyone would be a complete fool not to want to be your friend."

Allen was the next kid to stand up. "My name is Allen Martin, no relation to Dean. In case you weren't paying attention to the class clown, I'm gay too. Or was that gay one? Nope, it was fag one, wasn't it Steve?" The class began snickering again, and Steve gave Allen a glare. Then Allen continued. "I also don't want anyone to feel any differently toward Rusty and me than they always have, so I'm not going to make a big deal out of my sexuality. I just want to get through this summer as well, and I hope to keep the friends I had before this whole thing got started. Rusty and me both are the same people we've always been."

"Very good Mr. Martin." said Mr. Smith. "Very well stated."

Shane was the next to stand and say, "My name is Shane Hopkins. I use to live in New York, but my old man was a real low life. Then I came to Orlando with Greg Holt, the writer. He's my dad now as far as I'm concerned. My life has been much better since coming to Orlando, and I hope to make lots of new friends here. I already have made a few new friends, including Rusty and Allen so watch what you say about them. Thanks."

Next Terry stood up and said, "My name is Terry Brewer. I also use to live in New York, and knew Shane there. I also live with Greg Holt and hope to legally be Shane's brother someday, although we think of each other as brothers already. Shane has saved my life twice, so there's nothing I wouldn't do for him. I'm also friends with Rusty and Allen too."

By this time Steve was looking pretty disgusted with the entire class, and he didn't try to hide it. You could almost see smoke coming out of his ears from the gears in his head grinding. Snoopy could definitely see an attitude problem with Steve, and he was next to stand.

"My name is Dustin Meyer." said Snoopy. "My father back in New York was Tin Man Meyer of the New York mafia. I'm not very proud of my old family, but I am very proud of my new family. I also live with Greg Holt, and Shane and Terry are my brothers. When I lived in New York I studied Karate, but I haven't been able to find a dojo here in Orlando yet. I was a black belt back in New York. I also consider Rusty and Allen very good friends, as they are responsible for me being with my current boyfriend. I hope to make a lot of friends here in Orlando."

This did change Steve's expression somewhat, although not for the better. Steve now saw Snoopy as an enemy as well. The rest of the class took turns introducing themselves, except for Steve. Steve had absolutely nothing to say to anyone. Finally homeroom was over, and the boys ended up having quite a few classes together. The most notable exception was fourth period. Snoopy ended up in a class with none of his other friends there. Steve was there however. As Snoopy walked down the aisle to his seat, Steve stuck his leg out and attempted to trip him. Snoopy saw the leg however and hooked Steve's leg backwards behind his chair, then grabbed Steve's arm and twisted it behind his back.

"Do yourself a favor asshole," snarled Snoopy, "don't even think about doing that again!" Snoopy then released the boy and went to his seat.

Steve was about to get up and go after Snoopy, but the teacher entered the room and saved Steve from any further embarrassment. The rest of the class continued without any further incidents. After class though Snoopy went to meet the other boys at Rusty's locker before lunch. When he got there everyone was staring at Rusty's locker because someone had taken a marker and wrote, "I'LL GET YOU FAG!" Everyone pretty much knew who it was, and Snoopy was now getting pissed. Snoopy had not lost his temper since starting Karate, which was the main reason his parents made him take it up. A lot had happened without the discipline that Karate gave him though. Snoopy had to find himself a dojo, and quickly!

During lunch the school janitor cleaned the graffiti from Rusty's locker, and the rest of the day passed quietly. Shane, Terry, and Snoopy met Rusty and Allen after school to walk to Rusty's house together.

"Dude!" exclaimed Rusty. "I didn't know you were a black belt at Karate. Does Chris know?"

"Of course he knows." replied Snoopy. "Do you think I would keep something like that from my boyfriend?"

"You kept it from Rusty and me." said Allen.

"I guess I'm just not the bragging type." said Snoopy. "Besides the fewer people who know, the better."

"Yeah, but we're your friends." said Rusty. "We're not mad, but friends don't keep secrets from each other dude."

"I'm so sorry dude," said Snoopy, "you're right. It's just that I haven't been in a dojo in months and I really need to stay in discipline for Karate to be effective. I sure wish I could find a good one around here."

"We're calling Tom as soon as we get to my house then." said Rusty. "If anyone would know about a good dojo around here, he would."

The boys excitedly made their way to Rusty's house. When they got there, Chris was already waiting for them.

"How was your first day of school baby?" asked Chris.

"Let's see," said Snoopy, "I don't think sucked even begins to cover it my love."

"He met Steve today." said Rusty. That news made Chris cringe.

"Don't worry babe," said Snoopy, "we're going to call Calvin's dad and find me a dojo before I lose it again."

"What do you mean again?" asked Chris.

"Well," said Snoopy, "I kinda put a move on Steve today. He tried to trip me in fourth period, so I caused him a little pain to get my point across to him."

"Umm, I guess he was probably asking for it." said Chris.

"The thing is, I shouldn't resort to that unless everything else fails." said Snoopy. "That's what Karate is all about. The discipline to only use it if you have no other choice."

Chris put his arms around Snoopy's neck and said, "I love you so much dude. Let's find you a dojo right now." The boys then went to the phone to call Tom. Their friend needed help now.

Tom picked up his phone on the first ring and said, "Hello, Tom DeBarry here."

"Hi Tom." said Rusty.

"Hey Rusty," said Tom, "if you're looking for Calvin, he and Ricky should be home soon. How was the first day of summer school?"

"Actually I called to talk to you," replied Rusty, "and the first day was interesting."

"You called to talk to me?" asked Tom. "What can I do for you then? You don't want to start training as a boxer do you? I hope your first day wasn't that bad." Tom chuckled until Rusty answered him.

"I kinda need to know if you know of a Karate dojo around here." said Rusty. "We need to find the best one there is."

"Any kind of self-defense should only be used as an absolute last resort." said Tom. "Just look at what happened with Calvin's dad. Self-defense requires a lot of discipline and the knowledge of how and when to use it, unless you're using it for sport. Even then you need the discipline not to lose your cool because things don't go your way."

"I know." said Rusty. "I've heard the same thing from Calvin a few times."

"Really?!?" exclaimed Tom with a proud tone in his voice.

"Yeah." said Rusty. "The problem is that Snoopy has already been trained in Karate, but without a dojo he is afraid that he is losing his discipline. Especially with what happened today. He met Joe's best friend and things didn't go well."

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Tom. "Sorry about the language Russ. Fortunately for you guys the best dojo in the southeast is right here in town, kinda. Just call this number in Winter Park, you ready?"

"Yeah," replied Rusty, "go ahead."

"Okay." said Tom. "Call 555-2001 and talk to Ken. Tell him Tom DeBarry gave you his number. If things are as bad as you say, you may want to call him now."

"Okay Tom, we will." replied Rusty. "Thanks a lot Tom, and tell Calvin and Ricky we said hi."

"Okay son." said Tom. "You boys take care of yourselves and we'll see you later."

Once Rusty hung up the phone, the boys called the number that Tom gave them. When they told Ken that Tom gave them his number, Ken told them to come right over. Then Snoopy called Greg to have him meet them at the dojo. After the boys ate, they hopped on a city bus to Winter Park. They met Greg and Toby outside the dojo, then went in. The last of the dojo's students had just gone home for the evening, but Ken was still there cleaning up and putting things away.

"Hi, are you Ken?" asked Snoopy.

The man turned around and said, "Yeah, who are you and your entourage?"

"My name is Dustin, and this is my family and friends." replied Snoopy. "We called you earlier today."

"And you're the one who is looking for a dojo?" asked Ken.

"Yes sir." replied Snoopy.

"Your discipline seems a little lax." commented Ken. "You should have replied, yes master Ken. Tell me about your training young man."

"Yes Master Ken." replied Snoopy. At this point the rest of the group didn't know what to think, as they realized they knew very little about Karate.

"I have trained for five years at the House Of Dragon Dojo, in New York City."

"Very impressive!" exclaimed Ken. "What happened with that?"

"I had to leave New York several months ago." replied Snoopy. "It was due to family problems. I achieved the rank of third degree black belt before my training stopped. You are correct though that my discipline has suffered in the past few months. I really need to be in a dojo, Master Ken."

Ken turned to Greg and asked, "are you Dustin's father?"

"Not legally yet." replied Greg. "I am his long term guardian, but I am working on becoming his legal father."

"You should be very proud of Dustin then." said Ken. "Not a lot of people his age can achieve the rank that he has. It takes a lot of character and discipline. I would be happy to have Dustin as a part of our dojo, but first I need to see where you are technique wise." Ken then threw Snoopy a headgear and mouthpiece.

"Here? Now? With you Master Ken?" asked Snoopy.

"Why not?" asked Ken. "I am a black belt as well, although I am a first degree. It should be interesting."

Ken and Snoopy both moved out to the mat as they prepared themselves. Snoopy then bowed to Ken, and Ken returned the bow. Ken and Snoopy then both took their stances. Snoopy was a little unsure of this, so Ken made the first move. Snoopy was a little out of training, so he ended up on his back. Now Snoopy knew that Ken was absolutely serious, so Snoopy tried to call on his previous training. The two traded moves without anyone taking a clear advantage for several minutes. Then Ken made a move on Snoopy that he didn't think the boy would be able to defend. To his surprise though Snoopy did defend the move, which left Ken open momentarily. Snoopy took advantage of the opening and put a move on Ken that surprised the hell out of the man. Ken got up off his back and went over to Greg.

"I want Dustin in this dojo." said Ken. "Am I correct that he is in school now?"

"Yes, he is." replied Greg.

"Then I would like to have him here three evenings during the week, and on Saturdays." said Ken. "Would that be too much of a strain on him?"

"Let's ask him and see." said Greg. "What about it Snoopy? Can you handle that schedule?"

"I'm sure that I can." replied Snoopy.

"Very good then!" exclaimed Ken. "We'll start tomorrow evening."

As Ken was saying that, Allen was whispering something to Snoopy.

"I would like to know if you would consider training my friend Allen as well?" asked Snoopy.

Ken turned to Allen and asked, "And why would you like to train in Karate young man? Do you think it's cool? Would you like to learn to kick some ass?"

"No sir." replied Allen. "I want to learn discipline as well. That part of it does look cool."

"It will be a lot of hard work." said Ken. "You will go home at times bruised and sore in places that you didn't know could be sore. And it will be even tougher on someone who is as old as you to start out. Does that sound cool?"

"No, but it sounds like something I want to do." replied Allen.

"Very good answer young man." said Ken. "I may take you into training as well, but I need to speak with your parents first."

"I can have them come here tomorrow night then." said Allen excitedly.

"Very well then," said Ken, "I will see you and Dustin tomorrow."

To say that Rusty was shocked by Allen's interest in Karate would have been an understatement. Rusty stared at Allen with his mouth wide open all the way home.

Finally Rusty said, "I never would have guessed that you would be interested in Karate my angel."

"I wouldn't have either." said Allen. "When I saw the amount of discipline it took today though, I knew that I wanted to do it. If I had had more discipline over this past year, I could have saved both of us a lot of pain dude."

"I guess it might have at that." replied Rusty. "Right now though I have an unexplainable urge to take you to our room and make love to you."

"That sounds like the best idea I've heard all day." said Allen, as he took ahold of Rusty's hand.

Some first day at school, huh? Don't get down if you didn't see Snoopy's Karate past coming, neither did I until I got into the chapter. lol. As always, please send all comments to: . See you again in part 11.