Summer Of Love

by tim

Once upon a time there was a man named tim, who had run out of ideas for disclaimers. tim was working on a story called Allen that was © 2004, and was protected by copyright law. In previous disclaimers he would ask people not to copy or post his story to other sites without his permission, this time though tim wanted to jazz things up a bit. But alas, nothing came to him. Even though his story was fictional and any similarities between actual people or events were purely coincidental, that did not help. The one thing that did help was the fact that his story contained sexual situations between teen males, except for the last chapter. tim felt very bad about that, but it was the boys first day of summer school so tim hoped that everyone understood. Then before tim knew what happened, he had come up with another idea for a disclaimer. He was so happy that he asked everyone to send all comments to: . The moral of the story is: If you don't give up, sooner or later a really crappy disclaimer idea will come to you.

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Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim

Part 11

The next day at school was fairly routine, although Steve did sneer at Allen, Rusty, and Snoopy whenever he saw them. The boys thought there might be trouble during lunch when they saw Steve hanging out with a group of his friends and pointing at them, but nothing ever happened. When the day was over, the boys left the school as quickly as they could. Rusty was back to driving now, and he had drove today so he could get Allen to his house and then to Karate lessons.

Ken had wanted to talk to Ben and Judith before Allen started today, so Allen's parents followed Rusty and Allen to the dojo. Ben and Judith seemed impressed by the facilities there, and after asking Allen once more if he were sure that he wanted to do this, they signed for Allen to join the dojo. Since Rusty was going to stay around and bring Allen back to his house, Ben and Judith left. They didn't like the idea of possibly seeing Allen getting hit or thrown around. Before they left, Ken assured them that Allen would be just fine. Just after Allen's parents left, Greg pulled up and dropped Snoopy off.

"Hi Greg." said Rusty. "If you want, Allen and me can drop Snoopy off at home when they're done here."

"That would be great if you boys don't mind." said Greg. "You boys be careful on the way home this evening though."

"Sure thing Greg." replied Rusty.

"Hey dudes." said Snoopy. "So Allen, are you ready for an evening that you won't ever forget?" Snoopy laughed as he asked that question.

"I'm kinda looking forward to it." replied Allen tentatively.

"Are you sure you'll be okay waiting for us Rusty?" asked Snoopy.

"Yeah," replied Rusty, "it shouldn't be too bad."

"Okay then." said Snoopy. "Allen, did you bring everything on the list that Ken gave you?"

"Yep," replied Allen, "everything is here in this duffel bag." Then Allen held his bag up for Snoopy to see.

"Awesome!" exclaimed Snoopy. "Let's go then!"

Snoopy then led Allen back inside the dojo. Allen was quite nervous, but Snoopy assured him that he would be fine. The boys were met inside the door by Ken.

"Hello again Master Ken." said Allen respectfully.

"You boys don't really have to call me that." said Ken. "I was just testing Dustin's discipline yesterday. The proper way to address me from now on is Sansei Ken."

"Yes Sansei Ken." said both boys in unison.

"Here is a robe and a beginner's sash for you Allen." said Ken. "You boys go back to the dressing room and get ready. Dustin, you show your friend what to do, okay?"

"Yes Sansei Ken." replied Snoopy.

The boys went back to the dressing room and had no problems undressing, then getting ready in front of each other. Snoopy helped Allen with the correct fitting of his protective cup and jock strap, then later with the proper way to wear his robe and sash.

When the boys were ready Allen said, "This is really comfortable dude. I'm starting to feel better already."

"Don't worry," said Snoopy, "there's a reason this stuff was made to be so comfortable. You'll find out why soon enough." Snoopy laughed again as he said the last part.

As Snoopy and Allen were leaving the dressing room, other boys were starting to come in and get themselves ready. The class tonight would consist of twelve young boys. Snoopy and Allen made their way out to the main room of the dojo, then Snoopy told Allen what to do when the class was ready to get under way. Finally all twelve boys made their way to the main room, dressed in their robes.

When Ken entered the room, all twelve boys said in unison, "Hello Sansei Ken."

"Hello students." said Ken, as he bowed to twelve bowing boys. "We have two new students joining us tonight. This is Dustin." Ken then pointed to Snoopy as he continued, "Dustin comes to us from a very well respected dojo in New York City. The other new student next to him is Allen. This is Allen's very first time in a Karate dojo, so please do not be too hard on him if you get a chance to face off with him."

"Yes Sansei Ken." replied all of the boys.

Then the fun began. Ken worked with all of the boys, and used Snoopy and another boy to help him demonstrate his lessons. The other boy, Luke, was at the same level as Snoopy. The only difference was that Luke was in a little better practice than Snoopy, but Snoopy began picking back up quickly. Ken especially worked with Allen though, seeing as how Allen was the least experienced student. Whenever it was time for Allen to execute what he was learning, Ken would pair him with one of the lower level students. Allen still ended up getting hit and thrown on his butt more times than he imagined though. Allen quickly realized that it was going to be a long evening.

Outside the dojo Rusty was also realizing that it was going to be a long evening. He had already made a trip to Mickey D's, and was beginning to get very bored. Then Rusty had an idea. Calvin's gym wasn't too far away, and they were a lot more relaxed than the dojo. It wouldn't be any problem for Rusty to hang out with Calvin and Ricky at the gym, because Calvin's weekday workout schedule just happened to coincide with Allen's Karate classes.

Ken kept working with Allen throughout the evening, and near the end of class Allen was getting pretty sore. Allen was also getting tired of being thrown to the ground by kids who were much younger than himself. Ken put Allen up against one more student before the class ended, but it didn't look good for Allen. The student was only one year younger than Allen, and had been taking Karate for two years. The other kid got in a few good moves on Allen, but the last one Allen somehow blocked. This left the other kid vulnerable for a few seconds, so Allen tried one of the maneuvers that Ken had shown him. Allen was shocked when he put the other kid down on his back. Upon seeing that, Ken decided it would be a good place to end the class. Then Allen offered the other kid a hand to get to his feet.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" asked Allen.

"No," laughed the other kid, "you get use to that in Karate. That was a pretty good move dude, especially since today is your first day. My name is Matt." Matt held his hand out for a shake.

Allen shook the boy's hand and replied, "I'm Allen. Thanks for being okay about getting thrown to the ground."

"Don't worry about it dude." said Matt. "Like I said, it happens all the time. You will be back tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah," chuckled Allen, "if I can get out of bed in the morning."

The two boys laughed together as the class ended. Then Ken walked over toward Allen.

"You did very well tonight for your first time." said Ken. "If you stay with it, you could become very skilled."

"Thank you Sansei Ken." replied Allen. "I do want to stay with Karate, I need the discipline."

"Well then," said Ken, "we'll do what we can for you."

Snoopy and Allen then went back to the dressing room with the other boys, and got back into their regular clothes. When Allen was naked Snoopy did notice that he had a few minor bruises, but that was to be expected. Snoopy and Allen dressed, then made their way outside to Rusty.

"Hey dudes," said Rusty, "I was beginning to think I'd never see you again. How'd your first class go Tiger?"

"I'm sore." moaned Allen. "Really sore.

"I'll fix you right up when I get you to your house dude." said Rusty. "So Snoopy, do you think Allen is going to become a lethal weapon?"

"I think he'll do just fine." chuckled Snoopy.

After Allen slowly got into Rusty's car, the boys headed out to drop Snoopy off. When they got to Greg's house, Chris was there waiting for Snoopy. Allen and Rusty waved good-bye to their friends, who were now locked in a heated kiss, then took off to Allen's house. After saying hello to Ben and Judith, the boys went straight to their room.

"Okay," said Rusty, "let's get your shirt off and see what they did to you."

"I know better than that." said Allen. "You just want to get my shirt off."

"You got that right you sexy thing." replied Rusty.

Allen slowly lifted his arms so Rusty could take his shirt off. When Rusty removed Allen's shirt it made him gasp.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Rusty. "What did they do to my little angel? You have bruises all over, Allen. It almost looks like you decided to go a few rounds with Calvin."

"I just need to rest." replied Allen. "It'll get better, honestly it will."

"I don't know." said Rusty. "Are you sure you want to continue doing this?"

"Yes!" exclaimed Allen. "I'm sorry babe, I didn't mean to snap at you. This is really important to me though. I know I look kinda rough right now, but it will get better. When it does get better I'll be much better off for doing this."

"Okay my little ninja angel," said Rusty, "but I'm going to take care of you in the meantime. Take off your pants and underwear, and lay face down on the bed."

As Allen was doing that, Rusty went to the bathroom to get a bottle of baby oil. Rusty came back and squeezed some of the cool oil onto Allen's bare back, then began to knead the muscles in Allen's back.

"Oh babe," moaned Allen softly, "that feels so good. Are you going to take care of me like this every night?"

As Rusty was massaging the soreness from Allen's body he replied, "Whenever you need it my sweet ninja angel."

Rusty continued to knead Allen's aching muscles, and pressing down hard into Allen's spine and shoulder blades. Rusty worked his way lower and lower, until he finally made his way to Allen's butt.

As Rusty began to knead the cheeks of Allen's butt he said, "You know what's really funny? Less than six months ago I thought I was as straight as an arrow, and now I can't think of anything more sexy than your smooth, round butt." As Rusty ran a thumb through the crack between Allen's cheeks he continued, "As a matter of fact your butt turns me on so much that I can barely stand it." Then Rusty bent down and began licking Allen's pucker.

"No one makes me feel the way you do babe." sighed Allen. "It feels like we've been boyfriends forever. Also, I'm happy that you think I'm the sexiest stud alive."

Rusty straightened back up and giggled, then replied, "Maybe we have been boyfriends forever, and I was just too dumb to realize it." Rusty once again massaged Allen's cheeks, along with the back of his thighs, as he continued, "Whatever the case is though, I can't ever imagine not being with you. Now, go ahead and turn over stud."

As soon as Allen turned over, Rusty bent down and placed his lips against Allen's. As the boys shared a very gentle and passionate kiss, Allen began removing Rusty's clothes.

Once Rusty's shirt had been taken off, he said, "My, you are a horny little ninja angel tonight, aren't you?"

"When am I not horny?" asked Allen, as he smiled at Rusty.

Allen then removed Rusty's pants and underwear, so that both boys were now naked. Allen pulled Rusty's face back down to his and resumed their kiss. Allen was also pulling down on Rusty's butt, so he could feel his boyfriend's cock grind into his own.

Rusty raised back up and said, "Wait a minute dude, I have to finish your massage. I don't want my angel being sore in the morning."

"But I want to make love!" protested Allen.

"We'll finish that in just a few minutes." said Rusty, as he winked at Allen.

Rusty poured some oil onto Allen's chest and began massaging it in. Rusty kneaded Allen's pectoral muscles as Allen hummed with pleasure. Then Rusty moved down to Allen's abs. This particular area was already beginning to feel different from the workout Allen had earlier, and it was starting to turn Rusty on even more. Eventually Rusty moved his hands on down to Allen's thighs. Rusty rubbed his boyfriend's thighs hard, massaging the soreness out of them.

"I don't know how I could feel any better than I do right now babe." said Allen softly.

"Hold on angel," said Rusty, "there's one muscle that I haven't massaged yet."

"Which one is that?" asked Allen.

"My favorite one!" said Rusty. Then he lowered his lips over Allen's cock.

Rusty took all of Allen's cock into his mouth, then slowly raised his lips back up over it. Rusty then squeezed the firm, spongy head of Allen's cock with his lips. After putting Allen's cock back into his mouth, Rusty ran his tongue around and around the head. Rusty slowly ran his lips back down to the base of the shaft, while sucking gently on Allen's entire cock.

"Please turn around so I can make love to you too babe." begged Allen.

Rusty turned around, and Allen immediately took his boyfriend's cock into his mouth. The two boys passionately pleasured each other, wanting nothing except for their boyfriend to feel good. Allen now knew that Rusty was the only boy that he ever truly loved, even when they were little boys playing together. Nothing had ever felt as good to Allen as having Rusty's cock in his mouth, and making gentle love to the most beautiful boy in the world. Rusty knew that he was very lucky to have realized the truth before it was too late. No one could have possibly compared to the boy he had known his whole life. Making love to Allen was exactly what Rusty had always thought real love would always be like.

After ten minutes of intense and passionate love making, both boys were approaching the moment they looked forward to the most. At almost the exact same time, Rusty's and Allen's orgasms began flowing into each other's mouths. Both boys sucked as much cum from their lover as they possibly could. Once that was done, Rusty turned back around and eased himself into Allen's waiting arms. The boys fell asleep in an embrace of love, and with smiles on their beautiful faces.

That seemed like the most perfect place imaginable to end this chapter. Two beautiful boys in each other's arms, and their hearts full of love for each other. I know, I'm a hopeless romantic. lol. Please send all comments to: . See you again in Part 12.