Summer Of Love

by tim


George W. Bush just underwent surgery to have his head removed from his ass. Doctors also wanted to implant a personality, but the president was quoted as saying: "Why bother with that at this point." We will bring you more on this story as it unfolds. While you are enjoying the story, I'm going to see what is going on with those pigs flying around outside.

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Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim

Part 12

The next evening while Allen was at the dojo, Rusty went to Calvin's gym and found Calvin and Ricky.

"Hey Russ," said Calvin, as he worked on the heavy bag, "what's up bro?"

"Same old shit, except now it happens at summer school." replied Rusty. "I just needed to find somewhere to go while Allen is at Karate classes."

"You're always welcome here dude." said Calvin.

"I know." said Rusty. "I love you guys."

"We're going to try to have everyone at our place on Saturday." said Ricky. "We thought we would get everyone together to talk about music, and maybe even play a little."

"Sounds cool dude," said Rusty, "we'll be there."

"So Russ, you want to get in the ring with me and spar a little?" asked Calvin. "None of the chickens here tonight want to do it."

"Are you serious Calvin?" replied Rusty. "Do you think I want to look worse than Allen after a Karate class? Besides, it wasn't that long ago that I almost died once. I don't want to push my luck."

"Dude, you know I love you like a brother." said Calvin. "I would never do anything to hurt you. I promise I would pull all of my punches."

"You are serious, aren't you?" asked Rusty.

"Besides dude, I could give you a few pointers and teach you a few things." said Calvin.

"What makes you think I need to know anything about boxing?" asked Rusty.

"Well," replied Calvin, "seeing as how Allen is now taking Karate, I would guess that Joe's friends have already made themselves known. I wouldn't want one of my best buds to be unprepared. I can't be at school with you guys."

"Let me think about it for a minute." said Rusty.

"Cool," said Calvin, "I'll go let dad know what we have planned!"

At first, Ricky and Rusty could hear some loud conversation in the back room, but they couldn't make out what was being said. Then, after about ten minutes, Calvin and Tom both came out.

"So Russ, you wanna do it?" asked Calvin.

"Sure," replied Rusty, "why not? It may be fun."

"Okay then boys," said Tom, "but I'm going to be in that ring with you guys to make sure that Calvin keeps his bargain, and that nothing goes wrong. The last thing I need is for Mike to be pissed at me. Rusty, here's a headgear, gloves, and a cup, just in case. Calvin, take him back to the dressing room and see if you have a smaller pair of trunks he can use."

After about ten more minutes, Rusty and Calvin came back out. Ricky almost doubled over laughing. Rusty's trunks were very loose and had to be tied in. They also hung down to his knees.

"What the hell is so funny Ricky?" asked Rusty.

"You really should see yourself Rusty, it's priceless." laughed Ricky. "I would suggest that if you plan on sparring with Calvin very much, that you at least buy a pair of trunks."

"Come on babe, go easy on him." said Calvin. "They were the smallest pair that I had back there."

Then Calvin, Rusty, and Tom climbed into the ring. Rusty walked around the ring a few times to get use to it.

"Wow!" exclaimed Rusty. "This is pretty cool up here. This really might be fun."

"Okay son," said Tom, "remember your deal and pull every single punch, no matter what happens. I don't want Rusty getting hurt up here. Are you boys ready?"

"Yeah dad." replied Calvin.

"Sure Tom." replied Rusty.

"Okay," said Tom, "try to teach him how to defend himself and punch while you're in here with him son. Go ahead boys."

Calvin and Rusty faced each other in the ring. It wasn't too hard for Calvin to get Rusty use to holding his arms up in front of his chest, so he would be ready to defend himself. Getting Rusty use to blocking punches was a different story though. The first punch that Calvin pulled was on target.

"Damn!" exclaimed Rusty. "I'm glad that you're pulling your punches dude, that could have hurt!"

"With the right conditioning, you get use to it." said Calvin.

The two boys continued to spar, and generally had fun. Rusty finally did manage to land a blow to Calvin.

"Dude, that was pretty weak." said Calvin. "Let me stand beside you and have you throw that again, so I can see how you did it." Calvin stood beside Rusty, and had him throw the punch again, then continued, "I see what's wrong. If you continue to punch like that, you're going to end up breaking a wrist. You need to lock your arm, wrist, and the back of your hand in a straight line before you throw a punch, like this."

Calvin demonstrated what he had just told Rusty, and worked with his friend for a few minutes. Finally, Calvin had Rusty holding his hands and arms in the proper position to throw a punch. The boys continued sparring for some time, with Rusty doing better and better. His punches were also getting stronger, although Calvin had felt much harder in the ring. Calvin did manage to get a decent workout, even though he did pull all of his punches. Rusty ended up having more fun than he thought he would. Finally the boys climbed out of the ring, and Tom complimented Calvin for doing a good job. Tom also complimented Rusty for being a quick learner.

"Dude!" exclaimed Calvin. "You should work out with me, it would be great. Not that you want to be a professional boxer or anything, but it would be good for you."

"That sounds like fun." said Rusty. "Let's do it!"

The boys continued to workout together until Rusty had to go pick up Allen and Snoopy. Calvin eagerly began teaching Rusty about the conditioning and training that goes in to boxing, and Rusty was having a great time.

"Well dudes, I hate to run." said Rusty. "It's time to go pick up my angel. I'll be back tomorrow though."

"That will be great!" exclaimed Calvin. "Don't forget to stop by the shop I told you about and pick up the stuff I told you about. It's always best to have your own gear."

"Don't worry bro, I'll get it right after school." said Rusty. "Bye guys, see you tomorrow."

Rusty pulled up in front of the dojo just as Allen and Snoopy were coming out. Allen and Snoopy climbed into the car and said hi to Rusty.

"So," said Rusty, "how was class today my angel?"

"I'm not quite as sore as yesterday," replied Allen, "but I could still use a nice massage. I actually managed to block a few moves today."

"So," chuckled Snoopy, "you get the same treatment from Rusty that I get from Chris, huh?"

"Yeah," replied Allen, "my baby loves me. So, what did you do for fun today babe?"

"I suppose if I told you that I went a few rounds with Calvin today you would think I was crazy, right?" asked Rusty.

"That goes without saying baby." replied Allen.

"I went a few rounds with Calvin today." said Rusty, who was trying his best not to laugh. "What's even worse is, I'm going back for more tomorrow."

"ARE YOU CRAZY???" screamed Allen.

"It's not like that angel." said Rusty. "Calvin would never hurt me for anything, and it was really a lot of fun!"

"So, Calvin didn't hit you hard?" asked Allen.

"Nope!" replied Rusty. "He pulled every single punch, mostly."

"Okay, just be careful babe." said Allen.

"Hey angel, I think I told you the same thing yesterday." said Rusty.

"He got you there dude!" exclaimed Snoopy.

The rest of the drive to Greg's house was spent with Rusty telling Allen and Snoopy about Calvin and Ricky's plans for the weekend. Both boys said that it sounded like fun, and Snoopy was sure that his brothers would like to go along. After dropping Snoopy off, and watching Snoopy and Chris kiss on the front lawn, Allen and Rusty headed to Rusty's house. When Rusty told Mike and Emily what he had been up to, they both suggested that he have his head examined. This almost caused Allen to double over. Then the boys went to their room where they had a repeat of the previous night, except that Rusty got his tongue a little further inside Allen.

The rest of the school week passed without trouble, which made the boys nervous. They knew that Steve was not about to go away. It seemed like he was always there, at a distance. The whole thing was almost scary, so Rusty thought that maybe his dad should have a talk with Joe. Not about his friends leaving the boys alone, because that would only backfire. Maybe it might help though if Mike talked to Joe about the consequences of his actions, seeing as how Joe would be back in court next week because his bail had been refused.

Round two at the gym was almost as much fun for Rusty as round one had been. Calvin started teaching Rusty more about the conditioning side of boxing. Rusty wasn't aware that there was so much training involved. There was rhythm training, speed training, strength training, and endurance training. Rusty was really beginning to admire what his friend went through on a daily basis to be a boxer. Calvin was becoming more and more of an incredible young man to Rusty. Calvin was also having fun teaching his friend things that he could use in life, like staying in better shape. Rusty always thought he was in good shape, until he began training with Calvin. Both boys were starting to have a ball.

Finally the first week of summer school came to an end, and all the boys were excited about the get together at Calvin's house. Calvin had asked everyone who had instruments to bring them, just in case. The first to arrive at Calvin's house was Devon and Sean. Devon brought his drum set and Sean brought his bass, plus several other instruments. The boys decided to leave everything in their car for now. Next to arrive were Shane, Terry, Snoopy, and Chris. The only one of them who had played any instrument was Chris, who had played a little guitar a few years back. Finally Rusty and Allen had arrived, and the get together was under way.

The boys were all interested in music, and most of those who didn't play expressed an interest in learning. Then the boys began talking about what music they liked, which was accompanied by demonstrations on the stereo and even a little dancing. It turned out that most of the boys liked a very wide variety of music, from country to rock and most other types in between. Then the boys asked Rusty to demonstrate his singing. Calvin accompanied him on guitar, and Rusty did a very good job. When Rusty was done though, Allen asked if he could give it a try. Calvin played the same song on his guitar, and all the boys were amazed. Allen sounded every bit as good as Rusty, and the two of them together would make a beautiful harmony.

Devon and Sean quickly went out to get their instruments, so the boys could try another song. After everything had been set up, the boys finally came up with a duet that everyone knew. Shane, Terry, and Snoopy listened to the other boys play, and although they thought that Allen and Rusty were both really good by themselves, they agreed that the pair were perfect when singing together.

It was decided that for now the boys would get together on Saturdays and just play for fun, but Shane, Terry, and Snoopy wanted to be included too. Sean quickly went back out to the car and came back with two more unusual looking instrument cases. When Sean returned, that gave Calvin an idea as well so he went to his room quickly. Calvin returned with a very ornate looking guitar.

"I hope you had the same idea that I had Sean." said Calvin.

Sean looked at Calvin's guitar and chuckled, "I'm pretty sure that I did."

Sean called Shane, Terry, and Snoopy over to him and began examining their fingers carefully. The instruments that Sean and Calvin were going to teach the boys called for very different types of finger and hand dexterity.

"Okay guys," said Sean, "seeing as how all of us like most types of music, including country, we are going to need more instruments in order to play those songs properly." Sean opened the first case and took out a banjo, then turned to Snoopy. "You look like you have pretty quick fingers dude, and you'll need them for this. I never really could learn to play this thing well." Sean then opened the next case and took out an instrument that almost looked like a violin. He turned to Shane and said, "You look like you have enough coordination in your arms and wrists for the fiddle. It's really kinda fun when you get use to it."

"I guess that leaves you with me Terry." said Calvin. "Before you say it already looks like we have enough guitars, this one is a little different. This is a steel guitar, and it makes that really twangy guitar sound you hear in most country and a few rock songs. Let us do one more song first, and we'll start teaching you guys how to play these."

The boys then played another song, with Rusty and Allen taking turns singing lead. The harmony during the chorus was still the best sounding part of the song though. Then Calvin and Sean began working with Shane, Terry, and Snoopy. By the time it was getting close to evening, Greg's boys had learned enough to begin practicing. Sean and Calvin told them to take the instruments home with them, so they could practice in their spare time. Chris volunteered to help them, seeing as he was at Greg's house a lot these days. Sean also advised them to stop at a music shop on the way home, and pick up a few books on how to play the instruments they were given. The boys had had so much fun today, that the day seemed to fly by. As everyone was leaving, Calvin told them that they would see them again next Saturday, as Snoopy and Allen had Karate classes on Sunday.

The next week at school did not start very well for the boys. Even though Shane and Terry had not come out as the others did, someone must have figured out that they were gay as well. Shane went to his locker at lunch and found the word "FAG" spray painted on his locker. All of the boys knew who the culprit was, but they couldn't prove that Steve had done it. The school declined to take action on the boys suspicions. At he end of the day the boys were relieved that it was over. Shane, Terry, and Snoopy planned on getting a ride home with Rusty and Allen. When they went out to Rusty's car though, someone had slashed all four tires and spray painted the word "FAG" on the windshield.

"I'm gonna kill that fucking son of a bitch!" screamed Rusty. "If that asshole wants a fucking war, he's got it!"

Shane quickly went to call the police while the other boys worked on calming Rusty down. Mike heard the call come over his police scanner, so he made his way toward the school as fast as he could. He arrived there at the same time as the police. The other boys talked to the officer while Mike took over trying to calm down his son enough to talk to the police.

"We have a pretty good idea who did this officer." said Allen. "His name is Steve Finnegan, and he doesn't like any of us."

"Well," replied the officer, "we can dust the car to see if someone left any prints behind. Usually in a case like this, the person committing the crime isn't bright enough to think about leaving his prints all over the scene. The only problem is though, unless their prints are on file with the police or FBI there's not much we can do. If we have enough evidence to show why he might have done it, then the court can order his prints taken. It takes a lot to prove that though. I don't want you boys to get the wrong idea though, the Orlando Police Department does not tolerate hate crimes at all. If we do find enough evidence to charge someone, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

"You should talk to Rusty about our first day of summer school then." said Allen.

"I'll make sure to bring that up." replied the officer. The officer then went to talk to Rusty and Mike, who the officer had recognized.

"Mike Cooper!" exclaimed the officer. "How is the hardest working man at the DCF?"

"Apparently I've had better days." replied Mike.

"Yeah, I can see that." replied the officer. "We will do what we can though Mike."

"I appreciate that." said Mike. "I think I have Rusty calmed down enough to talk to you now."

"That's good." replied the officer. "Anything that any of the boys can tell us might help." The officer then turned to Rusty and said, "I'm sorry about the damage to your car son. We're going to do what we can to see that this doesn't happen again though. Your friends tell me that a kid by the name of Steve Finnegan may be responsible for this."

"I know Steve did it." replied Rusty.

"Has he ever done anything before, like on your first day of school, that would indicate that he may wish to commit a crime against you?" asked the officer.

"I guess you should probably know about that." said Rusty. Mike was now listening intently, as he had not heard of any problems on the first day of summer school.

"Steve came into the very first class, which was homeroom, and began calling Allen and me fags." said Rusty. "When I spoke up to defend us, Steve came over and grabbed me around the collar. He lifted me completely off the ground, and was trying to choke me unconscious, when the teacher walked in. Steve ended up getting detention for the rest of summer school."

"That may definitely help us Rusty." said the officer. "I'm going to make sure that this gets assigned to an investigator, and I'll call someone to dust your car for prints."

When the officer had finished talking to Rusty, Mike was looking at his son with a shocked look on his face.

Rusty threw his arms around Mike and cried, "I'm sorry dad. I really should have told you what happened, but I didn't think it would get to this point. I'm so sorry dad."

Mike patted Rusty on the back and said, "That's okay son, I'm not mad at you. I just didn't know what to think, hearing about it like this. You have to remember to come to me or your mother though when something like this happens. No one got hurt this time, but it could have been a lot different. You, me, and Allen will sit down when we get home and have a talk about things though. I just assumed that you knew how much danger you boys could face from people who are filled with nothing but hate."

Well, the fireworks had to start eventually. This may serve to wake the boys up though. Please send all comments to: or . At this time I wish to apologize for the change of direction in Allen 2. I was so caught up in writing that I did not notice it, until I went back and read some of what I had written. The chapters since the boys return to summer school reflect me getting the story back on track, and I hope my readers have stuck with the story to this point. The story will be what it originally set out to be from that point on. I hope you have enjoyed the past few chapters, and I promise the story will not stray again. See you again in Part 13.