Summer Of Love

by tim

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Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim

Part 13

Mike had a long talk with Rusty and Allen when they got home. The boys felt that even after what had happened to Allen's uncle, they would not be in any serious danger because they were just kids. Mike convinced the boys that some kids were just as capable of hatred and violence as some adults were. The incident with Rusty's car did help Mike to make his point. Mike didn't want to scare the boys, but he did want them to be more careful. He also wanted them not to take anything that happened to them for granted, like the incident with Steve on the first day of summer school. Mike was definitely going to go have a talk with Joe tomorrow, but now the emphasis had changed. It no longer seemed that some of Joe's friends were just headed down the wrong road, instead they were close to reaching their destination. After the talk with Joe tomorrow Mike would have to pick up Rusty and Allen at school, then take the boys to pick up Rusty's car.

That night the only thing Rusty and Allen wanted to do was hold each other in their arms. There was some cuddling too, but that was all they did. They fell asleep that night, wrapped in a tight embrace.

The next morning, after Rusty and Allen headed off to school, Mike got ready to head to the jail. Since Mike was an officer of the state he was allowed to meet with Joe in a secure room, instead of over a phone and through a glass shield. Mike waited in the small room for the guard to bring Joe in.

When Joe entered the room and saw Mike he said, "Who are you? I don't ever remember seeing you before."

"My name is Mike Cooper, and I'm with the DCF." replied Mike.

"Cooper?" replied Joe. "Wait! Are you Rusty Cooper's dad?"

"Yes, I am." said Mike. "I'm here on business today though."

"Tell Rusty that I'm sorry for some of the things I said to him that night." said Joe. Anyway, what kind of business do you have with me? You're not a lawyer are you?"

"No, I'm not a lawyer." replied Mike. "Like I said, I'm with the DCF. My business is to help families and kids who are in trouble, and you are in trouble. So are some of your friends Joe, they just haven't made it to the point you have yet."

"So what can you do to help me?" asked Joe.

"I was honestly thinking more about your friends Joe." said Mike. "I don't know if there's anything that can be done for you at this point."

"That's pretty comforting." said Joe sullenly.

"Don't get me wrong son, it's not that I wouldn't help you." said Mike. "You have to realize that your bail has been turned down, which means you're going to be in here until the trial. Then if the state attorney wins, you'll go directly to prison. Probably for quite a while."

Joe turned away from Mike without saying anything.

"What's really bad is there are still kids out there that look up to you Joe." said Mike. "You're some kind of hero to them, and they'll probably follow the same path that you took, and look at how many people's lives you've destroyed."

Mike waited for a response, but Joe remained quietly turned away from him.

"Come on Joe, say something to me!" said Mike. "Your actions caused the death of another boy! His family and friends will never fully recover from that. You're going to be spending the next twenty years of your life in prison for what happened. Do you really feel like some kind of hero?"

Joe replied almost inaudibly, "I didn't mean to do it."

Mike walked over to Joe and asked, "What did you say Joe?"

Joe turned around to reveal that tears had begun to run down his cheeks. Joe threw his arms around Mike and said, "I didn't mean to do it! I never meant to kill anyone, we were just having fun. When I saw what happened behind me, I got scared man! I've tried not to look like it, but I've been scared every day since that night. Please, you gotta help me!"

Mike patted Joe gently on the back and said, "I don't really know what I would be able to do for you Joe, all I can do is try."

Joe cried into Mike's chest like a small child and pleaded, "You have to help me! I can't make it here! I don't know how much longer I can last!"

"You have to realize that jail is suppose to be a very tough place to be." said Mike. "Prison will only be worse."

Joe began crying even harder and sobbed, "They raped me man! They raped me last night in the cell, and told me if I told anyone they would kill me! You can't let me go back in there!"

Joe completely broke down in Mike's arms at that point. Mike tried to comfort the boy who was crying uncontrollably, but Mike had a few tears of his own to deal with. Mike held Joe and patted him on the back for fifteen minutes before either of them could get control of their emotions.

"I'm going to do anything I have to to keep you from going back in there Joe." said Mike. "I do know a few people that might be able to help. You're going to have to do something for me though that may not be easy for you."

Joe looked up at Mike and sobbed, "I'll do anything man, just help me please."

"Okay." said Mike. "The first thing I need you to do is drop the tough guy image you've been giving everyone but me. That hasn't been impressing the people that are in control of your life now. Also, who is your lawyer?"

"Jack Pesto, with the public defender's office." replied Joe, as he tried to straighten himself out. "He doesn't seem like he's doing much when it comes to my case though."

"That's not much of a surprise." said Mike, as he took out his cell phone.

Mike punched in a number and waited for an answer. When the call was answered he said, "Hi Ben, Mike here. Exactly how good are you Ben?"

"Hi Mike." replied Ben. "When I'm on top of my game in the courtroom, no one can beat me. Why Mike, you have a problem?"

Mike went ahead and explained the situation completely to Allen's dad. After hearing that Joe had been raped, Ben said he would be at the jail in ten minutes. Mike wanted to have a talk with the sheriff, whom he was acquainted with, but Ben told Mike to wait until he arrived at the jail. Ten minutes later, Ben was led into the room with Mike and Joe.

Ben offered his hand to Joe and said, "Hi, I'm Ben Martin. I'll be your lawyer for this point on. If you are contacted by anyone at the public defender's office, tell them to talk to me. My assistant is filing a change of representation with the court as we speak, and is asking for an emergency hearing. Now, let's get the sheriff in here."

Ben got the guard's attention and told him that he needed to speak with the sheriff immediately. Then they waited about thirty minutes before the sheriff arrived.

When the sheriff came in Ben said, "Can you explain to me why we just waited here thirty minutes when my client, who happens to be a minor, was raped by other inmates inside this facility?"

"I'm sorry sheriff." said Mike. "This is Ben Martin and he's kind of upset right now. I usually don't mess with him much when he gets this way."

"Hi Mike," said the sheriff, "and hello Mr. Martin. I'm sorry about the wait, but my staff didn't inform me of the nature of your request. I assure you that the type of incident you mentioned is a very serious issue to us."

"If that's true then I would like for you to call the state attorney and inform them what has happened." said Ben. "I also want to remove this boy from here to prevent any further incidents. If the state attorney has a problem with that, let them know that I am fully prepared today to file civil litigation against the county and the state."

"Can the boy tell me exactly what happened?" asked the sheriff.

"That will be okay as long as he does it right here, with me present." replied Ben.

Joe went ahead and told the sheriff, in detail, what had happened the previous night when four men entered his cell. Joe did have to stop several times, and Mike was there to comfort him each time. When Joe finished, he was completely drained. The sheriff then left the room to call the state attorney and yell at his staff. After another thirty minutes, and a lot of yelling from outside the room, Ben's cell phone went off. Ben talked on the phone briefly, then flipped the phone closed.

"That was my assistant." said Ben. "The state attorney and the judge want Joe and me in the courtroom by three o'clock."

"Can you get him out of here today?" asked Mike.

"I think so, but the court will most likely want someplace where he can remain under house arrest for now." replied Ben. "I made a few calls while we were waiting, and it doesn't look like his family wants anything to do with him anymore."

That remark made Joe wince, so Ben said to Joe, "I'm sorry you had to hear it that way son, but I will find some way to help you."

"How about if I go to court with you and offer to take him?" asked Mike.

"That would be perfect Mike, but are you sure about doing that?" asked Ben.

Mike opened his phone and dialed home. "Hi honey, something has come up at the jail and I was wondering if you can go pick up Rusty and Allen"........."No, everything will be okay I hope, but I do have to take care of a business matter this afternoon. It's pretty urgent, a boy's life may be at stake here. By the way honey, would you be upset by having a guest in the house for a while?"........."Thanks honey, you're the greatest. Love you."

Mike turned to Ben and said, "I'm all yours my friend."

The sheriff then came back into the room and said, "We'll have to transport Joe to the courthouse now. I'll take him there myself. I'm sorry son, but we have to do this to transport you."

The sheriff then cuffed Joe, as Joe looked at Ben and Mike with a frightened look on his face.

"Don't worry Joe." said Ben. "You'll be fine, I promise. They have to cuff you whenever they take you out of the jail. We'll be at the courthouse soon, and hopefully you won't be seeing those again after today."

The sheriff then led Joe from the room to take him to his car. Ben and Mike left the jail to make their way to the courthouse too. The wait at the courthouse was nerve wracking for Mike, but about fifteen minutes before they were to see the judge a baliff came in and told Ben he could speak with Joe. Ben told Mike to meet them in the courtroom. Ben entered the courtroom with Joe just before the judge came in.

Once the proceedings started, and Ben had informed the court of what had happened, Ben presented his motions. The state attorney seemed uncooperative at first, but the judge seemed genuinely concerned about what had happened. When Ben began filing motions to have the case postponed until a civil case could be filed, the state attorney suddenly became more cooperative. She still did not want to see Joe released on house arrest, that is until Ben made a motion to dismiss the charges because Joe should have been charged with a much lesser charge. At that point the judge made an unusual request to see Joe in chambers alone. Ben took a few moments to try to read the judge's demeanor, then agreed for his client to see the judge alone. The state attorney objected, but was immediately overruled. After talking to Joe for about fifteen minutes, Joe and the judge came back into the courtroom.

"Will the defendant and all interested parties please rise." said the judge. Once everyone was standing the judge continued, "This is a very interesting case. It is much more complex than when it was first presented to this court. I am going to order a continuance of six months for this case. In that time I'm ordering that the defendant be placed under house arrest. I see Mr. Mike Cooper with the DCF has agreed to be responsible for the defendant at this time. That is agreeable with the court. I would hope the defendant would make good use of the continuance that has been granted by the court. This case is adjourned."

The state attorney was livid, and had to be threatened with a contempt charge. At that time Joe realized that he would not be locked back up in jail, and gave Ben an emotional hug.

"Me and Mike will meet you back at the jail Joe." said Ben.

"I thought I didn't have to go back there." said Joe nervously.

"There's nothing to worry about son." said Ben. "They have to process you out of jail as an inmate, then attach a transponder to your leg for the house arrest. I promise you won't have any contact with the other inmates. Mike will be taking you to his house before you know it."

Then Joe was led away to be taken back to the jail. As soon as Mike had filled out some paperwork with the court, he and Ben returned to the jail to get Joe out of there. Then Mike had more paperwork to fill out at the jail. Finally Joe was brought out, dressed in his own clothes. A deputy then reached down and attached a small box to Joe's ankle.

The deputy said, "That is a transponder. It is linked directly to our computer system. Our computer can tell where you are, or if the transponder has been tampered with. If you need to go somewhere that has not been covered by the paperwork that was filled out, Mr. Cooper will need to go to the courthouse and see the judge. If the judge agrees, then bring the order to us. If you violate the conditions of the house arrest, we will have no choice but to pick you up. Does everyone understand that?"

As soon as everyone stated that they understood, they were finally free to go to Mike's house. Joe cried all the way to Mike's house.

By this time Rusty had dropped Allen off at his karate class, and was now walking into the gym.

"Hey dude!" said Calvin. "How ya doin'?"

"I'm fine bud." said Rusty unconvincingly. "How are you guys?"

"We're great." replied Calvin. "What's wrong Rusty?"

"Nothing really." said Rusty. "Let's workout dude."

The two boys worked out for a while. Rusty seemed to be working out quite a bit of aggression, and Calvin could notice. Calvin let his friend work out whatever was wrong for a few more minutes, then stopped Rusty.

"You know Rusty," said Calvin, "another part of training for boxing is learning to control your emotions. Otherwise they start to control you. You wanna tell me what's wrong dude?"

Rusty nearly punched the heavy bag from it's mounting then asked, "What makes you think anything is wrong?"

"Dude," chuckled Calvin, "I'm the reigning junior district champion, but right now I wouldn't get in the ring with you!"

Rusty slumped his shoulders and said, "It's summer school dude. Yesterday Steve Finnegan slashed my tires and spray painted fag on my windshield. I just got my car back after school today."

"I'll kill the son of a bitch!" screamed Calvin.

"What happened to controlling your emotions dude?" asked Rusty.

"Forget that bullshit!" exclaimed Calvin. "Let's go get the bastard!"

"I promised dad and the cops that I'd let them handle it." said Rusty. "I appreciate the support though. I just wish it looked like they were doing something though. Steve was smirking at me all day today, at least until he got pulled out of last period to go to the office."

"You know I want to look out for all you guys though." said Calvin. "We're all like family now dude."

"I know Calvin, that's why we all love you." replied Rusty.

"I'd feel like shit if anything happened to any of you guys." said Calvin. "I love you guys too."

"Thanks dude," said Rusty, "you have no idea how much it helps just to hear that."

"Now it's time to do something about it too." said Calvin. "There's no use in learning how to punch, without learning how to defend yourself."

"What do you mean dude?" asked Rusty.

"There are places where you can hit a person, and cause them enough pain to put them out of commission but not seriously injure them." said Calvin. "Most boxers know about these places, and that's what they protect the most."

Calvin then showed Rusty several of these places on a person's body. He had Rusty memorize them, then point them out his body, until he was satisfied that Rusty knew exactly where these places were. The boys then finished their workout. Rusty knew that he would never use what he learned today unless he had no other choice, but it was great that Calvin cared enough to teach him how to defend himself.

Rusty left the gym feeling better, and picked up Allen and Snoopy. Once they dropped Snoopy off, they headed for Rusty's house. Rusty and Allen were in great spirits as they approached the door to Rusty's house. Rusty took one step inside though and yelled, "WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE!"

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