Summer Of Love

by tim

With less than two weeks left before election day, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring as a write-in candidate for President. If elected I will ask Danny Pintauro from "Who's The Boss" to be my Vice-President. "Where do I stand on the issues?," you ask. That's a fair question.

On Afghanistan, I would turn them over to Disney so they could turn Afghanistan into a giant theme park. That way when they sweep the park for guests at the end of the day, we'll get Bin Laden if he's there. On Iraq, I would pull our troops out and replace them with 100,000 well-trained Doberman Pinschers. They would be much more cost-effective in controlling the Iraqi population.

On the economy, first I would eliminate wasteful spending. One thousand dollars is too much to spend for a toilet seat when you can buy the same seat at Wal Mart for fifteen dollars. Also, why does the government need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to study the effects of microwaves on bears. When was the last time you saw a bear using a microwave? Second, I would take full advantage of our country's resources. With all the troops coming back from the middle east, we could rent them out to other countries as security forces. We could make billions that way. We could also use all of the hot air in Washington D.C. to drive steam turbines, which would produce all of the energy that our country needs.

On health care the answer is simple, we fine all doctors and hospitals for every American who dies as the result of disease or improper medical treatment. The doctors and hospitals would soon make sure that every American gets the best possible medical treatment.

On the terrorist threat that our country faces, stop letting the damn terrorists into the country in the first place! I would also repeal the Patriot Act. It hasn't been used to investigate any terrorist threat yet, just internet porn.

Finally, on gay marriage, that's a no-brainer. I would love to have a husband, the sooner the better. So make sure you know who to vote for on November 2nd, John Kerry!

Now for the disclaimer. This story is © 2004 by tim and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities between actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: . I will list the hotmail address again when they resolve their issues. Since my little campaign speech ran so long, I will forego listing my stories this time.

Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim

Part 14

"Rusty!" said Mike sternly. "Watch your language, and please calm down. There's a good explanation for Joe being here."

"What!" screamed Rusty. "He killed one of my friends, and you tell me to calm down? What kind of bullshit is that? What do I say to Chris when he comes over? Hell, there's no way Chris can see him here, It would kill him!"

"Rusty please, if we could just talk for a few minutes." pleaded Mike.

"I don't want to talk!" yelled Rusty.

Rusty launched himself at Joe, and landed a punch to Joe's mid-section. The punch sent Joe sprawling to the floor in pain.

"That's it Rusty!" yelled Mike. "You go to your room right now! I don't want to see you come out until I figure out what to do about you! And hand over your car keys young man!"

Rusty took his keys out and threw them across the living room, then ran to his room. Mike helped Joe up off the floor and sat him in a chair, then turned to Allen.

"I suppose you'd like to have a go at me too." said Mike.

"I'm not going to choose sides here sir." said Allen. "But you probably know what side I would take if I did. I will talk calmly to you though, because you've been like a father to me at a time when I really needed it."

"Okay then Allen," said Mike in a calmer voice, "where do you think I screwed up?"

"Joe did kill a friend of ours, and nearly destroyed another friend's life." replied Allen. "Rusty may have been loud and emotional, but he is right. It would kill Chris to see Joe in this house, and it kinda hurts Rusty and me to see him here too. I don't think you've really thought about that sir. What's your side of the story Mike?"

"Joe didn't set out to kill Jimmy." said Mike. "It was a horrible accident, and one that should have never happened. It was still an accident though, and Jimmy should never have been racing with Joe in the first place. Yeah, Joe was wrong and he should be punished. That punishment shouldn't include being at the mercy of everyone larger and stronger than him, and being raped repeatedly for the next twenty years. He shouldn't be locked up with the rest of those animals."

Allen looked over at Joe, who was looking down at his feet. "Is that true Joe?"

Joe looked up with tears forming in his eyes and replied, "Why? Are you going to tell me that I deserved it? That I had it coming to me? Do you know how something like that feels?"

"No, I don't know how it feels to be raped." replied Allen. "You haven't ever exactly shown that you care how anyone else feels though."

"I know you guys hate me Allen, and I don't blame you." said Joe. "I have a hard time not hating myself when I think about that night. You have to believe me though Allen, I didn't mean to kill anyone. All I wanted to do that night was have a little fun, but I can't even do that right. I really wish I could bring Jimmy back, but no one can do that now." Then, for the first time in his life, Allen saw Joe cry.

"I'll try to talk to Rusty," said Allen, "but you're the one who's going to have to talk to Chris about this Mike. And you really should apologize to Rusty for not considering how he would take this."

"Fair enough son." replied Mike.

Allen walked slowly to his and Rusty's bedroom, trying to figure out what to say. When Allen stepped into the room, he saw Rusty rolled up into a ball on the bed and crying. Allen laid down next to Rusty on the bed. Rusty stopped crying and dried his eyes, then unrolled himself and laid next to Allen.

"What were you doing out there so long dude?" asked Rusty.

"Damage control." replied Allen. "I never saw you and your dad so mad at each other, and it scared the hell out of me."

"I'm sorry dude," said Rusty, "I guess I just lost it."

"Well, so did your dad." said Allen. "He even barked at me too before he finally calmed down."

"I just wish I knew why he did that." said Rusty.

"Are you calm enough now to talk about it dude?" asked Allen.

"Why?" replied Rusty. "Are you on his side now?"

"I would hope you would know better than that babe." said Allen.

"I'm sorry again my love." apologized Rusty. "I know what we mean to each other, and I shouldn't question our love."

"Good, try to remember that then." said Allen. "There is another side besides your side and his side. I don't really know who that other kid is out there, but he's not the Joe we use to know. The kid out there has feelings, and he realizes that others have feelings too. I don't quite know how I feel about him yet, but I think we should hear him out."

"Just give me a few more minutes then my love." said Rusty.

"And how would you like to spend those few minutes babe?" asked Allen.

Rusty rolled over onto Allen and pressed their lips together. In just a few seconds Rusty was kissing Allen more passionately than he ever had before. Allen didn't know what was fueling Rusty's passion, but he didn't really care at the moment. All too soon though, their heated kissing was interrupted by a knock at the door. The boys managed to pry themselves apart, and straighten themselves out.

"Come in." said Rusty.

Mike slowly came into the room, waving a white flag. "Can we talk son?" asked Mike softly.

"I guess so." replied Rusty, without much enthusiasm.

Mike went over and sat next to Rusty, who was still laying beside Allen. Mike looked down at his son and his son's boyfriend with a sad expression. "I'm really sorry about what happened back in there son." said Mike. "I should have stopped to think about how this would have affected you, but I didn't. I didn't think there was enough time to do that, but I should have made the time. Joe had to be removed from that jail, just maybe not to here though. I will talk to Ben and the judge tomorrow to see what we can come up with. I don't want to lose your love and respect, and I think I may have caused some serious damage to it already. Here's your keys back, and I wouldn't blame you if you guys wanted to spend the night at Allen's house. I'm sorry son."

Rusty sat up and gave his dad a hug. "You'll never lose my love for you dad." said Rusty emotionally. "I'm sorry too dad. I acted like a child in there, and I don't blame you for treating me like one. As for Joe, Allen seems to think I should hear him out. Maybe I should have done that before hitting him. Please tell Joe that I'm sorry, and if he wants to talk, I'm ready to listen now."

"What was that about my dad?" asked Allen. "Do you mean my dad is Joe's lawyer now?"

"Yes, he is Allen." replied Mike. "It was the only thing I could think of at the time."

"Well,' remarked Allen, "I guess that means Joe probably won't be going back to jail anytime soon!"

Mike smiled at the boys and replied, "Probably not. Well, I'll have Joe come on in here. Thanks for not hating me son."

"I could never hate you dad." said Rusty. Then he gave his dad a kiss on the cheek.

"I love you so much son!" said Mike emotionally. "You kids are my whole world!" Then Mike returned the kiss to Rusty's forehead.

Mike left the room, and a few minutes later Joe knocked on the door.

"Come in." said Rusty, as he put his arm underneath and around Allen.

"Hi guys." said Joe meekly. "Please don't hit me again Rusty."

"I'm sorry about that Joe." replied Rusty.

"That's okay Rusty." said Joe. "I really didn't blame you for reacting that way. You sure do have one hell of a punch though dude!"

"I've been working out with Calvin lately." said Rusty.

"Oh God!" exclaimed Joe. "God help those chumps at school who think they're my friends." Then Joe laughed, and was joined by Rusty and Allen.

"I hope seeing Allen and me like this doesn't make you too uncomfortable Joe." said Rusty.

"Don't worry about it dude, that was me a long tome ago." replied Joe. "Besides, I don't really think the guys in jail who raped me were gay. They were just looking for someone they could force into it."

"Raped!?!" exclaimed Rusty.

"I thought Mike or Allen would have told you about that." said Joe.

"No, they didn't!" exclaimed Rusty. "What happened dude?"

"Well," said Joe, with a pained expression on his face, "I was laying in my cell last night, waiting for lock down. My cellmate, who already scared the hell out of me because he was awaiting trial for murder, came in with three other inmates. They told me that it was about time to make me their bitch. I tried to run for the door, but they were all bigger than me. One of them hit me in the side of the head and knocked me down about halfway to the door. Two of them picked me up from the floor and held me, while my cellmate stripped off my jumpsuit and underwear. The two guys who were holding me bent me over, then my cellmate spit in the crack of my ass. I was never so scared before, because I could tell the guy was pretty large when he put his cock between my cheeks. Then he just forced himself all the way into me without stopping. It hurt more than anything I could have imagined, but they didn't care. They just laughed really hard as they took turns holding me and fucking me. They didn't stop until all of them had cum inside me. Then they said if I told anyone, they would kill me. I couldn't even sleep last night because I was crying so hard. My cellmate just told me to shut the fuck up, or he'd fuck my ass again and really make it hurt. I put my pillow over my head for the rest of the night, so he wouldn't hear me." By this time Joe had tears streaming down his face.

Rusty sat up and put his arms around Joe to comfort him. "Holy fucking shit dude!" exclaimed Rusty, as he held Joe. "Where the hell were the stupid fucking guards? How can something like that happen?" Rusty and Allen both patted and rubbed Joe's back, trying to help the crying boy feel better.

After several minutes Joe's crying died down, but not before Rusty's shirt was soaked with his tears. Joe finally replied, "The guards don't check the cells unless they're doing a head count, or they hear something going on. One of the first guys that were holding me had me gagged with my cellmate's dirty underwear. I guess they thought it would be funny."

"I'm so freaking sorry dude!" exclaimed Rusty. "No one deserves to have to go through something like that."

"That's not even the worst of it." said Joe. "Mike and Ben took me to the hospital after we left the jail, to have a rape examination done. The court insisted on it. Now I'll have to worry for the next six months that I might have gotten something from one of them."

"Oh please God," said Rusty, "don't let that happen."

"I second that." added Allen.

"I can't believe that you guys would care that much about me after what happened!" said Joe, as he tried to hold back more tears. "I know I don't deserve that!"

"Maybe not," said Rusty as he held Joe tight, "but that's what you're getting from us anyway."

"You guys gotta believe me." said Joe. "I never meant to kill Jimmy. If I could, I would put myself in his place right now. I know that I hurt a lot of people, but I never meant to. I was just so scared when I saw what happened. I wish I could take that night back, but now I'll have to live with it forever. Please don't hate me. I know you'll never forgive me, but just don't hate me."

Rusty looked at Allen while he held Joe. Allen nodded to Rusty, and Rusty nodded back to Allen. "You're sleeping in here with us tonight dude." said Rusty. "We'll get the extra bed out and make it for you. You shouldn't be alone tonight. I have to go talk to dad first though. We're here for you whenever you need us Joe."

Rusty got up and went to talk to Mike. He apologized for his behavior again, and demanded that Joe be allowed to stay with them. Mike was somewhat shocked, but he agreed not to have Joe placed somewhere else. Then Rusty returned to Allen and Joe. The three boys talked for another hour before finally going to bed.

"If you're going to hang around us Joe, there's something that you'll have to get use to." said Rusty. "Allen and me love each other very much, and we like to share our love with each other as much as we can."

"That's okay with me." said Joe. "The old me wouldn't have stood for it, but that asshole is long gone. I'll just turn my back while you guys do what you want to do."

Joe then laid on his bed, with his back toward Allen and Rusty's bed. Allen and Rusty shrugged at each other, then laid down and wrapped their arms around each other. As the two boys kissed, they began to tune out everything else. Before long they had stripped each other, and were tangled in a passionate embrace. At that point Joe turned back around to watch his two new friends.

"Oh babe," moaned Allen softly, "I love you so much."

Rusty rolled onto his back, pulling Allen on top of him as he gently replied, "I love you too my sweet angel. I need you to make love to me. I need you to be a part of me tonight."

Allen grabbed the lube that they kept on the nightstand, and prepared his cock. Allen then placed the head of his cock against Rusty's pucker and said, "I need to feel your love wrap around me. I need us to be one."

As Joe watched the two boys make love, Allen gently pushed his cock into Rusty. Joe could tell that it was very pleasurable to both boys, because it was done gently and with love. Allen embraced Rusty as his cock slowly slid in and out of Rusty. Rusty kissed Allen passionately as the muscles inside him massaged Allen's slowly thrusting cock. In return, Allen ground Rusty's hard cock between them as he gave Rusty the most gentle and satisfying love that he could. Allen's cock was now throbbing deep inside Rusty, and Rusty could feel it as he massaged as much of Allen's backside as he could. Joe had never witnessed any two people make more passionate love to each other, as he began to understand how the two boys felt for each other. Joe himself could never have those feelings for another boy, but he now knew that it wasn't wrong for Rusty and Allen to feel the way they did.

Allen had begun to pick up the pace of his thrusts, as his orgasm drew closer. Rusty was also about to soak both boys with his cum. Allen could not hold back any longer, as he let his cum shoot into Rusty. When Rusty felt Allen's warm cum splashing into him, he began to cum between their bodies. Allen felt Rusty's cum on his stomach and ground their bodies together, smearing the offering of Rusty's love between them. Allen and Rusty embraced each other tightly for several minutes, before Rusty noticed that Joe had been watching.

"We're sorry dude." apologized Rusty. "We didn't mean to make so much noise, sometimes we just can't help it."

"That's okay dudes." replied Joe. "I wanted to see how you guys felt about each other. Watching you two make love was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I think I understand why two boys like you can love each other so much now, and I think it's pretty cool."

All three boys fell asleep peacefully that night, with Allen and Rusty wrapped in each other's arms. The next morning though, Joe was awakened by the sound of kissing coming from Allen and Rusty's bed.

"Damn!" exclaimed Joe. "I've never seen two people with their mouths stuck together as much as you guys!"

"Sorry dude." said Allen. "We didn't mean to wake you."

"Yeah." said Rusty. "It's just that we have to watch ourselves all day long."

"I was just kidding with you guys." chuckled Joe. "Don't ever let anyone keep you guys from showing each other how much you love each other."

"Damn!" quipped Rusty. "I don't know if we'll ever get use to this new Joe guy!"

All three boys laughed, then started moving around for the day. Allen and Rusty hadn't had a chance to dress yet, so Joe was treated to the sight of them scurrying naked to the bathroom. When Rusty came back out and started dressing, he saw the box attached to Joe's ankle.

"What's that dude?" asked Rusty.

"That's a transponder that I have to wear all the time, so the cops can tell where I'm at." replied Joe.

Joe's situation then hit Rusty fully. "Damn dude, that sucks!" exclaimed Rusty.

"Not nearly as much as jail though." replied Joe.

"Well," said Rusty, "Allen and me will do what we can to keep you entertained while you're with us."

"Thanks dudes." said Joe. "I really appreciate what you guys are doing for me."

Allen came out of the bathroom and said, "We better get going to school babe."

"Okay angel." replied Rusty. "Too bad you can't go with us Joe."

"Actually Mike wants me to talk to everyone at school at an assembly on Friday." said Joe. "I'll see you guys at school then at least."

"That might be really interesting." said Allen. "We have to mark that on our calendar."

"I just hope my car makes it until then." said Rusty.

"Why?" asked Joe. "What's wrong with your car?"

"Nothing would be wrong with it if it weren't for Steve trashing it." replied Rusty.

"Yeah, Steve." replied Joe. "That sounds like about his level, he's the biggest asshole I know. I'll make sure to try to get through to him on Friday."

"It would be great if you could." said Rusty. "I'd really appreciate it, and so would my car."

Allen and Rusty were then off to school. When they got there they found out that Steve had been suspended until Friday, so the week was looking up already. There was the occasional remark in passing from Steve's friends, but they didn't have the guts to do anything without their leader around.

After school Rusty dropped Allen off at karate class, then headed toward the gym. Rusty seemed happy enough to Calvin, but he didn't say much. Calvin automatically knew something was up.

"So Russ, what's up?" asked Calvin, about an hour into the workout. "And before you say not much, when will I be able to stop having to drag everything out of you?"

"Everything is kinda weird right now." said Rusty. "I went home yesterday and found Joe in my house."

"What!?!" screamed Calvin. "What the fuck was HE doing there?"

"That's what I thought when I saw him." replied Rusty. "Then I lost it, and used one of the moves you taught me on him."

"Well," said Calvin, "I would scold you about that, except I might have done the same thing myself."

"Joe's really changed though dude." said Rusty. "After we cleared things up, he was really okay to have around. Besides, he's under house arrest at our house for the next six months."

"Do you have rocks in your head dude?" asked Calvin. "Joe's the asshole that killed Jimmy!"

"I liked Jimmy a lot too," said Rusty, "but he shouldn't have been racing that night. We both know that dude. As a matter of fact, I begged him not to but it didn't do any good. It was like everyone knew something bad was going to happen except for Joe and Jimmy."

"I don't know dude." said Calvin. "Joe?"

"He's really not the same person anymore dude." said Rusty. "He's going to be speaking at an assembly at summer school on Friday, why don't you stop by and see for yourself?"

"I just might do that." replied Calvin. "I sure hope you're right, cause this is really going to hurt Chris if you're wrong."

"My dad said he'd talk to Chris." said Rusty. "He also said that he'd take Allen's mom with him."

"He'll need her!" remarked Calvin, which caused both boys to laugh a little bit.

Finally it was time to go pick up Allen, so Rusty said good-bye to Calvin and Ricky. Rusty pulled up at the dojo just as Allen and Snoopy were coming out.

Rusty gave Allen a quick kiss and asked, "How'd class go today Tiger?"

"You should have seen him dude!" exclaimed Snoopy. "Ken picked him for a demonstration because Ken wanted someone who wouldn't be able to block him. Not only did Crouching Tiger here block Ken, he put him on the mat!"

"It was an accident dude!" exclaimed Allen. "He'd kick my butt if we faced off for real!"

"It was still so impressive that Ken is going to test you for your first belt dude!" said Snoopy excitedly.

"I'm so proud of you Tiger, I mean Crouching Tiger!" chuckled Rusty.

After Rusty and Snoopy stop laughing, Snoopy asked, "So, what's this I hear about Joe staying at your house dude?"

"Crouching Tiger has big mouth, huh?" replied Rusty.

"He forced it out of me babe!" said Allen. "He actually twisted my arm behind my back!"

"Okay Snoopy," said Rusty, "but please don't say anything to Chris until my dad and Allen's mom talk to him tomorrow."

"It'll be tough, but okay." replied Snoopy.

"Joe has really changed from back then." said Rusty.

"Well," said Snoopy, "I didn't know him then, so I'll have to take your word for it."

"Anyway," continued Rusty, "he really didn't mean for anything bad to happen, and he said he'd switch places with Jimmy right now if he could. He knows he's hurt a lot of people, and it really hurts him to know that. I really believe him."

"Even so, it's still going to open up a lot of old wounds." said Snoopy.

"That's why you have to let my dad and Allen's mom be the ones to tell him." said Rusty. "They'll know how to tell him, and what to do to help Chris."

"Okay dude." said Snoopy. "I swear, not a word from me."

Rusty thanked Snoopy as he dropped him off at his house, then he and Allen headed to Rusty's house.

When Rusty stepped in the door Joe said, "How's it going dude? Did Steve give you any problems today?"

"He got suspended until Friday." replied Rusty. "I'm guessing it has something to do with vandalizing my car."

"Oh crap!" exclaimed Joe. "I know that asshole. He's going to be more pissed than ever now. You guys may want to walk to school on Friday, at least until we see if I can get through to him."

More fireworks ahead. Sounds like fun, huh? Please send all comments and pledges of support for my Presidential campaign to: . See you in part 15 where we'll find out how Chris reacts to Joe being out of jail.