Summer Of Love

by tim

Well, I guess it's time for my concession speech. This election was apparently an asshole contest, and the biggest asshole won. I will not elaborate on what makes George the biggest asshole the world has ever known, because almost half of this country knows what a first class chump he really is. I hope everyone else is happy with the next four years, because if you're not I'll be right there to say "I told you so!" Even though I came in a few million votes behind, I promise my supporters that I will not give up. The next time around I plan on dropping my Mr. Nice Guy attitude. In conclusion I would like to wish the winner of the election a nice time while he is sticking it up his butt. By the way, I finally came up with some dirt on Kerry: He is such a fucking pussy that it isn't funny!

There, that didn't sound too bitter did it? This story is © 2004 by tim and is protected by copyright law, but not by the constitution at some point in the next four years. Please do not copy and distribute, or post this story to other sites. (Although you may feel free to post it to the foreheads of certain people out there, as long as you post it really really hard.) This is a fictional story. Any similarities between actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. Two of them are even married, so bite me you conservative pigs that don't like it. If this subject offends you or you should not be reading this type of story, why did you fuck up our country for the next four years by re-electing an asshole? Also you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: . Thanks and enjoy the story.

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Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim

Part 16

As soon as Mike and Chris got Joe home, Chris got a butterfly bandage and sealed the gash shut in Joe's lip.

"I can't believe you would go through all of this to stick up for the kids you've spent your life tormenting." said Chris.

"Well," replied Joe, "I've spent enough of my life being wrong, and look at where it's gotten me. You guys don't deserve what my ex-friends are putting you through, and I want to help you if I can."

Joe and Chris spent the next few hours talking, and even laughing together a little. Joe couldn't understand how Chris could forgive him for what he did, but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth either. When Chris got ready to leave for Greg's house, he and Joe shared a friendly handshake.

As soon as Rusty and Allen had walked home, they asked Joe how he was doing.

"I'll be fine." said Joe. "I've had lots worse than this! I just hope I didn't cause too much trouble by showing up today."

"Don't be crazy dude!" replied Rusty. "I think you might have gotten through to one or two kids today. There is something serious brewing for Monday though. I've never seen the principal in the mood he's in now."

"It's too bad one or two fuck ups like me have to ruin it for everyone though." said Joe.

Allen sat down next to Joe and said, "You're not a fuck up dude."

Rusty sat down on the other side of Joe and said, "Allen's right. You did make a mistake, but we think you've learned a lot since then."

"And changed a lot too!" added Allen. "You're not even close to being the same Joe we use to despise."

Then Allen and Rusty gave Joe a three way hug, and all three boys laughed together. Then the boys were interrupted by a phone call for Rusty.

"Hi Rusty!" said Chris. "How was the rest of school today?"

"It was kinda weird dude." replied Rusty. "Everyone was afraid to step out of line, and the principal looked like he was looking for someone to hang!"

"Yeah," said Chris, "Snoopy said it was a kinda strange day."

"So, what can I do you for?" asked Rusty.

"I was thinking maybe you could call Calvin and Ricky to see if we could get together at your place tomorrow." said Chris. "That way Joe will feel more like a part of the family, instead of just leaving him out all day."

"Dude, that is so sweet of you to suggest that." replied Rusty. "I'm sure Calvin and Ricky will be fine with it, and I know Joe will appreciate the thought. I'll have to ask the folks first though, but I can talk them into it."

Both boys laughed into the phone, then Chris said, "That's great then dude. Tell Allen and Joe I said hi."

"Okay dude," said Rusty, "hasta la vista."

"Why did I hear my name?" asked Joe.

"That was Chris." replied Rusty. "A bunch of us get together on Saturdays to play music and have a good time. We usually go to Calvin's house, but Chris wants to do it at my house this week."

Joe smiled and shook his head as he said, "That's really nice of the dude, but you guys don't have to go to any trouble for me."

"It's no trouble dude." replied Rusty. "I just have to talk my folks into it first."

Rusty did finally manage to talk Mike and Emily into letting all the guys get together at their house, as long as they could fit into Rusty's room. The new room that they had added on for Rusty and Allen was quite large, so the boys didn't see that as a problem. That night Joe slept in Rusty and Allen's room again, although this time he did not watch the two boys. He was content to be lulled to sleep to the sound of Rusty and Allen making gentle and passionate love.

The next morning everyone began arriving at Rusty's house. First was Calvin and Ricky, who had brought Sean and Devon with them. Then a few minutes later, Greg dropped off Chris, Snoopy, Shane, and Terry. All eleven boys pretty much filled Rusty's room, but it made a nice and cozy atmosphere. Joe watched as all the boys set up their equipment. Every once in a while one couple or another would sneak in a kiss and cop a feel. By the time they were set up, everyone was hard except for Joe.

"So, all of you guys are gay?" asked Joe.

"Yep." replied Calvin. "We're gay, bordering on downright happy!" That got a laugh from everyone, including Joe.

"Well," said Joe, "you're all pretty cool for coming over here so I wouldn't be all alone today. I hope we can all be friends."

Calvin walked over and gave Joe a hug, then said, "After what I saw at school yesterday, you can count on it dude!"

After everyone had offered Joe a hug or a handshake, the boys got down to the serious business of having fun. Joe had a great time listening to the boys play and joke around, and they included him as much as they could. Joe thought most of the boys played very well, but he was blown away by Rusty and Allen's singing. The boys tried a few country songs so they could see how Shane, Terry, and Snoopy were coming along with their instruments. Although they were not ready for an audience, the boys had studied hard and practiced to the point where they had picked up quite a bit.

After they had played for a little while Joe said, "Do any of you guys have a sound board?"

"My uncle has an old one that he don't use anymore." said Sean. "I'm sure I could get it from him."

"Cool!" exclaimed Joe. "If you guys want to come back here next weekend, I'd like to try to record you on Rusty's stereo!"

"Damn!" exclaimed Ricky. "We have a fan already!"

That got all the boys howling with laughter. The boys all had a great time for the rest of the day, until it was time for everyone to start going home. Everyone agreed that Rusty and Allen's room was a great place to play, and Sean agreed to get a sound board for the next weekend. After everyone had left, Joe took Rusty and Allen both into a hug.

"You guys are great friends!" said Joe with a bit of emotion. "I don't deserve you guys after what I've done, but I'm glad that you are my friends now."

The remainder of the weekend was nice and relaxing, which made the boys wonder what they were in for at school on Monday morning. Little did they know that the principal was very busy over the weekend, and what he had in store for the students would leave little doubt as to who the boss was.

Rusty and Allen woke up on Monday morning and prepared to go to school. It was a hot and humid morning, but they decided to walk anyway. Rusty wanted to give Steve a chance to calm down from Friday, and he didn't want his car used to accomplish that. The boys noticed a drastic change when they approached the entrance to the school. The first things they noticed were security guards and metal detectors.

As Rusty and Allen waited in line to go in, Rusty quipped, "Damn! I guess they finally pushed the principal a little too far!"

"I guess so dude!" replied Allen.

When they got to the front of the line and passed through the metal detectors, the boys were told to go to the auditorium for a special assembly.

"Which gate does my flight take off from?" Rusty asked the guard.

The guard tried to keep his professional demeanor, but couldn't help but to smile and chuckle at Rusty's question. The students filed into the auditorium, wondering what was going on at their school. After everyone was assembled, the principal came onstage to answer that question.

"Good morning boys and girls." said the principal. "I know I have always addressed you as young men and young ladies, but as long as you insist on behaving like children I will address you that way. As you can see, we have been quite busy here over the weekend, but I have no choice but to insure the safety of all of the students at this school. I know most of you have done nothing wrong, but a few of you have insisted on bringing this down on everyone. You have no doubt already noticed that we now have security guards in the school, and metal detectors at every entrance. The school has also been wired with video surveillance in most rooms and public areas. If any more incidents occur at this school, we will immediately know about it and capture it on tape. There will also be a drastic change in school policy. We now have a zero tolerance policy for acts of hatred or violence in this school. Some of you children are already on thin ice, so you will probably be the first to find out what we mean. The instigator of any further acts which results in injury or property damage, will be immediately suspended until a hearing can be held to expel that student from this school. If you show no interest in graduating from this school, we will not force you to do so. Although the state will insist that you attend some school until you reach the age of seventeen, even if that school is in more of an institutional setting. I regret that things have come to this point, but your safety is my primary concern right now. You are dismissed to your classes now."

The principal stalked off the stage, leaving some of the kids in a state of shock. A few though, including Steve, had belligerent smirks on their faces. The first test of the principal's authority came as the lunch bell rang. Allen and Rusty went to Rusty's locker before lunch to find that someone else had already been there. They had used a permanent marker to write, "You'll get what's coming to you, head fag!" The principal immediately reviewed the surveillance tape from the hallway, but the kid who did it had put a white sheet over themselves. As a further act of defiance, the sheet had been brought to a point at the top of the vandal's head. During lunch the boys got together and decided that it would be a good idea to enter and leave the school as a group from this point on. Shane and Terry were scared, but the other boys had more confidence in being able to defend themselves so they were pissed.

That afternoon the boys got together before leaving the school. On their way out they came across Steve, who was hanging out in front of the school.

"Aw!" said Steve. "Look at all the little faggots sticking together! Isn't that so sweet?"

"If you had any sense at all left Steve, you'd know when to just drop it." replied Snoopy.

"Why don't you just face the fact that it's over now, and mind your own business?" asked Allen.

"Do you really think that I'm afraid of you faggots?" spat out Steve. "I still owe you pussies for getting me suspended last week! You almost caused me to get kicked off the football team for this season!"

"You did all that yourself chump!" exclaimed Rusty. "We haven't done anything to you yet!"

"Are you threatening me you little faggot?" asked Steve hatefully.

When Steve stepped forward, all five boys closed in together. Steve then backed down.

"You just wait Cooper!" exclaimed Steve. "You faggots aren't the only ones who can form a little gang! What do you guys call yourselves anyway, the Powderpuff Girls?"

At that point a guard came up and asked, "Is there a problem here boys?"

"I don't know." said Rusty. "Is there a problem here Steve?"

"No problem." replied Steve. "I was just talking to my friends." Then Steve quickly walked away.

The boys walked to where Greg, Toby, and Chris were waiting for Shane, Terry, and Snoopy. Greg had caught a glimpse of the exchange outside the school.

"What the hell was that all about?" asked Greg.

"That was the asshole who hates us because we're gay." replied Rusty.

"Okay then," said Greg, "all you boys hop in. I'm glad I brought the Hummer today."

It was a tight fit, but some of the boys sat in the laps of their boyfriends so everyone could squeeze in.

"I'm going to call call everyone's parents so we can all get together tonight." said Greg. "This is getting way out of hand."

"Make sure you call Chris's parents too." said Rusty. "And Tom, Calvin, And Ricky and his parents. This thing may spill over into the regular school year."

"I'll get everyone together." said Greg.

Then Greg drove all the boys to his house, and waited for everyone to begin showing up. Mike and Emily showed up first, having left Joe to baby-sit Beth. They were followed closely by Ben and Judith. Then Chris's parents arrived. Finally Tom, Calvin, and Ricky came in. Ricky explained that his parents felt that he had made his own bed, and he would have to take care of things himself. That brought Ricky a hug and kiss from Calvin.

"You'll never be by yourself as long as Tom and me are around." said Calvin.

That brought a smile back to Ricky's angelic face, as well as some of the adults. Then everyone began discussing what to do. The boys knew that Steve was the instigator of the hatred that was going on at school, but Steve had friends there as well. Having the authorities take action only against Steve might only make matters worse. It was suggested that the principal be summoned to Greg's house for this meeting, but they decided that he was already doing everything within his power to end the situation. Then Tom stepped forward with a suggestion.

"I know that there is already enough violence going around to make everyone sick of it, but please hear me out." said Tom. "I think it would be a good idea for Terry, Shane, and Chris to come down to the gym so they can learn to defend themselves. Snoopy and Allen are already into karate, and Rusty and Ricky have been picking up some tips and training from Calvin. I'll take care of helping the other boys out though. I'm not suggesting this so our boys can beat Steve and his friends up, but all of them should know how to defend themselves in case they are attacked. That might help until the school can straighten this mess out. Also, you boys should not travel alone for now. Make sure that at least three or four of you are together at all times, especially around the school."

Greg and Chris's parents were kind of nervous about Tom's proposition, but they reluctantly agreed that all of the boys should know how to defend themselves for now. The lines had now been drawn, and the parents were set to hold their breath and hope no one crossed over that line.

Starting the next day the five boys in school were apart as little as possible. This irritated Steve, but it also kept him at bay for the time being. The vandalism did continue, and spread to the other boys. Rusty was no longer driving his car to school now though. Greg was taking all of the boys to school together, then taking them to where they needed to go after school. This was actually a relief to Rusty and Allen, as they could now spend time kissing in the back of Greg's Hummer while they were on the way to the gym or dojo. Everything seemed to be bearable for now.

Chris, Shane, and Terry had a great time working out at Calvin's gym, even though Rusty and Ricky were spending all their time helping Calvin train for the upcoming district championships. If Calvin won that, he would head on to the national championships where he was narrowly defeated last year. The winner of the national junior championships would be granted a spot in the senior division championships the following year. That is where Calvin needed to be if he wanted to make the next Olympic team.

With Rusty and Ricky helping Calvin, that left Tom free to help the other boys. He even lined up a few people to help him with the boys. One was an ex-police officer, who was now a self defense expert. He was able to give the boys some very good tips from the legal side of defending yourself. The other guest was an actor Tom had met who worked as a stunt double in some martial arts films. Everyone in the gym joined the session with him, and it was very entertaining as well as helpful. After a few weeks, the boys were all feeling much more confident with themselves. They were warned by Tom not to let their guard down though. Tom still wanted them to stay together as much as possible.

Also during those few weeks the boys continued to get together on Saturdays at Rusty's house. Sean had brought Joe the old sound board he had promised, and Joe was having fun mixing and recording some of the songs the boys played. Shane, Terry, and Snoopy continued to make good progress on their instruments, and the boys were feeling much freer about expressing their love in front of Joe. Joe had started seeing Jennifer, although it would have to be at Rusty's house since Joe could not leave there. Rusty was nervous about seeing Jennifer again, especially with Joe, but Jennifer was very friendly toward Rusty and Allen. She really did mean what she had said at the Valentine Day dance, and this put Rusty at ease. It was a real trip for Joe to be affectionate with Jennifer around all of his gay friends, who didn't mind being affectionate with each other in front of Joe and Jennifer. Jennifer would also comment about how good the boys were starting to sound, and how they were destined to break a lot of girls hearts when the girls figured out they were all gay.

Someone else who was also busy over the next few weeks was Steve. Steve had been getting together with his friends, trying to build a group that would be willing to help him with what Steve called "the fag problem." A few of the less gifted football players at the school were glad to support their buddy. The players who were any good did not want to run into any trouble that might stand in the way of their playing the game they loved. Some of them knew that times were changing, and they had to be more tolerant of others around them. The fact that some of the kids in school were gay didn't seem to bother those players. Steve still continued to build up his little gang though. He was determined to make the world accept his opinions.

During this time the principal did as much as he could. Although incidents of violence had gone down for now, vandalism around the school had gone way up. The maintenance crew was now spending time almost every day removing graffiti from the walls and lockers at the school. The vandals had been very careful to conceal their identity, but the principal was waiting for them to make a mistake. The principal also called mandatory assemblies for experts to lecture the students on tolerance, sensitivity, and political correctness. Some of the students paid close attention to these lectures, but other paid no attention at all. The principal started assembling a list of those students he found not paying attention. He was going to make sure these students got just a little extra attention than the others.

At the end of those few weeks, there was a bright spot. It was time for Calvin's district championship. All of the boys, except Joe, made sure to attend the match. Joe did send Calvin his very best wishes though, along with the message that he wished he could be there more than anything else. With Tom and Ricky standing in his corner, Calvin seemed invincible. He made his way to the final match easily, where he would face a rematch of last year's district championship. This was the toughest match of the evening, but Calvin knocked his opponent out in the final round to retain his championship. Now Calvin would be going to the national championships once again. The boys flooded around Calvin as he climbed out of the ring, and engulfed their friend in a mass hug. Then it was back to Rusty's house for the victory celebration, so Joe could be included in that. The party that followed was the happiest that the boys had been in weeks, and their love making that night would show that too.

That night in Calvin's bedroom, Ricky said lustfully, "You've always been my champion Calvin. Even from the first time I ever saw you, I knew I wanted to be with you. I want to feel you inside me now, making love to me like the champion that you've always been."

Calvin engulfed Ricky's mouth with his own, while he lubed his straining cock. Then he leaned back up and pushed his cock firmly into Ricky, who almost screamed out from the pleasure of Calvin's cock impaling him in one stroke. Then Calvin leaned down and put his mouth back over Ricky's. Ricky kissed Calvin with a hunger that he had never felt before, and Calvin returned the kiss with incredible passion. As the two boys writhed on the bed, locked in each other's arms, Calvin began thrusting firmly in and out of Ricky.

Calvin panted, "Am I making you feel good my sweet angel?"

"Better than I've ever felt in my life babe!" moaned Ricky.

Calvin then covered Ricky's lips again, and continued to deeply massage Ricky's rectum with his throbbing cock. Although they had made love many times, this was the most pleasure that either boy had ever felt. Ricky ran his hands over Calvin's body intensely, as Calvin lustfully thrust his cock in and out of Ricky. Finally Ricky began begging loudly for Calvin to fill him with his cum. Calvin obliged his lover by erupting with a massive orgasm. Ricky knew he would not be able to hold in all of the cum that Calvin was pumping into him, so Ricky wanted to feel it ooze from his butt and flow over his body. As soon as Calvin had emptied himself into Ricky, he removed his cock from his lover and slumped onto the bed. Ricky immediately turned over and raised his hips and butt high into the air.

Calvin slid underneath Ricky and moaned, "Please make love to my mouth Ricky."

As Ricky felt Calvin's cum oozing out of him, he lowered his cock down into Calvin's waiting mouth. Ricky began thrusting in and out of Calvin's mouth as he felt Calvin's cum sliding over his back and balls. When Calvin tasted his own cum, which was beginning to slide down Ricky's cock, he began sucking Ricky's thrusting cock hungrily. Calvin's cum was now sliding most of the way down Ricky's back, as well as covering Ricky's balls and cock. Some of Calvin's cum was even getting on his own chin. Calvin did not realize he had pumped so much cum into Ricky, but he was now enjoying this more than anything he had ever done before. Ricky couldn't hold back any longer as he began shooting his cum into Calvin's mouth, where it mixed with Calvin's cum that had began to cover Ricky's cock. The taste of both boy's cum mixed together was the sweetest thing Calvin would ever taste in his life. When Ricky was completely drained of cum, he and Calvin collapsed onto the bed in each other's arms and drifted into a deep and happy sleep.

If that didn't do it for you, nothing will. lol. Things are getting pretty heavy at the boy's school though. I fear a showdown is eminent. Please send all comments to: . Thanks and I'll see you in Part 17.