Summer Of Love

by tim the story guy

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ALLEN 2: Summer Of Love

by tim

Part 17

Rusty had given up on driving his car to school, considering the recent wave of vandalism. Even though Greg was putting the finishing touches on his latest book, he still made time to drive all of the boys to and from school. Rusty was still working out with Calvin while Allen was taking his karate classes. By this time Allen had earned his first belt, or dan, and was very proud of that. Rusty was present when sensei Ken presented it to Allen, and he was very proud of his boyfriend as well. Meanwhile, Rusty had become a very good sparring partner for Calvin, even though Calvin would still pull his most devastating punches. He did not want to take any chances of hurting Rusty. As a way to build Rusty's confidence though, Calvin signed him up for a junior division match with an opponent in the lower part of the rankings. Mike and Tom were nervous about this, so they were both in attendance at the match. Allen was also there, but to cheer on his boyfriend. Rusty fought a very clean and good match, and came out as the winner by the referee's decision.

The other boys were coming along well with their self-defense training. Tom was becoming very confident that the boys could defend themselves well. As summer school was entering it's last few weeks, Tom and the boys were about to find out how important that would be.

Steve had gotten together what he considered a very tough group of guys. They had taken to always being together, and intimidating anyone they considered weaker than themselves. They were very careful not to get caught crossing the line that the principal had drawn though. They were saving that for a special occasion.

By the time the week of Calvin's national championships had rolled around, the boys who were in school could tell that something was about to happen. They had began to notice that Steve's gang was always in the background no matter where they were in the school. When the boys had noticed that, they stopped letting any of their group walk alone in the hallways. It was a stretch for the classes that they didn't have together, but they didn't want to take any chances.

On Tuesday of that week, Steve and his gang confronted another boy at school that they thought was gay. The kid, named Patrick, tried to get away from the gang, but Steve and his buddies put the boy in the hospital. This had occurred in an area that was unmonitored by surveillance cameras, and Patrick had lost consciousness so Steve and his gang were not caught. All of the boys suspended their Tuesday night routines so they could visit Patrick in the hospital. Whether or not Patrick was gay, the boys wanted to make him their friend now. The ten boys waited in the waiting room for word on Patrick, and his mother was so impressed that she allowed them to see him for a few minutes. Even though the boy was still unconscious, they made him their friend and promised to find proof of who had hurt him. After the visit, Patrick's mother talked to all of the boys in the waiting room.

"The doctors have Patrick stable now, but they have no idea when he might wake up." said Patrick's mother. "I don't know what kind of monsters would do this to Patrick, but I'm glad that he now has friends like you. Patrick's other friend, Robin, is sitting over in the corner of the waiting room. He's very upset now because they were very close, and he could use a few friends too. I know Patrick would thank you boys for coming here tonight."

The boys went over to the lone boy, who was crying in the corner of the room. Rusty sat down next to him and said in a comforting tone, "Hi Robin, my name is Rusty." Rusty then offered his hand to Robin.

Robin held onto the hand that was offered and asked, "Who are you guys?"

Allen sat on the other side of Robin and said, "We want to be your friend, and Patrick's too. You guys look like you could use a few friends right now."

"Would you like to go outside and talk to us for a few minutes?" asked Rusty. "It will give you a chance to get some fresh air and get to know us."

Robin rubbed the tears from his face, then straightened himself up and followed the boys outside to an empty courtyard.

"Like I said," started Rusty, "I'm Rusty, and this other cute guy who was talking to you is my boyfriend Allen."

"Hi Robin," said Allen, as he held his hand out to the boy, "it's nice to meet you, although I wish it were under better circumstances."

Then Rusty continued, "Over here we have Calvin, and his boyfriend Ricky. Then there's Chris, and his boyfriend Snoopy. Also Shane, and his boyfriend Terry. Finally we have Devon, and his boyfriend Sean."

As Rusty introduced everyone, they offered their hand to Robin. Robin was almost overwhelmed to have so many nice looking boys offering their friendship at the same time.

"So, all of you guys are gay?" asked Robin.

"Yep!" replied Shane. "That's why we wanted to talk to you alone. We think Patrick was beaten up by a gang of boys who might have thought he was gay."

"Is Patrick your boyfriend Robin?" asked Calvin.

"I love him so much!" cried Robin. "If you guys think you know who did this to him, please help us! Patrick is such a nice guy, he's never hurt anyone or anything in his life."

"We plan on making sure the guys who did this don't get away with it." offered Snoopy.

"You wanna talk to us about you and Patrick?" asked Rusty.

"Like I said, Pat is an incredibly nice guy." said Robin. "We've known each other ever since I moved here two years ago, but we became boyfriends last spring. We love each other so much now that it hurts when we're apart. I want him to open those sweet, beautiful eyes of his so much right now."

Each boy offered Robin a hug to comfort the hurting boy. Each boy also gave Robin a gentle kiss on the forehead to ease his tears.

"We all want to be your friend Robin, and Pat's too." said Rusty. "We'll also make sure that this never happens to you guys again, okay?"

"Thanks Rusty." said Robin as he dried his tears again. "I would love to have all of you as my friend, and I'm sure Pat will too when he wakes up. Just promise me that the guys who did this won't get away with it!"

"That's a promise!" said Rusty, as he gave Robin another hug.

The boys talked for about another hour, before Robin had to go back into the hospital to check on Pat. Robin was glad to have ten new friends in one night though, and the boys all felt good about reaching out to two more boys who needed them.

By the next day, a new camera had been installed to cover the area of the previous day's incident. Steve and his gang did not know this though, as the principal was beginning to hide the cameras much better now. Before school started that morning, Rusty stopped by the principal's office to talk. Everyone else went on to their first class because Rusty said he would most likely be late for class.

"Good morning Russell." said the principal. "What can I do for one of my best summer school students this morning?"

"Good morning sir." said Rusty. "I wanted to talk to you about what happened yesterday."

"Yes," said the principal, "the boy who was badly beaten up. Do you know him Russ?"

"His name is Patrick." replied Rusty. "Me and my friends went to visit him and his friend Robin at the hospital last night. They are two very nice kids, and Pat has never hurt anyone in his life."

"Yes, the incidents at this school lately make no sense at all." said the principal. "I just want to assure you and your friends though that we will get to the bottom of this, and put a stop to it. Is their anything you can tell me that might help us?"

"We know that Steve Finnegan and a gang that he put together is behind this." replied Rusty.

"Do you have any kind of proof that I can use to get rid of Steven?" asked the principal. "I have suspected him of quite a few things around here, but he is always very careful not to leave any proof behind."

"I don't have any proof either sir, but I know he is the one doing these things." said Rusty. "The only reason they beat Pat up is because they suspected him of being gay. Something else really bad is brewing between his gang and my friends too. Me and my friends are very nice people, and we don't want to see anyone else getting hurt sir."

"We don't want to see that either Russ." said the principal. "I think it's about time for me to start having Steve and his friends followed, just make sure that you and your friends don't start anything with him. Okay Russ?"

"Me and my friends would never start anything sir," replied Rusty, "but we're not going to end up like Pat either."

"No one can blame anyone for defending themselves against a violent assault son," said the principal, "just tell your friends to be careful until I can take care of Steven and his friends."

"Okay sir." replied Rusty.

The principal thanked Rusty for talking to him, then gave Rusty a pass for his first class so he wouldn't be counted as being late. On the way to class, Rusty came across one of Steve's friends who was hanging out in the hallway. Rusty immediately took a defensive stance as the boy approached him.

"Whoa faggot!" sneered the boy. "Don't get your panties in a bunch, or I'll drop you right here!"

"What the fuck do you want asshole?" sneered Rusty back at the boy.

"I have a message from my friend." said the boy cockily. "You and your faggot friend's days are numbered around here, and it's a very low number!"

"It would have to be," replied Rusty, "seeing as how you assholes only have so many fingers on one hand!"

"You're going to pay for that one faggot!" exclaimed the boy, who then quickly walked off.

The camera and microphone that the principal had cleverly hidden in that hallway was now starting to give him the proof that he so badly wanted. He just wished that Rusty could have drawn the boy out a little more. Rusty continued on to class, unaware that his encounter had been recorded. The day continued on in a very intense atmosphere. Rusty, Allen, Shane, Terry, and Snoopy all knew that something bad was going to happen soon, but they had no idea how soon. At the end of the day Chris had come with Greg to pick the other boys up. Greg waited in the car while Chris went to meet his friends at the school's entrance.

Rusty and his friends met Chris at the front of the school, and Rusty said, "Dude, where's Greg parked? Something really bad is going on around here today!"

"Let's go then guys!" replied Chris. "Greg had to park out by the baseball field because the lot is being resurfaced today!"

"Come on guys!" said Rusty urgently. "Let's move it!"

As the boys cut through the courtyard where Pat was attacked, they came across Steve and his five goons.

"Well, well!" exclaimed Steve. "If it isn't the Powderpuff Girls! I guess this is as good of a chance as we'll get to take care of some business around here!"

"Okay guys," said Rusty, "let's turn around and walk away from them."

When Rusty and the boys turned, Steve yelled out, "Don't you dare turn your back on me Cooper! Oh wait, I forgot! You'd have to be a man to have the balls to face me."

Rusty turned back around and yelled, "Like you know about being a man Steve! Was it a manly thing to do for you and your assholes to beat a kid that never did anything to you until he almost died!?"

"Patrick was just one of a few pussy faggots we have to get rid of around here!" sneered Steve. "I'm just sorry to hear that he lived. We wanted to kill the little faggot, but I guess we didn't do a good enough job! We won't make the same mistake with you pussies."

"What is your problem Steve!?" asked Rusty loudly. "We've never done anything to you guys, but you still trashed my car and wrote fag on my locker every damn day! Why do you hate us so much that you want to hurt us?"

"We don't want to hurt you guys Cooper," boasted Steve, "we want to kill you guys! The only good faggot is a dead faggot! Get em guys!"

Steve started after Rusty, while his friends picked out the nearest boy to go after. Shane wanted to protect Terry, but was knocked down by a punch to the head. Terry didn't want to hurt his hands, so he kicked the boy who knocked Shane down it the balls. As soon as the boy doubled over in pain, Terry kicked him in the head and knocked him out. Another one of Steve's friends was about to attack Terry, but Shane had made it back up and punched the boy in the head. The boy who went after Chris had him on the ground and thought he would be able to handle him easily, but Chris was starting to get in just as many punches after the first few.

Allen and Snoopy both took a defensive pose, and waited to be attacked. They blocked the punches that were thrown at them, and easily put both of their attackers on the ground. That left Steve and Rusty.

"Please Steve," begged Rusty, "don't do this dude! I don't want to hurt you!"

That only enraged Steve, who launched himself toward Rusty. Steve's first punch landed on Rusty's lip, cutting a gash in it. Then Steve went at Rusty again. Rusty punched Steve squarely in the midsection with enough force to send Steve to his knees in pain.

"Hold it right there boys!" said one of the school's security officers.

The group of boys were now surrounded by security officers, who all had their tazers drawn on the group of boys.

"If any of you boys move, we won't hesitate to fire our tazers!" yelled the lead security officer.

Greg had come up to the scene to find out what was keeping the boys. He was enraged when he saw what was happening, and threatened to file a lawsuit against the school. One of the security officers had to hold Greg back. Finally the police arrived to take over for the school's security officers. At the same time, the principal came out to the courtyard.

"Officers!" commanded the principal. "Let that man go! He hasn't done anything except being concerned about the welfare of his children."

The principal the apologized profusely to Greg for what had happened. Then he went to the officer that was holding onto Steve.

The principal said, "I want this boy and his five friends arrested for the attempted murder of these six boys, and for the attempted murder of Patrick Waterman yesterday. I have all of the proof you need on these two tapes!" The principal then handed two video tapes to the police.

Then the principal went to Rusty, who was close to crying, and said, "I want to thank you son. You kept your head and drew a confession out of Steve. With that, we should be able to make sure he never hurts anyone again. You're a very fine young man Russell Cooper, and so are your friends."

"Thank you sir." said Rusty as he composed himself. Then Rusty went to where the police had cuffed Steve and said, "I begged you dude! I didn't want to see you go through what Joe has gone through, but I guess you were too determined to find out for yourself. Please try to take care of yourself Steve." Then Rusty sadly walked off to join his friends.

The paramedics wo were called treated the wounded boys, then let them go with Greg. Once again, no one felt like their regular routine for the evening. Greg dropped Rusty and Allen off at Rusty's house, then took the rest of the boys to his house. As soon as Rusty and Allen walked through the door, Joe yelled out, "Dude! Dude! You're not going to believe what happened today! Your mom went into labor this afternoon, and the paramedics couldn't make it on time! 911 had to talk me through delivering your new brother and sister dude!"

"Oh my God!" yelled Rusty. "Where is everyone Joe!?"

"They're at the hospital now dude!" said Joe. "Don't worry Rusty, everyone is fine. The paramedics said I did a great job of helping your mom dude!"

Rusty threw his arms around Joe and cried in happiness, "Thank you so much dude! Thanks for helping my new brother and sister, they wouldn't have made it without you! You're my brother now Joe, forever!" Then Rusty kissed Joe hard on the cheek.

Allen had got his driver's license over the summer, so he decided that it would be best if he drove Rusty to the hospital. Rusty ran into the hospital to find out where his mom was. Once he found out, he ran up the stairs to her floor then ran to her room. Poor Allen could barely keep sight of the flash of light known as Rusty. Allen finally got to the room to find Emily, Mike, Rusty, and Beth all there.

"Hi Mrs. C." said Allen. "How are you? How are the new twins?"

"We're fine, thanks to Joe." replied Emily. "What happened to you boys in school today?"

"It was just a little scuffle." replied Allen. "The boys who started it were caught by the principal, and it won't happen again."

Mike looked at Rusty and Allen inquiringly, and both boys nodded their heads yes sadly. Mike looked down and shook his head. Then Mike offered to take the boys to show them the babies.

When they got out of the room, Mike asked, "How bad was it?"

"The police have Steve on tape saying he was going to kill us, and that he was trying to kill Patrick yesterday." replied Rusty. "They arrested him and his friends on seven counts of attempted murder. His friends will most likely turn on him to get their sentences lowered, but Steve won't be around anymore."

"I was hoping someone would get to him before it came to this." said Mike.

"I begged Steve to stop and think about what he was doing." said Rusty. "There wasn't any getting to him though. His rage against gay people has almost driven him insane."

"It's so sad." said Mike. "Was everyone okay?"

"Shane got hit pretty hard, but he was okay by the time we left." replied Allen. "Chris got a few bruises, but I think he caused just as many on the other boy. Rusty got his lip cut open too, but I guess you saw that. The worst one was the boy that hit Shane. Terry kinda freaked out and kicked him in the head pretty hard. He was just starting to come to when we left. They were going to bring him here to be checked out before taking him to jail."

"I just hope this whole mess is over now." said Mike.

"Us too!" said both boys in unison.

Then Mike and the boys came up to the nursery window, and looked in.

"Where's my brother and sister?" asked Rusty eagerly.

"They're in the second row, in the third and fourth cribs from the left." replied Mike. "Wave hello to your brother and sister, Joseph and Jennifer."

Rusty waved at the two babies as tears filled his eyes. Allen put his arm around Rusty and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

A young nurse finally came by and said, "Cooper, right? If you want to see them up close, we were about to take them to their mother's room for feeding. We should have them there in five minutes."

"Thanks," replied Mike, "that will be great."

As Mike and Rusty turned to go back to Emily's room, Allen said, "Well, that's something I don't need to see!" When Mike and Rusty were done laughing, Allen continued, "I think I'll go see how Patrick is this evening. I hope he comes out of it."

"Say hi for me too, okay?" asked Rusty.

Allen smiled and replied, "You got it babe!"

Allen took off and went to find Patrick. The nurse informed Allen that the boy had been moved from intensive care already. Then she gave Allen the new room number. Allen found the right room and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" called out Robin from inside the room.

"It's me, Allen." replied Allen. "You remember, from last night?"

"Dude!" shouted Robin. "Come on in, quickly!"

Allen entered the room and saw Robin sitting next to the bed, and Patrick sitting up in bed.

"Pat," said Robin, "this is Allen. He's one of the cool guys I told you about coming here last night."

"Hi Pat." said Allen as he held out his hand. "It's so good to see you awake now dude. I've been through what you're going through a couple of times, so I know how you feel dude."

Pat had a large bruise that covered most of the side of his head, and the eye on that side was swollen shut. His jaw was also swollen, but he mumbled, "It's good to meet you dude. Robin says you and your friends are really cool. He also said you guys know that Steve did this to me."

"Yeah dude." replied Allen. "Steve's in jail now though, and he's being charged as an adult with attempted murder."

"You mean he was trying to kill my Pat?" gasped Robin.

"Yeah," said Allen, "and me and some of my friends too, but he didn't get away with it. I have a green belt in karate, and one of the guys you met yesterday is a black belt. My boyfriend Rusty has been training with a champion boxer, Calvin Wilson. You met him yesterday too."

"I would have liked to saw what you did to them then." mumbled Pat.

"All we did was defend ourselves." said Allen. Then Allen giggled and added, "Well, maybe we went a little bit further than defending ourselves, but no more than they asked for."

"Come here closer." mumbled Pat.

Allen stood beside the bed and leaned down a little. Pat threw his arms around Allen and winced slightly.

"Thanks for everything dude." squealed Pat softly.

Allen gave Pat a quick kiss on the forehead, then straightened back up and said,"You're welcome Pat. I wish we had known each other before this, but I'm glad we do now at least. Are you in a lot of pain dude?"

"Only when I hug people." Pat half laughed, then coughed. "Or when I try to laugh."

"Sorry about that then my friend." said Allen. "I'm going to get back to my boyfriend and his family, so you guys can do some serious kissing. His mom had twins today. By the way, Rusty says hi."

"Okay then." said Robin. "Say hi to Rusty for us, and to all of your friends. Tell them thanks for everything too."

"Hey," said Allen, "they're your friends too now, remember? As a matter of fact, when they all hear that Pat is feeling better you might not be able to get rid of them."

Allen and Robin laughed, and Pat tried not to laugh. Then Allen gave Robin a warm hug and said good-bye to the boys. As Allen got back to Emily's room, Emily had just finished feeding her babies.

"Did I miss the show?" asked Allen.

Everyone laughed as Allen breathed an exaggerated sigh of relief. Allen then told Rusty about Pat being awake now, which made Rusty breathe a genuine sigh of relief. Rusty wanted to stop in and see Pat and Robin before going home, so Mike told them that they might as well go on. He would be bringing Emily and the babies home tomorrow anyway, as the doctor had given them a clean bill of health.

So Rusty and Allen both stopped by Pat's room on the way out. The four boys hit it off together very well, and ended up talking for over an hour. Every once in a while Rusty and Allen would stop for a loving kiss, which would prompt Pat and Robin to do the same thing. During the last part of the visit all four boys held each other's hands, as a way to bond their new friendship. Finally Rusty and Allen prepared to say good-bye, but not before suggesting to Robin that he pull back Pat's covers, lift his gown, and take Pat's cock into his mouth as a way to make Pat feel better. Robin assured them that he would do just that.

Rusty and Allen said good-bye to both of their new friends, then walked to the door. When they reached the door they turned back around, to find that Robin had already pulled down the covers and lifted Pat's gown. Robin's lips were now engulfing Pat's six inch erect cock.

"Bye guys, have fun!" said Rusty and Allen together as they smiled.

"Oh God yes!" mumbled Pat as Robin caressed his cock with his soft lips.

Robin just waved at his friends, without missing a stroke on Pat's cock. Rusty and Allen turned and headed out the door, so their friends could make love in private. It was finally time to go home after the longest day that either boy could remember.

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