Summer Of Love

by tim the story guy

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ALLEN 2: Summer Of Love

by tim

Part 18

Rusty and Allen were exhausted by the time they got home from the hospital. They both gave Joe a hug and a kiss on his cheek, then went to their room. They had just enough energy left to make love before going to sleep though. It was not spectacular love-making, it was just two boys in love gently sucking each other to an orgasm.

The next day at school Allen, Rusty, Shane, Terry, and Snoopy were treated like heroes by some of the other kids. Rusty was approached by several kids and the principal, wanting him to start a gay-lesbian student group at the school. Rusty replied that he would discuss it with Allen and his parents. While the principal was asking Rusty about forming the group at school, he also asked Rusty if his band would play at a special assembly at the end of summer school. The principal had learned of the band from a few of the kids at school, and thought it would be a nice treat for the students after the summer that they'd had. Rusty told the principal he would have to ask the other guys in the band if they wanted to.

The rest of that week went very smoothly, now that the worst of the trouble-makers were expelled from school. Most of Steve's gang were able to post bail the next day, due to agreeing to testify against Steve, but they would not be allowed back on school property. Steve remained in jail however. His bail had been set very high, and his parents could not easily come up with the money. On Thursday night of that week, another inmate attempted to force himself on Steve. Steve ended up killing the inmate, and would now also be tried on manslaughter charges. Joe broke down into tears when he heard about it on Friday morning.

That weekend was Calvin's National Championships. Allen and Rusty were able to get permission to go with Calvin, Ricky, and Tom to the event. They left school early on Friday and went to the airport with their friends. When everyone arrived in New York, where the National Championships were being held, Rusty immediately called Tyler and Kyle. While Ricky and Calvin were getting plenty of rest for the weekend's matches, Rusty and Allen were filling Tyler and Kyle in on what had been happening.

"Damn, dudes!" exclaimed Kyle. "We have to talk our parents into moving to Florida! Nothing exciting ever happens around here."

After everyone finished laughing, Tyler said, "Congrats on being a new big brother Rusty, especially the part about having a baby brother now! You guys really learned to kick some butt, huh?"

"It's more like we learned to defend ourselves." replied Allen.

"Heh, listen to the karate kid here!" joked Kyle. "I wish I could do what you guys have learned to do. Shit dude, you just started karate this summer and you're a green belt already! I'm so impressed I could kiss you dude, if I weren't afraid you'd break my arm!"

Allen looked to Rusty, who nodded his approval, then said, "Why not dude, go for it!"

Kyle leaned in and gave Allen a warm and friendly kiss on the lips, then he did the same for Rusty to congratulate him. After Kyle was done, Tyler wanted to do the same thing. Tyler repeated the process with Allen and Rusty. Then Kyle and Tyler engaged in a very passionate kiss with each other. Rusty and Allen decided to follow Kyle and Tyler's example, and all four boys were engaged in some very hot kissing with their boyfriends. After a few moments Rusty glanced over to see that Kyle had opened Tyler's fly, and was now gently stroking Tyler's erection.

"We might as well take this to the bedroom." suggested Rusty to everyone. "Calvin's first match is at noon, and we have to have time to get to Madison Square Gardens."

All the boys got up and filed into the bedroom. Tyler and Kyle took one bed, and Rusty and Allen took the other. Then the boys started undressing together. Soon all four boys were naked and in the arms of their boyfriends. After a few more minutes of kissing, Rusty and Allen decided on a slow and gentle 69. Rusty turned around and took Allen's cock into his mouth, then started going up and down on it very slowly. Allen let out a deep sigh, then took Rusty's cock into his mouth. The two boys sucked gently on each other as Tyler and Kyle now watched.

"I love how much they love giving pleasure to each other." remarked Kyle.

"Then why don't you get between my legs and put your beautiful cock in me." Tyler said seductively. "I want a little pleasure too, and you know how much I love to feel your cock inside me."

Kyle did know too, that's why he had a small tube of lube ready at all times. Kyle hovered over Tyler as he erotically rubbed the lube into his cock, then knelt between Tyler's legs. Kyle quickly found his target, and pushed his cock into Tyler's butt.

"Oh God!" moaned Tyler. "That feels so good Kyle!"

That was all the encouragement Kyle needed to begin thrusting his hard cock in and out of Tyler. Pretty soon the room was filled with the sounds of the four boys approaching their sexual ecstasy. The first to cum was Kyle, who's cock was quickly thrusting in and out off Tyler. Kyle grunted loudly as he filled Tyler with his cum. As soon as he was done he immediately pulled out of Tyler, and took Tyler's straining cock into his mouth.

Rusty and Allen were still pleasuring each other's cock with their mouths, but the pace had begun to pick up. Rusty was now just as hungry for Allen's cum as Allen was for his. As Rusty's lips went back and forth on Allen's cock, his tongue was rapidly massaging the head. Allen took a different approach, and was now sucking hard on Rusty's throbbing cock. Both techniques were effective, as Allen and Rusty began cumming within a second of each other. Both boys hungrily swallowed each other's cum, wanting more than either could produce. When their orgasms were over, they crawled into each other's arms to watch Kyle hungrily suck Tyler's cock.

After a few more moments Tyler began grunting, "I'm,... I'm,... cumming for you dude!"

Kyle began swallowing quickly, as he felt Tyler's cum blasting against the back of his mouth. As the orgasm subsided, Kyle sucked as hard as he could on Tyler's cock. Finally Tyler's cock began to deflate in Kyle's mouth, and Kyle let it go so he could be wrapped in the arms of his boyfriend. Within moments, all for boys were gently snoring as they laid in their boyfriend's embrace.

The next morning the boys got ready to go to the arena with Calvin, Tom, and Ricky. Rusty and Allen would be in Calvin's corner with Tom and Ricky during his matches, and ringside with Kyle and Tyler between matches. With Tom's coaching, Ricky's love, Rusty's help, and Allen's moral support, Calvin made it through the first day's matches with no problem. Calvin was now looking the the boxer to beat at the competition. That night at the hotel was a repeat of the previous night, with Calvin and Ricky getting plenty of rest after a little snuggling, and the other boys making love to their boyfriends. The next day were the semi-final and final matches. Once again Calvin had no problem making it through the semi-final match. The boy he had lost to in the finals last year also made it through his semi-final match, so a rematch was set.

When everyone involved with the final match was at the ring, the announcer came out and said into the microphone, "Ladies and gentlemen, for our finals today we have a rematch of last year's final match. In the gold corner, weighing in at 175 pounds and from Orlando Florida, Calvin Wilson! His trainer is Thomas DeBarry. In the black corner, weighing 178 pounds and from Detroit Michigan, Donnell Washington! His trainer is Herschel Jackson."

Both boys met in the middle of the ring to receive their instructions from the referee, then went to their corner for the bell. Before the bell rang Rusty said, "I believe in you Calvin, and I know you can do it! We have a big surprise for you in Orlando when you do too."

Then Tom said, "Okay son, remember what you've learned since last year. Also remember that this is for your shot at the Olympic team. Make us even more proud of you my wonderful son."

Then the match was on. This was going to be Calvin's biggest test of the competition. The only reason his opponent was back this year was that he had taken his shot at the men's division for granted, and was knocked out cold in his first and only match there. Now he was out to prove that he had deserved his shot, and deserved another one. Calvin also wanted a chance to show what he could do though, and he wanted a shot at the Olympics in 2008. He had to advance past this point for that to happen though. Calvin won the first round on points, but Donnell came back and took the second round on points. The match was scheduled for five rounds, and the boys also split the next two rounds. Then they went back to their corners for a break before the last round.

"Okay Calvin," said Tom, "you boys are tied right now, so this is it! We either go home and start preparing to try again next year, or we move on up and begin preparing for you to go to China in 2008. You know in your heart that we can do this as long as you remember everything I've taught you son. Let's show these people who we are!" Calvin knew how much he wanted this.

"Okay Donnell," said Herschel, "it's time to stop waiting for the world to hand you everything. I know we won't see a repeat of last year when you beat this guy, then got lazy with the opportunity you had. Remember what we went over in the films from last year, this guy always drops his guard when he turns to the right. Get in there and take advantage of it!"

Both boys were ready when the bell rang for the last round, and began sizing each other up. Donnell threw a few punches that missed on purpose, in order to throw Calvin off. Then Donnell went around Calvin to the right, hoping that Calvin would fall for his trap. Calvin did turn to the right, but he surprised Donnell by having his guard up. When Calvin blocked the punch Donnell was trying to knock him out with, it left Donnell completely open. Calvin's next punch hit it's target, and sent Donnell to the mat. Calvin backed off and waited for his opponent to get up, however the referee had reached eight before Donnell could get completely on his feet again. Calvin began to cry tears of joy as the referee raised his right arm into the air, then he was surrounded by Tom, Ricky, Allen, Rusty, Tyler, and Kyle. The crowd roared their approval, as they had not wanted to see the boxer who had blown his chance last year to get another one. On the way from the ring everyone near the aisle wanted to shake Calvin's trembling hand as the new National Junior Division Champion.

On the way to his dressing room, Calvin passed by Donnell who said, "I could have beaten you, you chump! You just wait until next year!"

"There isn't going to be a next year!" replied Calvin. "I have to start getting ready for the Olympics now, so I guess you'll have to get over it!"

Donnell tried to jump up, but he was still feeling groggy from the effects of Calvin's knockout punch. He could only watch helplessly as Calvin's excited group went in to their dressing room and locked the door. Once inside the dressing room, Tom gave Calvin a warm hug.

"I always knew you were very special Calvin." Tom said emotionally. "I'm so glad that you aren't following the path your real father took, and I'm happy that I had the chance to take over for him before it was too late!" Tom then gave Calvin a warm kiss on the cheek.

All of the boys congratulated Calvin with a kiss of love and friendship on his lips, starting with Allen and ending with Ricky. Ricky's kiss however was much more passionate than the other boys, and everyone was afraid that the two wouldn't make it out of the dressing room without making love in front of them. They did manage to hold off though, and the group got in a limo that had been reserved for the champion of today's final match. At the airport, Kyle and Tyler gave their friends a good-bye hug and kiss before taking the train home. Then Tom and the boys boarded the plane back to Florida, with Calvin clutching his championship belt tightly. After a very exuberant and happy flight, Tom and the boys climbed into a cab at OIA. Tom began to speak to the driver, but he was cut off by Rusty. Rusty gave the driver the address to his house, and told everyone that they had to stop by there first.

The house was very quiet as Rusty led everyone in. "Hmm," said Rusty, "everyone must be out back or something."

As the group stepped out onto the back patio, everyone yelled "Surprise!" Everyone who called Calvin their friend was there, plus there was one very special guest. Rusty snuck up behind Calvin with the guest and said, "I told you I had a surprise for you dude!"

Calvin turned around and was face to face with his brother Ted. Calvin just stood there with his championship belt over his shoulder, and his mouth wide open.

"I miss you so much little brother!" Ted said as a tear formed in the corner of his eye.

Ted put his arms around Calvin, and the two hugged each other tightly and cried for about ten minutes. Then they had a lot of catching up to do. Ted told Calvin that he had wanted to spend all summer in Orlando, but his boyfriend had some problems to deal with at home over the summer and he needed his Teddy Bear. Calvin was shocked to hear those words come from his brother's mouth.

"I know how dad probably raised you Calvin," said Ted, "and I hope you don't hate me because I turned out to be gay."

Ted couldn't understand why Calvin was laughing so hard, until Calvin called Ricky over and said, "Ricky, this is my big brother Ted. Ted, this is Ricky Makenzie. Ricky is my husband and the greatest lover in the world!"

The smile on Ted's face could have lit up a room as he shook Ricky's hand and gave the boy a warm hug. Then Ted said, "I guess we have quite a bit in common after all Calvin. We both have great taste when it comes to picking boyfriends!" After everyone had laughed about that, Ted continued, "I also have another surprise. My boyfriend was able to pull his grades up enough for us to transfer to UCF. I'm coming home to make up for a lot of lost years with my little brother! And congratulations champ."

The party that evening was one of the best that anyone there could remember, with the exception of Toby's coming home party. At one point Calvin got everyone to gather around so he could introduce Ted to the important people in his life. Beth attached herself to Calvin's leg as Rusty held his baby brother, and Emily held her baby daughter.

"Okay Ted, you already met Ricky." said Calvin. "The great man standing next to him is my new dad and the best coach in the world, Tom DeBarry. Standing closest to me are my two best friends and their families. We have Rusty, who's holding his baby brother Joe, and his boyfriend Allen. Attached to my leg is Rusty's little sister Beth, then we have his parents Mike and Emily, and his baby sister Jennifer. Also there's Allen's parents, Ben and Judith. Over here we have Greg Holt and his boyfriend Toby. With them are Greg's sons, and my friends Shane, Terry, Dustin, and Dustin's boyfriend Chris. Finally the rest of my friends are Robin, Devon, Sean, Joe, and Joe's girlfriend Jennifer. Robin's boyfriend Pat is still in the hospital, or he would have been here too."

"I'm glad to meet all of you." said Ted. "And I'm glad my little brother has so many great friends to take care of him. I just hope our dad didn't cause all of you great people too much trouble."

Calvin led Ted around all evening, letting everyone get to know his big brother. Everyone was happy to take Ted in as a part of their extended family. The boys also got together and agreed to play at the school assembly on Friday. Mike said he would try to get permission for Joe to help the boys on Friday, seeing that Joe was their sound man. Ben overheard and said he may have some news about Joe's case by then, which left everyone wondering what he might have meant. Rusty and Allen were also busy showing off Rusty's baby brother and sister, until it was time for them to be fed and take their nap. The party finally broke up and everyone began to leave. Tom talked Ted into checking him and his boyfriend out of their hotel, and staying with them until they could find a place to live in Orlando. Greg and Toby wanted to stop by and visit with Toby's parents, who had finally made it to Florida. Rusty agreed to take Shane, Terry, Snoopy, and Chris home later that night.

After Ted and his boyfriend Chin had checked out of the hotel, they went with Tom and the boys to his house. Calvin was a little surprised by his brother's boyfriend being Chinese, but heck, he was still surprised about his brother being gay too. After the problems Chin encountered at home in the Chinatown section of San Francisco over the summer, he was looking forward to being around a normal family for a change. That night as Ricky had his cock buried inside Calvin, Ted and Chin walked into their room unexpectedly. They were both embarrassed and started to leave, but Calvin insisted they stay as Ricky continued to make love to him. Ted and Chin pulled up a chair to face the bed, and watched as Ricky slowly and passionately thrust his cock in and out of Calvin's butt.

"I'm so surprised about you being gay Ted." grunted Calvin, as Ricky continued his love making. "The last time I saw you, you and dad were almost drinking buddies. I could have swore if you ever found out about me, you would have hated me. Instead, here you and your boyfriend are, watching me getting fucked by my boyfriend. You have no idea how cool that is."

"I'm just glad that you are as happy as you obviously are right now." said Ted. "I was really afraid that you would always feel the same way about me, so it's kind of a relief to see your boyfriend making love to you like that. I think it's starting to turn my boyfriend on though, right Chin?" Chin only managed to gulp as a reply. "I think he's so engrossed by what you guys are doing because he got a look at Calvin's cock in all it's glory." said Ted. "My little brother and me are equally blessed, and Chin loves to feel me inside of him."

"Why don't you two join us then?" grunted Calvin. "There's plenty of room on my bed, and Ricky is trying to make himself last a long time. You guys will catch up to us in no time."

Ted got up and led Chin to the open side of the bed, then began undressing his little Chinese beauty. After Ted laid Chin back on the bed, he quickly stripped his clothes off and knelt between Chin's legs.

"Could you hand me that lube on the nightstand, little brother?" asked Ted.

Calvin groped around for the tube, then handed it to his brother. Ted rubbed the lube generously onto his stiffening cock, then lined the head up with Chin's pucker. Ted firmly pushed his cock into Chin, as Chin let out a gasp.

"I love you so much Teddy Bear!" moaned Chin. "Your huge cock always feels so good inside me!"

As Ted began to thrust in and out of Chin, Calvin looked up at his brother and chuckled, "Teddy Bear?"

"Only my little Chinny Boo calls me that!" replied Ted as he smiled at Calvin.

Ricky now had a great view of the action as Ted's cock slipped in and out of Chin. He also saw Chin stiffen to about five inches. "Your boyfriend's dick is kinda small, but cute Ted." panted Ricky, as his cock sped up going in and out of Calvin.

"Yes, Chin has a very lovely small oriental dick." panted Ted. "It tastes so fine too."

As Ricky watched Ted's large cock going in and out of Chin, his balls began to tingle. Ricky and Calvin both moaned as Ricky shot his cum into Calvin, and Calvin's rectum clenched around Ricky's cock. When Ricky's orgasm was over and he slipped out of Calvin, Calvin said, "My turn!"

Calvin and Ricky switched places, and Calvin lubed his cock generously. Then Calvin gently slipped his cock into Ricky until it was all the way in. Ricky let out a sigh, and smiled at the feeling of Calvin's cock inside of him.

"Ah," said Ted, "another guy who loves the feel of a large Wilson cock inside them. Damn! Ricky likes it so much that he's beginning to bone up again!" As Ted continued to slide in and out of Chin's clenching rectum, he continued, "Watch this little bro, my little Chinny Boo loves this!"

Ted leaned over forward as far as he could, with his flexible spine allowing him to practically double over. Then he took Chin's five inch erection into his mouth, and began to suck it lovingly as he continued to slide in and out of Chin's butt.

"I guess we do have a lot in common brother!" gasped Calvin.

Calvin then leaned over just like his brother did, and took Ricky's cock into his mouth while he continued to thrust into Ricky's butt. Calvin and Ted continued sucking and fucking their boyfriends in unison, while Chin and Ricky writhed and moaned. One of Ricky's hands made it to Calvin's head, while the free one began to tweak Chin's nipples. Chin then returned the favor to Ricky as he stroked the top of Ted's head. This continued for about five more minutes, until Ted felt his orgasm ready to explode into Chin. As Ted's cum forcefully blasted into Chin, Chin's orgasm began to coat Ted's mouth with his cum. Ted sucked hungrily as he continued to thrust and shoot into Chin. A few seconds after Ted's orgasm started, Calvin moaned around Ricky's throbbing cock as he began to flood Ricky's rectum with his cum. When Ricky felt Calvin's cum shooting into him, he had his second orgasm of the night. Calvin sucked as much cum from Ricky's cock as he could until his orgasm ended. Then Ted and Calvin slowly leaned up, and slipped out of their boyfriend's butts. Ted crawled on top of Chin and took him into an embrace, as Calvin did the same with Ricky.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing by both pairs, Ted asked, "I forgot to ask earlier Calvin, but what exactly happened with you and dad?"

Calvin sat up against the headboard of the bed with Ricky, then Ted did the same with Chin. Calvin said, "It was one of the worst nightmares I've ever been through, and it hurt two good friends of mine in the process. It all started when my friend Allen told me he wanted to be my boyfriend. I kinda beat him up because I couldn't admit to myself that I liked other guys at the time, but then I met Ricky. At first I just wanted to do stuff with Ricky to prove to myself that I wasn't gay, but I ended up falling in love with him instead. After years of being knocked around by dad, I knew he would kill me if he found out I was gay. I was almost ready to kill myself instead when Tom found me. Tom took me in as a son right away, and got dad into a lot of trouble. So dad decided to get even with me and my friends. He kidnapped Allen and hurt him pretty bad, then used Allen to get me to come home. The cops followed me there, and it looked like dad was going to blow Allen's head off right in front of me. That's when I told him that I was gay. It made him so mad that the cops were able to get a shot off and kill him. Allen was taken to the hospital in a coma though, and Rusty got badly hurt in an elevator accident while visiting Allen, who he'd fallen in love with. I almost lost two very good friends because of him, and I'm glad that it's all over now."

Calvin was trying hard not to cry, and Ricky was hugging him and stroking his bare skin to comfort him. Ted sniffled a little, then said, "I'm sorry little bro, I wish I could have been here to be a proper big brother to you. With both of us against him, maybe things wouldn't have got to the point they did."

Calvin pressed his naked body against his brother's and hugged him, then said, "It's not your fault Ted. You had a lot of bad shit going on in your life that you needed to fix, and I'm glad you did such a good job of it. The only one to blame was dad. He was completely insane by the end. I love you brother, so please don't blame yourself."

The four continued to talk well into the night, and became very close. Chin was accepted so well as a part of the family that he finally realized what a loving family should be like. Ted and Chin felt completely at home in Tom's house now, and Ted intended to ask Tom if it could be a permanent arrangement. Finally in the late night hours, Ted and Chin picked their clothes up and walked naked to their room, with their arms around each other.

The next day Ted did have a talk with Tom, and with some pleading from Calvin, Tom agreed to let Ted and Chin stay with them. That made the two brothers and their lovers very happy. Later that week on Thursday, Ben stopped by Mike's house to talk to him and Joe.

"I've come up with something on Joe's case," said Ben, "and I wanted to let you guys know because I had the court date moved up to next week."

"It must be good news if you had the court date moved up!" said Mike.

"What's going on Ben?" Joe asked nervously. "I don't know if I'm ready for whatever it is."

"Don't worry Joe." replied Ben. "By this time next week this whole nightmare will be over, and you'll be free without having to wear that transponder."

"What!" exclaimed Joe. "What are you talking about?"

"I found a mistake that was made during the time you were arrested and charged." replied Ben. "I don't know why the public defender didn't spot it, except he just didn't look. It was such an obvious mistake that I took it to the state attorney, and she admitted that the case would be thrown out of court. We're going to go in next week to officially have the charges dropped."

Ben expected Joe to be excited about his news, but instead Joe looked apprehensive. Then Joe finally said, "I don't want the charges dropped Ben. I screwed up, and I want to say so on record."

"What?!" Ben asked loudly. Then he calmed back down and said, "I don't understand Joe. You're free now, and this whole mess will be over. It's the best result we could have ever hoped for. Why don't you want the charges dropped?"

"Because," said Joe, "I did something very wrong, and another boy died because of it. I know nothing I can ever do will bring Jimmy back, but if I don't face up to what I did it could happen again to someone else. I want people to know they can't do the things I did and get away with it whenever they see me. I don't want them to think, there goes the lucky little asshole that got away with killing another boy. I don't want to go to jail, but there has to be something better than what you are offering."

Ben looked down and said, "You're right Joe. I didn't stop to look at it like that. I'm not letting you go to jail though. We'll go to court early and see what we can arrange with the state attorney. I hope you know that this will mean a felony conviction on your record though. Can you accept that and probation?"

"It should have been a hell of a lot more than that." said Joe. "I'll be getting off pretty easy anyway."

"Okay son, if that's what you want." said Ben. "I have to say that I've never had a client with more integrity than you though Joe. I'm proud to be your attorney."

With that, Ben was off to talk to the state attorney. Joe breathed a huge sigh of relief when Ben was gone. Then Mike walked up to Joe and put his arms around the boy.

"I'm so damn proud of you that I don't know what to say Joe." said Mike. "I hope you will consider staying on as a part of our family when that box is off your ankle son."

Joe looked at Mike as he held a tear back, and said, "You and your family has treated me more like a family member than anywhere I've ever been Mike. I can feel the love that lives in this house, and it feels pretty damn good. This is the first time I've ever felt that in my life, and I'd love to stay here as long as you and your family will have me. I love all you guys so much." Then Joe finally broke down and cried into Mike's shoulder. Joe cried from joy though, because he finally had a real home.

When Rusty and Allen got home from school that day, Mike informed them that he had gotten permission for Joe to be at the school tomorrow. Then he told the boys what had happened when Ben came over, and Joe's reaction. Rusty and Allen were glad to hear that Joe would be staying on with them, so they went to Joe's room. When Joe let them in, Rusty walked right up to Joe and kissed him on the lips. It wasn't a passionate or lustful kiss, but it was very loving and brotherly.

After the kiss, Rusty put his arms around Joe and said, "I have never been more proud to call someone brother than I am with you Joe. You will always be like a brother to me, and I hope you consider yourself a part of our family forever!"

After that, Allen gave Joe the same kind of welcome. The boys then laughed, talked, and cried together for the rest of the evening.

I have news about the story. The next chapter will be the final chapter of book 2. Allen will continue though, after a brief hiatus. I have not come up with a subtitle for Allen 3 yet, but I will do my best to keep the ball rolling. I may also make a change with the disclaimers, making them a little more traditional. Please send all comments to: . Thanks, and I'll see you in the final chapter of Allen 2.