Summer Of Love

by tim the story guy

As I said at the end of the last chapter, this will be the final chapter of Allen 2: Summer Of Love. I am working on a plot for Allen 3: Seasons Change, and the story will return after a brief hiatus. It's hard to believe I started this story more than a year ago, and I am honored that so many people have taken an interest in it. I hope to continue that, and pick up new readers as Allen and the other boys have some fun with the course their lives have set. I humbly thank each and every one who is reading this.

This story is © 2004 and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy and distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities between actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: . This address will change unless the person who is infected with the Bagel virus scans their computer. My system is very well protected, but several readers have complained that someone's computer has been forging the address I use only for Nifty to try to infect them. Please be considerate of others. Thank you, and enjoy the story.

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ALLEN 2: Summer Of Love

by tim

Part 19

The boys had been preparing all week for Friday's assembly. By Monday they had picked out a five song set to play, including the final song that was suggested by Mike. It was a song from his younger days called "Looking For Trouble." When he played his copy of it for the boys, they agreed that the song had something to say after the summer that they'd had. By Tuesday they had decided on a name for their band. They had decided to call themselves Youthful Discretion. Joe was getting the sound board down very well, so he decided they would have some special effects for the show as well. By the time Friday rolled around the boys had put together a great show, with a variety of musical styles. Rusty, Allen, Shane, Terry, and Snoopy had to attend classes until the assembly, so Joe and the other boys began setting up in the auditorium on Friday morning. As the assembly drew closer, the boys began to get jittery. When the bell rang to dismiss the students to the auditorium, Rusty and the rest of the group headed backstage.

"Hey guys." said Allen nervously. "Is everything ready?"

Joe saw that the boys who had just joined them seemed nervous, so he replied, "Actually we just started setting up. Go ask the principal if we could have a couple more hours."

Allen and the other boys who had just got backstage looked shocked until Calvin said, "He's just messin' with you, dudes. We're ready whenever they are out there."

Everyone laughed, and the pre-show tension was broken. The boys decided to act as though they were in Rusty and Allen's room, and just having fun. Joe was a little more serious though. Although he couldn't get permission to use pyrotechnics, he had put together a lot of other effects. The best one would come during the final song. It was a song about the dangers of following the wrong path in life, and the lead singer would be singing to one of the band's members who had chosen a path that had led to criminal acts. Rusty was chosen as the lead singer, and the person he would be singing to would be Calvin. During Calvin's guitar solo the consequences of his acts would catch up to him, and Joe would lower a cage over him that represented a jail cell. Joe was most nervous about that scene, and was hoping it came off well. The boys finally heard the principal step up to the microphone, so Rusty took a peek outside. Apparently word had gotten out about the assembly, because there were quite a few more kids in the audience than had attended summer school. Rusty was glad Allen would be singing lead first.

"Hello young ladies and gentlemen." said the principal. "As you know, this hasn't been one of our easiest summers, but we have made it through, with most of you doing very well. In appreciation to those of you who gave it your best effort this summer, we've put together a little show for you. Some of the kids onstage today attended classes with you this summer, and the others will be returning to classes at the start of the regular school year. Let's give a hand to Youthful Discretion!"

The auditorium was filled with applause as the curtain came up. Allen took a gulp as he stepped up to the mic, and signaled the other boys to begin. In order to give everyone a chance to play in the first song, the boys decided to open with a country song called "Sin Wagon." It was a very high energy song, and showcased every instrument at some point. When the first song was over, Allen stayed at the mic.

"Hi everyone, I'm Allen Martin." said Allen. "I want to introduce everyone in the band, just in case you don't know them. Helping me with singing duties is Rusty Cooper. On lead guitar we have Calvin Wilson, and on rhythm guitar we have Chris Patterson." As Allen introduced the boys, they stepped forward and waved. Allen continued, "Next, we have Sean Roberts on bass guitar, and Ricky Makenzie on keyboards. On drums is Devon Patrick, and on steel guitar is Terry Brewer. Finally we have Dustin Meyer on banjo, and Shane Hopkins on fiddle. I also want to mention our sound and special effects person, Joe Nelson."

The audience applauded each boy as he was introduced. When the introductions were over, the boys went into their next song, Which was "Still The One." Rusty and Allen both got to sing for this song. The rest of the show went well, although Joe almost got carried away with the fog machine a few times. Then came the last song, and the boys began playing while Rusty sang. The audience was entranced by the show that was being put on, especially the final song. When they got to the guitar solo, Calvin found his mark and stood on it as the cage slowly lowered around him. Joe couldn't have been more thrilled than to see that effect go off without a hitch. As the song ended, the auditorium erupted with applause. The boys were stunned by how much everyone enjoyed the show. As soon as the curtain went down, Joe raised the cage so Calvin could join the celebration with everyone. All of the boys, except Joe, found their boyfriend and gave them a hug and kiss. Then Rusty walked up to Joe and gave him a warm hug. Everyone else immediately followed Rusty's example, and gave Joe a hug too. Meanwhile the applause in the auditorium had not died down at all.

"Shit dudes!" exclaimed Calvin. "I think they're going to make us do another song!"

"We only practiced the five songs for the show though!" exclaimed Sean.

"I think I have an idea." said Rusty. "We've played We Are The Champions at my house enough to be able to pull it off. Can you turn that fiddle into a violin Shane?"

"Sure 'nough y'all." joked Shane with a cheesy accent.

The principal came backstage and said, "They're going crazy out there! Can you boys play one more song?"

"Go ahead and raise the curtain again sir." said Rusty. Then the boys got into place.

As the curtain came up, Rusty stepped to the mic and said, "Thanks everyone, this is the best school in the world!" After the applause for that statement died down, Rusty continued, "We didn't plan on another song today, but we'd love to play some more for you. I want to dedicate this song to our very own Calvin Wilson, who is now the Golden Gloves junior division National Champion!"

The crowd roared their approval as the boys began to play. Calvin was almost moved to tears as he played his guitar, but Ricky beamed brightly at his champ. The crowd roared again as the song ended, and the curtain lowered.

The principal finally went to the mic and said, "I would ask them to play one more, but your buses are waiting for you outside everyone. I promise I'll try to get them to come back another time and play again for you."

As the boys hugged each other backstage, they agreed to meet up at Rusty's house for a celebration. Then they began to pack everything up, and Calvin approached Rusty.

As Calvin threw his arms around Rusty, he said, "I don't know how I got so lucky, as to have a friend like you Rusty. You tell Allen that I said he's one lucky dude to have a boyfriend like you." Calvin hugged Rusty tightly for a few moments, before breaking the hug.

As soon as the boys were packed up they headed to Rusty's house, so the crew Joe hired for the lights and effects could tear everything down. Summer was now officially over, and the boys who were going to summer school had two weeks to rest up for the school year. As Joe was leaving with Allen and Rusty, the principal came up to the boys.

"Hi boys, great show!" said the principal. "I wanted to let Joe know something. I talked to your attorney and your guardian today. If you are released by the court next week, we'll be happy to have you back as a student at the start of the school year. If you do well enough, we will let you take two grade levels in one year. That way you can graduate on schedule."

Joe reached out to shake the principal's hand and said, "Thank you sir, I won't let you down this time."

"Yeah, me and Rusty will keep him on the STRAIGHT and narrow." said Allen.

The principal couldn't figure out why the boys were laughing so hard as they walked away. He just smiled and shook his head. "At least we reached one boy." thought the principal to himself.

The party at Rusty's house was a blast. The boys had all ran to their homes quickly, and got their bathing suits. It didn't take Rusty and Allen long to figure out why they had beat everyone to Rusty's house. Joe was about to experience a Rusty and Allen pool party, and he was in for the time of his life! At first Joe didn't take Rusty seriously when he warned Joe not to get freaked out if he got touched at some point. Joe put a plastic bag over his transponder to keep it dry, then jumped into the pool with the other ten boys. Within a few minutes Joe knew Rusty was serious when he felt a hand brush his cock from underneath the water. Joe figured as long as everyone knew he was straight, what the hell. He actually kinda enjoyed the attention, even though the only person he wanted to have sex with was Jennifer when she was ready for it. After a few more brushes against his cock, one of which lingered for a moment as it caressed back and forth, Joe was as hard as the other boys.

At that point the boys the boys began disappearing to Rusty's room, two at a time. First was Calvin and Ricky, followed by Shane and Terry, then Rusty and Allen. After Devon and Sean went next, it was Chris's and Snoopy's turn. Both boys swam up to Joe together.

"Hi Joe." said Chris. "Me and Snoopy have been talking something over, and we'd like you to come to Rusty's room with us."

"Dudes, I really like all of you guys but I'm not gay." said Joe calmly. "After what happened to me in that jail cell, I'm not even slightly interested in other guys that way. If Jennifer was here I'd be going to Rusty's room though, if she wanted to."

"We didn't say you were gay Joe, and that's not what this is about." said Chris. "I use to really hate you dude, but it was for all the wrong reasons. You didn't force anyone into making the mistakes they made, but I held you responsible for that. Now that I know you much better, I know how wrong that was."

"We know what happened to you in that cell dude." said Snoopy. "What those guys did to you was a violent and disgusting act. We don't want to do anything that will hurt you, or make you feel bad, and we would never force you to do anything you don't want to do. We think you do deserve a little pleasure though, to make up for all of the terrible shit you've been through."

"Besides," said Chris, "you can't honestly tell me that this didn't feel good." Chris then reached underwater and gently stroked Joe's cock, like he had done a few times earlier. Chris continued, "We want you to feel something that's even better than that dude. Just because a guy likes you enough to make you feel good, that doesn't make you gay."

Joe looked at the sincerity and emotion in the eyes of Chris and Snoopy, then finally replied, "Okay guys, but if I say I don't want to do something........"

"We'll stop right away Joe." interrupted Chris. "This is all about you dude."

The three boys got out of the water, and Joe nervously followed Chris and Snoopy to Rusty's room. As soon as they were inside, Chris and Snoopy began gently running their hands over Joe's body. One at a time Chris and Snoopy stripped off their swimsuits, then they both carefully took Joe's off and guided him back onto the bed. Then the boys gently ran their hands and lips over Joe's trembling body. Chris and Snoopy were very careful not to touch Joe's butt, or to kiss him on the lips, as they didn't want to do anything that would make him uncomfortable. Chris had turned around on the bed and was lingering near Joe's six inch erection, as he looked back at his face.

"Don't forget to tell me if you don't want to continue Joe, okay?" asked Chris softly.

"Okay." gasped Joe, as he breathed heavily.

Chris then engulfed Joe's cock in his mouth, and let it rest there for a few seconds. That produced a low groan of pleasure from Joe. Snoopy then crawled up the bed and took Chris's cock into his mouth, in full view of Joe. Joe watched Snoopy caress Chris's shaft with his lips, as Chris began giving Joe's cock the same attention. The three boys laid on Rusty's bed as Chris pleasured Joe, and Snoopy pleasured Chris. Chris knew he would probably cum before Joe, so he took his time as he lovingly worked on Joe's throbbing cock. Chris squeezed on Snoopy's butt as he approached his orgasm, and Snoopy gave Chris's cock as much pleasure as he could. Chris continued to suck on Joe as he began shooting his cum into Snoopy's mouth. After Snoopy had swallowed the last drop of Chris's cum, he turned around on the bed.

"I'm going to take over for Chris now, okay Joe?" asked Snoopy.

Joe was only able to moan his reply unintelligibly, as the two boys switched and Snoopy began sucking Joe's cock. Chris turned around on the bed so he could get to Snoopy's cock, then smiled over at Joe. Joe looked over at Chris's head, and Snoopy's massive erection.

"My God!" gasped Joe. "Your boyfriend is huge Chris!"

"I know!" beamed Chris. "It's just one of his many charms."

Joe watched intently as Chris maneuvered Snoopy's cock in his mouth, until it was lodged deeply in his throat. Joe was amazed that Chris could take such a huge cock all the way into his mouth. Then Chris began to massage the entire length of Snoopy's cock with his mouth, as curiosity caused Joe to reach over and gently fondle Snoopy's large balls. This attention caused Snoopy to stroke Joe's cock madly with his lips and tongue. Joe and Snoopy were now both rushing quickly toward their orgasms. Joe yelled out in pleasure as his cock began erupting in Snoopy's mouth. Snoopy was holding all of Joe's cum in his mouth, and would not swallow it yet. The feeling of holding Joe's cum in his mouth, along with what the two boys were doing to him, caused Snoopy to release his orgasm into Chris's mouth. Chris swallowed all of Snoopy's cum, and when Snoopy's orgasm was over, he turned around into Chris's arms. Joe watched on as Chris and Snoopy shared his cum between them.

"That was so damn hot!" exclaimed Joe. "I'm not gonna give up on girls cause I love the way my cock feels inside them, but you guys made me feel really good!"

"Thanks Joe, that's what this was all about." said Chris. Then Chris and Snoopy gave Joe a light kiss on the forehead, and the boys were ready to put on their swimsuits and rejoin the party.

Rusty saw the boys coming back out, so he went over to Joe and said, "Are you okay with what just happened dude?"

Joe smiled as he replied, "Sure brother! I'm not going to turn gay anytime soon, but those two dudes sure know how to make a guy feel good! And I'm really glad that me and Chris are friends again. He's a sweet guy, and Snoopy is lucky to have him as a boyfriend."

The party lasted well into the night, although they did have to quiet down somewhat after Emily put the twins to bed. Shortly after Chris, Snoopy, and Joe rejoined the party, the boys had a couple surprise visitors. Allen saw their visitors first, and ran over to greet them.

"Pat, Robin! How are you guys doing?" asked Allen. "It's great to see you out of the hospital Pat!"

"Thanks Allen." replied Pat. "It's really great to be out in the real world again. If I'd known there were so many good-looking dudes in skimpy swimsuits here, I would have dragged Robin over here much sooner!"

"Well then, come on and join the party!" said Allen. "I'll get my babe to round you up a couple of spare suits."

The three boys rejoined the party, and Rusty went to get their two newest friends a couple of swimsuits. Later on, towards the end of the party, Rusty got up to make an announcement.

After he had gathered everyone around, Rusty said, "Hey everyone, I wanted to talk to all of you about something important. The principal has asked me to form a group at school for gay and lesbian students, and their friends who want to support them. I've talked about it with Allen and my dad, and we think it's a great idea. I hope we can make our school safe for other kids like us to be whoever they are, but I'm going to need you guys to help do it. We came a long way together this summer, and if we can do that over the upcoming school year, we'll have the greatest school in the world. Can I count on you guys to help?"

"You don't even have to ask that Rusty." said Chris. "Of course we'll be there for you."

Then Joe spoke up and said, "I know I'm not gay, but most of my really true friends are. There's absolutely nothing I wouldn't do for any of you, so can I be your vice-president Rusty?"

"I would love that, my brother!" replied Rusty.

"Hey Rusty, I want to be your secretary." offered Robin. "I don't ever want to see what happened to the love of my life, happen to any other kid again."

"I guess all we need now is a treasurer then." said Rusty.

"I want that job." said Shane. "My dad has been teaching me a lot about money, and how to handle it. I might even convince him to be our biggest contributor!"

"I have an idea that might help with funding the group too." said Joe. "I had hooked up a recorder to our sound board to record the show today. I was going to have cd's of it made for us, but we could make some to sell, to help the group."

"That is a fantastic idea Joe!" exclaimed Shane. "I don't know what we'd do without you to take care of details like that dude."

"Okay then, is everyone happy with our first officers?" asked Rusty. "Raise your hand if you're okay with these arrangements."

Rusty counted thirteen hands in the air, including his own. The boys then decided to have their first meeting on the Thursday before school started, so they could work out all of the details and figure out the best way to reach out to other gay and lesbian kids. Once that was settled, the party began to break up. All of the kids went home very happy that evening.

The following Wednesday, Joe and Mike met Ben at the courthouse. Today would be the day that Joe learned what would happen with him.

"Hi guys." said Ben. "I want to let you know what will be happening before we go into the courtroom today. I've talked with the state attorney several times, and we've come to an agreement on the case. Joe, you will be pleading no contest to contributing to the death of another person. The state attorney will then ask the court to suspend whatever the sentence is. In consideration of that, she will ask the judge for a sentence of five years of probation and 100 hours of community service. That will have to be spent by talking at other schools in the area, and helping to counsel young offenders. This will mean a felony conviction on your record, but is is one of the least minor felony charges. I also got a chance to speak with the judge, and he is very impressed by you insisting on taking responsibility for your actions. He has assured me that he will go along with the recommendations of the state attorney."

"Thanks Ben." said Joe as he hugged his attorney briefly. "Thanks for understanding why I have to do this too. Let's go get things back to normal now."

Everyone went into the courtroom, and waited for Joe's case to be called. When Joe's name was called, he stood nervously at the microphone. After the judge had Joe relax, everything went pretty much just like Ben had described. The judge did agree to the state attorney's recommendations, but had a surprise of his own before dismissing the case.

"I want you to know one thing Joe Nelson." said the judge. "I am very impressed by the fact that you want to take responsibility for your actions, even though you had the opportunity to walk away from this free and clear. It restores my faith in young people today, and I wish more people of any age could show the amount of integrity that you have shown. Considering your age, I am going to order that your record be sealed. I will also note that upon successful completion of your probation, your record is ordered to be expunged. That means that in five years you will not have a criminal record, provided you stay clear of any further trouble. I can tell by looking at you though that there will be no problems with that. This case is dismissed."

Joe, Mike, and Ben were very happy with the outcome of the case. Even the state attorney stopped Joe in the hallway outside the courtroom to shake his hand and wish him luck. After a stop at the court clerk's office to assign a probation officer, and a stop at the jail to remove the transponder, Joe was once again free. He vowed to never take his freedom for granted again, and to always consider the consequences of his actions. When Joe and Mike returned home, Allen and Rusty grabbed Joe to take him out for the evening. It had been a while since Joe had been able to go where he pleased, and that evening would just be three close friends having fun.

Also that week, Greg had taken his boys and Chris to California. Snoopy's friend, the famous female singer, had invited them out for a week at her home. Snoopy made sure to take a copy of the boys' performance at school to give to his friend. She listened to the cd with Snoopy sitting next to her. When it was finished, she lightly put her hand on Snoopy's knee.

"That was absolutely fantastic Snoopy!" she said. "You and your friends are very talented. When you boys get to the point of writing original material, I want you to call me so I can hear you again. Tell your friends if they need help with that, I know a songwriter who I think you guys would be very happy with. He would also be willing to work with you guys on financial arrangements if you want to buy any songs from him." Then she leaded over and kissed Snoopy on the cheek, while giving his thigh a gentle squeeze.

After Snoopy was done blushing he said, "Thanks J, I'll let them know about it."

"I'm sorry Snoopy," said his friend, "I didn't mean to make you nervous again. It's just that you are so cute that I can't help to show you a little affection, that's just how I am. If it's any consolation, your boyfriend is just as cute too."

When Snoopy told Chris what she had said, both boys smiled a goofy grin and then embraced in a warm kiss. Then both boys had the same idea at the same time, so they went in search of Snoopy's friend. They found her in her den, listening to the cd Snoopy gave her again.

"Hi boys." she said. "How are you two great-looking young men doing?"

"Chris was wondering if you meant it when you said he was just as cute as me?" asked Snoopy.

She motioned for both boys to come close to her, then leaned in and wrapped her arms behind Snoopy as she gave him a very warm kiss on his lips. Then she did the same thing to Chris. "Does that answer your boys' question?" she asked with a smile.

"Uh huh!" replied both boys eagerly.

"Then would you boys like to come to my bedroom with me and have a little fun?" she asked. "I would love to show you both together how much I think of you boys."

Snoopy and Chris followed her back to her bedroom, where she asked both boys to undress her. After the boys readily complied, she then asked them to undress each other. She gasped at how good the two boys looked after they had completely removed each other's clothes.

"My goodness Snoopy, I would have never thought a boy your age would be so well-blessed!" she said. "That is the most gorgeous cock I have ever seen! And Chris! I have to say I have never seen a body as smooth, unblemished, and perfectly proportioned as yours is! You two boys must have a lot of fun together. Now, come over and lay on the bed with me, and let's all three have some fun."

All three of them did have a lot of fun, but both boys knew the only reason they were able to have sex with a woman was because they were both there to help each other perform. Still, they did enjoy having sex with Snoopy's friend. They still considered themselves gay though and knew they could only consider sex as making love, only with each other and no one else. Chris was the first, and had hers' and Snoopy's hands caressing his body as he fucked her. After quite a while had passed, Snoopy knew Chris was having difficulties reaching his orgasm inside a woman. Snoopy then inserted his finger inside Chris, and stroked Chris's prostate until he began to cum.

Then it was Snoopy's turn. His friend gasped as Snoopy put his cock inside her, then began to fuck her. Snoopy ended up having the same problem as Chris though, so Chris wet his finger and helped Snoopy to cum as well. After everyone had reached their orgasm she laid back on the bed, with Snoopy on one side of her and Chris on the other. The two boys leaned across her naked body, and took each other into an embrace. The exhausted woman watched as the two boys pressed their naked bodies together, and exchanged a deep and passionate kiss.

"That is so beautiful!" she said. "I'm honored that you boys allowed me to be a part of it." After the kiss was over, Snoopy and Chris laid down with her in between them. All three of them drifted off into a peaceful slumber, smiling contentedly as they slept.

That would be the only sexual encounter between the three of them, as Snoopy's and Chris's curiosity was now satisfied. The rest of the vacation was spent with her and Greg showing the boys all of the sights that Southern California had to offer.

Back in Florida, Calvin was busy training for his upcoming competition in the men's national championship. Rusty, Ricky, and Tom worked with Calvin almost every day, preparing him for the competition. Tom honestly didn't his expect his boy to place high in the competition, but he did want Calvin to do better than Donnell Washington had done last year. The championship tournament would be held on the last weekend before school would start.

Joe was also busy during that time. He and Jennifer were getting the cd's of the band's performance ready, so they could begin trying to sell them locally. Joe and Jennifer were beginning to fall very much in love with each other, and Jennifer had finally decided to go ahead and see her doctor about contraception. She knew that Joe was her perfect mate, and Joe loved her just as much. On the next to last weekend before school, Jennifer and Joe finally expressed their love for each other. All of the boys could tell from the constant smile on Joe's face that he had made love to the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and they all took turns congratulating Joe.

The first Gay Students and Friends Alliance meeting rolled around, and the turnout was very good. At first Rusty had planned on holding it at his house, but as more people found others to bring with them, the meeting outgrew Rusty's back yard. Rusty contacted the principal, and got approval to hold the meeting at the school. It might have seemed strange to some that Joe and Jennifer were a straight couple attending the meeting, but Jennifer had gotten a few of her lesbian friends to attend, and most of Joe's friends were now gay. Rusty did explain to those who didn't know Joe and Jennifer what the situation was, and the couple were readily accepted as good friends of the group. As Rusty called the meeting to order, it looked as though there were about thirty kids attending.

The group discussed the problems that they had faced over the summer, and how they wanted to make their school a welcome place for all kids, regardless of their sexual orientation. Rusty did suggest that seeing as how the group had doubled in size, they may want to hold an election for the group's officers. All of those who attended the meeting wanted the officers to remain as they were though, so the group began to discuss activities that they might want to become involved with. Joe's plan to distribute the Youthful Discretion cd's locally, as well as at the school store, was immediately approved by the group. Most of the profits would go to the alliance, with the band making a small profit for their performance. By the time the meeting was adjourned, the boys and girls who attended had a very bright outlook on the upcoming school year. Everyone also wished Calvin good luck in his tournament over the weekend.

By the time the weekend had come, everyone had cleared their schedules enough to travel to Calvin's tournament. Joe had even gotten permission from his probation officer to travel for the weekend. The entourage now included everyone who lived at Tom's house, Greg and all of his boys, Chris, the entire Cooper family, the entire Martin family, Devon and Sean, and Joe and Jennifer. Everyone flew together to St. Louis, where the national championships were to be held. That Friday night, as everyone was preparing for a good night's sleep, Ricky came knocking on Rusty and Allen's hotel room door.

"I need help you guys!" said Ricky. "I can't get Calvin to calm down enough to go to sleep. I've tried EVERYTHING, but he can't relax. He's really nervous about tomorrow, can you guys help?"

"Just try to stop us from ever helping our friend." said Rusty. "Calvin is like a brother to most of us, so let's go!"

Rusty and Allen rounded up Devon and Sean, as well as Ted and Chin, then everyone went to Calvin and Ricky's room. Rusty and Allen moved the two large beds together, then Rusty told everyone to get ready to go to bed.

"Calvin, only one person here might be your real brother, but you're like a brother to everyone else in this room." said Rusty. "We all love you very much dude, so we're going to be right here with you tonight. We loved you long before this night, and we'll always love you no matter what. Not one of us here cares how well you do tomorrow, as long as you do your best."

"You guys are the best family a guy could ever dream of." said Calvin emotionally. "I love all of you so much. Thanks for being here with me, especially you Ricky, the love of my life."

Ricky and Calvin laid down on the bed first, then everyone in the room took a turn giving Calvin a brief but loving kiss, and telling him how much they loved him. Rusty then turned out the lights, and everyone filled in around Calvin and Ricky on the bed. Calvin was eventually lulled to sleep by the soft caresses of all of those who he considered his closest friends and family.

When Tom went to Calvin's room the next morning to wake him, he was surprised by the massive tangle of limbs and naked bodies in the bed. He immediately went back to his room and got his camera, then quietly took a picture of the ten boys in one huge bed together. Once the camera was hidden, Tom went to the bed to try to figure out which body to shake. He was very close, but he woke Ricky instead.

"Let me get on out of here, then wake Calvin. Okay Ricky?" asked Tom with a whisper.

"Okay dad." whispered Ricky back.

"Make sure he gets up and ready quickly son." whispered Tom. Then Tom left the room and snickered to himself all the way back to his room.

Calvin woke up very well-rested, and thanked all of his friends for their help. Then it was time to dress, and head to the arena. Everyone else arrived at the arena about thirty minutes before the first match, and found their seats. They were all seated together, and close enough for Calvin to know they were all there for him. Calvin's first match was the first one of the tournament, and he won by a knockout. Suddenly the arena began buzzing about the kid from Florida, and how well he might actually do. Although his next matches that day were closer, Calvin made it through the first day to fight again on Sunday. Tom had never been more proud of his boy than he was at that moment. Rusty was also excited because he had made a deal with Calvin. If Calvin fought on Sunday, Rusty would be in his corner again.

That evening everyone went to dinner together, and with a party of twenty-four, it was a dinner to remember. The restaurant manger almost wanted to close when he saw all those kids coming in, but he knew it would be a profitable evening. It took several servers to take care of the party, and the kids kept them busy. Greg made sure to leave a large enough tip though to make up for it. Then it was back to the hotel. While most of the boys, as well as Joe and Jennifer, were making love, Calvin and Ricky had decided to snuggle each other to sleep.

The next morning Rusty left with Tom, Calvin, and Ricky. Everyone else followed later, in time to find their seats. Due to the level of competition, Rusty wouldn't be able to sit with the rest of the group between matches. It was more important for him to be with Calvin today though. Calvin's first match was once again the first match of the day, and once again he won by a knockout. By this time the crowd was buzzing about the boy from Florida actually making it to the final match today. He now only had one more match to win in order to make it to the final match. When Calvin was introduced for that match, he received a very loud applause from the entire crowd. It was a very close match, and Calvin's friends all held their breath throughout the match. At the end, the match was awarded to Calvin in a split decision. Tom, Ricky, and Rusty ran into the ring when the decision was announced, and gave Calvin an excited group hug. Their Calvin was now going to be fighting in the final match.

Calvin was very nervous as he was called out for the championship match. He would be facing last year's returning champion. As Tom led Calvin to the ring, Ricky and Rusty massaged his shoulders to relax him. Calvin had begun to calm down during the introductions, and then it was time to meet his opponent before the match began.

As the reigning champion tapped Calvin's gloves with his, he said, "Hey kid, whatever happens out there, you should be damn proud of yourself! You came here and showed the whole world who you are, and not many kids in your position could have done that. I'll be proud to be on the Olympic team with you in 2008. Good luck kid."

"Thanks man, that means a lot to me." replied Calvin.

Calvin fought the match of his life, against the best opponent he had ever faced before. Tom, Ricky, and Rusty were busy in Calvin's corner, giving him all of the encouragement they could. This was by far the closest match that anyone had ever seen, with the points swapping back and forth the entire time. Both competitors were working for this match like they had never worked before, and both were fighting a very clean and sportsmanlike match. When the final bell had rung, and the match was over, the judges took a very long time coming to a decision. They took longer by far than with any other match in the tournament. Finally the referee called both fighters out to the middle of the ring, and announced that the defending champion had won by one point over Calvin. When the referee raised his hand in the air, the champion called for the microphone.

As he held the mic, he raised Calvin's hand in the air with his own, then said, "I may have won by one point, but as far as I'm concerned this match was a tie! This young man standing with me is every bit as good as me, and he should be considered the co-champion! I look forward to facing Calvin again in the future, and having him as a teammate on the Olympic team in 2008."

The crowd roared it's approval as Calvin tried to shake the champion's hand. Instead, the champion gave Calvin a warm hug in the ring. He was soon joined by Tom, Ricky, and Rusty. Calvin may not have won, but he accomplished more than anyone had dreamed was possible. The flight back to Florida that evening was very good-spirited and noisy. Every last person in the group who could walk and talk took turns in hugging Calvin, and some gave him a light kiss as well. Then everyone offered Calvin their congratulations, and told him how proud they were to know him.

After arriving home, Calvin and Ricky made love with more intensity than they ever had before, and would fall into each other's arms exhausted but happy when they were through.

Meanwhile in Rusty's room, Rusty and Allen were making love as well. They had both decided that they needed to feel their lover inside them, and were both using the same technique. They would pull almost all the way out of their lover slowly and gently, then slide all the way back in with as much love as possible. The feeling of the slow movements were irresistible to both boys, and filled them with undying love for their mate. This method also cause both boys to take longer than usual to release their cum into the other boy. Allen went into Rusty first, and moaned beautifully and lovingly as his cum flowed into Rusty. Rusty had almost the same experience as his cum flowed into Allen, until his orgasm was fading.

"Rusty, my angel." said Allen softly. "Would you wrap your arms around me, and keep your cock in me all night? I need to sleep with you inside me tonight my love."

"There is nothing you could ask me that I wouldn't do Allen." replied Rusty softly. "It would be the ultimate pleasure for me to be a part of you as we sleep."

With that, Rusty wrapped his arms gently around the only boy he could ever love. Allen and Rusty fell asleep with Rusty deeply inside Allen, and with wonderful smiles on both boys faces.

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