Summer Of Love

by tim

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Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim

Part 3

Mike dropped Rusty, Allen, and Chris off at the train station at 9:00 the next morning. Greg was there to meet him and the boys.

"Take good care of my boys this week Greg." said Mike.

"I'll treat them as if they were my own." replied Greg.

"You better not do that my friend." said Mike. "I don't want them to come back too spoiled." Both men laughed and shook hands, and then Mike gave Greg the boy's spending money and was off to take Calvin and Ricky to the port to catch their ship.

Greg took the boys out to the platform, where his family was waiting. "I'll introduce everyone Chris hasn't met yet." said Greg. "None of you boys have met the other member of our family." Greg pointed to Terry and continued, "This is Shane's boyfriend and brother, Terry." Then he pointed to the young man that none of the three boys had met. "And this is my mate, Toby."

Rusty and Allen were kind of shocked at first because Greg had dated Tom a few times. Although they knew that nothing serious had come out of that, they were surprised by Toby's age.

"Hey dudes," said Toby, "watcha lookin at me like that for. I'm 18 now, barely." Toby then laughed, which put Allen and Rusty a little more at ease.

At the same time Snoopy was staring at Chris with a lovesick look on his face. Chris did notice occasionally, but he was enjoying the attention so he didn't say anything about it.

After Greg, Toby, Shane, and Terry had lit a smoke, Greg said, "Okay boys, here's the plan. The train will leave here just before 10:00 and arrive at Penn Station in New York at about 8:00 tomorrow morning. We'll be meeting Kyle and Tyler there and catching the 9:30 westbound train. When the train gets to Pittsburgh Joshy and his friend Manuel will be joining us. We'll get to the town where the park is located by tomorrow evening. I've already called the local taxi company there and reserved a large van for all of us. Then we will be at the park all day on Tuesday and Wednesday, and start home on Thursday. The berths on board the train holds two people, so we have four of them. The berth arrangements are probably fairly obvious by now. Are you okay with being with Snoopy, Chris?"

"That sounds fine to me." replied Chris. "I kinda want to get to know him better anyway."

"Thanks dude." said Snoopy.

The boys then wandered off to get snacks after Greg advised them not to get too far from the platform. Chris and Snoopy found a quiet corner to talk in, while they waited for the train. Snoopy took out a smoke and lit it.

"I didn't know you smoked." said Chris.

"I don't do it very often." said Snoopy. "Only when I'm really nervous. I'm sorry."

"You don't have to be sorry dude." said Chris. "My last boyfriend smoked every once in a while too, so it doesn't bother me at all."

"Not even when he kissed you afterward?" asked Snoopy.

"I was usually so happy when he kissed me that I didn't even notice." said Chris. Chris then got a sad look on his face.

"Dude," said Snoopy, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to bring up anything that would make you sad."

"Don't worry about it Snoopy." said Chris. "It's just that it still hasn't been very long since I lost him, and he was such a great guy. Can you do me a favor Snoopy, and hug me for a moment? That might help me feel better."

Snoopy put down his smoke and said, "You got it dude." Snoopy then wrapped his arms around Chris.

Chris closed his eyes so he could feel the warmth from Snoopy's body traveling into his. The sensations he felt from his contact with Snoopy did have him feeling better after a few moments, and a smile crept back across his face. Chris drew back enough so he could kiss Snoopy on the cheek and said, "Thanks dude, that felt great. I think I'm beginning to like you quite a bit."

Snoopy smiled, then kissed Chris lightly on the lips. "I'm glad to hear that," said Snoopy, "because I want us to be very good friends."

The two boys looked at each other intently for a few moments, until they heard someone clearing his throat behind them. "You two boys should be a little more careful how you act in public." said the young man. "I thought it was really sweet and cute, so you're lucky this time, but you never know who might have seen you."

"W-we're sorry!" said both boys in unison.

"It won't happen again mister." said Chris.

"Oh no, no!" said the man. "I hope it does happen again. You boys look so good together. Just make sure it happens in private next time. There's absolutely no reason why you boys shouldn't express your love for each other, and I wish the two of you a long and happy life together."

"Thanks mister." said Snoopy.

"Yeah," said Chris, "thanks. You're pretty cool mister."

"It's no problem." said the man. "I just don't want to see you boys make the same mistake I made once." Snoopy and Chris shook the man's hand and went back to join the rest of the group. The man watched them walk away down the platform with a wistful smile on his face as he shook his head approvingly.

The group was all together again with about ten minutes to spare before the train arrived. When they saw the train approaching from the south all of the boys began getting excited, even Toby. Allen and Rusty were especially excited because besides their beach this past spring, this would be the first trip they had ever taken without their parents. When the train came to a stop on the platform, the boys paired off and lined up to receive their berth assignments from the conductor. Once they had their assignments, they eagerly climbed aboard the train.

The conductor finally got to Greg and Toby and asked, "Are all these boys traveling with you sir?"

"They sure are." said Greg with a smile on his face.

"I admire a man with courage." laughed the conductor.

"Then you'll be thrilled to know that we're picking up four more on the way to Ohio." chuckled Greg. Greg and Toby then boarded the train.

As soon as Greg had his bags stowed away he went around to the other three berths and told all the boys to be ready for lunch at noon.

As soon as Greg left, Snoopy and Chris sat down snugly together on the seat in their berth.

"We're in private now." said Snoopy.

"I know." said Chris. "You wanna have a smoke first?"

"Nope." said Snoopy. "I wanna do this." Snoopy wrapped his arms around a trembling Chris and pressed his lips tightly against the other boy's lips. When Chris began returning the kiss Snoopy pressed his tongue against Chris's lips. Chris parted his lips to let Snoopy's tongue slide into his mouth. Snoopy's tongue felt so good inside Chris's mouth that he held onto the boy as tightly as he could, and began running his hands all over Snoopy's back and the back of his head.

Meanwhile in Rusty and Allen's berth the two boys were sitting on the lower bunk. "I wonder if what they say about making love on a train is true." said Rusty.

"There's only one way I know of to find out." said Allen as a mischievous smile crossed his face.

"I was hoping you'd say that." said Rusty.

The two boys then slowly undressed each other after drawing the shades. Rusty slowly ran his hands up and down Allen's body as Allen leaned in and moaned in Rusty's ear, "I can't wait to feel your cock inside me babe."

Rusty laid Allen down on the bunk and panted, "You're gonna have to wait angel, because I need to taste your cock first." With that Rusty engulfed Allen's cock with his mouth. Rusty pressed his nose hard into Allen's groin and took in all of the smell and taste that he could. Allen began moaning his appreciation as Rusty massaged Allen's throbbing cock with his lips.

After a few moments Allen begged, "Please babe! Please put you cock inside me now. I don't want to cum yet." Allen then grabbed the lube that they had already taken out of their bag, and began to cover Rusty's cock with it. The Rusty pushed Allen's legs into the air and lubed Allen's hungry pucker. After Rusty placed Allen's legs over his shoulders, he lined his cock up with Allen's hole and gently pushed it into his sweet angel. Rusty looked into Allen's beautiful eyes as he slid his cock in and out of Allen's ass. Then Rusty leaned down and placed his lips against Allen's, while still fucking Allen's ass. The feel of Allen's lips against his, along with the massage Allen's ass was giving his cock and the movement of the train, had Rusty shooting a very large load into his angel in just a few moments.

"Oh damn!" panted Rusty. "That didn't last nearly long enough for me."

"Me either." moaned Allen.

As soon as Rusty recovered he grasped Allen's still erect cock, and began rubbing some lube onto it. Then Rusty lubed up his own pucker and lined Allen's cock up to it. As soon as he had found his mark Rusty sat down hard on Allen's cock, impaling himself with the shaft. Allen rolled his eyes back in his head as Rusty began pumping up and down on Allen's cock. Rusty loved the feel of Allen's cock going in and out of his ass forcefully. He loved it so much that when Allen shot his load inside Rusty, Rusty shot another load of cum onto Allen's chest.

"I'm sorry angel." said Rusty. "Let me clean that off of you." Allen could do nothing but moan as Rusty gently licked his cum from Allen's chest. Instead of swallowing though, Rusty saved his load in his mouth. When Rusty had Allen cleaned off he placed his lips against Allen's, and the two boys shared Rusty's second load. Then they laid on the bunk, wrapped in each other's arms.

While that was happening, Terry and Shane had decided on sucking each other off together. The boys laid on the bunk in a "69" position and gently sucked each other's cocks. Shane was completely in love with the taste of Terry's cum, but delighted in coaxing it from Terry's cock as slowly as he could. This usually drove Terry wild, and made him sure that he would never be able to find anyone who could always make him feel the way Shane did. In return, Terry had learned to give the best oral sex that Shane had ever experienced in his life. Every part of the inside of Terry's mouth had learned to massage Shane's cock, and the things Terry's tongue did to Shane's cock were pure heaven. Shane knew that this was the way he wanted to feel for the rest of his life, and that his brother would never let him down. Terry and Shane loved being lovers as much as they loved being brothers. It just seemed to be what they had always wanted. After the two brothers had drained each other's cocks they laid in each other's arms, with Terry's face nuzzled into his brother's chest.

In Greg's berth Toby had wasted no time in undressing both of them. While Toby had been in New York finishing up high school, he had missed Greg fiercely. Now he wanted to make up for lost time with the man that he loved. Greg had never met anyone quite like Toby, and he couldn't understand why this boy loved him so much. But Greg was himself in love with Toby, so he never questioned the relationship he had with this boy. Greg laid on the bunk and enjoyed the contact between Toby's mouth and his cock. He knew when it was over Toby would be begging Greg to put his cock inside of him. That seemed to be what Toby enjoyed more than anything else, and Greg was not about to argue.

As noontime began to roll around everyone had just about recovered from their orgasms, except for Chris and Snoopy. They had spent the entire time with their lips locked tightly together. They were so wrapped up in kissing that neither boy had noticed that they had cum in their pants. When Greg knocked on the door for lunch and they realized what had happened, both boys had to change pants and underwear very quickly.

When they came out into the passageway Allen was the first to notice that the two boys had changed pants. "Why did you two have to change pants already?" asked Allen. Chris and Snoopy looked at each other and began laughing hysterically.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Rusty. "I'd know that look anywhere. I think they're in love already." This got a round of, "Way to go!" from all the boys.

"Don't jump the gun yet." said Chris. "We didn't even get past the kissing stage yet."

"Damn!" exclaimed Allen. "You two soiled your pants and all you did was kissed? I'm impressed!"

Once the laughter died down, Greg headed the boys to the dinning car. They had two adjoining tables, and were enjoying a pretty decent meal. Then Greg asked, "So, does anyone want to finally explain the story behind Snoopy's nickname?"

"I'll go ahead and tell you." said Snoopy. "When I was younger I liked the Peanuts character Snoopy. I liked him so much that everything in my room had Snoopy on it. I never got rid of any of it because it made me feel safe and warm. Then, when I was 12, Kyle came over to my house. I guess he thought it was funny that I still had Snoopy on my blanket and everything else at 12, because the next thing I knew everyone was calling me Snoopy. After I had my mom get rid of everything, Kyle came back to apologize. He said the guys didn't really mean anything by it, and if I wanted he would have everyone drop the nickname. By that time I kinda liked the nickname and began wishing that I hadn't gotten rid of all my Snoopy stuff. I did pick up a small stuffed Snoopy doll after that, but I haven't been able to replace anything I got rid of. I know the guys never meant any harm, and when they call me Snoopy now they do it with a lot more warmth. I really don't minds being called Snoopy now, as long as it doesn't sound like I'm being made fun of. I know the guys all love me too much to do that anymore, so there's no hard feelings about what happened."

When Snoopy was through with his story Shane, Toby, and Terry all got up and gave Snoopy a hug.

"I'm glad that you know we all love you brother," said Shane, "because it's true. I know I speak for all of our friends when I say if we ever hurt you over this, we're all very sorry."

"That's really okay." said Snoopy. "I know all of you guys love me, and I probably just overreacted when I was 12."

Greg rubbed a tear from his eye and said, "Well Snoopy, I promise you that no one here will call you Snoopy for any reason other than love. You are a truly wonderful son, and I'm glad that I have the chance to call you that."

The rest of the day until dinner was spent with the boys running back and forth from the lounge to the club car to there berths. Most of the boys had never been on the train before, and they were fascinated by their trip. After a great dinner everyone retired back to their berths. They would be arriving in New York early the next morning, and everyone had things they wanted to do before going to sleep. The most notable of which, happened in Chris and Snoopy's berth. Both boys now knew that they wanted to do more than just kissing, but they were also very nervous about their next step.

"I hope I don't bring up any sad memories," said Snoopy, "but what is the most you and Jimmy ever did?"

"Don't worry about it," said Chris, "I'll be okay now. The most we ever did was jack each other off. We were about to start doing more, but we never got the chance."

"Well then," replied Snoopy, "you have me beat. The most I've ever done is watch porn videos on the internet. What exactly would you like to do?"

"I'd really like to keep from making the same mistake twice." replied Chris.

Chris then took the lead and gently removed Snoopy's shirt. He then ran his hands over Snoopy's bare chest. The touch of another boy was enough to make Snoopy gasp and then hold his breath in anticipation. Snoopy finally snapped out of this state and began removing Chris's shirt. Snoopy was not satisfied with merely touching Chris's bare chest though. He leaned in and gently kissed both of Chris's nipples. Chris thought he was going to cum on the spot, but was able to control his arousal. When Snoopy was finished with what he was doing, Chris put his hands under the waistband of Snoopy's pants and slid them down Snoopy's legs. Chris then removed Snoopy's shoes and took the pants all the way off, leaving Snoopy in just his briefs.

Chris looked Snoopy over and said, "You are the most beautiful thing in the world to me Snoopy."

"I feel more like the luckiest boy in the world to have found someone like you Chris." said Snoopy.

Snoopy then removed Chris's pants and underwear both at the same time. Snoopy looked at Chris's naked body and now felt he had to make love to Chris, because he had never seen anything more appealing than Chris was at this moment. Chris then grabbed Snoopy's briefs and pulled them down and off. Both boys were now sitting on the bunk naked, wondering what to do next.

Chris took Snoopy's cock into his hand and said, "I don't know for sure how to get where we want to go, but I know I need this more than anything." As he said the last part he gave Snoopy's cock a gentle squeeze.

Snoopy took ahold of Chris's cock and began gently fondling it as he said, "I don't know either but your cock looks so wonderful. Maybe we should just lay down on the bunk and start doing it."

Chris placed his lips against Snoopy's lips, while still holding onto his cock. Then Chris gently laid Snoopy back on the bed. He was now going to do what he saw Allen and Rusty do last night, so he crawled around so that he was laying the opposite way that Snoopy was laying. Both boys stared at each other's cocks which were now directly in front of their faces. Then Chris finally got up enough nerve to continue. He opened his mouth and watched Snoopy's cock get closer and closer to his face. Suddenly the head of Snoopy's cock made contact with Chris's tongue, and Chris continued bringing his face closer to Snoopy's groin. At last Chris closed his mouth around Snoopy's cock. This felt so good to Snoopy that he immediately dived onto Chris's cock.

Both boys now had their mouths full of each other's cocks. At the same time both boys began massaging each other's cocks with their lips, and running their tongues up and down the other boy's shaft. Chris couldn't remember ever feeling anything that felt as great as having Snoopy's cock in his mouth. Snoopy pretty much felt exactly the same way about having Chris's cock in his mouth. Chris and Snoopy held off their orgasms as long as they could, but because this was the first time either boy had ever had someone sucking their cock, they could not last very long. Chris's cock was the first to become overjoyed by the sensations it was feeling, as it emptied it's load of sweet cum into Snoopy's mouth. Chris's cum tasted so good to Snoopy that he began shooting his load into Chris's waiting mouth. Chris took one taste and began swallowing as fast as he could. When both boys were drained of their juices, Chris barely had enough strength to crawl back around into Snoopy's warm and waiting arms. The two boys fell asleep in a tight embrace.

Everyone had just began coming around the next morning when the conductor came through and announced that they would be arriving at Penn Station in one hour. Everyone suddenly became a flurry of activity as they began preparing to pick up two new companions and switch trains.

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