Summer Of Love

by tim

I'm going to use this disclaimer to point out probably the most bizarre tabloid headline in history. It was in the current edition of The W***** W**** N***, and it was almost enough to make me buy the paper. The headline read: GAY ALIENS FOUND IN WRECKAGE. It was about the remains of two Roswell aliens that were found in a "loving embrace". I hope this helps brighten someone's day as it did mine last week. lol. I mean really, isn't there a chance they could have just been extremely frightened, hehe.

Anyway this story is © 2004 by tim and is protected by copyright law, but does not contain any depictions of gay aliens. This is a fictional story (although not quite as fictional as some, see above) and any similarities between actual persons, events, or gay aliens are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual activity between males of various ages, but no wild gay alien sex. (sorry) If this subject offends you or any gay aliens you know, or you should not be reading this type of story, then maybe I can suggest a nice gay alien story. Also you assume all responsibility for continuing with this story. And if you encounter any gay aliens please contact The W***** W**** N*** right away. Please send all comments to: .

Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim

Part 4

As soon as the remains of the dead gay aliens who were struck by the train were removed from the tracks, Greg and the boys made their way out into Penn Station. Tyler and Kyle were already there, waiting for Greg and the boys to arrive.

Shane was the first one to greet Tyler and Kyle. "Hey dudes," said Shane, "how are ya doin?"

"We're great!" replied Kyle. "We can't wait to get started on the trip."

"Cool!" said Shane. "First I want you to meet a couple of our friends from Orlando." Shane motioned for Rusty, Allen, and Chris to join him then continued, "This is Rusty and this is his boyfriend Allen." Rusty and Allen shook hands with Tyler and Kyle before Shane continued, "And this is Chris. He's a friend of Rusty and Allen's, but he seems to be hitting it off well with Snoopy too."

After Chris shook the boy's hands Tyler said, "Hi guys, it's really great to meet you. If Shane, Terry, and Snoopy consider you their friends, then I hope you'll let us do the same."

"That would be great." said Allen. "I know we'll get along well together, all of Shane's friends seem really cool so far."

"Yeah," said Kyle, "we're pretty much all the same as far as getting along with each other goes. We'd be happy to consider you guys a part of our group."

With that settled the boys began catching up on each other's lives, but they made sure to include Rusty, Allen, and Chris in their conversation. This made the three boys very glad that they came on this trip, and were getting to know Shane and his brothers and friends better. Tyler told everyone about how Kevin was now dating both Jeremy and a girl. Jeremy and the girl seemed to be okay with the arrangement, but what shocked Jeremy was when Kevin said that if he ever had to choose between the two, he would choose Jeremy. This also shocked Shane, Terry, and Snoopy, but Toby said he saw that one coming. What did shock Toby was when Kyle said that Kevin was finally considering returning some of the things that Jeremy had been doing for him. Toby and Shane both said they wished they could be there for the first time Kevin took Jeremy's cock into his mouth.

Then it was Shane's turn to tell Kyle and Tyler about the budding relationship between Snoopy and Chris. When Shane told them how Chris had lost his boyfriend a month earlier, Tyler and Kyle went over and gave Chris a hug. All of the boys were getting along together every bit as much as they had hoped.

Finally Greg came up and told the boys it was time to catch the westbound train that would take them to their destination. This leg of the trip would be by coach, as they would be at their stop in Ohio by evening. Greg had the conductor reserve the last three rows of one car, so everyone would be sitting together when they stopped in Pittsburgh to pick up Joshy and Manuel. Finally everyone was aboard the train and it was time to make the final leg of the trip to Ohio.

The boys had decided to rotate who they sat next to, so everyone would have a chance to talk to all the other boys. There were also frequent trips to the lounge car for a smoke break by Greg, Toby, and Shane. They were also occasionally joined by Snoopy or Terry. At one time when all five were in the lounge car, Rusty and Allen got a chance to sit together.

"I'm glad we had the chance to come on this trip babe." said Allen. "We didn't know much about Toby, Tyler, or Kyle, but they seem really cool."

"You're right angel," said Rusty, "they do all seem like really nice guys. This is going to be a great trip."

Seeing as how the two were sitting in the last row of the car, they were also able to get away with holding hands and an few kisses.

By the time the train arrived in Pittsburgh everyone was looking forward to meeting Joshy and Manuel. The only one who knew anything about Manuel was what Shane had been told by Joshy while chatting online. Joshy did tell Shane that Manuel was a real knockout. When Joshy and Manuel made it on board the train though, no one was prepared for what they would see. It was immediately apparent to all the boys that Manuel was beautiful enough to be a model.

Shane took Joshy aside and said, "You dawg! Don't ever let that boy out of your site. He's the most beautiful thing any of us have ever seen,... except for Terry of course." Joshy and Shane both laughed at the pause in Shane's statement.

Joshy admitted that he was lucky to have met Manuel. He told Shane that Manuel was the most beautiful and loving person he could have ever dreamed of. Manuel was the type of guy who could never refuse a friend who asked a favor of him, because Manuel seemed to genuinely love everyone he knew. Manuel especially loved Joshy though, almost crushing Joshy with his love whenever they made love. Everyone could see how much the two boys were in love with each other, it was obvious in the boys eyes when they were together.

The train was now leaving Pennsylvania and entering Ohio. Some of the boys began getting more excited with each passing mile. By this time they were looking over some brochures that Greg had brought with him, and each boy was talking about what he wanted to do first when they got to the park. When the conductor announced that the train was leaving Cleveland, the mood in the back of the railroad car was almost festive. This was because Greg had told the boys that their destination was the next stop.

As the train slowed for the approaching stop the boys began frantically getting their baggage together. Finally the train came to a stop and Greg and the boys began piling off the train. This was one of the smaller train stations that the group had encountered, and they couldn't believe this was the home of the world's largest amusement park. The shuttle van that Greg had reserved was waiting in front of the station, so Greg and the boys piled in. It was a tight fit along with all their baggage, but all twelve guys did make it in. They were finally on their way to their home for the next three nights.

The van drove through the small city and finally came to the sign at the entrance to the road leading to the park. Then they drove out onto the causeway leading to the park. That was when the boys got their first glimpse of their destination. They were left totally speechless by the sight of the park on the other side of the bay. Within a few minutes they were pulling up to the toll plaza, then they headed off around the park to their hotel. All eleven boys were staring out of the van window as they drove around the outside of the park, They went past one rollercoaster after another with each one seeming to get bigger, until the van passed the mammoth 306 foot tall coaster. Some of the boys were drooling over that one, while others began to look a little nervous. After passing the giant wooden coaster at the end of the park, the van made it's way toward the hotel. The boys watched as the van passed underneath another fairly tall coaster, then the boys attention became fixed on the tallest coaster in the park. They were informed by the van driver that it's highest point was 420 feet, and the coaster took off at over 120 miles per hour. Just then the boys saw a train rocket straight up into the sky to the top of the tower, then all eleven boys took a gulp.

Finally the van pulled up to the lobby of the hotel. Greg paid the driver and left a generous tip, then the boys unpacked all their baggage from the van. Everyone then entered the lobby of one of the nicest hotels they had ever been in. Greg and the boys went to the desk, to check in with Greg's reservations. Greg had reserved three suites together, overlooking Lake Erie. Once everyone had agreed on room assignments, the bellboy began loading baggage onto a cart. Greg and Toby would share the larger suite with Snoopy and Chris, while Shane and Terry would share one of the other suites with Joshy and Manuel. That left Allen and Rusty sharing a suite with Tyler and Kyle.

Allen walked over to the window and said, "Wow! What a great view!"

Tyler came up beside Allen and said, "You ain't kidding dude! It's just like looking out over the ocean."

Rusty came to the window and said, "You ain't trying to steal my guy are you?" When Tyler almost looked as though he were about to panic, Rusty said, "I'm sorry dude, I was just messing with you. I'd trust Allen around anyone."

"Whew!" exclaimed Tyler. "I thought you might have been the jealous type."

"Nah," said Rusty, "I ain't got any reason to be jealous. Isn't that right, angel?"

"Rusty's right." said Allen. "With as much as we've been through together, there's no one else I ever want to be with. Hey Rusty, does that beach down there remind you of anything?" Both boys began smiling as they laughed softly.

"I'll bet you guys have a great story about a beach from the way you're acting." said Kyle, who had joined everyone at the window.

"The best story ever!" said Rusty. "We'll tell you guys before we leave, but you ain't gonna believe it."

At that point Allen wrapped his arms around Rusty and drew him into a deep kiss in front of Tyler and Kyle. Tyler and Kyle only watched them for about two seconds before they got the same idea, and locked themselves in an equally passionate kiss. Rusty and Tyler's butts ground against each other several times as Allen and Kyle accidentally pushed them into each other during the course of their kissing. After about five minutes the boys all came up for air.

"Wow!" exclaimed Rusty. "That was incredible! We've never kissed like that in the same room with two other dudes who were doing the same thing. I wonder how it would feel to do other things in the same room together?"

"To be honest," said Tyler, "when Kyle and me first started having sex over spring break, it really turned me on knowing that Shane and Snoopy were watching us."

"Wow! Cool!" said Rusty and Allen together.

"We have plenty of time for that later though." said Kyle. "I want to go outside and look around a little bit."

The boys went out to the beach walk and looked out at the lake. Rusty said, "You think we have enough time to build a sandcastle?"

This made Allen smile brightly as he replied, "I don't know if we have time for what you have in mind babe."

Tyler and Kyle smiled at the two, then looked up the beach toward the end of the peninsula. They saw the turnaround of the coaster that they had passed under on the way to the hotel. Then they looked the other way and saw another coaster built out over the beach. It was a green and yellow shuttle coaster that had twisting vertical spikes on both ends, and seemed to go up over 200 feet itself.

"Wow!" exclaimed Kyle. "I'd give anything to be able to go in there tonight and ride that one. How much money do you think it will take to do us for this trip?"

Shane came up behind the boys and said, "If I know my dad, it won't really matter. I'll bet he's already added enough to your spending money that you'll never be able to spend it all anyway."

"Why would he do that?" asked Rusty.

"Dad has more money than he'll ever be able to spend." said Shane. "He says it makes him feel good to see us having fun, so that is how he wants to spend his money. He says he has even more money than us kids could ever spend in a lifetime." Shane chuckled after his last statement.

"Wow!" exclaimed Tyler. "I had no idea your dad was so loaded Shane. He must almost be the richest man in the world."

"Not quite," said Shane, "but his books have done really well."

"Well then," said Kyle, "let's go get some spending money and go!"

The boys went to Greg's room to get some money, and sure enough Greg handed each boy fifty bucks without even counting it. Greg and Toby would have went along, but they wanted to rest from the trip and make love, in those words. Terry also wanted to rest a little, but he insisted that Shane go with the other boys and have some fun. Manuel said he didn't want to ruin the mood of being in the park for the first time when tomorrow came, so he said that he would stay behind and keep Terry company. Terry and Shane kissed passionately, then Terry scooted Shane out the door. Snoopy and Chris would have went as well, but the boys couldn't pry their lips apart long enough. Joshy went with Shane to even out the group, so the six boys headed off to the park for the last two hours of the night.

The group was led by Kyle and Tyler, so they went directly to the ride that Kyle had been drooling over earlier. Once the wait in line was over, the boys took their seats in the last three rows. The reviews were mixed, but most of the boys enjoyed the ride, as they rocketed back and forth at almost eighty miles per hour. Kyle naturally loved the ride.

After the boys had exited the ride Rusty asked, "Does anyone feel up to tackling the 300 footer we saw earlier?"

His question was met with a resounding "Hell yes!" by all the boys, so the group set out for their next ride. They found the wait there would take them right to closing time, but decided that it would be worth it as they watched a train fly past them. When they finally got to the platform the front row had been closed due to the number of people waiting for it, so the boys lined up in the next three rows. Once the train reached the top of the lift, the boys were careened down the 306 foot drop, reaching a top speed of 96 miles per hour. The ride was very fast and very smooth, and all the boys loved it. They loved it so much that everyone decided to get a ride photo, even though Rusty was clutching Allen almost as tightly as Joshy was clutching Shane. Joshy and Shane weren't worried about the photo though because they knew they loved their boyfriends as much as their boyfriends loved them.

When the ride was over and the photos were ready it was closing time for the park, so the boys made their way back to the hotel as quickly as they could. They had spotted a different gate to go out through that took them past the water park. The gate also took them past one of the most awesome rides that any of them had ever seen before. As the boys passed by, the ride crew was still busy running their line out, so the boys decided to watch for a moment. A train pulled out to the drag racing starting lights at the beginning of the ride, with speakers blaring out the sound of a revving race car. Suddenly the light turned green and the train was catapulted down the track until it reached 122 miles per hour. The train shot straight up the side of the 420 foot tower and crested the top, spiraling around as it came straight back down the other side of the tower. The sight left the boys speechless, as each one knew that this would be their first stop tomorrow morning.

Finally the boys headed back to their rooms. The gate they used was the closest gate to the ride that had left them speechless, and would be the same gate they would use in the morning. Once they got back to the suites, everyone wanted to hear about what they did that evening. Greg smiled as he saw the excitement in their faces, and heard it in their voices. It was sweet music to his ears. Finally everyone called it almost a night and headed to their suites, so they could get an early start in the morning.

In Tyler's, Kyle's, Rusty's, and Allen's suite the boys had decided they would use one bedroom to make love to their respective boyfriends before going to sleep. Allen and Rusty removed each other's clothes right next to Kyle and Tyler, who were also removing each other's clothes. The two sets of boys began kissing their partners, probing each other's mouths deeply. Rusty pulled Allen down onto the bed just a few seconds after Kyle had pulled Tyler down onto the bed. Rusty and Kyle then turned around and as Rusty was taking Allen's cock into his mouth, Kyle was swallowing all of Tyler's cock down his throat. Rusty looked over at the sight of Kyle deep-throating Tyler and became almost as hard as his first time with Allen. By this time Allen was having a great time sucking on Rusty's cock, while Tyler had taken Kyle's cock into his mouth. Then Allen glanced over to see Tyler sucking hungrily on Kyle's cock, and knew why Rusty had suddenly become so hard. Kyle and Tyler were also having a great deal of fun watching Rusty and Allen making love. The boys continued to arouse their partners as they watched the other boys making love, until all four boys began to orgasm at almost exactly the same time.

In the main suite Greg and Toby were in their room alone. Greg couldn't believe how Toby seemed to become even more affectionate with each passing moment. Greg was already so in love with this boy that he felt he would always have to have Toby by his side. Greg lovingly sucked Toby's cock, giving the boy as much pleasure as he could before taking Toby over the edge. Greg was rewarded with the taste of Toby's load washing over the inside of his mouth, then down his throat.

Toby turned Greg over to look deeply into his eyes and said, "I know what you're thinking about babe, and I love you every bit as much as you love me. I wouldn't ever want to be with anyone else either. I especially love this..."

With that, Toby sat back onto Greg's cock and drove it into himself. The look on Toby's face was one of pure bliss as he felt Greg's cock slide deeply into him. Toby then leaned down and put his tongue into Greg's mouth, as he slid Greg's cock in and out of his rectum. Greg was starting to become use to the feeling of Toby's ass clenched around his cock. It felt as though his cock were being massaged by a warm, tight, soft glove. Greg held off as long as he could before coating Toby's insides with his cum.

Meanwhile in the other room of the main suite, Snoopy and Chris were busy feeling every inch of the other boy's body. Chris loved running his hands over Snoopy's naked body and covering every inch of it with light kisses. This was giving Snoopy a massive erection. Although Snoopy was two years younger than Toby, he had the largest cock of all the boys at about eight and a half inches erect. Chris was starting to enjoy the size of Snoopy's cock, and wanted to learn to do anything that might please the boy he was quickly falling in love with now. Snoopy also wanted to do whatever he could do to please Chris. Although Chris's cock was two and a half inches shorter than Snoopy's, it was uncut and Snoopy had never seen an uncut cock before. He did however know that he loved to look at it, along with the rest of Chris's beautiful body, and run his hands over it. By this time the two boys knew they wanted each other, and wanted to explore having a close relationship.

By now the boys had aroused each other so much that as soon as Chris took Snoopy's cock into his mouth, Snoopy began shooting a good sized load of cum into Chris's mouth. When Chris felt Snoopy cum into his mouth, he almost had an orgasm himself. He was just barely able to hold his orgasm back, until Snoopy put his lips around Chris's shaft. Then Snoopy received a mouthful of cum himself, which he swallowed down immediately. Then the two sweet boys fell asleep in each other's arms.

Finally, in the last suite Shane and Terry were busy in one room, while Joshy and Manuel were busy in the other. As loud as both pairs of boys were though, they may as well have been in the same room together. Greg was aware of the noise problem with Shane and Terry though, and had placed them in the middle suite for a good reason. Terry was busy ramming his cock into Shane's ass, with Shane shouting his approval and his love for Terry. The harder and faster that Terry shoved his cock into Shane, the more Shane seemed to love it. Terry finally shouted out his love for his boyfriend, then blasted his cum deep into Shane's rectum. When Shane felt Terry's cum beginning to fill his insides, Shane's rectum began clasping down around Terry's cock to drain every last drop of Terry's precious juice from his balls.

As soon as Terry had emptied himself inside Shane, he turned Shane over and immediately took Shane's cock all the way down his throat. Terry had learned everything he could about performing oral sex, and loved to see how much he could please Shane. Shane loved feeling the head of his cock slide into Terry's throat so much that it usually didn't take too long for him to shoot his cum into Terry's stomach, especially when Terry had just finished filling his rectum full of cum. Terry let the first two shots go directly into his throat, and down into his stomach. Then Terry pulled back so he could taste the rest of Shane's cum. The two boys were completely in love with every smell and taste from the other boy. Both boys finally laid back, satisfied with their expression of love for each other.

Meanwhile Joshy had Manuel's seven inches of uncut cock deeply into his mouth, while he had three fingers fully inserted into Manuel's ass. When Joshy added a fourth finger, Manuel shouted in complete pleasure. Then Joshy slid his tongue underneath Manuel's foreskin, and removed his fingers from Manuel's butt. Joshy took a lubed nine inch dildo, which was the same diameter as a small soda bottle, and pushed it into Manuel's ass. Manuel loved the sensations from that so much that he shot a massive load into Joshy's waiting mouth. Joshy and Manuel had been playing around with larger dildos for some time now, and both boys loved the feel of them in their asses.

As soon as Manuel had cum he took the dildo from his ass, and immediately pushed it into Joshy's. Joshy began screaming how much he loved Manuel, while Manuel pulled and pushed the dildo in and out of Joshy's well opened ass. This went on for several minutes, until Manuel knew Joshy was about ready to orgasm. Then Manuel took Joshy's swollen cock into his mouth, and sucked his boyfriend as hard as he could. Joshy was now holding his orgasm back so hard that he was sweating. He was able to continue holding back for about two minutes, then shouted loudly as he shot his load into Manuel's hungry mouth. Manuel and Joshy had the most physically demanding sex of all the boys, and collapsed into each other the moment Manuel took the nine inch piece of rubber out of Joshy's butt.

After everyone had finished making love to their boyfriends, they all fell into a peaceful sleep in order to be ready for tomorrow morning.

Okay, did anyone not cum by the end of the chapter? lol. I think that's probably about all we can take for now, but don't worry, the fun is just beginning. As you may be able to tell, another hobby of mine happens to be rollercoasters. Well, the story can't be ALL sex, heh-heh. Please send all comments to: . See you in Part 5.