Summer Of Love

by tim

Hello everyone, this is Baldisore. Tim has run out of ideas for disclaimers for now, so he's sitting back masturbating while I write this one for him. Us gnomes really have to get him a boyfriend so he can have lots of wild sex. Anyway, this story is © 2004 by tim and is protected by copyright law and us gnomes. If you distribute it for profit or post it to other web sites without Tim's permission, us gnomes will tie you up then tie ten pound weights to each of your testicles. We also have a twelve inch dildo the same diameter as a potato chip canister, which we will use if we have to. This is a fictional story so any similarities to real persons or events are purely coincidental. That's our story and we're sticking to it. Now for the good part, sex! This story contains lots of sex. Most of the guys in this story are having sex, and that's just the way us gnomes like it. We gnomes love gay sex. If this offends you then let us know and we'll make sure we never invite you to any of our parties. If you shouldn't be reading this type of story, just make sure you don't get caught. If you do, you're on your own because we're not responsible for that. If you have any comments, or know where us gnomes can find Tim a horny boyfriend, send an e-mail to: . Oops, Here comes Tim now! Keep this disclaimer stuff just between us, we're not going to let Tim read it. heh-heh.

Hello everyone, I hope Baldisore behaved himself while writing the disclaimer. It kinda makes me nervous that he won't let me read it. Anyway, here's Allen!

Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim

Part 5

Everyone began waking up at seven o'clock the next morning. Greg wanted to have breakfast out of the way and be at the gate by eight thirty. When everyone was ready they went to the lobby, where Greg picked up the tickets for today. He had went ahead and had the twelve tickets charged to the room, so they wouldn't have to buy them at the gate. When everyone got to the gate at eight thirty, they found they were the first ones in line. Since Terry was still the weaker of the twelve from his injuries in the spring, Toby hoisted Terry up onto his back in preparation to make a run for the first ride. The group had found out that the morning run had become an unofficial tradition at the park, so they were going to be ready for it. Finally nine o'clock had arrived and the line had started to build.

At nine o'clock the national anthem played over the loudspeakers, and the race was on. Toby and Terry were the first ones through, so they could have a headstart. However, Toby was a fairly strong runner so it took some work for everyone to catch up to them in the short distance they had to travel. The whole group arrived at their first ride to find they were the first in line for the day. Then Greg gathered everyone's loose items and quickly put them in a locker as the boys stared at the ride in front of them. Suddenly a train rushed past them and made all the boys jump. The speed clock displayed the train's speed as 124 miles per hour, which made all the boys gulp. As soon as Greg returned from the lockers the ride crew opened the line and led everyone to the station.

A discussion began on the way about who would take the front row until Toby settled it by saying, "I think the front row should go to the two coolest guys I know, me and Greg. Just kidding guys, I think Shane and Terry should get the front row."

Everyone immediately agreed to that, so Shane and Terry went to the front of the line. When they reached the station the group filled the first six rows of the first train. As the ride hosts checked everyone's restraints, the loudspeaker blared out "Ready To Go" from Republica. When the song ended the first two trains moved out into the launch position. The first train pulled up to the lights and the sound of revving engine screamed at the train. This was enough to make most of the boys very nervous. Suddenly the three sets of yellow lights lit up, followed by the set of green lights. At that moment the boys were launched toward the tallest rollercoaster that they had ever seen at 124 miles per hour. Everyone screamed as the train shot straight up 420 feet. Then the train crested the top and spiraled back down almost as fast as it had gone up. When the train sped past the finish line everyone began shouting about how great the ride was. Most of the boys were jumping up and down as they lined up to buy a ride photo, then everyone decided to go on one more time before the line became too long. Greg was having the best time of his life just watching all the boys, including his Toby.

After that first ride the group decided to head toward the front of the park. As they were walking down the main midway everyone in the group spotted a store with Snoopy's name on it, so they decided to look around inside. It didn't take long for the boys to spot things that they wanted to buy for their friend Snoopy. Most of the boys already knew that they would be able to afford anything that they wanted to buy for their friend, except for Chris. When Greg caught up to Chris the boy was staring sadly at the largest stuffed doll he had ever seen in his life.

"What's the long face all about Chris?" asked Greg.

"I saw this stuffed Snoopy and I have to get it for Snoopy," said Chris, "but I looked at the tag and there's no way I can afford something like that. This really sucks and I almost wish we hadn't come in here."

"Well," said Greg, "don't you think Snoopy might be just as happy with something smaller?"

"He might," replied Chris, "but I wish I could get the biggest one for him. He means a lot to me already."

"In that case how do you know you can't afford it?" asked Greg.

"Just look at the tag." said Chris.

Greg looked at the tag, and the doll did indeed cost quite a bit. Greg didn't see that as a very big obstacle though. "You know, your parents did give me quite a bit of spending money for you and you haven't been spending a whole lot yet. I'd be willing to bet that you could buy the biggest doll for Snoopy, and you'd still have more than enough spending money to do you."

"My parents gave you that much money for me to spend?" asked Chris. "It's not that they're mean people, but that would be very unusual for them."

"Yes," said Greg, "I thought it seemed like quite a bit they were giving me, but maybe they felt that you deserved it. You are a great kid, you know."

"Do you really mean that I can afford the large Snoopy?" asked Chris.

When Greg replied with a yes, a smile that was brighter than the sun spread across Chris's face. Chris put his arms around Greg and gave the man a kiss on the cheek, right in the middle of the store.

"This is so great!" exclaimed Chris. "I want to surprise Snoopy so I'll have to find a way to sneak away to get this, then take it back to our room."

"I think some of the other boys were planning the same kind of surprises for him." said Greg. "You may want to talk to them and see if you can sneak away with one or two of them."

"I will!" said Chris. "Thanks Greg, this is the greatest time I've ever had."

Greg ruffled the boy's hair, then sent him off to work out something with his friends. He chuckled as he watched Chris almost skip off to talk to his friends. This was the best time that Greg had ever had, and he wondered how it could possibly get any better. Greg then went to talk to one of the sales clerks because he couldn't find what he was looking for.

"I'm sorry to bother you," said Greg, "but I was hoping to find some bedroom furnishings with Snoopy on them. All you seem to have here are sheets and blankets for infants and toddlers, but I was looking for something more along the lines of full-sized. It would be for a teenaged boy."

"It's no bother at all," replied the clerk, "but you probably won't find what you're looking for anywhere. The only items like that are just manufactured for smaller children these days. We get our stock from one of the most complete suppliers there is, and I know they don't carry that."

"That's a shame." said Greg. "I really do have to find these items somehow."

"Actually I went through the same thing myself once." said the clerk. "I do know there is a company that sells fabric by the yard with Snoopy on it, and I found a small place in New York City that does custom sewing work. I just had them make what I needed, and it worked out really well for me."

"That's great!" exclaimed Greg. "Can I get those numbers from you, so I can see if they can help me too?"

"Sure, it would be my pleasure." replied the clerk.

Greg got the numbers he needed to call, then bought the nicest backpack and hat he could find in the store to give to Snoopy later. Greg was the only one who ended up buying anything at the moment because he was the only one who none of the boys were paying attention to. Later on though the boys did start getting some spending money from Greg, and disappearing a few at a time to go back to the store. Chris was among the last group that slipped away and Greg knew that he would be taking what he bought back to the suite, so Greg had everyone give their bags to Chris's group then everything would be safe and sound back at the suites.

The last group to return to the store was Chris, Shane, and Terry. Chris proudly walked up to the counter and announced, "I'd like to get the really, really large Snoopy doll!"

The clerk went to the back room to see if there was one in back, so the display would not have a huge hole in it. When the clerk returned with what Chris wanted, Shane and Terry took a huge gulp.

"How the hell are we going to get that thing back to the room?" asked Shane. "It's bigger than any of us are."

The clerk overheard the boys and said, "I'm the team leader here, and I think I might be able to spare someone with a cart to help you guys out."

"Thanks lady." said Terry. "We'd really appreciate that!"

As the boys laughter was dying down, another store clerk appeared with a cart and loaded the stuffed animal onto it. The boys then led the clerk back to their hotel suite with Snoopy strapped to the cart. Once everything was hidden away the boys returned to the park to find the rest of their group. The rest of the day was filled with happiness and laughter for everyone in the group. By the end of the day Greg had accused the boys of trying to make him sick, but assured them that he had been on some of the wildest rides that they could imagine and that he wouldn't be tossing his cookies anytime soon.

Finally it was time for the last ride of the day. Greg led the boys back to the very end of the park and lined them up for the giant wooden coaster that they had passed by on the way to the hotel. Greg knew he hadn't been to this park in a few years, but was shocked to find that the popularity of the coaster had dropped to the point that there was almost no line at the end of the day. After all, it was still the largest and fastest wooden coaster in the park. Once they reached the station they were able to work out a way that they could fill up rows one through six. The train slowly rolled out of the station, then picked up a little speed as it went around a dropping turn onto the lift hill. Greg and the boys climbed 165 feet into the clear night sky. After the train went over the top it plunged up and down three fairly tall hills before crossing over then under the lift hill. The train made a couple more large drops before running onto the block brake. Then they weaved in and out of the coaster's structure before hitting a few more good hills. The train finally dived back into the midst of the coaster and went up a final hill before the brakes. The whole group agreed that it was a very good ride for their last ride of the day.

Finally the group arrived back at the hotel and everyone went in to the main suite. Snoopy was the only one who didn't know what was about to happen. First Shane went into the bedroom and brought out his bag, which he handed to Snoopy. Snoopy reached into the bag and pulled out a denim jacket with Snoopy on the back. By the time Snoopy had thanked Shane, Toby was standing next to him with another bag. Snoopy reached into that bag to find a bathrobe and slippers with Snoopy on them. Every boy took turns going to the bedroom and presenting their friend with a token of their affection. Finally Greg came from the bedroom with the backpack and hat that he had bought Snoopy, and Chris was the only one left to present his boyfriend with a gift. When Snoopy saw Chris dragging out the stuffed dog which stood five feet tall, he could no longer hold back his tears of happiness.

"I don't know what I ever did to deserve friends like you guys." cried Snoopy. "Especially you Chris. You've reached out to me at a time when most people wouldn't have been able to. I've never met anyone like you, or anyone that I want to be as close to as you. I love you Chris!" Snoopy then threw his arms around Chris, and buried his face into Chris's chest.

As Chris guided Snoopy to their room, Greg saw the look of love that the two boys had for each other. He then knew that they had been right in getting Chris and Snoopy together.

Chris began stripping his new boyfriend naked as he said, "Tonight I want us to make love as lovers, because that's what I want us to be. I need you to be my boyfriend Snoopy, and I don't ever want to let you go. I believe in my heart that we belong together."

Snoopy pressed his lips against Chris's and gave him a deep and passionate kiss, as well as a good tongue to tongue massage. When the boys lips parted Snoopy said, "I would be proud to be your boyfriend Chris. I always wanted my first love to be with someone like you so it would hopefully be my only love. I can't ever think of anyone I would rather be with for life, and I want to make sweet and beautiful love to you tonight."

By the time Chris and Snoopy had finally undressed each other, everyone else was already in bed and making love to their boyfriends. No pair could match the love and devotion that was taking place in Chris's and Snoopy's room though. As soon as both boys were laying naked on the bed, Chris began to run his tongue all over Snoopy's smooth body. Chris held Snoopy tightly as he worked his way to Snoopy's neck, where he began sucking firmly. Snoopy knew Chris was giving him a hickey, but he didn't mind at all. Snoopy actually looked forward to wearing a symbol of their passion for each other, where everyone could see it. He even planned on bragging about the mark if it was a good one, so Snoopy made his neck totally vulnerable to Chris's mouth. Chris did not disappoint Snoopy because when he had finished marking his boyfriend, Snoopy had a deep red hickey the size of a half dollar in the middle of his neck.

Chris then moved on down both of Snoopy's arms, and when he reached Snoopy's gentle hands he sucked each finger lovingly. Then Chris picked up where he left off on Snoopy's body. After bathing Snoopy's hairless chest with his tongue, Chris took each nipple into his mouth. He sucked gently on each nipple until all Snoopy could do was moan his name over and over again. Then Chris licked every inch of Snoopy's firm tummy. He pause for several moments at Snoopy's belly button, sticking his tongue into it as far as he could. Then Chris traveled on down to Snoopy's beautiful crotch. If God had ever made a more beautiful and perfect male crotch, Chris had never seen it and would never believe that it existed. Chris licked all around Snoopy's beautiful cock without ever touching it. He did however give Snoopy's balls a good bathing.

Chris then continued on down Snoopy's legs, one at a time. When he got to each of Snoopy's feet he sucked each toe as tenderly as he could, concentrating on each of the big toes. Snoopy continued to moan softly as Chris turned him over and started back up the back of Snoopy's legs. Chris licked and kissed each mound of Snoopy's soft, round butt, then dove deeply into Snoopy's crack. When Chris pushed his tongue into Snoopy's hole, Snoopy almost had a massive orgasm. He was able to hold it back however. Then Chris's warm tongue completely licked Snoopy's soft back. When he was finished with the back of Snoopy's neck, Chris rolled Snoopy over again. If Chris hadn't already been in love with Snoopy, the look on his face would have been the clincher. Snoopy had the most far away and beautiful smile that Chris had ever seen.

Chris immediately went back down to take Snoopy's cock into his mouth. Chris sucked as thought it were the most succulent piece of meat he had ever tasted. Chris rolled his tongue around the head of Snoopy's huge cock, then took it as far into his mouth as he could without gagging. Chris had never seen another boy that was hung as large as Snoopy, and having the large cock inside his mouth was turning him on incredibly. Chris licked his tongue up and down the shaft while his lips went back and forth over it. Snoopy still could not get over how wet and soft Chris's mouth felt as it was wrapped around his cock. Soon Snoopy was shooting an extremely large load into Chris's hungry mouth. Chris sucked all of Snoopy's cum down his throat, then licked Snoopy's now wilting cock clean.

"I've never felt that good before in my life." moaned Snoopy. "I want to feel this way with you for a long, long time Chris."

"I want to be with you too Snoopy." said Chris. "I still love Jimmy, and I probably always will, but he's gone now and I feel just as much love when I'm with you, if not more. You are more than I ever could have expected in such a short amount of time, and I don't think I'll find anyone like you again."

"Good," said Snoopy, "because I know I need you in my life." Then the two boys embraced and kissed for several minutes. Finally the boys parted and Snoopy continued, "Your uncut cock is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen Chris. I really need to taste it inside my mouth now."

"Okay," said Chris, "but first I want you to give me what I gave you on your neck. I want everyone to see that I love you, and you love me too. I'll be proud to tell everyone that you gave it to me."

So before Snoopy went to suck on Chris's cock, he stopped at the boy's neck. Snoopy began to suck on Chris's neck and soon lost track of what he was doing. By the time Snoopy snapped out of it he had given Chris a larger hickey than Chris had given him.

When Snoopy tried to apologize Chris said, "Don't be sorry dude, I love it!"

With that Snoopy gently took hold of Chris's cock, and lowered himself until he was face to face with it. Snoopy stared at Chris's cock because it was the first uncut cock he had ever seen up close before. Snoopy pulled back slightly on the shaft then let go so he could see the head of Chris's cock peek out from underneath the foreskin, then go back in. Snoopy finally covered Chris's cock with his mouth. The end of Snoopy's tongue searched for the opening in Chris's foreskin. When he had found it Snoopy slid his tongue between Chris's foreskin and the head of his cock. This drove Chris wild with pleasure as he caressed the sides of Snoopy's head with his hands.

Snoopy loved sucking Chris's uncut cock, but suddenly had a new plan. He raised off of Chris's cock and begged to the boy, "I need to feel your cock in my ass babe. Please put it in me and make love to me."

Fortunately Chris had been told to think of the possibility of this happening by Allen and Rusty, so he was prepared with a small tube of lube that was given to him by his friends. He went ahead and let Snoopy lay on his stomach, then Chris reached into the nightstand for the lube. He rubbed it generously into Snoopy's hole, the coated his own cock with it.

"Are you sure you want me to do this my love?" asked Chris.

"I've never been more sure of anything." replied Snoopy. "Just make sure you go really slow at first babe, I've never had anything go up my ass before."

Chris began pushing his cock into Snoopy as slowly and gently as he could. Although it did hurt like crazy at first, Snoopy didn't say a word. Chris was so slow and gentle though that before too long the hurt began to go away, and be replaced by the most intense feeling of pleasure that Snoopy had ever felt.

"Please fuck me Chris!" begged Snoopy. "I need to feel your love deep inside of me."

With that Chris began pumping his cock in and out of Snoopy's once virgin hole. Chris used long and gentle strokes for as long as he could, cooing words of love into Snoopy's ear. In response the muscles in Snoopy's rectum clamped firmly around Chris's cock, then released. This continued until Chris felt his orgasm beginning to build.

"Oh baby," panted Chris, "I can't hold it back. I have to cum now."

Then Chris began pumping into Snoopy much more forcefully. Chris's cock began ramming into Snoopy's ass, which caused Snoopy to moan in pleasure. Chris's cock could not contain it's load any longer, as it began shooting cum deep inside Snoopy. The feel of Chris's cum shooting into him caused Snoopy to have his second orgasm of the night. Once his orgasm was over, Chris laid on top of Snoopy until his cock became soft enough that it slipped out of Snoopy's ass on it's own. Then both boys collapsed into the pool of cum that was left by Snoopy's second orgasm. Chris wrapped his arms around Snoopy with a smile on his face, and that's how both boys fell asleep.

I hope the second day is as much fun for the boys as the first one turned out to be. I also hope that Chris and Snoopy are just as happy together as the other boys seem to be with their boyfriends. Please send all comments to: . See you in Part 6.