Summer Of Love

by tim

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Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim

Part 6

Greg and the boys awoke the next morning not knowing how today could possibly any better than their first full day at the park. Everyone eagerly got ready for a full day before returning home tomorrow. Once again they lined up at the gate, and prepared for the run to the most popular ride. However, just before the gates were to open an announcement was made that the ride they were getting ready to run to would be closed for the day. Everyone looked a little bit down, but they were told by a regular guest to the park that this type of thing was very common with the ride in question. As a matter of fact, they were fortunate to have caught it on a good day yesterday, as it would be hard to tell if it would be down for a week or a month. This did put a wrinkle into their plans, but they were determined to have a great day anyway. They decided to walk up toward the front of the park as an alternative, then work their way back.

As they approached the main midway Allen said, "Hey Rusty! Doesn't that guy over there look a little familiar?"

Rusty looked toward where Allen was pointing and finally replied, "You're right babe! That's the same guy who use to work at the main gate at Universal in Orlando. Let's go say hi."

By this time Greg and Shane had recognized who Allen and Rusty were talking about, so the whole group went to talk to the man.

As they approached the man Rusty shouted out, "Hey dude! Remember us?"

"I'm sorry," said the man,"I meet a lot of people and it's kinda hard to remember them all."

"We use to come through your gate when you worked at the entrance at Universal in Orlando." said Allen. "We always made sure to say hi when we came to the park."

"Yeah," said Shane, "and you would always mess with us before letting us in."

"Oh yeah!" said the man. "I'm beginning to remember you guys now. You always laughed at my corny jokes. You're such nice, polite boys."

"Well, they were actually kind of funny." said Allen. "And you always made us feel so welcome there."

"That's because it's such a pleasure dealing with guys like you." said the man. "When I run across someone like you guys, it makes the job almost worthwhile."

"So, what are you doing here?" asked Rusty. "We all noticed it when you left Universal."

"It was time for me to return to where I came from." said the man. "You can only stay away from your home and family for so long before you have to go back."

"Well then," said Shane, "what's it like working here? Some of us may want to work summers here when we graduate."

"Trust me on this my friend," said the man, "it's a nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live here."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Rusty.

"I wouldn't even know where to start." said the man sadly.

Greg stepped forward and said, "Sometimes it's just best to start at the beginning and let it all out. I'm a writer, and sometimes I have to do that or I wouldn't be able to write a word."

"You're right." said the man. "It doesn't seem to do much good to say anything to anyone here about it. Tell you guys what, as soon as I drop this uniform off at my room we'll hang out and talk. I'm off today anyway."

So Greg and the boys followed the man to the gate that was used by employees. The man only took about five minutes to drop off his uniform and return to Greg's group. Then everyone headed in the direction of the big green and yellow coaster on the beach.

As they started off Greg said, "So, you want to talk about things? Why wouldn't the boys want to spend a few summers here?"

"Well," started the man, "the first problem came up when I stepped on the toes of a team leader here. I was working over in the area that we're headed toward now, on some of the regular rides there. One of our newer employees there skipped over me one day because he wasn't comfortable with the three minutes that our team leader spent training him on one of the rides. All I did was suggest that he learn how to operate the ride the same way that most of the employees there have, to get the person running the ride to show you how to do it because it's better than the training you get from our team leader. Needless to say, when she heard about what I had told him, she was pissed. She dragged me out in front of the guests and ripped me a new one for basically being too honest with the guy.

I didn't care much for that, so I went to the supervisor. The next day I was assigned to one of the larger coasters in the park, but what I didn't realize until I got there was that the team leader there was a very close friend of the other team leader. I still figured that everything was okay there because I had been trained for one day there a few weeks earlier. The first time I got to the rear dispatch position though, everything went to Hell quickly. First, the team leader claimed that I let a lap bar go out in the up position, even though when I was trained there earlier that car was the responsibility of the other loader. Then I was pulled off the platform because a guest tried to get into a seat with a bad seat belt. That seat should have been taped off at least thirty minutes before that by the last person working that position, but it wasn't. As a result I had to explain repeatedly to the guest why she couldn't ride in that seat. By the time I finally got her back behind the gates and got the train ready to dispatch, she had caused the ride to shut down. I was written up for both those incidents and told I could no longer work on coasters."

"What a crock of shit!" exclaimed Shane. "Oops. Pardon my French. How could they write you up for something like that though?"

"Well," continued the man, "I suspected right off the bat that it was retaliation for getting the other team leader into trouble. Then, later on I was told by two people that worked there that that's exactly what it was. Even so though, nobody will do anything about it."

"I guess I can see why you wouldn't recommend working here then." said Greg.

"That's not even the half of it." said the man. "I decided to go ahead and let that go, and just finish out the season. Everything was going well until just recently. I live in the dormitories beside the park, which are suppose to be male dormitories. Even so, there are quite a few women here who seem intent on spending their entire summer on their back with their legs spread, so they've decided to call the male dorms their home. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some kind of prude. If that's how they want to spend their time they can do what they want, as long as they keep it private. Unfortunately they can't seem to do that though. Several of the women that think they live there have taken to taking their showers in the male shower rooms. I found that out by having one of the sluts stroll right past me as I stood there naked and covered in soap. Needless to say, I was horrified. I reported the incident to housing and to security and both departments told me there was nothing they could do, even though women are definitely not allowed in the male showers, unless they could catch the women who were doing it. Pardon my French, but that is such a crock of shit. They seem more concerned about not offending the sluts who are going places that are off limits to them than about protecting our right to privacy. It was actually suggested that I confront these filthy women myself, until I asked why I should have to confront a woman in the male shower room while I was most likely naked as the day I was born. They really didn't have a response to that, so I imagine that they don't care as long as someone else does their job for them."

By this time the entire group was standing motionless with their mouths wide open. It was apparent that the man's predicament had struck a nerve with the group.

Finally Shane said, "Dude, you should get the hell out of this shithole and come back to Florida with us."

"I'm afraid that's not the answer to this problem." said the man. "I have to get my life straightened out here before I do anything. After all, this is my home. I was raised here, and I was gone for so long that I missed it terribly. Someday though I hope to be a writer myself. I'm working on my first book right now. It's a really scary horror story, and I hope I can finish it and get it published some day."

"Well, I wish you all the luck in the world with that." said Greg. "If there's ever anything I can do, don't hesitate to call because like I said, I'm a writer too."

"I know," said the man, "I've heard of your books before. Although I'm not much for reading youth literature, I hear that they are very good."

"Yeah," chuckled Greg, "you do look kind of old to be reading the stuff I write. But I've been known to write other stuff too, so maybe there might be some way I can help you with the problems that you're having now."

"If you can that would be great." said the man. "I think the biggest problem though is that this place seems to be run by Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's Heroes. You know, I see noth-ing." Greg and then the man both nearly doubled over in laughter after the last remark.

The man continued to hang out with Greg and the boys for several hours. Everyone was having a great time on the rides, and getting to know their new friend a little better. Some of the boys even found out that they had read some of the stuff the man had written as an amateur writer. It seemed as though this was turning out to be a pretty good day after all. Eventually though, after agreeing to meet Greg and the boys for dinner, the man had to excuse himself to take care of some business matters. Then it was just Greg, Toby, and the ten boys in their group again.

The rest of the day went fairly well, although now Greg and the boys were a bit more skeptical of their hosts. Most of the boys agreed that they would just die if a strange woman walked in on them in the middle of a shower. Greg and some of the boys did remark to each other how they admired the man's integrity for putting up with what he had though. Rusty and Allen also added that they were concerned about what else the man might have to put up with before it was all over though. Everyone was unanimous in agreeing that he was being treated terribly, and that if he needed any help from them they would be there for him.

Everyone decided to spend some time that afternoon playing some of the games of chance. Everyone was determined to win some type of prize to present to their boyfriend, even Greg. The highlight of the games was when Chris got a ball to land in the right spot to win Snoopy a huge stuffed gorilla, although it was not quite as large as the stuffed dog that Chris had bought for him yesterday. Snoopy still remarked that his boyfriend was just trying to see if he could possibly carry everything home with him, which earned a round of laughs. Greg finally found a game that he could keep up with, and had to choose a prize to give to Toby. He thought maybe the stuffed dolls that were offered may not quite fit Toby, so he picked out a lime green fuzzy hat with a bright yellow fuzzy flower on it. Everyone chuckled that the hat fit Toby perfectly. As a payback Toby set out to win a ridiculously large and brightly colored fuzzy hat for Greg. Rusty knew that Allen had always wanted a large breed dog as a pet, so he set out to win Allen a stuffed Rotwieller. After several attempts he was finally lucky enough to win the prize he was after. In return, Allen somehow managed to win a large Nemo doll for Rusty. Allen quickly conceded that it was nothing but pure luck. By the time it was over everyone was walking away from the games with some kind of prize from their boyfriend.

After transporting their zoo up and down the midway once, everyone decided it was time to rent a bin. Then they would have time for a few more rides before it was time to meet their new friend for dinner. After dinner Greg invited the man to come up to the suite for a visit.

"I don't know how to thank you guys for extending such a warm gesture of friendship to me." said the man.

"Think nothing of it," said Greg, "we all have decided that we like you. Also, it certainly wouldn't hurt for me to have a friend who is a writer as well."

"Thanks." said the man. "I just hope my first mainstream book does as well as some of my amateur writing has done."

"Well," said Greg, "some of the boys tell me that your writing is very good as far as they're concerned. I'll tell you what, let me see what you have and I'll see if my publisher may be interested. I know that they have published horror novels before."

"I don't know what to say." said the man. "That would be fantastic. I'll send you what I have, and if you think it's worth a try I'll send the rest when it's finished. I don't know exactly when that will be because I have the job to think about too, but I will work on it as much as I can."

The man continued to visit with Greg and the boys for quite a while that evening. At one point, Allen and Rusty approached him.

"Hey there," said Rusty, "Allen and I wanted to get to know you a little better. You seem like a really cool guy, and we're concerned about how things are going for you right now."

"Thanks boys," said the man, "that is very nice of you guys. You don't have to worry about me too much though. Whatever happens this summer will be something that hopefully never has to be repeated again. I do believe my writing career will take off someday, and this will all be ancient history."

"That's good." said Allen. "We feel kind of a bond with you. It's like for some reason we should know you better than we actually do. I hope that doesn't sound too weird."

"Not at all." said the man. "That is the nicest thing anyone has said to me lately. If I had a pair of sons, I would want them to be just like you two."

"Thanks." said Rusty. "So, what was it like when the woman walked in on you as you were taking a shower?"

"It was the most embarrassing situation imaginable." said the man. "I wished I could die at the moment it happened. Don't worry though, I may see a lawyer after this season is over. It depends on how the rest of the season goes I guess."

Allen and Rusty continued to talk to the man for a few moments longer, and left him just moments before he was approached by Tyler and Kyle.

"Hey dude," said Tyler, "what's up?"

The man answered Tyler, and talked to the boys for several minutes before Kyle asked, "We were wondering if you might like to come to our suite with us for a little while? We had something we wanted to ask you."

The man looked around and seen that everyone was starting to wander off to bed, so he said, "I guess I could stop by for a few minutes."

When he stopped by Greg to thank him again and say goodnight, Greg winked at him and said, "You take good care of those two boys, okay?" When the man blushed slightly Greg continued, "Don't worry, we're all friends here. Tyler and Kyle probably just want to have a good time, and I don't see anything wrong with that."

With that, Tyler and Kyle guided the man to their room. Once the door was shut Tyler and Kyle both began undressing the man, who offered no resistance to them. He did however seem slightly uneasy at first.

"Don't worry." said Kyle. "Greg was right, we just want to have a little fun and we wanted you to join in."

"Yeah," said Tyler, "Kyle and I do love each other, but we also like to fool around a little as long as both of us are there. We've always wondered what it would be like for both of us to be with an older guy at the same time."

"We've both been watching you from time to time today." added Kyle. "We both like you and think it would be fun to try a few things with you. What do you say?"

"Well," said the man, "I'm not seeing anyone right now so I'd be crazy to say no."

"Cool!" said both boys together.

They continued to undress the man, who was now starting to loosen up a little bit. As Tyler and Kyle knelt to work on his shoes, the man took a shirt in each hand and exposed each of the boy's torsos at the same time. Tyler and Kyle both lifted their arms, and the shirts came the rest of the way off. As soon as Tyler and Kyle were done with the shoes, and the man was naked, the boys rose back to their feet.

It was now the man's turn to kneel before the two boys. As soon as his knees hit the carpet he grabbed a pair of shorts and underwear in each hand. With both hands he uncovered two beautiful young cocks, standing proudly at attention. He gently kissed the head of each boys cock, then tenderly licked them one at a time. Before Tyler and Kyle could get too aroused though, the man continued removing the rest of their clothing.

Now all three were standing naked before each other. Tyler took the lead and laid down on the bed. He then motioned for the man to get on top of him, face down. As soon as the man was in place, he took Tyler's cock gently into his mouth. At the same time Kyle was climbing on top of the man. Kyle lubed his hard cock, then slipped it into the man's ass. The man now found himself with a young boy filling him at both ends, and he was not complaining one bit. As the man worked lovingly on Tyler's cock, Kyle was thrusting his cock in and out of the man's ass. This continued for ten devine minutes, until Tyler could no longer hold himself back. The man had made Tyler's young cock feel better than it had in a long time, and now Tyler was about to pump his sweet load into the man's hungry mouth. When the man felt Tyler's cum begin flowing into his mouth he began to clinch the muscles in his rectum, in an attempt to bring Kyle to a climax as well. That was all Kyle needed to begin pumping his cum deep into the man's ass.

Once both boys were finally drained of their juice, they turned the man onto his back. Kyle took the man's erect cock into his mouth, while his boyfriend worked on the man's nipples. After a few minutes Tyler took over on the cock the boys were working over. The man groaned as Tyler began a strong suction on the man's cock. Meanwhile, Kyle was now sucking on the man's full balls. The man looked down and saw two of the loveliest boys he ever saw sucking on his cock and balls. All it took was a few more moments before the man began releasing his pent-up load of cum. Tyler and Kyle both took turns sucking the cum out of the man's erupting cock, until the man had been completely drained. The man slumped back onto the bed and smiled, as he thought of the two boys who had just given him the most pleasurable experience he'd had this summer.

Tyler and Kyle, on the other hand, climbed up into the bed on each side of the man and began kissing him passionately. The man returned the boy's affections one at a time, as best as he could.

As the passion began dying down Tyler whispered into the man's right ear, "This was even more fun than I thought it would be. I'm glad you came with us, most adults wouldn't have."

Kyle whispered into the man's left ear, "We won't forget you anytime soon. This was the most fun we've had in a while. Can we keep in touch?"

The man held both boys close and said, "You are two of the most beautiful beings that God has put on this Earth. You guys have given me something that I'll never forget and I would be honored to keep in touch with both of you."

After a little more cuddling the man finally had to go, so Tyler and Kyle began the pleasurable task of dressing the man completely. The man was smiling profusely at being pampered by these two wonderful boys. Once the man had kissed them once more and left, Tyler and Kyle fell asleep happily in each other's arms. By this time everyone had finished expressing their love to their boyfriends, and had fallen asleep to rest for the trip home.

The ending was a bit different than how I had originally wrote it, as I didn't want to sound too bitter against the park they were visiting. lol. If you would like to hear the story about this chapter, or comment on the story, you can e-mail me at: . See you in Part 7.