Summer Of Love

by tim

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Allen 2: Summer of Love - by tim

Part 7

The next morning everyone got ready to begin their trip home. Allen and Rusty had a great time for the most part. They were concerned about their new friend, but he now had people who would stand behind him if needed. As they prepared to start the trip home they wondered how their other two friends were doing on their honeymoon.

Calvin and Ricky were having the time of their lives. From the moment that Mike dropped them off and they waved good-bye as the ship pulled away from the dock, they knew it would be the best week of their lives. Most of the first day was spent in the cabin, with the two boys attached at the lips.

They did pull themselves apart long enough to talk though. Ricky knew that he had been a distraction to Calvin's training for the past few weeks, but he was sure that after the trip Calvin would be able to concentrate more. Ricky told Calvin that he wanted his husband to win the big tournament this summer so he could move into contention for a spot on the Olympic team for 2008, when the games would be held in Beijing China. Ricky was very proud of what Calvin had accomplished, and did not want anything, including himself, to hold Calvin back. Calvin vowed that he would try harder during training, and Ricky vowed that he would act responsibly while watching Calvin train so he would not distract the boy he loved. After that was settled they both vowed to have as much sex on this cruise as they could possibly get away with.

Ricky began right away by gently sucking his well endowed husband to the first of many orgasms that he would have over the next week. Ricky had become very good at pleasuring Calvin's now nine inch erection. He had wondered when Calvin would stop growing, but decided that as long as he could keep up that it didn't really matter. Calvin was very aware that his cock was becoming larger than most, and always took care to make sure that Ricky was having as much fun as himself. He would always let Ricky suck his cock at Ricky's pace, and would never try to speed up the pace himself. When he put his cock into Ricky's butt he would use plenty of lubrication, and always used very gentle strokes. Sometimes Calvin was so gentle that Ricky would have to speed up the motion of Calvin's cock sliding in and out of his ass himself.

Now that Ricky had become accustomed to Calvin's size he loved the way his boyfriend's cock would fill up his rectum, and the way Calvin's load would fill him so much that some of it would always leak back out. When that happened, Calvin's tongue would always be there to clean up any mess that he had made. Ricky would always be sure to show his appreciation in some way. Calvin would especially love it when Ricky put his tongue inside his butt. Ricky seemed to have a longer tongue than most kids. As a matter of fact, it was so long that it felt as though it almost reached Calvin's prostate. It was a little difficult for Ricky to get use to the taste that would be left on his tongue, but he loved everything about Calvin and it soon became a normal taste for Ricky.

At the time the boys woke up on the morning that their other friends were starting home, Ricky had his cock inside of his lover. It had been in there through the entire night, and now it needed to cum. Ricky began slowly fucking his sleeping lover, which caused Calvin to awaken.

"I love being woke up by your cock sliding in and out of me." moaned Calvin as he woke. "Now fuck me like you mean it."

"You got it baby." grunted Ricky as he picked up the pace.

As Ricky fucked Calvin it almost seemed like Calvin's ass was reaching back and grabbing ahold of Ricky's cock. This caused Ricky to begin driving himself into Calvin as hard and as fast as he could.

"Oh baby," moaned Calvin, "I love it when you make love to me like that. Give it to me my love."

"I ...Calvin!" grunted the boy as his cock began to build to a climax.

"Go ahead!" moaned Calvin. "Let me feel your love flow into me from your beautiful cock."

With that, Ricky began shooting his load into Calvin. Every time his cock would shoot, Ricky would drive himself deep into Calvin. When his last shot came out, Ricky dropped onto Calvin and held him as tightly as he could.

"I love you so much babe." moaned Ricky.

Calvin turned over so he was face to face with Ricky, then wrapped his arms around Ricky. "I love you just as much my angel." said Calvin softly. "I can't imagine ever waking up without seeing you in my bed."

The two boys kissed deeply for five minutes, before getting out of bed to start their day. Today was canal day, and they wanted to spend some time on deck after breakfast. They actually had to because Tom told them to try to see something else besides the inside of their cabin, and he expected a report on what they saw. From the way Tom chuckled when he said that, they knew he wasn't too serious. They also knew though that they may never get to make this trip again, so they did want to see some of the sights. The two boys did attract some attention as they stood together out on the deck, each boy having one arm around the other. A few people looked at them like they couldn't stand seeing two boys that close together. Some people though gave the boys glances as though they were interested in one or the other, not that Calvin or Ricky noticed. At one point Ricky excused himself to go to the bathroom, and a very handsome young man approached Calvin.

"Hi." said the man. "My name is Gary and I was watching you and your little friend back there. I'm not usually so forward but I was wondering if you might like to come back to my cabin with me for a little while?"

"I'm flattered," said Calvin, "But I'm also spoken for. That little friend you saw me with happens to be my husband."

"Come on, a few minutes with me and I'll make you forget all about him." boasted Gary.

"Maybe now would be a good time to tell you that I'm also sixteen, and the answer is still no thanks." said Calvin. As the man was about to say something else Calvin added, "And I'm a junior Golden Gloves boxing champion."

Gary then moved away quickly without saying another word. At that time Ricky returned from the bathroom.

"Anything interesting happen while I was gone babe?" asked Ricky. Ricky couldn't figure out why Calvin started laughing.

"Just the usual." chuckled Calvin. "Passed through another lock, saw a few trees, had a guy hit on me. Just normal stuff."

"Had a guy hit on you!?!" exclaimed Ricky. "What did you say?"

"We're gonna meet for wild sex in an hour." joked Calvin.

Ricky saw that Calvin was joking so he put on his best pouting face and replied, "Well, I hope you have fun babe."

Calvin put his arm around Ricky and said, "You know I couldn't have fun having wild sex with anyone but you angel." The two boys kissed there on the deck, and that was the last they saw of Panama before going back to their cabin.

Meanwhile, Rusty was sitting next to Allen on the train with his arm around his boyfriend. "Are you looking forward to going to school all summer as much as I am?" asked Rusty.

Allen snuggled against Rusty and replied, "As long as I have every class with my studmuffin, I think I'll make it." Allen giggled at his reply.

"Oh yeah?" asked Rusty. "And who is this 'studmuffin' you're talking about?" Rusty gave Allen's hand a squeeze.

"It's you, silly." replied Allen. "Who else would I call that."

"I don't know, babycakes." said Rusty. "I've never been called that before myself."

"Seriously though," said Allen, "we don't really know how the regular delinquents at summer school will react to us. We did come out in kind of a public way."

"Things will be fine." said Rusty. "At least we don't have to worry about the head delinquent anymore, he'll be lucky just to stay out of prison."

"After what he did to Jimmy, he deserves it." said Allen. "It looks like Chris is doing better now though."

"Yeah," said Rusty, "I'm glad we brought him along. I hope he and Snoopy stay together for a long time."

Allen and Rusty settled in for some serious cuddling, and some occasional kissing, until it was time to say good-bye to Joshy and Manuel in Pittsburgh. Everyone gave a nice hug to the two boys and wished them luck, then the train was on it's way to New York. Shortly after the train left Pittsburgh, Chris stopped by the seats occupied by Rusty and Allen. Chris wedged himself between his friends and the back of the seat in front of them, then sat down on both boys knees.

"Not too long ago I thought my life was over." said Chris. "The boy that I loved with all my heart was taken from me, and I was left totally empty inside. I didn't have any idea how I would be able to go on without Jimmy." Chris stopped for a moment to wipe a tear from his cheek, then continued, "Then you two go and invite me on this trip. At first I didn't know if I wanted to come along or not, but you guys insisted that I come with you. Then, your friend Shane hooks me up with his friend Snoopy. There aren't any words to express how much I love you guys for bringing me on this trip. I know Snoopy isn't Jimmy, and no one will ever replace him, but Snoopy is the sweetest and kindest boy I have ever met. He's also cute as hell. I'll never forget Jimmy cause he was a great friend, one of the greatest, but now I don't feel like my life is over. It certainly isn't going to be empty anymore either, Snoopy wants to be my boyfriend and I definitely want to be his boyfriend too. I can't even begin to tell you guys how lucky I am to have two friends like you." With that Chris kissed Rusty and Allen both on the lips.

"I'm so happy for both of you guys." said Allen. "I hope you and Snoopy are together for a very long time. You both deserve it."

"Yeah," said Rusty. "I think you guys were meant to be with each other, kinda like Allen and me. If you are happy with Snoopy then we're glad that we could help both of you guys. I hope you and Snoopy find your own beach together without going through what we did to find it."

At that time Kyle and Tyler were passing by. "Hey!" exclaimed Kyle. "That reminds me, you guys still owe us a story about a beach."

"You're right," said Rusty, "we do owe you guys a story, don't we?"

Rusty and Allen gathered everyone together so everyone could hear the story, then the group headed to the lounge so they could gather around Rusty and Allen. Rusty started the story on Valentine's Day, when Allen was kidnapped and he realized that he loved Allen. There were a lot of scared faces as Rusty told the group what he knew about the events at Robert Wilson's house that night, and then again when Rusty got to the accident which put him in his own hospital bed. Then the guys started looking at their boyfriends dreamily as Rusty told them about the beach. At that point Rusty let Allen take over telling the story, as he held his boyfriend's hand. Allen told everything he could remember. There were quite a few laughs during the story, then quite a few times where everyone would give their boyfriend a hug. The part about the sandcastle got both laughs and hugs from the group. By the time Allen finished telling the story, most of the guys had a few tears forming in their eyes.

"I hope you two know that you guys share a bond that very few people in the world have with each other." said Greg. "That was the most touching story I have ever heard, and now I can see why you boys act as if you were one person at times. I've often thought there may be more to this world than what we can see every day."

"That was totally freakin' awesome, dudes!" exclaimed Tyler. "Do you guys know how many times I've wished for a place like that to spend time with Kyle? You guys are so lucky, ...except for the part about the coma, of course!" The last remark got a round of laughs from everyone, including Allen and Rusty.

The group stayed together in the lounge, taking turns asking Allen and Rusty questions about what they went through. Without realizing it, the group talked until they arrived in New York. The trip back was different though, in that the next train to Florida would not leave New York until the next morning. Greg had booked a suite overnight at The Plaza and it would be large enough for the entire group, including Kyle and Tyler, to spend one last night together.

Back aboard the ship, as the vessel gently maneuvered through the canal, Calvin gently maneuvered his cock into Ricky.

"Oh Calvin!" moaned Ricky. "I love you so much when you're inside me."

"And you don't love me when I'm not?" asked Calvin playfully.

"Well, I do like you a whole lot." said Ricky. "Of course I love you silly, I just love it even more when we're together like this."

"You mean like this?" asked Calvin as he withdrew slightly, then thrust his cock into Ricky.

"Oh God yes!" Ricky almost screamed. "Make me feel you inside me now babe."

Calvin began pumping his huge cock in and out of Ricky, gently but firmly at first. Then when Ricky would begin to push back against his lover, Calvin would pick up the pace. After about ten minutes of the best sex that either boy had ever felt, Calvin began to grunt as he built up toward his orgasm. Ricky responded to his lover by moaning for more. Calvin began thrusting into Ricky so hard that he was sure that he was going to hurt the boy, but Ricky only moaned louder about how great Calvin felt inside him. At this point both boys were sweating profusely and grasping madly at each other. Finally Calvin could hold back no more, as he shot the most massive load of his life into Ricky. Ricky grunted uncontrollably as he felt his rectum being filled by Calvin's cum.

"Oh God!" Ricky almost cried. "I know your cum is going to come out of me when I get up, but I want it to stay in there forever!"

"It's a good thing I ran across this in a shop in the last port then." said Calvin.

Calvin produced a flexible round ball, a little less than the size of a tennis ball, that was attached to a long and narrow rubber base. A knob was sticking out of the bottom of the base.

"What in the world is that?" asked Ricky.

"You'll find out my angel." said Calvin with a grin on his face. He then placed the ball against Ricky's pucker and pushed firmly but gently. As the ball slipped inside of Ricky, Calvin continued to explain. "You see, I place the bulb inside of you. Then I turn this knob on the bottom. As I turn the knob, the bulb flattens out and gets bigger in diameter. Finally the bulb gets to the point where it won't come out unless I let it come out. Don't let me turn the knob until it hurts, okay my love?"

"You mean I can keep that whole load of yours inside me for as long as I want?" asked Ricky. "That is so damn cool!"

"The guy that sold it to me said not to leave it in for too long." said Calvin. "It could interfere with your natural bowel movements, and that wouldn't be good. He said only twelve to sixteen hours if you've just pooped, tops. Also, the base is so flat that you can put your clothes on over it, and no one will know that it's there except for us."

"I love how you think of everything," said Ricky, "but what made you think of something like that?"

"Because every time I fuck you and you feel my cum running down your leg, you look so disappointed." said Calvin. "I wanted you to be able to keep it inside you, where it seems to make you happy."

"You have no idea how happy I'm going to be," replied Ricky, "feeling your juice slosh around inside me for the rest of the day."

"If your happy, then I'm happy my angel." said Calvin.

Calvin finally finished tightening the bulb until it would not come out, or let anything seep out around it. Then the two boys embraced as they explored each other's mouths for a few more minutes. Soon though it was time to get cleaned up so they could go to dinner. Calvin carefully bathed Ricky's backside and butt, while examining the plug to make sure nothing was leaking out around it. When he was happy that the plug was in tight enough, both boys rinsed off then got dressed for dinner. Calvin laughed as he watched Ricky wiggle down the hallway so he could feel Calvin's cum inside of him. It looked as though Ricky were doing some sort of strange new dance, but whenever he felt Calvin's load move inside him it made Ricky smile from ear to ear.

After dinner the boys had planned to go dancing. The teen club on board the ship had one night set aside during the cruise as gay teen night, and Calvin and Ricky didn't want to miss it. When they first walked through the door of the club, Calvin and Ricky thought they had made a mistake because the room was almost crowded. After they looked around though they noticed that the boys were dancing with other boys, and the girls were dancing with other girls.

"Damn!" exclaimed Calvin. "Family!"

Both boys hurried into the club and began having a great time. They found out that a lot of the kids there knew about this night of the cruise, which was why they convinced their parents to take this particular cruise. The boys began making friends right away, and both received a fair amount of compliments from the other kids. Everyone agreed that Ricky was a great dancer, although they didn't know that he had a little help that night. The party was so much fun that everyone seemed to stay until the club closed for the night. Calvin and Ricky got along well with everyone that night, especially a young couple named Sean and Devon. They were both the same age as Calvin and Ricky, and they got along so well together that Calvin and Ricky invited them back to their cabin for the night. On the way back the four boys decided that they would make love to their own boyfriends in the company of their new friends.

Once inside the cabin all four boys began undressing their boyfriends, then they all laid back naked on the oversized bed. Calvin rolled Ricky onto his side then began to kiss him.

"What's that in your butt, Ricky?" asked Sean.

"I put a plug in him to keep my cum from leaking out of him earlier." replied Calvin.

"Wow!" exclaimed Devon. "You put that much cum in him?"

"What do you think?" asked Calvin, as he showed the boys his pride.

Both boys stared wide-eyed in admiration at Calvin's erect nine inch cock, and his testicles which were the size of billiard balls. Calvin laughed gently as the two boys almost began drooling.

"Damn Ricky," said Sean, "you are one lucky dude to have a boyfriend who is that well blessed!"

"Don't I know it!" replied Ricky. "My Calvin is so much fun to make love to that I don't know what I'd do without him."

Devon was getting so turned on by this scene that he began stroking his boyfriend as his boyfriend was talking to Ricky.

"And Ricky has been wiggling his cute bubble butt around so much this evening that I have to eat it now." said Calvin. "I'm gonna try to do as good a job on you as you usually do on me."

Calvin turned Ricky over so that the other two boys could watch him put his tongue into Ricky if they wanted to. When Calvin removed the plug his cum began leaking out of Ricky's butt. Calvin dived into Ricky's butt, tongue first, as the two boys who were watching both exclaimed, "Wow!"

That was all Devon could take. He turned around in the bed so that he could take Sean into a sixty-nine position. Calvin paused as he and Ricky looked over at the other boys and watched them suck each other vigorously. Calvin and Ricky smiled, then Calvin returned to work on Ricky's butt. Calvin drove his tongue into Ricky as deeply as he could, and began to eat his cum out of Ricky's rectum. When Calvin had finished with that pleasure, he and Ricky got into a sixty-nine position themselves. Devon and Sean paused so they could watch Ricky take Calvin's huge cock into his mouth. Ricky began sucking on the head of Calvin's cock, then started sliding his lips down the shaft. Devon and Sean were amazed when Ricky took Calvin's cock about halfway into his mouth, but then Ricky swallowed and kept going further down. Devon and Sean could not turn their attention away from the other two boys at this point. They watched intently as Ricky's lips surrounded the base of Calvin's cock. The boys moved in for a closer view as Ricky's throat began to massage the top part of Calvin's cock, and his tongue began to massage the bottom part. By this time the boys had moved in so close that Calvin thought he might have three boys sucking his cock at any time.

Devon put his hand against Ricky's throat and felt Calvin's cock lodged inside it. "Wow dude!" exclaimed Devon. "I can't believe how far Calvin's cock is down your throat. That must be an unbelievable feeling."

As Devon was massaging Ricky's throat, Sean was massaging Calvin's large balls. "Damn!" exclaimed Sean. "I'll bet every time Calvin cums, he fills your stomach with it. These are the largest balls I've ever seen in my life."

Ricky finally backed off Calvin's cock to get some air and respond to Sean. Devon felt the head of Calvin's cock slide out of Ricky's throat, which caused him to gasp slightly.

"On a good day he can probably shoot about a half pint out of those balls." beamed Ricky. "It tastes pretty good too. I usually don't waste a drop of it."

"Can I?" asked Devon, as he pointed at Calvin's throbbing cock. "I'm not trying to take anything away from you dude, I'm just so curious about how it feels in your mouth."

"Yeah!" exclaimed Sean. "Me too! Just for a moment, please dude?"

"Well," said Ricky, "we are on our honeymoon now." Then he looked at Devon and Sean, who's faces were pleading with him. "I guess a few moments wouldn't hurt, as long as it's okay with Calvin." Ricky then got up onto his knees, with his cock still in Calvin's mouth, as he asked, "What about it babe? Would it be okay for these two to see what you feel like?"

Calvin nodded yes without letting Ricky's cock slip out of his mouth. Devon and Sean were both excited beyond belief. First Devon opened his mouth and placed the head of Calvin's cock against his lips. Devon opened his mouth as wide as he could, then began taking Calvin's cock into it. Calvin's cock proved to be a mouthful for Devon while he was still a little short of the halfway mark. Devon spent about two minutes stroking Calvin's cock with his tongue as best as he could, before letting it slide out of his mouth.

"That was incredible dude!" exclaimed Devon. "I've never had my mouth so full of cock in my life, and you can actually feel it throbbing. I really respect how you can take it all the way down your throat the way you do. That is so fucking cool!"

Then it was Sean's turn. At first he had trouble even getting the head of Calvin's cock into his mouth, but once it slid in Sean did a little better with it. Once again only about half of Calvin's cock could be engulfed by the mouth that surrounded it. Sean couldn't do much with his tongue though, so he slid Calvin's cock back and forth in his mouth a few times. After a few minutes he started to back off Calvin's cock, and gave the head a few swipes with his tongue before letting it slip from his mouth.

"I can't believe how that felt!" exclaimed Sean. "It's too bad I can't suck his cock the way it deserves to be sucked. I mean this in a very good way Ricky, you are some kind of god when it comes to cocksucking. I can tell that Calvin needs you because you are probably the only one who can suck him the way he should be sucked."

"Thanks guys." said Ricky. "You guys are both so cool. I'm really glad we met you."

"Me too!" mumbled Calvin unintelligibly, because his mouth was still full of Ricky's cock.

"Well," said Ricky, "my husband needs me to do something for him now."

With that, Ricky took Calvin's cock back into his mouth. Devon and Sean also resumed their sixty-nine, although they watched Ricky and Calvin out of the corner of their eye while doing it. Devon and Sean did suck each other with more intensity than they had before though, and after five minutes they were almost ready to cum. Ricky was very close to an orgasm himself, so three of the boys ended up cumming into the mouths of their lovers at almost the same time. Even though Devon and Sean were almost exhausted, they sat up to watch Ricky suck Calvin's cock. After two more minutes Calvin began bucking around underneath Ricky, so the boys knew he was very close. As Calvin began to cum his whole body began to jerk around, and Ricky swallowed as hard and fast as he could to keep up. Devon and Sean were amazed as they watched Ricky drain Calvin's massive orgasm. When it was over all four naked boys slumped onto the bed and fell fast asleep in a tangle of limbs and torsos.

Okay everyone, I want to know one thing. Did I manage to drain everyone with that one? lol. I really needed to write a real cumfest, seeing as how it's been a while. Let me know how I did at: . Thanks everyone and I'll see you again in Part 8.