Summer Of Love

by tim

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Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim

Part 8

That night in the hotel suite, Greg and Toby retired to one room while the rest of the boys all decided to make love to their boyfriends together in the main room. Terry and Shane were in the middle of the room, with Shane on his back and his legs over Terry's shoulders. Terry had himself planted deeply inside of his lover, using long, slow strokes. On their right were Allen and Rusty, who were involved in a slow and passionate "69". The expression on both boys faces showed how much they loved taking each other into their mouths. On the other side of Terry and Shane were Tyler and Kyle. They were also involved in a "69", but at a much more aggressive pace than Allen and Rusty. Finally on the couch was Chris and Snoopy. They were alternating between sucking each other, and taking turns putting their cocks inside each other. Both boys had made sure to clean each other out before they started, so the taste as they alternated back and forth was pleasant. Every once in a while a stray hand would land either on Terry's thigh or butt, or Shane's cock or stomach. Terry would occasionally place his hands on the back of whichever boy was on top on both sides of him, to use some leverage while pushing into Shane. Every boy in the room was grunting and moaning from their efforts.

The first couple to cum was Tyler and Kyle. They shouted their love for each other while cumming into the other boy's mouth. A few minutes later it was Rusty's and Allen's turn. As each boy's mouth was flooded with the other boy's cum they each moaned in complete satisfaction. According to each boy, the other one's cum was the best tasting thing they could ever be treated to. This left Terry still slow fucking his brother, and Chris and Snoopy who had settled into an intense session of sucking. Chris and Snoopy were the next to cum. Just before both boy's cocks erupted they pulled out of each other's mouths and laid side by side. Each boy aimed his load to arch up, then land on the other boy. When their orgasms were over they rubbed their cum into each other, then grasped each other in a tight embrace. Their cum mingled together and smeared between both boys. This left Terry and Shane.

"Hey!" said Kyle. "I'll bet we can make Terry shoot his load into Shane a lot faster." Kyle then whispered his plan to Tyler, Rusty, and Allen, seeing as how Chris and Snoopy were locked together at the lips.

Kyle and Tyler got on each side of Shane and took an ear into each mouth. This caused Shane's rectum to clamp tightly around Terry's throbbing cock. Rusty then reached from behind Terry and began massaging Terry's balls. He didn't massage too hard though, considering Terry's past medical problems. Finally, Allen took a spit soaked finger and inserted it into Terry's ass. When Terry felt Allen's finger go up into him, his cock could no longer hold back it's orgasm. Terry soaked the inside of Shane's rectum with his cum. As soon as his cock had stopped spurting it's load, Terry immediately went down on Shane's cock. He knew after what the other boys had treated them to, Shane would not be able to hold back very long either. Almost as soon as Terry had engulfed Shane's cock with his mouth, Shane began cumming down Terry's throat.

Finally all the boys had cum, and were now exhausted. The rest of the boys pulled Chris and Snoopy down into a massive tangle of naked bodies, with Chris's and Terry's cum now smearing over all the boys. All of the boys immediately fell asleep in that position.

When Greg woke up the next morning and came out into the main room, he immediately went back to the bedroom and woke Toby up. Greg and Toby emerged from the bedroom twenty minutes later with smiles on both of their faces. Then it was time to get ready to go back to Penn Station. When the van arrived at the station everyone got out except for Tyler and Kyle. The boys made plans for Tyler and Kyle to visit Florida over the summer, then said good-bye to their friends. Greg, Toby, and the six remaining boys made their way to their train platform.

Meanwhile, Calvin, Ricky, Devon, and Sean were waking up and untangling themselves from each other.

"I'm glad we met you guys." said Calvin. "Even though this is mine and Ricky's honeymoon, it's still nice to be around other cool guys."

"I know what you mean." said Devon. "This is shaping up to be our best trip ever. Sean and I have talked our parents into taking us on a lot of great trips, but this is going to be one we won't forget."

"We'll have to keep in touch when the cruise is over though." said Ricky. "Maybe you can even come visit us in Orlando soon."

"DID YOU SAY ORLANDO!?!" yelled Sean and Devon in unison. Then both boys began laughing hysterically.

"What's so funny about living in Orlando?" asked Ricky.

"Nothing dudes," replied Sean, "that's were we live."

"Howdy neighbor!" added Devon.

Now Calvin and Ricky were smiling and laughing along with the other two boys. As it turns out, the boys were practically neighbors all along.

"I should have figured it out." said Devon. "I mean your name is Calvin and you are into working out. You're that Calvin guy who is a champion boxer and everyone says will make the Olympics in Beijing. This is too fucking cool dudes!"

"He'll make the Olympics alright," said Ricky, "I'll make sure of it."

"Even if I don't, there's always playing the guitar." joked Calvin, which earned him a glare from Ricky. "Take it easy Tiger, I was just kidding."

"Do you play the guitar though?" asked Devon.

"Yeah he does," said Ricky, "and he is pretty good at it. Hopefully someday I'll be as good on the keyboards."

"This is so sweet!" exclaimed Devon. "I play the drums and Sean plays bass. We have to jam sometime dudes!"

"Only if our friend Rusty can sing." said Calvin. "He sang a song at our school's talent show that blew everyone away."

"That's no problem," replied Sean, "Neither of us are very strong singers anyway."

The four boys continued to talk for the rest of the morning, getting to know each other better. Devon and Sean were both impressed that Calvin was such a good boxer that he might go to the Olympics, despite the fact that he seemed so openly gay. They began seeing Calvin as an inspiration for other gay teens, and were thrilled by the chance of becoming friends with Calvin and Ricky.

Allen and Rusty sat in their berth talking. This had been the best time they had ever had. They made a few really good friends, and another close friend was pulling out of one of the toughest things anyone can go through. They were thinking that things couldn't get any better until they remembered that their summer vacation would basically be over when they returned home.

"I'm really nervous about going back to school now that we are out." said Allen.

"Yeah," replied Rusty, "I guess we really didn't get much of a chance to find out what the other kid's reactions would be. Don't worry though, we will be together. Whatever happens we will have each other to help us out."

"I'm pretty sure what some of the kid's reactions will be." said Allen.

"You mean Joe's friends, huh?" asked Rusty.

"I don't think they're going to be happy to see us." said Allen. "They're probably every bit as bad as he is."

"Well, maybe with Joe looking at going to prison it will make them think before they do anything." replied Rusty.

"You give them an awful lot of credit." said Allen. "What makes you think that they are actually capable of thinking?"

"You're right." said Rusty. "I guess if they could think they wouldn't be permanent residents at summer school. At least this is the only year that we will have to go through that. I'm sure we'll be fine babe."

"Okay angel," replied Allen, "I trust you."

Allen and Rusty drew each other into an embrace that turned into an incredible love making session. The rest of the trip home saw the two boys preparing themselves for what laid ahead of them this summer. They felt that as long as they stayed together that no one would be able hurt them though.

The rest of Calvin and Ricky's honeymoon saw the two boys developing their new friendship with Devon and Sean. They couldn't wait to introduce their new friends to Allen and Rusty. They felt that it could only help the safety of their group to expand their numbers, and besides Devon and Sean were really cool guys.

Once the train arrived in Orlando Chris told Allen and Rusty that he was going to go to Snoopy's house for a little while, but he would stop by later. Allen and Rusty gave their friend a brief hug and told him that they would see him later. Then they went to the front of the station, where Mike was waiting for them.

"Hey boys!" said Mike, as Allen and Rusty got into the car. "It's good to have you home. The house has been awfully quiet with you two gone."

"What happened to Beth?" asked Rusty. "I know if she was there you wouldn't be able to say that." Rusty and Allen laughed at Rusty's remark, which even made Mike chuckle.

"Nah," said Mike, "your sister is doing fine. I guess she missed you too."

Beth did indeed miss Rusty, because as soon as he walked in the door Beth was all over him. "What did you get me? What did you get me?" asked Beth.

"You're right dad," said Rusty, "she really missed me."

"Beth!" scolded Mike. "Don't attack your brother as soon as he walks through the door. Give him at least thirty seconds first."

Rusty rolled his eyes and said, "Some help you are dad." Then he turned to Beth and said, "Hey little sis, don't worry. I would never forget about you." Rusty reached into a bag and pulled out a multi-colored hat with the park's name on it and a horn attached to the top. "First I got you this, just in case mom and dad thinks that you're too quiet."

"Cool hat!" squealed Beth as she immediately put it on and began honking the horn for all it was worth.

"That's not all." said Rusty. He then pulled out several stuffed animals that he had set aside for Beth.

Beth squealed with delight at each stuffed animal, proclaiming each one was the best she had ever seen. Then Beth jumped up and hugged Rusty. "Thanks big brother, I love you."

"No problem sis," said Rusty, "I love you too." Then Rusty turned and whispered in Allen's ear, "But I liked the way you thanked me for yours even better."

Beth couldn't understand why Allen had suddenly doubled over laughing. She just passed it off as Rusty and Allen being silly boys, then she immediately began pairing her new toys off to be married to each other. Life in the Cooper house was back to normal.

Later that evening, after Allen and Rusty had finished a love-making session, Chris and Snoopy stopped by the Cooper house. Allen had called him at Greg's earlier and told Chris that his mother would be there that evening, and she wanted to see Chris to see how he was doing. Judith was amazed at the difference in Chris after he had returned from the trip. Also, everyone could tell how much in love Chris and Snoopy were. It made Mike feel very good that he had helped Greg get custody of Snoopy. Not only did it help a boy who had no where to turn to, but it also seemed to help Chris, who everyone was worried about before the trip.

All four boys finally made it to Allen's and Rusty's room alone and were talking to each other when Rusty's phone rang. "Hello," said Rusty into the phone, "how can I do you?"

"Nobody does me anymore except for my baby." said Calvin.

"Hey Calvin," replied Rusty, "how's the cruise going?"

"Pretty good dude." said Calvin. "Ricky says hello. I'm on the ship to shore phone right now, so I'll have to keep it brief."

"Okay," said Rusty, "what's up?"

"We're going to be back in port Saturday morning." said Calvin. "I was wondering if we could plan on getting together Saturday afternoon. Ricky and I made two new friends we would like you to meet."

"That sounds great!" said Rusty. "We'd like you to meet several new friends we made too. Tell you what, I still owe Allen a speedo pool party so why don't we do that and make it a get acquainted party at the same time?"

"That my friend, is an awesome idea!" exclaimed Calvin. "I can't wait!"

"It's a done deal then." said Rusty. "I'll let everyone on this end know about it. See you guys Saturday then dude."

"Okay," said Calvin, "we'll see you guys Saturday."

After Rusty hung up the phone, he let everyone in on the plans. All the boys were very excited about the party on Saturday. Allen and Rusty joked that it would be an end of summer vacation party for them. When Rusty told Mike and Emily about their plans, they agreed to take Beth and go out for the afternoon and evening. They had plenty of shopping to do for the new babies anyway.

Saturday finally rolled around and Calvin and Ricky were preparing to leave the ship. Before they left to meet Tom, Calvin gave directions to his place to Devon and Sean. The boys agreed to meet Calvin and Ricky in a couple of hours.

"How was the trip, son?' asked Tom when Calvin and Ricky found him. "I hope you boys saw more than just the inside of your cabin."

Calvin laughed and replied, "Yeah dad, it was great. Ricky and me even made a couple new friends. They're going to come by this afternoon, then we're going to go to Rusty's house. It's his and Allen's only chance to have a party before they go back to school."

"I guess that will be fine son." said Tom. "So, what was the trip like?"

"It was so cool!" exclaimed Calvin. "I"ll never be able to thank you enough for letting us go. Mexico was great, and so was Belize and Jamaica. Panama was okay, but The Bahamas were awesome."

"Well," said Tom, "I guess you boys did spend some time out of your cabin." Tom then laughed, and was joined by Calvin and Ricky.

"Don't worry," said Calvin, "we saw plenty of our cabin too."

"Yeah," said Ricky, "we got to talk about a lot of things, and I'm going to do whatever I have to to make sure my babe goes to Beijing in four years." Ricky then gave Calvin a very loving kiss on the lips.

"I'm very glad to hear that." said Tom as he smiled at the two boys kissing.

When they got home Calvin and Ricky unpacked, then began picking out a couple of speedos for the party. Calvin was normally very careful about choosing speedos, considering the size of the package that they had to contain. Today though he picked out his powder blue with neon red trimmed pair. They showed off his bulge more than any other pair he owned.

When Ricky saw Calvin he gulped, then said, "This is going to be one hell of a party if you're wearing those."

"Don't worry babe." said Calvin. "What this thing is covering is only for you."

"I know babe," said Ricky, "and it makes me feel like the luckiest boy alive." Ricky then embraced Calvin with one arm and ran his free hand over the huge bulge in Calvin's swimsuit.

"I love you my angel," said Calvin, "but if we start that, we might not make it to the party."

"Who cares." moaned Ricky.

Just then, Devon and Sean pulled into Calvin's driveway. Calvin and Ricky separated and managed to throw some clothes on over their swimsuits just as the door bell rang.

"There's a couple of boys here for you Calvin and Ricky." shouted Tom from the living room.

Calvin and Ricky came out to the living room, and Calvin said, "Dad, this is Devon and Sean. They are the two friends we made on the cruise. Devon and Sean, this is my dad and coach, Tom DeBarry."

"It's nice to meet you sir." said Devon as he held his hand out toward Tom for a handshake.

"It's nice to meet you boys too." said Tom. "Any friends of Calvin and Ricky are welcome here anytime."

"Thank you sir." said Sean as he held his hand out for a handshake too.

After the introductions were complete the boys headed out the door, and were off to what was sure to be the party of the summer.

I know everyone wants to read about the party, but I want to save that for the next chapter. Rest assured that it will be a very hot party though. lol. Please send all comments to: . See you at the party in Part 9.