Summer Of Love

by tim

Woo-hoo! It's time for a speedo party! I hope everyone has their favorite speedo pics ready, this should be fun. Sorry about the delay, my new story has been taking up a lot of my writing time. Now though I am only working on weekends, so I should be able to get a lot more writing done over the next few months. This story is © 2004 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy or post to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story so any similarities to actual persons or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teenage males, which is the best kind. If this subject offends you or you should not be reading this type of story, you should really find different sites to visit. lol. You also assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: . Thanks for continuing to read Allen and enjoy this chapter.

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Allen 2: Summer Of Love - by tim the story guy

Part 9

Allen and Rusty anxiously waited at Rusty's house for the party guests to begin arriving. All the preparations for the party were ready, so Allen and Rusty were able to get in some kissing and cuddling while they waited. They were also ready to greet their guest in only their speedos, so the other boys at the party would make themselves comfortable more easily. The only problem was that their speedos were now sporting pretty noticeable bulges.

The first guests to arrive were Chris and Snoopy, who did not let the bulges in Allen's and Rusty's speedos go unnoticed.

"Hey dudes." said Chris when Rusty and Allen let them in. "I would ask you guys what you've been up to, but you seem to have taken the fun out of that question."

"Ha-ha," said Rusty, "yuk it up dude. I'll bet you and Snoopy get hard as soon as you're in your speedos too. Besides we just wanted to let everyone know that we're ready to party."

"You guys sure do look like you're ready for something." said Snoopy. "I'm just not sure it's a party, unless we plan on having another orgy." Snoopy and Chris high-fived each other as they laughed.

"Okay," said Allen, "let's just get you guys into your speedos and see how long you keep laughing."

Allen and Rusty smiled at Chris and Snoopy to get them to take them up on their challenge. It did work, because Chris and Snoopy decided to play along. As they were stripping down to their speedos, Shane, Terry, and Toby showed up at the door.

"Hey Toby," said Rusty, "we didn't know if you would come along without Greg or not. We're happy that you did though."

"I had to." replied Toby. "Greg thought you boys might need some kind of adult supervision."

"Just our luck." said Allen. "We've invited a bunch of comedians to the party. You're all of two years older than most of us Toby."

Everyone laughed at the last remark, and then began talking as they waited for the rest of the guests to arrive. Shane, Terry, and Toby decided to go ahead and make themselves more comfortable by joining the other boys in their speedos. Just as the group was getting ready to head out to the pool area, the rest of the guests arrived.

"Hey dudes," said Rusty, "come on in. We were just about ready to start without you."

Calvin looked the room over and asked, "Just what were you getting ready to start?"

"Okay dude," said Rusty, "we already have enough comedians at this party. Let me introduce everyone. Calvin and Ricky already know Chris over here, the guy that's almost attached to him now is Dustin but all of his friends call him Snoopy. Then we have Shane, his boyfriend Terry, and his dad's boyfriend Toby." Rusty then looked toward Shane and the gang as he pointed to the new guests, and continued. "You guys, I'd like you to meet Calvin and his husband Ricky. I'll let Calvin introduce the other two because we haven't exactly met yet."

"Okay everyone," said Calvin as he first pointed toward Devon, "this is Devon and the other guy is Devon's boyfriend, Sean. We met them on our honeymoon and got along great with them right off the bat."

"Well," said Allen, "we trust Calvin and Ricky's judgement so welcome to our gang. Make yourselves at home while you're around us."

Everyone spent a few minutes shaking hands and saying hello. Most of the boys were making several new friends today, and everyone started getting along well with each other. Then Rusty suggested that Calvin, Ricky, Devon, and Sean should strip down to their speedos so the party could head out to the pool. When Calvin got down to his speedos, most of the room took a good look. Although most of the group knew what to expect by seeing Calvin in a speedo, four gasps could be heard in the room.

"Dude!" exclaimed Shane. "I hope you know how truly blessed you are to have a package like that! And Ricky is a very lucky boy to be married to a guy like you." Just then Terry gave Shane a light punch on the shoulder. "I'm sorry babe," said Shane, "I was just trying to be honest. You know I love you more than anyone else in the world my brother."

"I know," said Terry, "I just thought I should make you say it."

Everyone laughed, and Calvin began to get more comfortable in just his speedos. Then all the boys headed out to the pool patio. Rusty and Allen already had a large cooler full of sodas ready for the party, along with chips and several party subs that they had worked on as soon as they got off the phone with Calvin earlier. All the boys wanted a light snack before jumping into the pool, so they spent the time getting to know each other better.

"So," said Devon, "I take it that everyone here is gay, right?"

"Absolutely!" replied Allen. "We're putting together quite a club here."

"That is so cool!" exclaimed Devon. "It makes Sean and I feel much better knowing that there are so many others like us in this town."

Before jumping into the pool, Rusty stood up to lay down a few rules. "Okay guys, we want this to be a great party. There are quite a few dudes here today that have never met before though. I just want everyone to remember that all of us have really great boyfriends or husbands, but there is bound to be a little touchy feely going on in the pool. Just remember that it is just someone who is a little curious about his new friend and wants to know them better. Try to take it as the compliment that it was meant to be. No one is going to expect to do anything sexual with anyone except the special guy in their life." Rusty was glad that he remembered the little speech that his dad had came up with for him. He was sure that he would have forgotten how his dad had put it, but he got the whole speech right.

Then everyone began jumping into the pool. The first thing that everyone decided on was a giant game of water tag. Sometimes the boy who was tagged "it" would chase after the others across the top of the water. A more favored tactic though turned out to be disappearing under the water to sneak up on someone from below. The first victim of this tactic was Calvin, who was tagged right on his bulge by Toby.

Toby 's head came up out of the water, with Toby grinning as he said, "Sorry dude, I couldn't resist. You made the most attractive target from below."

"Don't worry dude," replied Calvin, "I think I may have to get use to that today."

Then both boys laughed and shook hands, and Calvin was off in search of a victim. At first he swam around on top of the water, picking out the slowest swimmer. Then he went below water to track his victim down. When Calvin began coming up, his hand was the first thing to break the water right next to Snoopy. Then Calvin's hand came down right on Snoopy's butt.

"Tag!" said Calvin. "You're it."

"That was a nice tag." said Snoopy. "I'll have to remember that one."

Now the slowest swimmer was off in search of someone to tag. Everyone decided to have a little fun and tease the poor boy by swimming right past him, just out of his reach. After about ten minutes Snoopy was beginning to get frustrated. Then one of the boys stopped in the water to readjust his speedo. As the boy's cock became uncovered Snoopy thought to himself, "Wait a minute! I'd know that cock anywhere." Snoopy swam up from the bottom of the pool and grabbed ahold of Chris's flaccid cock.

When Snoopy's head broke the surface he said, "You're probably the fastest swimmer here. You didn't do that on purpose did you?"

Chris winked at Snoopy and said, "I'll teach them to pick on my boyfriend." Then he gave Snoopy a kiss and was off to tag Calvin back for Snoopy.

Chris tracked Calvin down in no time, but wanted to make this tag something special. Chris came at Calvin head on and grabbed ahold of Calvin's speedo as he tagged him. Then Chris stripped the speedo down Calvin's legs and off very quickly. Calvin stopped dead in the water when he realized that he had been stripped, and began looking around for his speedo. It emerged from the water in Chris's hand.

"Tag dude!" exclaimed Chris. "You're it, but you might want to put this back on first." Then Chris flung the speedo up onto the patio.

"It's a good thing that we're such good friends." said Calvin. "I'd have to get you back for that if we weren't."

Everyone stopped and watched as Calvin's wet and naked body rose up out of the pool. His firm, athletic body glistened in the sunlight as he walked over to his speedo. Then Calvin decided to give everyone what they wanted, so he turned to face the pool before picking up his speedo. This was accompanied by several loud wolf whistles and cat calls. Calvin stood there with his hands on his ribcage and thrust his hips outward several times. This immediately brought Ricky out of the water.

"Is there someplace we can go to know?" asked Ricky.

"This back yard is extremely private." replied Rusty. "Just throw down a blanket and have fun. I'm sure that some of us will be doing the same thing before too long."

Everyone watched as Ricky put a blanket down, then locked his lips to Calvin's. After a few minutes Ricky laid down on his back on the blanket, and had Calvin kneel between his legs. Some of the boys were amazed as Calvin pushed his massive cock into his husband. The smile on Ricky's face left no doubt though about how much he enjoyed being filled with Calvin's cock.

"I've been practicing something my angel." said Calvin as he slid slowly in and out of Ricky. "I want to see if it works while we're like this."

The onlookers were even more amazed when Calvin bent over further than anyone thought possible, and took Ricky's cock into his mouth as he continued to slide in and out of Ricky's ass.

Everyone was out of the water in just a few minutes, and spreading out blankets. Toby remained in the water and watched Calvin and Ricky as he thought, "That guy has got to teach me how to do that to Greg." After a few minutes Toby decided that it would be a good time to take care of a few things in the bathroom.

Meanwhile in the backyard, Calvin was hungrily sucking Ricky as his cock continued filling Ricky's butt. Allen and Rusty had taken their favorite "69" position, while Shane had his cock inside Terry and his lips locked to Terry's lips. Devon and Sean were also in a "69" position, but with one finger up each other's butts. Finally, Snoopy and Chris had decided to take themselves inside each other, one at a time. Snoopy started laying face down with Chris on top of, and inside of him. Once Chris had filled Snoopy with his cum, the two boys would then trade positions. Toby went back out just long enough to put some soft, romantic music on the stereo on the patio, then went back inside to talk dirty to Greg on the phone. Toby would occasionally look out the window and describe what was going on to Greg as he slowly stroked himself. Then Greg would tell Toby what he wished they were doing right now. Between grunts and moans Toby would tell Greg how what Greg was describing would make him feel.

The first pair to cum were Calvin and Ricky. This new experience was just too much for either of them to hold out too long. As Calvin's cum began shooting into Ricky's insides, Ricky began filling Calvin's mouth with his cum. When it was over, Calvin straightened up and collapsed onto Ricky. Then Calvin took his husband into his arms.

The next to cum were Allen and Rusty. They both shot their cum into each other's mouths at almost the exact same time. Then Rusty quickly turned around so the two could put their lips together and let their loads mingle together in each other's mouths.

As Toby described the scene to Greg on the phone, he could hear Greg on the other end of the line approaching an orgasm. Toby listened to Greg's grunts and moans over the phone line, and imagined himself there watching the man he loved bring himself to an orgasm. A few moments after Greg had finished his orgasm, it was his turn to listen to Toby bringing himself to an orgasm. Greg listened to the sounds of pleasure coming from his young lover, and whispered words of love to Toby over the phone as Toby shot his load of cum. The two remained on the phone for several minutes after they were both done, telling each other how much they loved the other.

A few minutes later Devon and Sean, who were trying to hold off as long as possible, gave in to their bodies demand for release. Once they had consumed each other's offering from within, they removed their fingers from the other boy's butt. Each boy then sucked his own finger clean and both boys fell over in a tight embrace.

Next was Shane and Terry. The friction of Shane's body trapping Terry's cock between the two boys, plus the feeling of Shane's cock inside of him caused Terry to cum between the two boys. When Shane felt the warm cum beginning to cover his and Terry's stomachs, Shane began shooting his cum inside of his brother.

As Terry was being filled by Shane's cum he moaned out, "I love you so much my brother."

"Now it's my favorite time." replied Shane. "I get to lick my brother clean."

Both boys eagerly licked each other until all of the cum had been licked from their bodies. Then they locked their arms around each other and fell into a deep kiss.

That left Chris and Snoopy. By this time Chris had already cum inside Snoopy, and now Snoopy was on top of Chris. Snoopy was putting his cock into Chris very lovingly, but with as much strength as he could. Chris was moaning loudly with pleasure from the feeling of his boyfriend's cock deep inside of him. When Chris's rectum began clenching around Snoopy's cock, Snoopy could hold off no longer. Chris shouted out his love for Snoopy as he felt Snoopy's cum splash into his insides.

Toby then rejoined everyone outside, and all of the boys relaxed for a few minutes before jumping back into the pool. This time though all of the boys decided to forget the speedos, and jumped in naked. The pool was a wonderful sight of naked boys butts, as the boys all basked in the new friendships that they had formed today. After the boys had cleaned themselves off from their love-making, they came out of the pool. As everyone put their speedos back on, Rusty called out for pizzas. After the pizzas arrived and were consumed, the boys let their food settle before jumping back into the pool. This time as they played in the water, the touching came a little more freely. Each of the boys spent some time getting to know their new friends a little better. As far as each boy there was concerned, they had never had so many hands from so many boys touching their bodies. Each of the boys controlled themselves though, and the touching was never anything more than a boy examining his new friend a little better.

By the time the party had ended that evening the boys had held another round of love-making with their respective boyfriends or husbands. The boys now felt that they had formed a very solid group of friends, which would help some of them who had come out rather publicly. Devon and Sean also threw out the idea of getting together sometime and jamming out some music. Not only were Calvin and Ricky interested, but several more of the boys either expressed interest in joining them, or having someone teach them to play so they could join in. All the boys left the party that night feeling that something very special had happened to them today.

After all the guests had left, Rusty and Allen sat on the sofa with their arms around each other. Now it was time for the two boys to prepare themselves for summer school, and they were both somewhat nervous about the prospect.

Don't you wish you could have received an invitation to that party? lol. Once again, thanks for waiting patiently for this part. In the future there should not be anymore long delays between posts. Please send all comments to: . See you in part 10, as Rusty and Allen return to school.