Allen 3

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 1

Allen and Rusty didn't have a very long break before returning to school, but they were happy anyway. They were now Juniors in high school, one of their friends had become a part of the family, their best friend had come in second in the mens national championships in boxing, their group was becoming very well liked locally, and best of all, their school was safer for everyone. Their summer had been a real season of change for the boys, and they were now looking forward to the future.

Things were looking up for their friends Shane, Terry, and Snoopy as well. The three boys would soon be going through the final adoption process, making Greg their legal dad. Also, after several delays by the lawyer Greg hired, the young man who had been charged in killing the man who was going to rape and kill Terry, was acquitted on all charges. Greg was going to pay for him and his family to spend some time in Florida, to put this period of their lives behind them once and for all.

When the first meeting during the school year came around for the Gay Students and Friends Alliance, there was some harassment of the group, but it was nothing like what Rusty, Allen, and their friends had been through with Steve and his gang. After Steve and his gang had been permanently expelled from school, the football team took the position that they would stay out of it. No one on the team wanted to risk a chance to play football for something that they saw as none of their business, and the principal commended the boys on their tolerance and understanding. The Alliance took the position that they would try to reach out to everyone, to make as many friends as possible. They knew that everyone wouldn't be accepting of their offer of friendship, but they hoped to reach enough students to make their school a safe place for everyone. The first thing the Alliance did was to form a committee to plan events that would bring straight and gay kids together to have fun. They hoped that by doing this, everyone would realize that they weren't that different from each other.

Calvin was making a huge difference to the group. After doing so well in the mens national championships, everyone respected him whether they wanted to or not. Calvin also was not shy about letting people know that he was gay, and no one said anything to his face about it. And with Rusty continuing to help Calvin train, he was quickly becoming the second best amateur boxer in the city. As a matter of fact, Tom was now starting to concentrate some of the training on Rusty. The rest of the school's Gay A-Team consisted of Snoopy and Allen. Snoopy had started to become somewhat popular himself, considering he was a black belt in karate. Allen was also steadily improving in his martial arts training as well. The football team would actually joke with the four boys that gay or not, they would like them to go to their opponents schools and beat up their competition for them.

One time Rusty replied, "There's no need for that. You guys are the best football team in the state anyway!" Rusty immediately made a few friends on the team with that remark.

About a month into the school year, as Rusty, Allen, and Joe were driving home from school, Joe said, "The principal wants us to play a show for the school at the end of the first quarter. He said the school store can't keep the cd's we made on the shelf. I told him I would talk to everyone about it."

"That's great dude!" replied Rusty. "I'm glad the group is so popular, at least around here!"

"I was also wondering if any of you guys are working on writing any of your own songs?" asked Joe.

"That's kind of a tough one dude." said Rusty. "You really have to be a poet to write a good song."

"Actually I've been kinda workin on some lyrics." said Allen.

"Really angel!?" replied Rusty. "Why haven't you said anything about it?"

"Because I don't know anything about putting them to music, and I'm afraid that everyone would think they're not that good anyway." replied Allen. "Shane is actually in the same situation. He's wrote a few lyrics too, but he's also afraid they might not be that good. Me and him have talked about it a few times."

"You know what we have to do?" asked Joe. "We need to get you and Shane together with Calvin and Sean. They can write new music like you wouldn't believe, but neither of them are very good with lyrics. I really think the four of you together could pump out some good songs. Then there's also that songwriter that Snoopy's friend in California was talking about."

"Shoot!" exclaimed Rusty. "Between you four guys and that songwriter, we could probably come up with a whole album of new material! We gotta talk about this on Saturday!"

That Friday, Greg's guests arrived. Greg met a young man and his parents at the door. "Hello, Mr. Holt?" asked the young man. "My name is Bryce Jansen. I'm the person you helped defend for killing Ron Dubowski. These are my parents, Barney and Betty."

"Hello Bryce, it's so good to finally meet you in person!" said Greg as he shook Bryce's hand. "Please everyone, come on in!"

Once they were all inside, Greg introduced the Jansens to everyone. "First we have my mate, Toby. He's attending the university here in Orlando right now." Toby then gave Greg a warm kiss in front of everyone. "Next we have my son Dustin and his friend Chris. Everyone calls Dustin Snoopy though. Finally we have my other two sons, Shane and Terry. Terry is the one that Dubowski was after."

Bryce took a good look at Terry, and placed his arms around the boy as he began to cry lightly. "I can't believe how much you resemble my brother!" sobbed Bryce. "I'm so glad that man didn't get ahold of you Terry."

"He does look a lot like Bryce's brother." sniffled Betty. "What happened was such a shock to our family, and it hit Bryce especially hard. Bryce and his brother Trent were very close."

Everyone spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other much better. Greg was feeling very good about helping this young man and his family at a time when they really needed it. Bryce's family ended up staying the night at Greg's house, and Greg wanted them to spend their entire stay there. Ever since their son Trent had been killed because he liked guys, the Jansens had asked why it happened. Was it something about the lifestyle their son secretly led that caused it? They had hoped that it was merely the fact that Ron Dubowski was a very sick man, and their son was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They accepted Greg's offer in the hope that Greg's family might provide them with the answers they were looking for.

The next day, when the boys went to Rusty's house so their band could practice, Bryce wanted to go along with them. Once everyone was at Rusty's house, Terry introduced Bryce to everyone. Bryce enjoyed watching the boys practice, and talking to Joe and Jennifer. Once the boys got loosened up good, they really began to jam.

"You guys really should try writing your own material." said Bryce. "You're better than a lot of bands that are making a good living at it!"

The boys all thanked Bryce for the compliment and gave him a copy of their cd, then Joe, Rusty, and Allen began talking about that subject. Allen got Shane to step forward and tell the group that he had been working on writing some lyrics the same as Allen had, but neither boy knew anything about putting them to music. It was decided that Shane and Allen would spend the rest of the weekend with Calvin and Sean, to try to turn what they had into songs. Then they began to seriously discuss getting some songs from the songwriter that Snoopy's friend had mentioned. Then Bryce stepped forward again.

"I kinda wrote a song shortly after my brother was killed." said Bryce. "A couple of friends I use to know had a band, and said they would take a look at it. They ended up being a hit though, and never mentioned my song again or even returned my calls. If you guys would like to take a look at it, I'd be more than happy to withdraw my offer to the guys I use to know."

"We'd love to see what you wrote dude." said Calvin. "I'm sure it's something we'd be proud to use."

"I'll bring it over to you tomorrow then." replied Bryce emotionally. "It's called, Where Did You Go? It may not be that great, but I'd really be happy for someone to use it."

After all of the boys offered Bryce a handshake and a hug, they got back to playing for a few more hours. By the time evening came, Bryce felt he was going to end up being very lucky to know these boys. That evening Allen and Shane went to Calvin's house with Calvin and Sean. Rusty and Terry gave Allen and Shane a passionate kiss good-bye, and told them they would stop by Calvin's tomorrow.

The next day Terry offered to go with Bryce to show him how to get to Calvin's house. That was really just an excuse for Terry to be with Shane though.

On the way there, Bryce said, "That was a pretty friendly kiss you and Shane had last night for two brothers. Are you two more than just brothers?"

"We're only brothers by adoption, which will be final pretty soon." replied Terry. "We've been lovers for quite a while now."

"It was kinda strange at first when Trent told me he was gay." said Bryce.

"You loved him a lot though, didn't you?" asked Terry.

"He was my bother dude." replied Bryce. "I would have loved him and been proud of him no matter what. We did talk an awful lot before he was killed. I wanted to understand how he felt, and why he was gay. When he finally convinced me that it was just because that's the way he always was, I loved him more than ever. I know it wasn't wrong for him to be gay, and it wasn't fair that he was killed the way he was. Dubowski did some horrible things to Trent before he killed him, and when I found out who had done that to Trent, I kinda went nuts."

"If someone had done that to someone I loved, I would have felt the same way dude." said Terry, as he rubbed Bryce's shoulder.

Bryce glanced at Terry and smiled away his tears as he said, "That's why I like you a lot dude. You look a lot like Trent, and you're just as kind and compassionate as he was. It kinda makes me feel like Trent is trying to be with me again through you. I'm starting to feel the same way toward you as I did him. I hope that doesn't freak you out Terry, cause I'm starting to think of you as a brother."

"If you want to think of me that way Bryce, I'll be happy to let you." said Terry. "I wish I'd known your brother because he sounds like he was a really great guy."

"He was, and so are you little brother." said Bryce. "You're so much like him that it gives me shivers. So, tell me all about the love of your life. You and Shane do look kinda good together."

"Me and Shane were meant to be together." said Terry. "We were both treated very badly before meeting Greg, and when we finally got together, it was like our lives made sense again."

"What happened to you guys?" asked Bryce.

By the time Terry finished telling Bryce about him and Shane, Bryce had tears on his cheeks again. Terry was also crying lightly too, so he leaned into Bryce's side as Bryce drove. After a few minutes, Bryce quickly put one arm around Terry and patted his shoulder.

"Now I know Trent has come back through you dude." said Bryce. "He use to curl up against me just like that when he was upset. You don't have to be upset anymore though dude. Greg loves you boys, and you have Shane. You've made it through the worst that life can throw at you just fine."

Terry looked up at Bryce and smiled, then replied, "You're right Bryce, things are working out okay. I always wished that I'd had a big brother. If I had, I'd have wanted him to be just like you."

Terry and Bryce dried their faces, and both of them smiled the rest of the way to Calvin's house. Once they got there, Terry and Shane shared a warm embrace and a kiss, then asked to use Calvin's bedroom.

"Okay dudes." laughed Calvin. "Just don't stain the sheets too much!"

Rusty and Allen laughed very hard because Rusty had arrived there earlier, and he and Allen had just finished doing the same thing. Bryce then showed Calvin his song. Calvin studied it a few minutes while he picked a few chords on his guitar.

"Dude, this looks pretty sweet!" said Calvin. "I can't believe you would want us to play your song! Here Sean, take a look at this."

Sean looked at the song carefully, and after a few minutes was humming a tune to himself. Then Sean looked at Bryce and said, "This should be done by a professional Bryce, not a few kids just goofing around. Although if Rusty sang these lyrics while we backed him up softly, he could make people cry a river!"

"Let me see it!" said Rusty. Rusty read the lyrics while Calvin and Sean softly picked out what music they could remember from it. When he was finished, Rusty said, "It would be a real honor for us to do something this awesome Bryce. I'd have to practice it quite a bit first though, so I wouldn't break up while I was singing it. We'll do it if you really like us well enough to let us do it."

"Do you think you could write other songs Bryce?" asked Calvin. "Maybe just not quite as deep and emotional as that one though? We have about eight songs right now that we're working out, but we might need a little help to come up with enough for an album."

"I never really thought about it other than that song, but it might be fun to try." replied Bryce.

"I think we just found us a song writer, dudes!" exclaimed Calvin.

Calvin, Sean, and Allen then played what they had finished working on for the others. Rusty, Terry, Shane, and Bryce listened to the other three boys, and really liked what them and Shane had come up with so far.

"I think we can really make this thing work!" said Rusty. "With what Bryce gave us, all he needs to do is come up with a few more and we might have a really good album going."

The boys and Bryce continued to play, and work on what they had so far for the rest of the afternoon. Terry did get a chance to tell Shane about the conversation he and Bryce had on the way over.

"That's so freaky dude!" exclaimed Shane. "Do you know how many times I've wished that I'd had a big brother? Maybe someone up there sent him to us for some reason."

"I'm pretty sure of that now babe!" replied Terry.

When the boys split up that day, they agreed that the whole group should work on nothing but new stuff on the following Saturday. Even though Bryce didn't play or sing, he was also included in the plans. The boys considered him a big part of the group now.

As Bryce was taking Shane and Terry home, Shane said, "Terry told me what you dudes talked about earlier. It sounds like Trent was a really great guy. I know we can't ever replace him, but would you consider being a big brother for all of us Bryce? I'm sure Snoopy would like that too. You should have him tell you his story sometime, it'll break your heart."

"I'd love to have a relationship like that with you boys." replied Bryce. "I'm sure Trent would approve enthusiastically. He was always kinda hyper about stuff like that."

Shane and Terry talked to Snoopy as soon as they got home, and a new friendship was sealed between them and Bryce. They had a great time that evening, getting to know each other even better.

Allen and Rusty went by Rusty's house that evening to check in with his family, then they were going to spend the night at Allen's house.

"Hi son, hi Allen." said Mike, as the boys came in. "I wanted to talk to you two for a moment as soon as Rusty says hi to his baby brother and sister."

Rusty went to say hi to his mom and two youngest siblings, then him and Allen joined Mike in the family room.

"Ben and Judith came by this morning, and we spent most of the afternoon talking about things." said Mike. "It seems as though Emily and I want you boys to spend as much time here as Ben and Judith wants you to spend with them. The problem is, there aren't THAT many days in the week."

After Allen and Rusty laughed at Mike's comment, Rusty said, "We're sorry dad. We try to spread out our time as evenly as we can though. With school, the band, boxing and karate, and the Alliance, we sometimes don't even things out like we should, but we are trying."

"I know you guys are son." said Mike. "You and Allen really don't have anything to be sorry for. I'm surprised you boys handle everything that's coming at you as well as you do! It shows us that you boys are being raised to be very fine young men. The problem is us parents are greedy about having time with you. We think we may have a solution to the problem though. Your dad is really smart for coming up with this one Allen. The house next door to us, nearest the garage, has come up for sale. Ben put a deposit down on it Friday, until he could discuss this with Judith and us. He wants to buy the house, then tear it down. We would then expand the garage to serve both families, and the Martin's living facilities would be on the other side of the garage. We could also expand the upstairs so that it leads to another living area over the garage, and that could be yours and Allen's. It would be twice as much room as Rusty's room is now, and your friends would be a lot more comfortable when you practice. Not to mention that we're afraid you boys are going to overload the electrical system in Rusty's room someday. We could wire the room over the garage to easily handle any equipment you boys have. It could also have direct access to this part of the house as well as Ben and Judith's part of the house. That way you boys would be living with both of us at the same time."

"Wow!" exclaimed Allen. "My dad came up with that! I hope I can someday be just as smart as he is."

"So what you're basically doing is adding on and remodeling the house and garage, and turning this into one huge two family housing complex, with the garage and our room separating the two different family units?" asked Rusty. "That sounds like a lot of expense and bother for Allen and me."

"It is." replied Mike. "That's why we would be building the living space above the garage to suit you and Allen well into the future. You two boys are almost living as a married couple now, and this would further you guys in that direction. What we would really be building is a three family complex, with you and Allen as a family. We all know how much you two mean to each other, and Emily and I want to see you two living as a married couple just as much as Ben and Judith do."

"Me and my husband don't know what to say dad!" said Rusty, as he threw his arms around Mike.

"I promise that I'll always take very good care of my husband,... dad!" said Allen, as he made it a three-way hug.

"Can Allen and I have a ceremony like Ricky and Calvin did when we graduate?" asked Rusty. "We've talked about it before, and decided it would be best to wait until then."

"I know I can speak for Ben and Judith when I say we would be thrilled to be a part of your boys commitment ceremony, as soon as you and Allen feel like you're ready for that." replied Mike.

The boys were very happy by the time they went to Allen's house that evening. They both thanked Ben and Judith profusely for coming up with such an ingenious plan, then told them of their desire to have a ceremony after they graduate. Allen and Rusty both kissed Ben and Judith on the cheek before going to bed that night.

As soon as Rusty and Allen were in bed naked together, they locked themselves in a passionate kiss. Knowing that they would be together like this for the rest of their lives, while keeping both their families happy, was very arousing to the two boys. They decided that the only way to keep from peaking too soon tonight would be to make slow and gentle love to each other with their mouths. Rusty turned around on the bed and gently took Allen's cock into his mouth. The movement of Rusty's mouth against Allen's cock was more than enough for Allen to feel it, but almost imperceptible if anyone had been watching them. Allen took Rusty's cock into his mouth, and began sucking on it the exact same way Rusty was doing his. This gave both boys a chance to concentrate on how much they loved feeling their lover's cock in their mouths.

Rusty could no longer even remember the time that he had convinced himself he was straight, as he made slow and passionate love to Allen. This was now all Rusty could think of sexually. Allen's warm and throbbing cock felt very good to Rusty too. He loved loved the way Allen's cock seemed to try to tell his mouth that it loved the way Rusty made it feel. Allen could not believe how lucky he was as he made love to Rusty. He and Rusty had grown up together, and Allen had always desired to be involved with Rusty like this. Even as very small kids, Allen wondered how great it would be to be able to call Rusty his boyfriend. Allen now had what he had wished for his whole life, making love to the sexiest boy alive! Rusty was even more passionate in making love now, than Allen could have imagined back in the days when he longed to feel his body next to Rusty's. Allen and Rusty didn't know how long they slowly made love to each other that night.

Both boys moaned in ecstasy as they approached their orgasms. Rusty's began first, as his cum flowed into Allen's mouth as though someone had turned on a faucet. There was no jerking or spasming in his groin, just the gentle flow of cum through his cock, and into Allen's mouth. By the time it stopped, Rusty had had a very respectable orgasm. Almost immediately though, Allen was overtaken by his orgasm. It was the most erotic orgasm he had ever experienced. His cum shot gently into Rusty's mouth in very short bursts, and Allen could feel his cock twitch with every shot. Allen lost track of how many shots he fired into Rusty's mouth, but his orgasm seemed to take a very long time. It was most likely the most he had ever cum before. When Allen's orgasm was finally over, both boys held each other tightly. Then they drifted off into the most blissful slumber imaginable.

I hope it was worth the wait. heh-heh. I was having difficulties with plot direction, which is why it took a while to start. I'm sure this direction will keep the story interesting for everyone though. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 2.