Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 10

Snoopy was able to continue with the operation with Stevie. Even with everything that had happened, he still wanted to go through with it on schedule. As both boys were being prepped for surgery, Stevie reached over and took ahold of Snoopy's hand.

"I don't know how I'll ever be able to thank you dude." said Stevie.

"I just hope you and Gary stay happy together." replied Snoopy. "That will be thanks enough."

Greg waited in the waiting room, along with Stevie's parents. They had been told that the procedure could take up to two hours, so they prepared to wait. Stevie's dad went over to where Greg was waiting and sat down.

"I was able to see what that animal did to my son." said Stevie's dad. "I can't begin to tell you what a special son you have for doing what he's doing for my boy. I would be happy if this were something that led to the boys and our families becoming good friends when this is over."

"Well, if I know Snoopy, the two boys are already well on their way to being good friends." replied Greg. "As for myself, I would welcome the friendship between our families."

"That's great Greg." replied Stevie's dad, Bill. "It would actually be a great help to me too. Stevie is our only son who has turned out to be gay, and sometimes I don't know if I'm handling things right. You, on the other hand, have three boys who are gay. I'm sure I could use some advice from time to time."

"Well Bill, you and your family have handled it much better than some that I've seen." replied Greg. "All three of my boys came from families who didn't handle their sons being gay very well at all."

"Really?" asked Bill. "How so?"

"One of them was raped by his father when his father found out." said Greg. "As if that weren't bad enough, his father also threatened to let all of his friends take turns raping the boy. Another father had his boy kidnapped, and tried to have his sexual orientation beaten out of him. The other boy was so afraid of how his parents would react that he tried to kill himself. If it weren't for one of my other boys being there, he probably wouldn't be here today."

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Bill. "I've heard stories like that, but I never thought people could really behave like that!"

"As long as your family can talk openly about Stevie being gay, and still love and support each other, I think you're doing fine Bill." said Greg.

"Well, it was rough at first, but Gary is such a nice boy." said Bill. "Besides, they have been friends forever. I was probably a little shocked at first, but I guess I can't say that I was surprised."

"That's good Bill, because the boys need their families and each other right now." replied Greg. "Most people usually get hung up on the physical aspect of their sons being gay, but the sex between the two boys is merely a physical expression. Way too much importance is put on that sometimes. What is really important is how the boys feel inside. Those kind of feelings should never be thought of as wrong."

"I know that, that's the one thing that helped me accept Stevie for who he is." said Bill. "I knew that he loved Gary, and would do anything for him. I never wanted to make him feel like that was wrong, because of how much the two boys have always meant to each other."

"Then you are way ahead of most people Bill." said Greg. "I think your family will come through this fine, and be as close as ever. I hear that Stevie's brother also had some feelings about this."

"Yes." replied Bill. "I just thank God that no one was killed out there. At least the person who is responsible for all of this will have nothing but time to think about what he's done now."

"Yes, but it's still a shame that it had to come to that." replied Greg. "To think that such a strong young man threw his life away over something that shouldn't have concerned him, and will never be able to live the kind of life he should is kind of sad."

"I know, but I'm finding it hard to feel sorry for him right now." replied Bill. "After what he did to my boy and his boyfriend, he had to pay some price for that."

"Yes, and it was going to be a high price no matter how it turned out." said Greg. "Well, like I said, he'll have time to think about it now."

The two men continued to talk until the doctor finally came out to see them. The boys had been in surgery for nearly two hours. "Well, I think today has been some of my best work yet." said Doctor Bessemer. "Both boys went through the surgery fine, and we were able to match everything up very well. As long as there are no complications, I think both boys will be very happy with how this will turn out. We will move them both to a room when they begin to come out of the anesthetic, and you can see them then. It should be within the hour."

Greg and Stevie's family thanked the doctor, then waited to see their sons. After about thirty minutes, Greg was taken to the room where Snoopy was taken. Greg sat down beside the bed and held Snoopy's hand until he saw Snoopy's eyes begin to open again.

"How are you feeling son?" asked Greg.

"I'm okay dad." replied Snoopy weakly. "Whatever they gave me was some good stuff though."

"I'm sure it was son." chuckled Greg.

"Well, you're laughing." said Snoopy. "I guess everything went well in there."

"The doctor said everything went as well as could have been hoped for." replied Greg. "He also said it was some of the best work that he'd ever done."

"Gee, I wonder exactly how much experience he has working on cocks." said Snoopy, as he grinned.

Then Greg and Snoopy laughed together for a while. Greg stayed with his boy to do whatever Snoopy needed to have done for him. Toby was watching Shane and Terry, and would bring them by the hospital later. The doctor did stop by to check Snoopy's condition about an hour after he came out of the anesthetic. The doctor checked everything except Snoopy's penis.

"Aren't you going to check Mister Happy?" asked Snoopy.

"I'm afraid he wouldn't be too happy if we did that right now Dustin." replied Doctor Bessemer as he smiled. "Your penis is probably very tender right now from the surgery, plus we have a catheter inserted in it right now."

Snoopy looked under the covers and exclaimed, "Holy crap! There's a tube coming out of my cock!"

"We have to do that." replied the doctor. "We don't want you passing urine through your penis until it has a chance to heal. That will help cut down the chance of infection. We'll probably remove it in a week to ten days. Tomorrow, before we release Dustin, we'll want to show you how to bandage the area and check the catheter Greg. That should be done every day until we can remove the bandages and catheter. Also, whatever you do Dustin, try not to stimulate your penis until we remove the catheter."

"Well doctor, I'm sure you made him happy with the part about going home tomorrow." said Greg. "I'm not too sure about the other part though."

"Can I at least give oral sex to my boyfriend Chris?" asked Snoopy, who was now trying to embarrass the doctor.

"I don't know Dustin." replied the doctor. "Oral sex has a tendency to stimulate the penis of the giver as well as the receiver. Do you really think that you could perform oral sex on Chris without causing an erection in your own penis?"

"Probably not." replied Snoopy softly, embarrassed because the doctor wasn't embarrassed by his question.

"Don't be embarrassed Dustin." chuckled Doctor Bessemer. "I know what it's like to be young and mischievous. I was once that way myself. In my training though, I have been taught to see and talk about penises in very clinical terms. I imagine that if I had been gay though, or I hadn't had the training I have, your question might have worked as you intended."

The doctor then left Snoopy and Greg to go check on Stevie. After another hour, Toby, Shane, Terry, and Chris showed up. Chris was immediately warned about arousing Snoopy's cock. Everyone had a good time visiting Snoopy until visiting hours were over. Greg had made arrangements to stay the night with Snoopy, and Chris wanted to too. The hospital wouldn't go for that though, so Chris had to leave with the other boys. He didn't leave without giving Snoopy a gentle and non erotic kiss though.

After the boys had left, Snoopy got one more visitor. Bill came into the room, rolling Stevie in in a wheelchair. "The doctor said I couldn't be up too long, but I had to see you Snoopy." said Stevie. "I wanted you to know that what you did for me goes far beyond friendship. I feel as if you are the same as another brother to me now Snoopy, and I'll never be able to thank you enough for what you did."

"I think this is the way things were suppose to go Stevie." replied Snoopy. "I couldn't let you go through the rest of your life the way Ralph left you, and I hope we are best friends for a long time. I also hope that I helped you and Gary to live a happy sex life from now on. You have a really great boyfriend there Stevie."

"I know." replied Stevie as he smiled. "Just thinking about Gary makes me feel happy deep down inside. I couldn't ever think of anyone who affects me the same way he does. I am glad to hear you say that you want to be best friends though. I would like that very much."

"That's great!" said Snoopy. "All of your other new friends care about you quite a bit too dude, but I'm sure they'll be showing you that as time goes on."

"That would be awesome." said Stevie. "Well, I guess I better let dad take me back to my room now. I love you and your friends Snoopy."

Bill then wheeled Stevie back to his room. Stevie's visit made Snoopy sure that he had done the right thing, as if there had ever been any doubt.

Also that day, the doctor had determined that Calvin was fit enough to be released. He did recommend that Calvin take it easy for the next few days though. Instead of going home Calvin went straight to Ricky's room, where he would spend the rest of the day. Although Ricky showed no signs yet of regaining consciousness, Calvin wanted to be the first person he saw when he did. Calvin also sent for Gary to come to Ricky's room. Calvin explained to Gary that he did want to go through with the operation as soon as the doctor said it would be okay. Gary thanked Calvin again, and said that he could wait until then. Calvin and Gary talked for most of the afternoon while they sat with Ricky.

Rusty and Allen were the only ones who went to school that day, although they really didn't want to. They had missed all of that week though, so they needed to catch up as much as they could. The principal caught up with them as they were on their way to their free period that day.

"I'm awfully sorry about everything that you and your friends have gone through this week." said the principal. "I hope Ricky will be okay. He is missed very much here."

"Thank you sir." replied Rusty. "I'll let everyone know that you are thinking about them. I'm sure that will mean a lot to Calvin and Ricky."

"I also wanted to do something that might mean a lot to all of you boys, and others like you." said the principal. "The school needs to do something to help keep things like this from happening again. Next semester we will be having a class to teach tolerance and acceptance of minorities, including gays and lesbians. The class will be required by student who we think needs it."

"That's a pretty good idea." said Allen. "It might help people understand that there's really not that much difference between us."

"We thought it might help if gays and lesbians are recognized in the way they should be." said the principal. "I'm glad you boys like the idea though, because we wanted a couple of gay students to be included in the class. I was wondering if you two would consider helping us this coming semester."

"We'd love to." replied Rusty.

Rusty and Allen felt good that their school was doing so much to help it's gay and lesbian students, and they looked forward to helping too. Most of the people they knew at school though was concerned about Ricky. It had been announced at school that Ricky had been involved in a nearly fatal hit and run accident, and it had an effect on quite a few students. Rusty and Allen spent most of the day answering questions from people they knew. They never realized that Ricky had become so popular. Rusty did advise everyone who was concerned to send Ricky a card at the hospital.

The next day was Saturday, which was the band's usual practice day. No one felt like practicing that day though. It just didn't feel right to any of the boys. That morning Calvin gave all of their friends a chance to visit Ricky, while Rusty and Allen took him out briefly to try to raise his spirits. It wasn't really working well until they began talking to Calvin about their beach. Rusty and Allen still had very pleasant memories about the beach they lived on while they were in a coma.

"I at least hope that Ricky is as happy as you guys were until he can come back." said Calvin. "I love him so much that his happiness is all that matters to me."

"We all love him dude." said Rusty. "Ricky is one of those people that you can't help but to love him." Then Rusty got a startled expression on his face and asked, "Did anyone else feel that?!"

"What babe?" asked Allen. "What did you feel?"

"It felt like someone put their hand on my shoulder!" said Rusty. "It felt so real that I know I didn't imagine it!"

"There isn't anyone here but us though, and Allen or I didn't do it." said Calvin.

"Are you having one of your feelings again Rusty?" asked Allen.

"I don't know." replied Rusty. "I guess I could be, but this one was freaky."

"We better get back to the hospital right away then babe!" said Allen. "I remember the last time you had one of those feelings!"

The boys rushed back to the hospital, and Calvin asked Tom if there had been any change in Ricky's condition.

"No son." said Tom. "There hasn't been any change. He still seems stable now, but he just won't wake up. He will when the time is right though Calvin, we have to believe that."

Calvin, Rusty, and Allen then went into Ricky's room. Calvin sat at one side of his bed, and Rusty and Allen went to the other side. "Were you trying to talk to me dude?" Rusty asked Ricky. "If you were, you'll have to tell me what you wanted."

"Are you fighting to come back Ricky?" asked Allen.

"We'll get you anything you want, my love." said Calvin. "Just let us know what it is."

"Wa,... ter." said Ricky very softly.

Then Ricky's eyelids began to flutter very slightly. Calvin immediately wanted to grab Ricky, but Rusty stopped him.

"You have to let him do this on his own dude." said Rusty.

"Get... me... some... water." said Ricky very softly. Then Ricky's eyelids began to slowly open.

"Welcome back dude." said Rusty to Ricky, once his eyes were open. "We almost lost you there for a while."

"Oh God babe, don't ever leave me!" cried Calvin.

Calvin hugged Ricky as carefully as he could, and covered Ricky's face with kisses. Rusty rang for the nurse to get Ricky some water while Calvin was welcoming Ricky back.

"Could you have them get me something for the pain?" asked Ricky weakly.

"Of course my love, anything you want." replied Calvin, who still had tears running down his cheeks.

"Robbie told me it would still hurt, but I had to come back anyway." said Ricky.

"Who's Robbie?" asked Allen.

"He had set up a place for me while I was gone." replied Ricky. "He's a guy about our age that Ralph had killed about a year ago. No one had ever found him, so no one knows that Ralph killed him except me. I have to talk to the police though, even if they won't believe me."

"Why did Ralph kill him?" asked Rusty. "Was he gay too?"

"No." replied Ricky. "Ralph thought he was though because his best friend was gay."

The nurse finally came in, and immediately called the doctor to Ricky's room before getting him some water. Once Ricky had a drink, the nurse checked him over quickly. Then the doctor came in and began checking Ricky over more thoroughly. The boys had to wait outside while the doctor checked Ricky over. Tom had seen the activity going in and out of Ricky's room, and had become concerned by the time Calvin came out.

"What's going on?" asked Tom. "Is Ricky okay?"

"He just woke up!" cried Calvin, as he threw himself into Tom's arms.

Tom patted Calvin on the back as he said, "That's the best news that I've ever heard son. Everything is going to be okay now."

After a few minutes, the doctor came out to say that Ricky was asking for his friends again, and that he was through examining Ricky for now. Calvin, Rusty, and Allen went back into the room, followed by Tom this time.

Calvin once again hugged Ricky carefully and said, "It's so good to see you awake babe. You've been out since Wednesday night, and it's Saturday now. Please don't ever leave me again."

"You don't have to worry about Ralph either." said Tom. "He won't be getting away with what he did this time. The doctors say he'll be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life."

"So, Ralph was the one who ran over me?" asked Ricky weakly. "I should have known that. After what he did to Robbie, and then me, he can stay in that wheelchair for all I care."

"Who's Robbie?" asked Tom.

"I guess we have some explaining to do." said Rusty.

The boys took turns explaining to Tom what Ricky had already told them. Tom was horrified to hear details of how Ralph had killed the boy who helped Ricky while he was away, then hid the poor kid's body where no one had found it yet.

"Did Robbie know what Ralph did with him after he killed him?" asked Tom.

"Yeah." said Ricky. "Robbie told me that Ralph buried him in the park closest to Ralph's house, behind some bushes and under the largest tree in the park. Robbie really doesn't want Ralph to get away with what he did to him Tom."

"I'll try to explain this to the police as best as I can, and see what we can do." said Tom. "At least if he is there, we can return the boy's body to his family."

At that time the nurse came in with some medication for Ricky that the doctor had ordered.

"I guess this stuff is going to make me kinda groggy, but I'll try to stay with you." said Ricky. "If I didn't need something for the pain, I wouldn't take it. Please stay with me though."

"You can count on that little buddy." said Rusty and Allen together.

"It would take the Army to drag me away from you my love." said Calvin. "What hurts, anyway?"

"Everything." moaned Ricky.

Meanwhile, Tom called the police. They were very skeptical when Tom told them the story, but they checked and found out there was a missing teen from South Florida by the name of Robbie. The police became even more interested when the time frame that Ricky gave Tom matched up. The police investigator wanted to be a little more sure though, so that he didn't send the Miami Police on a wild goose chase. He decided to stop in Ralph's room and play a bluff on Ralph.

"Hello Ralph." said the investigator.

"What the fuck do you want?" said Ralph.

"Well, what I really want is to retire tomorrow with a million dollars." said the investigator. "Seeing as I stand as much of a chance of getting that as I do of seeing your attitude change, I'm not going to hold my breath. I just wanted to ask you about a teenage boy named Robbie Kennedy."

Ralph's expression changed drastically for a few seconds, then he put back on his tough guy face. "I don't know what you're talking about!" said Ralph.

"Then I suppose you don't know anything about his body being buried under a tree in Magnolia Park, near your house in Miami?" asked the investigator.

Ralph's face took on the appearance of someone who was about to become sick, then Ralph croaked out, "I want to talk to my lawyer, now!"

The investigator had enough confirmation to satisfy himself to call the police in Miami now. In a little under two hours, the Miami Police called back to confirm that they had recovered Robbie Kennedy's body, exactly where the Orlando Police told them it would be. The Miami Police thanked the investigator for helping them clear this case, and they were now ready to file charges against their only suspect, Ralph Finnegan.

Ralph has been busy, huh? But at least Ricky is back now. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 11.