Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

Hello everyone, I have some terrible news. It seems as though our new friend M has been abducted by aliens. No doubt this is the work of Nador and his anal probing friends from Xailon. This is very bad news because M is not use to having anything inserted in his anus that is larger than the average adult pinkie finger. There are also other things that size, but I can't go into detail at this time. I shudder to think of the horrible things M is going through at this time. There is something that we can do though. I hope everyone will join me in writing George Bush, and ask him to contact Nador to demand M's release. I'm sure he knows how to contact Nador, because I hear he talks to aliens from outer space all the time. This has to work because the smallest probe the Xailonians have is nine inches long, and is the same diameter of a banana. M could never take something of that size. M only has anal sex with people who are very small, and still has baby-sitters. Our President has to help for M's sake. It's not like he's doing anything else constructive anyway.

This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: There will be a part of this chapter that is based on an actual event. Please write me if you would like to guess what that event is. I will post the answer in my next chapter. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 11

Tom came back that night to tell Ricky about the police in Miami finding Robbie's body. He found Rusty, Allen, and Calvin, all planning to stay the night with Ricky. Ricky woke up enough to hear Tom's news.

"I'm kinda happy, because that's what Robbie really wanted." said Ricky. "In a way, I'm not though. The time I spent with him was pretty cool, and he was a really nice guy. It would have been nice to think that he was still around somehow."

"It's horrible to lose people like that because of someone like Ralph." agreed Tom. "Ralph will be facing a murder charge now though, and I don't think he will get off as easy in Miami as he will here."

"I'm sure that whatever happens there will be fair to all of Ralph's victims." said Calvin.

"Even though he could get the death penalty?" asked Allen.

"That's not my concern dude." replied Calvin. "That's for the court to decide."

"I'm glad to hear you say that son." said Tom. "You continue to make me more and more proud of you every day."

After Tom left, the boys prepared to settle in for the night. Ricky was awake right now though, and not in too much pain yet. He knew that the pain would return though, and that he would need more medication. He wanted to enjoy the company of the three most important people in the world to him before that happened though. Calvin and Ricky did enjoy a little light sexual contact that night, but nothing nearly heavy as the way Allen and Rusty went at it a few times.

During one of those times, when Calvin and Ricky were watching the two boys, Ricky said, "Somehow I always thought the two of you would end up together. Even before Rusty realized that he is gay, you guys just looked right together."

"He's right." said Calvin. "One thing I remember about that night Allen came out to me was me thinking, What is he doing? Doesn't he know that he should be with Rusty?"

"Then why didn't you just say, Who do you think I am, Rusty?" said Allen. "I think I might have gotten the hint."

Calvin looked kind of shocked, until Allen began to snicker. Then the whole room was filled with the laughter of four boys. After several minutes, the laughter finally died down.

"I do love you like a friend though dude." said Calvin to Allen. "I still have to find a way to make all that crap up to you too."

"I thought we had finally gotten past that point." replied Allen. "We're friends now, and that's good enough for me."

Ricky finally got to the point where he needed more medicine, and was falling asleep shortly after taking it. The three boys watched their friend sleep for a few minutes, then Calvin gently laid his head over onto Ricky's lap. When Rusty and Allen saw that Calvin had also fallen asleep, they crawled onto the other bed together.

The next week was the last full week before the holidays started, so all of the boys except Ricky and Snoopy had to go to school. Snoopy did have the other boys bring his homework home to him though. On Friday, Snoopy went back to the doctor to hopefully have the catheter removed and get his first good look at his new penis. The doctor carefully examined Snoopy's penis. It had been a while for Snoopy, so he couldn't stop his penis from getting erect in the doctor's hand.

"I take it you're getting most of the feeling back in your penis, huh?" asked the doctor. "That's a very good thing. It seems to be healing very nicely, and is still a bit bigger erect than average. It's not quite the monster it was before, but it is very respectable, especially for someone your age."

"Thanks doc, that's exactly what I wanted." replied Snoopy. "I'm sorry about getting a boner in your hand though."

"Don't worry about it young man, that kind of thing usually happens at this stage." laughed the doctor lightly. "I'm actually honored that you would have an erection because of an old fart like me. Now, I think it's time that we remove that catheter. I'm going to give you a shot first to help numb your penis, then we'll get that thing out of there."

"Wait a minute doc!" said Snoopy. "Are you talking about sticking a needle into my cock?"

"That's usually how it's done Dustin." replied the doctor. "It will sting quite a bit for a few seconds, but it's really not that bad."

"Well then, why don't you just let me stick a needle into your cock first." said Snoopy. "Better yet, let's skip the shot and just pull the thing out."

"Are you sure Dustin?" asked the doctor. "That could hurt even more than the shot."

"I'm willing to take that chance." said Snoopy. "Just pull it out."

"Okay Dustin, I'll have to prepare you for that first though." said the doctor.

The doctor got a mouthpiece from his drawer and inserted it in Snoopy's mouth, then instructed Snoopy to bite down on it. Then the doctor explained that since he would be in a vulnerable position, he would have to strap Snoopy's legs down. Once Snoopy felt his legs strapped down very tightly, he began to get a little nervous.

"Are you still sure you want to do it like this Dustin?" asked the doctor.

"Juff puh ih ou." mumbled Snoopy through the mouthpiece.

The doctor instructed Snoopy to grab ahold of the side of the table, and not to let it go for any reason. Then the doctor took ahold of the end of the catheter tube, and began to pull. Snoopy immediately clenched ahold of the table tightly, bit down on the mouthpiece, and closed his eyes as tightly as he could. It still felt as though the doctor were pulling barbed wire through his cock. The doctor knew it was painful for Snoopy, so he did it as quickly as he could. Even though it only took about five seconds, it felt like an eternity to Snoopy. As soon as the catheter was out, the doctor grabbed an ice pack and gently wrapped it around Snoopy's cock. The doctor held the pack there as he comforted Snoopy. After a few minutes, the doctor left the pack laying on Snoopy's very flaccid penis while he removed the mouthpiece from Snoopy's mouth. Then he unstrapped Snoopy's legs. The doctor took the ice pack off of Snoopy's penis, and looked it over good again.

"You can let go of the table now Dustin." said the doctor. "The catheter is out now. How do you feel?"

"That hurt like hell!" said Snoopy weakly. "I need to rest for a few minutes."

"Take all the time you need young man." replied the doctor. "While you're resting, I guess I can show you how it looks now."

The doctor raised the head of the bed, then held Snoopy's penis out where he could see it plainly. The doctor rolled Snoopy's penis from side to side, then pointed the head upward so Snoopy could see that better too. Snoopy's cock was still almost six inches long flaccid, but that was much better than what it was before. Snoopy looked at his cock as though he had never seen it before.

"How do you like it?" asked the doctor. "I think it's my best work yet. This should make you think of yourself much more as a normal boy."

"If I were looking at this on someone else, I'd have to tell them how nice they look down there." said Snoopy. "This is so much better looking than that hideous thing I had before! Thank you so much doctor."

"You're welcome Dustin." replied the doctor. "There is still a little slight discoloration, but that should go away quickly now. I tried to minimize the scars as much as possible, and they should fade even more as time goes on. As long as you're happy with your penis now, that's all that matters."

"I'm very happy." replied Snoopy, as he held it in his own hand.

Snoopy then watched as his cock stiffened fully. It finally stopped at about eight and a half inches, which was a little more than half of what it was before. This was much better as far as Snoopy was concerned. He would have never dated anyone with a cock the size that his was before. Snoopy knew that Chris really loved him for putting up with the way he was before. Now he hoped that Stevie wouldn't be overwhelmed with what he now had."

The next week would see Stevie and Gary both going home from the hospital. Gary would have to come back the week after Thanksgiving though, for his operation with Calvin. Ricky was still in the hospital over Thanksgiving though. His broken body was still healing, and after his bones had healed enough, he would have to undergo physical therapy. He didn't know it, but his working with Calvin and Rusty would help him when it came time for therapy. Calvin and Tom got permission from the hospital though to bring in a Thanksgiving dinner for them and Ricky, so their Thanksgiving was spent in Ricky's hospital room.

Mike, Ben, and Greg decided to put their families together for Thanksgiving, and invite Calvin's brother and Chin. Ted and Chin were both happy to accept the invitation. As all of the boys were hanging out in Allen and Rusty's apartment together, Snoopy got a call from his singer friend in California. She had talked to an agent on behalf of the boys, and he was now interested in coming to Florida to hear them before Christmas. No one knew what to tell her, as they didn't have any idea how long it would take Ricky to be ready to go again. She told Snoopy that she knew a few people around there, and not to worry about it. The boys now had to prepare to perform for an agent, which made them all nervous.

Thanksgiving dinner was finally ready though, and everyone gathered downstairs in Mike and Emily's home. As head of the house, it was left to Mike to say something.

"I want to start off by praying for a young man who is very important to a lot of us, who is still in the hospital." said Mike. "We hope he continues to get better quickly, so he can be with the people who love and care about him. Please God, continue to watch out for Ricky. As for our families, we have all been through quite a bit over the past year. There have been some bad times, but also some very good times. Through everything though, our families have either grown, gotten much stronger, or both. We all do have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and we hope that by the grace of God, we can say the same thing next year. Amen"

The families enjoyed a feast fit for a king together, before the boys told their parents about the agent who wanted to see them. Mike told the boys that when the agent did come to Florida, he would let him know that there would be no group until Ricky was ready to return. All of the boys were grateful, because they were afraid that the agent might try to pressure them into something. After dinner was over, the boys went to see Ricky and Calvin at the hospital.

"Hey guys, what's up?" asked Ricky when his friends came in.

"Hey Ricky, not much." replied Rusty. "Actually, that's not exactly true. Snoopy got a call today from his friend in California. She said that she had talked to an agent who wanted to come to Florida to hear us."

"That's great news!" exclaimed Ricky. "I sure hope I'm outta here before he comes."

"That's where the problem is." said Allen. "He wants to come here sometime before Christmas."

"Even if Ricky is outta here, there's no way he can be ready for that by then!" said Calvin. "If there's no Ricky, then there's no group!"

"I know." replied Rusty. "None of us would dream of doing this without Ricky. My dad said he would be there with us, so the agent will know that."

"Whether I'm ready or not, you guys can't pass up this chance." said Ricky. "I know it's not fair, but the group is really good and it deserves a shot."

"What's not fair is springing this on us like this." said Rusty. "Snoopy's friend didn't know what happened to you, and she feels sorry about it. The agent might not care though, so we need to stick together. Every one of us agrees on this Ricky, we can't do this without you. You're as much a part of this group as any of us."

"I don't know what to say." said Ricky. "I love all of you guys so much!"

"We all love you too Ricky." replied Snoopy. "That's why it's all of us, or none of us. The agent will just have to accept that we won't record anything without you on keyboards."

"I'm so glad that we have all of you as friends." said Calvin. "I'll do anything I can to help Ricky be ready as quickly as possible."

That weekend, the boys did get together again to rehearse. Sean and Devon did agree with the others that Ricky would not be left out. His keyboard style was perfect for the group, and no one else would sound as good with them. Besides, they liked Ricky a lot, and they felt bad about not getting to the hospital as much as everyone else to see him. Ricky did convince Calvin to get out of the hospital for a few hours to rehearse with the group. Ricky told Calvin that he would get ready as soon as he could, but it wouldn't do any good if his husband wasn't ready too. The boys sounded okay, but even Mike agreed that they needed Ricky back, and that no one could replace him.

The following Monday, Calvin went through with the operation with Gary. For Calvin's part, it would be a fairly minor procedure. Calvin ended up going home a few hours after the operation, even though his scrotum was somewhat sore. That didn't matter to Calvin though, as long as he was helping Gary. Gary would have to remain in the hospital for the rest of the week, but the doctor said that he thought the operation went very well for both boys.

Calvin also had a tournament coming up during the first weekend of December. This was an important preliminary tournament for the US Olympic team, and Calvin would have to do well to even be considered. Rusty helped Calvin work out as much as possible, but Calvin wanted Ricky there. Tom talked to Ricky, who then asked to see Rusty.

"You know I love Calvin no matter what, right?" asked Ricky.

"Of course I do dude!" replied Rusty. "Anyone could see that."

"I'll love him whether he's the greatest boxer in the world or not, but I know how important this is to Calvin." said Ricky. "Calvin has worked for this his entire life, and now his heart just isn't in it. I know it's because he's worried about me, and he wants me with him. I would be there if I could, but my doctors won't allow it. So, instead of me being there, I want you to tell Calvin this before his first match of the tournament."

Rusty was kind of embarrassed as Ricky told him what he wanted him to say to Calvin. Ricky and Calvin were both important to Rusty though, so he would tell Calvin anything for Ricky, even this.

Rusty pushed Calvin hard during their last few days of practice. Rusty even eagerly stepped into the ring to spar with Calvin, trying to get his friend into the right mood to compete. Rusty started out sparring hard, and kept picking it up. Calvin finally began getting frustrated, and began a swing at Rusty. Then Calvin realized that he was swinging much too hard in frustration, and that his friend was doing everything he could to help him. Calvin softened his punch at the last moment, then took Rusty into a hug.

"I'm so sorry I've been so out of it dude!" said Calvin, as he fought to control his voice. "I almost did something that I would have been sorry for for the rest of my life."

Rusty smiled at Calvin and replied, "Well, at least you did pull that last one. I would have hated taking a shot like that! Everyone though, including me, wants you to go into this thing with your head and your heart in it. We want you to do well because we all love you Calvin."

The two boys did continue to spar, and Calvin seemed to be snapping back to his old self. By the end of the evening, Tom was very happy to see how well Calvin was now doing. The next morning, Tom, Calvin, and Rusty made the short flight to Atlanta. Once they were at the stadium, Tom and Rusty got Calvin ready for his first match. As they were waiting in Calvin's corner for the match, Rusty leaned in close to Calvin's ear.

"Ricky wants you to do really well this weekend Calvin." whispered Rusty. "He said if you win, he's going to dip you in chocolate, then lay you face down on a plastic sheet. Then he's going to stick a cherry between your cheeks, and cover your butt with whipped cream. Finally he's going to lick every inch of your body until you are completely clean."

"Damn, I'd like that!" exclaimed Calvin, as a smile covered his face.

Calvin's first opponent never even knew what hit him. Calvin had knocked him out by the end of the first round. Tom then had to caution Calvin to slow his pace down a little. Calvin still easily won every match on his first day, and went into the final matches the next day as one of the top seeds. Tom was also watching someone else advance that first day. Somehow Donnell Washington had also qualified for this tournament, and seemed to also be on a course for the second day.

The first match of the second day proved to be a good workout for Calvin, although he won it easily on points. Calvin was surprised to see Donnell climb into the ring for his second match.

"Well, well, if it isn't Calvin Wilson!" said Donnell, with a cocky attitude. "It seems to me that I owe you one, and today just happens to be collection day."

"If anyone would know the Salvation Army's schedule, it would be you Donnell." chuckled Calvin. "Shouldn't you be on a schoolyard somewhere, involved in a name calling match?"

"Laugh it up Wilson!" challenged Donnell. "We'll see who's laughing in a few minutes!"

"I'm sorry Donnell." said Calvin. "I didn't realize that you had moved up to spitting and kicking. Well, hopefully this will be over for you soon, so you can catch Sesame Street."

Donnell was now mad, and Calvin knew it. Calvin also knew that Donnell didn't fight that particularly well when he was mad. When the match started, Calvin got in a few good shots right away. Then Calvin gave Donnell a shot at him, and got back in Donnell's face.

"Damn dude, my gay brother hits harder than that!" laughed Calvin.

Donnell took another swing, that Calvin completely avoided. Donnell spun around and landed on the mat. Calvin now knew that Donnell was so mad that the rest of the match would go well for him. By the last round, Calvin was ahead on points. Donnell took another wild swing, and left himself wide open. Calvin's next punch put Donnell on the mat hard. Donnell did finally make it back up just before being counted out. Calvin kept moving around Donnell, not wanting to humiliate him. Calvin didn't want to do it, but when Donnell came at him one more time, Calvin put Donnell on the mat again. Donnell couldn't quite make it back up before the end of the round, not that it would have mattered. Calvin had beaten Donnell again. At the end of the match, Calvin offered his hand to Donnell. Once again, Donnell sulked away without shaking Calvin's hand.

As Calvin waited for the last match of the tournament, the ring announcer came in and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention. Our final match tonight has been forfeited. The other contestant is unable to continue today. The winner of the tournament is Calvin Wilson!"

The crowd gave Calvin a hearty round of applause. As Calvin smiled and accepted the trophy, he could almost feel the chocolate covering his body.

And there we have Chapter 11. At this time I have an important news update. Baldisore, the lovable alien hating gnome, has rescued M from the clutches of Nador. I am afraid it was too late though. M was so traumatized, that he was found on the carousel in the park that I work at, talking to all the horses and kissing them on the nose. I will do my best to help M get through this horrible experience. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 12.