Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

Hello everyone. Before we get to the story, I thought you would like an update on our friend M. M is starting to get back to his old self now. He is no longer kissing carousel horses on the nose. As a matter of fact, he felt well enough to go to K-Mart the other day. He had heard that little boys pants were half off there. He even feels well enough to have a date tonight. Even as we speak, there is a bicycle with training wheels parked outside. I just hope he is up to eating solid food again. I would hate to see him choke on a small bone. Anyway, Baldisore did manage to get even with Nador for M. I never knew that gnomes were so well hung, but Nador should be walking funny all the way back to Xailon. Baldisore and M both wanted me to tell you that they said hi. Before we get to the exciting part of the disclaimer, the incident from the last chapter that was based on a true event was when I found someone on our carousel talking to the horses and kissing them on the nose. For some reason, no one guessed that one. Now, on to the story.

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After starting this chapter, a major event happened in my life. I went to the shower room to take a shower before going to work. When I got there, the park police were hanging out outside the showers. I was in the shower less than five minutes, and rinsing conditioner out of my hair when they came in and accused me of lurking in the showers. Although their accusation was false, and they had to lie on their report to support it, it was enough for the park to discharge me. I know I have been careful not to name the park I work at before, but I would not be doing the right thing if I didn't let people know how Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio treats it's employees, and guests as well. I am currently retaining an attorney to hopefully teach them how to treat people better. If you feel compelled to write them, the address is:
Cedar Point Amusement Park
Attn: Richard Kinzel, CEO
1 Cedar Point Drive
Sandusky, Ohio 44870
Also, please be advised that if you do plan on visiting there, your safety and your life will at times be in the hands of people that do not speak very much English in a predominately English speaking environment, or people who have criminal backgrounds such as drugs, theft, and other violent offenses. Cedar Point does not have any pre-employment background check, as they feel that if someone has a serious criminal record, they will be honest enough to tell them about it. When I first began there last year, one of the people in ride operations had even been on America's Most Wanted. That should be enough information for you to make an informed decision, so now on with the story.

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 12

Ricky was very happy when Calvin returned with his trophy. Although Ricky wasn't able to carry out his deal with Calvin yet, he couldn't wait until he could. The two boys were as intimate as they could be that night though. Calvin's workouts with Rusty that week were better than any he had ever had before, and it was even enough to begin impressing Tom. As Friday night rolled around, Tom made plans to talk to Calvin, which he did at Ricky's bedside.

"I'm so proud of you Calvin, in so many ways." said Tom. "I'm proud of how much you've grown in the past year, and how you've put things behind you that would have ruined most people in your situation. I'm also proud of how your boxing has come along, despite all of the personal problems that have tried to sabotage your career. Right now, you are a better boxer than your real dad or myself ever were son. If you continue this way, you'll do very well in the next Olympics. The thing I am most proud of though, is to call you my son. That makes me so proud that I can't believe it Calvin."

"I love you dad." said Calvin. "I want to do as well as I can for you and Ricky, as well as for myself. Both of you are the best things that have ever happened to me."

Tom and Calvin shared a warm hug, followed closely by Ricky and Calvin sharing a hug.

The next day, all of the boys except Ricky got together for practice. Their moods were much better this week, and their music reflected that. They still didn't sound as good as they had before without Ricky, but they knew that situation would not last too much longer. Toward the end of the practice, they received a call from the agent who wanted to see them. He told the boys he wanted to see them the following weekend. Mike assured the boys that he would be there for them when the agent came.

On Monday, Calvin went straight to the hospital from school. Ricky's doctor was suppose to take another look at Ricky, and give them a progress report on Ricky's recovery. The doctor had already taken x-rays, and was still looking at Ricky when Calvin joined Tom at the hospital. Finally, the doctor finished looking Ricky over.

"Ricky seems to be doing remarkably well." said the doctor. "His x-rays show that his bones are almost healed, and progressing nicely. Physically, he seems to be getting stronger every day. I don't think he'll be ready to run a marathon any time soon, but I don't see any reason for him to stay here anymore. I will want him to continue to rest and take it easy, but if he doesn't have any problems with using a wheelchair, and has someone to help him, I think he should be up to returning to school next week. I will want to see him again in two weeks to remove his remaining casts, and set him up on a physical therapy program. Does anyone have any questions?"

"I think Calvin and I are just happy to have him coming home with us." replied Tom. "There won't be any problem with having someone around him all the time to help him."

"Okay then." said the doctor. "I'll sign the discharge papers, and he'll be free to leave with you."

As the doctor and Tom were checking Ricky out of the hospital, Calvin was covering Ricky's face with kisses.

"It's going to be so good to be home again." said Ricky, after Calvin had finished his kissing.

"It hasn't even seemed like home without you there babe." replied Calvin. "I'm going to take such good care of you from now on."

"You always have." said Ricky. "That's one of the reasons I love you so much."

For the first time in a month, Ricky left the hospital and was wheeled out to Tom's car. Then the wheelchair, which Tom had rented, was placed into the trunk, and Ricky was on his way home with Calvin and Tom. When Calvin told his friends at school the news the next day, they couldn't help but cheer. News spread around the school quickly, and quite a few people were happy to hear it. Almost all of Ricky's friends made plans to stop by Calvin's house that evening. Rusty and Allen wanted Ricky to come to their house with Calvin on Saturday, whether he was able to play his keyboards or not. Ricky was still a part of the group, and they felt he should be there.

Calvin and Ricky arrived early at Rusty and Allen's apartment on Saturday, so the four best friends could talk before everyone else got there. All of the boys cared about each other very much now, and Rusty and Allen promised to help Calvin and Ricky any way that they could. When the other boys began to arrive, Mike came out to join them. Snoopy's friend from California had sent him a list of people in their area that she felt could fill in for Ricky long enough for the agent to hear them. They had picked out the one who seemed to have the broadest range of ability, and he agreed to come by and help the boys as a favor to their mutual friend. The fill-in keyboard player had looked over their music for a couple of days now, and felt he had enough of a feel for the tempo to get through. Shortly after he arrived, the agent pulled up outside. Mike met him at the door to Rusty and Allen's apartment, and introduced him to all of the boys including Ricky and the replacement keyboard player.

"There is one thing you have to understand." said Mike to the agent, who had introduced himself as Stu. "Ricky is the band's keyboard player. He had an accident about a month ago, and hasn't been able to play yet, but he will get back in shape to play soon. The replacement player is only here for today, as he has other obligations to fulfill. Even if he didn't though, Ricky is the band's keyboard player."

"Well, let's see what the boys can do first." said Stu. "We can discuss all of the details after I hear them."

After a brief tune up, the boys began to play for Stu. The replacement player did a good job with the boys' music, but it still didn't sound the same as when Ricky had been playing with them. Even so, it was still enough to make Stu seem very interested in the boys, especially when they played Bryce's song about his brother. The boys finished up after playing four songs for Stu.

"You boys write all of your own songs, huh?" asked Stu.

"Mostly, but we do have another friend who also writes for us." replied Rusty. "He sent some of his songs to a band in New York that made it really big, but they weren't too interested so he gave them to us instead."

"I would say they made a serious mistake then." replied Stu. "I really like what you have so far. Do you have enough material to fill an album?"

"We have plenty to fill an album, and then some." replied Calvin.

"Okay then boys, in a case like yours it's usually best to strike as quickly as possible." said Stu. "I would like to get you guys into a studio to cut a demo that I can take to some of the major labels. I'm sure that at least one of them will be interested. Who knows, they may even get into a bidding war over you. We need to do this as quickly as possible though. The beginning of the new year will be coming up soon, and that's a good time to break new talent into the business. Is there any way that we can do that? If we do have to replace Ricky, which I know you're against doing, it could only be for a little while."

"It's not that we're against doing it." said Allen. "We just won't do it."

"Even if it may jeopardize your musical career?" asked Stu.

"There is no group without Ricky!" said several of the boys in unison.

"You have to understand something Stu." said Mike. "These boys are all very close, and they work very well with each other. The replacement that played today is an excellent musician, and would be a great asset to any group, but even he doesn't sound as good with the boys as Ricky does. It's just a matter of the boys belonging together."

"I can understand how they feel, but music is very fickle at times." said Stu. "What might generate incredible interest today, may not even be considered tomorrow. This is something that I feel should be started quickly."

"I think I might have an idea." said the player who filled in for Ricky, whose name was Mark. "Why don't I work with all of the boys' music some more? Then I can fill in again for you guys, but only long enough to cut a demo. I have to get my band going too, so Ricky will have to be ready to go when it comes time for an album. This will at least get you boys heard though, and maybe the recording company who signs you will be able to work with Ricky's recovery schedule. How does that sound to everyone?"

"I can work with that arrangement." said Stu. "What about you boys?"

"Go ahead and do it guys." said Ricky. "You need to get the band heard, and I'm sure I'll be ready to go again by the time we cut an album. I think this is the best idea for all of us."

"Well boys, what do you think?" asked Mike. "Ricky seems to be sure about this, and I'll still be there to help make sure that no album is done until he's ready."

"If Ricky says he can do it, I believe him." said Calvin. "I say we go ahead, if everyone else agrees."

All of the boys then agreed, so Stu began talking to them about scheduling a time to get into a studio for the demo. Once everyone was in agreement, Stu then talked the boys and Mike through a contract making him their agent. Mike had it listed in the contract that he would be the boys' manager though, and Stu agreed to that. With that, it was settled. The boys would go into a studio between Christmas and New Years day to cut a six song demo for Stu to take to the recording companies. That would give Ricky at least a few weeks to begin his rehabilitation. Everyone was very excited by the time they shook Stu's hand and said good-bye. Then the boys thanked Mark for helping them so much.

"It was nothing." said Mark. "You boys are really good yourselves, and I want to see you get the chance you deserve. I can see why our friend in California likes you so much now."

The boys were very happy for the rest of the day, and everyone made sure to give Ricky a hug. Before breaking up for the day, the boys began to make plans for everyone to spend Christmas together. Rusty and Allen both smiled as they recalled their last Christmas.

Allen looked into Rusty's eyes and said, "That Christmas was when I knew beyond any doubt that I was in love with you."

"I'm glad you were patient enough to stick with me Allen." replied Rusty. "I had no idea what I felt then, except that I was glad you were a part of my life."

Rusty and Allen's lips met, and the two boys locked themselves in a passionate kiss. Everyone else smiled as they noticed their two friends expressing their love, especially Calvin and Ricky. After everyone had left, Rusty and Allen went to their bed to finish expressing their love to each other. First, Allen slowly undressed Rusty after the lights had been turned down, then Rusty returned the favor to Allen. They then laid down in their bed together, with their arms wrapped around each other. After finishing their kiss that they had started earlier, Rusty turned around on top of Allen. Rusty lovingly and softly licked and kissed the head of Allen's cock, as Allen did the same with Rusty's cock. Neither boy wanted to pick up the pace, because they wanted their love making to last all night. Allen couldn't think of a better way to spend the entire night, than to have Rusty's cock gently throbbing between his lips. Rusty would also never be able to get enough of the taste and feel of Allen's cock in his mouth.

The two boys gently sucked each other for about three hours before both boys' balls began to beg for release. Allen couldn't stand to see Rusty suffer, especially when he could have Rusty's cum sliding down his throat. When Rusty felt Allen pick up the pace, he did the same. Within a few moments, both boys were writhing on the bed as they prepared to cum in each other's mouths. Rusty was the first to begin firing shot after shot of sweet, creamy cum into Allen's waiting mouth. Allen sucked hard to drain all of the cum he could from Rusty. Then it was Allen's turn to cum. Rusty sucked hungrily as he felt the cum begin flowing from Allen's cock and down his throat. Allen's cum felt and tasted so good to Rusty, as it slid slowly down his throat. Once both boys had cum, Rusty turned back around. Rusty and Allen then fell asleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

Monday was Ricky's first day of school in about a month, and the school was able to rearrange classes so that he would have all of his classes with Calvin. That way, Calvin could push his wheelchair to each class. Ricky hated being so dependent on someone else, but he loved the love Calvin showed in being his legs for him. In the end, that seemed to make up for things quite well. That first day back, Ricky and Calvin were stopped every few feet to talk to someone who said they were glad to see Ricky back. Calvin and Ricky knew that not everyone could feel that way, but those who didn't feel that way kept it to themselves. By the end of the first day back, Ricky was almost feeling like his old self again, except for the homework that had still piled up, even though his friends tried to keep up with it for him. Now all he needed to do was get the casts off his legs, and start walking on his own again. He knew he would have to wait another week to start that process though.

Calvin did as well or better in training than he had the previous week. As a result Rusty's boxing skills also began to pick up. Tom felt it was time to enter Rusty in a local junior tournament, as long as Rusty wanted to do that. Rusty was very excited about it, and it would take place on the weekend after the boys recorded their demo. Calvin congratulated his friend, as the two boys got ready to spar.

By the time the boys got ready to practice that weekend, Ricky was trying to pick a few notes on his keyboard. With one arm in a cast, and his fingers not wanting to cooperate though, it was almost frustrating for him. The other boys did encourage him though, and told him that they thought he was doing pretty good under the circumstances. Ricky trusted Calvin more than anyone else though, so it meant a lot when Calvin said that he thought Ricky would be playing as well as he ever had in no time.

On Monday, Ricky went back to the doctor. Hopefully the doctor would take off all of his remaining casts, so he would be ready to begin his rehabilitation. The doctor took his time looking at the x-rays, and finally came back out to talk to Ricky and Tom.

"I think it's about time you lost the rest of those casts young man." said the doctor. "You seem to be fit enough to begin physical therapy now, and hopefully soon you will be as good as ever."

"Can I resume any normal activities that I think I might be able to handle?" asked Ricky, with an impish smile.

Tom chuckled lightly as the doctor replied, "I don't see why not. Just be careful not to push your body any harder than it wants to be pushed. You may find now that you will be able to stand for short periods, but you will still need to use the wheelchair at times too. As you undergo physical therapy though, we should gradually be able to lose that. I'll have you get started with our physical therapy department three times a week, starting today if you want."

Ricky did go ahead and begin his therapy. Afterward, he was very tired and sore, but he still wanted to be ready for Calvin that evening. When he and Tom got home, Ricky told Tom to send Calvin to their room as soon as he got home.

"Hi dad, I'm home." said Calvin, as he walked through the door. "How did everything go with Ricky today?"

"Ricky would like to see you in your room, so he can tell you himself." replied Tom, as he chuckled.

Calvin walked into the room to find Ricky laying naked on the bed, and holding a jar of chocolate syrup.

"Just let me know when you want me to keep our deal from your tournament." said Ricky sexily.

"I think we can skip the chocolate syrup for tonight." replied Calvin with a grin. "We might need something new for tomorrow night anyway."

Calvin stripped himself as he headed toward the bed. By the time he got there and laid down next to Ricky, Calvin was also completely naked. Calvin took Ricky into a careful embrace. It had been so long since the boys had been able to do whatever they wanted, that the sight of Calvin's beautiful huge cock made Ricky burn with desire. The two boys sucked on each other's lust filled cocks for a while, then Calvin laid Ricky down on his back. Ricky shivered in anticipation as Calvin lubed his cock, then placed it against Ricky's pucker. Ricky had not felt Calvin inside him in so long that he almost couldn't wait to feel what was next. Calvin felt Ricky trying to push back against his cock, so he thrust it gently into Ricky. The two boys made passionate love until supper time, then Calvin helped Ricky get ready for supper.

Ricky grew stronger after every session that week, even though it always left him tired and sore. The therapist assured him that that was normal, considering that he had not used his muscles and his formerly damaged limbs in quite some time. Ricky was glad for that first week to be over, as it was now Christmas weekend. Everyone had decided to have the big celebration at Greg's house, seeing as he had not hosted a get together of all of the families yet. Also invited were Devon and Sean, Pat and Robin, Gary and Stevie, and all of their families. Greg's back yard was packed on a beautiful Christmas day in Orlando. It finally came time to exchange gifts.

"Okay everyone, there's a lot of people here so we'll have to do this a bit differently than any of us have ever done this before." said Greg. "We'll have ten people at a time come up to exchange a gift with one person until we are all done."

Everyone agreed to the plan, so the exchange began. The highlight this year was when Gary exchanged his present with Stevie. Stevie stood there, as Gary held out a small box to him.

"We've been given a lot this year already, thanks to a lot of great people." said Gary. "They have made it possible for me to give the most important thing I can to you Stevie." As Stevie opened the box and removed a gold heart shaped pendant on a chain, Gary said, "The only thing I ever want to give you Stevie is my heart."

Stevie was close to being choked up as he said, "You ain't even going to believe this dude." As Stevie handed Gary a small box, he said, "I was going to make almost the exact same speech to you."

Gary opened the box to remove an almost identical pendant. Without any planning, the two boys had bought each other almost the same thing. Gary and Stevie hugged each other in front of everyone for quite some time. The rest of the celebration was very cheerful after the exchange between the two boys, but no one could top their scene.

As the party finally drew to a close, the boys in the band were getting very excited. Next week they would be making their demo, and hopefully setting out on a great new adventure.

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