Allen 3

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

Hello everyone. I've forgotten how to be funny with everything that has happened recently, so I am now sinking to the level of opening with a joke.

A man walks into a bar carrying a box. He sits down at the bar, and orders himself a drink. As soon as the bartender serves the drink, a small man who is one foot tall jumps out of the box, then runs down the bar and kicks everyone's drink over as he cusses. Then the small man jumps back into the box.

The man carrying the box said, "I'm really sorry about that everyone. Bartender, give everyone another drink on me."

The bartender served everyone another drink, and charged them to the man's tab as he requested. Everyone began enjoying their drink, and everything was fine until the small man jumped back out of the box, then ran down the bar cussing and kicking everyone's drink over again.

"I'm really sorry again everyone." said the man carrying the box. "Bartender, please set everyone up with another drink on me."

"Okay mister." replied the bartender. "First though, I want to know what the hell is going on here!"

"Well, I was walking down the road this morning when I came across a magic lamp." replied the man. "I went ahead and rubbed the lamp, and out came a genie. The genie was so grateful to be freed from the lamp that he offered to grant me one wish. I thought about it for a minute, then wished for a twelve inch prick, and this is what I got!"

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 13

The next week, Mike and Greg took the boys to the studio that Stu had rented for them. The boys were all excited on the drive out to Cocoa Beach, where the studio was located. Ricky wanted to go along for moral support, but his physical therapy was on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Tom insisted that the therapy take precedence. Everyone met Sean, Devon, and Mark at the studio. The man who ran the studio offered his services as sound man, but Joe insisted that he could handle the job for his friends. He knew how they sounded best anyway. As Joe and the boys got ready, the studio owner sat back and looked on. He wasn't sure about letting a kid run his sound board, so he wanted to keep an eye on things.

The boys took about thirty minutes to set up and get tuned as Joe looked over the sound board. The board was a lot more than Joe was use to though, and the studio owner could tell.

"I'll tell you what Joe, why don't I get one of my top students to assist you." offered the studio owner. "I also run a recording school here at the studio, and one of my best students stayed around to help me out over the holidays. You don't have to worry son, you can still make the decisions on how the group sounds, he will just help you carry out what you want to do."

"I guess it's kinda obvious that I need the help, huh?" replied Joe dejectedly.

"Don't be silly Joe!" replied the owner. "You're doing better than I thought you would. The basic settings are okay, but it just needs to be tuned a little more. Most people don't even know how to turn it on the first time they look at it!"

"Really?" asked Joe.

"Sure son!" replied the owner. "Let me just get Skip in here to help you out, okay? Also, if you're interested, I'm starting up night classes at my school. I think you would do very well, and you could come here after your high school gets out for the day. What do you say?"

Joe looked pleadingly at Mike, then Mike said, "The man asked you a question Joe. Would you like to study studio recording here at nights? I can help you with tuition if you want to do it."

Joe hugged Mike and said, "Thanks dad! I love you." Then Joe turned back to the owner and asked, "When is the first class?"

"It starts one week after next Monday." chuckled the owner. "I'll get you an enrollment form to fill out before you leave today."

Joe was still ecstatic when a young man entered the room and held his hand out to Joe. "Hi, I'm Skip." said the young man as he shook Joe's hand. "I hear you could use a little help with the sound board. Why don't we sit down here next to each other while I show you a few things, then I'll stay right here to help you make the adjustments that you want to make." Skip looked at the board and continued, "This is really pretty good for someone who has never worked with this particular board before. With my help, we'll make your friends sound like a million dollars."

The boys in the sound proofed studio booth couldn't hear the exchange between the stranger and Joe, but every last one of them had their gaydar going off the chart. They just hoped the stranger wouldn't be too disappointed when he found out Joe had a serious girlfriend.

"Okay Joe, just put your hand on that dial." said Skip, as he pointed to a dial on the board. "Just relax now Joe. I'm going to put my hand on yours, just to show you how to move the dials on this board."

Once Joe's hand was on the dial, Skip put his hand on top of Joe's. Joe resisted the urge to flinch, then looked at Skip and smiled. Skip smiled sweetly back at Joe.

"Very good Joe." said Skip. "With this board you want to move the dials very slowly and smoothly, like this."

Skip moved Joe's hand slowly on the dial, showing him the proper way to adjust them. Then the two repeated the same process for the sliding levers on the board. By this time, Joe had become comfortable with Skip showing him what to do. Skip did like the feel of Joe's hand, but right now they had a job to do.

Skip turned on the studio mic, and said, "If you guys are ready, we need to get a sound check on you out here. I need you to play one at a time for about thirty seconds. That includes the vocals." Skip then turned to Joe and asked, "Are you ready to make some music together Joe?"

"Sure." replied Joe, as he blushed slightly.

As the boys in the studio went through the sound check, Skip helped Joe to adjust the board to them. Once that was done, Skip had the boys get ready to play their first song. Joe introduced the song to Skip as "Where Did You Go?", the song Bryce had written about his brother. The boys played through the song as Joe and Skip worked on adjusting the board even more. When the song was over, Skip turned to Joe.

"Did I say we were going to make your friends sound like a million dollars?" asked Skip.

"Yeah, and we're going to hold you to it!" giggled Joe. Then Joe was a little embarrassed because he hadn't giggled since he was a little kid.

"Well, I meant a hundred million dollars!" said Skip as he smiled at Joe. Then Skip flipped on the studio mic and said, "Boys, that was fantastic! It's a damn shame that it usually takes a few takes to get the board adjusted completely. Whenever you're ready, let's do it again."

The boys all groaned except Mark, as they now realized that recording their songs was going to be work. It was a good thing that this was only going to be a six song demo. Joe still wasn't completely satisfied after the next take, so the boys went through the song one more time. This time Joe and Skip got the board adjusted to exactly where Joe wanted it.

Skip flipped the studio mic on again and said, "Okay guys, we're going to try this one time for real, then knock off for lunch."

The boys responded by playing the song better than they had yet so far. By this time, they wanted to get it recorded in one take. Joe was very happy as he listened to his friends and watched their first song record. Joe was so happy that he didn't notice that his foot was now against Skip's foot, and they were both tapping out the beat with their feet. Joe smiled at Skip again as his friend's first song finished recording. Skip had a slightly evil glint in his eyes though.

Skip flipped the mic on and said, "That was too beautiful for words guys! You all sound like you've been doing this for years. Now, let silly old me put some tape in the machine this time, and let's give it one more try!" Skip then waited a few seconds before bursting out laughing and saying, "Just kidding you guys! That's an old recording studio joke, we got that one down great! How about a lunch break?"

After the boys stopped looking like they wanted to kill Skip, they all replied with an enthusiastic, "Yeah!"

Skip then slipped out the back door. He could sense that Joe wasn't gay, but he could also sense something else within himself. Mike and Greg suggested that everyone go to the McDonald's close by, but Joe said that he'd rather hang out around the studio. He had something that he wanted to think about. Joe sat in his chair until everyone had left, then he looked down into his lap.

"How am I ever going to explain this to Jennifer?" Joe asked himself, as he looked at his erection. When he thought about Jennifer though, his erection grew even harder. "What the fuck is wrong with me?" Joe asked himself even more urgently.

After a few minutes, Joe had willed his erection to go back down. He got up out of his seat, and slipped out the back door. As soon as Joe got outside he came face to face with Skip, who was leaning against the wall and smoking a cigarette.

"Can I get one of those?" asked Joe. "I haven't smoked in a while now because my girlfriend doesn't want me to, but I could really use one."

Skip handed Joe a smoke, then lit it for him. After Joe thanked Skip for the smoke, Skip asked, "So, you have a girlfriend huh?"

"Yeah, what about you?" asked Joe nervously.

"Nah, girls are too girlie for me." replied Skip. "Probably because I'm gay. Do you mean that you didn't notice?"

"Well, it's not like you have it tattooed on your forehead dude." laughed Joe nervously.

"Nah, I had the tattoo removed." replied Skip. "It was getting me in too damn much trouble." Then Skip smiled at Joe as he finished his cigarette and threw it down.

"I like that." said Joe. "You have a cool sense of humor about it, just like my friends."

"Are all of you friends gay Joe?" asked Skip.

"Yeah, pretty much." replied Joe. "Except for my girlfriend."

"She's a lucky girl." replied Skip. "So, if all of your friends are gay, why are you so nervous around me right now Joe?"

"Um,... uh,..." stuttered Joe, as he finished his cigarette and threw it down. "I guess it's because I normally don't have erections over my friends." Joe then looked down at his feet. "How is Jennifer going to feel when she finds out?"

Skip picked Joe's head up with his hand and looked into Joe's eyes. "Well Joe, until you know for sure what's going on, I would suggest not going there. Now I want to ask you something, and if you want to punch me in the face, I'll understand. Can I kiss you Joe?"

Joe's breathing became heavy as he shook his head yes. Skip smiled again, then leaned in toward Joe. First Skip placed his lips gently against Joe's, then pressed them together. Skip ran his hands down Joe's back until they rested on his butt, then he pulled their crotches together. Joe was once again fully erect, and Skip could feel it pressing into his groin. As Skip pushed his tongue into Joe's mouth, Joe began humping into Skip's groin and sucking on Skip's tongue. Skip moved his hand around between them, and began caressing Joe's cock through his jeans. By the time Skip broke the kiss, Joe could barely breathe.

"Would you like to come in and share lunch with me Joe?" asked Skip sweetly. "For some reason, I always seem to bring enough for two."

"I'd like that a lot Skip!" panted Joe.

"Who knows, maybe we can eat more than just lunch." said Skip seductively, as he gave Joe's erection another squeeze. Then Joe followed Skip back inside.

After lunch, the boys were full of burgers, so it was harder for them to concentrate. Joe and Skip laughing together and looking at each other may have had something to do with it too. Whatever the reason, it took them all afternoon to get the next song down right. Skip showed Joe how to save the settings on the board before they knocked off for the day, then he wanted to show Joe the tape vault. That was where all the tape that they had recorded today would be stored until they were ready to mix and edit it. It was also where Skip pinned Joe up against the wall for a good night kiss. When Joe returned from the vault, Rusty wanted to have a talk with him.

"Hey there Joe, did you have a good time today?" asked Rusty. "I know you got quite a lesson in recording."

"It was a really interesting day." replied Joe. "Skip is a really good teacher too."

"How much did he teach you?" asked Rusty.

Joe just stood there, unable to respond to Rusty's question.

"I guess that answers that." said Rusty calmly. "I've been there too dude, so I'm not upset with you. I don't want to see Jennifer get hurt, but I don't want you hurting over this either. You're like a brother to me Joe, and I love you."

"I don't know what I'm feeling though Rusty!" cried Joe. "Jennifer is so hot and sexy, and the nicest person I've ever met! When I'm with her, I never want to be with anyone else."

"Then what happened today buddy?" asked Rusty sincerely.

"I don't even know!" said Rusty. "I just started feeling the same way with Skip as I do with Jennifer. And Skip was so damn sweet about it too. He's worried that he might be causing me turmoil over my feelings about him and Jennifer."

"That is awfully sweet of him." said Rusty. "So then, what now?"

"I have to see what my feelings are about Jennifer tonight." replied Joe. "I don't think they've changed any though. I do love her very much Rusty, but I've discovered things about myself that I never knew before today."

"Then I say take the time to sort things out Joe." said Rusty. "I don't know what the answer is for you, but I'm sure you don't either right now. And never forget that your friends are always here for you. We'll help you with this any way we can."

"I love you Rusty!" said Joe, as he hugged his friend.

"I know, my brother." replied Rusty, as he returned the hug. "Now tell me, did Skip get to taste Joe Junior with the special Joe sauce?"

That caused Joe to burst into a fit of laughter, followed shortly by Rusty. When Joe could catch his breath, he answered Rusty's question with a yes.

"Did you,... you know?" asked Rusty.

"I you knowed a little." replied Joe. "I couldn't let him do it in my mouth though, so I finished him off by hand. He was pretty understanding about that too!"

"Cool!" exclaimed Rusty. "He sounds like a really sweet guy, and he is kinda cute!"

"Hey, we don't have to get Allen involved in this do we?" asked Joe in a mock serious tone.

"Just because I'm engaged, it doesn't mean I can't appreciate cuteness!" replied Rusty.

Both boys shared another laugh, then went to join the other boys. By that time, everyone was ready to head home for the day. Rusty didn't tell anyone what he and Joe talked about, although he would tell Allen later in private. Joe went to be with Jennifer in his room as soon as he got home. He was very affectionate with Jennifer that evening, and his feelings for her were as strong as ever. This really confused poor Joe. He would just have to wait until he saw Skip tomorrow, and see what his feelings were then.

The next day, Ricky was able to join the boys. He still wasn't up to playing yet, but his fingers were getting more limber every day. He knew that it wouldn't be too much longer before he would be playing with his friends. While the group was setting up in the studio, Joe went with Skip to get some tape for the day. Once they were alone, Skip backed Joe against the wall and placed one hand to each side of Joe's head on the wall. Then Skip leaned in and looked into Joe's eyes.

"How are you feeling today Joe?" asked Skip softly.

Joe's heart raced as he replied breathlessly, "I'm feeling great Skip. You wanna feel?"

"Maybe later." smiled Skip. "Right now I just want to kiss the nicest guy I've ever met."

Skip leaned in further, and the two shared a very passionate and erotic kiss. When the kiss was over, Skip pulled back and looked down, then smiled at the bulge in Joe's pants.

"I see someone liked that!" said Skip. "When we go to lunch together today, do you want to have the same thing we had yesterday?"

"Oh yeah!" panted Joe. "I can't wait!"

Joe had to quickly pull himself back together before he and Skip were missed. They went back to the studio, loaded the tape, then sat down together at the board. Skip explained to Joe how to reset their settings from yesterday, then while Joe turned knobs on the board, Skip reached under the board and turned Joe's knob. Once again, all of the boys in the studio watching Skip had their gaydar going off the scale. Ricky however was watching Joe, and knew the two guys were fooling around even as they watched them.

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