Allen 3

Season's Change

by tim the story guy

Okay everyone, I've used up all my ideas for disclaimers again so I've decided to let Rusty write this one. Here's Rusty.

Hey dudes, Tim wanted me to tell you that this story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright laws so don't copy it and sell it to other people, or post it to other sites without asking first. That way he can let Allen and me know where our story is on the net. Hey, what's this crap about fictional story? He probably just doesn't want Allen and me getting mad that he's sharing our life with everyone, but it's really not a problem with us. Joe might be a little upset that he told everyone about that incident at the studio, but we don't have to tell him about that just yet. Calvin and Ricky are proud of their part in the story, so that's not a problem either. Now for the good part, what Allen and I enjoy doing with each other the most. If you don't want to hear about our sexual exploits, or if you shouldn't be reading about them, then you may want to go somewhere else. If you do continue on, don't blame tim because we're so horny. We are teenagers after all, so we love doing that stuff with each other. As a matter of fact, we're rock hard at least fifty percent of the time. If you want to write to tim about the story, or send him a message for one of us, his address is: Thanks dudes, and we'll see you in just a moment, unless Allen and I get occupied with something else. Wink, wink.

Thanks Rusty, that was very well put. Enjoy the story everyone.

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 14

From the last chapter:

"I see someone liked that!" said Skip. "When we go to lunch together today, do you want to have the same thing we had yesterday?"

"Oh yeah!" panted Joe. "I can't wait!"

Joe had to quickly pull himself back together before he and Skip were missed. They went back to the studio, loaded the tape, then sat down together at the board. Skip explained to Joe how to reset their settings from yesterday, then while Joe turned the knobs on the board, Skip reached under the board and turned Joe's knob. Once again, all of the boys in the studio watching Skip had their gaydar going off the scale. Ricky however was watching Joe, and knew the two guys were fooling around even as they watched them.

The boys were easily able to get another song down before lunch, and began working on the fourth. When lunch came around, Joe and Skip once again disappeared by themselves. Once they were alone, Skip pressed his lips against Joe's.

When Skip finally broke the kiss, he asked, "Are you okay with this Joe? I know you said that you love Jennifer very much."

"I do love her very much Skip, but I have the same feelings for you." replied Joe. "I don't know what to do Skip! I don't want to hurt Jennifer, but I don't want to hurt you either."

"So, you're saying that you feel the exact same love for both of us, and we both turn you on the same?" asked Skip.

"I know it sounds strange, but yeah." replied Joe. "What's wrong with me Skip? If I feel this way now, why did I use to be so homophobic?"

"Maybe it was just a way to hide the feelings you were having." replied Skip. "That kind of thing has happened before. How do you feel about what we did yesterday?"

"That's the strangest part Skip." replied Joe. "I've let other guys make me cum before, but the only time before yesterday that I made another guy cum was when I was raped in jail. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but you are so sweet and gentle that I liked it a lot!"

"Well, it never helps things to be forced to do something." said Skip. "I can't even imagine how horrible that must have been. I love you though Joe, and I would never force you to do anything that you don't feel comfortable with."

"I know Skip." replied Joe with a smile. "That's why I have the feelings for you that I do. Can we make love instead of just trading blow jobs today?"

"Let's go to my place Joe, it's just down the street." replied Skip.

Joe followed Skip back to his small apartment, slightly nervous but excited about what was about to happen. Skip could sense that, so he made Joe feel at home first. Then they went to the small bedroom between the kitchen and the bathroom.

"I want you to feel nothing but love right now Joe." said Skip, as he began removing Joe's clothes.

When he had Joe down to his white briefs, which sported a noticeable bulge, Skip had Joe undress him. Joe nervously fumbled with Skip's pants and shoes, but soon had him down to his silk boxers. Joe looked into Skip's eyes, and saw the most reassuring look of love that he had ever seen before. Joe then removed Skip's boxers, and revealed Skip's semi erect cock. As Skip reached down to remove Joe's briefs, Joe swallowed hard. The last time he was in this position, he was about to be forced into it by someone who didn't care how much they hurt him. Skip was much different though. This guy loved him, and Joe knew that Skip would never hurt him in any way.

"Are you okay Joe?" asked Skip softly.

"Yeah, I've just never done what we're about to do willingly before." replied Joe. "There was Snoopy and Chris, but they were just making a friend feel good. I never did anything back with them. Now I'm standing here naked, with a guy that I'm about to make love to because I want to."

"I'll make this as beautiful as I can for you Joe." said Skip breathlessly. "You deserve this to be a beautiful experience."

Skip laid Joe down on the bed, then laid down beside him. Skip took Joe into the most loving embrace that he could, then pressed his lips to Joe's. Joe was now so lost in his feelings that he returned Skip's kiss with more intensity than Skip had ever felt from anyone. As Skip continued to kiss Joe, he reached down and gently wrapped his hand around Joe's cock. Joe let Skip handle their embrace with one hand while one of his hands went to Skip's smooth bubble butt, and the other one wrapped around Skip's fully erect cock. They kissed like that for several minutes before Skip broke the kiss and turned around on top of Joe. As Joe felt Skip's soft warm mouth engulf his painfully hard cock, he admired the cock hanging above his face. Joe grabbed Skip's butt again, and pulled Skip's cock slowly down into his mouth. Joe felt Skip's cock twitch slightly in his mouth, then he began to caress it with his tongue and lips. Joe moaned softly from the intense feelings of love and desire that he was feeling now. He loved everything about what he was doing with this guy who loved him. Skip finally pulled off of Joe's cock, then pulled his cock from Joe's suctioning mouth.

Skip turned around and said softly, "I know this feels like Heaven Joe, but I want to feel you inside me."

Skip laid back on the bed, and had Joe kneel between his legs. Skip then grabbed a condom and a tube of lube from the nightstand, and lovingly covered and lubed Joe's cock as Joe watched. Once that was done, Skip put his legs up over Joe's shoulders, then lined Joe's cock up with his pucker. Joe looked down at a smiling Skip, and knew what Skip wanted him to do. Joe slowly but firmly pushed his cock into Skip until it was in as far as it would go. Skip reached up and pulled Joe down until their lips met, then Joe began to thrust in and out of Skip. He was now truly making love to a man, and the feelings were making him delirious with desire. After a few minutes where Joe wasn't aware of anything but Skip, he felt his orgasm begin to build. Joe thrust into Skip with a passion that he never knew existed until he felt his cum shooting deeply into Skip. When Skip felt Joe's cum, he began sucking hard on Joe's tongue. After the most intense orgasm Joe had ever felt, he pulled his cock out of Skip and broke their kiss. Skip was pleasantly shocked when Joe immediately lowered his mouth down onto Skip's cock. Joe sucked on Skip's cock with an intense desire, and after only a few moments, Skip began to unleash his load. Joe felt Skip's cum shoot into his mouth, and he wanted it to be a part of him. Joe swallowed as much as he could until Skip's orgasm was over.

Joe and Skip laid in the bed, stroking each other's bodies gently for several minutes, and giving each other brief and gentle kisses. Then Skip finally thought to glance over at his clock.

"I hate to say this Joe, but we should have been back at the studio fifteen minutes ago." said Skip calmly.

"This would be where I would normally freak out, but I love you so much that it's okay." replied Joe.

The two then reluctantly got out of bed, wiped themselves off with a towel, and began getting dressed. Meanwhile, everyone at the studio was waiting for Joe and Skip to show up. It almost looked like the owner would have to take over when Joe and Skip finally came in thirty minutes late. All of the boys took one look at them and knew what they had been doing. Joe could see that they knew what had happened, so he turned on the mic.

"Okay guys, so we made love!" said Joe. "It's really no big deal, although it was great!" Then Joe smiled at Skip.

Skip took the mic and said, "Okay boys, let's make some music together."

This got a round of giggles from everyone in the studio, then they finally got down to business. The afternoon session was a little bit on the light hearted side, so once again they only got in one more song. They had fun with it though, and that was all that mattered to them. When the fourth song was finished recording, the owner took over the mic.

"Boys, you are so good that I made a special arrangement with a personal friend of mine." said the owner. "I have some music here that I want you to look at and practice. The person who wrote it said that if you do it well enough, he'd like you to put it on your demo and your first album. It's already topped the charts once, and I think you boys could do it again."

The owner then had Skip take the music in to the boys, and they looked it over in shock. The music he had given them was "Still the One", originally recorded by the group Orleans.

Rusty motioned for the mic, and asked, "Do you know what song this is?"

"Yes, I do son." replied the owner.

"And you think we can do it justice?" asked Rusty.

"I'm sure of it." replied the owner. "Just try it out and see what you boys can do with it tomorrow. I'm sure we'll all be pleased with it."

The boys excitedly went over the music, and began picking out chords on their instruments. Calvin and Devon could see that they would have to do a quick job of arranging the song for their group, so they immediately set to work on that. It was finally time to leave for the day, and the boys knew that they would have to spend the night with Rusty and Allen so they could work on it as much as possible. Joe was grateful for the excuse to spend all evening and night with the boys, as he could not think of what he should say to Jennifer yet. He did know that something had changed inside him forever though. As everyone was ready to leave the studio, Joe pulled Skip into a passionate kiss in front of his friends.

"I love you Skip." said Joe softly. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"You can bet on that, my hot young lover!" replied Skip. "I love you very much Joe."

On the way home, Rusty had Joe sit in the front with him and asked, "So, is that it then? Are you and Jennifer going to split up?"

"I don't know Rusty!" replied Joe in a confused tone. "As much as I love Skip now, I still love Jennifer just as much! This is so confusing to me, but I can't stop my feelings for either of them."

"It sounds to me as though you're a true bisexual Joe." said Rusty. "I don't envy you for that either my friend. If you're either straight or gay, it would be much easier for you to figure these feelings out. To you though, there is no difference at all between loving a man or a woman, and you seem to love both of them just as much. Just remember that whatever happens though Joe, all of your friends are here for you. Anything at all that you need from any of us, don't hesitate to ask. I promise that we'll figure this out, then help you through it. Who knows, maybe Jennifer would understand enough to share you with another guy. She is pretty bright and sensitive."

"I don't know if that would be fair to both of them though." replied Joe. "I love both of them, and I want to be with both of them, but that might be being too selfish to them. There's just so many things about this that I don't know about!"

"Like I said Joe, we'll help you figure it out." said Rusty, as he rested his hand on Joe's thigh.

"Thanks dude." replied Joe as he tried to smile. "I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have friends like you guys."

When the boys got to Allen and Rusty's apartment, Joe went down to Mike and Ellen's to make his excuses to Jennifer for spending the night with the boys. As their sound man, he had to work with them right now so he would know how he wanted the new song to sound. To Joe's horror, Jennifer insisted on hanging out with the group too.

"Okay babe, I'll see you up there in a few." said Joe.

Once Joe was out of site, he ran up the stairs to the apartment. Joe ran into the apartment screaming, "What am I going to do guys?! She's coming up here!!!"

"Well, first you have to calm down Joe." said Allen. "If not, she's going to know something is different."

"But what if I act differently now, and she notices?" asked a panicked Joe.

"What do you mean by act different Joe?" asked Calvin. "Are you afraid that your wrists will go limp?"

"Or are you afraid that you'll start talking a lot softer and with a lisp?" asked Ricky.

"Just don't start comparing us to Judy Garland or Cher, or she'll definitely know something is up!" snickered Shane.

"And for God's sake Joe, don't start wearing pink!" added Chris.

"What these Bozo's are trying to say is that you are the same as you always were Joe." said Rusty. "The only way that she's going to know anything right now is if you tell her."

"What if she wants to,.... you know?" asked Joe. "What if I can't do it now?"

"From everything you've said so far Joe, I don't think that is going to be a problem." replied Rusty.

"What isn't going to be a problem?" asked Jennifer, as she walked through the door.

"Joe here is afraid that he won't be able to make us sound good on this song on such short notice." said Allen, much to Joe's relief.

"Damn! I'm going to have to talk to Allen later." thought Rusty to himself. "He's getting much better at deception these days!"

"Well, my Joey can do anything as far as I'm concerned!" replied Jennifer. "He's so smart and talented when it comes to things like that, among other things."

Jennifer then goosed Joe in the ribs, which caused Joe to grab ahold of her in an embrace. "Damn babe, you'll have to wait until later!" said Joe as he smiled suavely. "We have work to do here first."

"Well, from this angle I'd say I can wait longer than you!" giggled Jennifer, as she lightly stroked the bulge in Joe's pants.

Joe tightened his embrace with Jennifer, and put his lips against hers. As Joe kissed Jennifer passionately, he ran his hand gently up and down her back. Joe was just about ready to start stroking her pussy through her pants when he heard a few of the boys giggling. He knew that he loved Jennifer every bit as much as he did Skip now, as Jennifer let go of his cock and broke the kiss.

"You don't really have to play with the boys ALL night, do you Joey?" asked Jennifer sweetly.

"No babe, I like playing with girls too." replied Joe smoothly. "Especially girls that I'm as in love with as you!"

"And how many would that be?" asked Jennifer.

"There is no other girl that I love like I love you babe." replied Joe.

"Hey Joey, let's get set up here, okay?" asked Rusty loudly.

"Go ahead Joey." giggled Jennifer. "I love watching you work and getting all sweaty."

As Joe helped get everything set up, he couldn't wait until tonight now. Jennifer still knew exactly how to get him turned on, just like Skip. Joe was really looking forward to slipping inside Jennifer tonight. He had to find a way to make this work with both of them, as there was no way he could do without either of them.

Once the boys were set up, they began practicing what Calvin and Devon had done so far. Terry, Shane, and Snoopy were surprised at how well their instruments were being placed into the song. Shane told Devon and Calvin that he wouldn't be surprised if they could write an accordion into a heavy metal song, to which all of the boys laughed about. The first few practices were a little rough, but Calvin and Devon tweaked the song until they were satisfied with it. By about midnight, the boys decided that they sounded as good as they were going to sound today. They were getting a little tired now, so they called it quits for the night. Jennifer immediately dragged Joe away from the sound board, and back down to Joe's room for the night, while the other boys began spreading out on the floor of Allen and Rusty's apartment. The sounds in the apartment that night would have made a gay porn star blush, but they were almost matched by the sounds inside Joe's room that night.

When morning began invading the apartment, the boys reluctantly began waking up. Rusty got up in nothing but his underwear, and put on a couple of pots of coffee for everyone. Some of the boys were naked as they woke up, but everyone was fine with that as they were all friends except for Mark. Mark smiled at the sight of the naked and mostly naked boys beginning to move around for the day though. As a member of a local nudist community, he thought it was really cool how comfortable the boys were with each other in their various states of undress. Rusty finally noticed Mark's relaxed attitude over waking up with a bunch of naked boys.

"Hey man, how come you're not freaked out by us being naked around you?" Rusty asked Mark.

"Nudity has never been a big deal to me." replied Mark. "I've been a part of the same nudist community since my parents started dragging me there as a kid. I've come to appreciate the human body as the beautiful work of art that it is. It's a real shame that so many people feel they have to cover something that God worked so hard to perfect."

"What about the sounds last night?" asked Allen.

"Well, once the lights are out, sex sounds like sex no matter who's doing it." replied Mark. "Two guys in the heat of passion don't sound all that much different than a straight couple. By the way, don't slip in that puddle I left in the floor in front of the sofa bed."

"Aw Mark!" exclaimed Rusty as he laughed. "That's TMI in a big way!"

"Seriously though, if you boys are interested, I know you would be very well received at the nudist community where I live." chuckled Mark. "They're a great bunch of people, and you boys seem so cool about it."

"We may seriously think about that one Mark." replied Rusty.

By that time, Joe had made his way back upstairs to help the boys get ready to go to the studio. The smile on Joe's face wasn't missed by Rusty.

Rusty slipped his arm around Joe and asked, "So, how did things go last night Joe?"

"Dude, it was so unbelievable!" replied Joe. "Jennifer and I had the best sex we've ever had last night! I swear dude, it felt like I was making love to her for the first time. She got me so hot that I didn't think the condom would hold it all when I started cumming!"

"So where does that leave Skip?" asked Rusty.

"I don't know how to explain this one Rusty." replied Joe. "Making love to Skip is every bit as intense as making love to Jennifer. I don't think I could stand to lose either of them now. This is where it gets really weird too. Making love to Skip makes it more intense the next time I make love to Jennifer, and making love to Jennifer makes it more intense the next time I make love to Skip. Does that make any sense?"

"I'm cool with it dude." replied Rusty. "I hope Jennifer understands when she finds out though. You know she'll find out eventually, right?"

"Yeah, so I have to figure out a way that she'll understand it and still love me before she does." replied Joe.

"Like I said my friend and brother, I'll help you any way that I can." said Rusty, as he gave Joe a slight squeeze.

I know everyone is going to have thoughts about Joe's dilemma. Try to remember though that Joe is in real turmoil right now. He's just had full consensual sex with another guy for the first time, and he can't choose between the guy and gal that he loves equally. That's a lot for a guy to have on his plate. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 15.