Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by Baldisore T. Gnome

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Allen 3: Season's Change

by tim

Chapter 15

From the last chapter:

Rusty slipped his arm around Joe and asked, "So, how did things go last night Joe?"

"Dude, it was so unbelievable!" replied Joe. "Jennifer and I had the best sex we've ever had last night! I swear dude, it felt like I was making love to her for the first time. She got me so hot that I didn't think the condom would hold it all when I started cumming!"

"So where does that leave Skip?" asked Rusty.

"I don't know how to explain this one Rusty." replied Joe. "Making love to Skip is every bit as intense as making love to Jennifer. I don't think I could stand to lose either of them now. This is where it gets really weird too. Making love to Skip makes it more intense the next time I make love to Jennifer, and making love to Jennifer makes it more intense the next time I make love to Skip. Does that make any sense?"

"I'm cool with it dude." replied Rusty. "I hope Jennifer understands when she finds out though. You know she'll find out eventually, right?"

"Yeah, so I'll have to figure out a way that she'll understand it and still love me before she does." replied Joe.

"Like I said my friend and brother, I'll help you any way that I can." said Rusty, as he gave Joe a slight squeeze.

The boys all got ready to go, then waited for Mike once all their gear was packed. The boys were beginning to realize that if they did begin recording an actual album, they would need to have more equipment so they wouldn't have to haul everything around so much. While they were waiting, Rusty told Mark that anytime they wanted to crash out with them that it was fine. This was while Mark was admiring some of the photos on Rusty and Allen's walls.

"These are really beautiful Rusty." said Mark.

"Aw, thanks Mark." replied Rusty as he blushed.

"I don't mean it that way, although you and Allen are a couple of very good looking young men." said Mark. "I was talking about the composition though. The way you used the lighting and poses to bring out the beauty of your subjects is amazing! Like this one of you. You can almost feel the sensuousness that Allen was trying to capture in you. If the music thing doesn't work out, you guys could do very well in photography."

"Well then Mark, I'll make sure you get a copy of that one." replied Rusty with a smile.

"Could I get a copy of one of Allen too?" asked Mark. "You two guys should never be split up, not even in photos. You and Allen are one of the most beautiful couples I have ever seen."

"We'll have to work on a way to do Allen and myself together then!" laughed Rusty lightly. "You wouldn't be interested in helping with that, would you?"

By the way Mark's breathing got heavier before he answered yes, Rusty was sure that there was something Mark wasn't telling him. Mark seemed like a great guy though, so Rusty wasn't too concerned. When Mike was ready, everyone headed out to Cocoa Beach. When they got to the studio, the boys began setting up as Joe and Skip prepared the board. The boys were going to be working on their cover version of Still The One first, so they would have to almost start from scratch on the board. Joe knew his friends would be watching him today, but he didn't care. The moment he saw Skip, Joe put his arms around him and pressed their lips together. Joe and Skip shared one of the most sensuous kissed that the other boys had ever seen.

"Good morning, my sweet young lover boy!" said Skip after they parted, gazing lovingly into Joe's eyes. "I love you so much that I can't believe this is real, Joe."

"I love you more!" replied Joe playfully.

"I love you more!" shot back Skip, as he pulled their hips together.

Joe could feel both of their stiffening cocks straining against each other through their pants, so Joe said, "Let's call it even babe, we have some work to do. We can settle this later at lunch."

"Just make sure you both get back in time today!" chuckled the studio owner.

Skip gave Joe a tender kiss, then the two turned their attention to the board. Once the boys in the studio were set up, they began warming up. Then they tentatively played what they had worked on last night. Skip had them run through the song again, but the boys still sounded unsure of themselves.

The studio owner turned on the mic and said, "I really like what you boys have done to adapt this song to your group. I think you sound pretty good so far, so just relax and let yourselves go this next time."

The boys knew that they weren't sounding their best, so they appreciated the compliment. Then they decided to follow the owner's advice and let themselves completely go. They expected to sound just as bad in the opposite direction, but after playing the song for a few bars, they knew that they were now hitting the song like they needed to. Skip and Joe were so impressed that they completely forgot about the sound board. The boys now knew that they had the song down, and they wanted to play it over and over again.

"That was fantastic boys!" exclaimed the owner. "I think you could take this song to the top of the charts again!"

The next time through, Joe and Skip actually remembered to make their adjustments to the board. It took several more times running through the song until Joe and Skip were satisfied. The owner and Mike put on a pair of headphones too, and had the boys run through the song one more time. Both of them enjoyed the song more than they ever had before.

Once the song was over, Mike asked, "Do you think it's too soon to begin thinking about what to do once they hit the number one spot?"

"I think you better begin thinking about that right now Mike!" replied the owner.

By this time it was close enough to lunch time that the owner suggested they knock off early for lunch. That brought smiles to Joe and Skip's faces. Skip locked their settings on the sound board, then he and Joe practically sprinted to Skip's apartment. Once in Skip's bedroom though, they slowed down to a much slower pace. Joe laid on Skip's bed and giggled as Skip gently undressed the young man he had fallen in love with.

When Joe was laying naked on Skip's bed, Skip looked him over slowly from head to toe, then said, "I have never felt as much love as I do for every square inch of your beautiful body Joe."

Then Joe and Skip traded places. As Skip laid motionless on the bed and let Joe undress him, Joe had never felt such love and passion in undressing another person before. As he pulled Skip's boxers down gently, he lovingly caressed the shaft of Skip's cock. When Skip was naked, Joe immediately laid down beside him. Joe and Skip embraced each other, and kissed intensely as they caressed each other's bodies. Skip finally turned around on top of Joe, then barely parted their lips as he gazed into Joe's eyes. Joe could see a love in Skip's eyes that he had never seen from anyone else, except Jennifer.

"I want to do something different today Joe." said Skip lightly, as he reached for a condom and the lube. "I know the last time you had another man inside you, it wasn't a very good experience."

Joe thought about his rape in jail for a second, causing him to wince. Then he knew what Skip wanted, but he also knew that Skip loved him.

"I know that man just wanted to control and hurt you Joe, and if I could, I would cut his cock off for using it on you like that." said Skip, as he looked sincerely into Joe's eyes. "I want to make love to you like that though Joe. I will be as gentle and loving as I can, and try to make sure you will enjoy it as much as I will. If you want to stop at any time, we'll stop, and I will love you just as much or more. I'll leave it all up to you Joe."

Skip then handed the condom and lube to Joe, and knelt on the bed over Joe's stomach. Joe looked at Skip's fully erect cock, then up into Skip's loving eyes. He knew that Skip would never hurt him, so Joe unwrapped the condom and rolled it gently over Skip's cock. Then Joe sensuously lubed Skip's cock. Skip moved down between Joe's legs, and lifted Joe's ankles carefully up onto his shoulders. Then Skip took the lube and gently lubed Joe's pucker. When he saw that Joe had no problem with one finger inside him, Skip slowly added a second finger. That did take a moment to get use to, but the way Skip did it made Joe feel that he loved him very much.

"I want this so much Skip!" said Joe softly, as he gazed into Skip's beautiful eyes.

Skip placed the head of his cock at Joe's pucker, and pushed very gently. Skip slowly slid just the head of his cock into Joe's rectum, then stopped. Joe did wince at first, but then willed himself to relax. Soon, Skip could see that Joe wanted to continue. Skip started by gently sliding just the head of his cock in and out past Joe's sphincter. Once he could feel Joe's acceptance of that, Skip began to slowly push his cock into Joe. Skip used a great deal of love and tenderness sliding his cock slowly into Joe. Once Skip had all of his cock inside Joe, he stopped to let Joe rest.

As a smile slowly began to cross Joe's face, Joe said, "I can feel how much you love me by the way you did that Skip. No man could ever make me feel the way you do right now."

"How about a woman?" Skip asked softly, as he gave his cock a gentle thrust inside Joe.

"The love that Jennifer and I have is just as strong, but it feels completely different." replied Joe. "Not better or worse, just different. She could never do what you're doing to me right now though."

Skip leaned down and placed his lips against Joe's, then slowly began thrusting in and out of Joe. As Skip's thrusts became longer and longer, Joe panted more heavily into Skip's mouth. Joe's cock was now painfully hard, as he felt Skip's love thrusting in and out of him. He now knew exactly how wrong that man in jail was, and how beautiful and right Skip's love felt to him now. Skip kept picking up his pace, as Joe and Skip now caressed each other intensely. After about ten minutes of the most intense love making Joe had ever felt, Skip began moaning loudly into Joe's mouth. Joe was now moaning too, as he knew he could not hold back the orgasm he was building up to. Joe felt the condom swell inside him as Skip began cumming very hard, then Joe's cock erupted between them. Skip and Joe were both covered with Joe's cum by the time they collapsed into each other's arms. Then Joe smiled as he felt Skip's beautiful cock slide gently out of him.

After resting for a few minutes, Joe began to gently clean Skip off. Joe carefully removed the condom from Skip's cock, and as Skip looked on, Joe turned the open end up to his mouth. Joe lovingly drank the cum that Skip ahd emptied into the condom, then looked down at Skip.

"No sense in wasting that!" smiled Joe.

Then Joe leaned down and licked his cum from Skip's body. Once Skip had been cleaned, he laid Joe on the bed and began licking Joe's cum from his own body. When that was done, Skip gazed into Joe's eyes and smiled.

"I love cleaning ourselves this way, especially when it's your cum we're cleaning off." said Skip.

Joe pulled Skip down to him for another passionate kiss. Then Joe let Skip back away and said, "I'm going to have to tell Jennifer about this Skip. If she makes me choose between you and her, I need to be with you Skip. I love you both just as much, but I don't think I can live without you now. I love you so much Skip, and thanks for helping me realize that."

"I love you too my sweet young lover." replied Skip softly. "I always will, no matter what happens. If Jennifer is okay with you and me, I don't mind sharing you with her, as long as I have the chance to love you too."

Joe and Skip finally got dressed, and grabbed a bite to eat on the way back to the studio. This time, they were only ten minutes late returning, but Rusty still wanted to have a little fun with him.

"Okay," said Rusty into the mic, "anyone who isn't gay, raise your right hand."

Joe snickered like a kid as he allowed Mike, Mark, and the owner to be the only ones to raise their hands, although Mark's hand went up a little tentatively at first.

"That's right Rusty, we're all one big happy family now!" Joe laughed into the mic. "I need you there when I talk to Jennifer tonight though."

"Anything you need, my brother!" replied Rusty, as he gave Joe a knowing and compassionate look.

Once everyone got down to work, it only took two takes to get the song the way they wanted it. Then the boys began working hard at the last song. They wanted to get this one done today, so the owner and Skip could begin mixing their demo. The last song was finally wrapped about an hour later than they normally worked, and the boys all wanted to celebrate. Mike smiled, as he understood that completely. Mike stopped at the store on the way home, so he could stock Rusty and Allen for their party.

"Don't forget to get enough for our friends and families too dad." said Rusty. "We want you to call everyone and invite them to our wrap party!"

"Then get your butt out and help me son!" chuckled Mike.

Mike and Rusty smiled and laughed together as they went into the store, and got everything needed for a killer of a wrap party. Mike had to rearrange things a bit when they got out to the cars, but they were soon headed home. Rusty got everyone to pitch in and get the supplies up to their apartment when they got home, then Rusty and Allen began to quickly prepare the party. Joe went down and brought Jennifer upstairs, then they were followed shortly by Rusty's and Allen's families. As the party was getting ready to go, everyone else began arriving. First came Tom and Bryce, along with Calvin's brother and Chin. Then came Greg and Toby, followed shortly by Devon's and Sean's families. Joe was shocked when Skip showed up.

Skip got Joe alone and said, "Don't worry babe, I won't do anything to spill the beans. I knew you guys would want to party tonight though, and I had to come."

"I'm not worried about you Skip, I love you." replied Joe. "I just hope these other guys can keep it quiet until I talk to her."

"They're very good friends to have Joe." replied Skip. "I don't think you have anything to worry about."

Shortly after Skip arrived, Ricky was stunned to see his parents show up.

"I didn't think you guys would make it here." said Ricky, trying to remain unemotional.

"We've thought a lot about what Greg and everyone else told us when you went into the hospital son." said Mr. Mackenzie. "I don't know what your mother and I would have done if we had lost you like that, and then I began to realize why we almost lost you. It wasn't because of who you are. It was because of some sick bastard who had a lot of the same feelings inside as we did. Your mother and I can never make that up to you son, but we're both getting help right now. We do love you son, and we want nothing more than for you to be happy. You deserve it after the hell we've put you through."

"Oh daddy, I love you!" cried Ricky, as he buried his face in his father's chest. "I've waited so long to hear that!"

Ricky continued crying heavily as Mr. Mackenzie held his son tightly. Tom knew why Ricky's parents were coming though, so he told Calvin, and asked him to give them some time together. Calvin wanted to hug Ricky so much as he watched him and his father, but he realized that Ricky needed his father's hug worse right now. Calvin did finally approach Ricky and his dad, and Ricky's dad went out of his way to make Calvin feel accepted.

Then Skip stood up next to the stereo and said, "I know what this party needs. My boss and I haven't mixed the tapes we've made yet, but I went ahead and put a CD together from the best takes. I know the demo will be a lot better, but I think this sounds pretty good as it is!"

Skip slipped the CD into the stereo, and the boys' band began blasting out loudly. Skip was right, and everyone liked the CD so much that they let it play several times that night. As it got later though, the time came that Joe had been dreading. He had Rusty go ahead and wait downstairs, then he went to get Jennifer.

"Hey Jennifer, can we talk downstairs, away from all these people?" asked Joe pleadingly.

"Sure Joey." replied Jennifer, with a look of concern on her face. "What's wrong?"

"Let's go downstairs to talk about it, okay?" asked Joe.

Jennifer followed Joe downstairs, and was a little confused to find Rusty there. Then Joe said, "Before we start Jennifer, I need you to know that I love you more than any woman on Earth. You make me feel more love than any woman ever could."

"Should Rusty really be here for this, Joey?" giggled Jennifer.

"Rusty is like a brother to me, and I need him here for this." replied Joe.

Then Jennifer realized that this was very serious, and asked, "What's wrong Joe?"

"Jennifer, I never realized until just recently that I'm bisexual." replied Joe, as he looked down at the ground.

"I don't understand Joe, you said that you loved me more than any woman on Earth." said Jennifer, as her look grew more concerned by the moment. "Is there a,... guy,... that you love more than me?"

"No Jennifer, I don't love anyone MORE than you." replied Joe.

"So, you love me more than him!" replied Jennifer. "I don't see what the problem is Joe. You were curious, and you had to satisfy that curiosity for us, right?"

"It's more complicated than that Jennifer." said Joe, trying hard to control the pain he was feeling now. "I love him as much as I love you, but not more. I'm hoping more than anything in the world right now that you can understand that."

Jennifer looked confused, and didn't know what to say. Joe looked as though he were hurting very much inside, and he didn't know what to say either. Rusty then stepped up to two of his best friends.

"Jennifer, do you remember that night at the dance?" asked Rusty. "You told me that you could look in my eyes and see that I loved Allen. You knew that before I could bring myself to admit it. I want you to look in Joe's eyes right now and tell me what you see. Joe is really in pain because of this Jennifer. I know how much Joe loves you, and it's hurting him to tell you about this. He loves you so much though, that he doesn't care if it hurts him. He just doesn't want it to hurt you. Go ahead and look at him Jennifer."

Jennifer reached out and tipped Joe's head upward, and stared into his eyes. Joe's eyes were a mixture of love, pleading, and hurt. Jennifer just stared into Joe's eyes as the minutes passed.

"This is about the worst time anyone could go through Jennifer." said Rusty. "I can't even imagine the pain that my brother is feeling right now. But I still know that he loves you very much. I also know that you are one of the most compassionate and sensitive people I have ever met. Hell, if it hadn't been for Allen, Joe would have never had a chance with you. You could see how I felt though, and I'm sure you can see how Joe feels right now."

"He must be pretty special, huh Joey?" asked Jennifer.

"You're just as special though Jennifer." said Joe, as a tear trickled down his cheek. "Maybe not in the same ways, but your just as special. I don't want to lose either of you Jennifer."

Jennifer gave Joe a soft kiss on the lips and said, "I'm going to need to think Joey. I don't hate you though. I still love you as much as I ever have, but I need to think about exactly what will happen here. I will still love you no matter what though Joey, so I promise that we will talk about this tomorrow. Rusty left me for Allen, and I still love him. Not that I want to give up on you yet, but I need time to think."

Then Jennifer gave Joe another kiss, more loving than the last. After Jennifer turned to leave and go home, and had walked away, Joe turned to Rusty. Rusty held his arms out, and took Joe into a tight but gentle hug, as Joe cried on Rusty's shoulder.

"I love you brother." said Rusty softly into Joe's ear. "I'm not letting you out of my arms until I know you are going to be okay. Nothing is more important to me right now than you are Joe."

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