Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

I sincerely apologize for Baldisore's last disclaimer. This story is much more than a boy orgy, regardless of how badly his little gnome hormones are raging. As punishment, I have M standing guard over him constantly, telling him all kinds of stories, and doing God only knows what to him. That should teach him a lesson. Hey, with M guarding him, it could be worse. He could be a little boy.

This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations among teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Thanks, and enjoy the orgy,... I mean story.

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 16

From the last chapter:

Jennifer gave Joe a soft kiss on the lips and said, "I'm going to need to think Joey. I don't hate you though. I still love you as much as I ever have, but I need to think about exactly what will happen here. I will still love you no matter what though Joey, so I promise that we will talk about this tomorrow. Rusty left me for Allen, and I still love him. Not that I want to give up on you yet, but I need time to think."

Then Jennifer gave Joe another kiss, more loving than the last. After Jennifer turned to leave and go home, and had walked away, Joe turned to Rusty. Rusty held his arms out, and took Joe into a tight but gentle hug, as Joe cried on Rusty's shoulder.

"I love you brother." said Rusty softly into Joe's ear. "I'm not letting you out of my arms until I know you are going to be okay. Nothing is more important to me right now than you are Joe."

Allen and Skip finally set out in search of their boyfriends. They finally found them downstairs, between the Cooper and Martin homes. Rusty was still hugging Joe, who was crying heavily.

"It'll be okay Joe, I promise." said Rusty compassionately. "You still have Skip, and he loves you very much. Skip will be so good to you Joe."

"He's right Joe." said Skip, as he and Allen came up. "I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else in my life. I hope that I can make you happy until she comes back, if that's what you want. Then we will both be there for you. I want you to know how much I love you right now though Joe."

Joe turned to face Skip with tear streaks on his face, and Skip held his arms open for Joe. Joe ran into Skip's arms, and pressed their lips together urgently.

"Let's go to your room, my love." said Skip, as he broke their kiss. "I just want to hold you in my arms and cuddle, and cover your beautiful face with kisses."

Rusty and Allen watched Joe and Skip walk off toward Joe's room, with Skip's arms wrapped tightly around him. Allen turned to Rusty and asked, "Will she come back to him?"

"I don't know dude." replied Rusty. "She's really confused right now. Even more so than when I broke up with her for you. At least she saw that coming, and knew how much I loved you before it happened. This one kinda caught her off guard though. She did promise Joe that she would talk to him tomorrow though."

"I don't know how it would work, but I hope she comes back." said Allen. "Joe really does love both of them, and I think he really needs her too, as well as Skip."

"I think Skip will get him through this okay." said Rusty. "I'd be surprised if he wasn't still here in the morning!"

"I hope so." replied Allen with a smile. "That would be so cool if he were. We better get back to our party though. It won't be the same without Joe there, but everyone is expecting us."

Allen and Rusty held hands as they went back up to the party. They were surprised to see that Robin, Pat, Stevie, and Gary had shown up, even if it was a little late.

"Dude, no one told us you were throwing a party!" said Robin. "We would have been here much earlier if they had!"

"I'm sorry guys, we must have forgotten." said Rusty. "There's still plenty of snacks and refreshments though. I think my dad bought enough for two parties!"

"So, you guys finished your demo today, huh?" asked Stevie. "That's really cool!"

"Yep, that's it playing on the stereo now!" bragged Allen.

"That's your demo?!" exclaimed Pat. "That sounds awesome! May Robin and I be in charge of your fan club when the album is released? You guys are going to need it!"

"That would be really sweet!" replied Rusty. "Why don't you guys go ahead and grab some food. We were going to break this up in about an hour, but we'll extend it a little for you guys. You can spend the night too, if you want to."

"That would be so cool." said Gary. "I think our parents are almost expecting that since we got started so late, but we'll call them to let them know."

"There's just one more thing." said Allen. "After all these guys leave tonight, except for the six of us and Mark, Mark was going to help me and Rusty with a little something. I hope you guys don't mind watching him take a few nude pictures of us as a couple."

"Mind?" giggled Stevie. "That would actually be kinda fun!"

"Yeah, we might want pictures of us too if he's any good!" laughed Gary.

"Do you think he would mind doing us too?" asked Robin.

"I'm going to assume you guys are okay with it then." laughed Rusty.

The boys all had fun until the parents began giving out. Then the party slowly started thinning out. Ricky's dad invited him and Calvin to their house for the night, and Calvin accepted after checking with Tom. Then Tom, Bryce, Chin, and Ted left, followed by Greg and his family. When Rusty's and Allen's parents went downstairs, Sean and Devon decided to call it a night. That just left Rusty, Allen, Robin, Pat, Stevie, Gary, and Mark.

"I'm glad you dudes are staying!" said Rusty. "We have way too much food and drinks left over!"

"Good, we can always eat some more!" laughed Pat.

"Okay guys, introduction time." said Allen. "Mark, these are our friends Robin, his boyfriend Pat, Stevie, and his boyfriend Gary. Guys, this is Mark. He filled in for Ricky on the demo, and he's going to help us with the pictures. Mark is a nudist, so if you really want pictures too, you don't have to worry about being nude in front of him."

"What's the youngest people in your camp, or colony, or whatever?" asked Stevie.

"Well boys, it's a naturalist community, so we even have families there." replied Mark. "Some of our members have kids a lot younger than you. I want you to know that to a true naturalist like myself, there is nothing sexual attached to the human body unless you happen to be having sex. I look at the body as a living art form, full of beauty and expression. It may turn me on to have sex with someone, but it doesn't turn me on just to see a naked body."

"Okay guys, grab yourselves plenty to eat and drink unless you want to grope around in the dark for it." said Rusty. "The only lighting we want in the apartment for this is moonlight. The moon looks pretty bright tonight, so it should be just enough for what we're doing."

While the other four boys grabbed enough to eat and drink, Rusty and Allen showed Mark how to use the camera. Mark was impressed, as it was the best camera he had ever seen. Rusty told him that was because the salesman had told his dad that it was the best one made. Once Rusty explained what all of the controls did, Mark said that this would be fun. The other boys finally had everything they wanted to eat on the coffee table as Allen and Rusty removed their clothes to get ready.

Once they were completely naked Mark asked, "Would it make you boys more comfortable if I were naked too?"

"That's up to you Mark." replied Rusty. "Allen and I are pretty cool with you being naked if that's what you want."

As Mark removed his clothes too, with the other four boys watching on, Allen went over and killed the lights. The moonlight that shone in through the skylights was perfect tonight.

"Okay, I'm thinking that we want to show how Allen and I are one." said Rusty. "I'm going to have Allen lay prone in the foreground here on the bed, and I'm going to be propped up on my side, as tightly as I can get to him." Rusty and Allen got into position, and Rusty asked, "What do you think Mark?"

Mark looked through the viewfinder for a few moments, then went over to the bed and said, "I need to make a few adjustments to your positions and bodies, okay? Just try to relax, and not think about me handling you. We don't want either of you becoming erect for this."

The boys gave their agreement, and Mark began moving them around. Rusty and Allen really had to concentrate on not becoming erect when he handled their cocks, but they did manage. Mark went back and forth between the boys and the camera several times before he was satisfied. Then he motivated the boys into the facial expressions he wanted for the shot. Once everything was perfect, he clicked a few shots on the shutter. Then he wanted to do another shot of Rusty and Allen both sitting up somewhat, but laying back a little bit, with Allen laying across Rusty's chest. The two boys had a good idea of what he was talking about, so they got into position, then Rusty put his arms around Allen. One arm underneath Allen supported his upper body, while the other hand rested on Allen's abdomen. Then Mark made his adjustments again. By this time the other four boys were removing their clothes and watching in fascination.

When Mark got Rusty and Allen positioned just right, he said, "This one is going to be really sweet, so I want you boys to think of yourselves as a pair of angels who will be together throughout eternity."

That gave the two boys just the right expression that Mark was looking for, so he snapped a few more shots. The Rusty said, "We have one more favor to ask Mark. Allen and I always wanted to know how we look when we make love. Can you take a few shots of that for us?"

"I guess I can do that." replied Mark. "Just don't take it the wrong way if I happen to get an erection though."

"We would consider that a compliment!" smiled Allen.

Mark had the two boys make themselves erect, then got a shot of them smiling in that condition, with their arms around each other's shoulders. Then Rusty and Allen got into a sixty nine position, and Mark had them lay across the bed, near the foot. Then Mark let the boys get going nicely at making love to each other. By the time Mark snapped the first shot, his uncut eight inches was sticking straight out in front of him, and as hard as a rock. Mark thought the two boys showed more passion than any two lovers he had ever seen, as he snapped the first few shots. Mark moved around to one side of the bed, and positioned himself between Allen's legs, then gently spread Allen's legs apart. Mark got a shot of Allen's cock in Rusty's mouth, with just the base showing out of Rusty's mouth, and his balls beginning to draw up. Then Mark moved to the other side of the bed, and got a shot of Allen passionately sucking Rusty's cock. As the two boys approached their orgasms, Mark moved back to the end of the bed to capture both of them together in that moment. Mark clicked a few more shots as the boys writhed and moaned while they shot in each other's mouths at the same time.

After the shoot was over, Rusty and Allen finally sat back up on the bed. "Damn Mark, you have a nice looking cock!" said Rusty. "If you were to happen to be gay, you would have guys hanging all over you!"

"Thanks." replied Mark shyly. "To be honest with you guys, although I mostly prefer women, I have made love to a few guys in my time, and I have no problem with it."

Then Stevie and Gary shot up off the couch as Stevie excitedly said, "Shoot us next Mark!"

Mark laughed lightly at their enthusiasm, and then went through another shoot with Stevie and Gary. He did switch camera cards first though, so Rusty and Allen could work on their shots on the computer in the meantime. Mark tried to start the shoot off sensually instead of erotically. Thanks to Snoopy, Stevie's cock was very respectable in length now, and had filled out nicely. Also, thanks to Calvin, Gary had a very nice looking pair of plump balls, with the transplanted testicle being just a little larger than his remaining original testicle. Soon after the shoot started, the two boys couldn't hold back, and the shoot turned very erotic in nature.

Finally it was time for Pat and Robin's shoot. Mark was amazed by how much love the two boys showed in their faces when they looked at or touched each other, and he was determined to catch that with the camera. Pat and Robin were delighted to keep the shoot very sensual for as long as Mark wanted, before they began making love. Mark caught the look he was after, then captured their love-making very well too. After that, he wanted one shot of all six boys together. He positioned and manipulated all six boys until he had a great shot of the entire naked group of friends. By this time it was getting very late, and it was time to lay down for the night. All six boys had been very satisfied with their previous love-making, but Stevie and Gary could see that Mark had been left out.

After the two boys had staked out a spot to sleep, Stevie said to Mark, "Gary and I love each other very much, but we were wondering if you would lay down with us Mark. You were so good to all of us, to capture us as we made each other feel pleasure, and now we want you to feel the same pleasure."

Mark tried to refuse the offer, but Stevie and Gary both insisted. Mark finally gave up and laid down between the two boys, then gasped as he felt two pairs of young lips begin to work on his cock and balls. Stevie and Gary both smiled and giggled together, as they brought pleasure to their new friend. They were both fascinated with Mark's uncut cock, and paid so much attention to his foreskin that it was driving Mark crazy. Mark held off as long as he could, but he had never felt this much pleasure from anyone before. The two boys shared Mark's cum as much as they could, as they drained one of the largest loads that Mark had shot in recent memory. Once Mark's cock had been drained, and started to deflate, the boys climbed up into his arms. Each boy laid their head on a different side of Mark's chest, and all three soon fell asleep. Mark still had a smile on his face as he slept that night, with one arm around each boy.

When Mark awoke the next morning, Rusty, Allen, Robin, Pat, Joe, and Skip were gathered around the computer, working on the pictures from the night before. Stevie and Gary were still in his arms and naked, smiling up at him and giggling.

"If my next band makes it big, I hope you two don't mind if I take you on the road with me." said Mark as he smiled.

"That would be so cool Mark!" replied Stevie.

"Yeah, I hope we can talk the parents into it!" said Gary.

Then Mark got up with his two naked beauties, and the three didn't seem too interested in dressing right away. As they rummaged naked in the kitchen area for leftovers from last night, Mark cupped a young tight butt in each hand. The other boys took turns smiling at the new threesome as they worked at the computer.

Between kisses with Skip, Joe said, "I've thought about this a lot, and I want to go by Joey from now on. Skip really likes that name, and if I'm going to be strictly gay until Jennifer comes back, I think Joey suits me better."

"That's so cool Joey." replied Rusty as he smiled. "It still hard to get use to you calling yourself gay though. I personally think it's cool to hear you say that you're gay, but it's hard to get use to it."

"Well, I am gay!" laughed Joey. "I'm in love with a great man, and I could never love another woman again until Jennifer comes back. Until that happens, that makes me gay and proud to be gay."

"I love it when he talks about gay pride like that!" laughed Skip. "I'm so glad that you're my gay lover though Joey."

The other boys giggled as Joey and Skip shared another passionate kiss. After everything that had happened over the past year, Rusty and Allen really enjoyed seeing Joey kiss Skip like that. Stevie, Gary, and Mark finally joined the other boys at the computer, with food and drinks in hand.

"Can you pick out a nice sensual picture of me and Gary to give to Mark?" asked Stevie. "We're going to go back to his place with him in a little while. We've always wondered what it would be like to be in a nudist colony."

"You guys better get use to calling it a naturalist community!" laughed Mark. "If you're going to be coming around there often, I wouldn't want you to offend anyone."

"Whoa, you guys sound serious here!" exclaimed Rusty.

"I think Stevie and I are both kinda falling for Mark." replied Gary. "We're not sure if a threesome will work out, but we want to try it."

"I know I'm falling in love with Stevie and Gary both." said Mark. "I never really thought about having these feelings for another guy before, but I kinda like the feelings I have when I'm with them."

"Congratulations then dudes!" smiled Allen. "I hope it works out for all three of you!"

Rusty then began going through Stevie and Gary's pictures. Stevie finally stopped him when he saw one that would be perfect for Mark. Mark took a look at the picture Stevie had picked, and thought it was the most beautiful one of his two boys. Rusty worked with the picture until he had it just right, then printed a couple of eight by tens on matte paper. Stevie took one, and Mark took the other, then Mark gave both boys a very warm kiss.

"This is perfect!" said Mark. "When the people in my community see this, they will envy your beauty. I'm going to be proud to put this on my wall in the most visible spot."

"Cool!" exclaimed Gary. "We can pick out a couple of really nice frames on the way to your place."

"I think you guys are going to fit right in in my community." replied Mark as he smiled. "All of the people there are great, and I know they're going to like both of you."

Stevie and Gary finally got ready to leave with Mark, and the three of them were off. A little later, as Rusty walked Pat and Robin to the door as they were leaving, there was a knock at the door.

"Luke! Elliott!" exclaimed Rusty as he opened the door. "Come on in guys!"

"Well, we're going to get going now Rusty." said Robin. "Thanks for the pictures and the party last night. It was great!"

As Pat and Robin left, Luke said, "We're sorry we missed the party last night. We both wanted to come, but it wasn't enough notice for us. We had to come up here today though, to see if we could make it up to you guys."

"Y-yeah, we really l-like being your friends." said Elliott. "W-we really did w-want to be here l-last night."

Allen came over and put an arm around Elliott and said, "We like being your friends too. Don't worry about not being here last night. We know that it's a long drive from Miami on such short notice." When Elliott turned his head to smile at Allen, Allen gave him a kiss on the cheek, which caused Elliott to blush slightly.

"Well, what do you guys say about getting another party started?" asked Rusty. "We'll just clean up from last night, then reorganize everything so it looks like we're starting from scratch!"

"That's a great idea Rusty!" said Joey. "C'mon Skip, let's pitch in and help!"

"Y'all don't have to go to any trouble for us." said Luke.

"It's no trouble at all dude!" said Rusty. "We WANT to party with you guys. Besides, the rest of the band should be over soon."

The boys got busy cleaning up, then rearranged everything from the previous night. There was a small list of things they needed for another party, so Joey and Skip went out to pick up what they needed. Once they returned from the store, the rest of the group began showing up. They quickly had everything looking like a brand new party was about to start. Rusty asked Luke and Elliott if they wanted to hear their band, then started up the CD again. Luke and Elliott looked like they really liked it.

"I usually listen mostly to country." said Luke. "I like you guys a lot though. You sound like you have a little of everything. I guess it would be mostly considered pop, but it's not often that you hear a banjo or fiddle in pop music."

"Well then, I'd like you to meet our banjo player, Snoopy." said Rusty, as he introduced Snoopy to them. "And this is our fiddle player, Shane."

"Hi, it's nice to meet you guys." said Shane, as he shook Luke and Elliott's hands.

Once Calvin and Ricky showed up, the party got into full gear. Ricky quickly set up his keyboard, then Calvin said, "I want to show everyone something first! Ricky and I have been working all morning at his parents house, and we need you to hear something."

Ricky then sat down at the keyboards, and launched into a solo performance. The boys couldn't believe how good Ricky sounded, as they couldn't tell any difference from how he sounded before the attack. The boys all cheered wildly as Ricky finished his solo smiling, and took a bow. The group was now all together again, and the boys were happier than they had been in a while. Even Joey was now happy, as he sat on the sofa and kissed his boyfriend Skip.

By this time, Mark was pulling up to the gate at his community. He swiped his ID card to open the gate, and waved at the guard as he went by. As Mark navigated the tree lined winding road going in, he said, "When you boys come to visit me, I'll have to pick you up and bring you in. They don't say anything about guests coming in in a car with a resident, but you wouldn't be allowed to walk in on your own unless you were eighteen.'

"Isn't that kinda like discrimination?" asked Stevie.

"Not really boys." replied Mark. "There would just be way to much liability to allow minor guests to come in unaccompanied, and they would end up getting shut down in no time. Just think about it. What kind of problems could it cause for a group of boys or girls to walk right in, without having anyone here that they're visiting?"

"I guess that kinda makes sense." said Gary. "As long as we're okay being in here with you, that's fine."

"Don't worry then boys, you're fine with me." said Mark as he smiled. "We haven't had any problems here to make us change that rule yet, because our members don't want that rule changed. We're very careful about who we bring in, and I trust you boys completely."

At that point they started coming into the community. A lack of any clothing was the first thing both boys noticed, and it made Mark chuckle. The boys just couldn't believe how everyone was walking around naked so casually. They went by a small park on the way to Mark's small house, and there were quite a few naked kids there. Mark could now see a noticeable bulge in both boys' pants.

"Why don't you two go ahead and strip down on the way to my house." chuckled Mark. "It may help you a little when you see naked people, if you're naked too. I'm getting out of my clothes as soon as I park the car."

Stevie and Gary both smiled at Mark, then quickly began removing their clothes. As Mark pulled into his driveway and parked, he looked over at the two naked boys and smiled. "Lean over here you guys." said Mark.

As soon as the boys leaned toward Mark, he gave both of them a gentle and affectionate kiss. Then Mark got out of the car and began removing his clothes. By the time the boys got out and came around to Mark's side of the car, he was naked too.

"You boys can just leave your clothes in the car." said Mark. "We won't need them again until we leave. Just let me get my keys, wallet, and ID out of my pants."

Mark got what he needed, and left everything else in the car. Then he led the two boys to his front door. As Mark was picking out the door key, his neighbor, Hank, called out to him.

"Hi Mark, I see you have company." said Hank.

The boys looked over at the man next door. He seemed to be in his mid to late thirties, about five feet and ten inches tall, a little over the average weight but not fat, with a hairy body and about five inches of flaccid cut cock.

"Hi Hank, these are my new friends." said Mark. "The one next to me is Stevie, and the other one is Gary. Hopefully if they like this visit, they may be around often. Boys, this is my neighbor, Hank Gray."

"Hi mister Gray." said Gary shyly.

Stevie was going to try to be a little more outgoing, so he said, "Hi sir, it's nice to see you. Wait, I didn't mean it that way. I meant that it's nice to meet you. It's not like I was staring or anything. Not that no one would want to stare. I'm sorry again, I didn't mean that people like to stare at your cock or anything. Oh shit! Where did that come from?"

Hank was laughing as hard as he could, as he crossed the yard toward Mark and his friends. "Take it easy there boy!" laughed Hank. "You're going to blow a fuse! I can tell it's your first time in a place like this, and it's okay. You don't have to be so careful of everything you say. I really don't mind that other people can see my penis, and I'm kinda flattered that you would notice it. Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of though, and Mark here should have done a better job of preparing you for it. You should never be ashamed of your body, or afraid to appreciate the work of art that the human body is. Take yours for example. I'm married to a beautiful and wonderful woman, but I'm not ashamed to tell you that you have a very nice teenage body there. Hell, you even have ME beat in the penis department son. Just don't be ashamed of what you have there, and don't cover it over any more than you have to. And if you can appreciate the beauty in someone else's body, by all means go right ahead."

"Hi Hank, there you are." said Hank's wife Linda, as she came up behind him. "Oh, hi there Mark, I see you have a couple of very nice looking young visitors."

Now the boys were looking at Linda, as they had never seen a naked woman this closely before. Linda was about an inch shorter than Hank, in her mid thirties although she looked more like her mid twenties, and very trim with a little larger than average breasts.

Hank smiled as he saw the boys looking, and said, "Didn't I tell you, she is a very beautiful woman. Go on and tell her that if you want, she won't bite, and I'm sure she'll be flattered by the compliment."

Stevie held his hand out and said, "Hi ma'am, I'm Stevie. It's nice to meet you, and your husband is right, you are very beautiful."

After Gary repeated the same hello and compliment, Linda said, "I'm glad Mark brought you by. This might be your first time in this kind of environment, but I think you'll really like it once you get use to it. It's very nice to meet a couple of very nice and good looking young gay men like you two."

"How did you know that?!" exclaimed Stevie.

"I'm very perceptive about people." replied Linda. "I can tell by seeing you two boys together that you're very much in love with each other, and if I'm not mistaken, there's a bit of that between both of you boys and Mark too. Although I never would have figured Mark as gay before seeing him with you two."

"I forgot to warn you guys, Hank's wife is so perceptive about people that it almost seems like she has ESP." chuckled Mark.

"Hell, I'm not so sure that she doesn't have ESP!" laughed Hank. "I've never been able to get anything by her! I love her so much though, that I don't even try anymore. So, are you guys going to the big community cook-out back at the beach today?"

"Was that today?" asked Mark. "I forgot all about it. Of course we'll be there, but we might have to leave early. I'll have to get Stevie and Gary home before it gets too late."

"Can we use your phone really quick Mark?" asked Stevie.

"Sure guys, I left it in the car." replied Mark. "Just bring it back over with you when you're done."

Mark continued talking with his neighbors as the two boys made a couple of calls. Mark was pretty sure that they were calling home to see if they could spend the night. Stevie was on the phone for about ten minutes, and Gary took a little longer at fifteen. The two boys were smiling though, as they rejoined the adults.

"We're all yours until tomorrow at noon, at the very latest!" said Stevie happily. "Our parents were pretty clear though, not one minute after noon. Also, my parents will want to meet you tomorrow Mark. I told them who you were, and how we met, and they're okay with that. They just want to check you out for themselves to make sure we're in no danger from you. They don't know that you live in a nud,... um,... naturalist community though, so keep that to yourself for now."

Meanwhile, back at Allen and Rusty's apartment, the party was going at full speed now. Luke and Elliott were having a great time meeting a real band, and Elliott's stutter was even letting up a little bit, not that anyone had said anything about it though. The whole band liked the two guys from Miami, and they were glad that they were feeling comfortable now. Rusty went to answer the door, to find Jennifer there wanting to speak to Joe.

"Um, Joey,... Jennifer is at the door." said Rusty. "She wants to speak to you."

"How does she look Rusty?" asked Joey.

"It's kinda hard to tell, but she doesn't look mad or anything." replied Rusty.

"Okay, let's go speak to her Skip." said Joey.

"Are you sure I should be there babe?" asked Skip.

"You're my boyfriend, and a very important part of my life now Skip." replied Joey. "I have to have you there, my love. If she can't accept my gay side as well as my straight side, then I'm going to be your lover. She has to see how important you are to me though."

"Okay babe, I love you." replied Skip as he smiled. "Let's go see if Jennifer wants to be with us."

I know I'm going to get mail for stopping there. lol. So, Joe is now Joey from this point on. How will Jennifer react to the new Joey? At least if they all three get together, they won't have to worry about being the story's first threesome. I may do a spin-off at some point with Stevie, Gary, and Mark though. I'm not sure at this time. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 17.