Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 17

From the last chapter:

"Um, Joey,... Jennifer is at the door." said Rusty. "She wants to speak to you."

"How does she look Rusty?" asked Joey.

"It's kinda hard to tell, but she doesn't look mad or anything." replied Rusty.

"Okay, let's go speak to her Skip." said Joey.

"Are you sure I should be there babe?" asked Skip.

"You're my boyfriend, and a very important part of my life now Skip." replied Joey. "I have to have you there, my love. If she can't accept my gay side as well as my straight side, then I'm going to be your lover. She has to see how important you are to me though."

"Okay babe, I love you." replied Skip as he smiled. "Let's go see if Jennifer wants to be with us."

Joey and Skip went to the door, then they and Jennifer went downstairs.

"So, is this the guy that I'm losing you to Joe?" asked Jennifer.

"It doesn't have to be that way, unless you want it to be Jennifer." replied Joey. "I love both of you very much."

"He does still love you very much Jennifer." said Skip.

"Well, since Joe has forgot his manners, I'm Jennifer." said Jennifer, as she held her hand out to Skip. "I'm sure Joe has told you all about me though."

"He talks about you all the time Jennifer." chuckled Skip, as he shook Jennifer's hand. "I'm Skip, but I'm sure Joey hasn't talked about me too much yet."

"Joey huh?" said Jennifer. "I guess it is serious if he lets another guy call him Joey."

"I wish I could get you to understand that it's serious with both of you Jennifer." said Joey. "I don't want to lose either one of you."

"Jennifer, Joey is a true bisexual." said Skip. "I've never met many people like that. Usually when someone tells me that they're bisexual, I can get them to choose a preference one way or the other, they just don't want to admit it. In Joey's case though, he is just as attracted to females as he is to males. Joey has two different sides to his character right now. The straight side of Joey is hopelessly in love with you, but Joey's gay side loves me just as much. If you destroy that part of Joey, it will be like killing half of him. I can accept that Joey's straight side still loves you, because I know the gay side of Joey couldn't love any guy but me. I want Joey to be happy and whole, which includes you as a part of his life too."

"I have thought about that possibility." said Jennifer. "It's just kind of hard to understand how that works though. I don't want to lose Joey, but how can I compete with a guy? There's two completely different sets of feelings and sensations there."

"You don't have to compete though Jennifer." said Skip. "Joey had told me that he gets just as much pleasure from making love to you as he does with making love to me. I could never replace the pleasure and love that he gets from you because I'm just not built with the same equipment as you are, and there's no way you could make Joey feel the things I can. He really needs both of those feelings though. I honestly hope that the three of us can be a happy family together someday Jennifer, because I know how happy that would make Joey. I'm not worried as long as I know that Joey's gay side loves me just as much as his straight side loves you."

"Do you really want it that way that much Joey?" asked Jennifer.

"More than anyone could ever imagine Jennifer." replied Joey.

"Okay then Joey, go ahead and kiss Skip, and put as much feeling into it as you can." said Jennifer.

"What?!" exclaimed Joey.

"Just do it baby." smiled Jennifer.

Joey went ahead and embraced Skip, then pressed their lips together. Skip was a little hesitant at first, but Joey was putting every bit of his love for Skip into the kiss, and the two guys kissed passionately as Jennifer watched.

After Joey had shared a long and passionate kiss with Skip, Jennifer said, "Okay Joey, now kiss me."

Joey knew what Jennifer was up to now, and this was his chance to prove that he loved her as much as he loved Skip. Joey took Jennifer into his arms gently, and pressed their lips together. Joey kissed Jennifer every bit as passionately as he had kissed Skip, because this was his only chance to keep both of the people he loved. Joey's kiss was so intense, that it left Jennifer slightly breathless.

"I love you babe." said Joey to Jennifer. "I love you every bit as much as I love this wonderful man here next to me, and that's quite a bit. Skip knows that I have enough love to share between you and him, and he really does want you to be with us. I want you and Skip both to be with me, and be a part of my life forever. The three of us could be such a wonderful family together. I've felt how much you've loved me before babe, and I know my feelings for you haven't changed. If Skip has done anything, he's made the love I feel for both of you even stronger."

Jennifer finally caught her breath and replied, "I can tell that now Joey, and we'll have a long time together for me to thank him for that. This may be a bit new for me at first, but I still love you as much as I ever have. If Skip is that important as a part of your life, then he'll be just as important to me. Would you two guys like to take me out, so we can all get to know each other better?"

"I would love that so much Jennifer." replied Joey.

"You have a date Jennifer." smiled Skip. "How about the three of us head out to Cocoa Beach? I should check in with my boss anyway, and see if he needs help with the demo. Then we can have a great night together."

Jennifer wrapped her arm around one of Joey's arms, and Skip took ahold of his other hand. Then the three of them happily headed out to Skip's car.

Back at Mark's place, he and the boys got cleaned up a little bit, and Mark found Stevie and Gary both a very nice pair of sport sandals, as that was the only thing they would be wearing for now. Mark went up to Stevie and ran his hands gently down the front and back of Stevie's body as he gave him a brief kiss. Then Mark did the same thing to Gary.

"I'm going to be the hit of the cookout, being accompanied by two gorgeous young men like you two." said Mark. "Now, let's go meet a great bunch of naked people!"

Stevie and Gary both laughed, as they headed out the door with Mark. It was a little less than a mile to the beach on the lake, so the three of them decided to walk. It was very exciting for Stevie and Gary to walk naked down the street for the first time in their lives, and Mark enjoyed watching them get use to it. About halfway there, Mark met up with a husband and wife couple that he knew, and their two teenage boys.

"Hi Mark!" said the man, named Bill. "I see you have a couple of visitors with you today. Are you young men enjoying yourselves so far?"

"Yes sir." replied Stevie and Gary in unison, without trying to stare at the other two boys.

"Stevie and Gary, this is Bill and his wife Sharon." said Mark. "The two boys are their sons Brian and Alvin. Everyone, these are my two friends, Stevie and Gary."

"Hi guys." said Brian. "I take you guys are new to the naturalist scene. You're kinda semi down there." Then Brian and Alvin both giggled.

"Geez guys, somehow I don't think pointing it out is going to help!" replied Stevie, as his cock stiffened a little more.

Gary would have laughed, but his cock was doing the same thing when he saw Stevie begin to stiffen.

"I'm sorry boys, my kids were just messin' with you." said Bill. "There's nothing to be ashamed about by having an erection though. It's natural for teenage boys to be like that half the time anyway. My boys both walk around with their cocks sticking out most of the time, isn't that right kids?" Then Bill grinned, as he new he had just gotten even for Stevie and Gary.

"Thanks a lot dad!" said Brian, as his cock began to stiffen and poke upward.

Alvin was not far behind his brother, and Stevie and Gary snickered slightly, as they looked at the other two boys' cocks. Brian was older, and his six and a half inch cock curved upward quite a bit. Alvin's erection was a little over five and a half inches, and stuck straight out and curved downward just as much as his brother's curved upward. Mark and Bill couldn't help but to laugh at the contrast between all four boys, as Stevie's erection hung straight down between his legs, and Gary's pointed as straight outward as it possibly could.

"You men know that it's not nice to laugh at the boys' predicament!" giggled Sharon.

The three adults continued on toward the beach, with the four teenage boys following them, laughing over each other's erections, and swatting at each other's bare butts. Just before getting to the beach, Brian did comment over Stevie's erection though.

"Not that I'm into guys or anything, but you do have a very nicely hung cock there Stevie." said Brian.

"It wasn't always like that though." said Stevie. "Gary and I were attacked a couple of months ago by a gay basher, and he mangled me so bad that I nearly lost it."

"Shit dude, I'm sorry about the not being into guys remark." said Brian. "I know that must have sounded wrong. I really don't mind if you two are gay though. Hell, I've even played around once or twice myself."

"It's okay Brian." said Stevie. "Although most of our friends are gay, we know that not everyone is. As long as you're cool, that's all we care about. You don't have to be gay to be our friends. Anyway, the doctor was able to save my penis, thanks to a friend of ours, and it's even better than it was before. I use to be about the same size as Gary."

"Wow, I'd say he did make it even better than before then!" exclaimed Brian, who gave Stevie a playful punch on the arm as he laughed.

"I ain't complaining!" laughed Stevie back.

Once everyone got to the cookout, they had about an hour before food would be served. The adults all talked together, while the kids paired off into two age groups and began playing. Brian and Alvin took Stevie and Gary to introduce them to all the teenagers in the community, and the two boys were immediately accepted. Soon, the two groups of kids then split off into groups of boys and girls, with a few teenage girls wanting to stay with the boys. Just before the food was served, Alvin rejoined the group after a brief disappearance.

"Look what I got for after dinner everyone!" said Alvin. "Our favorite. Body paint!"

The kids laughed as they thanked Alvin for coming up with that idea, then they went back to join the adults for food. By this time, Stevie and Gary had begun to relax, and their erections had gone away. A few kids were still sneaking peeks at Stevie's cock though, which was the largest amongst all the boys. Stevie and Gary loaded a plate with barbecued chicken and a burger each, then a few side dishes, and joined Mark to eat.

"Are you boys having fun?" asked Mark, as he ate with his young lovers.

"These people are the nicest people I've ever met." said Stevie.

"Yeah, they seem to be going out of their way to make sure we have fun." said Gary.

"That's the best thing about living here." smiled Mark. "We're all just like one great big family here. I knew you guys would like it."

"Yeah, we want to visit you here as much as we can." said Gary.

"Since we're all family here, do you think anyone would mind if we got a kiss from you Mark?" asked Stevie.

"I've already come out to a few people here this evening, and they're okay with it, so I don't see why not." replied Mark, after he had swallowed the food he was working on.

Stevie leaned in and put one arm around Mark, then rested his other hand gently on Mark's cock. Mark did the same, except that he took Stevie's cock fully in his hand. Then Mark and Stevie shared a passionate kiss, as a few people noticed. All they did was smile at Mark and Stevie though. Then Mark repeated the process with Gary. By the time Mark and Gary broke their kiss, and the three lovers returned to eating, they were all three as erect as they could be. None of them cared now though, as they knew that the people in the community would have no problems with it.

Once dinner was over, the kids returned to their playing while the adults lined up their entertainment for the evening. As soon as the teenage boys plus a few of the girls got back together, Alvin brought the body paint back out.

"I'm painting Stevie!" called out Brian.

"I'll paint Alvin!" called out one of the girls, which made Alvin erect instantly.

Another girl called out Gary, then the rest of the kids finished pairing off.

"This is going to be fun!" said Brian. "I'm going to paint you better than anyone else Stevie, so just relax. Don't relax too much though!"

Both boys laughed madly, then Brian got to work on Stevie. Brian decided to go for an intricate psychedelic design, covering Stevie's entire body. He was going to make the design on Stevie's cock the most intricate of all, since he had such nice canvas to work with. All the kids who were painting worked diligently on their subjects, and the girls seemed to have a great deal of fun decorating the boys they were working on. After a while, Gary's body was almost done by his painter named Tia.

"All I have left to do is your penis Gary." said Tia. "I would have thought it would have been erect by now. It'll make it a lot easier to work on that way. Would it help if I stroked it for you a little bit?"

"You can try, but I don't think that will work." replied Gary.

Tai took ahold of Gary's cock, and began stroking it gently. When it didn't respond after a few minutes, Tia said, "I think I know something that might work Gary. Close your eyes and imagine that it's Mark stroking you instead of me."

Gary did as Tia asked, and in just a few seconds, his cock was growing in Tia's hand. Tia smiled brightly as she stoked Gary's cock to a full erection. Then Tia went to work on painting Gary's cock. Gary kept his eyes closed and imagined that Mark was lovingly painting his cock, which kept his erection incredibly hard as Tia worked on it. When she started putting the final brush strokes on the head of Gary's cock, it began jumping around in front of her. Tia carefully grabbed the base of Gary's cock to hold it still, then brushed the head of Gary's cock to perfection.

"It's too bad you're gay Gary." said Tia, after she had finished her artwork. "You have the nicest looking cock that I've ever seen on any boy, especially now."

Gary looked down to see that Tia had painted his body as a totem pole. His midsection had been painted as an eagle, with his proudly erect cock as the eagle's beak.

"Damn Tia, that's really beautiful!" said Gary. "I'm going to have to will my cock to stay hard for the rest of the evening, so it doesn't ruin your masterpiece!"

"I'm glad I can keep your cock hard somehow then." giggled Tia. "You are the cutest boy I've ever painted."

When everyone got back together to partner up again, so the unpainted kids could get painted, Stevie and Gary gasped at each other.

"Damn Gary, that girl that painted you does really good work!" said Stevie, as he reached down and gently touched Gary's cock. "By the way dude, nice beak!"

The two boys laughed, then Gary said, "Brian ain't no slouch either. You're even more colorful than the Partridge Family bus! It must have took him a while to paint your cock like that."

"I didn't mind at all!" laughed Stevie.

When everyone paired back off, Stevie and Gary ended up with the same partners. Alvin did manage to get away from the girl who painted him, and ended up painting a very cute fourteen year old boy. Gary went for an angel theme for Tia and did a very good job, especially when he painted the wings on her back. Tia became so aroused with Gary painting her though, that she had a climax before Gary could finish. Gary watched as Tia emptied herself out on the ground, then he carefully cleaned her off. Once that was done, Gary finished his work on her.

"Now I'm almost gonna cry because you're gay Gary." said Tia. "No boy has ever affected me like that before!"

"I'm sorry Tia, but I can't help it." said Gary. "I'm hopelessly in love with Stevie and Mark. I really would like to be friends though."

"That will have to do I guess." smiled Tia.

Stevie had decided to paint Brian up as a tiger, and he did a very good job. Brian was very impressed as he watched his body transform to the most ferocious of the big cats. One of the adults had been keeping an eye on the kids, and took quite a few pictures to show their parents. When the parents heard about the kids trying to outdo each other, they decided to end the night with a beauty contest for their painted teenagers.

The parents plan didn't bother the kids who were there all the time, but it made Stevie and Gary kinda nervous. Mark told them they didn't have to do it if they didn't want to, but their new friends were all doing it, so they went along too. In order to be fair, one winner would be picked from the five girls who had decided to paint bodies with the boys, and another winner would be picked from the fifteen boys who had been involved. The girls went first, and were quickly narrowed down to two finalists, including Tia. Gary applauded very hard for Tia, as he wanted the angel he had painted on her to win. She did have stiff competition from another girl named Traci, who had been painted as a tropical beach. She had a palm tree running up one leg, and the boy who painted her had painted her breasts as a pair of coconuts hanging from the tree.

The boys on the other hand had to be narrowed down to four semi-finalists, including Stevie, Gary, and Brian. Alvin was disappointed not to be a semi-finalist, but he was happy that his older brother was. Alvin though Brian looked very cool as a tiger. The other boy, named Scott, was painted as a fall tree from the north. The girl who had painted him had done an incredibly detailed job of covering his body with leaves, especially on his cock and balls. Scott in turn, promised her a kiss if he won.

Then came the tough job of narrowing the boys down to two finalists. The judges discussed back and forth for quite a while, but all four boys had been painted so well that it was hard to decide. When they gave up on the boys for now, and tried to pick a winner between Tia and Traci, they didn't have any better luck. After about thirty minutes of discussion, it was decided to declare the contest a draw, and give all six boys and girls a winner's trophy. Then the six winners were photographed very nicely, so their pictures could be hung in the community clubhouse. Brian, Scott, Tia, and Traci were proud that their painted bodies would be displayed in such a prominent place, and they finally convinced Stevie and Greg that it was an honor to have your picture in the clubhouse. Not only was it a place for the whole community to meet and have events, it was also where any prospective new residents started their tour of the community. By the time the other kids were done talking to Stevie and Gary, they were starting to become very proud of every square inch of their naked bodies. Before Gary had his picture taken, he thought of all of the fun times that he'd had with Stevie and Mark. By the time he let the community photographer take his picture, his cock was more erect than it had ever been in his life, which made his eagle look very nice.

Back at Allen and Rusty's place, the boys were having a great party. This party had just been the group, plus two of Rusty and Allen's close friends. That made Luke and Elliott feel very special. Ricky was also feeling good because he got to play keyboards with his friends for the first time since Ralph attacked him. The boys wanted to do a song they hadn't done in a while, which let them all have a turn at a solo. Luke recognized the song right away because it was done by one of his favorite groups, The Dixie Chicks. All of the boys loved Luke and Elliott, and Elliott's stutter had even disappeared after a while. Elliott finally got Ricky off alone to talk to him.

"I'm so glad Ralphie didn't kill you Ricky." said Elliott. "You are so cool that it would have been a great loss to the whole world. I'm not the least bit sorry about what happened to him though. How is the shithead doing anyway?"

"He's still in a wheelchair, and probably will be forever." said Ricky. "The last I heard, he had pissed the state attorney off so much that she's trying to get him the maximum sentence when he gets convicted."

"I guess some people never learn, huh?" replied Elliott. "Well, it couldn't happen to a more deserving asshole."

"How are you doing Elliott?" asked Ricky. "I guess we kinda have a lot in common now, huh?"

"Yeah, we do." replied Elliott. "The doctor says I'm doing better than he expected. I don't have to use the wheelchair much at all anymore. We have it down in the car though, just in case."

"Well that's good, because you don't deserve to be in one of those things." said Ricky. Then Ricky leaned toward Elliott and gave him a hug, followed by a quick kiss to the forehead. The two boys then smiled at each other, and rejoined the party.

Joey, Skip, and Jennifer was having a very fun evening together. After Skip helped his boss for a few minutes, the three went out to a really nice restaurant overlooking the beach. After a little dancing at a teen club where they all felt comfortable dancing with each other, the three decided to head back to Orlando. They had decided that it would be good to all spend the night together in Joey's room at Mike's house. Skip and Jennifer were both nervous, because this was a big test of how their relationship would go for the three of them, but Joey was excited. He knew that they would be able to make this work.

The cookout at Mark's community finally wrapped up for the night. Stevie and Gary had made some really good new friends, and they seemed very accepting of the relationship between both of them and Mark. As soon as Mark got the boys home, he gave them both a very passionate kiss.

"I hate to ruin your beautiful paint jobs, but you two need to take a bath before we go to bed." said Mark, as he wiped the paint off his face. "If you don't, that paint will get all over the sheets, plus a few other places where we might not want it."

Stevie and Gary giggled at that thought, then trotted off happily toward the bathroom. Mark smiled as he watched their beautifully painted asses wiggle down the hallway. The boys helped clean each other off, and Gary was amazed that Brian had painted all the way down into the crack between Stevie's cheeks. Brian had been meticulously thorough, and there wasn't one unpainted spot anywhere on Stevie's body. Stevie had just as much fun washing the beak off that Tia had painted on Gary's cock. Once the boys were finally clean, they dried themselves off and quickly headed to Mark's bedroom. Mark was waiting on his bed for his two boys.

As the boys laid down with Mark, Mark said, "Stevie, I want you to put your big cock inside me, while Gary and I make love to each other with our mouths."

Gary and Mark laid down in a sixty nine position on their sides, and Stevie laid down behind Mark. Once Stevie had lubed his cock, he slowly pushed it as far as it would go into Mark. Then Mark and Gary took each other's cocks into their mouths. Stevie got a good rhythm going, thrusting his cock passionately in and out of Mark. Mark was thoroughly enjoying Stevie's cock in one end of him, and Gary's cock in the other end. Gary passionately sucked on his and Stevie's lover's cock. The three of them felt so right making love to each other at the same time, that they made it last as long as they could. After about fifteen minutes though, Stevie began blasting his cum into Mark. Almost as soon as Mark felt Stevie's cum filling his rectum, he also felt Gary's cum filling his mouth. As soon as both boys began to stop cumming, Mark began filling Gary's mouth with his cum. When Mark stopped cumming, Gary turned around quickly and pushed his but down over Mark's cock before it could soften. Then Stevie and Gary pressed Mark between them as tightly as they could. The three of them fell asleep with Stevie's cock in Mark's ass, Mark's cock in Gary's ass, and smiles on all three of their faces.

Well, it looks like Jennifer has decided to try a relationship with Joey and Skip. Also, Gary and Stevie seem to be making quite a few new friends. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 18.