Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

Hey everyone, this is Ricky. My babe Calvin thought typing would be good exercise for me to limber my fingers up to play keyboards, so I thought I would write tim's disclaimer today. Tim and I sure have been through a lot lately, haven't we? I wanted to thank everyone who's been so concerned about me. I'm feeling much better these days, and I hear old Ralphie boy is getting ready to go back to Miami to face murder charges. I still think it sucks that he killed Robbie. Robbie was so cool with me while I was out. I also wanted to thank everyone who has written tim with their condolences and support. It's no wonder he loves writing for you people. Oh yeah, Gary and Stevie are also doing much better now. I hope we still hear from them every once in a while now that they have Mark.

Now for the legal stuff. This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. That means if you want to copy it and hand it out, or post it to other sites, please ask tim first. This is a fictional story, and tim doesn't intend there to be any similarities to actual people or events, except for us. If there are any similarities to anyone else though, it's just a coincidence. Finally, there's the good stuff, sex. Don't worry, Calvin has been taking it pretty easy with me. My babe is such a sweetheart, not to mention he feels so good when he makes love to me. My other friends tend to have their share of fun too. If you're offended by us boys making love to each other, or you shouldn't be reading about it for some reason, you assume all responsibility for reading any further. If you do go on and like it though, you can send tim a comment at:

Now for some really exciting news. Tim has finished his first book called "Time To Go." He's looking for an agent now so he can get a publishing deal for it. It's too bad Stu doesn't handle writers. I've read the book (thanks tim), and even though it doesn't have any sex in it, I loved it. You can take a sneak peek at the first two chapters at tim's new web site, He is also going to have all of his stories there eventually, and they'll be updated there first. As I was writing this for him, all he had was our story, and the really cool one about the doctor and the boy. Check it out though and go back often. I'm sure it won't take too long to get everything on there. Well everyone, I guess that's all for now. I'll see you in just a minute when tim takes over. Bye.

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 18

From the last chapter:

Gary and Mark laid down in a sixty nine position on their sides, and Stevie laid down behind Mark. Once Stevie had lubed his cock, he slowly pushed it as far as it would go into Mark. Then Mark and Gary took each other's cock into their mouths. Stevie got a good rhythm going, thrusting his cock passionately in and out of Mark. Mark was thoroughly enjoying Stevie's cock in one end of him, and Gary's cock in the other end. Gary passionately sucked on his and Stevie's lover's cock. The three of them felt so right making love to each other at the same time, that they made it last as long as they could. After about fifteen minutes though, Stevie began blasting his cum into Mark. Almost as soon as Mark felt Stevie's cum filling his rectum, he also felt Gary's cum filling his mouth. As soon as both boys began to stop cumming, Mark began filling Gary's mouth with his cum. When Mark stopped cumming, Gary turned around quickly and pushed his butt down over Mark's cock before it could soften. Then Stevie and Gary pressed Mark between them as tightly as they could. The three of them fell asleep with Stevie's cock in Mark's ass, Mark's cock in Gary's ass, and smiles on all three of their faces.

Mark awoke the next morning to the most wonderful sensation he had ever felt. Gary had his tongue as far inside Mark's butt as he could get it, trying to get as much of Stevie's cum from the night before as he could. At the same time, Stevie was hungrily working on Mark's throbbing cock. Less than a minute after waking up, Mark shot a huge load of cum down Stevie's throat. Then Mark had both boys kneel on each side of his head. Mark held their two beautiful cocks tightly together, then slid his lips around both boys at the same time. As Mark made love to both boys at the same time, Stevie and Gary embraced in a passionate kiss. After several minutes, Stevie held his orgasm back so he could cum at the same time as Gary. A few moments later, both boys moaned into each other's mouths as Mark began hungrily swallowing both orgasms.

After resting with a boy on each side of him, and taking turns kissing each boy passionately, Mark softly said, "I am so in love with both of you. I hope all three of us are boyfriends for the rest of our lives."

Gary kissed Mark and replied, "I love you every bit as much as I love Stevie. The three of us belong together."

Then Stevie kissed Mark and said, "You are just as important to me as Gary, and the three of us should always be lovers."

Mark held both boys tightly as he smiled, and thought about how lucky he was. Finally though, it was time to get cleaned up and get ready to meet the parents. Mark knew they would be able to tell how much in love the three of them were with each other, and he hoped they would be able to accept it.

As Joey, Jennifer, and Skip woke up together in the same bed, they all smiled at each other. Then Jennifer reached over and gently stroked Joey's and Skip's cocks as she said, "I am going to enjoy having two wonderful boyfriends. I'm flattered that you did so well with both of us last night Skip, even though you are strictly gay. Your cock is just as nice as Joey's."

Skip leaned over and gave Jennifer a brief kiss as Joey smiled, and replied, "Thanks Jennifer. I know how much Joey loves you, and that's good enough for me. I enjoyed making love to both of you last night."

Joey then leaned up and gave them both a passionate kiss and said, "The three of us were meant to be together as lovers. Someday when we have a family, our children will realize how lucky they are to have three loving parents."

Luke and Elliott woke up that morning in each other's arms, laying next to a very contented looking Rusty and Allen. As Luke and Elliott began to kiss, Rusty and Allen woke up and smiled at them.

"You two are incredibly sweet together." said Rusty, as Allen gently caressed him. "When Allen and I become husbands, you two should join the ceremony and commit your lives to each other too."

Luke sucked hard on Elliott's tongue, then broke the kiss and stared longingly into Elliott's eyes. "Do you mean that you guys would like to share such a special day with us?" asked Luke.

"We'd love to share that with two people who so obviously belong together." smiled Allen, as Rusty rubbed his chest lovingly. "You guys are good friends now, and we couldn't think of anything better than being married at the same time as you."

Luke gave Elliott a tender kiss, then asked, "How about it Elliott, would you please be my husband? It would make me happier than anything in the world."

Elliott gave Luke a little longer kiss and replied, "I would love to be your husband Luke, and for you to be my husband too."

"I guess we'll join you guys then." smiled Luke. "When are we all getting married?"

Rusty and Allen smiled as they started sharing their plans with Luke and Elliott. Luke said Elliott's mother would probably call their parents to help plan things, but he wasn't sure how his parents would take it. Elliott said if it were necessary, Luke would be welcome to live with his family. The boys became very good friends as they planned for their weddings. Calvin and Ricky stopped by that afternoon, and was eager to help the four boys plan their wedding, since they had already been there.

"The day I married Ricky and we became each other's husbands was the best day of my life!" beamed Calvin. "I love being able to go up to people, and introduce Ricky as my husband."

"There's no better husband in the world for me than my husband Calvin." said Ricky, just before leaning over and giving Calvin a passionate kiss. Then Ricky continued, "I know everything will be fine for you Luke. My parents weren't too thrilled when Calvin and I got married, but they finally accepted him as my husband."

Mark didn't have much to worry about, at least not with Stevie's parents. They could tell right away that the three were in love, and ended up having a long talk with Mark. By the time it was over, they were happy that Mark loved the two boys so much. When Stevie was told that he was allowed to be with Mark anytime it wouldn't conflict with his school, he excitedly let it slip that Mark lived in a naturalist community. Stevie thought he had blown it for sure, but was shocked when his parents said that they would like to check the place out sometime soon. Mark said that he would be happy to arrange that for them.

The next day was a very big day for Rusty. It was now the weekend of his first big local tournament. Most of the competition cringed slightly when they saw that Calvin Wilson and Tom DeBarry would be in Rusty Cooper's corner. Almost everyone Rusty knew had shown up, and Allen and Ricky led Rusty's cheering section. As Rusty's first match got underway, Calvin told his friend to remember everything that he had taught him. Rusty's first match turned out to be a fairly easy match-up, and Rusty won all three rounds on points. The other boy congratulated Rusty on landing such great trainers, and the two boys smiled at each other. When Rusty made it out of the ring to his friends and family, they took turns hugging and congratulating him. A few hours later came Rusty's second match though, and Rusty looked very nervous. It was his luck to draw the top seed of the tournament, who had knocked out his first opponent one minute into his first match.

"What am I going to do Tom?" asked Rusty before going out to the ring.

"You're going to go into that ring and win son!" replied Tom. "Does that sound too difficult?"

"That's easy for you to say, you could probably take him." replied Rusty.

"Listen to me Rusty, you know I'd never lead you wrong." said Calvin. "I know this dude is strong, but so are you. You're quicker than he is, so make sure you try to tire him out. Finally, I've noticed one important thing about him. When he thinks he's going to finish someone off, he leaves himself open just before he attacks. If you keep your eyes open for that, you may get a good shot at him."

"I'll do my best Calvin." replied Rusty.

"Good son, that's all we want you to do." smiled Tom.

Rusty, Calvin, and Tom went out to the ring, and Rusty tried to remain emotionless as he greeted his opponent. His opponent's reaction was a bit on the boastful side. When the match started, both boys got in a few good punches early, then Rusty tried to keep his opponent moving as much as possible. The first round went to Rusty's opponent on points. Between rounds, everyone in Rusty's corner could hear the other boy's trainer tell him to finish Rusty off so he could prepare for his next match. Rusty spent the first half of the next round trying to tire his opponent out. Both boys got in a few good punches after that. Rusty then saw his opponent's trainer signal from the corner. As Rusty watched his opponent carefully, the boy prepared to finish Rusty off. Rusty caught his opening, and landed a solid punch to his opponent's midsection. Then while the boy was stunned, Rusty landed another punch that knocked his opponent down to the matt. The boy tried every way that he could to get up as his trainer yelled at him, but he couldn't make it before the referee counted him out. Rusty had now defeated the tournament's top seed with a knockout, which was the first of his career. Rusty couldn't believe it as the referee raised his arm in the middle of the ring, then Tom and Calvin came out to give him a hug. Rusty had now taken over the position of the tournament's top seed, as he went out to be congratulated by his friends and family.

All Rusty had to do now was win one more match today, then three matches tomorrow, and he would win his very first tournament. Rusty won his final match that day on points, as his opponent looked like he was just trying to keep Rusty from knocking him out too.

When Rusty caught up with everyone outside the building, Allen said, "There's my champ! How are you feeling Rocky,.. I mean Rusty?"

The two boys laughed as they shared a hug, and a brief kiss. Everyone wanted to celebrate, but Rusty told them to wait until tomorrow, when they had something to celebrate. The next day, Rusty was surprised to see Snoopy's singer friend and Stu in the crowd. Fortunately his first match of the day looked as though it would be his easiest, as Rusty was a little nervous at first. Then he went to catch up with his friends after winning the match by two out of three rounds.

"What are you doing here Stu?" asked Rusty, after getting a hug from everyone.

"I had to come pick up a few copies of your group's finished demo, and I heard one of my favorite clients was in a big boxing tournament." said Stu. "I had to come by and cheer him on! By the way, J said that she wants a copy of your demo, and she wants me to speak with a friend of hers as soon as we get back to LA. She thinks I may be able to make a deal for you boys by mid-week."

"That's great!" replied Rusty. "Ricky is back to playing keyboards now, so we're ready whenever you are!"

"That's what your friends were telling me." said Stu. "I can't wait to hear you boys in a studio if you sound even better with Ricky. This demo is fantastic!"

Rusty now felt much more at ease as he went back to the locker room to prepare for his next match. Tom and Calvin were relieved to see him more relaxed, as now he would be fighting in the semi-final match. Calvin and Tom had Rusty exercise a little bit while they went over his next possible opponents, Since the other semi-final match had not taken place yet. The two contestants for that match would take to the ring as soon a professional kick boxing exhibition had wrapped up. After that match was over, and Rusty knew who his opponent was, he had two more matches to prepare for his next one.

Rusty and his opponent began their semi-final match in a very sportsmanlike manner. The first round went barely in favor of Rusty, and the second round went barely in favor of his opponent. Then, all Hell broke loose in round three. Rusty stumbled slightly, shortly after the round got underway. The result was a punch that knocked Rusty down hard near a neutral corner. As Rusty tried to struggle to his feet, he knew that he had screwed up any chance to win the match. Rusty didn't give up though, and looked like he could make it back up before being counted out. At that point his opponent forgot about being sportsmanlike, and charged toward Rusty as he struggled to his feet. Rusty saw him just in time to stumble out of his opponent's path. The boy slammed into the corner, and fell through the ropes. As he tried to break his fall, the boy could hear his wrist snap. The referee, trainer, and medic examined the boy, and determined that he could not continue due to a badly fractured wrist. Since Rusty had beaten the count before this happened, he was declared the winner due to forfeit. Rusty, Tom, and Calvin immediately went back to the locker room, without visiting Rusty's friends and family.

"That was fucking insane!" exclaimed Rusty. "I know I screwed up, but what the Hell was HE thinking?!"

"Sometimes in the heat of a competition, people forget the rules of fair play." explained Tom. "I hope both of you were paying attention too, because that's exactly what can happen when you don't play by the rules. He had you beaten easily in that match Rusty, until he got carried away. Now you are the one preparing for the final match, and he's on the way to the hospital to have his wrist set in a cast."

"Tom, Calvin, please help me get ready." said Rusty. "I don't want what happened out there to happen again."

"Don't worry son." smiled Tom. "We'll have you ready because you are the best boxer out there today."

Calvin had Rusty go over some rhythm exercises, while Tom went over Rusty's most likely opponent. It was a gamble, but one that proved correct by the end of the other semi-final match. The boys would now have a short demonstration and intermission to prepare for their match.

When the final match got underway, it looked like the preparation was paying off. Rusty took the first two rounds on points. Rusty's opponent knew that he had lost if he didn't knock Rusty out in the last round, so he came out with everything he had. Rusty did get stunned a few times, but this time he stayed on his feet. Then Rusty's opponent got desperate, and left himself open to prepare to take Rusty out. Rusty saw a clear shot at his opponent's head, and delivered a punch that knocked his opponent down. By this time the crowd was cheering madly for both boys, and the other boy weaved as he barely made it up in time. He looked at Rusty and knew that if they went at it again, Rusty would take him out. The boy stumbled to his corner, almost falling down again, then picked up his towel and threw it into the middle of the ring. As the referee called for the bell, the boy came back out to meet Rusty. The two boys looked into each other's eyes, and Rusty's opponent gave him a friendly hug. Then he lifted Rusty's arm into the air.

"Congratulations Rusty, my name is Aaron." said the boy. "You're a damn good boxer. Can we be friends?"

"I'd love that Aaron, thanks." smiled Rusty. "You're a pretty good boxer too, if you had a little better training."

"My trainer was too busy with his golden boy that you knocked out yesterday to concentrate on me." replied Aaron.

As Tom and Calvin came out to congratulate the tournament champion, Rusty said, "Then let me introduce you to my trainer Aaron. I know he wouldn't do that to you." Rusty put an arm around Aaron and said, "Tom, this is Aaron. He needs a much better trainer than the one he has now. Do you have room at the gym for him?"

"I'd never turn down a boy with talent." replied Tom. "Hello Aaron, would you like to train with me and my boxers. A couple of them have so much talent that they can't do anything but help with your boxing."

"I'd be honored sir!" replied Aaron. "Let me go say good-bye to my old trainer."

Aaron ended up leaving with Rusty and his group, and went to help Rusty celebrate his first tournament victory. Stu and J went to the celebration for a few minutes, but had to get back to California that evening. Aaron was impressed that Rusty knew a famous singer, and then J explained that Rusty and his group would soon be famous themselves. After Stu and J left, Allen wanted to congratulate Rusty in his own way. That was when Aaron first saw Rusty kissing Allen. As soon as Rusty and Allen broke their kiss, they knew that Aaron was staring at them.

"Come here Aaron." said Rusty, as he motioned to Aaron. When Aaron nervously joined Rusty and Allen, Rusty said, "Aaron, I'm sorry I didn't tell you this earlier. I'm gay, and Allen is my fiancée. We're going to have a commitment ceremony over spring break, and Allen is going to be my husband. That doesn't make me any different than the person you met earlier, but I know it's still a shock. Do you still want to be friends?"

"I just never would have figured you as being gay until I saw you kissing Allen." Aaron finally replied. "You two were really going at it there!"

"That's because we love each other very much." said Rusty. "We've been through a lot together, and we know that we were meant to be together."

"Besides, why wouldn't you figure Rusty as being gay?" asked Calvin, as he came up from behind them with Ricky. "Is it because he's a heck of a boxer?"

"Well, it's just that it's hard to think of a gay person being as tough as someone like you or me." replied Aaron, but not very convincingly.

"Have I got some news for you then dude!" laughed Calvin. "Aaron, meet my husband Ricky. He's the reason I love being gay, and we've been married since last spring!" Then Calvin leaned over and gave Ricky a passionate kiss.

"I,... I,... I didn't mean anything by it." stuttered Aaron. "I really don't mind that you guys are gay, it just took me by surprise. Hell, I think it's cool that you have someone you love like that."

"Well then Aaron, do you still want to be friends?" asked Rusty.

"Hell yeah, why not!" replied Aaron. "It may be kinda cool having a few gay friends. I've never actually known too many people who were gay, much less had them as friends."

Aaron couldn't figure out why Rusty, Allen, Calvin, and Ricky were laughing so hard, but he decided to laugh along anyway. He was sure that he'd figure it out sooner or later. The rest of the party went well, and Aaron was now getting along pretty good with his new gay friends. Then it began to dawn on Aaron why his friends had been laughing earlier. All the people there seemed like a very close knit group of friends and family, and it seemed as though if you were friends with some of them, you were friends with all of them. It started when Aaron saw two boys named Snoopy and Chris kissing. Before much longer, every boy there had kissed another boy. Well, there was the two boys named Stevie and Gary who were kissing a man named Mark. Then there was the boy named Joey who was kissing a girl named Jennifer AND a man named Skip. What really got Aaron though was when he saw his new boxing coach kissing a man named Bryce.

"Did I just make a whole bunch of new friends who are all gay?" Aaron asked Rusty.

"I hope that's not a problem dude!" laughed Rusty. "Don't worry though Aaron. Once you make friends with these guys, they'll do anything they can for you. I'm pretty sure you'll end up liking all these guys, and they'll like and respect you too."

Then Rusty and Allen took Aaron around, and started getting him better acquainted with everyone. Aaron did have a good time, and was really starting to enjoy being around all of his new friends. Today certainly did end up giving Aaron a lot to think about.

The following week was even more interesting for the boys than the last. Monday saw the start of Ralph's trial. He was being tried on four counts of attempted murder, and several of the boys would be testifying against him. Once this trial was over, Ralph would be transported back to Miami, where he would then stand trial for the murder of Robbie Kennedy.

Also on Monday, after boxing practice, Aaron got Rusty off alone. "I have a problem Rusty." said Aaron. "I don't think I'm gay, because girls turn me on like crazy, but since meeting you guys I've realized that I have been a little curious in the back of my mind for a while. I guess that's why I never really thought much about gay people or anything. It makes that curiosity a little bit stronger. I like hanging out with you and your friends Rusty, but if I do that too much more, I'm going to have to get that out of my mind somehow. I was wondering,... um,... if you might,... um,... know someone...."

"Are you trying to ask me to set you up for a one time thing Aaron?" smiled Rusty.

"Well, he would have to know that I'm straight, and I just want to do it to see what it's like to my friends." replied Aaron as he blushed. "Do you know anyone who might be willing to do that?"

"You're a nice guy Aaron, it shouldn't be a problem." smiled Rusty. "I know one or two kids at my school that might go for something like that. I danced with this one guy on Halloween named Demetrius, who said he was looking for something like that too. From what I hear he's pretty nicely hung too. Would you like me to hook you two up?"

"Sure, if he doesn't mind like, just doing it once, you know." replied Aaron nervously.

"I'll call him tonight and see what he says." snickered Rusty. "He slipped me his number on Halloween, and I'm sure I still have it. You'll like Demetrius, he's a football player and a pretty nice guy. I know he'll like the fact that you're a boxer. Just be ready to come to my place tomorrow if he says yes. Allen and I will give you two some privacy."

"Thanks Rusty." said Aaron.

Then Rusty gave Aaron a brief hug, and offered him a lift home. The next day, Rusty had set everything up for Aaron and Demetrius. Demetrius was waiting at Rusty's house when the boys got home, including Aaron. Rusty led everyone upstairs, then introduced the two boys. Rusty then excused himself and Allen for a while.

Once they were alone, Aaron nervously said, "Hi Demetrius."

"Yo Aaron, how ya doin?" replied Demetrius. "Rusty said you were a boxer, but he didn't say you were such a cool looking dude."

"Thanks Demetrius." replied Aaron. "You look pretty nice yourself. Rusty did tell you that this was a one time type thing, right?"

"Yeah Aaron, that's just what I'm looking for." replied Demetrius as he smiled. "My woman would kill me if it was anything more and she found out. So do you want us to take our clothes off and lay down on the bed?"

"Sure!" replied Aaron, as he breathed a little heavier.

Aaron could feel his heart race as Demetrius uncovered more and more of his deep brown skin. As Aaron nervously removed his clothes, he caught a glimpse of Demetrius's very dark and thick seven inch flaccid cock.

"You got a nice looking cock Demetrius." said Aaron shyly.

"Thanks dude." replied Demetrius, as he turned to face Aaron. "Mmm, mmm, look at those sweet muscles in your chest and biceps!" As Demetrius squeezed lightly on Aaron's muscles, he said, "This is going to be fun!"

Once the two boys laid on the bed, Aaron said, "I've never kissed another boy before Demetrius. Can we try that first?"

"Sure, I've always wondered what it would feel like too!" replied Demetrius.

Aaron put his hands on Demetrius's solid ebony shoulders, and slowly pressed his lips against the thick and full lips of Demetrius. Aaron was now kissing a boy for the very first time in his life, and it felt really nice. Soon, he felt Demetrius's big tongue press against his lips, so he let it into his mouth. The two boys shared a deep and erotic kiss for the next five minutes.

Demetrius broke the kiss and exclaimed, "Wow! When I kiss my woman like that, it's kinda just like I'm kissing her. It's really nice, but when I kissed you, I could feel your lips kissing back! That was fun!"

"Yeah, it was fun!" giggled Aaron.

"I hope you don't mind me saying, but you have some really beautiful milky white skin there Aaron." said Demetrius, as he ran his hands over Aaron's body.

"I love how dark yours is Demetrius." replied Aaron, as he too caressed Demetrius's skin. "It's so exotic that it makes me feel really nice just to touch you."

After the two boys caressed each other for a few minutes, and kissed a little more, Demetrius stared into Aaron's eyes and breathlessly said, "Aaron, I really need to know what it feels like to have your cock in my mouth!"

"Me too!" gasped Aaron.

Demetrius turned around so that he and Aaron was in a sixty nine position, then looked at the first cock that would ever be in his mouth. Aaron looked curiously at Demetrius's big cock, then flicked at it with his tongue. As Aaron slowly took a cock into his mouth for the first time in his life, he felt Demetrius's lips wrap around his cock. Both boys moaned deeply in pleasure, then began caressing each other's cocks with their lips. Demetrius's seven flaccid inches had now grown to nine very hard inches, and Aaron couldn't take all of it in his mouth. Aaron himself had now grown to about seven inches, but it seemed to be no problem for Demetrius's lips to get to it's base. After about ten minutes, both boys were getting incredibly worked up. Then Aaron pulled off Demetrius's beautiful cock.

"Demetrius, I need to know everything that my new friends feel when they do this." panted Aaron. "Could you put your cock inside me?"

"I'd love too!" replied Demetrius lustfully. "I don't know if I can let you do that to me though. If not, I'll finish you off like we were just doing."

"That would be cool." replied Aaron.

Aaron looked over on the nightstand, and found what Rusty had described as lube. He handed the tube to Demetrius, and smiled as he watched the boy lube his large cock. Once Aaron had taken some of the lube and spread it on his hole, he put his ankles up on Demetrius's strong shoulders. The two boys smiled at each other as Demetrius lined his cock up, then he slipped the head just inside Aaron. Aaron clinched hard as his virginity was taken by Demetrius.

"Are you okay Aaron?" asked Demetrius softly.

"Yeah." grunted Aaron, as the initial pain began to subside. "Rusty warned me that if we did this, it might hurt at first. It's starting to ease up though. Just give me a minute and we should be able to continue."

As Aaron tried to relax, Demetrius reached down and gently stroked his chest.

"I love those chest muscles!" cooed Demetrius. "Is there any way you could help me develop mine more like yours?"

"I'd love to!" replied Aaron, as he finally began to smile again. "I think we can go on, just take it slow."

Demetrius slowly pushed his cock into Aaron's tight rectum, stopping often to let Aaron adjust. Finally, all nine inches of Demetrius's cock was buried inside Aaron. Demetrius could tel that Aaron really felt it when he started going in and out of him slowly, but he could also tell that Aaron was starting to enjoy it.

"I love looking into the face of someone who enjoys me fucking them." smiled Demetrius, as he started picking up the pace. "This is the first time it's ever been a guy's face though. You still look nice with me going in and out of you."

"I've never thought of anything feeling like this Demetrius!" moaned Aaron. "No wonder all my friends like being gay!"

Demetrius then passionately thrust in and out of Aaron, who enjoyed each thrust even more than the last.

"You're going to have to take my cum inside you dude." gasped Demetrius. "I ain't got any other choice now!"

Demetrius thrust hard and deep into Aaron, who's eyes widened when he felt Demetrius's cum shooting into him. Demetrius thrust each shot of cum deeply into Aaron, until he felt his orgasm letting up.

"I was wrong." said Demetrius breathlessly, as he looked into Aaron's eyes. "I want to feel what you just felt."

The two boys then switched places, and Aaron gently slid his cock into Demetrius after he had lubed it. Once the pain of losing his virginity had passed, Demetrius moaned in pleasure as Aaron's cock thrust in and out of him. Demetrius also couldn't believe how it felt when he felt Aaron's cum shooting into him. When Rusty and Allen returned, they found the two naked boys, snoring softly in each other's arms.

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