Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 19

From the last chapter:

"I was wrong." said Demetrius breathlessly, as he looked into Aaron's eyes. "I want to feel what you just felt."

The two boys then switched places, and Aaron gently slid his cock into Demetrius after he had lubed it. Once the pain of losing his virginity had passed, Demetrius moaned in pleasure as Aaron's cock thrust in and out of him. Demetrius also couldn't believe how it felt when he felt Aaron's cum shooting into him. When Rusty and Allen returned, they found the two naked boys snoring softly in each other's arms.

Rusty and Allen let the two naked boys rest for a little while, while they cuddled and kissed on the couch. While their hands caressed each other softly, their tongues tried to get into each other's throats.

"You two should get a room!" said a naked Aaron, as he smiled.

"I'd talk if I were you buddy!" laughed Rusty. "By the way, you two looked so cute naked together like that, that I hope you don't mind that I got a picture of it."

"I don't mind as long as I get a copy to remind Demetrius of tonight." smiled Aaron.

"Well, I WAS just kidding about the picture, but I can take one if you want." replied Rusty.

"Then hurry up before Demetrius wakes up!" said Aaron, still smiling.

Rusty quickly got his camera, then Aaron carefully slipped one arm behind Demetrius as he just as carefully wrapped his hand around Demetrius's cock. Then Aaron felt Demetrius's hand rest softly on his stomach.

"You might as well make it a nice shot." whispered Demetrius, as he put his lips against Aaron's. Rusty went ahead and snapped several shots as the two boys made out for a few moments. Demetrius and Aaron finally sat up on the edge of Rusty and Allen's bed.

Aaron stroked Demetrius's shoulder as he said, "I can't believe how that felt! I can still feel his cum inside me."

"It was a little nicer than I thought it would be." replied Demetrius, as he gave Aaron a brief kiss on the lips.

"Nice?!" laughed Aaron. "When you first put that huge cock inside me, it felt like you were driving a truck up my butt! I've never felt anything that intense in my life!"

"So, you guys did just about everything then, huh?" asked Allen.

"We couldn't stop ourselves, could we Demetrius?" smiled Aaron.

"Yeah, it was a real thrill to put my cock inside you!" replied Demetrius, as he smiled too.

"Did Aaron get his cock inside you too Demetrius?" asked Rusty.

"Did he ever!" replied Demetrius. "Considering that I've never let anyone do that to me, it was pretty cool."

"I'm glad you guys had a good time then." said Rusty. "Now you have your curiosity satisfied."

"Yeah, it was fun finding out what you guys feel when you have sex." replied Demetrius. "I'm going to have to be going now though, it's getting kinda late."

Aaron watched Demetrius get dressed, then walked him to the door. Then Aaron put his arms around Demetrius and gave him another kiss before he left. Once Demetrius was gone, Aaron went back over and sat naked on Rusty and Allen's bed. When Rusty and Allen noticed that Aaron looked like he was about to cry, they went over and sat closely on both sides of him.

"What's wrong buddy?" asked Rusty softly, as he and Allen put their arms around their naked friend.

"I'm afraid that he sees this as a one time only thing." Aaron almost cried.

"Isn't that what it was Aaron?" asked Allen, as he patted Aaron's back.

"Not for me!" cried Aaron. "I don't know what happened, but I love him more than any girl I've ever been out with! I think I might be gay."

Then Aaron completely broke down in Rusty's and Allen's arms. Rusty and Allen took turns hugging him tightly, and caressing his heaving back. They also took turns kissing Aaron softly on each cheek.

"It's going to be okay Aaron, I promise." said Rusty softly. "My husband and I care about you very much. We'll do anything we can to help you. You don't have to go through this alone."

"You've got a lot of friends now that will show you that being gay isn't a bad thing." said Allen. "There's no reason why you can't be happy with who you are Aaron."

"You guys don't understand!" cried Aaron. "My dad made me take up boxing when I was twelve because he thought I was too much of a sissy. He said that I better use boxing to learn how to be a man, because he wasn't going to have any faggots in his house. He's going to know now, and my life will be over!"

"You're staying right here with me and Allen until we get you through this Aaron." said Rusty. "You're our friend now, and we won't let you leave here like this."

"That's good, because he'd kill me if I went home like this!" cried Aaron.

"No one is going to kill you Aaron." said Allen. "Rusty's dad is a caseworker with the DCF, my mom is a counselor who deals with gay kids a lot, and my dad is the best lawyer in Orlando. If we can't make sure you're safe and happy, no one can!"

"Please help me guys!" cried Aaron. "I don't know what to do now!"

"We do, and the first thing we need to do is get some rest." said Rusty. "You're going to stay here tonight, and sleep safely between me and my husband. We'll make sure you're okay Aaron. Then in the morning, we'll all talk to my dad. We promise we'll take good care of you Aaron."

Rusty and Allen got undressed and turned out the lights, then climbed into bed with Aaron between them. Rusty and Allen hugged and cuddled Aaron until his crying stopped, and he drifted off to sleep. When Aaron awoke the next morning, he looked to his side to see Rusty and Allen in a very passionate sixty nine position. Both boys looked as they were about to have an orgasm, so Aaron quietly watched.

As soon as his friends had finished cumming, Aaron smiled as he said, "You two really do need to get a room!"

Rusty slowly pulled his lips from around Allen's cock, then gently licked it off. "How are you feeling this morning Aaron?" asked Rusty as he smiled.

"Not as good as you two, but better." replied Aaron.

"That's good, because you're our friend." said Allen, as he crawled out from underneath Rusty. "We love all of our friends, and we meant it when we said we would make everything better for you."

Then Allen surprised Aaron with a very brief kiss on his lips. Even though the kiss was brief and innocent, Aaron could still taste Rusty's cum on Allen's lips. Then Rusty gave Aaron the same kiss, giving Aaron a taste of Allen's cum on his lips.

"I'll bet you two love kissing after sex, don't you?" asked Aaron as he smiled.

"It definitely has it's advantages!" replied Rusty, as he pressed his lips against Allen's.

Aaron watched as his friends kissed deeply, then Rusty finally broke the kiss and said, "Let's get dressed and go talk to my dad before he leaves for work."

The boys all got dressed, then went downstairs and had breakfast with Rusty's family. After everyone had finished breakfast, Rusty turned to his dad and asked, "Do you have time to talk to us before you leave dad?"

"I always have time to talk to you boys Rusty, you know that." replied Mike as he smiled. "What's on your mind son?"

"Can we go to your office?" asked Rusty.

Mike then knew it was serious, as he replied, "Sure boys, let's go."

Once they were in the office, Rusty said, "Our friend Aaron has a pretty serious problem dad."

"What's wrong Aaron?" asked Mike, as he switched into official mode.

"I don't even know where to start sir." replied Aaron.

"First, you can start by calling me Mike." smiled Mike. "Then it's always best to start at the beginning, and tell me everything that you can. I've heard everything before, so I don't judge anyone by what other people think. You can tell me anything."

"Okay Mike." replied Aaron. "My dad always thought I was too much of a sissy. He caught me jacking off once time when I was twelve, but didn't say too much about it. I guess he thought I was becoming a regular man or something. Then a few weeks later, he caught me jacking off with another friend of mine. Neither of us could even cum yet, so it really didn't mean anything. We were both just curious. My dad had a fit though. He enrolled me in a youth boxing program, and said that I better learn how to be a man, because he wasn't going to have any faggots in his house. I didn't even know what he meant by faggot, but I knew he was talking about catching me and my friend jacking off. As I got older, I figured out what he was talking about, so I started seeing girls. It had been drilled into me that that's what boys were suppose to do, and I didn't want to take a chance of upsetting my dad any more. For the last four years, he's constantly gone on about faggots this and faggots that. I tried my best not to listen to what he says, but he never lets up. It almost made me sick when he said that Ralph guy that's on trial for trying to kill those gay kids should have gotten a medal for what he did."

"Did you know that Ralph Finnegan almost killed four very good friends of Rusty's and Allen's, and did kill a boy down in Miami who wasn't even gay?" asked Mike. "The boy in Miami had a friend that was gay, so Ralph thought he was and murdered him, then buried the boy's body in a park near his house."

"I didn't say that I agree with my dad." said Aaron. "My dad is an asshole, and I hope Ralph gets the death penalty for what he did. Anyway, when I met Rusty at the tournament this past weekend, everything started to change. Rusty and Allen were the first gay people that I've ever met, and I like them both a lot. I like their friends too, and most of them are gay as well. It made me start thinking about things that I've had buried in the back of my head for years. Then last night, I made love to another guy for the first time in my life. It was so incredible! I felt things last night that I've never even dreamt of before. It made me realize that I'm gay too. If I go home, my dad will kill me. I'm not exaggerating Mike. He hates gay people so much that if he knew I was gay, he would kill me. I'm so scared Mike, and I have no idea what to do now!"

Rusty and Allen immediately put their arms around Aaron when he began to cry softly. Mike gave his boys a few minutes to comfort their friend, then he picked Aaron's chin up in his hand, and raised Aaron's eyes to meet his.

"You're with people who care right now Aaron." said Mike comfortingly. "No one is going to harm one hair on your head, and we'll make sure that you're well taken care of. Right now you need to live in a place where you're not in fear of your life, and I'm going to help you with that. How big is your dad Aaron?"

"He's about an inch or two shorter than you sir, and kinda skinny." replied Aaron. "Why?"

"Because I need to know if I can restrain him by myself if I have to." smiled Mike. "That's why the department usually gives me the rough cases. Does he ever carry any kind of weapon?"

"No sir, my mom wouldn't allow that." replied Aaron.

"How does your mom feel about all of this?" asked Mike.

"She agrees with my dad, but she's not quite as vocal about gays." replied Aaron. "I've still heard her say one or two very mean things though."

"Are they both going to be at home right now?" asked Mike.

"My dad is still off for the holidays, and my mom doesn't work until afternoon." replied Aaron. "We're not going there, are we?"

"We have to confront your parents with this, so I know what needs to be done." replied Mike. "I promise not to let them hurt you though, okay?"

"And we'll be with you too buddy." said Rusty.

"Rusty, I need you and Allen to stay here." said Mike. "Aaron and I need to handle this by ourselves. I promise that I'll take good care of your friend, and you know that I will."

Rusty was going to try pleading with his dad, but Mike now had a very official look on his face, and Rusty knew that he had meant what he said. "Okay dad, but please don't let our friend get hurt." said Rusty.

"No one will ever touch your friend, I promise." smiled Mike.

Aaron looked very nervous as he sat next to Mike in the car, and approached his house. Mike knew he needed to help Aaron get through this. "Okay Aaron, this is what's going to happen." said Mike. "When we get together with your dad, I'm going to start off. Then I'm going to turn it over to you. I want you to be completely honest with your dad, and tell him what has happened. If he tries to harm you in any way, I'll stop him. Then that will be enough for me to place you somewhere safe. Right now I'm thinking Allen's parents would be a very good choice. His mother can really help you with what's going on in your life now. Are you ready to get this over with?"

"I guess so Mike." said Aaron nervously. "Just be ready, because I know my dad will try to kill me, and he won't care if you're there."

Mike and Aaron went to the door, and Mike introduced himself to Aaron's dad without saying exactly what the visit was about. Then Mike said, "Mister Burke, your son has a few issues which the department feels might affect him personally. My only duty here today is to ensure his well being. Can you tell your dad what is going on now Aaron?"

"Dad, I know you're not going to like this, but I can't help what happened." said Aaron, as he summoned all his courage. "Last night I met a guy about my age that plays football. We got along really well, and then we had sex. I can't help it dad, but I'm gay."

"And he brought you along to protect him, didn't he?" Aaron's dad asked Mike. "Good luck then!"

Aaron's dad launched himself at Aaron, with the most hateful look imaginable in his eyes. Mike tackled Aaron's dad to the ground just before he reached Aaron, with Aaron's dad screaming, "I'm going to kill you, you fucking faggot!"

"You are going to do no such thing Mister Burke!" said Mike loudly, as he sat on top of the struggling man. "You better calm down right now sir, or the police will be here within five minutes!"

"You just go ahead and go for your phone, you cocksucker!" screamed Aaron's dad. "I'll beat your queer ass first, then kill that worthless faggot kid!"

"Aaron, get the cell phone out of my pocket, and call the police!" ordered Mike. "I kinda have my hands full here."

Aaron's mother was stunned, as she saw her husband on the floor being restrained by Mike, and her son calling the police. She finally snapped and knocked the phone from Aaron's hand, but not before he had gotten through and screamed for help. Then Mrs. Burke knocked her son down, and went to help her husband. Mike now had his hands full, and wished that he hadn't tackled this case without back-up. He held on to Aaron's father though, as Aaron's mother pounded on Mike, trying to pull him off her husband. Aaron got up and saw that Mike was having problems, so he tried to pull his mother off Mike. Aaron's mother finally threw her son off her again. Aaron didn't know what to do now, as he couldn't bring himself to hit his mother. Then Aaron's mother managed to break Mike's hold on her husband. As soon as Mister Burke stumbled to his feet, Aaron dropped him with a vicious punch to the midsection. The police finally burst through the door and yelled out, "Freeze everyone!"

The police recognized Mike, so cuffed Aaron's father and mother as the paramedics pulled up. The only one needing any attention was Mike, who had a few bruises and a cut lip. As the paramedic treated Mike at the scene, Mike gave a report to the officers. The police then informed Aaron's parents that they were being placed under arrest for assaulting their son, and a public official in the line of duty. Aaron then sat next to Mike on the sofa, and put his arm around him.

"Are you okay Mike?" asked Aaron.

"I'll be fine son." Mike replied with a half-smile. "It kinda reminds me of my rowdy youth. Next time though, I'm going to call for back-up first."

"I'm sorry about causing so much trouble." said Aaron softly.

"You didn't cause any trouble son." said Mike. "This is something about yourself that you have no control over. Your parents were the ones who caused the trouble. Now, go to your room and get whatever you don't want to leave here. We're not coming back here again."

Mike then told the police he was removing Aaron from his parents custody for the safety of the boy. One pair of officers waited with Mike and Aaron, until Aaron was finished packing, and another pair of officers took Aaron's parents on to jail. Then Mike helped Aaron carry all of his belongings to Mike's car.

On the last trip out, Aaron looked around his living room, and said, "Good-bye old life."

I was considering stopping here, and leaving everyone crying uncontrollably. Then I considered the reaction I got to my last cliffhanger in "What A Gas!" With that in mind, I will continue. lol

"Damn dad!" exclaimed Rusty, when Mike walked in. "Did anyone else get hurt when that truck hit you?!"

"Very funny son." replied Mike. "But I only promised that Aaron wouldn't get hurt, and he's fine. Allen, could you have your parents come over for a few minutes?"

"Okay dad, but next time let Rusty go with you." replied Allen. "My little champ would have knocked him right on his ass!"

"That's okay Allen." said Aaron. "I got in one punch, and it was all I needed. It was the punch that Rusty won the tournament with."

"Alright dude!" exclaimed Rusty, as he and Allen gave Aaron a high five.

"I'll never live this down at the office if they find out that I have kids defending me." said Mike as he tried to smile.

Allen went next door, and a few minutes later had Ben and Judith following him back. "Damn Mike!" exclaimed Ben. "What did you do, fall down a flight of stairs this morning?"

"No, it was just another exciting day in the life of a DCF worker." replied Mike.

"Well, you make me glad I got into law, at least!" laughed Ben. "What happened?"

"I went with Rusty and Allen's friend Aaron this morning, to confront them with the fact that Aaron is gay." said Mike. "Needless to say, Aaron wasn't exaggerating about how they would take it. When Aaron's dad tried to attack him, I valiantly stopped the attack. Then after Aaron came to my rescue, I had the police arrest his parents for assault. I've had no choice but to remove Aaron from their custody. Is there any way that you and Judith could make a place in your home for Aaron?"

"We'll try, if we can pry him out of Rusty and Allen's room!" laughed Judith, as she pointed at the three boys.

Rusty, Allen, and Aaron were laughing and talking, as Rusty and Allen took turns hugging Aaron. The three boys already looked like they had become very close friends.

"Well, as long as he's in the same zip code." said Mike, as he tried to chuckle. "Seriously though, I want Ben to help with making sure that Aaron is permanently removed from his parents custody, and that they never have any contact whatsoever with him. I haven't seen anyone react so violently to homosexuality since Robert Wilson, and we know where that led. Also, Aaron has been through quite a bit in the past twenty four hours, and he may need your help Judith."

"We'd be happy to take him in and care for him Mike." said Ben. "He looks like such a sweet and innocent boy, in spite of the fact that he's one heck of a boxer!"

"Great!" smiled Mike. "I'll just have you guys sign for him, then he's all yours. Boys, would you help Aaron get Aaron's stuff out of my car? He's going to be staying with Allen's parents, and I have to get down to the office to report this mess and straighten it out."

"Sure thing dad!" replied Rusty.

As the boys were getting the last of Aaron's things out of the car, Ellen came out with the phone and handed it to Rusty. "You have a call from Stu honey." said Ellen. "He said it's urgent!"

"Russ, amigo!" said Stu. "How are my favorite boys doing?"

"Who are they, and I'll ask them." laughed Rusty.

"Very good one Russ!" laughed Stu. "I need you to get everyone together by this evening Russ. I got some very big news, and I need all of you together for this. I got you boys a very sweet deal!"

"Oh my God Stu!" screamed Rusty. "Are you kidding dude?!"

"I would never kid you about this Russ!" said Stu happily. "If we can work out the arrangements, I'll have you boys in California by the weekend! Have everyone together by six o'clock your time Russ. Do you want me to call back at this number?"

"Yeah, that'd be great Stu!" said Rusty, who was so excited that he was almost peeing in his pants. "Thanks so much for everything Stu! We all be here at six."

As soon as Rusty hung up, he ran to the house with Allen and Aaron close behind him. "Mom! Dad!" yelled Rusty. "Mom! Dad! That was Stu! He's gotten us a recording deal!"

As Rusty excitedly told everyone over and over what Stu had said, Allen began calling the group and their parents.

"Okay Rusty." said Mike. "I have to go to the office, but I swear that I'll be back by six! Please don't start without me, okay?"

"Okay dad, we won't." replied Rusty, as he hugged his dad.

Everyone began showing up at about five o'clock. First was Greg and his mate Toby, Shane, Terry, Snoopy, and Chris and his parents. A few minutes later came Tom, Bryce, Calvin, Ricky, and Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie. At five thirty, Sean and Devon arrived with their parents. As everyone waited for Mike, Ellen and Rusty sat up speakerphones in the living room to handle a conference call with Stu. Mike finally showed up at fifteen minutes before six, but he looked very upset.

Ellen, Ben, and Judith ran to meet him, and Ellen asked, "What's wrong honey?"

"Aaron's parents filed a complaint." replied Mike, trying to hold his temper. "They claim that Aaron and I barged into their house and assaulted them. I've been suspended until this whole thing is settled." Then Rusty saw his dad cry in Ellen's arms for the first time in a very long time.

"What in the hell is going on down there Mike?!" exclaimed Ben. "How can they do something like this?!"

"Don't worry Ben." said Mike. "I snuck Aaron's case to a very close friend of mine there before I was suspended. She's going to do everything she can to make sure Aaron stays with you."

"Yeah Mike, but I'm worried about you too." replied Ben. "You have done more for me and my family than any friend has ever dreamed of doing. I owe you so much that there's no way I could ever pay you back, but I'm going to start right now. I am officially yours and Aaron's attorney as of right now. Any attempts to contact you or Aaron either one by anyone, has to go through me as of this second. I'll get those parents of his on so many counts of perjury and obstruction that they won't take a free breath for a long time, and your department is going to owe you much more than an apology!"

"Thanks Ben, you're a great friend!" replied Mike, as he hugged Ben.

At that moment, the phone rang. "Now Mike, let's go take care of our boys' future." said Ben, as he patted Mike's back.

"Hello, is everyone there?" asked Stu.

Rusty saw his and Allen's parents come into the room, so he replied, "Yeah Stu, we're all here. He have you set up on speakerphones, so all of us can hear you, and you'll be able to hear all of us too."

"Great!" replied Stu. "Okay everyone, as you know, your female singer friend out here is very famous, and very well connected. She has another friend who owns her own recording label. I took the demo to her yesterday, and she flipped over it. She loves you boys, and she wants you to sign with her label. She's even prepared to pay you guys an advance, plus ten percent more than the standard royalty for a new group. Even though she wants a three record deal to start, I got her to put in a clause to re-negotiate the royalty for your second and third album if your first album goes double platinum. If you guys decide to sign with her, which I recommend highly, she wants to fly you out here Friday morning to sign the deal. Then you will spend next week in her studio, which is very state of the art, recording your first album."

"You do know that their school starts up from the holidays next week, right Stu?" asked Greg.

"I know, but it's only one week." replied Stu. "We can have their school send their next week's assignments with them if you like. I'm sorry that this is such short notice, but she wants them right away. Everyone in this business is like that. This is really a great deal for the group though, so I hope you would find a way to make this happen."

"What about the parents?" asked Mr. Mackenzie. "This gives us one day to clear our schedules for the next week."

"If this album does as well as everyone here thinks it will, your boys are going to be wealthier in a short time than you ever dreamt of being." replied Stu. "If all the parents want to come out, you're more than welcome to, and I'll make all of the arrangements. I'm really really recommending that you find some way to do this."

"I'm sure I can find someone to take care of the gym next week." said Tom. "I'll be there, along with their songwriter."

"The only clients I have on the schedule for next week will be in California." said Ben. "I'll be there too. What about your schedule honey?"

"I have clients on my schedule, and I can't abandon them." replied Judith. "I'm sorry Ben and Stu, I have to stay here."

"Our schedule is suddenly wide open Stu." said Mike. "Ellen and I will be there."

"My schedule is always wide open." laughed Greg. "I guess it won't hurt for my mate to miss one week of college, so we'll be there."

"My wife and I both have vacation time built up." said Devon's dad. "We'll both be there. Southern California sounds like a nice vacation anyway."

"We'll be there too." replied Sean's parents. "It won't kill us to close the shop for one week."

Then everyone looked at Ricky's parents. "Since everyone else is going, I guess we can take it as emergency leave time." said Ricky's dad.

"Hey Stu, this is Joey, the sound man." said Joey. "Is it okay if my co-sound man and our girlfriend make the trip?"

"Well, we have to have the co-sound man, don't we?" replied Stu. "And we sure wouldn't want to leave the girlfriend behind. Is it your girlfriend, or his?"

"Both." laughed Joey.

"Remind me to make the time to party with you three!" laughed Stu. "Is there anyone else coming out?"

"I almost forgot the babies!" said Ellen. "I can't leave the babies behind. And Beth would kill us if we left her out of this."

"We also have my foster son." said Ben. "I think it would be best if I took him to California with us."

"Okay everyone, let me make sure I have this down right." said Stu. "We have the ten band members, the sound men, the sound men's girlfriend, thirteen parents or parent's significant others, and four assorted siblings."

"You got it Stu!" said Rusty.

"Are the babies going to be in laps on the plane, or in car seats?" asked Stu.

"It would be best if they were in car seats on the plane, if that's okay Stu." replied Ellen.

"No problem." replied Stu. "You have thirty first class seats booked on National Airlines flight three twelve leaving OIA at nine thirty a.m., flying non-stop and arriving here at LA International at noon our time. I'll have four limos waiting for you, to bring you directly to the hotel. I'm hoping the Beverly Grand is okay with everyone as far as the hotel is concerned. I'll book a conference room there, and we can sign the deal at four o'clock our time, on Friday afternoon. Then you'll all have the weekend to enjoy beautiful Southern California. Is everyone okay with that?"

The whole room shouted an enthusiastic, "Yeah!"

"I can't wait to see you guys Friday at the airport then!" said Stu. "Trust me, you will never regret one moment of this!"

All of the kids wanted to crash at Rusty and Allen's apartment that night. Since the parents would be discussing the trip until late in the evening, they gave the kids the go-ahead for a slumber party. Aaron still wasn't sure if he would be able to go, considering what had happened to Mike earlier, so Rusty and Allen kept him close by, to constantly assure him that he would go. Everyone eventually got around to hearing what had happened to Aaron, and they all stopped by to offer him their love and support.

Then Aaron decided that he wanted to talk to Demetrius. Rusty got Demetrius on the phone, then handed it to Aaron. Demetrius was pretty friendly up until the time Aaron told him that he had told his parents that he was gay, and what their reaction was. Demetrius suddenly sounded a little mare distant, although he wasn't mean to Aaron by any means. When Demetrius finally excused himself, Aaron could tell that it was just to end the call. Rusty and Allen spent the rest of the night comforting Aaron, and knew he would end up in their bed for a second night in a row.

Meanwhile downstairs, Ben asked, "Are you sure you can't clear your schedule honey?"

"I wish I could dear." replied Judith. "I want to be there with you and Allen so much it hurts. I'm a psychologist though, and I can't leave my patients abandoned. I know this is a big deal for Allen and the other boys, and I'd give anything to be able to share it with everyone, but I can't. Besides, if anyone were to call about Mike or Aaron and everyone was out of the state, who knows what could happen. Neither of us would want to see Mike brought back here in handcuffs."

"I guess you're right honey." said Ben. "It just won't mean as much as it could without you there."

"I'll spend as much time as I can with Allen before you leave, to explain things to him." said Judith. "Now, have you thought about taking Aaron to California. If his parents fight this, couldn't it cause trouble?"

"That's why I'm seeing his social worker first thing in the morning." said Ben. "Mike said that she is a good friend, and she's in agreement with keeping Aaron out of his parents' custody. If she'll agree to it and help, I'll have an injunction and restraining order against Aaron's parents by the end of the day."

"Let's hope so." replied Judith. "What they're doing to that sweet boy and our friend really pisses me off, and nothing pisses me off."

"Don't worry, I'm sure my investigator will turn up something on them that we can use." replied Ben. "I owe Mike that much, and a lot more."

The next day, everyone got their affairs in order for the trip. The biggest challenge was for Ben. Aaron's new social worker, who was named Amanda, had interviewed Aaron's parents at the county jail, and she wasn't very impressed. She couldn't prove it, but she knew they were lying. The DCF had no choice but to investigate the complaint against Mike Cooper though. Amanda was impressed by Ben and Judith though, and she knew Aaron was better off the way thing were right now. Ben silently thanked God that he had found another social worker with a heart.

Then Ben asked if she was close enough friends with Mike to want to help him. That immediately peaked her interest. "I got into being a social worker because I wanted to make a difference." said Amanda. "I quickly found out that some people there really didn't care though. It was just a job to them, and they wanted to do it as easily as possible. Mike was different than most though. He cared as much as I did, and it was a real encouragement to me. Now these people don't care if they destroy his career, and I'm not even convinced they care about their own child. They're going to drag the greatest social worker I've ever known through a system that doesn't care. Please let me help clear Mike."

With that, Ben and Amanda went to the courthouse. Ben pulled a few string, and promised a few favors, and was able to get a hearing for an injunction and restraining order. After Ben argued his case, the judge asked Amanda, "What is the position of the DCF in this matter."

"The department has to withhold their official opinion until an investigation can be completed." said Amanda. "As Aaron Burke's social worker though, I do have an opinion, even though the department cannot endorse it until after the investigation. In my opinion, Mr. Copper was performing his duties well within the law and our guidelines. Even though Mr. and Mrs. Burke have filed a complaint, the prosecutor has said they will not act on it due to lack of evidence. Mr. and Mrs. Burke are the only ones who are remaining in custody at this time. In the interest of not impeding any investigations, I agree with the continued custody of Aaron Burke by Ben and Judith Martin. I also agree with Ben Martin's request for an injunction and restraining order against Mr. and Mrs. Burke. It is my opinion that they pose a significant threat to the safety of their son."

Thanks to Amanda, the judge granted Ben his request for an injunction and restraining order. Amanda had placed her career on the line now, dependent on the outcome of the investigation against Mike, but she felt he would be cleared. Ben hugged Amanda, and thanked her for her help. When Ben returned home to tell Mike and Aaron what had happened, he got a mixed reaction.

Mike's reaction was positive. He knew that Ben would work as hard as he could to clear his name. It was very important to Mike for his name to be cleared, before he resigned to manage the boys band. It was a tough decision for Mike, but he had given quite a bit to a system that didn't care. Even though he loved helping kids who needed help, it was time for him to move on and help his family instead. Rusty was so overjoyed by Mike's decision, that he kissed his dad right on the lips. That made it worth it to Mike immediately.

Aaron's reaction was a little different. He was glad to be staying on with Ben and Judith for now. At least they seemed to care more than his parents did. He was also relieved to be going to California with all of his friends. He was still upset by Demetrius's reaction to the news that he now knew he was gay. What the two boys had done two nights ago felt so good to Aaron, that he felt Demetrius would be happy about it. Now it seemed like that friendship had ended almost as soon as it started. Judith finally had to take Aaron aside.

"Aaron honey, I've been through a lot myself, and I know a lot about people." said Judith. "One thing I know is that there is no way to find out who someone is until you open yourself up to them, like you did with Demetrius. Unfortunately you found out that he wasn't who you hoped he would be. I know that the sex might have been enjoyable to both of you, but that's only because sex was meant to be enjoyable. It still doesn't change who he is though. Nothing can change that part of a person. It didn't change who you were either Aaron, it just made you realize who you were. Now that you know that, you deserve better. You should forget about Demetrius, because as enjoyable as it was, it was only meant to be a one time experience for him. That's not the case with you though, it's who you are now. Do you know how many very nice and good-looking boys there are out there looking for someone like you?"

"I know, but it hurts that he would feel that way." replied Aaron.

"I know it hurts Aaron, but letting that hurt take over isn't the answer." said Judith. "It won't change him at all. You could go around being hurt and depressed over Demetrius, and completely miss someone ten times better. Everyone has a mate out there, whether they're straight or gay. You have someone out there that you were meant to be with someday Aaron, I guarantee it. It wasn't Demetrius, but if you keep looking instead of hurting, you'll find him. When that happens, you won't even remember the feelings you are feeling now. You will be so filled with love and joy that the journey you took to get there won't hurt you anymore. Now, I want you to promise that you'll enjoy your trip to California. I really wish that I could go with you boys. And I also want you to promise that you'll keep your eyes open for that special boy who will fill your heart with love. Okay?"

Aaron then smiled for the first time all day, as he replied, "Okay, I promise."

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