Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 2

Ben moved quickly on his plans in the following week. By the end of the week, he had closed the sale on the property next door, had a demolition crew starting on the existing house, and had a contractor drawing up plans for the additions to the new Cooper/Martin estate. Mike and Emily had to consult the contractor on how the addition would be attached to the current house, then Rusty and Allen got to help plan their residence over the new five car garage and utility area. Rusty and Allen wanted a good sized bathroom, then the rest of their place would be one open space with a kitchenette in the corner. That left the boys a huge open floor space that a deluxe Murphy Bed could let down into from the wall at night. They also had the contractor wire their section of the estate to handle their living needs, plus the needs of their band when they rehearsed there. Then it was up to the contractor to tie everything together so it looked like it had always been one large building. That would require a little remodeling to the outside of the existing Cooper home, but the contractor assured Mike that it would triple the property value and be the best looking home in the neighborhood.

At karate class that week, Allen was now sparring occasionally with Ken, along with some of the other more advanced students. Snoopy was not among those, as he had become so proficient that Ken could not beat him. Rusty and Calvin were now regular sparring partners, and Calvin didn't have to pull back now as much as he did at first. At the end of each sparring match though, Rusty and Calvin would give each other a very warm hug. There was nothing sexual about the hugs though, as Rusty and Calvin were both extremely happy with their life mates. Rusty was very happy when Tom and Calvin told him that they thought he was ready to train for the city junior championships coming up in the spring.

That Thursday at the alliance meeting, Allen had an announcement to make. Allen, Pat, and Ricky were on the activities committee along with two lesbian students by the name of Marianne and Tracy. The five of them had come up with the Alliance's first activity.

"We want to ask the principal for permission to hold a dance in the school gymnasium." said Allen. "The dance would be open to gay, lesbian, and straight couples. We want to try to get this planned for the Friday night before Halloween. All five of us on the activities committee think we can pull it off, but we would accept any help that anyone wants to offer."

Chris, Snoopy, Calvin, and two other lesbian students immediately volunteered to help with the dance. Allen said he would start working on getting permission from the school the next day. Joe then announced that more of Youthful Discretion's cd's had arrived, and if this new shipment sold out, the group's sales would stand at 25,000. That was a very respectable number considering the students were distributing the cd's themselves, and their school only had about three thousand students! The meeting dismissed to only a few hecklers waiting outside. Opposition to the group had declined dramatically since the beginning of the school year, and what opposition remained did not seem to act in a threatening manner.

That Saturday Bryce did show up at the boys practice, with a few more songs he was working on for them. The boys looked over all of the new material that they would begin learning, as Bryce visited with Joe and Jennifer.

"I'm really glad you came along dude!" said Joe to Bryce. "You might be just what these guys needed to get them going. I know they already think an awful lot of you too."

"That's good, because I like all you guys a lot." said Bryce. "So much in fact, that my parents are thinking about staying, and asking me to stay on with them. I think I might like that after everything that we've been through. So Joe, how did a straight couple like you and Jennifer hook up with all of these nice gay boys?"

Joe and Jennifer laughed lightly, then went on to tell Bryce their story. When Jennifer was telling about the time she dated Rusty, Bryce looked over at Rusty and Allen. He had a hard time believing that Rusty had dated Jennifer, because Rusty and Allen seemed to be so deeply in love with each other that it seemed like they had both lived as a gay couple since they were very small children. Bryce had never seen two people more in love with each other, gay or straight. Calvin and Ricky did seem like a pretty close second though. Then while Bryce was watching, Allen and Rusty shared a very passionate kiss.

"My God!" exclaimed Bryce. "I've never seen two people who looked better kissing each other than Rusty and Allen! Although Shane and Terry, and Chris and Snoopy aren't bad looking couples either."

"You aren't a little bit gay yourself, are you Bryce?" asked Joe.

"Nope, I'm afraid not." replied Bryce. "At least I never thought I was."

"Don't worry about it then dude!" chuckled Joe. "Hell, even I've gotten stiff from watching these guys go at it at times, and I'm as straight as they come! Ain't that right Jennifer?" Then Joe leaned into Jennifer and gave her a passionate kiss.

As they broke the kiss, Jennifer said, "I don't know honey. There was that time you told me about you with Chris and Snoopy." Then Jennifer laughed hard because she knew Joe loved her.

"The only reason that happened was because those are two of the horniest guys I've ever met!" replied Joe with a grin. "Besides, from what I hear most guys fool around with other guys at least once in their life."

"So what about you Bryce?" asked Jennifer. "Have you had any brief encounters with gay sex?"

"There was one time." said Bryce bashfully. "It was shortly after I had accepted my brother being gay. He brought another dude over that he'd had sex with a few times, and told the guy that he wanted to watch him suck his brother's cock. Trent and his friend stripped me on the bed, then Trent's friend went down on me. I was nervous as hell at first, but then it started to feel so good that I turned my brother's friend around and started sucking him too. Trent was almost drooling as he watched us. Then I began to cum, and Trent's friend drank it like water, and he was dying of thirst. I still didn't want another dude cumming in my mouth though, so Trent took over and sucked his friend's dick. While he was doing that I kinda played with Trent's dick and jacked him off. It was kinda fun watching my brother cum on my hand while he swallowed his friend's cum."

"So, did you lick his cum off your hand?" asked Joe.

"Heck no!" replied Bryce. "I did kinda think about it, but the thought of it was a little too gross. I'd had several girlfriends before though, and several more after that. I liked doing it with my girlfriends more than that time with Trent and his friend, but it wasn't too bad at all."

By this time the boys were beginning to play a little, so Bryce, Joe, and Jennifer turned their attention to them. It didn't sound too bad, but Bryce and Joe knew that the stuff they had written would need a little more work. The only exception was Bryce's first song. Although the boys needed to practice it quite a bit more, it sounded very good. It was so good that a few tears trickled down Jennifer's cheek. Then Jennifer looked over to see that Bryce had a few tears on his cheek as well, and Joe looked like he was struggling to hold back a few.

When the boys had finished going through the song once, Jennifer said, "That was a very sweet and touching song Bryce, and it tells perfectly how much you loved Trent."

"I think they might have their first single off the album." croaked Joe. Then he reached over and gave Bryce a comforting hug.

As soon as Joe was done hugging Bryce, Jennifer leaned over and gave him a warm kiss on the cheek. Then Jennifer said, "You should be proud of how great that song is, and how much you loved your brother. I know he's probably very happy right now."

The boys played a few other songs they were working on, and worked out a few rough spots before they went back to Bryce's first song again. The second time was much better, and it got the same reaction from Bryce, Jennifer, and Joe. Then they continued to work on new material. Calvin and Sean made a few notes to get together the next day and work on some rough spots and unfinished bars. Before everyone went home that evening, Joe told everyone that the show at school had been all set up, so they would need to get the new material ready as soon as possible.

As everyone except Joe and Jennifer were leaving, Pat and Robin showed up. Both boys parents had to go out of town overnight, so Rusty and Allen told them they could spend the night with them.

"Have you dudes ate yet tonight?" asked Rusty.

"Nah." replied Robin. "We were thinking about stopping on the way over, but we thought we'd see if you guys had anything planned first."

"My mom and dad were going to order pizzas tonight, as soon as they found out if you two had eaten." said Rusty.

"This will work out great." said Allen. "We can bring a pizza and a half back here to eat, and everyone else can have the rest out there. Then we can talk and stuff."

"What kind of stuff?" asked Pat lewdly.

"Whatever comes up!" snickered Rusty.

The boys all laughed at that, then Rusty went to tell Mike and Emily to order enough for Pat and Robin too. Rusty thought they would order three pizzas, but Mike thought he had a better idea of what everyone would eat, so he ordered four. Rusty thought two pizzas were too much for himself, Allen, Pat, and Robin, so he let Beth take two slices from their two boxes before the boys disappeared. Joe and Jennifer ate with Mike, Emily, and Beth so the four boys could have some privacy. When the boys got back to Rusty and Allen's room, Rusty pulled his shirt off over his head.

"Do you always undress to eat, Rusty?" giggled Pat.

"No, but I always undress to eat Rusty!" replied Allen. That got all the boys laughing again.

Finally Rusty said, "It's just that the last time I had pizza, I dropped sauce on my shirt and my mom almost couldn't get it out. I figure if it drops on my chest, Allen can lick it off much easier."

"You don't know how much I'm hoping you'll drop some on yourself now!" snickered Allen.

The boys laughed and talked as they all removed their shirts, then ate pizza. Rusty and Allen started off feeding each other, as Pat and Robin watched them. Then Pat and Robin decided to try the same thing. Once Rusty began feeding himself, he did manage to "accidentally" drop some sauce on himself. Pat and Robin watched again as Allen licked the sauce from Rusty's bare chest as erotically as he could. After the pizza was finished, the four boys attempted to play some video games. They ended up doing as much kissing as playing though, and had fun until it got late.

Finally Rusty stretched and yawned as he said, "Well, I hope you dudes don't mind sharing a bed with us. It's a really big bed."

"That'll be really cool." replied Pat.

"We also hope you don't mind that we sleep naked." said Allen.

Pat and Robin both smiled an impish smile as Robin said, "That'll be cool too!"

The four boys then went ahead and finished taking the rest of their clothes off, and climbed onto the bed together. As soon as they hit the bed, Allen and Rusty began kissing very deeply. Pat and Robin watched them for a moment as they began to get hard, then did the same thing with each other. After a few minutes, Rusty had rolled himself on top of Allen. Rusty then turned around and took Allen's cock into his mouth, as Allen began to passionately massage Rusty's cock with his mouth. Pat and Robin broke their kiss to look over at Rusty's cock sliding in and out of Allen's mouth.

"Wow!" exclaimed Pat. "Your folks don't mind you guys having sex back here?"

Rusty pulled off Allen for a moment to reply, "With us it's making love, not having sex. Our folks don't mind at all either. As a matter of fact, they can't wait for me and Allen to get married someday."

"Cool!" exclaimed Pat and Robin in unison.

As Rusty went back to caressing Allen's cock with his lips, Pat and Robin got into the same position as Rusty and Allen. Robin's cock was the smallest of the four boys, but not by too much, and Pat always loved getting the chance to pleasure his boyfriend. To Pat, Robin always felt and tasted perfect. Pat on the other hand was a little bit larger than Rusty and Allen, and it always turned Robin on incredibly to do anything with Pat's cock. After about five minutes, Rusty looked over at the other two boys, who were now moaning softly as they sucked each other's cocks.

"Have you guys ever put your cocks inside each other?" asked Rusty.

The two boys stopped for a moment as Pat replied, "We've always kinda wanted to, but we never have worked ourselves up to it yet."

"You dudes don't know what you're missing then!" said Rusty. Rusty then pulled his cock out of Allen's mouth, and knelt between his lover's legs. "Okay Pat, get between Robin's legs like I am between Allen's."

As Pat was doing that, Rusty got the lube from his nightstand and lubed himself and Allen. Then Rusty handed the tube to Pat, and instructed him on how to lube him and Robin.

"Okay dude, now put Robin's legs up on your shoulders." said Rusty. "Then you want to put your cock against his hole and push into him really slowly. If Robin's a virgin, you want to stop once you get into him, so he can get use to your cock inside him."

As Pat pushed his cock carefully into Robin, Rusty could see Robin's eyes widen. Allen looked over at Robin too when he heard the boy take a gulp.

"Don't worry Robin, it only hurts for a second the first time he puts his cock in you." said Allen. "Try to relax as much as you can, and in a few minutes Pat's cock is going to start feeling really good."

Robin let his body become limp, and relaxed like Allen instructed. In a few seconds, Pat's cock began to feel pretty good inside him. Rusty saw Robin begin to smile again, so he told Pat to push his cock into the boy very slowly. Robin couldn't believe how good it felt as he felt Pat's cock go deeper into him. Then Pat hit something that caused more pleasure than Robin had ever felt before.

Rusty saw the look on Robin's face and said, "That was your prostate dude, and it will always feel that intense when his cock hits it!"

As Pat was getting as far into Robin as he could, Rusty gently slid his cock all the way into Allen. Then Rusty told Pat to try to match his rhythm. Rusty began thrusting in and out of Allen slowly and gently, and Pat tried to match Rusty's pace perfectly. Allen was use to a much faster and stronger pace, but he still loved to feel Rusty's cock sliding in and out of him like this too. Allen looked over to Robin, who looked like he was on another world right now.

Allen reached over and patted Robin on the head as he softly said, "You're going to remember this night forever dude, and you won't be able to wait to feel Pat inside you again."

Rusty could see how much Robin was enjoying the feel of Pat's cock sliding in and out of him, so Rusty began picking up his pace on Allen. When Rusty saw that Pat was still matching his pace, he leaned down and pressed his lips against Allen's. Allen put his tongue into Rusty's mouth as he enjoyed the feeling of Rusty inside him. At this point, Pat needed no further instruction as he thrust in and out of Robin. Pat was now doing what felt natural to him, so he too leaned down and began kissing Robin passionately. Pat and Rusty were thrusting in and out of Robin and Allen, as Robin and Allen moaned softly in ecstasy.

After a few minutes Pat broke his kiss to gasp, "I'm going to cum Rusty! What do I do?"

As Rusty was approaching his orgasm too, he gasped, "Shoot your cum into your lover dude! Let it become a part of him forever!"

Rusty and Pat both raised up a little and thrust deeply into their lovers as their orgasms began. Allen smiled and moaned lightly as he felt Rusty's cum shooting into him, but Robin moaned loudly as he felt his lover's cum shooting into him for the first time. Rusty and Pat continued to thrust until both of their orgasms had completely finished.

Then Rusty and Pat traded places with Allen and Robin. Allen carefully instructed Robin how to make love to his boyfriend, the same way Rusty had done for Pat. Robin and Pat enjoyed themselves just as much again as Robin thrust himself in and out of Pat to an orgasm. After Robin and Allen had both cum inside their lovers, they fell down into the arms of Pat and Rusty. The boys then kissed their lovers passionately for a few minutes.

Rusty finally said, "Now you dudes know the difference between having sex and making love. How did it feel?"

"We'll never know how to thank you guys." said Pat.

"We'll never be able to just have sex again." said Robin. "From now on it will only be making love, thanks to you guys." Then Robin looked deeply into Pat's eyes and said, "I love you so much dude!"

"We thought you dudes deserved to feel that way." said Allen. "You don't need to thank us, just love each other forever."

Rusty then pulled the covers up over everyone, and the boys continued their kissing until they drifted off in their lover's arms.

Meanwhile at Greg's house, Bryce stopped by Shane and Terry's room before going to bed. He caught the two boys locked in a passionate embrace, while they were coming down from their orgasms. The two boys laid smiling, with their arms around each other, as Bryce sat on the edge of their bed.

"I just wanted to thank you boys for everything." said Bryce, as he smiled at the two lovers. "When I lost Trent, it seemed as though my world had come to an end. No one could ever replace him in my heart, but you boys are making everything make sense for me again. I never had begun to recover from losing him until I came here and met you boys, and now I'll never be able to properly thank you. It makes me feel very good to think of all of you boys as my little brothers."

After Bryce gave Shane and Terry a hug, he went to have the same talk with Snoopy and Chris. Chris knew what it was like to lose someone special, and also knew what it was like to have someone else special to help you make it through that. Chris wasn't at Greg's house every night, but when he was he felt a bond of brotherhood with Bryce too. Bryce was very thankful that all four boys had come into his life.

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