Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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The story is totally fictional,
the people are made up.
Nothing like this ever really happened,
so don't call me up.

The story has lot of sex in it,
in many different ways.

With teenage boys...

And older guys too.

With threesomes,... of both sexes.

So if you're offended,

or shouldn't read this,

you're responsible for going on.

Here in Allen Book three!

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 20

From the last chapter:

"I know it hurts Aaron, but letting that hurt take over isn't the answer." said Judith. "It won't change him at all. You could go around being hurt and depressed over Demetrius, and completely miss someone ten times better. Everyone has a mate out there, whether they're straight or gay. You have someone out there that you were meant to be with someday Aaron, I guarantee it. It wasn't Demetrius, but if you keep looking instead of hurting, you'll find him. When that happens, you won't even remember the feelings you are feeling now. You will be so filled with love and joy that the journey you took to get there won't hurt you anymore. Now, I want you to promise that you'll enjoy your trip to California. I really wish that I could go with you boys. And I also want you to promise that you'll keep your eyes open for that special boy who will fill your heart with love. Okay?"

Aaron then smiled for the first time all day, as he replied, "Okay, I promise."

The next morning, Mike had hired five shuttles to start at his house. Everyone at Mike's and Ben's homes, except Judith, put their bags in one of the shuttles and piled in. Rusty and Allen sat together and giggled constantly, with Rusty reaching over often to give Aaron a hug. The next stop was at Tom's house. Tom, Bryce, Calvin, and Ricky piled in, and then they had to go by Ricky's house. After picking up the Mackenzie adults, it was time to go get Devon's and Sean's families. The final stop was at Greg's house, where Chris's parents were waiting as well. By this time it was a tight fit in the shuttles, but everyone made it with their bags and equipment.

When the five shuttles pulled up at the airport and began unloading bags and equipment at the curb, the skycap looked like he had seen better days. Greg laughed loudly, then slipped the man a one hundred dollar tip. That got all of the bags and equipment at the counter within five minutes. Once the bags and equipment were checked, everyone went to the checkpoint, then squeezed into one tram car together. It was once again a tight fit. Once at the air wing, the group made their way to the gate. As the adults all checked in, the kids formed a group at the gate window and watched for their plane to arrive. About ten minutes after they were checked in, the kids all laughed and punched each other playfully in the arms as the jumbo jet pulled up to the jetway. Once the plane was empty and the cabin had been checked, first class passengers were called to the departure gate. The flight attendants all smiled, as they had never heard so much laughter and happy voices coming down their jetway. Mike was the first to approach the attendant at the plane's hatch.

"Hello sir, and welcome to National Airlines. You must be the group of thirty we're expecting." said the attendant with a bright and cheerful smile. "We have all fifteen rows on the right side of first class reserved for your group. We hope you enjoy your flight to Los Angeles today."

"Thanks ma'am, we'll try." smiled Mike. "I don't know if that's possible with a group of thirty, but we'll try."

The only seating to be figured out was Ben, Aaron, Beth, and the third person in Joey's threesome. Ben eagerly volunteered to sit with Aaron, and Jennifer decided that it would be better for her to sit with Beth, rather than Joey or Skip. Everyone else knew exactly who they were sitting with. It took a while to load the aircraft, but finally the hatch was closed, and the plane began rolling away from the gate.

"Good morning everyone, and welcome to National Airlines non-stop service to Bangor Maine." smiled the attendant at the front of the cabin.

"We're not going to Bangor Maine!" yelled out Beth. "We're going to Los Angeles!"

"Wait a minute!" chuckled the attendant. "I do believe you're right young lady! I better tell the captain to make a note of that. We wouldn't want to land at the wrong airport again. Anyway, how many of you are flying for the first time?"

After about half of Mike's group, and half of the rest of the cabin raised their hand, the attendant said, "Okay then, the most important thing to remember is for those of you with window seats to stick your arms out the window as far as possible, and flap really hard. Don't worry everyone, the more you fly with us, the funnier these jokes get."

Then the attendant went ahead and went over the safety procedures while Beth looked for the button to roll down her window. Jennifer finally couldn't take it anymore, and began laughing herself silly. Then Jennifer had to explain to Beth that the part about sticking her arm out the window was a joke. That wasn't easy, since Jennifer could only go a few seconds at a time without laughing. The plane finally roared down the runway, and lifted into the air, starting a new life for everyone in Mike's group. Once the plane had leveled off, Ben, Mike, Greg, and Tom went to the lounge.

"I don't think the other parents realize what this trip is going to mean to all of us." said Tom. "We're all one great big huge family now, like it or not."

"This weekend is going to be such a blur." said Ben. "I'm sure it will hit the others tonight around bedtime though. How are you doing with switching careers from social worker to rock band manager Mike?"

"I just hope I'm up to this." replied Mike. "The worst thing in the world would be if I let those boys down. You've been through this before though Greg. Do you have any advice?"

"The only thing that comes to mind is, hold onto your butts, you're in for a wild ride!" laughed Greg. "The biggest thing is getting use to the fame though. Just do everything you can not to think of that while you're making a decision for the band, and I'm sure you won't let them down Mike. I can see it in you that you can do this, which is why I wouldn't want anyone else doing it."

Then Greg was interrupted by a little boy tugging at his arm. "Excuse me Mister Holt, my name is Timmy, and I'm eight." said the boy. "Could I please get you to sign my book? It was really cool how Johnny Newton helped that boy in Egypt."

"Do you mean that you carry the book I wrote with you wherever you go Timmy?" asked Greg as he smiled.

"Yes Mister Holt." replied Timmy. "The only reason I read is because I love reading about Johnny."

"I'll tell you what Timmy, I'll sign your book if you call me Greg." said Greg. "All of my friends call me Greg, and I'd like to think that you're my friend."

"Okay Greg!" smiled Timmy, as he handed his book to Greg. "I can't wait to tell everyone that Greg Holt is my friend!" After Greg had written in the book and handed it back to Timmy, Timmy read, "To my friend Timmy: I'm glad you are my friend, and I'm glad you read because of me. Your friend, Greg Holt. Geez Greg, this is the greatest thing I own now! I'll keep this safe for the rest of my life! Thanks Greg."

"Thank you Timmy, and thanks for being my friend." replied Greg with a smile, as he ruffled Timmy's hair.

After Timmy had left to go show his parents his autograph, Mike said, "I'm going to take that as a sign Greg. I'm sure we're all doing the right thing now."

"You'll get use to it soon Mike." laughed Greg. "Then it won't blow your mind quite so much."

The rest of the flight went well, even with the occasional nervous joking between the boys, and Beth wanting to know what everything on the ground was. She was really excited when they flew over the Grand Canyon, then things began to sink in to the boys.

Rusty went up to Mike's seat and asked, "Are we really doing this dad? It kinda seems unreal now that we'll be in California soon, signing a contract to do our first album! I don't know if we're even going to make it through that!"

"You boys will be fine, I promise." smiled Mike to his son. "All you guys have to do is have fun, and I'll take care of everything else for you. You have nothing to worry about."

Meanwhile, Timmy had dragged his father to meet the man who signed his book. "Oh my God!" exclaimed the man. "It really is Greg Holt! When my son told me that you had signed his book, I thought someone was pulling something on him. I'm so glad to meet you Mister Holt, and thanks for signing my son's book!"

Greg shook the man's hand as he replied, "It was no problem sir. I'm always happy to do something like that for a friend. Isn't that right Timmy?"

"It sure is Greg!" beamed Timmy.

The people in Mike's group weren't afraid of flying, but they were still a bundle of nerves as the plane made it's final approach to Los Angeles.

"Ladies and gentlemen." announced the captain. "We are on final approach to Los Angeles International. We should be on the ground in ten minutes, and have you at your gate in twenty. For those who haven't set their watches yet, the local time is now eleven forty two. We hope you enjoyed your flight today, and will fly with us again soon."

Everyone was very jumpy as the plane taxied to the gate. All of the boys were trying to see as much as they could out their window now. As the boys gazed excitedly out the windows, the plane pulled up to the gate and stopped.

"Welcome to Los Angeles everyone." announced the attendant. "We are going to begin deplaning with first class."

Then several attendants in first class got on their knees, pointed upward, and called out, "De plane boss, de plane!"

The lead attendant then smiled and said, "We hope you have enjoyed your flight on National Airlines. We know you have many options when choosing an airline, and we are proud that you chose National. And if you hear anyone trying to rip off this spiel, please let us know."

Mike and his group were the last of the first class passengers to leave, so as not to split any other groups up. Then everyone nervously walked up the jetway, as they tried to laugh to break the tension.

"Well, this certainly is the largest terminal I've ever seen." said Mike as the group made it out into the terminal. "Emily, keep ahold of Beth. Everyone else, please stay together. We're meeting Stu on the other side of the checkpoint, then going to baggage claim. After that, Stu will show us to the limos he has waiting for us. Let's rock and roll everyone!"

The boys were so nervous that they actually laughed at Mike's joke. Then everyone headed toward the checkpoint together. As they passed the checkpoint, Stu raised his hand and called out, "Hey Mike, over here!" Then he held up a cardboard sign with one hand that read "Youthful Discretion."

"Hi there everyone, welcome to LA." said Stu. "How was everyone's flight? We'll start with the smallest and work our way up."

"The flight was a lot of fun Mister Stu." replied Beth, who didn't know Stu was joking.

Stu decided to humor her and said, "Well then young lady, we'll just take your word for everyone. You certainly look like you would know if it was fun or not. Okay everyone, follow me to baggage claim, and let's get you to the hotel to freshen up."

Once they had gotten to baggage claim, it was only a few more minutes until the belt started moving. Everyone watched the entire belt for their things, and to make sure no one tried to make off with any of their equipment. The most fun was waiting for all of Sean's drum set to come out, but everyone finally got ahold of everything, and Stu snapped his fingers high in the air. Within seconds, a fleet of skycaps came out to take everything to a van that Stu had waiting with the limos. Then Stu hopped in the same limo as Mike and his family.

"So Mike, how is everyone?" asked Stu, as they got underway to the hotel. "Fine, excited, jittery, nervous, about to explode and make a heck of a mess on everyone?"

"I think you just described everyone to a tee, Stu!" laughed Mike.

"Well Mike, I'm glad you decided to manage the boys." said Stu. "I would, but I've got so many clients right now that it would be impossible. Normally I would suggest one for you, but the group is so large that they need someone who they already know, and can trust."

"Well, I'm glad you're their agent Stu." replied Mike. "You've made this thing so easy for all of us."

"Just doing my job Mike!" smiled Stu.

The limos finally pulled up to the hotel, and everyone excitedly got out. Once everyone was together, Stu said, "Welcome to the Beverly Grand everyone. We have an entire floor of suites reserved for you, which would be eight suites. Each suite has two bedrooms. You guys can split them up any way you want to. Your bags and equipment have been taken around back, and will be waiting in the hallway of your floor. Our meeting with the record company is at four o'clock in the Sunset Conference Room, so you have about three hours to square away the room assignments and freshen up. I'll see everyone at four o'clock, and try not to trash your room. Heh-heh, that's an old rock band joke."

Mike went to the front desk to get the keys, and the hotel manager told him that if his group needed anything, to just give their room number and it would be placed on the room account. Then everyone went to their floor, and found out there were two king size beds in each room, making four to a suite. Allen and Rusty took one room, and Aaron asked to take the second bed in that room. Ricky and Calvin then called for the other room in that suite. Shane, Terry, Snoopy, and Chris all called for two beds in one room, and Joey, Skip, and Jennifer called for the other two beds in that suite. It was decided to give Mike, Emily, and Beth a suite by themselves. The other rooms filled quicker, because the adults were less willing to be packed in like sardines. Ben shared a suite with Tom and Bryce, and Greg and Toby shared a suite with Chris's parents. Sean's and Devon's parents shared another suite. That left the Mackenzie's in a suite by themselves, and the eighth suite empty. Sean and Devon finally decided to occupy the eighth suite. Sean and Devon looked unhappy with that arrangement though, so Joey, Skip, and Jennifer offered to trade.

After everyone hauled their stuff to their rooms, they had two and a half hours to shower and get ready for the meeting. In the two suites occupied by the boys, the common room was filled with naked boys watching the TV while waiting for the shower. While Rusty and Allen showered together, Aaron sat with Calvin and Ricky to wait.

"I hope you don't mind me saying this Ricky, but your boyfriend has a very nice cock." said Aaron.

"I don't mind." smiled Ricky. "I know if it comes down to anything serious now, he won't do anything with anyone but me."

"Although you can touch it if you want." said Calvin. "Oh, and thanks for the compliment."

"Are you serious?" asked Aaron. "Neither of you would mind if I touched it?"

"Heck no dude!" replied Ricky. "Go right ahead. It actually makes me kinda proud to have someone admire my baby's cock."

Then Calvin scooted over next to Ricky on the sofa, and patted the empty seat next to him. Aaron smiled as he got up, then sat next to Calvin. "How far can I go?" asked Aaron.

"You can't put it inside your mouth or butt, and you can't make him cum." replied Ricky. "Other than that, have fun."

Aaron wrapped his hand around Calvin's cock, then rolled it around in his hand for a few moments. Then he picked it up and looked at the underside, and at Calvin's balls.

"What's the scar?" asked Aaron.

"I had to have a little surgery on my testicles not too long ago." replied Calvin. "It's nothing major, and everything is healed up now."

Aaron then stroked Calvin's cock back and forth a few times slowly, just to feel it slide through his hand. Then Aaron bent down and kissed it lightly, rubbing his tongue quickly across the head.

"What was that?" asked Ricky.

"You just said that I couldn't put it inside my mouth." replied Aaron as he smiled. "You didn't say I couldn't kiss it."

"He got you there babe!" laughed Calvin. "Besides, you're the only one who gets this kiss."

Then Calvin leaned into Ricky, and pressed their lips together. Just as they were really getting into it, Rusty and Allen came out of the bathroom naked.

"Aaron, if you're going to watch those two, you have to remember something." laughed Rusty. "They have sex more than anyone I know. They are trained professionals. Do not attempt to do the things they do."

Aaron laughed hard as he got up to go to the shower next. When Rusty and Allen sat down on the love seat, Calvin pointed his butt at Rusty, and released a little gas.

"Aw dude!" exclaimed Rusty as he laughed. "That's WAY too much information!"

That caused Calvin and Ricky to laugh so hard, Calvin collapsed in Ricky's arms. Then Calvin finally recovered enough to say, "This is going to be the greatest week of our lives dudes!"

"I still can't believe that we're setting here in a hotel in Beverly Hills California though." replied Rusty. "This is like an episode of Lifestyles of People A Hell of A Lot Luckier Than Me!"

Once Aaron had showered, it was Ricky and Calvin's turn. Aaron smiled as he sat in the chair and watched Rusty and Allen kiss. As it started getting close to four, all of the boys dressed, and headed out into the hall. Once everyone was there, they headed downstairs. Stu met them inside the conference room, and showed everyone how he wanted them seated.

"Isn't this lady spending a lot of money just to sign these boys?" asked Mike.

"You still don't get it, do you Mike?" asked Stu. "Let me be blunt then. I expect the first album to sell in the neighborhood of ten to fifteen million copies, and this lady we're going to be dealing with agrees with that figure. Do you realize how much that will mean in royalties to the boys, just for album sales? Let me see my card I gave you Mike."

Mike handed Stu the card, and Stu wrote something on back and handed it back to Mike. "That number is in millions Mike, and it's just for album sales." said Stu. "Then you have performance royalties, video royalties, merchandise royalties, and appearance fees. Every time you hear or see these boys, they are going to be making money. And with all the money that they will be making, the record company will be making more. Hell, they'll make millions alone just on promotions. You know, people wanting their name associated with the boys. We're talking very big business here Mike, and very big money."

"I'm glad I've decided to devote all my attention to them then." said Mike.

"You're right there buddy." replied Stu. "This is going to need all of your attention. These boys are going to be huge."

At that time, the lady they had been waiting for walked in and sat down at the table. Stu had Mike sit on one side of her, and he sat on the other side. Then everyone sat down where Stu had shown them earlier.

"Wow Stu!" exclaimed the lady. "When you said this was a group of good looking young men, you meant it!" Then she turned to Mike and said, "You must be Mike, the group's manager."

"Yes, and it's very nice to meet you." replied Mike. "You've made sure we were very well taken care of."

"That's just a drop in the bucket compared to what we're going to be making from this deal." replied the lady. "I believe Stu has already discussed our royalties offer, and provisions tied to the performance of their first album's sales. I've worked out a schedule for personal appearances for concerts and television, taking into consideration that they are still in school. These are just projections though, as nothing has been signed or scheduled. It's just a guide for you to know what we will expect in regards to a commitment of their time. You can go ahead and show that to all the parents, and if anyone has any issues with it, please let me know, and we'll work something out."

Everyone looked it over carefully, and agreed to go along with whatever Mike thought. Mike handed the paper back and said, "That looks okay, as long as we stick to that kind of schedule."

"With the boys being as young as they are, we are bound by law to certain conditions." replied the lady. "We can't demand anything that would interfere in their education, and we can't ask them to appear after certain hours. That schedule is a pretty fair representation of what we would expect. Now let's go on to performance and video tapings. We have already scheduled some time during next week to film for the video of their first single. We have to release that video when we release the single. Do you have any special considerations for future tapings?"

"Considering that some video shoots can be complicated, we would want all those that aren't performance videos to be filmed in Florida." replied Mike.

"I love Florida!" replied the lady. "I have no problem with that. Now onto money. We are going to pay the production costs for the album and first video. All I need to know is if a one million dollar advance for signing today will be sufficient."

"You want to pay them one million dollars today?" asked Mike.

"Okay, two million, but you won't get that kind of a deal anywhere." replied the lady. "What do you say?"

"Do you boys want to go through with this?" asked Mike.

"Yeah!" replied all of the boys enthusiastically.

"Before we sign, there is one more thing." said Mike. "The boys have a pair of sound men that they are very comfortable with. They would have to be under contract with the boys too."

"That's not a problem, if it will get us signed today." replied the lady. "While my legal eagles back here are cutting the contract, I'll have my financial department cut the advance."

Just then, the ground shook slightly. The lady looked up for only a second, then went on about her business unconcerned.

"What was THAT?!" asked Rusty loudly.

"That was just a tiny little tremor." replied Stu as he smiled. "We get those here every day. Just wait until we get one around two or three. It's not enough to do much damage, but it will get your attention!" Then Stu laughed casually.

"I think I'll pass on that Stu." replied Rusty, a little more calmly.

"The funny thing is, people from Florida think earthquakes are bad, but we live with a little shaking our whole lives." said Stu. "It really isn't a big deal to us. We however can't understand how casual you can be about hurricanes. I've seen pictures and videos of those things, and they scare me to death!"

"I guess it just depends on what you're accustomed to." laughed Mike.

"Okay everyone, I have a contract, and two checks." said the lady. "One check is the fee you agreed to pay Stu as your agent, and the other is your advance minus that fee. I need Mike to look over the contract to make sure it's exactly what's been discussed. Then if he is okay with signing it, I'll need each member of the band to sign, and one parent to co-sign their child's signature. I'll also need the sound men to sign. Skip, you won't need a co-signature because you are over eighteen."

Everyone took a break while Mike went over the contract. The lady then did get to see a few of the boys interact with their lovers. She went to Stu and said, "I know I've said this before, but those boys are going to break a lot of girls hearts when they find out the boys are gay."

"I still think it will work in our favor though." replied Stu. "I think the girls will be able to identify more closely with them, without attaching anything sexual to it. And it might help us attract more male fans too. Boy bands tend to have limited appeal with males, but these guys don't fit any of those old boy band molds. This could be even bigger than we think it'll be."

"That would definitely be nice Stu." smiled the lady.

When Mike finally finished going over the contract, he asked a few questions to clarify a few clauses. Once his questions were answered, Mike went ahead and signed the contract. Then he passed it down the line. Each boy signed, then got a parent to co-sign. Rusty and Joey both had Emily co-sign for them. Once all the lines had been signed, the lady handed Stu and Mike a check.

"Okay boys, welcome to our family of recording artists." said the lady. "I feel that you boys will really help take this label in the direction I want it to go. If you want to, you can take your check to my bank, and exchange it for a portion in cash, and have the rest electronically transferred to your accounts back home. I will call my bank president, and have him meet you there. Joey and Skip, I will cut your checks for your services as sound men when the album is completed. Otherwise, enjoy your weekend, and I'll see you in the studio on Monday morning."

Mike and one parent for each boy went with the lady to her bank. The boys had already agreed with the parents how much to keep in cash, and the rest would be placed into accounts back home that the boys would need their parents approval before getting anything out. Some of the parents were very insistent about that, but others would talk to their banks personally when they returned home. They trusted their boys, and besides, most of them would be eighteen in less than two years. Meanwhile, everyone began trying to decide what to do with a weekend in LA. since the record company had left the four limos at their disposal throughout their stay. Once Snoopy's friend called the hotel though, everyone knew what they would do with their Friday evening. She had invited everyone to her mansion for a party she was having in honor of the band, and some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the music industry would be there.

The boys were very excited as their limos pulled up to the beautiful mansion. Greg and his boys had been here before, but now they would be meeting quite a few very big people. Snoopy's friend met everyone at the door, and showed them to the patio and back yard, which contained a very nice pool and lovely garden. That was where the party was mostly being held. One of her friends had wanted to be the first to meet the boys, so that was the first introduction that she tried to make.

"Okay everyone, I would like you to meet B....." started Snoopy's friend.

"You don't have to tell us who he is!" said Ricky. "I loved your movies about the cop who always kept running into greedy terrorists sir. And then the one about the dead guy who helped the little boy,... that one was awesome!"

"Well thanks son!" smiled the actor. "I also play a little music myself, and when your friend played your boys' demo for me, I was blown away! You boys are really talented yourselves."

The boys and parents talked to the actor for several minutes before Snoopy's friend began dragging them away a few at a time for introductions. The boys began to realize that they had dvd's and cd's from just about every guest at the party. One that they didn't have anything from though was a very good looking sixteen year old boy, who had only done television shows so far. He noticed that most of the boys seemed to be with someone else in the band, but there was one who he thought was the best looking, who didn't seem to be with anyone.

"Hi there, I'm Erik." said the boy to Aaron.

"Hi Erik, I'm Aaron." replied Aaron.

"Cool, I have another friend with the same name!" smiled Erik. "He was suppose to stop by here sometime this evening. So, are you with the band Aaron?"

"Nah, I'm Allen's foster brother." replied Aaron. "I watch your show all the time. I think you're the best one on it."

"Thanks Aaron." replied Erik. "I think I'll take you with me the next time I negotiate my contract! So, are all the guys in the band with someone else in the band?"

"How can you tell that?!" asked Aaron.

"After a while, you just have ways of seeing those things." replied Erik. "Those guys are going to break a lot of girls hearts when they find out that they're gay. What's really funny though is that the best looking guy with them doesn't seem to be with anyone."

"No, Rusty and Allen are together." replied Aaron.

"I was talking about you, silly!" said Erik, which made Aaron blush slightly. "You're even more cute when you blush Aaron."

"Um, I'm really flattered Erik." said Aaron. "I just had my first experience with another guy though, and it didn't turn out too well. We live kinda far apart, don't we?"

"No one ever lives too far apart to be friends though Aaron." replied Erik. "Besides, I only live here four months out of the year to film a season of my show. The rest of the time I'm back home in Florida, trying not to be noticed in public too much. Everyone thinks my family should just move here, but we all like Orlando too much."

"You live in Orlando?!" asked Aaron, as he began to smile.

"That is really a beautiful smile Aaron." said Erik. "Is there any way at all that I could kiss it?"

Aaron began to tremble slightly as Erik came closer. Aaron had never felt this way before, but it felt like he was going to melt when Erik put an arm around him. Then Erik gently touched his lips to Aaron's. Aaron couldn't control himself, as he felt himself kissing Erik on nothing but instinct. Erik's lips felt like velvet against his, and it made Aaron immediately erect. The kiss seemed to last a lifetime, although it was only a few seconds.

"Either I really like you Erik, or I think I might be coming down with something." said Aaron almost breathlessly.

"I hope you like me then Aaron." giggled Erik. "I'd hate to have to rush you to the doctor." Then Erik lightly brushed Aaron's erection and said, "I have a feeling you like me though. Let's go for a walk in the garden Aaron. I hear she has a hedge maze in there that we can really be alone in."

Erik took Aaron's hand and led him into the garden, squeezing Aaron's hand lightly over and over. Snoopy's friend was talking to Ben when she noticed the two boys heading into the garden, which made her smile as she pointed the two boys out to Ben.

"I'm so glad I invited him here." said Snoopy's friend. "He just seems to be so starved for love and affection."

"Which one are you talking about?" asked Ben. "That sounds a lot like Aaron."

"In that case, they may be a couple by the time they make it out of the garden!" laughed Snoopy's friend.

As Erik led Aaron toward the entrance to the maze, he said, "I'm glad I met someone who treats me like an average guy. Most people I meet are either hung up on themselves and want a good time at my expense, or they act like some teeny bopper fan. You act like my acting career is no big deal, except you think I'm the best actor on the show for some strange reason."

"It could just be because I'm biased because I like you." giggled Aaron. "Then again, it could be the truth. Most of the other people on the show look like they're doing it because they think they're hot. You just look like you like doing it, and you're a lot better looking than any of them are."

"Wow, that's amazing Aaron!" replied Erik. "Do you know how many times I've said our show would do better if everyone else wasn't so hung up on themselves? And you can see that through the camera! I really DO need to take you to my next contract negotiation!"

"I'm going to assume that not everyone in Hollywood is as nice as you." smiled Aaron, as the boys weaved their way into the maze.

"That's another reason I like being back home in Florida eight months out of the year." replied Erik. "I'm more likely to make real friends there. You know, people who make me happy just to be around them. Let's go this way." Then Erik pointed down a path that contained several obvious dead ends.

The two boys continued as far as they could, until they came to the furthest dead end in the maze. Then Erik took Aaron's hand and placed it against his chest. Aaron knew what was happening now, and it made him excited. Erik put his arms around Aaron, and placed their foreheads together lightly.

"Aaron, I've always known that I liked other guys way more than girls." said Erik. "I know that it's hard to tell that on the show, but my producer wants to keep people guessing until something serious comes up. I think something serious is coming up now, and I'm not just talking about the bulge in my pants. I've never felt this way about anyone so quickly before, and I'd really love to start something with you tonight that I can continue when I return home at the end of this month."

Erik placed his lips against Aaron's again, and Aaron began lowering both of them gently to the ground. Once both boys were on the ground kissing, Aaron began to remove Erik's shirt. Erik backed off slightly and smiled at Aaron.

"How did you know that I want to feel our naked bodies pressed together?" giggled Erik softly.

"Lucky guess." smiled Aaron.

Then Erik removed Aaron's shirt, and began softly kissing and sucking on Aaron's nipples. After a few moments, Erik worked his way back to Aaron's mouth. As the two boys kissed sensuously, they ran their hands softly over each other's bare backs. Then Aaron felt Erik's hands move lower, until they began working on his pants. Within a few minutes, both boys were laying naked on the ground.

Aaron backed off and asked, "What if someone sees us Erik?"

"Then they'll see two naked boys who are deeply in love, and give us our privacy without saying anything." replied Erik as he smiled. "These people are very cool like that. Now, I want to make love to you more than anything I've ever wanted before."

Erik kissed Aaron for a few more moments, then began turning around the other way. As soon as Aaron saw Erik's cock in front of him, he gently took it into his mouth. Then Aaron felt Erik's warm lips wrap around his cock. The two boys immediately began caressing each other's cocks lovingly with their lips. After several minutes, Erik wetted his hand with his tongue, then went back to Aaron's cock. Aaron now felt Erik massaging his pucker, and getting it as wet as he could. After a few more licks on his hand, Erik had Aaron's pucker wet enough to slide two fingers in. He could feel that Aaron had done this before, so he only worked on loosening his hole for a few moments. Erik could tell that Aaron had done a very good job of wetting his cock, so he turned Aaron on his back, then knelt between Aaron's legs.

"I'm a bit old fashioned Aaron." said Erik, as he lifted Aaron's legs onto his shoulders. "If we do this, it's going to mean something very serious to me, and I hope to you too. It's going to mean that I want you to be my lover. I can tell you've done this before, but this isn't just sex Aaron, and it should never be seen that way. This will mean a commitment between us. Is that what you want Aaron? I already know that I do."

"Please make love to me Erik!" begged Aaron softly. "I want you to be my lover!"

When Erik gently pushed his cock into Aaron, Aaron could tell the difference between sex and love. The further Erik's cock went into him, the warmer and more euphoric it made Aaron feel. Once Erik's cock was all the way inside Aaron, both boys smiled warmly at each other.

"I wish I had given my virginity to you Erik." moaned Aaron softly. "I really do want you to be my lover now though. I love you very much."

"I love you too Aaron, and nothing would make me happier than to be your lover." replied Erik. "Before tonight is over, I will be giving my virginity to you."

Then Erik leaned down, and lovingly pressed his lips against Aaron's. Aaron could feel nothing but love when Erik's cock began thrusting in and out of him, so he wrapped his arms tightly around Erik's neck, and returned Erik's kiss with all of his soul. At this moment, the big one could hit Los Angeles, and neither boy would notice it. They were the only two things that existed in their lives right now.

The other Aaron that Erik had been talking about finally joined the party. After being introduced to the other boys, several of them took off together to get to know each other as friends a little better. The other Aaron, Rusty, Allen, Ricky, and Calvin made their way through the maze as they talked. When Rusty thought he heard something, all of the boys quieted down. It sounded like moaning coming from two people making love, but it was impossible to tell where it was coming from. Then they turned a corner, and the other Aaron put his finger up to his lips to tell everyone to be really quiet. The boys watched silently for a few moments as Erik's butt rose and fell, driving his cock in and out of Aaron. The two boys were so passionate with each other that they didn't notice they were being watched. Then everyone finally backed away quietly, and let the two boys continue making love undisturbed.

Once they were far enough away, Aaron said, "I always knew Erik had a cute butt, but damn! It looked fine as hell as he was sliding in and out of that other boy! Who was that with him anyway? Whoever it is is one lucky dude!"

"That was my foster brother Aaron." replied Allen. "I'm glad to see him having fun, but I hope he doesn't get hurt like he did with Demetrius."

"Don't worry dude." said Aaron. "Your brother Aaron will be fine. I don't think Erik has it in him to hurt anyone in any way. He's very rare for this town!" Then Aaron laughed lightly as he continued, "Besides, he's actually from your guys home town. He only lives here four months out of the year."

"Sweet!" smiled Allen.

Erik had never been so consumed with love as he was right now. Aaron seemed to be everything he had ever dreamed of, and Aaron said that he wanted to be his lover. Erik knew that this was the one relationship that some people waited their whole lives for. Erik's cock now seemed to be wrapped by a feeling of love that he couldn't describe, and he never wanted to take it out of his beautiful new lover. Aaron was feeling much the same way, as he passionately kissed his lover. He had never dreamed of having a pure feeling of love inserted inside him, but that was exactly what this felt like, and he never wanted it to end. He could tell that Erik's thrusts were becoming more urgent now though. Erik wanted to control it, but he couldn't. His body was now being driven by instinct to express his love to Aaron. Erik began to moan loudly, as he felt an orgasm build that he knew he wouldn't be able to stop. Aaron could sense this too, and he was prepared to receive Erik's love inside him. Erik held Aaron tightly, as his body began to lurch uncontrollably. Aaron grasped his lover's soft cheeks, and drove Erik's cock into himself deeply. Erik's eyes almost rolled back in his head, as the most intense orgasm of his life blasted into Aaron. When it was over, Erik collapsed into Aaron's arms. Aaron rubbed Erik's back softly, as the two boys recovered from the most wonderful feeling that either of them had ever felt.

The two boys had no concept of how long they laid in each other's arms, until Aaron heard several people calling for him. Aaron and Erik shared another very loving kiss, then smiled at each other as they began to get dressed. Once they were dressed, Aaron and Erik wrapped one arm together, then headed back toward the entrance to the maze.

"We didn't get to take care of you Erik." said Aaron as they walked. "I wish you could come back to my hotel with me."

"That's not a problem my love." replied Erik with a smile. "What do you guys have planned for tomorrow?"

"A bunch of us, including me, were going to go to Magic Mountain tomorrow." replied Aaron. "I think the rest are going to Disneyland."

Erik then took his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed. "Hi mom." said Erik. "Yeah, I'm fine.... Well, I met someone tonight, and I want to go back to his hotel.... No mom, he's the same age as me.... They were going to go to Magic Mountain in the morning, and he asked if I could go along.... I can't fool you, can I mom?... It's not like that though. Get this, they live in Orlando!... Yeah, I think it is.... Great mom! Thanks a bunch!... Yeah mom, I'll make sure I bring him by to meet you sometime this week.... Okay mom, I love you too. Bye-bye."

Then Erik turned to Aaron with a big smile and said, "I'm all yours my love!"

"I love you so much that it's incredible babe!" replied Aaron, as he too smiled.

"There you are son!" said Ben, as Aaron and Erik came out of the maze arm in arm. "I thought we were going to have to send search and rescue in after you boys."

"Erik, this is my foster dad Ben." said Aaron to Erik. "He's also Allen's real dad. Dad, this is Erik, and I think he's the one mom told me to watch out for. He wants to go back to the hotel with us, and spend the day with me tomorrow."

Ben smiled as he looked at the two boys with their arms wrapped together, and said, "That'll be fine son, as long as you're sure about it."

"I'm sure dad!" smiled Aaron.

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