Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 21

From the last chapter:

"There you are son!" said Ben, as Aaron and Erik came out of the maze arm in arm. "I thought we were going to have to send search and rescue in after you boys."

"Erik, this is my foster dad Ben." said Aaron to Erik. "He's also Allen's real dad. Dad, this is Erik, and I think he's the one mom told me to watch out for. He wants to go back to the hotel with us, and spend the day with me tomorrow."

Ben smiled as he looked at the two boys with their arms wrapped together, and said, "That'll be fine son, as long as you're sure about it."

"I'm sure dad!" smiled Aaron.

Aaron excitedly introduced Erik to everyone in the limo on the way back to the hotel. He and Erik were riding in the same limo with Allen, Rusty, their parents, and Calvin and Ricky. The boys had a hard time not giggling out that they were already acquainted with Erik's butt. The boys finally got back to the hotel, and Aaron held Erik's hand on the way to their room.

"You guys like it nice and cozy, don't you?" asked Erik, when he realized that Aaron was in the same bedroom with Rusty and Allen.

"Yeah, it was just me in here with them, until we met tonight." replied Aaron. "Don't worry though, they'll probably be doing about the same thing we'll be doing."

"If that's a problem dude, Allen and I can go out to the sofa until you two are finished." said Rusty. "Just so you know though, it wouldn't be a big deal to us. Allen and I are getting married over Spring Break this year."

"Married?" replied Erik. "That is so sweet dudes! Actually, believe it or not, I was going to give Aaron my virginity tonight. Since you two are his brother and his brother's fiancee, I don't mind if you see that."

Then Aaron smiled at Erik, and gave him a very sweet kiss. The four boys then began getting undressed, and Allen and Rusty laid own on their bed once they were naked. Erik smiled at Aaron, as he reached down and softly stroked Aaron's cock. Then Aaron and Erik laid down on the bed, and began kissing like Rusty and Allen already were. As Rusty and Allen kissed passionately, Rusty fumbled around in the nightstand drawer. Rusty handed Allen a tube of lube, and Allen knelt between Rusty's legs as he lubed his cock. When Allen was done with the lube, he threw it over to the other bed next to Aaron.

Aaron looked into Erik's eyes and asked, "Are you ready for us to become lovers forever babe?"

"I've been looking forward to this from the second I saw you tonight." replied Erik softly. "You're the most beautiful guy I've ever seen, and you are so filled with love."

Aaron smiled as he knelt between Erik's legs, and lubed his cock. Then he stuck a lubed finger between Erik's cheeks, and gently pushed it into his eager lover. Erik had a look of pure bliss on his face, from the feeling of Aaron's finger inside him. Aaron saw that and smiled, then placed a second lubed finger at Erik's hole. When Aaron slid the second finger into Erik, it made Erik gasp slightly.

"You're sure you want to go through with this babe?" asked Aaron softly.

"Are you kidding my love?" moaned Erik. "It feels fantastic! The second finger was just a surprise, but I know I want more."

Aaron worked two fingers back and forth in Erik for a few minutes to loosen him up, then slowly withdrew his fingers. Erik smiled, as he knew what was coming next. Aaron placed his cock at Erik's pucker, and began to push. The second Aaron's cock slipped into Erik, he let out a yelp and his muscles tensed up a little.

"Oh God Erik!" exclaimed Aaron. "I didn't mean to hurt you. Do you want to stop?"

"No love, I knew when I lost my virginity it would hurt a little." replied Erik, as he tried to relax. "I really want to keep going, after I relax for a minute."

"After the first time, it's the greatest thing in the world Erik." said Allen, as he thrust in and out of Rusty. "It only hurts the first time because your muscles down there have to get use to accepting another guy's love. How did the first time feel for you Aaron?"

"It felt like the guy had shoved a fence post up my butt!" laughed Aaron. "The second time was with you though Erik, and it felt like Heaven to me."

Then Aaron smiled at Erik, as he reached down and massaged Erik's chest and stomach. A moment later, Aaron felt Erik's rectum relax around the head of his cock, so he slowly pushed it in a little further. When Erik was okay with that, Aaron slowly slid his cock the rest of the way into Erik. Then Aaron leaned down, and placed his lips against Erik's.

As Allen continued making love to Rusty, he and Rusty looked over and smiled at the two new lovers sharing a very beautiful moment. A few moments later, Allen moaned deeply as his cum flowed into Rusty. When Allen's orgasm had finished, he grabbed the lube that Aaron had thrown back to their bed, and lubed Rusty hard cock. Then Allen straddled Rusty's stomach, and sat all the way down onto Rusty's cock, driving Rusty's cock into him deeply. Rusty smiled up at his lover, as Allen lifted himself up and down on Rusty's cock. About five minutes later, Rusty and Aaron began moaning together. As Erik felt another guy's cum shooting into his rectum for the first time, Allen's rectum was grasping at Rusty's cock, milking as much cum as possible from it.

When Rusty and Aaron had finished cumming, Erik moaned, "That was so great that I think I'm going to cum babe!"

Rusty and Allen smiled in each other's arms now, as they watched Aaron pull his cock out of Erik's butt, and engulf Erik's cock with his mouth. Erik now moaned as he filled Aaron's mouth with cum, and Aaron drank it lovingly. Then Aaron and Erik took each other into their arms, and smiled over at Rusty and Allen, who were still smiling at them.

"You two make beautiful lovers." smiled Rusty.

"We hope you two are together and happy for a long time." said Allen, as he too smiled.

"Thanks guys." replied Aaron. "It's gonna be hell waiting for Erik to get back to Orlando now though."

"Just be glad I had to come back this month to reshoot the last five episodes." replied Erik as he smiled. "If I hadn't, we wouldn't have met this weekend. It was fate for us to meet though, my love."

When Aaron and Erik shared a kiss, so did Rusty and Allen. Then all four boys fell asleep in their lover's arms.

The next day was one of the best in Aaron's life. He now had a boyfriend who was happy that they were both gay, and wanted everyone to know how much they loved each other. They also had fun at Magic Mountain too. When Aaron hit a streak of luck and won one of the largest prizes at the games there, he had a choice between a rabbit, a duck, a Tasmanian devil, and a big yellow bird.

Aaron took one look at Erik, and said, "I'll take the bird please."

When Aaron handed the prize to Erik, Erik asked, "How did you know that he's my favorite?"

"Because he's smart and beautiful, just like you." replied Aaron as he smiled.

Erik did manage to win Aaron a prize that day. In a strange twist of fate, Erik won a pair of large stuffed oversized boxing gloves.

"I'm sorry this isn't as nice as the bird you won for me." said Erik, as he gave the bushel basket sized gloves to Aaron.

"Are you kidding?!" replied Aaron as he laughed, and put the stuffed gloves over his hands. "These are perfect because I'm a boxer! Hey Rusty, I want a rematch now! Let's see you dodge THESE babies!"

That had the whole group laughing, and it made Erik love Aaron even more. The day eventually came to an end, and Erik gave Aaron a long and passionate kiss when the taxi that his mother sent arrived at the hotel. Erik promised to call Aaron in the morning, then went ahead and hopped in the taxi.

The next morning, the boys were awaken by the ground shaking underneath them. This was much more than the tremor the other day, and the boys were terrified. Mike called Rusty's suite immediately to make sure the boys were okay. They were a bit shaken up, but nothing appeared to have been damaged, and no one was hurt. Then the phone rang again less than five minutes later.

"Hello young man." said the desk clerk in a calm and friendly voice. "This is the front desk calling to make sure that everything is okay in your suite. It's standard procedure when we have a quake over a certain strength."

"Yeah, we're okay I guess." replied Rusty, with his adrenaline still flowing. "Shouldn't we like go outside or something though?"

"Not unless you want to enjoy the sunshine, or a nice breath of Southern California air." laughed the clerk. "This morning's quake was still minor, and there's no reason to be concerned. Our hotel can take more of a shaking than that."

"If you say so sir." replied Rusty.

A few minutes later, the phone rang again. This time it was Erik calling for Aaron. "Hi babe, did you like the wake up call I left for you guys?" laughed Erik.

"I'm glad you think it's funny my love, cause it scared the heck out of us!" replied Aaron.

"That one was nothing." said Erik. "It was a two, or two point five at the most. You should have been here for the Northridge quake. I wasn't here either, but I hear it was an eye opener!"

"Well, if it's all the same to anyone, I'd take a hurricane over an earthquake any day!" chuckled Aaron, as the boys finally began to relax.

"I don't blame you, I guess." replied Erik. "I still haven't been here for a strong one yet, and I don't know if I want to be. Anyway, I was wondering if you were busy today."

"We were kinda playing today by ear, why?" asked Aaron.

"If I come by in the limo to get you, can you come over to my house?" asked Erik. "My mom wants to meet you."

"This meeting my boyfriend's mother thing is kinda new to me dude." laughed Aaron.

"Yeah, it would probably freak me out too." snickered Erik.

"Well, let me ask my foster dad, and I'll call you right back." said Aaron. "Man, I'll bet he gets a laugh out of my boyfriend's mother wanting to meet me! I can almost see it now."

Ben did think it was amusing when Aaron said Erik's mother wanted to meet him. He could understand a parent wanting to know who was involved with their child though, so he let Aaron go ahead and spend the day with Erik. Erik and the limo pulled up about thirty minutes after Aaron called him back with the good news. The two boys kissed and caressed each other all the way back to Erik's house. Once they got inside, they found Erik's mother, producer, director, and major co-stars talking together.

Erik's mom saw the boys and said, "Well, you must be Aaron that Erik has been talking so much about. Come on in Aaron, these people are just here to meet with Erik quickly about filming next week."

Everyone went on into the living room, with Erik's mom and Aaron sitting on one side of the room, and everyone else on the other side.

"Well now Aaron, Erik tells me that you're a boxer." said Erik's mom.

"Yes ma'am." replied Aaron. "I box in the youth division back in Orlando. I'm one of the better boxers there, but my old coach spent more time on his friend's son than me. I'm boxing with a new coach now, and he only works with the best boxers in town. One of his boxers will probably even be going to the Olympics in 2008. I wouldn't mind joining him on the team, if I can work hard enough to make it."

"That's really interesting Aaron." replied Erik's mom. "We'll all be pulling for you. Erik also tells me that you don't live with your parents right now."

"Yes ma'am." replied Aaron. "They didn't take the news about me being gay very well I'm afraid. My dad tried to attack me, so my social worker had to keep him off me, then my mom attacked the social worker. My social worker didn't think I would be very safe there."

"I'm really sorry to hear when things like that happen Aaron." said Erik's mom sincerely. "Are you okay now?"

"Yes ma'am." replied Aaron. "They didn't hurt me, but they did rough my social worker up a little."

"I'm glad you're okay then Aaron." smiled Erik's mom. "I don't understand how a parent can react that way toward their child. When Erik and I had a talk about him being gay, I promised him that I would give him all of the love and support he needed. Sure, I was concerned, but that was because you always hear about some kind of nut attacking someone just because the person is gay. I know I could never change that part of Erik though, and all I really want is for him to be happy with who he is."

"He's really lucky to have a mom like you ma'am." said Aaron.

"Thanks Aaron, and you can call me Sharon if you like." replied Erik's mom. "So, after your parents tried to attack you, how have you been dealing with being gay?"

"Well, there's nothing I can do about who I am." replied Aaron. "It did hurt, but it can't change the facts. I can live with the fact that I'm gay, but they can't. The only thing I can do now is find a really nice guy, and I think I did."

"Yes, Erik is a sweet boy, and such a joy to be around." smiled Sharon. "I couldn't have asked for a better son, and if I might say, I think he has very good taste in boyfriends."

That made Aaron blush and giggle as he thanked Sharon. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Erik said, "I don't see why any of this couldn't have waited for our morning meeting tomorrow. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you guys are trying to check out my boyfriend. It kind of gives you away when you take turns trying to listen in on the conversation between him and my mom."

"It's not that Erik, it's just that the production company has a lot tied up in this series." said the producer. "You are a very big part of the series Erik, and if something is this important to you, we naturally want to know as much as we can about it. It's just a matter of nothing coming along to take us by surprise."

"Speak for yourself Phil, I'm scoping him out!" laughed the director. "You picked a real cutie there Erik!"

"Down Sy!" snickered Erik. "First of all, he's jailbait for you, and I'm sure you don't need that! Second, he's mine and I'm not sharing!"

"Party pooper." said Sy jokingly.

"Well, he does seem to be passing the mother test so far." smiled Phil. "We really do care about both of you Erik, and that's why we wanted to know about him."

"You know what, Phil sweetie?" asked Sy. "I think we might be able to use this to our advantage! I think Erik's new boyfriend there might be able to fill in for the kid that stiffed us and caused us to reshoot. He was only in one episode, so if we replace him with Erik's boyfriend there, we'll only have to reshoot that episode instead of the last five."

"First of all Sy, if you call me sweetie again, I'm removing all of your pubic hairs one at a time with a pair of tweezers." replied Phil jokingly. "Second, that is the most brilliant idea I've heard in years! You said he's a boxer, right Erik?"

"Yeah, a pretty good one too!" replied Erik, liking where this was going.

"Then he's had experience performing in front of people." said Phil excitedly. "Do you think you can interest him in the idea Erik, then get him to pitch it to his parents? If you can do that, we can wrap up shooting this week!"

"I'm sure of it!" replied Erik as he smiled.

"Then who knows, if it works out we might get him in a few episodes for next season as well!" said Sy. "I think he would be absolutely delicious!"

"Once again Sy, he's taken!" smiled Erik.

Then Erik got up and went to his mom and Aaron, and asked, "How are things going over here?"

"I think you've found a very sweet and charming young man here Erik." replied Sharon.

"So then Aaron, my mom hasn't scared you too much with her version of the Inquisition yet?" asked Erik with a laugh.

"Nah, your mom is a very nice lady." smiled Aaron.

"I think you might end up liking my friends over here too Aaron." said Erik. "They seem to think you look good enough to be on our show. I already knew that though. We had an episode we were reshooting this week, where another young actor bailed out on us and got a court order not to use him in our show. That's why we were going to reshoot the last five episodes. They want you to take his place though, and finish shooting this week. I think it would be an awesome idea, but it's completely up to you. Well, you and your dad of course. Would you like to be on my show with me babe?"

"Are you kidding babe?!" replied Aaron. "Let me call my dad!"

Aaron called Ben, and found out that he had decided to relax at the hotel today. Aaron, Erik, Sy, and Phil headed out to Phil's Hummer, and they headed back to Aaron's hotel. Erik and Aaron thought they could get away with kissing in the back seat, but Sy wasn't the type to miss something like that.

"Aww, you two boys look so sweet when you kiss!" said Sy. "I sure wish I could get a picture of that!"

Aaron started to say something, so Erik said, "Whatever you're going to say, make sure you don't encourage him. Sy is one of the most shameless horndogs in Hollywood."

"In that case, I better keep it to myself!" giggled Aaron, followed soon by Erik.

Aaron introduced Ben to Phil and Sy, then he and Erik stayed out of the way, and let Phil make his pitch. Phil was one of the best at dealing with parents of prospective child actors, and he had Ben very excited by the idea.

When Phil was done, Ben turned to Aaron and asked, "Do you want to be on your boyfriend's show Aaron?"

"I have absolutely no interest in that." replied Aaron, with a straight face. "I'm also a fifty eight year old woman, and the President of the United States. Of course I do dad!"

That made everyone laugh, as Phil took a contract and a form out of his briefcase. He explained the contract as a simple one episode contract, for which Aaron would be paid the standard rate for a one episode speaking appearance. He explained the form as a Screen Actor's Guild application, and temporary ID card. The production company would pay the cost associated with getting Aaron his SAG card. Then Phil handed Aaron a script, and asked Erik to work with Aaron on lines for the rest of the day. Once Aaron and Erik went to Aaron's suite holding hands, Phil told Ben to have Aaron at the studio in the morning. Then Ben and Phil shook hands, and Phil and Sy left.

Erik and Aaron did as much kissing as they did working on the script. It was new to Aaron at first, but Erik gave him quite a few tips on memorizing lines in the script. Then Ben showed up at the suite with lunch at noon.

"I just can't believe this!" smiled Ben, as he had lunch with the two boys. "Your brother and his friends will be recording their first album next week, and you will be acting in your first TV show! Judith is going to hate it that she missed this."

At that point, Ben's phone went off. "Ben here." answered Ben.

"Hi honey!" said Judith. "Guess where I'm at?"

"Come on dear, you know I stink at this game." smiled Ben. "I'll say something like, you're getting ready to take to the field as the newest Buccaneer's cheerleader, and you'll tell me I'm wrong, but thank me for the compliment."

"Okay then honey, I'll just tell you." replied Judith. "I'm at thirty five thousand feet, flying over the Grand Canyon. Can I get someone to pick me up at the airport in Los Angeles?"

"What about your patients?" asked Ben.

"An old friend of mine came into town yesterday, and when I told her where everyone was, she volunteered to take my cases for me this week." said Judith. "If this works out, she may take the vacant spot in our office! Anyway, I called Amanda to make sure everything was okay there, then booked a flight out to LA. Isn't that great dear?"

"That's great honey, I'll come out to the airport with one of our limos and get you." replied Ben.

When Ben had hung up the phone, Aaron said, "Dad, you didn't tell mom I was going to be working on a TV show tomorrow."

"Well, if she's going to surprise us, we might as well surprise her!" laughed Ben, followed quickly by the boys.

While Ben was out picking Judith up at the airport, Aaron and Erik continued kissing and reading lines. When Ben and Judith got to the hotel, and Judith had put her bags away, Ben took Judith to Aaron's suite. He has still not told her about their little surprise.

Aaron saw Judith come in, and said," Hi mom. Do you remember telling me to keep my eyes open for the boy who fills my heart with love? Well, I'd like you to meet him. Mom, this is Erik."

"Erik?!" replied Judith. "You're not the same Erik from that TV show that all the kids watch, are you?"

"Yes ma'am, I am." replied Erik, as he shook Judith's hand.

"Wow Aaron, when I told you that, I had no idea you'd find a TV star!" said Judith. "What are you boys doing right now?"

"We're going over my lines mom." replied Aaron. "I'm going to be on Erik's show."

Judith had to sit down after that news. When she finally could speak again, she said, "And here I was worried about you guys after hearing about the earthquake this morning! Not only are you okay, but you're going to be a TV star!"

"That little quake made the news?!" laughed Erik. "It couldn't have been more than a two and a half, tops!"

"I'm going to assume you boys haven't watched the news today, have you?" asked Judith. "The quake was centered on the southern Baja Peninsula. They said it was felt as far north as about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco."

"No way!" exclaimed Erik, as he grabbed the remote to turn on the TV.

"Once again, the quake felt here in Los Angeles this morning was actually centered on the southern Baja Peninsula." said the TV announcer. "Although it measured only two point three here in the LA basin, and no damage was reported here, it measured at eight point zero at it's epicenter. Fortunately that area of Mexico is very sparsely populated. The quake however did cause a small tsunami to wash ashore in Aculpoco. Several injuries have been reported there, as well as damage to some beachside businesses. Ironically, this may be the most we see in the way of injury and damage reports from Mexico."

"Wow!" exclaimed Erik, as he shut the TV off. "The big one missed us yet again. Man, if we got an eight here in LA,... well, let's just hope we're in Florida when that happens."

Just before dinner time, everyone started coming back in. One group had gone to a water park, while the other group went to the beach and pier in Santa Monica. Everyone seemed much more interested in Aaron being on a TV show than the earthquake in Mexico. Something about it bothered Allen though, and Rusty and Ricky could tell. Everyone had a nice dinner, but Rusty and Ricky wanted to talk to Allen alone afterward.

"You're getting them now too, aren't you baby?" Rusty asked Allen.

"Getting what?" asked Allen.

"I think you know what he meant Allen." said Ricky. "Rusty and I have both left our bodies, and we've both had either premonitions or visions. You've left your body too Allen, so it makes sense that you will have them too."

"Is the big one going to hit Los Angeles while we're here Allen?" asked Rusty, not sure if he wanted to know the answer.

There, isn't that a lovely place to stop?

Ouch! Stop hitting me!


I thought it seemed like a good place to stop.

Hey, that hurts!

No, please not there!!!

Okay, I'll go on.

"I don't think so Rusty." replied Allen.

"So, we're right then." said Ricky. "What did it feel like Allen?"

"It felt like the earthquake today was a sign." replied Allen. "It doesn't feel like we're in danger here though. It's kinda felt like a sign that we were safe because we were here. I don't know what it means though. I can't tell what we're safe from while we're here, and it really scares me."

Rusty put his arm around Allen and said, "If you say we're safe here, I believe you Allen. If we weren't, your premonition would have told you that. I'm sure we'll figure out what it is that we're safe from." Then Ricky joined the two boys in a hug, as Rusty kissed Allen comfortingly.

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