Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 22

From the last chapter:

"It felt like the earthquake today was a sign." replied Allen. "It doesn't feel like we're in danger here though. It kinda felt like a sign that we were safe because we were here. I don't know what it means though. I can't tell what we're safe from while we're here, and it really scares me."

Rusty put his arm around Allen and said, "If you say we're safe here, I believe you Allen. If we weren't, your premonition would have told you that. I'm sure we'll figure out what it is that we're safe from." Then Ricky joined the two boys in a hug, as Rusty kissed Allen comfortingly.

That evening before going to bed, the boys in Rusty's and Allen's suite made a call to their friends Stevie and Gary back in Orlando. Stevie and Gary went on and on about what a great weekend they had with Mark. The boys met a family at the community center in Mark's community, who was checking into the possibility of living there. The two teenage boys saw Stevie and Gary's picture on the wall there, and complimented them on how nice they looked. Stevie laughed as he told his friends in California how he was going to start trying to talk his parents into moving to Mark's naturalist community. After Stevie and Gary wished the boys good luck with the album, they had to get to bed, as it was now well past bedtime in Orlando.

The next morning, Ben got Aaron up bright and early to take him to the TV studio where Erik's show was taped.

"Good morning Aaron and Ben!" said Phil, as he offered his hand to Ben. "Welcome to the set of Camelot High. Aaron, Erik is backstage in his dressing room right now. He wants you to join him there, and he'll show you where you can get ready. Did you guys go over the lines?"

"Yes sir, and I think we did okay with them." replied Aaron.

"That's great Aaron!" replied Phil. "There's just a few things to remember. First, we're a very informal group around here. We're kind of like family, so Phil will be fine instead of sir. Second, if you do get stuck on a line, there will be cue cards off camera that you can glance at discreetly to get you going again. As soon as the cast is ready, we'll start our morning pow-wow, and then get right to rehearsal. I think you're going to work out very well Aaron, and welcome to our family."

"Thanks Phil!" replied Aaron brightly. Then Aaron ran along to meet Erik, while Phil and Ben talked.

Meanwhile, the band had just arrived at the studio. "Okay boys, good morning." said the producer that the record company had hired. "As soon as you boys are set up, we'll have your sound men out here get a check on all of the feeds. We do want to try to get done this week because the studio is usually busy this time of year. Don't get too nervous about it though, because that's what leads to most delays. If we do run over by a day or two, it won't be any big deal. We can always use our option on the studio rental, and change your return flight reservations. So just try to stay relaxed this week, and have fun with this."

"Rusty, I have to say something before we start babe." said Allen. "When he just mentioned our flight reservations to get home, it made me feel really bad. Almost like end of the world bad."

"Holy crap Allen!" exclaimed Rusty. "Are you saying what I think you are? If you are dude, that scares the hell out of me too! There would be an awful lot of complications involved in delaying our flight home."

"I don't know Rusty, but we have to figure this out somehow." replied Allen. "We only have until Saturday, and it could be kinda important."

Back at Erik's dressing room, Erik was finally finished with make-up, so he stood up and gave Aaron a hug, and a light kiss. "Sorry I couldn't kiss you as passionately as I wanted to my love." said Erik. "The make-up people hate me messing up their work so soon after they finish. Just wait until lunch though."

"I've never looked forward to lunch so much in my life as right now!" giggled Aaron.

"Okay my adorable lover, let's get to your dressing room." smiled Erik. Once there, Erik said, "Okay Aaron, your wardrobe for the show is on this rack. Anything you like on this rack will be fine, just make sure you know what you're wearing for each scene. Sy hates it when he has to correct us on that, and he WILL notice, especially if you're a cute young guy. After you get into wardrobe, we'll call make-up in. You can hang your street clothes in that cabinet on the back side of the room." Then Erik smiled as he watched Aaron undress to his underwear.

"So Erik, will you be going back to Orlando this weekend with us if we finish this week?" asked Aaron, as he changed clothes.

"Nah, it'll be Monday for me." replied Erik. "Mom will need the entire weekend to close up our house here. When exactly are you going back?"

"We have reservations for Saturday on National flight 310." replied Aaron.

"My mom likes Southern Airlines better than National." said Erik. "We're on Southern flight 536 on Monday. I'll only be a few days behind you though. It won't be too bad."

"I'd almost rather talk my dad into waiting until Monday now." replied Aaron. "I'd rather fly with my lover. Besides, it would give us a chance to join the mile high club!"

"Alright!" exclaimed Erik as he laughed. "My baby is kinky! I love it!"

The boys continued talking and laughing all the way through wardrobe and make-up, then went to the morning pow-wow holding each other's hand. Sy thought it was really cute when they walked out onto the set that way.

Back at the studio, everyone seemed to be having an interesting morning. It started off with Allen causing breaks in the recording. Rusty and Ricky both picked up on this, and decided that they should support their friend.

"I don't know what's wrong sir." said Skip to the producer. "I'm sure it's just first day jitters. After all, what they're recording right now is going to be released to the whole world, not just kids in Orlando."

"Well, they won't be releasing anything until it starts sounding better!" exclaimed the producer. "I'm sorry Skip, I know you're probably right. Hell, if I were a kid in their position right now, I'd probably be wetting my pants. I want this to sound as good as it possibly can for them though. This is going to be their first impression to the entire world, and you don't get a second chance at first impressions."

"I promise, we'll talk to everyone as a group tonight." said Mike. "I know these kids very well, and something has to be bothering them. I promise we won't let you or the record company down though."

"Okay Mike, but just so you know, if we don't get two songs down today, I'll have to talk to the studio owner tonight about calling in our option for more time." replied the producer. "We want to get this ready to mix by the end of the day on Friday, and get you people home on time, but we have eleven tracks to record here. If we don't get two songs today, you probably won't be making your flight on Saturday."

After a few more attempts, the producer called for a lunch break. Allen, Rusty, and Ricky tried to duck out before anyone could catch them, but Calvin was able to tail them to where they went for lunch.

Calvin caught up to the other three sitting in the back corner of a fast food restaurant, and said, "Ricky babe, you're my husband, and it really hurts to think you were trying to get away from me. What's going on with you three?"

Ricky patted the bench next to him and replied, "Have a seat with me my love, it isn't what you think." When Calvin was seated, Ricky put his arm around his husband and said, "I would never try to get away from you my love, because I would never have anywhere to go if I did. I love you Calvin, and I trust you with what's happening here. We didn't want the other guys to follow us just yet though."

"Well, I can't blame you for that." chuckled Calvin. "They were looking pretty frustrated back there."

"What's happening isn't funny though dear." said Ricky. "This whole thing started with Rusty. He began having strange feelings around the time Allen was attacked by your father. Then he and Allen were both in a coma. I know this is going to sound strange, but when they were in a coma, they left their bodies to go someplace that had been prepared just for them. When they came back, the feelings Rusty were having grew stronger. Rusty knew something awful was happening just before Ralph ran me over. If we had known more about this then, we might have even been able to prevent that from happening."

"When I compared the police report on Ricky's attack to what time I was awaken by my premonition, I found out that it happened fifteen minutes before Ricky's attack." said Rusty.

"After my attack, I left my body too Calvin." said Ricky. "You know that though because of Robbie, the boy from Miami. My visions were even stronger than Rusty's had been. Rusty and I have both been sure of this ever since then, and we were also sure that it would come to Allen too."

"Allen was with me on that beach the whole time we were out of our bodies Calvin." said Rusty. "It just makes sense that he would be affected the same way Ricky and I have been, and now it has happened."

"Calvin, that earthquake yesterday was a sign, and it started my premonitions." said Allen. "The earthquake was telling me that we were safe in California. We have to be here until the danger that I'm being warned of has passed. I didn't have any clue what that was though until this morning. When our producer mentioned our flight home on Saturday, it was as if the world were going to come to an end for all of us Calvin. It may not be the flight itself that does it, but if we leave Saturday, all of this will be over for all of us. You have to believe me Calvin, because we need your help."

"Look in my eyes baby." said Ricky, as he turned Calvin's head toward his. "This is all true. We're not making this up, because I could never pull off a lie like that with you. The feelings that the three of us have had are real, and Allen's is the scariest yet. I know I was pushing everyone's belief with Robbie, but there's no way the others are going to buy this. We need you to help us Calvin."

Calvin put his arms around Ricky, and held onto him tightly. "If this is all true, we've really gotten ourselves into a mess this time!" said Calvin fearfully. "Why us though? We don't deserve this! All of us have so much to do yet!"

"We know that baby." replied Ricky. "We think that's why Allen is being warned right now. Someone knows that we have more to do yet, and they're telling us not to get on that plane Saturday. You have to believe that, and help us baby."

"You can count on me Ricky." replied Calvin. "Is there any way to find out if this is really what all of this means?"

"We're going to work on it tonight." replied Ricky. "We need to spend the night with Rusty and Allen. If Aaron doesn't want to switch with us, we'll have to explain this to him too. Now, when we go back, we have to give the producer at least one good song for the day. If we don't, the others may not like us very much for now."

Aaron and Erik had a great lunch together in Erik's dressing room. They even managed to eat a little, but spent most of the time messing up their make-up. Erik explained that that kind of thing happened all the time in show business though. As they made love during lunch, Aaron commented that it was a good thing they didn't do nude scenes on TV. They would be hard pressed to explain the make-up on both their cocks. Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter during their love making.

Aaron had a lot of fun that afternoon, acting with his lover. It was one of the best rehearsals the show had ever had, especially when Sy asked if anyone needed more make-up on their cocks.

"Wouldn't you like to know Sy!" laughed Erik, which made everyone on the set laugh.

The rehearsal went so well that the producer gave everyone an off day the next day. He really liked his decision to give Aaron the guest appearance, as it looked like Aaron was a natural for the part. The producer had already decided that he would offer Aaron several appearances next season, or maybe even make him a regular cast member.

That afternoon in the recording studio was a little better, after another rough start. Ricky finally stepped up and said, "Okay guys, I know we can do this. This is going to be our first single if we ever get this album done, and we have to start nailing it. Let's all try thinking back to when all of us did this song together at school. That was a lot of fun, and that's how we need to do it."

Then the boys launched into yet another take of Still the One. This time though Mike and the producer could tell the difference. The producer frantically had Joe and Skip check their settings, which did need to be tweaked a little bit. It was still not bad at all though, and everyone outside the booth was now hopeful.

"I think we almost got it that time boys!" said the producer. "Let's try it one more time, and please, please have fun with it. Let's at least get this song wrapped today."

The boys launched into the song one more time, and all of them were smiling by now. It turned out to be one of the best takes that the producer had ever heard from anyone. The boys had a great time doing it, and Joe and Skip had nailed the settings perfectly. When the song was over and the recording had been stopped, the producer applauded the boys.

"That was the greatest take I've ever heard!" said the producer. "I know ten songs in four days is a little much, and it isn't going to happen, but I really would like to stop this evening on a high note. Maybe that way, tomorrow might go better. Everyone be back here bright and early in the morning."

Everyone met back at the hotel that evening, and had a very nice dinner together. Aaron went on and on about his first day of acting, and everyone was happy for him. Toward the end of dinner, Mike told everyone in the band that he wanted to meet with them in Rusty's suite when they got back to the hotel.

Once they were at the hotel and in Rusty's suite, Mike said, "Okay guys, no one is upset with how today went. It did look like something was bothering some of you though, and your producer was concerned. Whatever it was though, it looks like it was gone by the end of the day. I just wanted to give you guys a little pep talk, and hopefully keep you feeling the same way that you did at the end of the day today."

"We're really sorry dad." said Rusty. "I think some of us were just nervous about starting this album. We have the first song wrapped though, so I'm sure things will go better now."

"Well son, let's hope so." said Mike. "At this point it looks like some of us may have to delay our flight back, but that's up in the air right now. We'll just wait and see how tomorrow goes."

Mike knew Rusty well enough to know that his son wasn't telling him something, but he was willing to wait until the next day. If the problem persisted, he hoped that Rusty would trust him enough to come to him.

As bedtime approached, the boys prepared Rusty and Allen's bedroom. It had to be as relaxing as possible for what they wanted to do. "What is going on in here?" asked Aaron, as he entered the bedroom.

"Aaron, are you sure you won't use our bed tonight?" asked Calvin.

"Uh-uh!" replied Aaron. "If you guys are going to try to move in on me, I hope you enjoy sleeping with me!"

"Okay Aaron, if that's the way you want it." said Allen. "There are some things you are going to have to know first though, and some of it might not be pleasant. Are you sure about this?"

"Yep!" replied Aaron.

"Okay then Aaron, there are some things in the world that most people never see or hear." said Allen. "Like the cold chill a person gets down their spine before they realize something isn't right, or the feeling of dread that they get before something terrible happens. Some people DO see and hear these things though, like me, Rusty, and Ricky. I'm beginning to think that it's Calvin's dead father, trying to warn us. He did tell me and Rusty that Calvin and Ricky would be together for a very long time. I know this seems really strange and hard to believe, but it's true Aaron. If you've ever believed anyone on faith before, I hope you believe me now. Anyway, the earthquake yesterday morning has set in motion a chain of events that can't be stopped now. The only thing we can do is find out where these events lead, and avoid the outcome. That's what tonight is about. Whether you believe us or not, I need you to be really quiet for us. Okay?"

"Okay." said Aaron softly, wondering if his friends had flipped.

"Okay Allen, when we're ready, I'll dial the phone and hand it to you." said Rusty, who then switched his voice to a low and relaxing tone. "Just say what we had planned earlier, and let's see where this goes. I need everyone else to be quiet, and I need you to clear your mind Allen. Forget about Orlando, California, the album, and the flight. Try thinking back to our beach Allen, and just concentrate on the waves washing up gently on the shore. Think of how beautiful our beach was Allen. That's it baby, just relax." Then Rusty dialed the phone and handed it to Allen.

"National Airlines reservations, may I help you?" asked the voice on the phone.

"My name is Allen Martin, and I'm with the musical group Youthful Discretion." said Allen. "I was wondering if we are still booked for Saturday on flight 310?"

"Just a moment Mister Martin." said the agent. "Okay sir, your reservation is still officially on flight 310 on Saturday. It can only be changed by your record company, and they haven't given us that word yet."

Everyone watched Allen as sweat began pouring off his forehead, and a look of terror crossed his face. Aaron was quickly becoming a believer as Allen said, "There was a chance that we might not make that flight. Do you have any information on that?"

"Your record company did say that might become necessary, and had us look into a possible change." replied the agent. "If they call us back, the best we can do is get you on a different airline that we have an arrangement with to cover each other's scheduling difficulties. That would be Southern Airlines flight 536 on Monday. Your record company should call us back by tomorrow, but they were hopeful that you could still make the Saturday flight. Is there anything else sir?"

"No ma'am, thanks." replied Allen.

"Okay sir, thank you for calling National." said the agent.

"Ricky, hand me a towel." said Rusty. Once Rusty had the towel, he wiped the sweat from Allen as he said, "It's okay baby, that part is over now. Now me and Ricky are going to talk you to sleep. Just lay back and relax baby. Ricky is going to talk to you while I take your clothes off."

"Okay Allen, you're doing great so far." said Ricky, as Rusty started undressing Allen. "We're going to need you to relax enough to fall asleep Allen. As you relax, we need you to think about flying home on Saturday."

"I wish we didn't have to do it this way." said Rusty, as he continued undressing Allen. "This is going to be rough on him if it turns out like he thinks it will."

"We have to know though Rusty." replied Ricky. "Just relax Allen, and let your body drift away. Let your body comfortably float, as you think about going to the airport Saturday. We're all there with you buddy, and we're all going home together. Just relax as you look at the gate where we're all about to get on flight 310 to go home."

Rusty had finished stripping Allen, and quickly stripped himself. Then he laid beside Allen, and gently stroked his face as he said, "I'm right there too baby, holding your hand as we walk down the jetway to the plane. We look in each other's eyes, and can see how much we love each other baby."

"We're all there Allen." said Ricky. "We're all on the plane with you now as they close the door, and we get ready to go home together."

Rusty was now stroking Allen's face very lightly as he said, "We're all going home Allen. We'll be together forever."

Allen didn't even realize he was dreaming. It seemed very real to him, as he sat on the plane holding Rusty's hand. Everyone was so happy to be going home, and the look of love in Rusty eyes had made everything up until now worth it. About an hour into the flight, Rusty and Allen were sharing a gentle kiss as they sat in their seats.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the inconvenience." said the captain on the intercom. "Due to technical difficulties, we are going to be turning around to Phoenix. We will have a plane waiting there to continue your flight. At this time we are discontinuing attendant service, and we ask everyone to return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts."

Everyone looked a little nervous at that announcement, but they looked terrified when the plane began to shake a few moments later. When the captain came back on to announce they were descending into Phoenix, he sounded very shaken. Allen and Rusty held each other tightly and kissed, as others on the plane screamed in panic. Then they noticed the smoke as the captain came on the intercom again.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a rough landing here." said the captain, who know sounded like he was fighting the plane. "We are on final approach at Phoenix. Please brace for a hard land,... Oh God NO!!!"

The explosion ripped a huge hole into the plane. Allen and Rusty screamed as they saw friends and family sucked out the hole. Almost immediately, the plane began to break up in mid-air.

"I'll love you forever babe!" cried Rusty.

Then debris from the front of the plane caught Rusty, and he was gone. Allen plummeted with the rest of the plane into the ground below.

"NO! NO! NO!" screamed Allen hysterically, as Rusty grabbed ahold of him.

Calvin, Ricky, and Aaron were awake immediately, and they ran to Allen. No one had ever seen anyone crying as hard as Allen was right now. He was having trouble taking in air from crying so hard, so Rusty had to help him with that.

"It's okay baby!" said Rusty desperately. "It's over Allen! You're back with us!"

"Oh my God!" cried Allen. "It was so awful Rusty! The plane is going to blow up, and we're all going to die! I saw you die baby! It was horrible! Please don't ever leave me Rusty!"

Allen broke down into a flood of tears as all four boys held him tightly. Everyone climbed into bed with Rusty and Allen, as Rusty held his lover tightly. The five boys shared a massive hug, and eventually went back to sleep that way. By the time morning rolled around, the night had felt like it lasted forever.

"Are you with us Aaron?" asked Rusty, as all of the boys stirred awake.

"After what I saw last night, you better believe I'm with you!" exclaimed Aaron.

Four of the boys had a very rough start when they got to the studio that morning. The bad thing was, they were really trying. The producer called for an early lunch that day, as he told Mike, "I'm going to have to take the option on more studio time, and call the company about your trip home."

"Okay, but let me find out what the parents want to do." said Mike. "Some of them may still want to go home Saturday."

Aaron and Erik met Rusty, Allen, Ricky, and Calvin for lunch that day. Once again, they had to sneak away from the recording studio. Aaron had told Erik all about what had happened last night, and it turned out that Erik was a big fan of paranormal activity.

"Man, they're going to boot us out of the band if this keeps up!" said Calvin.

"What are you talking about Calvin?" asked Erik. "The way I hear it, you four ARE the band! Anyway, you guys were probably just spooked by last night."

"Wouldn't you be spooked if you saw everyone you loved get killed, just before you died?" asked Allen.

"You got me there Allen." replied Erik. "You have to remember though that it was only a POSSIBLE outcome. Now that you know about it, you can avoid it. I can't understand why they only scheduled you for one week with the studio anyway. I listened to the CD Aaron gave me, and you guys deserve a hell of a lot more than one week. I wouldn't worry about it if you run them over budget."

"Well, we do want to get home too, just not on Saturday." replied Rusty.

"Then you guys have to put it out of your minds." said Erik. "Yesterday and this morning probably assured you that you won't be keeping their schedule, so you're safe now."

"What if some of our family decides to stick with the original reservation home?" asked Ricky. "I can just see my parents wanting to leave Saturday regardless."

"Then you'll just have to talk them out of it." replied Erik. "Do you think anyone else in the band might believe you guys."

"I don't know." replied Calvin. "I can't even say that I would believe me! This whole thing is so strange, but I know it's true."

"Well, I would suggest having a talk with the rest of the group as soon as possible." said Erik. "Then you may want to go to the parents. Be ready to run though, in case they want to have a shrink look at you. Most people don't believe this stuff like I do, and they think anyone who does must be crazy. I'll admit, there are some phonies, but I can tell when it's legitimate, and you guys are more legitimate than anyone I've ever seen."

"Okay Erik, thanks." said Rusty. "We'll try to forget this until we're done at the studio today."

"If you have a favorite place, think about that a lot." said Erik. "That usually helps me."

The other boys were upset when Rusty, Allen, Ricky, and Calvin returned from lunch. When the afternoon session got underway though, they weren't upset for long. The four boys now almost seemed to be their old selves. When they finished track two, the producer wanted to go with Where Did You Go. Allen was glad that Rusty would be singing that, as he didn't think he had a sad song in him at the moment. By the time they got the third track down, it was getting into the evening.

"Well, this afternoon was a little better, but we'll still need Saturday, and possibly Sunday to finish." said the producer. "Try to make sure they rest well tonight, because we really need to start putting out some songs."

"Okay." replied Mike. "I'll have a list for you tomorrow of who's going home on Saturday."

Once they had dinner, everyone got together in the same suite. "Okay boys, here's the scoop." said Mike. "You are now scheduled in the studio all day on Saturday, and possibly Sunday. You will now be going home on Monday instead of Saturday. The record company will be helping out by shooting the video in Florida on the weekend after we get home. Sean, Ricky, and Calvin, your parents have decided to return home Saturday, along with Judith, Emily, and the younger kids."

Rusty, Allen, Calvin, and Ricky suddenly begged to speak with their parents alone.

Once Mike, Emily, and Rusty were alone, Rusty completely broke down crying. Mike had to grab him and hold him up to keep him from hitting the floor. Then Mike and Emily hugged their son between them as he cried harder than they had ever seen him cry before.

"Dad! Mom! Please!" begged Rusty, as tears streamed down his face. "You can't do this! Please mom, stay with us until Monday! I love you and my brother and sisters, please don't leave us!"

"Please calm down son." said Mike, as he rubbed Rusty's back gently. "We both love you very much, but we can't help you if you don't tell us what's going on here. Something has been bothering some of you boys since Sunday, and it's time to tell us what it is."

"Okay dad, but you have to believe what I tell you." cried Rusty, as he tried to stop his tears. "You already know about my premonition in Miami, and Ricky's vision while he was in a coma. When we were in a coma, we left our bodies dad. Allen did too, and he was with me the whole time. We came back to this world and saw you guys all the time. I remember on Allen's sixteenth birthday how mom said that she knew we were together wherever we were, and that we could hear you guys. She said that we may not be ready to come home just yet, but all of you loved us very much, and you would be right there when we did come home. Anyway, Ricky and I have had our experiences, and now so has Allen. That plane is going to have a problem on Saturday dad. It's going to try to turn back to Phoenix, then it's going to blow up before it lands! Please mom, don't go Saturday!"

"Oh my God Michael!" exclaimed Emily. "We did say those things while he was in a coma! Could this be true?!"

"I was with him when he had that premonition in Miami." replied Michael. "I know for sure that what he felt was real. I don't understand how they could know this honey, but I believe him."

"Of course we'll all go back Monday then dear!" replied Emily. "I'm sure it's not going to break Beth's heart to miss one more day of school. What are we going to say to the other parents though Mike? They'll think we're all on some kind of drugs!"

"We have to think of something." replied Mike. "If what Allen saw really does happen, it would kill us if we didn't do everything we could to prevent it."

"Thank you so much mom!" cried Rusty, now in relief. "I love you so much! Can we go help the other guys now? They may need it with this, especially Ricky."

"Okay son, and we'll have to talk to Sean and his parents too." replied Mike. "Do any of the boys in the band besides you four know about this?"

"We were going to talk to them this evening." replied Rusty.

"Okay son, you go get the boys off alone and talk to them, and Emily and I will help Allen, Calvin, and Ricky talk to their parents." said Mike. "And let's all hope they don't think we've gone crazy!"

Rusty went ahead and got all of the boys alone, while Mike and Emily went to where Allen was talking to Ben and Judith. Allen and Aaron were having a bit of difficulty with Judith.

"Have you heard what these boys have come up with Mike?" asked Judith.

"Yes I have Judith, and I wish you would stay on until Monday." replied Mike. "I was with Rusty in Miami when he had a premonition about Ricky being attacked. Did Allen ever tell you about that?"

"Yes Mike, but it can easily be explained by stress and coincidence." replied Judith.

"It was no coincidence Judith, I was there!" said Mike. "My son was terrified by what he felt, and Allen knew him well enough to believe him!"

"Judith, the boys know what we said to them while they were in a coma, on Allen's sixteenth birthday." said Emily. "Can you explain that away? Even if you think you can, can you explain how Ricky led the police to charge Ralph with the murder of that boy in Miami? There are a lot of things here that defy any kind of explanation Judith, and we owe it to the boys to give them the benefit of doubt after everything that has happened."

"But my patients....." started Judith.

"Your patients are being cared for by a qualified professional, and they'll be there when you get back." said Mike. "It won't do them any good if you don't make it back, and it will tear your family's heart out. Come on Ben, can't you see that these boys are being genuine about this?"

"I don't know what to believe Mike!" replied Ben. "Is there any way you can call the woman who's covering for you honey? I'd rather you stay with us until we know what's going on here."

"Please mom!" begged Allen desperately.

"Erik and I need you mom!" pleaded Aaron.

"Okay, I'll call the office tomorrow." replied Judith.

"Thank you so much Judith." said Mike. "This really means a lot to everyone. Allen, could you go help Rusty? He's talking to the band right now. The rest of us need to help Calvin and Ricky with this, then we need to speak with Sean's family."

"Okay Mike." replied a relieved Allen.

"I'm glad you're here Mike." said Tom, as Mike and the others entered the room. "What is going on with our boys Mike? Did they get into something out here that they shouldn't have?"

"The boys genuinely believe what they're telling us Tom." replied Mike. "You took Calvin voluntarily as your son, and now you have a duty to him. Do you know what your son is doing right now?"

"What's that Mike?" asked Tom.

"He is pleading with the only father he has ever loved, not to fly off to his death." replied Mike. "That's what these boys genuinely believe will happen too. I've seen a lot of strange things over the past year that have no explanation, and I can't dismiss what they're saying right now. Just listen to your son Tom. You promised to love and care for Calvin as your son, and he needs you here with him."

"I was as skeptical as you Tom, but what if these boys are right?" asked Judith.

"I guess Bryce and I can stay then." replied Tom. "I still hope these boys are wrong though. Something like that will still hurt a lot of people, and there's nothing we can do about that."

"Is this why you guys have been goofing off in the studio?" asked Devon. "My parents have agreed to stay because of this! If they find out what this is about, they'll have you guys locked up in an asylum!"

"Let's just see if you sing the same song Saturday!" replied Rusty. "At least your parents will be alive after Saturday. You may want to help Sean talk to his before it's too late!"

"Talk about what Rusty?" asked Sean. "I think you guys are nuts too! Our parents may not even want us in this band when this is over dudes!"

"Is that really how you guys feel, even though Allen and I have never lied to any of you?" asked Rusty. "If it is, I don't even know why we came out here. You guys knew about me knowing that Ricky was attacked, and you knew about Ricky knowing about Ralph killing Robbie! This was long before we came out here guys, so why wait until now to have a problem with it?"

"I'm with you and Allen, Rusty." said Chris. "You knew that something horrible was going to happen the night Jimmy died, but no one listened to you then, and Jimmy got killed because of it. I believe you guys."

"I'm with you too Rusty." said Snoopy. "I don't think you and Allen are capable of lying to a friend."

"Terry and I are with you too Rusty." said Shane. "People are sometimes given signs of what will happen, but they hardly ever listen to them. If Terry hadn't listened to the bad feelings I had last year, he would have been killed by an online predator."

"So guys, how's things going here?" asked Calvin, as he joined the boys. Then he saw everyone except Devon and Sean standing with Rusty and Allen, and said, "Oh come on dudes! I hate to burst your bubble about what's real and what's not Sean and Devon, but this is as real as it gets! Do you think that Rusty, Allen, and Ricky had nothing better to do than to dream up a way to fuck with everyone? They're serious dudes, and I hope you'll believe them before it's too late."

"So, you're all nuts, huh?" asked Sean. "Well, Devon and I can't wait to get this over and get home to Orlando. I just wish I were going Saturday with my parents, but you fixed that, didn't you?"

"Please guys!" begged Rusty.

"Please what?!" replied Sean. "Just don't slow us down anymore. We expect to be on that plane Monday!"

"And if we're not, you can consider us out of the band!" added Devon.

Meanwhile, Mike and the adults were finally beginning to make progress with Ricky's parents, or so they thought.

"Well, I'm glad you two have decided to stay on until Monday." said Mike. "I know the relationship between you and Ricky has been strained at times, but he needs you now."

"Yeah, it's not a problem with us Mike." replied Mister Mackenzie. "We're here for whatever Ricky needs."

Once Ricky and the adults had left, Ricky's mom said, "You can't be serious dear! Why are we letting these obviously unbalanced people run our lives?"

"Relax honey, I just wanted to get them out of our hair." replied Ricky's dad. "I'll call their record company in the morning before Mike or that producer does, and let them know to keep our reservations for Saturday regardless of what anyone tells them. Then when Ricky is done having his fun, and follows us home Monday, we'll have the clout to put a stop to this once and for all."

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