Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 23

From the last chapter:

Once Ricky and the adults had left, Ricky's mom said, "You can't be serious dear! Why are we letting these obviously unbalanced people run our lives?"

"Relax honey, I just wanted to get them out of our hair." replied Ricky's dad. "I'll call their record company in the morning before Mike or that producer does, and let them know to keep our reservations for Saturday regardless of what anyone tells them. Then when Ricky is done having his fun, and follows us home Monday, we'll have the clout to put a stop to this once and for all."

Later that evening, Devon parents came to him, and his dad said, "Devon, we want to show you that we trust you and Sean. I'm not so sure about these other people, but we know you two boys can take care of yourselves. We've decided to go on home Saturday with Sean's parents."

Devon didn't even want to admit it to himself, but the other boys had gotten to him subconsciously. "Do you and mom have to go?" asked Devon, with a pleading look in his eyes. "I don't believe any of the crap these people are going on about, but they're insane! I don't trust them, and I'd feel much better with adults here that don't act like the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest! Please stay on with Sean and me until Monday!"

"Are they really that bad son?" asked Devon's dad.

"Do you know what this delay is all about?" asked Devon.

"Not exactly son, why don't you tell us?" replied Devon's dad.

"One of the guys in the band had a bad dream about the plane crashing on Saturday, and they're all convinced that some of the guys in the band are some kind of psychics." replied Devon. "They've convinced almost everyone that if they get on that plane Saturday, they'll die. Like I said, I don't believe that kind of crap, but they are dangerous dad. Please don't leave Sean and me alone with them!"

"Oh my God son!" exclaimed Devon's parents together.

"We didn't know that things were that bad." replied Devon's dad. "Of course your mother and I will stay on to look out for you boys. When we get home to Orlando on Monday though, we are going to have to deal with this situation. This band may very well be successful, but you and Sean have enough talent to make any band successful. We'll need to see a lawyer about getting you boys away from them."

"Thanks dad, Sean and I both appreciate this." replied Devon in relief. "He was really worried about the other guys with his parents going home Saturday. He's as afraid of the guys in the band as I am right now."

"Don't worry about that honey." said Devon's mom. "You know that us and Sean's parents both have always looked out for you boys like we were all one family. We wouldn't dream of letting anyone harm Sean either."

"I know, that's why we love you guys so much." smiled Devon.

The next morning, Mike told the producer that everyone would be staying except for Sean's parents. He was going to continue to try talking them into staying, but it didn't look like he was having much luck. With the video shoot scheduled for Orlando now, the boys could concentrate on recording the album. If they worked really hard at it, they might stand a chance of finishing on Saturday, then have Sunday off before they returned home.

Judith went with Aaron to Erik's house. Today was an off day for Aaron and Erik, and Judith and Sharon wanted to spend the day with their two boys.

"Hi Judith, it's so nice to finally meet you." said Sharon, as she offered Judith a light hug. "Erik has told me about what's going on with the delay until Monday. I have to admit that I'm relieved that everyone has decided to stay on."

"So then, you believe in this too?" asked Judith.

"When Erik came to me with his belief in psychic phenomenon over a year ago, I have to admit that I was as skeptical as anyone else would be." laughed Sharon. "He has shown me things that have no other explanation though, and has gotten me very interested in the subject as well. It sounds to me like three of the boys in the band have been given a very special gift for a good reason, and I think it's very prudent to give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise."

"Well, I'm afraid everyone doesn't see it that way." replied Judith. "We have been unable to talk one of the boy's parents into waiting until Monday to return. They intend to get onto the plane Saturday."

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Sharon. "I hope you can convince them otherwise!"

"We're trying, but it's very tough to sell someone on this concept if they're unwilling to accept it." replied Judith. "We'll keep trying though."

As the band was finishing recording another song, the producer came up to Mike and said, "I just talked to the record company. Apparently Ricky's parents have already talked to them, and they plan on returning home Saturday as well. Why wouldn't they tell you that Mike?"

"I don't know, but I'll try to find out this evening." replied Mike.

"Okay then, I just thought as the manager you should know." said the producer. "Everything concerning the band really should go through you from now on. That is why the boys have a manager. We'll go ahead and break for lunch after this take."

During lunch, Allen, Rusty, Ricky, and Calvin found a phone to use. "Are you guys sure about this?" asked Calvin.

"It could be the only way to save Sean's parents." replied Rusty, as Allen picked up the phone and dialed.

"National Airlines, may I help you?" said the airline agent.

"I hope so." replied Allen. "My friends and I were booked on flight 310 on Saturday, but most of us have had to change our reservations. The reason is that me and two of my other friends are able to have visions, and can see what will happen in the future. There is a problem with that plane, and it won't complete the flight on Saturday."

"Are you calling in some kind of threat young man?" asked the agent.

"No! No!" replied Allen. "It's not a threat. We're not some group of wackos who plan on doing anything to harm anyone. We just have a vision about Saturday, and we want to help save people."

"Do you realize how many of these calls we receive every day young man?" asked the agent. "Our planes are very well maintained, and not one call we've ever received like this has ever come true."

"You have to listen this time though!" replied Allen. "My friends and I are for real."

"You may be under the impression that you are sir, but that's not how anyone conducts their business." replied the agent. "We inspect every plane before every flight. If there is anything wrong, we will find it. Now, I've tried being as nice and courteous as possible, but there are laws regarding incidents like this since 9/11. What you are doing right now could be considered a terrorist act if you insist on proceeding. Do you understand that?"

"Yes ma'am." replied Allen dejectedly. "I'm sorry for bothering you."

Allen cried when he hung up the phone, and Rusty took him into a hug to comfort him. Allen had recovered by the time they got back to the studio, but the other boys were mad about how Allen was treated for trying to stop a disaster from happening. By the time the day was over, the boys had four out of eleven songs finished, and had begun working on another one.

When Mike got back to the hotel, he caught up to Judith, who was just returning from her day with Sharon and the boys. "Hi Judith, I have a problem." said Mike. "Ricky's parents have apparently lied to us, and plan on flying home Saturday. I was wondering if you could have a talk with them as a psychologist, without them knowing what is going on. I think there is something more here than they want to tell anyone."

"Oh no Mike!" replied Judith. "I'll do my best!"

Judith caught up to the Mackenzie's that evening without Ricky around, and said, "Mike has told me that you two feel uncomfortable with telling him what is really going on with you. You do know that everyone only has your best interests in mind, don't you?"

"That may be how you see it Judith, but we see things a little differently." replied Ricky's father. "First, I'm shocked that a trained mental health professional would even go along with something like this!"

"I'm only trained in psychology." replied Judith. "There are a lot of things in the world that go well beyond that, and I'm not qualified to make judgments on them. Psychic phenomenon would qualify as something outside my area of training. Since you obviously aren't convinced though, can you offer me an explanation for Robbie Kennedy? I can't figure out any rational explanation other than a psychic occurrence by your son. He didn't even know who Robbie was, and has never been to Miami."

"I'm sure that was just a matter of Ralph slipping and saying something to the wrong person, and Ricky somehow found out about it." replied Ricky's dad. "He has been so influenced by the other boys though that he has talked himself into believing that it was some kind of vision. Those boys have too much influence on our son, and things are going to change when we get back to Orlando!"

"Is this about Ricky being gay?" asked Judith.

"Our son has been talked into believing a lot of foolish things!" replied Ricky's mom. "We wouldn't expect you to understand that though Judith. You have been trained to believe that people commit all sorts of perverted acts because it's who they are, and anyone who disagrees is the one with the mental condition. We weren't going to say anything, but we have a counselor set up who is trained to deal with certain mental conditions according to what is spelled out by God as right and wrong."

"Are you talking about using a so-called Christian counselor to brainwash your own son?!" asked Judith in disbelief. "None of those people have any kind of psychological training whatsoever, and the damage they can do can take years to repair. I belong to a group that has lobbied to have every last one of them charged with practicing psychology without a license, because they are very dangerous people!"

"That may be your belief, but it's not ours." replied Ricky's dad. "Ricky is still our son, and we will have him treated any way we see fit. It's well within the law and our rights to do so, and you better not interfere."

"Will you at least wait until Sunday?" asked Judith. "We will find a local clergy here, and talk to them about this. I would hate for Ricky's sake to see you make such a terrible mistake."

"We're leaving Saturday, and that's final!" said Ricky's dad. "When Ricky returns home Monday, we are taking him to the counselor we have set up for him. If you mention this to him, we will sue you for breach of conduct."

"You may want to consider my offer one more time then Mister Mackenzie." replied Judith. "I don't take well to threats, especially by someone who has signed a contract. If you attempt to remove Ricky from the group, Mike and the record company will sue YOU for breach of contract. Like it or not, you signed a legally binding contract without being forced into it, and any court in the country will uphold it!"

"This subject is closed Judith." replied Ricky's mom. "We will be seeing our own lawyer Saturday when we return home. Now, please leave our suite."

Judith left the Mackenzie's alone, and went to inform Mike of her conversation. Mike was so upset that he wanted to call Florida to have Ricky removed from his parents custody, so they would have no choice but to stay in California to fight it. Judith had to remind Mike that the state would not see this situation as cause to remove Ricky from his parents custody though. Now they had to decide whether or not to tell Ricky. He did have the right to know, and Judith didn't believe his parents would have any legal recourse for telling him.

The talk between Mike, Judith and Ricky did not go very well. Ricky was understandably very panicked and upset about his parents plan. Ricky went that night to talk to his parents alone, and that talk didn't help things any. Ricky could not convince his parents that he, Rusty, and Allen were legitimate no matter how hard he tried. Even his tears didn't get through to his parents.

Ricky finally said, "Mom, dad, if you love me at all, you'll stay until Monday. You know what this means to me and everyone else. If you stay until Monday, I'll go along with whatever you want when we get home. It will kill me and Calvin both, but I need you to stay. Please stay."

"We'll think about what you said son, but you will end up doing what we say regardless." replied Ricky's dad. "You have until Monday to get use to that idea."

Ricky ran back to his room, and collapsed into Calvin's arms crying. Calvin couldn't get much out of Ricky, but he finally calmed his husband to the point where Ricky finally fell asleep in his arms. Calvin put Ricky in the bed, and then climbed in with him. Then Calvin gently held Ricky until he went to sleep with him.

Ricky's dream that night was almost exactly the same as Allen's. The only difference was that his and Sean's parents were the only ones aboard the plane, and Ricky was just observing the events from somewhere else, almost as if it were a movie. Calvin was immediately awoken by Ricky's screams, and held Ricky tightly. He finally ended up having to call Judith to their room to talk to Ricky. Judith finally got Ricky calmed enough to go back to sleep. She was very upset by what Ricky's parents were putting him through now.

The next two days were a blur for most of the group. The producer didn't know what was happening, and thought the stress might be too much for the boys. He did however get them to concentrate enough to finish all but two songs by the end of Friday though. Things were going a little better at Erik and Aaron's studio. The episode taping on Friday went flawlessly, and Phil was very happy with his choice of having Aaron take the vacated role. Aaron seemed to be such a natural for working with Erik, and the two boys were very appealing together. Phil knew that this would be the highest rated episode of Camelot High ever, and now he wanted to talk to Ben about making Aaron's character a regular for the following season. That made Erik and Aaron both extremely happy.

On Saturday morning, Ricky begged his parents to stay until Monday. Their only response was to tell him that they would see him later, and talk about the situation further. Then the boys went off to the studio. Aaron and Erik got permission to accompany Mike and the boys to the studio. Most of the other adults in the group wanted to wait in a conference room at the studio that day, and watch the boys finish the album on a video monitor.

Later that morning, Ricky's and Sean's parents sat in their first class seats on the plane heading back to Orlando. About an hour into the flight, the first announcement came over the intercom.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the inconvenience." said the captain on the intercom. "Due to technical difficulties, we are going to be turning around to Phoenix. We will have a plane waiting there to continue your flight. At this time we are discontinuing attendant service, and we ask everyone to return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts."

No one on the plane knew what was about to happen, except for two couples. Ricky's dad closed his eyes and quietly said, "Dear God, please forgive us for not believing our son, and take care of him for us."

No one knew how, but the boys made it through the first song by noon. Devon and Sean still weren't speaking to the other boys, but everyone was still trying to work together to finish what they started. The producer asked everyone to stay at the studio and use their cafeteria for lunch, as he didn't want anything breaking their concentration today. He was sure that they could finish up today if the boys stayed focused. Then during lunch, the producer got a call informing him of the plane crash in Phoenix. He immediately cut all communications into the studio. As the boys got back to work on the last song, Allen could tell from looking at the producer what had happened. He tried to keep it to himself, but Rusty could tell too. A short time later, the rest of the parents went to the studio. They were shown to the conference room with the parents who were already there, and everyone in the conference room was informed of the tragedy in Phoenix. The parents who had arrived late already knew though, which was why they had come to the studio. Then the producer excused himself for a moment to speak to the group.

"I just want everyone to know how sorry we are here about what happened today." said the producer. "I know that two of the boys parents had gone ahead and taken that flight, and you all have our sincerest condolences. Those two boys will need everyone here to pull together as one large family to get through this, so whatever differences you have encountered this week, I hope they can be put behind you for now. I would rather keep the boys from finding out about this until after they are finished. I'm not trying to be heartless, but this could keep them from ever finishing what they are doing now. As soon as they are done, I'll have them all come here. I'll go ahead and re-establish communication to this room only, so you can keep up with what is happening in Phoenix. Once again, I'm very sorry about this."

As the producer made it back to the studio, the owner of the record company showed up. The producer explained that the parents were in the conference room right now except for Mike, and everyone would be going there as soon as the boys were done. At that point, Mike realized that something was wrong, and had a good idea of what it was. He kept it to himself well though, and Joey and Skip announced that they were ready to try a final take.

The producer turned on the mic and said, "You boys have done an amazing job this week. I want you to have fun with this song, and lets get it on the first try so we can wrap this album."

The boys looked as good as they ever had while doing the last song, and Mike hoped they could stick together when this was over. He knew everyone would be there for Ricky, but he was worried about Sean too. He knew that Sean would need a lot of help with this. The producer and the record company owner thought the boys did a wonderful job with that take, and when Joey signaled okay at the end of the song, the producer turned the mic back on.

"That's a wrap boys." said the producer. "Your first album is now done. I need everyone to come around this way when you leave the booth, and we'll all go to the conference room together."

When everyone got to the conference room, Ricky immediately noticed that his and Sean's parents weren't there. Ricky turned to Mike, who sadly shook his head yes. Then Ricky collapsed into Calvin's arms crying.

"What's wrong?" asked Sean nervously.

"Boys, I know you just finished your album, and this should be a happy time, but I'm afraid I have some bad news." said the record company owner. "National Airlines flight 310 was trying to make an emergency landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport this afternoon when it exploded and broke apart on approach. Sean and Ricky, your parents were aboard the flight. I'm so sorry about this boys."

Devon quickly caught Sean as he fainted. After only a few moments though, Sean came to and was crying hysterically. Devon held Sean tightly, and kissed him on the cheek in an attempt to comfort him. Calvin was now sitting with Ricky, and holding him tightly.

Rusty went to Sean and Devon sadly, and said, "I want you guys to know that we love you two like brothers, and we'll always be here for you. That goes for the whole group."

Devon was also weeping lightly as he replied, "I don't know how you guys can feel that way after the awful things we said to you, and the way we treated you."

"That's easy dude." replied Rusty, as he hugged both boys. "We've always loved you, and we always will. None of us are ever going to mention what happened earlier this week. That's not what our friends need now, so it ain't going to happen. Our friends need us to show them that we still love them as much as ever. We'll all be here for you guys to help you through this."

Mike went to Devon's parents and said, "Sean is going to need someone to look out for him now, and take over for his parents. I'm sure they would want you two to do that for them."

"I don't know if we're worthy though Mike." replied Devon's dad emotionally. "Your boys knew this was going to happen, and none of us believed them. Now two of the boys have lost their parents because of that."

"To be honest, it could have been a lot worse." replied Mike. "No one wanted to believe them at first, including Allen's own mother. I think half of the parents who went along with this just did so to calm their kids down. I was the only one who didn't doubt them at first, but I'm sure no one ever will again. I think you will do a fine job of taking care of Sean, besides, he needs to be close to Devon now."

"We'll do the best we can from now on Mike, I promise." replied Devon's dad.

The entire group was led quietly out to the limos, and taken back to their hotel. Mike stopped at the front desk and asked the manager to keep all media away from the group for now, as everyone needed some time to get over the shock of what had happened. As Greg sat in his room watching the news coverage numbly, he heard something that helped him break out of it.

"We have a late breaking story from the disaster today in Phoenix." said the announcer. "A young boy aboard flight 310 was found alive, strapped tightly into his seat. This is the only survivor of the terrible disaster earlier today. The seat had apparently landed in a small pond, and bounced into a soft sand bank nearby. The boy, who is being dubbed as the miracle boy of flight 310, was assumed to be traveling with his parents to their home in Orlando. The boy was bruised and scraped up quite a bit, but is in good condition at the hospital. He was also found tightly clutching a book by his favorite author Greg Holt, who ironically was booked for the flight, but had to change his reservations a few days ago. If anyone knows anything about the boy, the authorities in Phoenix are asking them to call right away."

Greg almost fell out of his chair when they put up a picture of the little boy named Timmy, who had asked him for his autograph on the flight to Los Angeles. Greg immediately got on the phone, and in a few minutes was talking to the authorities in Phoenix.

"This is Greg Holt calling, and I just saw the boy who survived the plane crash." said Greg. "His name is Timmy, and he was traveling with his parents on vacation in Los Angeles. I remember him because I met him on the flight out here, and he asked for my autograph. If he doesn't have any relatives back home in Orlando, I would like to take him back with me and care for him. I already have three adopted sons, but I have plenty of room in my home for Timmy."

"Thank you very much Mister Holt." replied the investigator. "That should help us to identify the boy and his parents. We'll see what we can find out, and call you back either tonight or tomorrow."

Greg went to Toby and told him what he had just seen, then they both went to tell Mike about it. Mike promised to call Orlando as soon as the authorities had all of the information on Timmy, and have Amanda check on relatives in the area. Mike remembered the little boy too after Greg jogged his memory, and told Greg that if Timmy didn't have any relatives, he would get Amanda to help him.

The next day was pretty quiet for everyone except Greg and Mike. The authorities in Phoenix had identified Timmy, but hadn't had any luck finding relatives. Mike took over then, and got all of the information they had on Timmy. Then he called Amanda in Orlando to get her started on things there. Since Timmy's home was in Orlando, she would do everything she could to find relatives or have him placed in Greg's custody by the end of the day.

The news media was being kept away by the hotel that day. When they found out that the group had been scheduled to take that flight, and all but four people in the group had postponed the flight, they were eager to talk to the rest of the group. Mike didn't want that, but he did agree to meet with the media on behalf of the entire group. The hotel manager then had all of the media outside the hotel taken inside to one of the conference rooms, then Mike came in to talk to them.

"Hello everyone, my name is Mike Cooper." said Mike. "I am the manager for the group Youthful Discretion. The band is in Los Angeles, and just finished recording their first album this week. We were originally scheduled to return home yesterday on flight 310, but all but four of the people in our group was forced to postpone those plans."

"Who were the four who was on flight 310?" asked one of the reporters.

"Those were the parents of the group's keyboardist and bass guitarist." replied Mike.

"What forced the postponement of the flight?" asked another reporter.

"Since this was the first time the group has recorded an entire album, the recording ran a little longer than the record company had anticipated." replied Mike. "They had scheduled us in the studio until Friday, but we ran over into Saturday."

"That was kind of a lucky break for the group, except for the four parents who were on the flight." said one of the reporters. "I heard a rumor that one of the band members had a vision of this happening. Is there any truth to that?"

"None whatsoever." replied Mike calmly. "Whenever something like this happens, you always hear those kinds of rumors. There is never any truth to them though."

"Yeah, that's what the airline insisted too." said the reporter.

"Then I would say that this confirms there is no truth to the rumor." smiled Mike.

"What are the ages of the band members?" asked another reporter.

"The boys in the band range in age from fifteen to sixteen." replied Mike. "That's why it was necessary for their parents to travel with them to California."

"Is this trip going to affect the group?" asked another reporter. "First we had the earthquake a week ago, then the plane crash yesterday."

"I'm sure the boys will pull together and be just fine." replied Mike. "The group will help the two boys who lost their parents in any way that they can, and we're still looking forward to the release of their first album."

"Aren't three of the band members the adopted sons of the writer Greg Holt?" asked another reporter. "Mister Holt was mentioned as having a connection to the sole survivor of flight 310."

"Yes, Greg's sons are the banjo player, the fiddle player, and the steel guitarist." replied Mike. "He did meet the boy who survived flight 310 on the way to Los Angeles, and autographed the young boy's book."

"Does Mister Holt wish to adopt the boy if no relatives are found?" asked the same reporter.

"Yes, that is Greg's wish if the boy has no relatives to care for him." replied Mike.

"Did you know that another person had canceled their seat on flight 310 after having a vision about the crash, and said it came to him from some unknown musical group in his dream?" asked the reporter who had asked about visions earlier.

"We wouldn't know anything about that." replied Mike. "Our only connection to that flight were the four parents who were killed, and the young boy who survived."

The reporters only had a few more questions, and Mike left the conference room immediately after answering them. The hotel manager caught up to Mike and said, "You looked like a natural at PR in there sir. The boys made a very wise choice in choosing you as their manager."

"I'm glad to hear that." replied Mike. "I think we must have a reporter from the Weekly News Inquirer in there."

"Yes, they do go on about the strangest things sometimes." smiled the manager. "If there is anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that you or your group needs tonight, please let me know. You'd be surprised what I can pull off."

"How about having a restaurant cater our suites tonight?" asked Mike. "I don't think anyone feels like going out."

"That can be done with the snap of my fingers sir!" replied the manager. "Do you have any requests, or would you like me to surprise you?"

"Go ahead and surprise us, I trust you." replied Mike.

The manager went ahead and had the empty suite cleared, and set up enough tables and chairs for everyone. Then he called his contact at the best restaurant in town, and got them to arrange something to be picked up at dinner time. Just before the manager called Mike to tell him that dinner was ready, Mike and Greg were talking to Amanda.

"Timmy doesn't have any other relatives besides his parents." said Amanda. "I'm faxing a copy of our custody order for Greg to the hotel, and to the authorities in Phoenix. They said he can come to the hospital tomorrow, and take Timmy back to Orlando with him. You'll need to change Greg's reservations to Phoenix, then on to Orlando with Timmy. Good luck Greg, Timmy is going to need a lot of love and care right now. I'll see you both when you return to Orlando."

Mike could immediately tell that Greg wanted to be a great father to Timmy, and he patted his friend on the back to congratulate him. The dinner that night was the best that anyone there had ever had, and they all thanked Mike for taking care of it. That night was very restless, as it was the last night they would be spending in California.

Everyone was very nervous as they arrived at the airport the next morning. It was good that Judith was there, because several people needed some sedation before getting on board their flight. The worst was Sean, who Judith thought she might have to give enough medication to knock him out first. Devon finally coaxed him onto the airplane though under his own power. An official of the original airline did meet Mike at the airport, and expressed his apologies for what happened Saturday. He assured Mike that the airline would get to the bottom of what happened, as they had never suffered a loss like that before, and he wanted to ensure that they never did again. Aaron did catch up to Erik and Sharon at the airport, and the two boys naturally planned on sitting together. Mike then wished Greg luck on his flight through Phoenix on a different flight, then boarded the plane with the rest of the group.

When the plane began to taxi, most of the couples in the group at least held hands tightly. Devon was hugging Sean as tightly as he could considering they were strapped into their seats. Everyone held their breath as the plane roared down the runway, and lifted into the air. Devon did have to briefly cover Sean's mouth to keep him from yelling out during take-off. Almost everyone was a bundle of nerves, and would be until they were on the ground in Orlando. Erik was the most notable exception, as he started talking Aaron into joining him in the lavatory about an hour into the flight. It took a lot of convincing, but Erik finally talked him into it by saying it would make him feel better about flying. Mike almost chuckled when he saw the two boys come back down the aisle smiling about thirty minutes later. After what seemed like one of the longest cross country flights ever, the captain finally announced that they were beginning their final approach to OIA. Everyone was very relieved when the plane touched down safely in Orlando. Toby and Greg's boys decided that since Greg would only be two hours later, they would wait at the airport for him. Everyone else got their bags and equipment, and went to the shuttles Mike had waiting for the welcome ride home.

Greg did have trouble getting Timmy onto the plane in Phoenix, but was finally able to coax the scared little boy into it. Greg told Timmy that he was scared too, but they had to get on the plane to get home. Timmy did cry lightly as the plane began to take off, but Greg held him as comfortingly as he could. Once the seatbelt light went off, Timmy spent the rest of the flight in Greg's lap. Greg was also very relieved to get off the plane with Timmy when they landed in Orlando. Greg then had to promise Timmy that he never had to fly again unless he wanted to. Greg was also happy to see Toby and the boys waiting for him at the airport. Once Greg had his bags, they got into a shuttle to go home. Greg, Toby, and all the boys were ready to help Timmy adjust to his new home and life.

When Allen, Rusty, and Aaron had gotten home, Pat, Robin, Stevie, and Gary were waiting there to welcome their friends home. A few moments later, Erik came by after stopping quickly at his house. Rusty called around to see if anyone felt like coming over to join them. Devon thanked Rusty, but said that he and Sean wanted to stay home and recover from the trip for the rest of the day. Calvin was going to say the same thing for himself and Ricky, but Ricky surprised him by wanting to go be with their friends. While they waited for Calvin and Ricky, Aaron introduced everyone to Erik.

All of the boys knew Erik from Camelot High, as it was their favorite show, so they were excited to meet him in person. Then they found out that Aaron would be on the show, and that he would be a regular cast member.

When Calvin and Ricky got there, all four boys made sure to give Ricky a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. That helped cheer Ricky up a little bit, and Calvin was glad they came over. The boys were glad that their friends weren't on the plane Saturday, but they didn't want to bring that subject up right now. Instead they talked about the group.

"I sure hope that Devon and Sean stay with the group." said Pat. "You guys are so perfect together."

"I hope they do too." replied Rusty. "Our agent said that our group will make money anytime we appear anywhere now."

"Maybe you should charge the school for going to school every day then." smiled Robin.

That was the first time Ricky had let out even the slightest laugh since Saturday, and it made Calvin feel better to see that.

Robin was on a roll now, so he said, "I just hope you guys don't start charging us to come to our house to visit. I can't even imagine how much we would owe you guys for asking you to go to the park with us."

"I'm sure we could work out a pretty good deal for you!" snickered Rusty.

"Yeah, we'll work out some kind of frequent friends rate!" laughed Calvin.

By this time Ricky almost seemed like his old self again, and the rest of the visit went well. The boys in the group were glad to be home again, and their friends were glad to have them back home. Calvin did catch Robin going outside, and followed him out.

"This is usually only reserved for Ricky now, but I don't know how else to show you how much what you did in there means to me." said Calvin.

Calvin pulled Robin into him, and gave his friend a very warm and tender kiss on the lips. When Calvin broke the kiss, all Robin could do was smile.

"We are so glad to have friends like you Robin." said Calvin. "You have no idea how much you helped my Ricky by being here today. I'll never forget how you made him laugh again today. We love you and Pat, and we're lucky to have you guys as our friends."

"I guess that means we get the first autographed CD, huh?" asked Robin as he giggled.

"I think we can do better than that." laughed Calvin. "How would you guys like to run our fan club if we get to the point where we need one?"

"I'm sure Pat would love that as much as I would." smiled Robin.

"It's a deal then amigo." said Calvin, as he gave Robin a quick hug.

Calvin and Robin went back in, and while Calvin told the group about his offer to Robin and Pat, Robin told Pat about it. A little while later Shane called, and Rusty told them that they had chosen Robin and Pat to run their fan club.

"Are you guys sure we'll be that popular?" asked Shane as he laughed.

"I don't know, but it doesn't hurt to have a fantasy." replied Rusty.

After the call from Shane was over, Mike came up to speak to Rusty. "I just got off the phone with the record company son. They had what remains could be identified sent back here today, and have arranged a service and burial for Ricky's and Sean's parents tomorrow. The school was notified too, and they've excused anyone who wants to attend the service. I called Devon's parents and told them already, and I thought it would be best for you boys to tell Ricky. The services will be tomorrow at eleven."

"I guess tomorrow will be a rough day then." replied Rusty. "I'll tell Calvin first, and see how he wants to handle telling Ricky. What about Greg and his family? Have they sent Timmy's family back here yet?"

"Yes, but Greg is going to hold off until afternoon for that." replied Mike. "He wants his boys to have a chance to be with Ricky tomorrow too."

"I guess tomorrow will be rough for a lot of people." said Rusty. "Did you know that Allen tried to warn the airline about this last week?"

"I figured he probably would." replied Mike. "Let me guess how that turned out. They called him a phony, and practically threatened to charge him with a crime, right?"

"How did you know?" asked Rusty.

"I guess I know how people like that will react to certain things." replied Mike. "If you boys would have asked me, I would have told you not to waste your time with that."

"We probably would have anyway though." replied Rusty. "We had to do something."

"I know, and that's what makes me so proud of you boys at times." smiled Mike, as he ruffled Rusty's hair.

The next day was rough, but a lot of Ricky's and Sean's friends missed school to show up. All of their friends made sure to give them a hug at some point. Everyone in the band, including Ricky, went to Sean to give him a hug and kiss on the cheek, then told Sean that they loved him. Sean and Devon didn't feel like they deserved that kind of friendship from the group, but they were glad to have it. Rusty once again told Sean and Devon that the whole group would always love them like brothers, and be there anytime they needed them. As far as he was concerned, they would always be a part of the group.

Hopefully the boys can move on from this now, and be closer than they were before. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 24.