Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 24

From the last chapter:

The next day was rough, but a lot of Ricky's and Sean's friends missed school to show up. All of their friends made sure to give them a hug at some point. Everyone in the band, including Ricky, went to Sean to give him a hug and kiss on the cheek, then told Sean they loved him. Sean and Devon didn't feel like they deserved that kind of friendship from the group, but they were glad to have it. Rusty once again told Sean and Devon that the whole group would always love them like brothers, and be there anytime they needed them. As far as he was concerned, they would always be a part of the group.

Later that day, Greg had to help Timmy say good-bye to his parents too. Although it was a difficult day, it would have been much more difficult for Greg if Timmy had not been on the plane too, and saw what had happened to it. Because of that though, Greg had to help Timmy cope with the nightmares that it was causing as well. Toby didn't mind having the boy share the bed at night with him and Greg for now, as he knew that Timmy needed comfort. Greg's other sons were happy to treat Timmy as their new little brother.

Although the boys didn't know if they were ready, the film crew from the record company showed up in Orlando that Friday as scheduled. The video for the first single was originally planned as a performance video, which the director hated. Anyone could do that, and he wanted to do videos that were more artistic. When Mike made the suggestion to add some personal footage of the boys into the video on Friday, the director listened eagerly. He and Mike worked on a storyboard for the additional footage until late that night.

The next morning most of the boys were excited about doing the extra footage, since there were no speaking parts to them. Sean, Devon, and Ricky were still quite down though. Calvin and Devon got together though, and suggested that they add some footage of Ricky's and Sean's parents from home videos during their parts. The director thought that was a very nice and sentimental gesture, and promised to pick out some good clips from the home videos Calvin and Devon provided him. By that evening, everyone had moved on to the site that was picked for the performance part of the video. The site was a very beautiful outdoor amphitheater downtown, and the director had no problem filling it with people who wanted to be extras in a video as the audience. The director had the boys run through the song four times, to make sure he had enough good shots to use, and the boys thanked the crowd by doing several different songs as encores for them when the filming was finished.

On Sunday morning, the film crew shot a few more of the additional scenes. By that time, Ricky and Sean had picked up a little bit, and the director was much happier with the shots he got from them that day. By afternoon, the crew was ready to pack up and head back to California.

Before leaving, the director said to Mike, "The owner of the company is in a hurry to get this album released. She wants to have it ready to release by a week from this coming Tuesday."

"That's amazing!" replied Mike. "Can they really move that quickly though? I don't want them to rush things at the expense of how the boys sound."

"She had the best person in the business master the recordings." said the director. "I heard a copy of the master before we came out, and I think it's one of the best albums I've ever heard. I wouldn't worry about it at all."

The next day Mike had a meeting scheduled with Amanda to discuss Ricky's, Sean's, and Timmy's cases with her. Amanda also had something she wanted to talk to Mike about. As soon as Mike was satisfied that the boys were taken care of, Amanda said, "Mike, I was asked to tell you that the department has cleared you of any misconduct in Aaron's case. It seems as though the state attorney is building a very strong assault case against his parents, and the department is now convinced that you were the victim here. The district supervisor wants to see you tomorrow to offer the department's apologies, and reinstate your position."

"I'll accept his apology Amanda, but I'm afraid I can't accept the reinstatement." replied Mike. "After the apology is over, I am going to inform him that I've resigned my position, effective immediately. I need all of my attention now to devote to the band."

"I had a feeling you would say that." said Amanda. "I can't say that I blame you though. The department did everything they could to ruin one of the finest caseworkers they've ever had, and the boys in the band do need you now. I wish you and them the best of luck though Mike."

"Good, and I hope you will continue to try to be the kind of caseworker you want to be, in spite of what the people in the department try to influence you into doing." said Mike. "That's one thing I would never let them do to me, and it's what I'm most proud of."

"And that's what made you the finest caseworker they've ever had." replied Amanda. "I hope I become every bit as good as you."

Mike did go in the next day, and turned in his resignation as soon as the apology had been made to him. His supervisors begged him to reconsider, but Mike wouldn't budge. The boys needed him too much.

That week saw things returning more to normal for the boys. Calvin was more subdued and loving in his love-making to Ricky, as was Devon with Sean. Aaron and Erik kept picking things up though, and Rusty and Allen were slowly returning to normal with their sexual practices. Gary and Stevie caught up with them that week, and begged them to do a short performance at Mark's naturalist community that weekend. Rusty and Allen both smiled impishly as their friends asked them, then called the other boys. The group was easy to agree to it, but Mike was a much tougher sell. After a half hour of begging, Rusty and Allen finally talked him into it.

When Saturday rolled around, most of the boys were giggling as the bus Mike rented pulled up to the community with Mike driving. The community president met Mike and the bus at the community center, and thanked him and the boys very much for playing this show.

When he told Mike and the boys that they did not have to be undressed if they didn't want to, Rusty yelled out, "But we can if we do want to, right?"

All of the boys giggled as the man told everyone to make themselves as comfortable as they wanted while they were there. Some of the boys began stripping immediately, and the rest were naked by the time they got to where the stage had been set up. Mike chuckled as the ten naked boys got off the bus, along with Joey and Skip who were also naked. As the boys set up their equipment, their equipment began setting up as well. A few younger members of the community stopped by to watch, and Gary, Stevie, and Mark stopped by for a visit. Gary and Stevie thought it was cool that their friends planned on doing the show naked, as they had now become quite comfortable with their nudity.

Once the instruments were set up, Joey and Skip were ready for a sound check. Since the show was outdoors, the sound was pretty easy to set up. The band had about two hours to kill before the show, so Gary and Stevie offered to show them around. Most of the boys really seemed like they were getting a kick out of walking around the streets of the community naked, and they got quite a few stares and compliments on their tour. The community photographer came across them, and wanted to take their pictures, but Mike had to step in and insist that they be dressed if he did.

When they got back to do the show, Gary and Stevie got to introduce the band, as they were the ones responsible for them doing the show. The boys had a very good time doing the show for their old and new friends, and it was a chance for Ricky and Sean to recover a little bit more from the crash, along with the fact that Judith had been working closely with both of them for a few weeks now. The people from the community loved the show, and the band hung out with them for a while after it was over so they could make some new friends. This was about the level of success that most of the boys were prepared for.

That Tuesday, Rusty and Allen's radio went off to wake them. Instead of getting up right away and shutting it off, Rusty rolled into Allen's arms and smiled as he said, "I think we have time for some more love this morning before school babe."

"Well then, let's not waste any time." giggled Allen.

Rusty kissed Allen passionately for a few moments, before turning around the other way. As Rusty took Allen's cock into his mouth, he felt Allen's lips softly stroking his. The two boys spent about ten minutes lovingly bringing each other to the brink of their orgasms, while the radio played in the background. Rusty was the first to begin moaning softly, and Allen sucked hungrily on his cock. In just another moment, Allen had the fresh taste of Rusty's cum to mingle with the taste that was still in his mouth from last night. As soon as Rusty's orgasm had finished, Allen began to softly moan in approach of his orgasm. Rusty eagerly sucked as much cum from Allen's cock as he could, then turned back around into Allen's arms.

As the two boys held each other as they smiled into each other's eyes, the deejay on the radio said, "I played this one a little earlier today, and had no idea that so many people were listening so early. Our phones have been ringing off the hook this morning to play this song again. Here it is again everyone, in case you missed it earlier. This is a very hot remake of Still The One, by a new local band called Youthful Discretion."

As the song started, Rusty jumped up and screamed, "Oh my God babe! They're playing us!"

Allen jumped up too, and gave Rusty a very excited hug. Then Rusty went to the window facing the house, and screamed out, "Dad! Dad! Come to the window!"

Mike heard the commotion outside, and leaned out the window. He chuckled as he replied, "What in the world is making you lean out the window as naked as the day you were born Russ?"

"They're playing us on the radio dad!" screamed Rusty excitedly. "Turn it on quick!"

"Okay son, but put some clothes on before you give the whole neighborhood a show." chuckled Mike.

Rusty leaned back inside, and he and Allen jumped up and down in each other's arms. Then his cell phone went off. Rusty saw it was Calvin and Ricky's number, so he answered it and said, "They're playing us on the radio dudes! Have you heard it?"

"That's why I was calling you guys!" replied Calvin excitedly. "Ricky and I are listening to it right now, and we can't believe it! This is so awesome!"

"There you are again everyone, Still The One by Youthful Discretion." said the deejay. "Our phone lines are going even crazier than before now, so if you're trying to get through, please be patient. I've checked with affiliate stations across the country, and they are all reporting the same kind of response from this one. I don't know who these boys are yet, but they seem to have a very major hit on their hands this morning! Hopefully I can find out a little more for all of our listeners soon."

"Oh my God babe!" exclaimed Rusty. "Are we going to be able to go to school this morning?"

"I don't know my love." replied Allen. "I think it's safe to say that everyone is going to know about this."

Calvin and Ricky were still on the phone, and soon Devon and Sean were trying to get through. Rusty went ahead and set the phone up for a conference call, and brought Devon and Sean into the call. When Shane and the rest of Greg's boys and Chris called a few minutes later, Rusty added them to the call.

"Everyone is going to know we have a hit song on the radio when we get to school." said Shane.

"Maybe they won't act any different than before." said Devon.

"I think that's what Greg thought when he released his first book too." replied Snoopy.

"What happened then?" asked Calvin.

"The moment his first book showed up on the best seller list, he couldn't go anywhere without being recognized." replied Terry. "Even some people he had already known were treating him differently."

"You're probably right that some kids at school will act differently, but will it be so bad that we can't go?" asked Rusty.

"It's kinda hard to say without going to find out." replied Shane.

"Well then, let's all get together this morning, and go in to school together." said Calvin. "If it looks too rough, we can all bail together."

"I think that sounds like a good idea." replied Devon.

"Me too." replied Allen. "We need to stick together today."

"Okay, we'll get Greg to swing by Sean and Devon's house, then by Calvin and Ricky's house." said Shane. "Then when we all get to your place Rusty, we'll try going to school together from there."

Once Greg arrived at Rusty and Allen's, Mike and Greg took the boys on to school in two vehicles. Mike and Greg stayed at the school, to see how things were going to go this morning. Everything looked fine at first, although there was a bit more staring and waving than normal. As the group got closer to the door of the school though, a group of young girls screamed loudly when they saw the boys, and began chasing them. Greg and Mike saw the boys get chased into the school, and laughed as they got out to go to the principal's office.

"Well Mike, they wanted to be famous!" chuckled Greg. "I think they may have to be famous in a private school though, unless the principal can calm all of the kids down."

Rusty thought they might be safe if they could make it to their first class, so that was where the boys ran after they lost the group of screaming girls. One of the boys in the classroom immediately went to Rusty and said, "Hey Rusty my friend. When all of these girls realize that you guys are gay, and they can't change that, could you hook me up with one or two of them?"

"You can have them all Todd." laughed Rusty nervously.

Then the group that had been chasing them before caught up with Rusty and the boys, and the other girls in the class tried to block their escape. The boys in the band immediately looked to the open windows, and dived out of them just as the teacher was showing up in his classroom. Now that they were outside again, Rusty and the boys thought they could make it back to the parking lot. When they got to the front of the school though, they were met by another screaming group. This one was about half male and half female though, and the only place to escape was back into the school. Calvin took the lead this time, and led everyone to the office. The secretary in the office was somewhat bewildered when Calvin and the boys ran into the office and locked the door. Then she saw the group that had caught up to them, now blocked by the locked door.

"You boys can go on into the principal's office." said the secretary. "Two of your parents are already in there. We'll see if we can calm everyone down this morning."

The boys all filed into the principal's office to join the principal, Greg, and Mike there. The principal said, "Good morning boys. I was hoping things would be different, seeing as how the other students here have known you for quite some time already. I've been trying to get Greg and Mike to give us a chance to settle things down, and I hope you do too."

"As long as we don't have to run for our lives between every class, we might be able to handle it." replied Rusty.

"Okay then, let me see what I can do." replied the principal, as the bell rang to begin the first period. The principal turned on the PA mic on his desk, and said, "Good morning boys and girls. The bell for first period has rung, and you should all be in your classes now. If not, you will be marked tardy, and this tardy may reflect in your grades. I know that some of you are a little excited about a few of the boys in our school being on the radio this morning, but you have gone to school with them for years now, and they're no different than they were before today. We all knew that they would eventually record an album, and that the album might do well. That does not change the fact that we have a school to run here, and that your education comes before everything else. I would like to see everyone treat our more famous students the same as they always have, and please do not disrupt the school routine. If we can't control ourselves here, these boys may have no choice but to transfer to a private school, and I'm sure that none of you really want that to happen. We will be watching this situation very closely, and I hope you students don't force me or the boys in the band to take further action. Rusty, Allen, Calvin, Ricky, Devon, Sean, Shane, Terry, Dustin, and Chris really do like this school, and they like their co-students here as well. They really do want to be able to remain here, so please help them with that, and try not to get over-excited. Thank you."

Rusty and the boys then went on to class, and everything seemed to calm back down a bit. Mike and Greg decided to go ahead and see if this would work, so they went on home. They would stay close to the phone today though, in case they had to go back to the school to pick up the boys. The boys did make it through the day though, with the only difference being that everyone now wanted to talk with them.

By the time school was over for the day, most of the local stations had been playing their song every hour or so all day long. The station that the boys usually listened to was begging for information on the boys as Greg and Mike picked them up after school, so the boys decided to get this over with. Rusty called the station, and was soon put through to the deejay during a long series of songs.

"Hello, this is Rusty Cooper from Youthful Discretion." said Rusty, when the deejay picked up the phone.

"Rusty! It's good to hear from you!" said the deejay. "This is Stan the Afternoon Man. You boys have been burning up the airwaves today! It's not just here in Orlando either. I've checked around the country, and you have the top song in every market that I've checked today. Is there any way that we can get together for a chat? I have three more hours left in my show."

"That's why we called." replied Rusty. "It seems like everyone wants to talk to us, but we always listen to your station. We'd love to come in and talk. We can be there in about a half hour."

"I will be so ready for you when you get here!" replied Stan.

The boys then had Mike and Greg take them to the radio station before going home. Stan the Afternoon Man was happy to have the chance for the first interview with this group. Stan already had ten chairs set up in the studio with him, so he had the boys file in, then played their song before the interview.

When the song was over, Stan said, "Once again, that was the most popular new song ever played on this station. It's a remake of Still The One, done by Orlando's own Youthful Discretion. And now for the first time ever, I have all ten members of Youthful Discretion here in the studio with me. Hello boys, I want you to say hello to all of your fans out there."

"Hello Stan, hello everyone." said all of the boys together.

"Now boys, I'd like everyone out there to get to know you a little better." said Stan. "Why don't we go around one at a time and introduce everyone. I want everyone to know that these guys are all fifteen and sixteen. Go ahead guys."

"I'm Rusty Cooper, and I'm one of the co-lead vocals." said Rusty.

"I'm Allen Martin, and I'm the other co-lead vocal." said Allen.

"I'm Calvin Wilson, and I play lead guitar." said Calvin.

"I'm Ricky Mackenzie, and I'm on keyboards." said Ricky.

"I'm Devon Patrick, and I play drums." said Devon.

"I'm Sean Roberts, and I'm on bass guitar." said Sean.

"Hi, I'm Chris Patterson, and I'm on rhythm guitar." said Chris.

"I'm Dustin Meyer Holt, and I'm on banjo." said Snoopy.

"I'm Shane Hopkins Holt, and I play fiddle or violin, whichever we need." smiled Shane.

"And last but not least..." said Stan.

"Hi, I'm Terry Brewer Holt, and I play steel guitar." replied Terry.

"So, I take it that three of you are brothers?" asked Stan.

"Me, Terry, and Dustin are legally adopted brothers now." replied Shane.

"My adopted father is also taking care of Ricky since the accident, so we're technically brothers now too." said Calvin.

"And my parents are taking care of Sean since the accident, so that makes us brothers now too." added Devon.

"What accident is this?" asked Stan.

"It was the plane crash in Phoenix." replied Calvin. "Ricky and Sean both lost their parents in the crash."

"I'm so sorry boys, I didn't realize that you guys were the ones who had a connection to that." said Stan. "If there's anything I can do to help, let me know."

"Thanks Stan." replied Ricky. "It could have been worse though, because we were all originally scheduled for that flight. The production on our first album ran over, so most of us had to cancel the flight."

"We're sure that things will get better as time passes though Stan." said Rusty. "It was a close call for all of us, but too close for Ricky and Sean. We'd like to try to put it as far out of our minds as we can now."

"I can't say that I blame you guys there." said Stan. "Anyway, how did it feel today when you realized that you are now the hottest band in the country?"

"What?!" replied Allen. "What are you talking about Stan?"

"You boys don't know, do you?" said Stan. "Your song has had more airplay today than any other song in the country. Record stores are selling out of your album in almost every market. You are going to debut for this week at the number one spot for both song and album. No one has ever caught on like this in just one day."

"We don't really know what to say Stan." replied Calvin in shock. "We never had any idea that we would do that well."

"Is that the same way the rest of you guys feel?" asked Stan.

"We're just kids." said Rusty. "When we started this out, it was just for fun."

"It might have been, but you kids have something that the entire country really wants to hear." said Stan. "The country has taken to you like no one else before. You may even be bigger than the Beatles when they first started. How does that feel?"

"I think shocked, numb, beyond belief, and unreal might cover it." said Shane. "Did I forget anything anyone?"

"I think that covers it Shane." replied Rusty.

"So, you guys are just a bunch of friends who started this for fun?" asked Stan. "You never seriously thought of being successful with this?"

"We thought we'd be playing dances and parties in the area, or something like that." replied Devon.

"I think you guys might want to raise your sights then." laughed Stan. "It looks more like you'll be selling out arenas and stadiums. I think it's cool that you started out like that then though, it's kind of like a dream come true for you."

"I think it's safe to say that this is way beyond our dreams." replied Allen.

"Okay, I just got my research back on you guys." said Stan. "It looks like two of you are also pretty successful boxers."

"Yeah, Rusty just won his first tournament before we recorded the album, and I hope to be in the next Olympics." replied Calvin.

"That's cool!" replied Stan. "Is anyone else athletically inclined?"

"Well, I have a black belt in Karate, and Allen might too before too much longer." replied Snoopy.

"That is really cool!" said Stan. "So, what do you boys have planned next, with your album doing so well?"

"We really haven't thought about that Stan." replied Rusty. "We never thought this would happen. Now that it has, I guess we need to start talking about it together."

"Well boys, don't take too long." smiled Stan. "I have a feeling that your millions of fans will want to hear a lot more from you guys soon."

"We'll try to keep that in mind." laughed Calvin nervously.

"Well boys, I really want to thank you for stopping by to talk to me." said Stan. "Let's give the most popular song in the country one more listen before the boys leave the studio."

Stan played their song again as he shook hands with all of the boys. Then they all autographed his copy of their album before leaving. Mike and Greg had gone out to their vehicles to listen to the interview on the radio, and smiled as the boys came out of the station.

"I know you guys never planned on being the most popular group in the world, but we'll have to deal with it now that you are!" smiled Mike. "This is going to be one heck of a trip!"

When Mike, Greg, and the boys got to Mike's house, they had a package and a phone call waiting, both from their record company. The package was promotional copies of their album, so the boys would have plenty of those to do them. The phone call was the owner of the record company.

"Hi Mike, how are you and our boys?" asked the owner.

"Well, today was a bit of a shock for the boys, but we're doing fine now." replied Mike.

"I'm glad to hear that Mike." said the owner. "I wanted to tell you how sorry I am that we underestimated the supply of CD's that we would need. We didn't really expect them to hit the one day sales record. That never happens with a new band. I did want to reassure you though that our plant is in emergency production right now, and we are going to resupply all of the stores in the country as quickly as we can."

"It's okay, I kind of understand this taking everyone by surprise." said Mike. "It sure took us by surprise!"

"There is one more thing Mike." said the owner. "A certain gentleman who runs a late night show out of New York wants the boys to appear badly. He wants them so badly that he's willing to tape the show on Saturday, which he never does for anyone else. To make it worth it, one of our big artists had to cancel on a big benefit that night at the Gardens. The boys would be appearing with the biggest names in music, and they would be taking over a very prime spot in the show. Can you have them in New York on Saturday Mike? I know it hasn't been very long since, well, you know. The boys will have to fly to a lot of the appearances they do between now and the end of the school year though."

"I'll see what I can do." said Mike. "The flight home might have helped. They realize that those types of things are very rare."

"That's good to hear Mike." replied the owner. "The figures I gave you in California as an estimate are going to end up being very low. This thing is going to be bigger than you or the boys can imagine, and I'm going to need you to keep things together Mike. I met you just long enough to know you can do it though."

"I appreciate the vote of confidence." replied Mike. "I just hope for their sake that you're right."

"I'm sure that I am Mike." replied the owner. "I'll go ahead and make the reservations. Do you have any preference of airline?"

"Southern would be fine." replied Mike.

The rest of the school week went much smoother, and the kids there seemed to be getting use to going to school with a famous musical group. The flight to New York on Friday evening went fine, and Joey and Skip went along with Mike and the boys. Greg wanted to go too, but he had made a promise to Timmy that he intended to keep, and there was no way that Timmy would get near an airplane right now. The boys had a great night that night, and the host of the show had left them tickets at the hotel for a popular Broadway show. The next day the boys got set up for the show, then performed their hit flawlessly for the studio audience. Then the host talked to the boys, and traded jokes with Rusty, Shane, and Calvin. He thanked the boys for one of the best appearances ever on his show, and told them he wanted to have them back sometime. Then Mike and the boys were rushed off to the benefit. They got to the Gardens with just enough time to set up and perform a sound check. After a six song set and two encores, the show producer informed Mike that they were likely to be the hit of the show. The flight home the next day was as routine and uneventful as the flight to New York, and Mike got the chance to speak to all of the boys as soon as they got to his house.

"I just wanted to tell you boys that you did a fantastic job this weekend." said Mike. "I know you boys had your moments in California where things didn't look so good, but I hope those times are gone. Sean and Devon, you two are every bit as loved and cared about as any other member of this band. These boys picked you as their friends for a reason, and I doubt anything will ever change their minds. I know for a fact that everyone in this band loves both of you as if you were a part of them. It's going to be important for you boys to remember that, because this band is going to be bigger than anything that any of us can imagine. The record company owner can't even give us an idea of what to expect, and she has been at the top herself. If you boys commit your friendship to each other every day though, I know that you will all continue to do fine, and have fun on one of the wildest rides you've ever been on."

Everyone in the band took turns sharing hugs, and telling each other what their friendship meant to them. It was enough to make Devon and Sean both cry lightly, for the joy of having such good and close friends.

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