Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 3

Cast of characters:
Allen Martin - Title character. Story began with Allen's coming out.
Ben Martin - Allen's father. Ben is also a lawyer who's brother was killed by gay bashers before Allen was born
Judith Martin - Allen's mother. Judith is also a counselor for troubled teens.
Rusty Cooper - Allen's childhood best friend and current boyfriend.
Mike Cooper - Rusty's father. Mike is also a caseworker for the Department of Children and Family Services
Emily Cooper - Rusty's mother. Emily writes in her spare time, and hopes to publish a book someday.
Beth Cooper - Rusty's ten year old sister.
Joe and Jennifer - Rusty's twin baby brother and sister. Named after two of Rusty's friends.
Calvin Wilson - Friend of Allen and Rusty. Calvin was the first boy that Allen fell in love with and came out to, but did not take it well.
Tom DeBarry - Calvin's boxing coach and foster father. Calvin's real father died in a police shoot-out.
Ricky Makenzie - Calvin's current boyfriend. The two boys had a commitment ceremony at the end of the last school year.
Theodore (Teddy Bear) Wilson - Calvin's estranged brother who is now attending a local university. Calvin and Theodore had more in common than they realized.
Chin Li - Theodore's Chinese boyfriend who has been disowned by his family.
Joe Nelson - Rusty and Allen's friend who had been jailed for his involvement in a drag race that killed another one of Allen and Rusty's friends.
Jennifer Pearson - Rusty's ex-girlfriend before Rusty realized he was gay. Jennifer is now Joe's girlfriend.
Shane Hopkins - Met Rusty and Allen at a local theme park and became friends.
Greg Holt - Shane's soon to be father. Took Shane in after he had been sexually assaulted by his real father. Greg is a famous writer.
Toby Jamison - Greg's young lover. Currently attending a local university.
Terry Brewer - Another soon to be son of Greg's. Greg met Terry when he was being stalked by a child predator, and took him in when he found out that his father was letting him be mistreated. Terry is also Shane's boyfriend.
Dustin (Snoopy) Meyer - Another soon to be son of Greg's. Snoopy's real father was a mobster who was killed in a police shoot-out. Snoopy takes karate lessons with Allen.
Chris Patterson - Snoopy's boyfriend. Chris's first boyfriend Jimmy was killed in a drag race with Joe Nelson.
Devon Patrick and Sean Roberts - Met Calvin and Ricky on their honeymoon. Formed a band with most of the main characters. Devon and Sean are boyfriends.
Robin Smith and Pat Jones - Became friends with Allen and the other boys after Pat was assaulted in a gay bashing incident. Robin and Pat are boyfriends.
Bryce Jansen - Bryce killed the predator that had stalked Terry because the man had also raped and killed Bryce's brother Trent. Greg paid for the successful defense of Bryce on murder charges.
Barney and Betty Jansen - Bryce's parents, who are considering relocating to Florida. No relation to the Rubbles.
Steve Finnegan - Gay basher who was arrested for the attempted murder of Pat Jones and the attempted murder of Rusty, Allen, Shane, Terry, Snoopy, and Chris.

Now, on to the story.

The following week Calvin and Sean continued working on the songs for the group. They wanted to have them finished soon, so the band could practice them for the show at school. The show was now scheduled on the same day as the Alliance was holding their dance.

Also that week several of the boys had to attend Steve's trial as witnesses. The state attorney had offered Steve a plea bargain, but Steve refused to take it against the advice of his lawyer. This left the state attorney unsure if he could get seven guilty verdicts on attempted murder, so the charges against Steve had been changed. Steve was caught on tape saying he was trying to kill Pat and Rusty, so those two attempted murder charges were left unchanged. The other five charges were changed to felony assault, with the intent to commit great bodily harm including manslaughter. During the trial, the boys noticed another teen in the courtroom that they had never seen before. This boy kept looking at Rusty and his friends with a menacing look, so Rusty asked Mike and Ben to find out who he was. Mike finally found out about the boy on the last day of Steve's trial. When the case was turned over to the jury for deliberation, Mike took Greg and the boys to a nearby cafe to wait for the verdict.

"I have some rather disturbing news about the boy you guys saw in the court room." said Mike. "I had hoped this whole thing was over now, but now I'm not sure. The boy's name is Ralph Finnegan, and he's Steve's cousin. He just turned eighteen, and dropped out of school in Miami to come here this week. He's staying with Steve's parents right now. I'm having one of my friends on the police force talk to Steve's parents while we're waiting for the verdict, but I need all of you boys to be careful. If you come in contact with him at all, I want to know about it."

"Okay dad, we'll be careful." replied Rusty. "We're getting tired of this crap though, so if he tries to start anything, we're going to finish it!"

"I don't want any of you boys to come in contact with him." said Mike. "If he comes after you and you can't get away from him, there's nothing we can do about that. If you see him and can stay clear of him though, that's what I want you to do."

"Okay dad, but we'll defend ourselves if we have to." said Rusty.

As Mike, Greg, and the boys walked back to the courthouse, the boys talked about what to do about Ralph. Terry and Chris decided that they wanted to start taking karate lessons with Snoopy and Allen, and Shane asked Rusty if he could train with him and Calvin at the gym. Greg agreed to let Shane and Terry go ahead with their request, although he did have some reservations about it. Chris would have to talk his parents into giving their permission for him to take karate lessons though. As the group was walking up toward the courthouse, Ben met them outside.

"Let's hurry up and get back inside." said Ben. "The jury is about ready to return their verdict."

Ben, Mike, Greg, and the boys made it back to the court room just as court was being called to order. Then the judge came back in, followed a few moments later by the jury.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict?" asked the judge.

"Yes we have, your honor." replied the foreman. "On two counts of attempted murder, the jury finds the defendant guilty. On five counts of felony assault, with the intent to commit great bodily harm including manslaughter, we find the defendant guilty."

"Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the jury." said the judge. "You are excused. Will the defendant please rise?"

Steve looked stunned as he stood at the defendants table with his lawyer. Then the judge continued, "Steven Finnegan, you have been found guilty on all counts against you in this court. You have been charged as an adult on serious felony charges, and I will have no choice but to sentence you as an adult. It makes me very sad to see something like this happen in my court, but your disregard for human life leaves me no alternative. Your lawyer has filed for a pre-sentencing report, so sentencing will be withheld until one week from today. You will be returned to the custody of the county jail until that time."

The boys no longer had to worry about Steve now, as Ben speculated that he would be in prison for a very long time, but now Ralph Finnegan was on the loose. Steve nodded to his cousin as he was being led away by a sheriff's deputy. When Rusty saw that, he knew that it was not over yet. The group did pass by Ralph in the hallway outside the court room, so Rusty stopped in front of the young man.

"I know who you are Ralph." said Rusty. "My friends and I don't want any problems with you. What happened to Steve was his fault, not ours. I hope all of us can learn something from what happened today."

Ralph spat in Rusty's face, then said, "Get the hell away from me, you fucking faggot!"

Rusty wiped the spit from his face and said, "I don't want to put all of Steve's family in jail, but I will if I have to!" Then Rusty turned and walked away, as he felt Ralph's eyes follow him.

On Friday evening, Terry and Chris went to karate class with Allen and Snoopy, while Shane went to the gym with Rusty and Calvin. The first thing Calvin suggested was that Shane remove the nipple rings during their work outs. Rusty and Calvin took it pretty easy on Shane at first, just showing him the basics to get him started. The most important thing for Shane to learn first was how to block or deflect a punch. Calvin explained to him that they would also teach him how to take a punch, but there were some punches that he wouldn't want to take. They did give Shane a few demonstrations of that, although Rusty and Calvin both pulled their punches as much as they could. Shane could still tell that he had been through a workout by the time they were done though. He also began to feel much better about himself.

Karate class went about the same for Terry and Chris. Ken and a few of his better students, including Snoopy, began teaching them simple basics about karate. Terry and Chris were convinced that the only thing they were learning was how to get tossed on their backs though. Ken told them not to get frustrated though, because karate was something that had to be learned and practiced. The more disciplined and knowledgeable they became about it, the better they would be at it. Then Ken had Allen come over to give them a demonstration of that.

"Okay guys, do either of you think you would ever be able to break this two by four with your bare hands?" asked Allen, who then handed Terry and Chris a sturdy piece of wood.

Both boys examined it carefully, then answered, "No."

"It takes a lot of discipline, conditioning, and practice to do this." said Allen.

Allen laid the piece of wood between two blocks, then prepared himself. Once Allen was ready, he shattered the two by four with a lightning fast move, then bowed to Ken.

"Karate isn't just about being a lumberjack though." said Ken to the two boys. "It's about the discipline and conditioning that it takes to do that. If that's what you boys really want, I guarantee that I can teach you that."

Ken's pep talk was enough to get Terry and Chris through the rest of the class, and they too began to feel better about themselves. They were however very sore by the end of class.

The next day all of the boys got together to practice their music. Mike and Emily decided to sit in along with Bryce today. The boys tuned up first, then went over the changes that had been made during the week. All but two of the songs they were learning had been completed, although Calvin and Sean said they still might do a little more work on some of the others. Then they went over another song that Bryce had given them. The boys now had enough material for an album, if they ever felt they were good enough to begin thinking about that.

Mike and Emily thought the boys sounded good, once they began playing. When they got to Bryce's first song, it once again brought a tear to Bryce's cheek. Mike and Emily were also moved by it, and they both gave Bryce a warm hug.

After the boys played a few more songs, Mike went over to Rusty and said, "If there's anything you or the boys need to help you practice, just let me know son. I think you boys are eventually going to be very good, and your style sounds very unique."

The band did have a very unique sound to it, because of the wide variety of musical influences. They had a very melodic and twangy country sound, but most of the music was a bit too hard edged to be classified as country. It also had a noticeable influence from classic rock, blended with a modern pop tempo. Mike and Emily couldn't quite describe it, but it sounded very good to them. The boys continued to practice after Mike and Emily had left, and finally began to wrap up near supper time.

Before everyone began leaving, Rusty asked, "How would everyone feel about one more pool party next Sunday, before it gets too late in the season?"

Rusty's question was met with a resounding "yes" by everyone, including Joe and Jennifer. Allen also wanted to invite Pat and Robin, plus a few kids from the activities committee of the Alliance. Rusty told everyone to invite whoever they wanted, and let him know by Thursday.

On Sunday Rusty, Allen, Shane, Terry, Snoopy, and Chris talked Bryce into taking them to the theme park over in Tampa. Rusty and Allen hadn't had a chance to go there in a while, and they really liked the animals there. Okay, they did like the rides too. The boys had a great time with Bryce, who to their surprise quickly lined up a date. The fact that Bryce had a date wasn't the surprise though. The surprise was that his date turned out to be Tom.

"I thought you were straight dude!" exclaimed Rusty, as Bryce picked him and Allen up.

"I guess I might be a little more bisexual than I thought." replied Bryce. "I still love having sex with women, but there's also something about the idea of being close with another guy that turns me on too."

"Don't worry guys." said Tom. "Bryce has already told me that he will want to have sex with women too. He's so nice and hot that I don't mind sharing him with another person, just as long as it's not with another guy."

"No way Tom!" said Bryce, who then leaned over and kissed Tom warmly on the lips.

"Ain't that just the coolest shit Rusty?" asked Shane with a snicker. "We almost fainted this morning when he said he wanted to pick up a date, then stopped at Tom's house!"

"So Bryce, will it just be you and Tom at the pool party then, or are you going to bring a girlfriend too?" asked Rusty.

"If I find a girlfriend between now and then I might bring her too, but right now it just looks like us guys." replied Bryce.

"What pool party is this?" asked Tom.

"Rusty and Allen are planning a pool party next Sunday, and they already invited me." replied Bryce. "I would really love for you to be my date next Sunday too."

"You mean us and a bunch of young boys in skimpy bathing suits?" asked Tom as he smiled. "Of course I'll be there!"

"Don't get too worked up!" laughed Bryce. "There will probably be several young girls there too."

Everyone laughed all the way to Tampa over that. Rusty was happy with the way things were working out though. With Calvin's brother and his boyfriend there, there would now be four adults to chaperone the party. That would mean that his parents would be free to leave them all alone for the day. The rest of the day was a lot of fun, especially when the boys would spot Bryce and Tom being affectionate with each other. Allen and Rusty felt that Tom deserved a nice guy like Bryce, and hoped that he would eventually give up on girls and settle down with Tom. It was a good day for Tom too. Watching the boys with their lovers and being with Bryce was making him feel younger by the minute. Hopefully tonight he would get the chance to make love to Bryce again too, just like two nights ago.

Tom smiled as he remembered holding Bryce's naked body against his, with the boys making love just down the hall. He also remembered how Bryce chuckled over how loud Calvin and Ricky were together, just before their lips met. Once Bryce was comfortable enough to begin making love, he was everything that Tom was looking for in a lover. He remembered how eager Bryce was to take his cock into his mouth, and how great Bryce's cock felt in his mouth. By the time they had cummed for each other that night, Bryce said that he was ready to feel another man inside him for the first time in his life. Tom promised his young lover that he would be very gentle when they did that, and that he would make sure that Bryce had an experience that he would never forget.

That night, as most of the boys were making love to their boyfriends, Tom was slowly stripping Bryce so they could make love.

"I'm kind of scared Tom." said Bryce shyly. "I've never had a man make love to me this way before."

Tom kissed Bryce softly on the lips, then said, "You have nothing to be scared of my love. I am going to be so gentle with you that you will wish it could last all night. After tonight, you will look forward to this again." Then Tom glanced down and said, "Besides, I think a certain part of your sexy body likes the idea of this!"

Tom and Bryce then locked themselves in an embrace, and kissed deeply as they laid down on Tom's bed. As the pair kissed, they could hear Ted and Chin making love down the hallway. Also Calvin and Ricky would not go unnoticed either.

Bryce finally broke the kiss and smiled as he said, "I kind of like the sound of guys pleasing other guys."

"Then you're going to enjoy the sound I'll be making in a few minutes." said Tom. "I want you to make love to me now."

Tom handed Bryce a tube of lube, then laid on his back. Bryce was kind of lost after he lubed his cock though, so Tom grabbed Bryce's hand gently and guided it to his pucker. Then he helped Bryce gently rub the lube into the hole that his cock would soon be filling. After that, Tom put the backs of his legs up on Bryce's shoulders, then helped Bryce line his cock up correctly.

"Now babe, just push your cock into me gently until it's in as far as it will go." said Tom softly. "After that, just let your passion take over."

Tom was in complete ecstasy as Bryce made love to him. For the first time in his life, Bryce was looking down into the face of a man, as his cock slid in and out of a warm body. To Bryce this felt different, but just as good, as making love to a woman. But it wasn't a woman. He was looking into the pleasure filled face of a man who knew exactly how he was feeling right now. Bryce now knew that even though he might not be able to resist having sex with women again, he loved Tom. Before Bryce knew it, his cock was shooting it's cum deep into Tom, and Tom was moaning softly from pleasure. After Bryce's orgasm was over, it was time. Bryce was still nervous as Tom switched them around, then began lubing his cock. Bryce also couldn't wait to experience something he had never felt before either. Bryce panted in anticipation as Tom lubed his lover's hole.

"I love you Bryce." said Tom. "Please let me know if I'm not being gentle enough with you."

As Tom gently pushed his cock just inside Bryce, Bryce felt a brief shot of pain. Bryce gasped loudly as he lost his virginity to Tom. Tom waited until the expression on Bryce's face began to change again though. Once Tom could see that Bryce was no longer in any pain, he began to slowly and gently push his cock into Bryce. Once Tom was all the way into Bryce, he leaned down and kissed him passionately. After a few moments, Tom continued kissing while he slowly thrust his cock in and out of Bryce. Tom was so gentle that Bryce didn't really know what was happening. He just knew that he felt really good now. Tom began to pick up the pace a little bit, but was still very gentle with his new lover. After ten minutes of passionate kissing and gentle thrusting, Tom raised up a little so that their lips were barely parted.

"I'm going to cum inside you now Bryce." moaned Tom softly.

"Oh yes." panted Bryce. "Please do, my wonderful lover."

Tom buried his cock deeply into Bryce, as his cum shot forcefully into his lover. Both men moaned in ecstasy until Tom's orgasm ebbed to a stop. Then Tom lowered himself down into Bryce's arms. Bryce now knew that Tom was right, and that this was something that he would look forward to doing again many times. Then Tom and Bryce fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next week was uneventful at school. The boys felt no need to go back to court, and fan the fire they knew was burning there. Ben said that he would keep the boys informed of what happened to Steve on Thursday. Shane did go back to the gym that week with Rusty and Calvin, and was really taking the training they were giving him seriously. Terry and Chris also returned to karate with Allen and Snoopy. They both knew that things would get better, and they needed the discipline and training that karate would give them.

On Thursday, Calvin informed Rusty that Tom, Bryce, Ted, and Chin would all be at the pool party. Allen had also asked his two lesbian friends on the activities committee to come to the party, and to bring their girlfriends with them. When they heard that they wouldn't be the only girls there, they agreed immediately. Jennifer had also asked a couple of her lesbian friends to the party as well. They knew that most of the boys there were in a band, so they didn't want to miss the opportunity to rub elbows with people who might become famous.

Also on Thursday, Ben called Greg to have him bring his boys over to Mike's house that evening. Calvin somehow caught wind of what was going on, so he and Ricky showed up too. When everyone had arrived, Ben gathered them all in Mike's living room.

"The judge was ready to cut Steve a little slack today." said Ben. "Steve could have been facing eighty five years in prison altogether, without parole. The judge wanted to cut it to fifty, then make him eligible for parole in twenty."

"How could he do that!" screamed Rusty. "Steve is dangerous, and he always will be!"

"Let me finish Rusty." said Ben. "There's a lot more, and it gets better. Anyway, when Steve heard fifty years, he went nuts. He didn't even wait for the judge to say that he'd be eligible for parole in twenty years. He started yelling that when he got out, he'd kill all of you boys and then get even with the judge!"

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Joe. "What an idiot! I almost felt sorry for what he was going to go through until now!"

"The judge then took back his sentence." said Ben. "He gave Steve the maximum eighty five years, then added twenty more for threatening a judge. He can't be released early on the first sentence now either. He has to serve that one completely before he can be eligible for any early release on the second sentence."

"It couldn't have happened to a nicer asshole!" remarked Allen.

"Yeah." added Shane. "Maybe now he will get what he really deserves!"

"I also wanted to tell you boys that Steve's cousin Ralph was in the courtroom again today." said Ben. "He didn't look very happy either. Mike, if the sheriff here owes you any favors, you may want to cash in on it now and have Ralph run out of town. I've seen all types in my life, and he looks like serious trouble."

"I'll see what I can come up with Ben." replied Mike. "In the meantime, I think we should go back to you boys not traveling alone again. At least not until we deal with whatever problems Ralph might cause."

The boys all went back into cautious mode after Thursday evening. This time it was an adult that was picking on his friends, and Calvin was going to be there for them regardless of the consequences. Calvin met them after school on Friday, so he could accompany them to the dojo, and then the gym. All of the boys were glad to see the weekend roll around.

The boys tried to concentrate on their music on Saturday, but couldn't do too well with that until about halfway through the day. They did sound their best yet after they were able to concentrate though. They finally ended up being happy with what they had been able to do that day. Also on Saturday, Mike had called in a favor with the sheriff, and had him go talk to Ralph Finnegan. The sheriff pulled up to the pre-manufactured double wide house, and rang the bell. Then he asked for Ralph Finnegan to come outside so he could talk to him.

"What do you want?!" smirked Ralph, as he stepped outside. "I ain't done nothing wrong!"

"I just wanted to tell you to either keep it that way, or go back to where you belong boy!" said the sheriff sternly. When Ralph started to open his mouth, the sheriff barked out, "I didn't tell you you could say anything right now! All you need to do right now is listen to me, and take a little good advice. I already checked up on you, and you're not from around here. The sheriff down in Miami says that you're a troublemaker down there too, so you better keep your nose squeaky clean while you're around here. And if you don't plan on doing that, you better haul your ass back down to Miami before I get ahold of it! As far as I'm concerned, your cousin was nothing but a piece of shit, and he got off easy. I had him in my jail long enough to know what kind of a boy he was, and he's right where he belongs now. You'd be doing yourself a hell of a favor if you tried not to be anything like him. Do you understand me Ralph?"

"Yes sir." whined Ralph in a smarmy tone.

"Don't get smart with me boy!" yelled the sheriff. "You just better take the good advice I just gave you!"

"Is that all you want?" asked Ralph unemotionally.

"Let's just hope so, okay?" replied the sheriff.

The sheriff then turned and walked away. He'd done all he could do now in talking to Ralph, now he would have to have his deputies watch out for him. While the sheriff was walking away, Ralph quickly shot him the middle finger. Then Ralph turned around and stalked back inside. Meanwhile, Mrs. Finnegan sat at the kitchen table and quietly cried to herself. Not only did her son freak out, and tried to kill seven kids who never did anything to him, but now he would probably spend the rest of his life behind bars. As if that wasn't bad enough, his even more unstable cousin was now in town to terrorize her family, and the entire town as well. She would throw the boy out on the streets if she could, but her husband and his brother were very close, and he would never allow her to do that. She knew that if she had to put a stop to this, and she would if she had to, that it would cost her her marriage.

Didn't you just have a feeling that things were going too well? It kinda sounds like Ralph is playing with less of a full deck than Steve was. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and being patient, and I'll see you again in Chapter 4.